SAG Awards Red Carpet, Part ONE

Posted on January 30, 2012

Darlings, celebrities clawed their way out of their holes in the ground and made their way to toward the light, in the hope that once they got there, someone would hand them an award. Let us judge them.


Aimee Garcia

Terrible color for her.


Angelina Jolie in Jenny Packham

It’s a little to drapey for our tastes, and it looks like a trash can liner, but it’s actually showing some effort on her part, so we’ll give it a minor thumbs-up.


Diane Lane in David Meister

Beautiful color on her, but a dull dress otherwise.


Emily Blunt in Oscar de la Renta

Broken record: Beautiful color; somewhat boring dress otherwise.

We shouldn’t complain at all. We’re always asking for more color on the RC. We just didn’t think that meant all the ladies would default to WIlma gowns.


Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen

SUPER-cute! Brava!

Gretchen Mol in L’Wren Scott

That’s a great, 1940s-retro kind of gown, but it’s really not helping her in the color department. She’s pale and yellow-haired, so a white and yellow dress doesn’t quite bring the drama.


Heather Morris in Masai Payan

 Yow. Someone didn’t want to fade into the background tonight.


Jane Krakowski in Antonio Berardi

We don’t know… she looks like she ripped her dress open in a fit of fury or something. We realize that’s probably the effect they were going for, but it’s kind of disconcerting.


Jayma Mays in Reem Acra

Gorgeous. A personal best for her.


Judy Greer in Collette Dinnigan

Pretty. We don’t recommend white lace dresses on the RC, but if you’re going to do it, a pink purse and red earrings are the way to go to prevent it from going bridal on you.


Lea Michele in Versace

Of course.


Mary Steenburgen in David Meister

KILLIN’ IT. Great color and fit. Her hair looks amazing.


Maya Rudolph in Naeem Khan

 It’s pretty, but it cuts her right in half.


Michelle Williams in Valentino

Totally unexpected coming from her. It’s not all that head-turning a dress on its own, but it becomes one on her simply because it’s not really her type of dress. It’s just an okay dress, though. Not our favorite look from her. And the shoes look too heavy.


Missi Pyle in Chagoury Couture

Pretty. Generic.


Penelope Ann Miller in David Meister

You CAN wear other colors besides this one, Penelope Ann.


Sarah Hyland in Temperley London

That goes for you too, Sarah. No more pantyhose-colored dresses in your immediate future, mkay?


Sofia Vergara in Marchesa

Goodness, Sofia. Are you okay? Have you lost a ton of weight recently? Are you sick?

Oh, wait. It’s just that this dress actually fits you correctly and allows you to move and breath. Never mind then. Carry on! Great color on you!


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Melvis Velour

    OOH!  Me first!  Virgin Territory!

    Is it me or does that weird draping on Maya Rudolph’s dress make her hips look huge?  And WTF with Jane Krakowski’s dress?  Seriously, it looks like something you’d expect in an 1890’s bordello…

    • Anonymous

      Nahh. The 1890’s working girls wore color & tried to show some class.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Jane Krakowski is never happy unless her boobs are prominently on display. 

  • Hate Angie’s dress, Love Michelle (agree re: the shoes), love Emily Blunt’s colour – now if all these dresses could just breed to make one decent interesting dress we’d be in business.
    I love the white one with the red earrings. 

    Unfortunate light for a lot of these shots, long icky shadows

  • Anonymous

    One stiff breeze and Lea is going to be flashing her hooch to the world.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      As per usual.

      • Terence Ng


    • emily mcginnis

      i think that’s what she’s hoping will happen. and i love that her captions are always “of course.” 

    • For the rest of my life, every time I see a picture of Lea Michele, I’m going to think, “Of course.”

    • Anonymous

      Of course.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone was the best look of the night.  Love the length, love the detail, love the contrast of the black against her bright hair and lips.  Between this and the Lanvin she wore to the Globes, her stylist deserves an award.

    • And with this batch I think Jayma Mays and Mary Steenburgen have tied for second.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed!  Fun fact: Mary Steenburgen’s son is dating Rooney Mara.  Hollywood is a small little world.

    • Agreed, she looks great. I also love the big ol’ smile on her face. It doesn’t look fake or strained, she looks genuinely happy to be there. Other ladies, take note.

      • Anonymous

        I love that you can always tell how Emma feels about her look by her expression – whenever she’s wearing something unflattering, she can just barely manage a tight-lipped smile.

  • You are right, Jenna is completely going for a “Superman at the phone booth” moment with that dress.
    Lea is going from “attention whoring” to “trash”. 

    • Anonymous

      “Lea is going from “attention whoring” to ‘trash’.”  Oh honey, that ship has sailed!

      • Anonymous

        And run aground.

      • Agreed. Past tense required for this bit of dish.

  • Annie Leung

    I love Jayma Mays’ dress! I think it’s my favorite out of the bunch. I’m really distracted by what’s going on in the background of Angie’s photo though. Is that a lady handler putting on her blue steel for a pink iPhone?

  • Anonymous

    J’Adore Emma Stone’s look. J’ADORE! Said “Wow” as soon as I saw it.  Mary Steenburgern looks fab.

    Angie’s looks like a trash bag – ala Stella of PR.  The woman behind her (taking the picture) has on a prettier dress.

  • Anonymous

    Angelina & Aimee are both so skeletal it’s painful to look at them. If Angelina’s dress wasn’t so drapey you’d see how scrawny she is.  Aimee looks like a clothes hanger; there’s no curves, just straight down, a waterfall of taupe.

  • Emma Stone is just delightful.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen a picture of Diane Lane’s dress from another angle and it’s a lot prettier from the front.

  • Isa Brandão

    Lea Michele looks so… short :/

  • Anonymous

    Well, Angie’s back to her old tricks, huh? Hate. Terrible fabric too (they make faux leather leggings with that, don’t they?). 

    I actually find Jane Krakowski’s cute and interesting, and it really suits her. If you complain about generic dresses, there is a different one. 

    I cannot believe you gave a pass to Sofia. Yes it is a greta color, but c’mon, it is the SAME dress over and over. 

    PA Miller’s is AWFUL. Bad David Bridal’s awful.   

    • Anonymous

      And if you see Sofia’s dress from the side…crazy.  The boob ledges?  Weird.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone and Jayma Mays–wowza!!  Judy Greer and Mary Steenburgen also look beautiful, as does the top of Michelle Williams.

    Jane Krakowski and Lea Michelle–always and forever, the trash twins.  Proving again and again and AGAIN that you can’t buy taste.

  • Patti Lever

    Wow, Michelle Williams actually dressing like an adult for once.  Angelina’s dress is fug, totally agree that it looks like trash bags, and cheap ones at that.

  • Emily, I have one thing to say to you. “Difficult color, green, very tricky.”

    • Anonymous

      I love Gosford Park.

      • 20 extra points for getting the reference. (GRIN)
        Love love love Maggie Smith in her Dowager best.

        • Anonymous

          It’s because that line, said in that tone, with that expression, was simply exquisite.

  • Anonymous

    How exactly is Angie showing effort? It’s her standard red carpet uniform. YAWN!!!!
    And seriously, she needs a burger and fries. Stat.

    • Anonymous

      She looks like one of those Bratz dolls- super tiny body, giant head and really trashy eye makeup.

    • Anonymous

      She looks like she cried/smoked her way to the awards. You couldn’t have the driver stop for eyedrops?

      I love that she ditched Brad though. I bet it was so he wouldn’t pull her RC scores down.  

  • Ellie Rowe

    I love Hemo so much, but the off the shoulder leather bodice and false sheer maxi just makes me want to retch. Her hair looks like angry birds set up a nest. REALLY not working for me.

    Lea Michele needs to stop flaunting her legs, Angie’s hair and make-up is so much better than normal but the dress looks like plastic, and Sofia Vergara looks amazing. 

    So much bitchery, so little time…

  • Missi Pyle looks like she rolled out of his bed, grabbed her wadded up dress off the floor and put it on in the limo.  I guess he didn’t have a hair brush at his place…

    • Anonymous

      Why does she keep coming up on all these? What has she done lately that is getting her all RC’d these days?

      • Anonymous

        She’s a supporting role in The Artist. Not a lot of screen time, but she brings a lot of funny (as always)!

        • Anonymous

          Great, actually. I looked at her iMDB and didn’t catch that. I am actually glad- I have watched Bringing Down the House too many times because of how funny her racist gold-digger is!

          • Anonymous

            omg, i forgot she was in that, too! She’s very much a “Hey, it’s that girl!”

            Her character in “The Artist” reminded me of Lena from “Singin’ in the Rain”- had me cracking up!

  • emily mcginnis

    i think Emily Blunt looks great in green. also, LOVE Emma’s dress and Jayma’s dress. 

  • Cheryl Kohs

    Sophia Vergara always looks like she has to pee. 

  • Heather Morris is straight ticky-tacky. Those shoes look like they’re from the $3 leftover bin at Wet Sluts, I mean Wet Seal… Shudder.

    Lea Michelle would look infinitely better if the slit was sewn up like 5 inches. Seriously.  I don’t need to see how good your bikini waxer is. I’m sure she is totally a pro and doesn’t need you advertising for her.

    Angelina, please eat a cookie. Or two. You’re starting to worry me. I can see your thigh bone through your dress.

    Sophia, lovely color!

  • Anonymous

    Did you see Michele Williams’ dress when she was walking onstage?  It was lovely.  It was about the way it glided around her calves, ankles, and thigh.  Really beautiful.

  • Mary Steenburgen FTW! Hot damn.

  • Love Mary Steenburgen!  She looks amazing!  Super beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone has such great style!

    Lea Michele, you never fail to look like a fool.

  • And Judy Greer has never looked this good on the RC. I love her; hope she keeps it up. 🙂

  • Terence Ng

    Oh Angelina…what happened? Is this The Shining in Room 237?

  • I really wish they had put up some kind of tent or something to block the sun.  It really changes the coloring and also makes everyone squinty.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo to Jayma Mays and Emma Stone. Angelina is wearing the product of a Project Runway unconventional materials challenge “The Trash Bag!” made by Michael. Not even a minor thumbs up from me. Most of the rest look pretty enough, but they could also be going to the prom.  I am so very tired of Michelle Williams I cannot be objective. 

  • Anonymous

    Love love love Emma Stone, and Michelle Williams looks pretty too, though I’m not as sure about the color.  I’m sure the blinding sun is what’s making it look a little too orange-y to me.

    Can we vote Lea Michelle off the island already?  Or at least ignore her, or something?  She comes off as so desperate with the perpetual leg-sticking-out routine. 

  • Do you guys always do alphabetical order and I never noticed?  It makes so much sense.  

  • I’d give Jolie a thumbs down. The caption under Lea’s photo should be under Angelina’s as well. She just pulled yet another black dress out of her Olive Oil-esque wardrobe. 
    Jayma Mays gets my vote for Round One.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love Lea Michele’s dress if it weren’t cut so high. It’s a good color on her and fits her at the top. But holy smokes, girl, enough. By this point, everyone’s aware you have a nice figure.  

    Also: Aimee Garcia — please stand up straight. 

  • Anonymous

    I sort of liked Jane Krakowski’s dress, but I had to stop reading and compose myself because I was laughing so hard at the “ripped open in a fit of fury” description.  Awesome.

    Michelle Williams was my favorite, weird shoes and all.

  • Anonymous

    I had to stop right at Jane Krakowski’s dress and comment before even looking at the rest of the dresses.  It looks like her torso is ripping it’s way through her dress can coming to get me! I’m frightened.

  • Jayma looks fabulous – Maya, that dress would have killed had it all been one color.

  • Anonymous

    My faves: Gretchen Mol (despite the color it’s a gorgeous dress) and Mary Steenburgen (who has always been lovely, but she is extraordinary in this picture. Are she and Ted Danson still married?).

    • Anonymous

      I liked Gretchen Mol’s dress as well.  I wonder if the colors would be a little more flattering on her out of the sun.

    • Anonymous

      Steenburgen and Danson are still married!  I love her.

  • Anonymous

    Love the clutch Emma Stone has and really want a reason to wear the dress Jayama Mays has on  

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone takes the win.  She looks freaking adorable.  Jayma Mays, Mary Steenburgen and Judy Greer also look fantastic.  I love Sarah Hyland’s Temperley dress but it’s all wrong for her.  On someone else, it could be an inspired choice.  I  have a perhaps irrational dislike of Michelle Williams so it’s hard to be objective about her, but I do like the dress.  Points for not being twee.  The red satin platforms are hideous, though.  Can’t be objective about Lea Michele at this point either, but I do think she loooks pretty great here, albeit slutty and obvious.  Love the green color of Emily’s dress.  It fits her well and the accessories are killer.  But the hair ruins the look.  Gretchen Mol’s dress is one of the ugliest things I’ve seen.  If she lopped a few inches off the bottom it would be perfect office attire.  Boring and ugly.  Everyone else is too obvious, boring or trashy to comment on.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Jayma is killing it around this lot!
    Also, dear Lea, sexy does not work for you, stop trying so hard, it’s getting sad at this point. 

  • Anonymous

    I think Michelle Williams looks great here. Sure, it’s unexpected from her, but that’s why I like it. She almost looks like an adult. Lea Michele, on the other hand, looks like a slut. Totally expected.

    • Anonymous

      i like michelle williams look too.  could be my favorite.  her usual twee twiggy look is so tired. the new hair color is growing on me, and i do love me some redheads, but she needs to change the style at least a little, or she’ll get pegged as pixie girl.

  • Anonymous

    Lea Michele reminds me of a young Demi Moore. In many ways.
    Sarah Hyland looks like she’s auditioning for a part on Downton Abbey. That’s a compliment. She looks polished and adorable!
    Sophia Vergara gets extra credit for not only wearing a dress that fits, but also wearing a Marchesa dress that isn’t too overwrought. BTW, have you seen her little sister modeling? Genetic superiority runs in the family (haha)!

    Lastly, a big, heartfelt BRAVA! for all the stars that were dripping in jewelry! My eyes teared up with pride, and also because the glitter kind of blinded me. Life is good!

  • I’ve developed this supremely weird habit of checking their feet to see if their shoes fit. With everything else you’d think they’d put in the effort to have shoes that fit.

  • Lea Michele is ridiculous. Every picture I see of her from last night has her making sure that her leg is hanging out of that slit. What a desperate try-hard. 

  • I love Sofia Vergara. Yes, it’s the same type of dress pretty much all the time, but the lady absolutely knows what works for her and she WERKS it. 

    Gretchen Mol’s dress looked really pretty on camera, but it’s not showing up well in that photo. 

    Mary Steenburgen’s dress is a beautiful color and fit. Everybody’s with the older ladies wearing saturated, beautiful color…and all the younger starlets showing up in Granny Panty? 

  • Anonymous

    It’s bad enough that Lea is wearing that dress, but does she have to deliberately stick her leg out of the slit so we can as much of her upper thigh as possible?  As TLo said, “Of course.”  Her desperation must be contagious; Heather Morris is now on a mission to remind American that she too has thighs.  They should both take notes from Emily Blunt–this is how to show some leg (and only leg) without looking absolutely desperate.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome: Emma Stone, Jayma Hayes – both look stunning!! 
    Nice enough: Sofia V, Michelle W, Mary S, Emily Blunt
    Most of the others are very meh.
    Maya R – oh that is just a terrible dress for you!! 
    So over Lea M 
    Jake K -fashion autopsy  -ew! 
    Heather M – you really don’t need to try to out Lea Lea. 
    Angelina’s is not working for me AT all – it really does conjure up plastic trash bags. 

    I do love Judy Greer’s hair. Super cute on her. 

  • Anonymous

    Are cap sleeves in now? Please say that cap sleeves are in now. This is a trend I could wear.

  • Judy_J

    Why doesn’t Lea Michele just walk the red carpet naked and be done with it?

  • Ann

    Lea Michelle needed more commentary than the usual “of course” this time… that slit is horrendous! Just horribly tacky.

    Love Mary Steenburger though… fabulous!

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t the slit on her dresses ALWAYS horrendous and horribly tacky? 

  • I was wondering what Emily Blunt’s dress looked like after seeing the love for it on Twitter last night.  Have to say, I don’t get it.  Feel like I’ve seen that dress a hundred times before, but in different colors.  Seems dated and boring.  Not impressed.

  • Anonymous

    Someone please tell me that the Glee girls (Lea and Heather) will NOT be going to the Oscar’s!  Those girls truly are the cheerleaders of a high school prom.  Quiet dignity all around them and they show up looking as slutty as possible. 

  • Angelina Jolie worries me.  When you elbow is wider than the rest of your arm (and it wasn’t always that way) you have lost way too much weight.  She looks unhealthy.

  • Anonymous

    Mays wins this round, in my opinion. Otherwise, it is all pretty ordinary.

    I’m thinking some of these stars are sandbagging so they can pull out the big guns and wow ’em at the Oscars.

  • Anonymous

    Heather Morris: astoundingly ridiculous dress. (but is that Malcolm McDowell back to the camera?)

    Krakowski looks like a cartoon.
    I still don’t understand (Hyland and Garcia here) ever choosing those sad underwear colors for the RC. Blech.

    • Call me Bee

      While everyone was standing and applauding Dick van Dyke before he spoke about MTM, they had a shot of Malcolm McDowell really yelling at his companion–with hand gestures and everything.  I wonder what that was all about…

    • Anonymous

      Not only is it an astoundingly ridiculous dress, the shoes and hair go with two completely different ensembles.

  • Tim Wong

    Lea Michelle: that looks like something Liz Hurley have worn before… Your Face is too sweet to carry off that sexy sexy look u tend to go for…
    Michelle Williams- is it just me or every time a short hair Blond women in red feels like they are channeling Princess Diana… and always fails miserably????. its not a bad look.. but just Princess Di did it PERFECTLY… and its hard to do red wivout having people get that reference…

  • Call me Bee

    I saw Michele Lea last night on the MTV website–just trying way too hard, chickie.  I was shocked, shocked to see how drawn and drained Angelina J looked–she really needs to eat again.  And–didn’t think her dress was anything special either.   Sopia’s dress looks great in this particular photo, but walking up on stage to collect the best ensamble award–we almost saw both nips on that boob shelf.  Yikes. 
    I vote Emma Stone FTW! 

  • Steenburgen looks amazing. Love the tea length on Emma Stone. Is Michelle Williams gearing up for a Mia Farrow biopic?

  • Anonymous

    who is Missi Pyle ?  is she married to someone ? a Disney star ? a CW singer ?  do I need to watch TV ? she keeps popping up at these Red Carpets…. wait…never mind

    • Anonymous

      She is a fantastic character actress who has appeared tons of movies, including The Parent Trap (with LiLo) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Violet’s mom).

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention my favorite, Galaxy Quest. She was hysterical in that.

      • Anonymous

        Josie & the Pussycats FTW!!  Love, love her 🙂 

      • Anonymous

        I’m afraid you’ve confused Missi Pyle with another actress who resembles her – Elaine Hendrix was in The Parent Trap.

        And I agree – Missi Pyle is a fantastic, funny, actress who’s been working for 15+ yrs and should not be taken for just another girl of the moment.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, you are correct. I mix those two actresses up quite often…

    • Anonymous

      She’s in The Artist. Not a lot of screen time, but brings the funny.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone looks just great.  She is so young but she always looks very comfortable and confident in her clothes.  She always looks like she is in charge of her clothes, not the other way around.

  • lea michele.  ugh.

  • Michelle Williams – like it on the top, HATE the hem and the shoes. Too bad. 
    Penelope Ann Miller looks tacky. REALLY not her hair color. 
    Mary Steenburgen looks FAB
    LOVE Judy Greer’s dress. Detailing I saw on TV was really pretty. Good TV dress. 
    Heather Morris = TACKY. HATE mullet hems
    Angelina didn’t bring it this time. Too bad. 
    I actually really like Emily Blunt’s dress. 

  • Anonymous

    If the slit onLea Michele’s dress were any higher, we’d be seeing boob.

  • MilaXX

    Aimee Garcia – Bland
    Angelina Jolie – What effort? She’s wearing a trash bag & a bangle. This is still her same black dress, with minimal makeup and boring hair.
    Diane Lane – Pretty color, forgettable dress.
    Emily Blunt – Average dress, George Washington hair.
    Emma Stone – Pretty. I think the entire cast of The Help looked great last night.
    Gretchen Mol – Not her dress
    Heather Morris – Also not her dress. Leave this to Rooney Mara. Also I hate the hair/earrings & shoes she paired with it.
    Jane Krakowski – “Eh
    Jayma Mays – WERQ
    Judy Greer – Not a fan of white lace, but this looks good.
    Lea Michele – She has officially entered the “Chile please” and an eyeroll stage
    Mary Steenburgen – She looks great. Awesome color on her.
    Maya Rudolph – This pleats are not doing her any favors.
    Michelle Williams – Not a fan the the hem line, but a good grown up look.
    Missi Pyle – Always dresses for the CMT’s
    Penelope Ann Miller – Does she think she can only wear blue as long as her hair is that color?
    Sarah Hyland – Honey, you;re young, play with color & print.
    Sofia Vergara – Pretty

  • Anonymous

    Lea Michele should just show up in a thong bikini already

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Maya Rudolph’s is the best of those faux shirt-and-blouse dresses that’s been up, but it’s still just kind of an off trend, isn’t it?

    Mary Steenburgen is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I wish you guys were showing the photo of Lea Michele that is up on E! Her pose is even worse and more, of course.

    Hate Angelina. She looks more gaunt than ever.

  • Cathy S

    My favorite is  Emma Stone in the Alexander McQueen. Runner up is Mary Steenburgen who I haven’t seen in forever. She looks fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Hasn’t Emma Stone’s dress been worn by someone else on the red carpet recently?  I wanna say I’ve seen that dress on Fashion Police or something.  If I’m right, then whoever wore it before, I only remember the dress.  With Emma, I remember HER in the dress.  

  • “You CAN wear other colors besides this one, Penelope Ann.”

    You can also wear some SPANX, honey. Or find a dress in the right size – this one is too snug, width-wise.

  • I cannot unsee the skull looking at me through Jane Krakowski’s torso. It’s really creepy!

  • Anonymous

    Note to Lea MIchele: You are not Sofia Vergara. You look like you are playing dress up.

  • Anonymous

    Heather – fumble
    Emily, Emma, Jayma, and Mary – touchdown
    Lea – roughing the viewer, you get a penalty

    (I’m practicing for the superbowl, can you tell? I just couldn’t find a football term for “Stand up Straight!” for Aimee)

  • Anonymous

    Lea Michelle: Hey look at me, remember I’m HOT now! Right? Someone please tell me I look hot. Maybe I should flirt with Ashton Kutcher on twitter some more…

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone look at Jane Krakowski and immediately think of Kate Winslet?

  • Jane Krakowski – All I see is chest hair.  Yikes!

  • Anonymous

    Lea Michele should retire her presence from the RC.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but I can’t hate on Lea. Perhaps it’s because I always wanted, but never had, a great figure – even as a young woman…but if I had a body like Lea or Sofia, I would dress the same way. 

  • It’s not intended to be a slam, and it may just be the hair, but has Mary Steenburgen had work done?

  • Anonymous

    OH NO…Jolie is reverting back to her Morticia Addams look.

  • Penelope Ann’s dress is a bit too 80s for me… Sofia honey, WOW. And Michelle WIlliams could have at least added some accessories?
    Is it me or does Angelina look like she’s wasting away more and more with each appearance?

  • Renee Thomas

    Judy Greer looks adorable!
    (She has Lifetime Love cred from me for being so awesome on Arrested Development.)

  • really? of course is all you are giving leah? i was so excited for you guys to rip her apart on this one!!! 🙁
    and angie looks god awful, her head looks gigantic in that dress that makes her look like a skeleton

    • Go to the gofugyourself and have a huge laugh at their coverage.  Those girls did a hysterically good job.

    • Anonymous

      “Of course” pretty much says it all.

  • Anonymous

    I was looking at these pictures on another website last night, and when I got to Lea Michelle, I started laughing in anticipation of the next day’s “of course.”

  • Anonymous

    Lea Michele looks like she’s just there to show off her recent wax and spray tan. 

    I think Missy Pyle looks lovely, even though the dress is a bit pale for her. But I really like her, so I’m inclined to give her a nod anyway.

    Mary Steenburgen… holy wow! 

  • Anonymous

    Mary Steenburgen looks amaaaaaazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her glammed up before! She normally looks so… frumpy (which I realize is mostly because I see her in roles where she’s a mom/everywoman, but still!)

  • Anonymous

    “she looks like she ripped her dress open in a fit of fury or something.”
    LOL. That is hilarious. 

    Loved Mary Steenburger’s dress.  

  • Joan Roseman

    You know, I think Sofia HAS lost weight lately.  A bunch of it.  Her print ads for Diet Pepsi in that super-attractive French blue dress show off a teensy waist I don’t think was there a couple of months back.  Whatever, that is a color she could definitely war again.  Yummy.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone killed it! I actually like Michelle’s dress though the shoes are clunkers. Mary S. showing ’em how it’s done. Heather Morris and Lea Michele, yes we know you have legs. Ridiculous. 

  • Anonymous

    Angie’s face is starting to look like that guy in the third Indiana Jones movie who chose poorly.

    Emma, you’re cute, and thanks for wearing McQueen.  I hope she takes a break after this awards season, I hate to say it, but I’m getting a bit weary of her.  Same with Vergara. Even the commercials are too much now….

    I love that Heather Morris chooses semi-wacky things from virtually unknown designers. Chutzpah.  That said…no.

    Put it away, Lea.

    I want Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson to be my Aunt and Uncle.

    • Anonymous

      Lol Amy re Jolie! Every time I see her now I’ll be thinking of that scene!

  • Susan Crawford

    I’m going to omit the usual disclaimer that I “have no idea who half these ladies are” and get straight to it. Mary Steenburgen FTW!  The color is perfection, the accessories provide a little color-pop and edge and she looks marvelous. Right on her heels is Va-Va Vergara who looks deelish, as always. Little Miss Twee Michelle Williams is TRYING to get out of the Wendy House, and this was a moderate success. Keep at it, girl!

  • Missy Pyle looks a whole lot like Ava from Justified all done up real purty.

    Mary Steenburgen looks fabulous. IMO Michelle Williams looks terrible. Awful shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Angelina Jolie is showing some effort? I don’t see it, not in the least. That black plastic dropcloth is atrocious — ill fitting, horrid fabric.  Putting on a bracelet and earrings is not much of an effort.  She’s alarmingly thin. The tattoos on her arms only make things worse, if you know what I mean.  Oy.

  • Anonymous

    Angelina looks like Elvira sans the plunging neckline. 

  • Anonymous

    All very ho-hum except Emma in Alexander McQueen.  You better werq girl!

  • I hereby dub thee, Lea “Too Much” Michele.  Of course.

  • margaret meyers

    Is Sarah Hyland the baby Denise Richards gave away at birth?

  • Anonymous

    Really? That black goth thing shows effort on Angelina’s part?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not even interesting enough to be labeled goth! It looks like a liner for a “water feature” in a man made pond.

  • Leah, can we make that slit a little higher now?

  • Anonymous

    I really liked Gretchen Moll’s dress but I knew there was something not quite right – thanks for explaining it!

  • Angie you’re a brilliant tactician but horribly undisciplined

  • Anonymous

    Two words, Krakowski: SKULL TITTIES.

  • Anonymous

    Missi Pyle – terrible name – sounds like an insult.

  • vmcdanie

    Such an interesting mix here. Love some of these: Mary Steenburgen, Judy Greer, Penelope Ann Miller {sorry}, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt.

    You are being too kind on the Maya Rudolph dress. She looks 3 feet tall in that. These is way too much fabric around the hips. Jane Krakowski I’ve pretty much given up hope on.

  • Anonymous

    I remain convinced that Mary Steenburgen has sold her soul to The Devil. Talk about aging both gracefully AND sexily!

  • Allison Woods

    I really liked the Michelle Williams look.

    Emma Stone=Adorbs! Call me!!

  • I’m so sick of Angelina Jolie getting credit for looking horrible! This dress in particular completely hides any shape whatsoever, and is the most dull thing I’ve ever seen. It belongs in 2001, at a trashy suburban wedding.

  • frankystein123

    Seriously, was Lea even wearing panties underneath that dress, because if she was going for the streetwalker look, congrats!

  • frankystein123

    Seriously, was Lea even wearing panties underneath that dress, because if she was going for the streetwalker look, congrats!