WERQ: Zoe Saldana in Jason Wu

Posted on January 10, 2012




Zoe Saldana in Jason WuZoe Saldana at Audi Celebrates The 2012 Golden Globe Awards West Hollywood, California in Jason Wu. Jewelry by Martin Katz, Clutch by Kara Ross and shoes by Brian Atwood.

Zoe Saldana in Jason WuJason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Shanina Shaik

Zoe Saldana in Jason Wu

Zoe Saldana in Jason Wu

Zoe Saldana in Jason Wu

You are WERQing that look like a glittered twink in a Speedo on a Pride float. Perfection. Brava, darling. Snaps up and neck rolls all around.

Love your shoes!


[Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, elle.com]

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  • Judy_J

    Perfection.  And I love the shoes, too!

    • Anonymous

      The shoes I WANT. I’m drooling.

      Also, how does she STAND being so fabulous all the time? It’s almost sickening.

  • Sara__B

    It must be heavenly to be her stylist. Zoe looks fabulous in pretty much everything she wears.

  • She made that odd hem length look amazing. Bravo!

  • Girl! It’s been a while since you gave us a WERQ-worthy moment like this. Welcome back

  • Anonymous

    Perfect.  She’s beautiful.

  • 1000x better than the model. I love it when celebs wear black-but-not-boring dresses. Gorgeous.

    • She somehow almost always manages to wear things better than the model. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

    • Louise Bryan

      I’m with you.  I thought the dress looked weird on the model, but it was perfection on Zoe.

  • Anonymous

    She never gets it wrong.  She is the second coming of Iman.

  • foodycat

    I don’t usually like that sort of handkerchief hem, but this dress, on this woman, with these accessories is perfection! Well done to her stylist for not putting her in black platform peeptoes.

  • Jason Wu has been hitting it out of the park lately.

    • MilaXX

      Can wait to see his Target collection next month.

  • The selection of those heels really made this outfit work. She looks great! 

    • Hope it’s better than Vera Wang’s stuff at Kohl’s or the Kardashian Klothes

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Saldana looks good in everything.

  • Anonymous

    I have serious shoulder/deltoids envy.  Those are clothes-hanger shoulders par excellence.  And they make that dress, both front and back.

    I know what I’m going to be working on at the gym tomorrow night.  She knocks this one out of the red carpet park. 

  • Spec-effing-tacular!

  • Anonymous

    She rarely, if ever, disappoints. Whatta gal! (Just onething: Her hair might have been a little sleeker or bigger.)

    Are you softening to ankle straps? I hope so, I love them and love to wear them.

    • Agree with you about the hair. 

  • I also love that her face still moves, and she’s showing some laugh lines.

  • I don’t always agree with you guys when you accolade her, but this time, you’re spot on.  She looks mah-velous, so chic AND yet approachable.  Pretty difficult combo.

    • Yep. Her extreme appeal is generally lost on me, but she looks completely fabulous here. That dress is great on its own. On her, it’s even better. It’s like it was made just for her.

      And those shoes are so fantastic that it makes me want to cry.

  • Not loving the hair, but the dress and especially the shoes are fabulous.

  • MilaXX


  • Yes, the shoes are the WINNER.

  • Anonymous

    i love that she is so damn sure of herself.

  • Terence Ng

    She’s…looking awfully thin…

    Like, Eartha Kitt territory. Still, the dress is gorgeous.

  • She’s gorgeous, but her face is always so shiny. IDEK.

  • Anonymous

    has she, like, ever made a single mistake in her entire life?

  • Anonymous

    Love every little bit of this look. Really WERQ-worthy.

  • Anonymous

    This is not a dress I particularly like.  Love the top, not fond of the skirt.

    But put it on the impeccably styled Zoe Saldana (those SHOES! that PEDICURE!) and there’s no arguing with perfection.

    Is she monopolizing all of the great stylists in Hollywood?  Why does she always look sensational, while so many others so often look terrible?  Maybe she just has a solid sense of her own style.

    • Anonymous

       There’s something incredibly graceful about her that helps make the clothes sing. Her incredibly thin frame helps too!

  • But the shoes have ankle straps!? (I love them too!)

  • Call me Bee

    The dress and the shoes are perfect.  Well–so is she.  Perfect.  I agree–how can she stand being so fabulous all the time? 

  • Anonymous

    You are WERQing that look like a glittered twink in a Speedo on a Pride float.
    LOL You really know how to paint a picture with words.
    She looks amazing and I covet her shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Not working for me.  The dress is droopy, a schmatta.  And black toenails?  Ick.

  • Anonymous

    WOOF! (As declared by Hugh Laurie’s character in any of the Black Adder series.)

  • Anonymous

    DAYUM. Fran-freaking-tastic.

  • Anonymous

    EVERYTHING works on her, always!  Casual looks, glammed, lots of makeup, none — I’ve never seen a bad shot of her.  If she’s with a stylist, that person has impeccable taste.  

  • Anonymous

    Really well put together but I don’t think she should lose another pound. The 2nd pic is bordering on disturbing (skinny arms, bobble head, pinched waist).

  • SHe’s awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    Stunning.  I actually gasped.  And immediately felt significant regret that I just scarfed a big cookie.  

  • Gorgeous!

  • I still dont get why people lose their shit over her. She looks like a girl who isn’t put together like a train wreck, but she’s hardly out of this world about it. ???

    • Anonymous

      I agree that this look doesn’t seem out of this world.  Leagues better than a lot of those train wrecks out there, but nothing prize-winning.  Still, it’s great to see someone who seems comfortable on the red carpet, and who consistently looks good.

  • Anonymous

    She looks better than the model!

  • Gorge as always, but…..she’s starting to look a little too much like Jada Pinkett-Smithfornow….

  • Breathtaking, but I hate the shoes. They look cheap to me.

  • Anonymous

    SHe looks great in the dress, but her mouth looks very strange – kind of sneering in that second pic of her.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    She does a pretty good modern Audrey Hepburn herself. And I love the shoes. WERQ indeed.

  • The makeup is a bit harsh, to my eye. But she’s always werqing it, I bet even in her sleep!

  • She looks amazing.  Love the shoes.  So jealous.

  • Anonymous

    She is all four Horsewomen of the Divapocalypse.  Get off the red carpet, puny mortals!

  • Anonymous

    Disco QUEEN!

  • Anonymous

    You are WERQing that look like a glittered twink in a Speedo on a Pride float. Perfection. Brava, darling. Snaps up and neck rolls all around.”…. Ha! You guys are awesome…

  • CQAussie

    Divine and I love the shoes too!!!

  • Anonymous

    That might be my favorite thing you’ve ever said.  The image in my mind is perfection.

  • Helen C

    What, no “too thin eat a burger” comment here? 

    • Anonymous

      Haha. Around these parts I’ve mocked the “eat a sandwich” crowd quite a lot. And yet — as much as I hate to admit it — I saw these pictures and thought: that girl looks awfully scrawny and needs more calories!

    • Tamara Hogan

      It did not escape my notice that she looks thinner than the model does…   ;-(

  • Anonymous

    She is forever perfect

  • R. L.

    LUV HER!

  • Actually, I think the shoes look a little cheap. 

  • Anonymous

    Love the dress (especially the neckline) and the shoes.

    She’s starting to look too thin to me, though. 

  • Anonymous

    Doesen’t she know how to do anything but wear clothes?

  • I am not convinced.  

  • Anonymous

    fabulous, she is the WERQ queen!

  • Anonymous

    Her hair looks uninspired, but maybe it’s just these pics. Otherwise she looks fabulous and is rocking that dress!

  • Anonymous

    Does she ever NOT nail it?  I don’t think I have ever seen her look bad.  And I will fight each and every bitter kitten for those shoes.  meow!

  • Anonymous

    When I was a sophomore in high school, in 1977, I had a dress with that hem, which we called a handkerchief hem. I loved it then, and I love it on her!! 

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I love it when the “real person” looks better than the model. She looks STUNNING

  • aimee_parrott


  • Zoe, preach! Seriously, in the name of love, peace and understanding, please teach the less fortunate girls of Hollywood how to stand up straight with their shoulders back.

  • Overrated. So, so overrated.

    But I do want those shoes.

  • I want to be her. But seriously.

  • Is there no end to her gorgeousness? Man.

  • Anonymous

    I’m usually not a fan of the handkerchief hem, but this is a beautiful dress. Well done, Zoe. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Perfection!  Love those shoes, too.

  • Anonymous

    She’s fabulous, no question about it. That first pic made me snicker, though, cause she kind of looks like she’s digging a wedgie out of her ass. hah

  • Anonymous

    That. is. all. 

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    what a lovely dress!  I love the shoes also.  She looks amazing.

  • Renee Thomas

    I don’t really get, intellectually, why she looks so fantastic in everything. This get-up is not that interesting. The hair is pretty blah. But she looks fantastic as usual. Do you think it’s partly because she was a dancer and still has great posture? Or is it pure attitude? She always looks like she’s enjoying herself. Maybe that’s it right there.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love this dress and shoes.  One of her best looks for sure.  if I had one itsby bitsy nit, it would be the harsh makeup ages her somewhat.  

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  • Anonymous

    What? Dude. No. I love Zoe Saldana, but her makeup is harsh, her hair is awful, and the dress is… fine. I grant that the fit of the bodice and neck are lovely, but that alone doesn’t make a WERQ.

  • Candice Richardson

    She stays fabulous. WERQ indeed!

  • Patricia Gillett

    The shoes are utterly fab and the dress is all sorts of fun. This is why I love Jason Wu, you don’t have to be as slim as Zoe to pull off this dress. It would look great on a curvier gal.