RuPaul’s Drag Race: Start Your Engines!

Posted on January 31, 2012

They’re BACK, bitches!

They’re back too.

And that.

Ladies, if we had to guess, we’re thinking this coming season will be the shadiest, bitchiest season of RPDR the world has ever seen. Not very many glamour queens in this crowd, as in past years. Oh, there are a few, but the focus seems to be mainly on the trash-talking types. Which is fine, because what good is a drag queen if she can’t throw some shade around? On the other hand, we think there’s less diversity this time around. A couple comedy queens and genderfuck warriors, but the bulk of the queens seem to be the kind you wouldn’t want yelling at you in a parking lot at 3 am.

There’s a lot of drag queenery to run down for one episode, so let’s get to it.


Chad Michaels

Chad seems almost too nice to be in this crew. On the other hand, she’s got a pretty decent career behind her and professionalism might go a long way with this crowd. The picture’s only just okay. All of them were. These bitches had no idea what they were doing, but that’s what makes it so damn entertaining.


DiDa Ritz

Bless her, she seems to think she’ll be able to get everyone to get along. She can look pretty good when she puts the work in, but she doesn’t have much in the way of polish.


Kenya Michaels

Frankly, we think she’s going to be a major bitch and the super-fishy queens never appealed to us that much. Always gave the impression they were more interested in snagging a boyfriend than being a performer.



Enh. Kinda forgettable.

Sharon Needles

TOTALLY unforgettable. We thought she was hilarious and we love her look.


Jiggly Caliente (Winner)

Jiggly also comes across like quite the shade-throwing bitch, but we also think she’s got what it takes. She’s kind of intense and Ru really likes that. Didn’t think this was the best of the pics, though. In fact, we’re a bit confused as to why it won at all.


Alisa Summers

Feh. A pretty-girl queen. The most boring kind.


The Princess

Seemed sweet, if a little clueless. Sharon Needles is obviously the queen she wants to be when she grows up.


Phi Phi O’Hara

This bitch wouldn’t shut her bitchmouth the whole time; trash talking just about every other queen there with the exception of Ru. We were unimpressed. If you’re gonna run your mouth off, you best bring it to shut bitches like us up.


Lashauwn Beyond



Madame LaQueer



Latrice Royale

Honestly, this bitch should’ve won it. That’s the best picture and the fact that she managed it after falling demonstrates the kind of poise that Miss Ru expects from her girls. Besides, we think she’s hilarious. Very polished in her queenery, but perhaps a bit dated.


We didn’t want to like her, but Willam is freaking hilarious. “You must own a television, then” was the best line of the night (in response to one of the queens saying they recognized her). We just don’t think “I’m the prettiest” is all that funny after the first couple of times.

The zombie drag queen thing was cute, even if the current contestants seemed terribly confused by the whole thing. It was fun picking out previous contestants in the crowd.

Because Miss Ru deserves to have every outfit showcased.

Doesn’t it seem almost impossible that she hasn’t been a guest judge before now? Almost as impossible as the fact that SHE’S SIXTY YEARS OLD, PEOPLE. That simultaneously makes us feel very old and also very committed to aging at least as well as she has. And hey, if it takes a wig and a push-up bra to look this good at 60, sign us up. We’ll make it work somehow.

We couldn’t possibly run down all the catwalk looks in one post, so we’ll stick to winner/loser.

It’s sashay away for Alisa Summers and we don’t disagree even a little.

The outfit was pure crap (literally and figuratively resting entirely on her fake tits) and her behavior during the lip synch was appalling. She might as well just have stood there with a sign that said “I’m too pretty for this.” And honey? You ain’t that pretty. Just sayin’. Carmen Carerra was boring but we couldn’t deny she was gorgeous. You’re just boring.

Condragulations to Sharon Needles! We were shocked that this look won.

We didn’t disagree with it at all, but we were surprised Ru liked it as much as she did, since she does tend to favor glamour queens over the edgier ones. We’re half-wondering if all the decisions last night weren’t responses to previous criticisms about Ru’s decisions, because the fat girl won the photo challenge, the pretty girl went home, and the confusing, off-putting genderfuck queen got the big win. Those are pretty much exactly the opposite decisions one would expect, given the show’s history of always promoting the glamour queens and fishy girls over everyone else. Interesting.



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  • Emily Guillory

    LOVED Sharon Needles.

    • Anonymous

      Sharon Needles= Awesome! Also, I’m coining a term. “Mindfuck Queen”. Registered by Joseph Lamour 2012™.

    • Anonymous

       I’m ecstatic that Sharon Needles is getting so much love. Pittsburgh Queen for the win, y’all. [hometown drag queen pride is so much better than hometown football team pride]

  • Anonymous

    I feel it’s not quite right to call Sharon Needles a genderfuck queen. The Princess, sure, but Sharon needs another term entirely that encapsulates her uniqueness.

    May I suggest what-the-fuck queen, instead?

    • After watching her videos on YouTube, I think Sharon’s a performance artist who is most comfortable in the punk/horror/gothic vein.  If Sharon is like any past contestant, she’s a rougher, edgier, more punk Tammie Brown.  And that’s why I’ve loved her since her intro video.  Tammie was on the wrong season, but a few seasons down the road and her performing style would have been more appreciated.

      • Anonymous

        I see what you mean, she’s probably more character driven, like Tammie, although her look reminds me of Nina Flowers.

      • Anonymous

        I think there is something quite punk to what Tammie Brown does, in her own way.

        But yes, their emphasis on character and performance is quite similar, and like Tammie, despite the fact that Ru obviously has a lot of respect for her kind of drag it seems unlikely that she’ll be able to go far in the competition. This was Sharon’s challenge — I doubt something quite so in her wheelhouse will come up again.

        • Definitely, but I think Tammie fell more on the side of intellectual/avant garde.  Sharon’s rougher and more confrontational with her character.  Where Tammie performs “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” in full safari guide drag, Sharon stages a human centipede.  (Both are true, by the way.)

          But Sharon can do “pretty.”  It’s always going to be a bit off-putting, but I’ve seen enough of her drag looks off the show to know that she’s not a one-trick pony.  I don’t know if it can take her all the way to the win because it’s still off the beaten path, but I think she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve.  Especially when I read that Sharon’s boyfriend is Alaska Thvnderfvck, whose own audition video was weird, hilarious and somewhat off-putting.

          • And so far, I think that like Raja, her execution seems elevated enough to pull shit off that others might not get away with.

          • Melissa Snyder

            Sharon could give Raja some desperately needed “Execution 101” lessons.

      • In a way there were too many distinctive freak queens in Tammie’s season. She had Nina AND Ongina to compete with. And she was not very interested in pushing herself beyond her usual aesthetic, which seemed like a perfectly respectable choice the way she played it, but it isn’t necessarily the best strategy for making it far in this particular competition. Have you seen any of her interview videos with Damiana Garcia? They are fucking hilarious together. And I love the rock and roll Boca Raton retiree at the casino look she has been rocking of late.

    • nah.. Sharon Needles is the Housewife of Silent Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have yet to see the episode so I had to do a quick scrolldown…but, NYMag has a little blurb on the inspiration behind the shoot from McQueen’s Runway

    • Anonymous

      YES, I was about to bring this up, thank you! I was watching this with a friend (who, incidentally, went to the Savage Beauty exhibit with me) and she kept complaining about the ugly white dresses and I experienced a sublime moment of fashion one-upsmanship.

  • Anonymous

    I think you could have managed to recap all the runway looks *pout*

    • There’ll be another post on this episode.

      • Anonymous


    • They will, just not all in this post. Quality over quantity, dude – it’s always been the TLo way. 

      • Bless.

        • Anonymous

          If it was all in one post, what would I look forward to all week?

        • It’s a little pathetically fangirlish how much this one-word comment made my day. 

    • Anonymous

      Dude, seriously! Calm down, all this bitchery takes time and hard work!

  • Kristy Evans

    I have been waiting for this all day! I am totally in love with Sharon Needles – she is adorable and I love her freaky brand of drag. I hope she gets really far.

  • Anonymous

    I caught the last 45 minutes of the show and the untucked. You aint kidding when you sad this will be the bitchiest. The Phi Phi needs to be gagged regularly. She was being a bitch just for bitch’s sake. Willam may not be the most likable but I respect her honesty and candor especially when she says she’s on the show to get validation

    • Anonymous

      I saw about the same amount too and I have mixed feelings about Willam: I could see her namedropping being hella annoying, but liked her unapologetic desire for anointing. (These other bithces are fooling themselves maybe but none of us — I mean, c’MON, it’s 100% RuPaul’s show! The only way to advance is for her to give the nod; how can you say you don’t need her approval??!!). And I LOVED her beautifully deadpan (and probably previously deployed) “Your tone seems a little pointed right now” response to being screamed at.  Will be stealing that in the future!

      • I think she is witty as fuck and hilarious and gives great television, but I did not like her look as much as I expected I would after her intro video (her makeup especially), and I think I sided with Phi Phi a little more in that Untucked fight (altho really, who knows, with the editing, and how self-consciously performative this group of queens is), just because I was annoyed by Willam’s elitism and lack of appreciation for the hard work that nightclub performers do. I kinda wanted somebody to be like, Oh yeah, bitch? You can act? Well a bar queen choreographs their own routines, puts together their own looks, has to hold the attention of a fickle crowd, is a DIY performance artist and visual artist, and what do you do? Show up for hair and makeup and get handed a script so you can totter around in heels on the cobblestones in the Meatpacking district and shout at Kim Cattrall?

    • Melissa Snyder

      Maybeit’s just the editing, but what I liked about this Untucked compared to last season is that it seemed like the arguments were more about stress and emotions running high than they were about fundamental philosophical differences and personal animosity.

  • wasn’t sharon needles in the season 5 drag episode of project runway? 

    • I think you’re thinking of Acid Betty?

    • Jordan Brodley

      That’s a different queen, who’s been working for years in New York and is pretty famous, and she also happens to be friends with Lady Bunny and RuPaul. I’m shocked they let her in with that name in tact.

      • Yes, and there was also a pretty successful (I think) derby girl with the name Sharon Needles.

      • Anonymous

        Is there not a government agency in charge of registering drag queen names to prevent problems like this arising?

    • Yup. Leanne designed for her.

  • Loretta Pontillo

    I started to like Willam almost against my will! I think that some of his initial bitchiness was a sort of nervousness, but then he seemed a bit more honest in Untucked. Of course, that might just be an act, too. The Princess didn’t impress me in any of her looks but I love the way she came up to Sharon Needles to say that she got the whole genderfuck thing, I liked that. 

    • Anonymous

      There’s a little Pandora Boxx quality in there that i find sorta cute!

    • Anonymous

      I kinda think Willam is a see-you-next Tuesday. 

    • And to more or less overtly hit on her by comparing her to a meth addict, that was AMAZING. I can definitely see enjoying having her around up to the midpoint.

  • Anonymous

    Why do so many drag performers use the last name “Michaels”? I knew a couple here back in the ’90s who used that surname- and no, the boy names were not Michael!

    • O Superman

      Chad Michaels is Morgan McMichael’s drag mother; queens often take the last name of their drag mom, so it’s possible the queens you knew where part of the same Michaels family.

  • r0ckmypants

    TOTALLY agree that Latrice should have won the photo challenge. Jiggly’s was unmemorable, as were almost everyone else’s… except for Latrice. That photo is friggin’ great.

    And as much as I wanted to kick Sharon Needles in the face when she was out of drag (she’s basically a “squee”-ing tween) and chop off her David Bowie hair, she was pretty awesome on the runway. I had dreams about Nosferatu last night, thanks bitch.

  • MilaXX

    I am so happy Alisa and her fake tits went home. You KNOW she would have been pulling those things out every chance she could. Sharon  Needles witchy poo walk in look was kinda fug, but she brought it for the runway challenge. No favorites just yet, but  Didi reminds me of season 1 Akasha, and both Phi Phi & Jiggy need to shut up.

  • Lorena Duarte

    THANK YOU T & L for blogging RPDR again!  I’m currently living in South Africa and can’t watch or download it here … so I’ll just have to rely on you for my weekly dose of drama queenery, backstabbing bitchery and shade!  Thanks boys!

    • Anonymous

      You should be able to download on iTunes, though it costs $ as always.

  • Anonymous

    I love that in Latrice’s picture you can totally see the pit crew guy’s hand still spraying her. And the back of the studio beyond the actual photo set.  Love Sharon Needles’ look too, but it will be interesting to see how versatile she is.

  • Jasmine Moten

    I thought Dennis Rodman made a guest appearance when I saw the thumbnail. I missed the episode so I had no clue.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    We don’t have this show in Norway yet, but I can tell, I already love Sharon.  Fabulous. 

    • Anonymous

      Does watching it on the Logo website work there? They have full episodes up for free.

      • They don’t have streaming for it on the Logo website if you’re outside the US. I should know – I have tried mercilessly for a while.

        • If you’ve got Firefox there’s an extension called modify headers which allows you to trick the internet into thinking that you’re in the US. Pro-tip!

          • THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are an absolute angel. 

  • Anonymous

    Still feeling out all the queens (so to speak), but I’m already a fan of Latrice–she’s this season’s queen mother. Yes, her look is a little dated, and she’s got that natural Effie White quality that makes me want to root for her. She also looks like the kind of queen who would beat your ass like you owe her money if you crossed her.

    Sharon Needles is the one I’m surprised to like–I’m not into scary drag, but she werqs it. Will Space Am is already boring me. Kenya is the cutest pocket queen I ever did see, but she doesn’t seem like she’s going to last long, and although I love me some Jiggly, her inability to sew (coupled with her whining) will probably get her booted before too long as well.
    THANK YOU for blogging this season!! Makes an awesome show even awesomer.

    • MilaXX

      My issue with Jiggy isn’t that she can’t sew, it’s that she can’t make it work. Sharon supposedly can’t sew either, but her outfit was a complete look. Jiggy can talk about getting her clothes made when she wins all she wants, but the truth is, if you can’t look right working that runway, you aren’t going to last that long.

      • Loretta Pontillo

        I will say though that her (Jiggly’s) LSFYL was pretty great. I mean, nothing to top Manila’s famous McArthur Park (because nothing ever will), but she threw herself into it in a way that a lot of queens seem not able to. Standing around and posing isn’t dancing and it isn’t entertaining. 

      • It surprises me that you wouldn’t bone up on your sewing in advance of going on here — much like the PR designers who are lacking in really basic skills, like designing for someone who isn’t a model.

        • Right?? This show is on its fourth season. Without fail, every single one asks the queens to construct their own costume, often (if not always?) out of unconventional materials. I’m sure all of them have watched the show, so they have absolutely no excuse to be caught off guard. They aren’t trying out for PR, sure, but they should be able to do the most basic of construction (by hand).

  • Anonymous

    Shangela stunt was REALLY weird.

    • I know, right?! WTF was the point of that?

      • Anonymous

        Running joke?

    • Anonymous

      YES! Bringing her back at all was some BS. Thank Cher she wasn’t on the show this season for real.

      • Anonymous

        Thank Cher you said “Thank Cher.”  Hilarious.

    • Donald Wannagat

      I thought her entry into the workroom was slightly funny, but it was her ending on the ground at that motel with the other zombie queens closing in on her that was inspired. I thought that was one of the funniest moments I’ve ever seen on the show.

    • Sam

      Dear RuPaul,

      Stop trying to make Shangela happen

      • i actually like shangela, but i saw her act on an episode of terriers before i saw rupauls drag race. so far, ive only seen the third season (her second season i guess?), so it took me a while to catch up on what was going on. but she was fantastic on terriers, she was both in drag and male in the show, and i really liked her. also saw her on an episode of toddlers and tiaras of all things, where she was pretty cool, too.

      • I think she already has, for better or worse.

  • Mariah J

    I totally agreed with the decision but was a little surprised as well that Sharon Needles won…probably because none of the glamour queens really brought it which would be kind of difficult for an apocalypse dress. I was hoping Chad Michaels would get a critique because she was serving pure Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil 3 and I wanted someone to call her out. I wonder if she has anything else in her trick bag besides impersonations.

    • Honestly, I thought Chad Michaels had the best getup from an apocalypse-fashion standpoint. I suppose drag runway also expects the theatrical aspect, but she looked great IMO.

    • Milan’s was my favorite of the glamorous looks, I thought it deserved more praise. Certainly more than the Princess or LaShauwn — I mean were those really supposed to be second and third place??? I’ve always been really confused by the way they play the “best and worst” thing.

  • Brody Price

    Clearly Mike Ruiz couldn’t be bothered to put together a real photo shoot. I’m don’t even think he got up out of his chair to snap a picture. He phoned it in, and that’s why the photos looked like a crappy halloween party setup.

    • I was irritated with his comment about one queen, “She keeps giving me comedy face when I want high fashion.”

      High fashion?  On THAT set?  Maybe next time then don’t give them paper towel dresses, spin them around while getting squirted with neon puffy paint and photoshop in a 14 year old’s AWESOME LIGHTNING desktop.  It was more high fashion when Barbie did it 20 years ago

  • Anonymous

    instantly disliked Alisha when talking about what a big inconvenience his DUI was … “it almost ruined my life…” No, you almost ruined your life with a mistake. I’m not trying to be a prig — everyone makes poor choices sometimes … but man, I was happy to see that brat go first.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the contrast with Latrice was fascinating. Latrice talked about going to jail and how horrible it was (especially missing his mother’s funeral), but who owned up to making mistakes that got him there. Alisha just bemoaned how horrible it was he didn’t have a car after a DUI.

    • I’m fine with being a prig about DUIs — and it is not for lacking of personal experience, more than half the guys in my life have one.  But seriously, at 15 I knew enough to set up a DD when I was going to be partying and so did all of my friends — how to grown men and women not get that?!?

    • Anonymous

      I and two friends barely missed getting mauled/killed by a drunk driver in a pickup truck a couple of years ago, so as a rule I’m severely unsympathetic on DUIs.  Having said that, my heart sank when Alisa said she was in drag when the cop arrested her – I don’t mean to get political but law enforcement has been known to be unkind to non-gender-conforming folk. I have no doubt the ordeal was humiliating.

  • Anonymous

    Loved that Latrice didn’t stop posing even after she fell. THAT is a true performer. Bitch should have won it.
    It seems impossible that Elvira is 60. Her face doesn’t seem to have changed at all since the 1980s. It ain’t fair. She’s awesome, though. Nothing but love.

  • Who was the queen that couldn’t say ‘apocalyptic’ right? That word was butchered beyond recognition multiple times by her.

  • Anonymous

    what does alisa summers’ costume have to do with a zombie?  i don’t get haven’t seen this yet as i’m away from my tv (i miss you darling), but i can’t wait.  have to see if they have it on line.

  • Stephan D

    Ru was punk rock before she became a glamour queen, so I’m not surprised + Sharon deserved the win.

  • Anonymous

    Drag in the real-world is all about entertainment value. Someone who looks pretty but brings nothing else substantial isn’t going to hold an audience’s attention while they lip-synch and frollick about the stage. Sharon Needles is entertaining AND interesting to look at.

    I hope Chad Michaels does well, because a lot of people don’t understand that a huge part of drag history and culture is based around character illusion and impersonation. The other really strong illusionist featured on RPDR was Shannel from season 1. If you go to her website, her Batgirl, Disney villain, and celebrity looks (such as Lucille Ball) are to DIE FOR.

  • W A

    Not a mention of the Alexander McQueen sendup?

    • Yes! I was astonished that there was no reference during the show to the fact that Mike Ruiz was entirely ripping off that concept. Even the dress silhouette was pretty much exactly the same.

  • Anonymous

    Yay! So happy you guys are doing this show again!!!

  • Donald Wannagat

    Sorry…this is Mary, not Donald. Used wrong ID. LOL

  • Anonymous

    I love Sharon Needles already.  I loved her when you guys originally had just their pictures…and that bitch is bringing the hard-core here.  I may have to tune in if it looks like she’s a contender!

    • Anonymous

      I love how sarcastic she was. I’m rooting for her!

  • Anonymous

    When Ru walked out in that red dress, it took my breath away.

  • dang it…i don’t get logo and it doesn’t seem like vh1 is airing this season 🙁 i wanted to see sharon, she’s a pittsburgh girl 🙂

    • has all the episodes for free… just saying…

    • Anonymous

       you can watch it on the logo website, that’s where I watched it.

      • thanks guys…i know that but my teenage daughter and i like to curl up on the sofa and know, normal mother/daughter bonding time LOL. it’s a little harder to do in front of the computer

  • Anonymous

    What’s a “fishy queen?”

    • Anonymous

      A queen who goes for female realness in her drag (an extreme example: Carmen Carerra from last season). I’m still feeling out the contestants, but it seems like most of them are that type this season.

  • Margaret Maley

    I am so over the tinted contacts — they just creep me out. 

    • I don’t mind them for rare uses, but some girls don’t know when NOT to use them. Same thing with the huge breastplates.

      No “” this year??

    • they usually do me, too, but they seemed to actually fit this challenge

    • I just can’t avoid hearing a friend of mine who is an eye doctor every time I see them — “Those are so bad for your eyes!”  “Why would you do that?  Do you want to have severe eye disorders?!?”  I made the mistake of asking her about regular tinted lens once and I thought her head was going to explode.

  • Jill Roberts

    Soooo happy you guys are covering RPDR!  I wish the first half of the race wasn’t always about winnowing out the weak girls.  Also, you have to be *fairly* smart to get far in the competition, which means it’s pretty easy to tell who is going home early.  I think Jiggly Caliente is the cutest thing ever, but she might be a little too naive to get to the final three.  There’s something off about William, but he’s funny and I hope he’s around for a while.  Sharon Needles is the good kind of different, and she’s going to be fun to watch.  I wish there had been more time for the zombies of the Rupocalypse!

    • I find it hard to believe she’d get all those past contestants together for just that one gag- there’s probably a music video in the works.

      • I think that all the ones who appeared live permanently in LA and maintain fairly regular contact at this point with World of Wonder productions. But one does hope we will get to see more footage. I like that the show is honoring its history and giving us some fan service and not trying to like, court new fans at the expense of folks who watched the first three seasons.

        • Agreed. Not only that, but the drag queen community seems to be very small. Every season there’s queens that know each other pre-RPDR. That never really happens on PR or any other reality show…

  • Anonymous

    I adore Latrice. Anyone who walks into a room and yells “EAT IT!” is gonna get my vote. I want to know him. 

    • Pinup Ghoul

      Any queen that can own her deep bass voice and make it WERQ has my vote. Tyra Sanchez, I hope you’re taking notes!

  • Sigh. Each new season makes me miss my Season 1 girls even more.

    • I hope we get an all stars season eventually, I’d love to see Ongina, Nina and Bebe with the benefit of the more recent seasons’ production values.

  • spooki C

    Can’t wait to sit down and watch this episode… so excited! ELVIRAAAAAAAAA YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS

    Also, Needles is fucking hot.

  • Anonymous

    Sharon Needles embodied what this challenge was about. If anyone else had won it would have been a shame.

  • Sam

    I don’t get all the love for the bitchy girls yet. I just watched the episode, and their comments were bitchy, but not that witty. There’s a difference between bitchy cheerleaders and bitchy gay boys, and all I saw in this episode was cheerleaders.
    And the judges jokes during the runway part was unbearable. I’m sure they dub those in later, you’d think they could think of something funnier, or at least hire a decent writer.
    Not shocked the girl who relied on her boobs went home, Ru seems to hate those breastplates.

    • He may hate them but he was advertising them last year-  I think the problem was that that so many of the contestants were wearing them and relying on them too much.

  • Anonymous

    Woot ! I must watch.

  • I am so sad no one went full out Tina Turner Thunderdome.

  • Anonymous

    I may be SHALLOW & way TOO GAY, but this is my favorite show ever. 
    I pretty much love every thing about it & have since day one.
    I have loads of fun watching it.
    The Queens from Season One kinda stole my heart so I tend to compare everyone to them. 
    But many worthy GERLS have shown themselves since.
    The first episode (like with most of these type shows) has almost too many contestants to keep them all straight (so to speak).
    And here we even have twice as many since we’re meeting the queen AND the “boy” at the bottom of it.
    So it usually takes me a few weeks to see who grows on me.
    MS> NEEDLES doesn’t need to grow on me I love her already. 
    I mean, come on, she puked blood on herself during her runway.  What more could one want?
    I forgot how much I missed the Pit Crew.  Oh Daddy.  And the basket shots were a nice new touch.
    Loved Elvira.  She looks so good (even out of Drag) gives me hope.
    I think the Judges are nearly always fun on Drag Race and they seem to be having a blast.
    I also loved the Shangela fakeout.  And then the zombies eating her as she screamed halleloo!
    I also watch Untucked & it was fun watching as they veiwed their pics.  And Ru spying on them.
    I’ll be there every Monday night Ru!  And here every Tuesday Night Tom & Lorenzo!

  • Anonymous

    I think Ru’s preference has changed in the past few years. Raja could never quite shake that “man in a dress”, vibe won the whole thing last season. I’ll admit, I just don’t *get* Sharon Needles… I prefer the funnier, prettier queens.

    • how is she not funny, tho, I think she’s like gut-splitting

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps “sillier” would have been a better word. I was rooting for Manila last season.

  • Anonymous

    I am soooo over the breastplate thing so I was very pleased when Alisa had to sashay away.

  • Perhaps Raja’s win last season showed Ru that there’s a big, big audience for weirdness, and big, big controversy over picking weirdness. When people both love and hate what you’re doing, you know you’re doing something right!

  • Anonymous

    Kind of Gothic (as opposed to goth).  Which makes her a version of glam.

  • Anonymous

    Loved it!! So happy it’s back on TV!
    This was Sharon Needles’ challenge, almost tailored for her to do great in it. Fun humor and I’m curious to see how she handles other challenges!
    Loved Latrice, Willam, and Jiggly, too! So many hilarious queens this season.
    Phi Phi is quite the bitch and seems pretty defensive. Curious to see how Willam angers folks with her sassiness!

  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be Elvira. I asked my mom who she was and she said “Dracula’s wife.” That’s all it took. I totally adore her. And she still looks amazing. 

  • I love Sharon Needles so much! I want to be her when I grow up too. As for Alisa Summers, she was way prettier out of drag. I didn’t even manage to understand which two looks were her until this rundown, to be honest. But out of drag? I wanted to tie that bitch up (and gag her to make her SHUT THE FUCK UP, god!) and then do insanely disgusting things to her. I was sad that she was going home for like .5 seconds, but Jiggly definitely deserved to stay.

  • Anonymous

    I guffawed when Jiggly compared herself to Beyoncé in the lounge. WTF are they putting in those drinks?

  • I want Sharon Needles to take the whole thing. I LOVE HER! OMG! I want to BE her!

  • Melissa Snyder

    “…the super-fishy queens never appealed to us that much. Always gave the impression they were more interested in snagging a boyfriend than being a performer.”

    Being super-fishy IS a performance, even for those of us born with a vagina. That’s one of the reaons girls love drag queens so much; they understand the fact that so much of “femininity” is something we perform.

  • vmcdanie

    AHHHH. I have so much to say!

    First, the Shangela cameo was Ru’s way of giving us the bird, right? “It’s my show, I do it my way. Everyone hates Michelle Visage-I don’t care. Eat it.” But she does seem to listen to criticism, too. Sharon winning last night erased any lingering bitterness over Tyra’s win (Least.Interesting.Queen.Ever.) I loved Sharon, although clearly not as much as The Princess.

    Also, is it a coincidence only one queen featured a breast plate and that’s the queen who went home? She at least had a fascinating back story. Being arrested in full drag? Now that’s an unbeatable ice-breaker anecdote.

    Jiggly lip-synced her ass off and she’s cute but that picture was so utterly forgettable. WTF?

    I wrote DiDa off when I saw that horrible blonde wig and makeup but then she turned around and won my heart by telling those bitches that they didn’t need to wear their bitch pants on day one.

    Pretty sure I will I will hate PhiPhi and love Latrice (SO robbed on the photo challenge.)

    Lashauwn ‘s pronunciation of “apocalyptic” made her unforgettable to me.

    Goddamn, I love those stills of Sharon Needles.

    Look at Elvira’s flawless skin. We’re all thinking pact with Satan, yes?

  • I don’t know if I could handle RPDR All-Stars. I think the fabulousness would cause my head to explode.

  • Anonymous

    Yay, my favourite recaps are back! I can’t wait for this whole season of shadiness and hilariousness to unfold, paired with your witty commentary. Priceless! Tell it like it is, bitches!
    I, too, feel Miss Ru is taking a different direction with the judging this time around and I ain’t complaining. “Muppet titties” had to go

  • Anonymous

    I usually agree with you all TLO but have you watched the last couple seasons? Raja did nearly the same thing with a bloody mess look. Raven made it far with a severe look…I get mad when they complain about the breast plates…..have these judges been to a drag show in the 8 years, because that is what you are going to see…

  • Any bitch that shows up with a breastplate after last season and all the flack that Alexis got deserves to go home just for that alone. The second they showed those titties in the workroom I knew she was toast. I don’t know that I agree that Rupaul is that against the genderfuckers. I mean, one won last season. I think Sharon will have to face the costume vs. drag again.

    I LOVE Willam. Last week she made me roar = “When I audition for things, I get them” Hysterical.

  • Anonymous

    EVER so happy that the Drag Race is baaaaack and that TLo are blogging it! I am so glad that those horrid muppet boobs went home – I hate those damned things so much. I find Willam to be incredibly stupid — not funny at all. Just a real dumb bunny and slightly socially retarded. As much as I love this show, it does make me sad that these girls are so bad at communicating that they degenerate into verbal warfare at the drop of a (maribou) feather. Some of them are a poster boy for Why You Should Stay In School, Yo. Of course it also speaks to our need to make school a safer environment for queer boys.

    THAT said, YAY for Sharon Needles! And for Jiggly’s “LSFYL,” which had me cheering. Take THAT, jerks who say that life is too short to dance with fat girls! She was fantastic. I have no idea how she won the photo contest but whatever. This is going to be a fun season.

  • Anonymous

    Loved Sharon Needles, but Milan just safe? Her Post-Apocalyptic outfit KILLED IT, I thought.