2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Red Carpet – Part THREE

Posted on February 28, 2012



Alice Eve

We don’t mean to alarm you, Nancy Drew, but your dress appears to be evaporating.


Allison Janney in David Meister

Fantastic dress on her. Kinda disappointing hair.


Cheryl Hines

Looks like someone’s looking for a man tonight.


Claire Danes in Valentino

Seems a little grandiose for an after-party.


Emily Mortimer in Pedro Garcia

Hair looks great; dress is fine; totally digging the long necklace, which you don’t see much on the RC.


Emily VanCamp in J. Mendel

Sorta-love the dress; sorta-hate the shoes with it.


Felicity Jones in Johanna Johnson

It’s far from perfect on her, but we’re impressed by how much she’s making this work. Really, our only complaints are that it looks terribly heavy and that the skirt is terribly wrinkled, which was unavoidable, we suppose.


Joan Collins

So great is Joan Collins’ longstanding love affair with shoulder pads that she will staple a couple of Pier One placemats to her dress when she feels she’s not getting the silhouette she deserves.


Julie Bowen in Halston

Sweetie, the curtains are rising on your vagina but it looks like one of them’s stuck on those giant clown-car platforms you’re sporting.

This look was sponsored by the Florida Citrus Growers’ Association, by the way.


Kate Beckinsale in Atelier Versace

Trying just a bit too hard.


Kate Hudson in Versace

She looks pretty good, but the visible illusion netting kinda takes it down a little. Between that and the fringe, it’s like an ice-dancing gown.


Katie Holmes in Elie Saab Couture and Tom Cruise

They look fantastic, we won’t deny it.

Mia Wasikowska in Antonio Berardi

Stunning dress. A shame she didn’t have time to put on any makeup.


Minnie Driver

Standard. A little on the mature side.


Salma Hayek in Yves Saint Laurent

It’s a really pretty gown. A but too much on the sweet side for her, but we can’t say she looks bad in it. We can say that the braid is coming close to ruining the look. Ladies, if your gown has some sort of detail near the neckline or shoulders, we’re not saying an up ‘do is absolutely required, but over-the-shoulder braids are definitely a bad idea.

Actually, over-the-shoulder braids are a bad idea in almost any instance.


Serena Williams in Christiane King

This is mean but we burst out laughing at this picture. Sweetie, we say this with love (and from a safe distance), but THIS IS NOT YOUR DRESS. We’re not sure it’s a dress for anyone but RuPaul, frankly.

(And yes, impatient bitches, we’re getting to Ru at some point today.)


Sofia Coppola in Yves Saint Laurent

This is totally divorcee-on-a-date, circa 1978 or so.


Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli

It’s refreshing to see her in white and to not see her in another mermaid skirt. On anyone else this would look bridal as hell, but she can’t not make a dress go va-va-voom.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Sara__B

    As much as I love to make fun of the Cruises, they look very attractive here. Almost flawless. Except for Katie’s simper, and perhaps her hair, and Tom looks better than he has in years.

    And thanks, T Lo, for all the posts and all the humor. You’re going to need a week at a spa to recover.

    • Their robot-butler dressed them.
      But you’re right – they do look good.  And it pains me to admit that.

      • drdirection

        my first thought too was, dammit! why do they have to look so good?

    • Ms_Flyover

      Although I can’t help thinking the conversation went something like this that evening:
      “Now, Katie, you know a good scientology wife is supposed to follow instructions.”
      “Screw you, Tom, I’m wearing the heels.”

    • tsid2012

      Tom looks better because he had some work done recently.  I was drug to see “Mission Impossible 9” and he did not look like this in that film.

  • Oh, SERENA. How in the hell did a woman in perfect shape make herself look so dumpy? 
    I have a style crush on Felicity Jones.

    • P M

       Perhaps her gays hate her. They dressed her up in a stiff, awful tablecloth the colour of French’s going bad.

      • NC_Meg

        I’m not sure she has gays. If she does, she should fire them.

      • NC_Meg

        I’m not sure she has gays. If she does, she should fire them.

      • NC_Meg

        I’m not sure she has gays. If she does, she should fire them.

    • MK03

      Serena has terrible stylists. She almost always shows up in a dress that does NOTHING for her. This is a woman who needs a strapless A-line to balance out her formidable (and fantastic) upper body. No shoulder frippery, no mermaid poufs, none of the other crazy shit she usually sports.

      • DinaSews

        I read somewhere that this dress was made by a friend of hers.  Her sister’s dress was equally unattractive.

        • dress_up_doll

          I’m fairly certain that this dress was designed by Project Runway season 7 designer Christiane King. Christiane was auf’d in the first episode. Apparently, she still designs for several Hollywood celebrities.

          • RWtD

             Hey, looks like that was a worthy auf, indeed. Yikes.

      • I’d love to see her in an elegant, stately sheath, or something with the lines of Emily Mortimer’s dress. This woman has a WERQ in her waiting to be revealed.

      • mhleta

        If you’re going to be stuffed into a dress like a hotdog casing, it may as well be the color of French’s mustard. 

        • Judih1

          Well said!!! Rolling on the floor laughing, but I feel kinda bad because Serena tries so hard but looks so bad

  • Violina23

    I love Katie’s dress. And she doesn’t look like Tom is forcing her to smile… which makes me wonder if it’s a cry for help?  

    I kid, I kid — they do both look good.
    Love Mia’s dress!

    • miagain

       Ole Tom sure insists that his gals match his ties, tho…

  • hughman

    I may be in the minority but I think Alice Eve (whoever she is) looks fab. She looks fun and sexy and flirty with a wee bit retro thing in the hair. True, the sheer dress is questionable but sheer seemed to be everywhere on the runway so not that big of a shock. 

    • Little_Olive

      I really like it too! It’s like the other version -if we were in a PR challenge- of the one Elizabeth Banks wore. The waist needs a different solution to meet top and bottom though.
      (I also don’t know who she is) 

  • FashionShowAtLunch

    Sorry, I just can’t with Katie’s clip-on bangs.  Ruining that whole picture for me.

    • yeah, the hairstyle is unflattering in my opinion. And the bag is a little too poppy and distracting. Pretty dress, though. He has mastered the art of posing with his taller women without looking emasculatingly small. Jason Statham needs a lesson.

  • Cathy S

    Mrs. Cruise for the win! Even Tom looks good. Serena, honey, what were you thinking. That slammin’ body looks as chunky as mine in that dress, and that is saying a lot.

  • serenitynow02

    I can’t help but think when looking at Joan Collins, that if she sneezes, she will shatter into a million tiny pieces. She must be held together by spit and a prayer by now.

    Not feeling the love for Felicity’s demure dominatrix. I actually like Sophia Coppola’s divorcee look, quite a bit. Love Mia’s dress; shame on her for not doing it justice.

    • merciblahblah

      “She must be held together by spit and a prayer by now.”
      That is the BEST thing I’ve read all day. Thank you.

    • Little_Olive

      Death would certainly become her. 

  • Katie looks great from that angle but I’ve seen a few other shots where the bodice is kinda wonky, jutting out too much.

    • The angle on just about all these pix is so refreshing. The camera was level with those being photographed thus eliminating the big heads and short legs we are so used to seeing on the red carpet.

  • Beckinsale has a sort of subdued Charo thing going on. Love Wasikowska’s dress.

    • cowper

      Beckinsale’s dress makes me sad. I thought she was headed for a more serious acting career and this dress is saying, “What I really want to be is Lara Croft.”

  • Does anyone else think Kate Hudson looks wasted out of her mind, or am I the only one?….

  • sarahofalessergod

    Katie Holmes wins this round, but I actually love Sofia Coppola’s look and think it’s a close second.  Allison Janney looks great in a dress that at first glance seems to be made of wrapping paper — no mean feat!

  • Julie Bowen’s matchy shoes and dress are making my eye twitch.

    • DinaSews

      She has a fab body but always looks terrible.  I love orange but this look hurts my eyes too.

      • alyce1213

        I think she’s getting tooooo thin lately.  She always was, but she looks emaciated and drawn.  Bad bad dress.

  • colleenjanel

    I think Allison Janney has my favorite look of this bunch. The fact that I’m non-committal about it speaks volumes.

    You don’t think that the Scientology Twins look like a 1980’s prom couple? I mean, right down to the tie that matches her dress. Blech!(The clutch is about the only thing that I like about her look)

  • NasserShaheen

    Whose idea was it to have them stand on that giant black dot? Every single person in black appears to be melting. I’d say it was a portal sucking all the bad dresses to Hell but Alice Eve is unaffected.

    • Qitkat

      Especially Joan Collins.

  • kimmeister

    So great to see Salma in a dress where her boobs are neither punching me in the face nor being squashed!

  • MitchellGilburne

    I will always be an impatient bitch when it comes to my Tuesday Ru-cap

    • MilaXX

       especially when it’s Snatch Game

  • Scarlet39

    The PR alum Christiane King?    It’s one ugly dress.  Like bad prom 1989. 

    • MilaXX

       and Serena looks horrible in it.

  • wisenhar

    I’m sorry, but Salma Hayek looks like she’s in a community theatre production of Romeo and Juliet

    • NinaBoo

      The tiers in the skirt and the braid are taking her into Mexican Senorita costuming.  I say this as a Mexican American who used to wear her hair in a braid and don a long red dress to humor the elders.

  • Amy Ellinger

    Beckinsale looks like Cheryl Cole on an episode of The X Factor (original version).

    Oooooh!!!! Can y’all recap the fashions from that show? Even an end-of-season retrospective would be the amazeballs!!!!!!!

  • Little_Olive

    Wasikowska’s dress is SAD. Like it’s a dress for being depressed or something. Not her color. 

  • Little_Olive

    Wasikowska’s dress is SAD. Like it’s a dress for being depressed or something. Not her color. 

  • Little_Olive

    Wasikowska’s dress is SAD. Like it’s a dress for being depressed or something. Not her color. 

  • All those “women of a certain age” in LA need to start going to Tom Cruise’s doctor no matter the cost, because he either has the best doctor in the world or he has a portrait of himself in his attic that is horribly aged.
    I’m going with the Dorian Gray theory.

  • All those “women of a certain age” in LA need to start going to Tom Cruise’s doctor no matter the cost, because he either has the best doctor in the world or he has a portrait of himself in his attic that is horribly aged.
    I’m going with the Dorian Gray theory.

    • Maybe that is why Katie always has that little smirk on her face these days — she now knows where the picture is and she has a match.

    • kimberlini

      I actually Tom looks a bit odd.  The angles to his face are gone or something.  Too many fillers?

  • All those “women of a certain age” in LA need to start going to Tom Cruise’s doctor no matter the cost, because he either has the best doctor in the world or he has a portrait of himself in his attic that is horribly aged.
    I’m going with the Dorian Gray theory.

  • MilaXX

    Cheryl Hines is dressing like her Suburgatory character and that’s not a good thing.
    Isn’t Kate Hudson’s dress another version of the blue Versace January Jones wore last year?

    • luceeelou

      She def is never going to win the best dressed or the most classy anything!!  Yikes.  Time to admit you are pushing 50 Cheryl!

  • NinaBoo

    Ladies, if you’re going strapless, STAND UP STRAIGHT!  VanCamp, I’m looking at you.

  • Emily Thorne would never wear such an ill-fitting dress! My hopes of a real life/character cross-over moment have been unceremoniously smashed…

  • marywv

    EVC’s posture is horrible. It ruins the dress. She needs to snap into character and pull those shoulders back to stand with authority. Also, the dress seems a tad high waisted and doesn’t support the girls well. All in all she needs a stylist – she often looks horrid.

    • emcat8

      She slouches on the show, too! It drives me nuts, because she has such fabu clothes and hair, and she’s so lovely. It distracts me endlessly.

  • Sofia Coppola and Nina Garcia look a bit alike!

  • DinaSews

    Thumbs up to Salma and Sofia for at least switching their style up a little bit. 

  • TAGinMO

    For me, Sofia Vergara is the clear winner in this group. Flawless fit and sexy without crossing over into hoochie as she is wont to do. As TLo perfectly put it (as usual), “she can’t not make a dress go va-va-voom,” but this really hits the sweet spot between sex appeal and sheer beauty.

  • Boys, first, THANKS for the mega-posting. Have made my day (yay, procrastination!)

    May I suggest, for sometime in the future, a post called Babes Who are Over 25, and Alison Janney could be the first entry?

    Or maybe that’s a blog that I need to start.

  • BrooklynBomber

    That Antonio Berardi IS stunning. Kinda stopped me in my tracks (though I think I’d like it even better w/o the hip ruffle).

    I think Minnie Driver’s dress is interesting, not so standard, though I agree a bit too mature.On the other hand, Salma Hayek looks like she’s auditioning for Tammy and the Wealthy College Boy.

    • poggi

      I love the Antonio Berardi dress as well, but it seems like it needed someone with striking coloring or really good makeup. I notice the dress and not the actress in this case.

  • I have to say that I have been SO happy these last few days. Not just because I’ve been taking a virtual bath in TLo’s wit and judgement, but because as a whole the dresses that hath ‘sprung’ from Sunday’s 20 hour glam fest were really interesting! Just last year I recall being bored out of my gourd with all the starlets looking as if they fell off the same rack. But we’ve had color and interest and wow! Mia W.’s gown? wow! Kate B.’s! Not to mention Gwyneth, and Viola and so many others.

  • SEK

    NO. I’m sorry, but Katie’s hair is AWFUL. It’s 8th grade dance where all the girls are taller than the boys and therefore look awkward and wear dresses that don’t quite fit. I’m truly amazed that so many people think she looks great! TLO, we are usually of one mind! What happened?

    I actually think Alison Janney looks the best here–surprisingly, I can ignore the hair because the dress is so gorgeous.

  • alyce1213

    Poor Cheryl Hines has been taken over by the cougar she plays on tv. 

    For me, Minnie Driver’s dress is well-above standard but should be worn by Helen Mirren.

    I have a shower scrubby exactly like Clare Danes’ dress, I really do.

    I’m tired of Sophia Vergara’s boobs — anyone else?  Don’t non-strapless, non-plunging dresses fit around her chest?

    Emily Mortimer looks elegant in her vintage-y dress and long necklace, and props for the pretty little bag as well.

    But I gotta admit, Katie and Tom for the win.

    • Little_Olive

      Yes to the Minnie Driver and Sofia Vergara comments.

      Although, Minnie Drivier’s gave me a cruise vibe that prevented me from declaring it great altogether.

      Allison Janney FTW!  

  • sagecreek

    I was just wondering what ever happened to Minnie Driver…

    And I think I need to go lay down and put a cool rag on my head, I actually like the way Julie Bowen looks. 

    • Adriana_Paula

      Me too!  I admit the orange shoes were a lousy idea, but it’s soft and flowy and a color!

  • i was genuinely shocked when tom walked onstage to present.  the man doesn’t age.  i was amazed by how good he looked.  they both look awesome here.

    • homespunner

      Surgery? Nose job? Something’s different about him….

      • megohd

        My mother spotted some sort of false hair.

  • GorgeousThings

    I actually kind of like Sophia Coppola’s outfit. She can move and sit in it comfortably.
    TomKat leaves me cold, and this is no exception.
    Kate’s dress proves my hypothesis that fringe, while a really cool idea in theory, should stay on the dance floor

  • No Cumberbatch.
    So sad.
    He was looking fine with his black waistcoat.

  • Love Sofia Vergera’s clutch! At least if I don’t look too hard at it. I’ll admit that Katie Holmes looked stunning, but I think Claire Danes’ dress is at about the same level of grandiose– maybe if Danes’ dress were a more subdued shade, it’d be ok?

    I thought Kate Beckinsale looked just right– a great look on her. And I thought Kate Hudson would for sure get the concerned-not-happy gay gasp, what with the Madonna cones and the illusion panel. That’s a catch-22 dress if I’ve ever seen one: requires a necklace with it, but you can’t wear a necklace with it. 

  • greyhoundgirl

    It’s Allison Janney for the win!

    • charlotte

       I had been waiting for her to show up somewhere. Loved that Octavia Spencer thanked her…she is awesome.

  • SorayaS

    Kate Beckinsale looks absolutely stunning. The dress is unusual without being bizarre, the colours are retro but really flattering on her and I love seeing long sleeves and a pattern on the red carpet- she has managed 2-in-1 and made it work!

    Emily Van Camp always has poor posture

  • megohd

    WTF is up with all the illusion netting these days? This is not ice dancing, for crissakes!

    If the dress doesn’t work with a simple cutout (sans netting), then it’s not a good design. NEXT!

    • poggi

      Yes, unless someone is actually going to lift you upside down or at least fling you sideways at great speed, illusion netting on your dress should not be necessary.

      • homespunner

        You can hear Scott Hamilton in the voice-over, “Katie is setting up for her triple axle, double lutz, double axle combo..”

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    that antonio berardi is an amazingly gorgeous dress. even w/ the gravel, even w/ the grey. just fabulous.
    second is the one felicity jones is wearing.

  • Kate Hudson looks like she’s wearing a gown version Jillian’s Twizzler dress from Season 4 of Project Runway. And no, that’s not a good thing.

  • I love Serena’s dress! Man, I have bad taste today. 

  • turtleemily

    Can someone explain Emily VanCamp’s pose to me? I can’t tell which foot is supposed to be which.

  •  So what do these women do with all of their little clutch bags all night?  Do they put them in the coat check?  Leave them at the table as the mingle?

  • SpcilK

    Mr. and Mrs. Cruise look stunning! I love Sophia Vegara, she looks very pretty and elegant. Allison Janney is wearing the adult version of the Jennifer Lopez dress.

  • Kelly Johnston

    You’re right, Claire Danes is overdressed. Surprisingly, Katie Holmes looks refreshed. http://heelsandinspiration.blogspot.com/

  • bluefish

    The Cruises.  I watched him in Magnolia last week and was reminded of why he was once a super-star.  Sofia looks good — so does Mia.

    Angelina J. kind of ruined this whole deal with her super antipatica performance … It all seemed already over once she pulled her stupid stunt and basically ruined Brad’s big night in one of the best films of the year.  Yuck.  Leg.  Stupid.  Yuck.

  • KaileeM

    Kate Hudson’s dress reminds me of the red fringe dress January Jones wore to the Golden Globes last year. Although with more coverage. Too vampy for Kate.

    Serena’s dress looks like an “auf” from an early PR episode. One where a designer is tasked to create something for a non-model, and then they freak out and make something hideously unflattering. 

  • mhleta

    Attn: Cheryl Hines. Rule #1) If you’re showing the ta-ta’s then cover the legs. If you’re showing the legs, then cover the ta-ta’s. Rule #2) If you have legs like Serena Williams’ arms, you might want to dress them down a bit. 
    Attn: Julie Bowen: Give Cameron Diaz a call. She’ll teach you how to wear the my-sweet-Lord outta that color.

  • pattyw

    Love Alison, Mia and Katie (I judge on style alone). Had the same thought about Claire, who always comes across as such a self-important b*tch. Apparently her gays were afraid to tell her she wasn’t actually nominated for anything.

  • Is it me or is Sofia Coppola nearly Nina Garcia’s twin?  At least in this picture.

    • nancylee61

      I thought the same thing!! I thought is was la Nina for a minute and was confused at the different name!!

  • Vodeeodoe

     I need more coffee. I was looking at Emily VanCamp’s shoes, wondering why the designer chose to embellish the wrong sides of the shoes long before I realized that her legs were crossed in the picture.

  • I really don’t want to admit it but that is by far the BEST I have seen the Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes look in a long time. That dress is fabulous.

  • lucasuk82

    I know it can’t be the case because it’s Valentino, but fabric of Clare Dane’s dress looks so cheap.  I I love Mia W’s dress – that could have gone really awry, but it’s interesting and she’s working it.  I kind of like she has made fresh-faced her thing – smokey eyes or siren red lips are beautiful but can also get boring.

    • Adriana_Paula

      I second that; Mia looks amazing.  Sacre bleu, what a dress.  I like the understated face with it.

  • tvmovielover

    Katie Holmes does indeed look good for a change in that picture so that the simper is less annoying.  Salma Hayek’s rack looks less obvious than usual in that dress so that I can forgive the braid, etc.  My daughter is a small girl with a rack that is out of proportion with the rest of her body so anything  they do that deemphasizes that works for me.  Certainly it suits SH better than the Valkyrie thing she wore on the previous red carpet I saw her on (and I liked it!).

  • Thank you for showing the Selma Hayak dress – I sort of wish you could have done a side by side photo of that and the ‘dress’ (I’ll put that in quotes) that Melissa McCarthy wore. Both dresses have the exact same problem (I sat down and really picked apart MM’s dress – after eliminating the couch cover color, the too long skirt and the crappy “I can hide two bags of potatoes in these’ sleeves, I realized what made the dress so damned horrible for her- and it’s the same problem here…). The problem is the gathering over the bust – this is what is making you say it’s too sweet for Selma Hayak – it’s not ‘too sweet’ – it makes her look as if she is hiding two babies in there – the same problem with MM’s dress – that sort of gathering is designed for girls whose ‘girls’ are a bit on the wee little thing side. They make any boob look nuclear — put that look on anyone with big boobs and they are going to look horrible – I defy anyone with big boobs to wear that look – not Selma Hayak, not Christina Hendricks, and certainly not Melissa McCarthy.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      yep–boobs in a bag. the only way it works is if the underboob part of the bodice is fitted–think jane russell in the outlaw. same kind of top top, but the thing is pretty much sewn on so it’s fitted to her beneath that, so she didnt get the baggy bag part, if you will. i have had some shirts like that, they were more common thirty or so years ago. the top part then wouldve been made of a cotton or a rayon & the underpart of something ribbed or stretchy or wool or even poly or t-shirt fabric. dont see them much now & you certainly wouldnt see something like it on the red carpet.

  • SapphoPoet

    I really loved Allison Janney’s dress. It looks both elegant, hip, and comfortable–no mean feat!

  • bitterk

    That Antonio Berardi dress is en fuego.  The wearer, not so much.  

  • Noelle Haland

    I love Sofia V’s bangles, and Katie & Tom really did knock it out of the park. I like how they very subtly match each other.

  • Judih1

    Your comments about Joan Collns had me rolling on the floor laughing!!! My favorite dress here is Mia’s – and agree she took it down a notch with the lack of make up

  • quiltrx

    Love Katie’s and Mia’s dresses the most.  (and Mia never looks like she has on makeup, except in that spread where she looked like someone else.)

  • Okay.
    Cheryl Hines: phoning it in.  Basic black cocktail dress.  I know, this is ultimately a cocktail party, but put in a little more effort.  This is a red carpet cocktail party.
    Felicity Jones looks a bit like she’s hosting a dominatrix dinner party.
    Haven’t we seen Minnie Driver in something a lot like that before?  I’m fervently scanning the internet.
    It appears that some magician has waved a wand and made Salma Hayek‘s boobs disappear.  Has someone put out an Amber Alert?
    Are we entirely sure that Christiane King isn’t a drag queen turned designer?  That dress is a few hundred bugle beads shy of being a drag pageant gown.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  • PeaceBang

    Alison Janney! I was so delighted when I sat down to watch “The Help” and discovered that both she and Sissy Spacek were in it. She looks fantastic. I don’t know who Alice Eve is but jeepers, she’s kewt. Thanks, boys, for all the absolutely wonderful posts lately. I don’t know how you do it. 

  • ErinSara5

    Katie Holmes is freaking me out from the neck up, but from the neck down..pretty dress.
    Claire Danes’ dress is awful. I’m surprised as she’s usually at least “boring pretty.”
    I like Mia’s dress, but grey is not her color.

  • I would love Mia’s dress on Evan Rachel Wood. 

  • Tamara Hogan

    I think Minnie Driver looks divine. I’m loving Sofia Coppola’s look – such confidence! (“I’ll wear what I want!”)  I find myself wanting to see just a skitch more fabric in the bodice of Sophia Vergara’s gown. A little less voom, please.

  • EEKstl

    Emily and Mia’s respective gowns are STUNNING.  

  • nancylee61

    I think Salma Hayek looks like a medievel lady, ready to go to the masque. A bit ridiculous. Tom and his drone do look good – although she is like Posh Spice, she just has to go to her go-to look, a smirk.

  • mustard_stain

    Serena Williams’ bouffant dress is a copycat of the Sleeping Beauty “dress” made by the three fairies in their forest hut. Hah!

  • H3ff

    Christiane King, as I recall, was the first aufee on PR a couple seasons back.

  • tsid2012

    Alison Janney looks fantastic, I don’t even mind the hair.  But I do admit an irrational love for her dating back years.  And do you think Joan Collins was warning people not to let Jane Fonda stand anywhere near here all night?

  • Patricia Gillett

    TomKat and the matching dress and tie is so prom 1986, bless them. (Or, Xenu bless them?) 

    And Kate Hudson, illusion mesh on the RC? It’s only allowed if Johnny Weir designed the dress.