Thom Browne Fall 2012 Menswear Collection

Posted on January 25, 2012

This is the kind of collection where, if it had been womenswear, half the people who saw it would come away convinced that the designer is a misogynist. Don’t look to us for an explanation. We get that Thom Browne made his name by questioning modern menswear proportions and we get that a runway show is often just a bit of theater; miles away from what the actual line is going to be. But even so, this is just plain silly. We like Thom Browne and chances are we’ll like and covet a few pieces from this collection when we see them with normal human proportions, but until then, we’re stuck looking at clown clothes.

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    • G

      Nightmarish.  Frightening.  Ridiculous.

      • Brady

        Was just about to post “garish! awful! terrifying!” before I read yours!

    • Ben

      No. Just no. Third pic, first row is the only acceptable one. The rest is costume. 

    • Gabriella Soza

      I don’t even know what just happened.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      DA FUQ..?

    • Anonymous

      This is just creepy.  Everything from the Hulk-like proportions to the makeup.  

    • Judy_J

      The first thought I had when I saw these pictures was that they all look like villains from a Scooby-Doo episode.  Someone fetch me a Scooby snack!

      • Anonymous

        yes!  The inflated arms and shoulders are SO many of the ghosts, creepy old men, and baddies the gang encountered!

        I don’t think a Scooby Snack could save me from nightmares about the S&M bunny mask, though.  YIKES!

    • Gaby

      all i could think of is: “WHAT?”

    • Susie Jin

      Linebackers in couture.

      • Anonymous

        I mean, I think that’s what he was going for. Exaggerated male figured stuffed into pastels and skirts and belly shirts. I thought it was pretty funny, myself.

      • Sally Brownson

        That’s what I thought of! I immediately thought they were all wearing football pads.

    • marilyn

      Is he getting ready to retire?  I can’t imagine that anyone would buy any of this.  Either we are missing something, or he does not plan to be in business much longer.

    • Anonymous

      fun and fantastical…I just don’t understand how he can make a living by doing this.

    • Amanda Semrick

      Finally, an answer to who designs costumes for Batman villains…

      • Anonymous

        You read my mind! I was thinking, “Batman versus The Incredible Hulk’s Evil Twin” with a cameo appearance by Freddy Krueger.

      • Deborah Jozayt

        It’s Bane’s wardrobe for the new “Batman Rises” movie and this is just a side promotion.

        • Lauren Maier

          No kidding!!  I really thought these were the costumes for Joker’s goons!!

      • oohsparkley!

        I said the same thing before reading any comments. 

    • Anonymous

      Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

      • Anonymous

        Please put him back!

    • Charlotte

      A cross between Pinhead and The Riddler. I guess even supervillians have to shop somewhere.

    • Stephen Bornstein

      Spent a s*** load of bucks to get attention….but, more off-putting…Yeesh!

    • Anonymous

      That’s just stupid looking all around.  Those models earned every dime of their pay that day.  Hazard pay should have been involved.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously.  I feel embarrassed for the models.

    • Myrlin A. Hermes

      They all look like henchmen to some sort of comic book villain. I kind of dig the Mondo-esque mixing of plaids and argyles in the same color palette, though.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t know Tim Burton had branched out from ruining movies to ruining fashion.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly my thought: Tim Burton and Slipknot Collaborate on Fashion Line!

        • Anonymous

          I can honestly say I never imagined I’d both see a slipknot reference on this site and agree with it.

      • Anonymous

        Oh please. Tim Burton has better taste than this!

    • Sara__B

      This show could give a person bad dreams. It’s hauntingly ugly.

    • thedogsmother


    • Ana Cedillo

      hahaha, i dont know how to react to any of this

    • Ramon

      Children of the Corn!!!! Leigh Bowery did all that so much better.

    • Chloe Stabler

      Uhhh… yeah….

    • bp316

      Third row down, on the right: What Grandma would look like if she had also been a Hall-of-Fame linebacker

    • Anonymous

      Well I guess Uncle Fester now knows were to shop.  Maybe Billy Corgan too.

    • Jenna Gordon

      i fluffin love this!!!!!

    • Elana Bryan

      What.the.HELL?!?!?!?  This is a joke, right?

    • MilaXX

      FYI the video won’t play here, it redirects to youtube.
      By the time I go to the pink and green outfits I was just laughing at the joke. Silver lining- I saw a black school boy bag with a red/white stripes on the back that is pretty cute, but the rest of this is crazy.

    • Anonymous

      They all look like supervillain dandies.

      So very silly.

    • Tiger Gray

      It is weirdly objectifying. Hate it. 

    • Coralie

      Dear lord, it’s high fashion for rugby players, skull protectors and all.

      • Anonymous

        There is not a rugby player in the world who would be caught dead in that granny suit!

        • Sally Brownson

          Not to mention insane amounts of padding. The scrum caps are pretty much the only thing that look like rugby, to me…

    • Anonymous

      You just know there are some shows where the models mumble to themselves the whole time “just sign the paycheck.  Shut up, walk, and sign the paycheck.”

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      Can’t sleep.  Clowns will eat me.

    • Toto Maya

      HAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT. Bet it sucked to be one of those models.

    • Toto Maya

      I think he IS misogynist. I mean, women like me have to LOOK at these images. Clearly he hates us.

      • Anonymous

        He hates: women, men, manly women, womanly men, models, jackets, socks and bellybuttons.

        • Anonymous

          And apparently, eyes.

    • Anonymous

      THANK GOD!  I’ve been looking for new work clothes for MrMajestyk and finally, the search has ended!

      The argyle socks are nice.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The thing I probably need explained to me is how this works as a business.  The cost of the show must be pretty significant, particularly in light of the fact that it seems unlikely he’s going to sell any of the actual outfits on the runway.  So I assume it’s treated as a marketing cost: he’ll get buzz for this outlandish collection, which will make us all want to look for the more consumer-friendly line.  That line, I guess, will dial the cray-cray way back but evoke elements of the collection — sharp metal accents juxtaposed with traditional men’s wear elements, grays with some dabs of other colors, over-sized proportions, mix-and-match patterns, and, uhm, skirts and Chanel-inspired jackets.

      I guess I’ve answered my own question, but the collection just seems phenomenally wasteful — what becomes of these garments?  I mean, I get that there’s a claim to high art here, so the pieces on the runway don’t have to serve a “purpose” any more than anything they put out on Work of Art.  But do they go to a museum?  Does someone buy them just to be frightened every time they go into their closet?

      It’s not that I don’t get it — it’s just that I … don’t get it.

      • Anonymous

        Bert Keeter (from Project Runway last season) had a great quote in an interview with T Lo. He said something to effect that runway shows are geared toward creating a splash and getting the masses to buy the sunglasses and underwear if they can’t afford the designer’s clothes. Like you reasoned out, it is often (but maybe not always) about selling the name, not the clothing depicted in the show.

        • Anonymous

          I had an acquaintance who worked for a super high end department store based in Texas (guess who.) I asked about the market for couture in Dallas and he laughed. “The store loses buckets of money on couture; we can’t give half of those clothes away. But it lets us negotiate exclusives on accessories like sunglasses, and that more than makes up for the loss.”

          • Anonymous

            You just explained why I refer to stores like that as “retail museums.” I go in, appreciate the collection, but don’t buy.  (I don’t really bother with the sunglasses, either. If I’m going to pay that kind of money, I’m going to get them at an optician who has the really good polarized lenses, etc.)

          • Anonymous

            You just explained why I refer to stores like that as “retail museums.” I go in, appreciate the collection, but don’t buy.  (I don’t really bother with the sunglasses, either. If I’m going to pay that kind of money, I’m going to get them at an optician who has the really good polarized lenses, etc.)

    • Anonymous

      Loooooney toons.

    • Joyce VG

      heh heh…whatever floats his boat…

    • Anonymous

      These are hysterical… 
      wonder what the models thought?

    • Anonymous

      Something about the makeup and the skirts and the muscley arms reminds me of the The Dark Knight where the Joker’s in drag as a nurse. Which I always found slightly disturbingly hot (shut up, it’s still Heath Ledger under there). I am similarly conflicted about this collection. 

    • Anonymous

      The models must have been paid well….and were glad their faces were mostly obscured. 

    • Anonymous

      Munsters… that was my first thought. And apparently my last LOL

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the Thom Browne post, T Lo.  He always makes me laugh.

    • Anonymous

      “Hellraiser” meets Uncle Fester.

    • Anonymous

      Is it bad that this just makes me laugh? As long as this is supposed to be a big joke, I think I’m okay with it.

    • Anonymous

      If its supposed to be taken seriously, well, then thats another matter entirely.

    • Anonymous

      Arkham Chic.

    • Anonymous

      Ummmm, ummmm, ummmm . . . wow. So this is for the Incredible Hulk?

      I guess the elbow pads with points on them might be good for elbowing your way on to the subway.

      But the only person I see wearing this would be the male equivalent of Lady Gaga.  Not even David Bowie in his heyday would have gone for the bulk.  

      • Sarah Adams

        Bowie wouldn’t be caught dead in something this tacky and unflattering. Or, frankly, unoriginal. 

    • Anonymous

      They look like they should be the bad guys in Dick Tracy. Unfortunately Warren Beatty made that film in 1990.

    • Anonymous

      This is just stupid!

      Gotta admit I love me a doggie print so I might wear that little dog jacket.

    • Anonymous

      W         T          F

    • Anonymous

      Okay commenting again because I scouted around to see what his more conventional clothing looks like…he designs a line for freakin’ BROOKS BROTHERS! You can’t say he isn’t versatile!

    • Anonymous

      This is just wrong.

    • Denise Alden

      That pink blazer and green skirt are all Dame Edna, aren’t they?

    • Anonymous

      hopefully none of the models went home sans an eye….

    • Sarah Black

      The makeup combined with some of the outfits is very Edward Gorey-esque.

    • Jill Roberts

      Some one’s having a John Waters/Marilyn Manson/Tim Burton/Alexander McQueen moment.  His Autumn/Winter collection is a slightly less ridiculous version of this, but the presentation is wacky as hell.  The models are seated at a banquet table, and periodically some of them get up and walk the catwalk around the table.  Hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      1st impression – Mapplethorpe rip-off

    • aimee_parrott


    • erin l.

      The jacket with the studs on the elbows looks really amazing.

      That’s all.

    • Anonymous

      Do I see a seafoam green pencil skirt? REALLY NOW!? 

    • AMartel

      Well, it’s nice to know that the fashion industry doesn’t discriminate in its contempt for the end-user.  Progress!

    • TigerLaverada

      I busted out laughing at this. Uncle Fester is now high fashion. I agree, this looks like clothes from a designer who doesn’t like men’s bodies, or at least wants to make unkind fun of them.

    • Terri Smith

      Third row down, far right.  Dude’s wearing a pencil skirt.  It’s not visionary.  It’s a pencil skirt.

    • Jane Morris

      I know some clowns that work for the Cirque that would LOVE these clothes. For work.

    • Anonymous

      This kinda shit is soooooooo insincere at this point. 

    • Anonymous

      I can’t help it — I just love him and all the crazy stuff he comes up with.  I’m a woman and would have attempted to wear some of this stuff many many moons ago had it been at all available to me.  At least he really really tries to change it up and shock the system.  And his looks are funny as hell. Love the dog jacket.

    • Emily Smith

      well that’s fucking stupid looking.

    • Sam

      Well… I like the argyle socks?

      Cuz that’s all I get from this

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHA I laughed so hard I cried. The bulked up looks make me think of those old fake carnival strongmen who look like they were padded under their clothes or a flesh colored body stocking.  As a few others have mentioned, very Alexander McQueen meets Cirque du Soleil with a dash of Hellraiser. I do really like the shoes, the use of argyle and that plaiid briefcase. 

    • Lauren Maier

      TLo, I thought you guys covered fashion, not the costumes for Joker’s goons in the next Batman movie!

    • Elena


    • Anonymous

      Did he take his inspiration from Marvel comics? I hope they paid those models a lot of money for losing every shred of dignity they might possess.

    • Patrick Cleary

      Straight of the runway, I’d wear those shoes with the socks paired with them. Otherwise, I’ll have to either grab some football padding and a copy of “Hellraiser” to manage.

    • Angelica Smith Mertens

      I really Hate to say it, but ULTIMATE FAIL!  This is awful.  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…  I’m all for creativity and uniqueness, but this is just plain bad.  Period.

    • Sarah Thomas

      What was his inspiration? Arkham Asylum?

    • spooki C

      I kinda love how over the top this is, must have been great to see live.

    • Anonymous

      wtf?  No idea.

    • Phyllis Craine

      Anyone else here seen “Hellraiser”?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      ‘scary’ clown clothing!  I dig the safety pins on the back of that one jacket, but can’t ‘rock’ the spikes! 

    • Anonymous

      As Ollivander might say, “no, no, definitely not!”

    • e jerry powell

      It’s Paris.  There you have it.

    • Anonymous

      Necks.  They’re so 2011.

    • Noelle Haland

      This is just so, so, so stupid. Give me a break.

    • Anonymous

      This is the second menswear collection this season that seems to be courting the male serial-killer demographic. Although this is more “Halloween” than “Psycho”.

    • Anonymous

      Were the proportions inspired by Gossamer?

    • J

      My literal, actual reaction when I saw the thumbnail was to say, out loud, to no one except my cats and God, “What the – what – what the – WHAT?”

    • Anonymous

      I like the look of the spectator platforms with the black and white argyle socks, but I wouldn’t want to see anyone actually wearing them in real life.

    • Anonymous

      The only thing even tolerable here… a paid of argyle socks.

    • Anonymous

      Villains need couture too, ya’ know.

    • Anonymous

      So if a linebacker and Harley Quinn ever had a family of malformed children and the Joker was the godfather…

    • Jaeda Laurez

      They look like they’re designed for the character from Despicable Me. I can’t.

    • voter1

      Did Mood explode?

    • Gaby Ripoll

      For the Uncle Fester in you. 

    • fallen_ikon

      I love the little dogs printed on the fabric. That’s about the only good thing I can say about this collection.

    • Anonymous

      I want to order the plaid headgear with spikes. The black and white striped dress is quite lovely too. I wonder if it would make me look fat?

    • Anonymous

      Blue meanies on steroids.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t stop saying, “What the fuck…?”  Though I do kinda/sorta like the safety-pinned tail on the blue frock coat.

    • Anonymous

      Gay horror fashion.  Shudder.  

    • Anonymous

      I want to cry? I don’t understand how he makes money. The short pants the designer wears everything makes me want to pull my hair out, ps.

    • Anonymous

      I think Thom Browne might be pissed off at the fashion industry (or someone in the fashion industry) and is making a statement of sorts. Definitely getting an angry, “f*** you” vibe here.

    • Anonymous

      My mind boggles at the concept of preppy S&M. Mr. Brown should give some of his pharmaceuticals to April. She needs them and he’s obviously taking far too many.

    • WendyD

      Is someone looking for a job dressing Batman villains?

    • Anonymous

      ducks & safety pins & linebackers in skirts. that is all.

      ps. maybe not, cos i usually really do like his stuff so i’m sure i like some of this somewhere.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Okay, first I thought grotesque. Now it just seems like couture for serial killers (who’s going to remember the face?)

    • R. L.


    • Anonymous

      This is pretty crazy, but I really dig the shiny plaid jacket and pants from the video.

    • Anonymous

      Yay!  I was hoping you guys would review this collection.  It put a smile on my face when I first saw this a few days ago.  I also agree with your very astute observation that if this was womenswear he would be called a misogynist (which makes me curious to see what his womenwear collection will look like).

      With that said, Thom Browne’s collections are one of the few that I actually look forwards to seeing every season.  Granted, 9 times out 10 it’s a huge WTF unwearable mess but you can’t say it isn’t entertaining just the same. 

      Ridiculous clothing with some actual wearable peices if taken out of the runway context.  Some of the padded outfits remind me of the Comme des Garcons dresses Rei Kawabuko did for her 1997 spring/summer Lumps and Bumps collection..

    • Anonymous

      It’s a little hard to understand these clothes unless you understand the subcultures, aesthetic movements, and construction that techniques Browne uses, reuses, and deconstructs. A lot of this is drawn from the tensions between mainstream and subculture as well as that gold mine of teenage angst, popular kids versus the outcasts. If you look at it, though, this is really a study in contrasts: skinny skinny suits and oversized knitwear; ultra-masculine visual tropes and feminine colors; classical tailoring and modern rebellion.

      I value and appreciate the visceral, emotional reactions that commentators have to Browne’s clothes, but I think it’s also important to take a step back and ask yourself what’s REALLY going on with the clothes, once you remove the make-up, the show, the models, and all the craziness. Underneath it all, there’s a man who is very seriously trying to pose interesting questions and make us re-think what we wear and how it shapes our selves.

      • Sarah Adams

        Okay, I see what you’re saying about deconstruction and the tropes at play here. But you can’t just remove “the make-up, the show, the models, and all the craziness.” That’s like saying you could only understand Shakespeare if you took out all the plots and left the characters. The elements you name are integral to the art as it exists in real space and time. Otherwise it’s just a concept and concept isn’t art, it’s the dream of art. The elements you want to remove are all present and therefore they are parts of the text which must be “read.”  

        Also, as I said in my post, I don’t think this really is all that creative or transgressive. I’m all for silliness as a way of deconstructing cultural paradigms, but I don’t think this collection does that successfully. Instead, it seems to me a bag of disconnected tricks taken from other media – the people noting clowns, early circus art, BDSM, prep, the Addams family, and early Batman aren’t wrong in recognizing the similarities.  However, here those references are not cohering into something whole or truly statement making. In my experience, that is the  hallmark either of immature pretension (unlikely in this case) or a jaded older artist who’s gotten sick of the humanity for which and in which he creates and thus has begun to talk down to his audience. 

    • Rand Ortega

      I feel like I just watched a Dick Tracy cartoon!

    • Susan Crawford

      I clicked on tomandlorenzo before heading off to bed and decided to scroll through what promised to be an amusing look at the wacky world of Thom Brown. Wrong decision. So very, very wrong. Almost all of my evil-anime-villain, clown, and hulking brute phobias are now in roiling high gear, and I just know I’m going to have some kind of weird dream where the fellow in the plaid spiked mask is going to do something nasty in the woodshed.

    • Lynn Landry

      It’s about time Popeye arms make a comeback!

    • Anonymous

      LOVED this. in fact, was getting a warm fuzzy feeling from the animation/comicbook football bad guys vibe. love the gray plaids, and the harlequin-y outfit. even the duck jacket pleases my eye. well done.

    • Anonymous

      How silly

    • Anonymous

      I could love these in some sort of crazy campy dystopian movie musical, or maybe in a Robert Wilson stage production. But as a fashion line, this is really stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes, I just really have to feel bad for models…

    • Anonymous

      Pinhead’s execution is never less than superb but I’m worried that Michael Kors is going to cut him for his ‘taste level.’ 

      • Anonymous


    • Mary Nease

      Um… can I have that plaid backpack/briefcase though? I would rock the shit out of that.

    • Anonymous

      I can see it, these are clothes for the Hulk!

      The Hulk has been in dire need of a new wardrobe.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      If the idea of a runway collection is to make me want to see/buy more, this is a gigantic, ill-proportioned FAIL!!!!!!

    • Dani Colman

      I actually kind of love this.  I think the third one down on the right is where I “got” it – though I’d be hard-pressed to find the words to explain what I “got”.  Nonetheless, I think there’s a real humour to this collection, especially with the juxtaposition of the cartoonishly masculine proportions with the more traditionally feminine colours, prints, and even outright wardrobe items.  Plus the outlandish proportions of most of the items makes the beautifully-fitted ones that more exquisite by comparison – I mean, the tailoring on that grey studded coat is stunning!

      I kind of see this as an unofficial companion collection to the Viktor & Rolf collection from a while back that used the outsized men’s shirt cuffs and tails.  Different punchlines to the same joke, if you will.

      • Anonymous

        Nice take.

    • Marcie Dreyfuss

      Was the theme HP Lovecraft?

      • Sarah Adams

        I wish! I’d love to see a Lovecraft inspired collection, whether it went really literal or very impressionistic. 

    • Anonymous

      Now THAT was a good laugh.

    • Anonymous

      what the f-uuuuuuuuuu-ck!

    • Linda Merrill

      The hell?

      • Linda Merrill

        I just watched the video. Those models must have been fighting for who got to wear the masks.

        • Marcie Dreyfuss

          ROFL! You made my day.

    • Anonymous

      I imagined Tim Gunn’s reaction to this and I just started laughing and laughing…

    • Anonymous

      God help me, if every one of those suits was tailored to fit me I would wear the heck out of them! I want the green and pink one especially! Done as a proper three piece it would look excellent.

    • Anonymous

      I appreciate agitprop fashion, but this is just laughable.  Was that the point?

    • Anonymous

      double post

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly! This kind of stuff just makes the designer look like he’s trying too hard.

    • Anonymous

      fabulous fabrics

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        HAHAHAHAHA!  Great comment–so concise and to the point!

    • Anonymous

      It’s kind of refreshing to see men dressed in ridiculous clothing for a change. Just like I wish male frontal nudity was the norm in films, I believe what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I’ve seen women models in fashionable gimp helmets before, but this whole Hell Raiser look takes it to another level. Ooh la la!

    • Sarah Adams

      What am I looking at here?  A really ugly women’s wear collection or a men’s wear collection that includes frumpy transvestitism? Because I am not getting behind either one. And maybe we should be accusing this guy of misandry. Or hating humanity in general.

      And REALLY what is with the whole BDSM thing with designers lately? I am so sick and tired of designers thinking they can just throw a face mask and some pleather on a runway and that makes their entire collection edgy and transgressive and creative. No, it doesn’t. Mainstreaming someone else’s kink (or your own) to sell clothes to a general audience is just insulting to all concerned. Ugly, ill proportioned clothes don’t become exciting or thoughtful art pieces just because you added a gimp mask in grey plaid. Honestly, it’s like watching my mother pretend she’s being daring because she’s having a second glass of wine. No one’s buying it. Literally, in the case of this collection.

      • Mary Stone

        THANK YOU. took the words out of my mouth. 

        What Sarah Adams said.  I find this ugly, and the color palette is eye-searing, quite frankly.

    • foodycatAlicia

      Once it is in normal-person-proportions, Alan Cumming can rock a duck-patterned tailcoat and breeks on the red carpet.

    • Anonymous

      Why do all the ones with exposed stomachs have what looks like batting poking out of the waistband of their pants?

    • Anonymous

      I kind of love the convict in the dress, 3rd row.

    • ecallaw


    • Meredith Tozzer

      I thought third row down last picture on the right was an homage to Iron Lady…  This is ridiculous, but made my morning for sure

    • Anonymous

      I seem to be one of the few, but I think this is kinda fun.

    • Anonymous

      What the fucking hell?

    • Fuzzy Izmit

      God, I love that collection! So fun!

    • Jen Alien-Spouse

      The studded elbow pads would be perfect for commuting by train, when you have an arm-rest commando sitting next to you.

    • Trevor Burroughs

      Did he watch Hellraiser before designing this show?

    • Anonymous

      Oh for Chrissake, what the hell is this?

    • Mariah Warnock-Graham

      If you imagine what the actual line will look like, I think there are some very cool pieces. I love that plaid backpack.

    • Anonymous

      oh ohhhh I really like it.  Take away the insanity and there are there is some exceptional creativity shown here.  

    • Anonymous

      I love it.  I don’t know why, but you’re right, it’s high theater.  Whimsical, crazy and cracked out.  I don’t know how I like the clothes, but I love the theatrical concept of the inflated shoulders and arms, the Frankenstein monster over tones, all of it. 

    • Heather Waddell

      I liked it! Maybe it’s a remnant of my misspent youth, but I like the preppy-meets-rugby-meets-s&m styling and while the proportions are silly and slightly distracting the details of the clothing are wonderful; as are the colors and the prints.

    • Anonymous

      The guy on the third row, right, looks like a preppie,  1980’s Ms. Munster real estate agent.

    • Karen Stephens Bassett

      I am left speechless.

    • Anonymous



    • Laura O’Gorman

      WHAT. IS. THIS.

    • Mori Clark

      what the hell am i looking at

    • Deb

      This man has serious issues.

    • Julie Fountain

      When I see a collection like this, for either men or women, I always wonder what the model’s thought when they first saw the piece they were assigned to wear.  I think it’s probably something like “are you f’ing kidding me here?”

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s more like “$10,000 to wear this piece of shit for three minutes?  Sweet!”

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!  My favorite is the guy in the third photo, third row–the one in the pink and green realtor suit and the little green football helmet.  I would love to know how the models felt about having to walk in these insane outfits. I believe Browne sent a male model down a runway in a wedding-ish gown once, no?  So I guess he’s always gone for the shock.

      • VicksieDo

        That’s what I was thinking too, guess being a model isn’t always fun and glamorous!  HAHAHA

    • allisankelly

      When they CGI Despicable Me 2 they can have the main character wear some of these clothes. He is their customer. Also The Penguin as played by Danny DeVito.

    • Anonymous

      Just a mess.  However, Row 5, pic # 3…kinda love the gloves.

    • Madame Suggia

      Dear God no. It’s not big, it’s not clever, it’s classic 3rd-year-fashion-student-out-to-shock.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha they all look like batman movie/ video game thugs

    • Chason Dailey

      It’s like the lovechild of Batman comics and an episode of Doctor Who.

    • oohsparkley!

      Yuk!  They all look like they’re auditioning for a role as a villain in a Batman movie. Oops! I wrote this before reading comments. Great minds think alike.

    • mrspeel2

      I could see the Peter Garrett, lead singer for the old Aussie group Midnight Oil, wearing the mint green plaid suit back in the day. As to the rest of the collection, I wouldn’t even donate them to Goodwill. SuperUG!

    • Eric Scheirer Stott

      WTF  to infinity

    • Jessica O’Connell


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      They look like Batman villians. From the cartoon.

    • Cathy S

      What the heck was that? Aside from the dog print, this is all just garbage.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      These look like costumes for characters in a Tim Burton movie, not clothes for actual people.

    • Emily

      Someone watch just a bit too much American Horror and 1930’s American Football before designing their line, no?

    • VicksieDo

      OMG, what a waste of perfectly good fabric. 

    • Anonymous

      Some of the fabrics and design elements are brilliant, but the body pads and belly shirts and gimp masks are just ridiculous.  And WTF is that stuffed into the crotches of all the belly shirt wearers?

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely love this from a theater and drama standpoint! It’s like a show of comic book characters! Hard to tell what anything will look like as actual clothes but if I were at that show I’d have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I know what I’m wearing to the big sales meeting in Omaha now.

    • Tadiana Walton Jones

      Ladies and Gentlemen:  The cast of villains for Tim Burton’s new version of “Dick Tracy”.

    • S. Jenna Lutz

      Wow. Just. Um. Wow.

      That’s a collection that even the proudest parent in the world would take one look at and only be able to say something like “Huh, well, gee son, those, um. Those are definitely some clothes you have there. Yup. Definitely clothes.” (And then quietly steal their child’s hairbrush to have the hair tested to see just what hallucinogenic substances there little darling has been playing with.)

    • Therese Bohn

      Is it a cross between The nightmare before Christmas and Whoville?   This guy should do Broadway. The minty fresh plaid guy is my favorite look–for a costume! The rest just crack me up.

    • Anonymous

      FACE OFF from the SyFy channel 

    • Pam Winters

      Well, they’d be cool stage costumes. Beyond that….

    • Heather McIlrath

      i literally lol’d at this entire collection. especially the pick macho blazer and green man skirt. irony much?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand. Who is Thom Browne and does he actually make real clothes… or does he merely design for a post-operative Gaga?

      • Anonymous

        His real paying job is designing the Black Label collection for Brooks Brothers.

    • Anonymous

      I appreciate it for the whimsy. I like runway with a theme, some drama, that isn’t all ready to wear.

    • Anonymous

      Alice the goon meets alfafa, nuf said.

    • akprincess72

      Uhhhhhhh… No thank you.

    • Anonymous

      I would love to hear what the models think about wearing these … clothes?

    • Lydia Smith

      It looks like Tim Burton and Vivienne Westwood had a baby.

    • Anonymous

      Haaa haa haaa haaa ha ha haaaa.  Brilliantly absurd.

    • Sophie Collier

      I would take the cropped cardigans and the dog jackets.  I am also a size 6 female and these would not look quite so… weird on a girl, I think.  

      Sometimes, runway shows make me sad for the poor models.  

    • Anonymous

      What is wrong with these designers?  A little circus to get our minds off the economy?

    • Wendy Kaufman

      Exactly. I looked at these pics and said “This person hates men.”

    • Thathoodwink

      This whole runway show should be a Tool video.