Rooney Mara in Dion Lee and Valentino

Posted on January 10, 2012

The Audreybot continues her rampage across Europe, turning her cold robot eyes toward Italy. Once again, she switches back and forth between “pretty princess” and “Blade Runner extra.”


Rooney Mara attends the “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Photocall in Rome in Dion Lee.

Dion Lee Fall 2012 Collection

She really seems to like cutouts at the hip or stomach, which are easily the very worst places to have a cutout for most women. She can handle them here, but the dress is a bit too heavy-looking. From far away she’s fine, because black looks so dramatic on her right now, but you get in close and the impression is that of a blacksmith’s apron rather than a dress. Striking, but not our favorite look from her.

But wait. There’s more! If you act now, you can get a SECOND Rooney Mara wearing something far more conventional!


Rooney Mara attends the premiere of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” in Rome in Valentino.

Valentino Spring 2012 Collection

Her look right now is so stark and unusual that a fairly traditional red Valentino gown winds up looking edgy on her. What really sells this look is her absolutely stunning makeup. This may be the best face she’s worn during this entire pole-dancing exercise. The dress is very pretty on her and again, her coloring and severe look really makes that red sing in a way it wouldn’t on a non-Audreybot. Think about it: red and black are two of the most common red carpet colors and she’s making them look distinct simply through the power of styling and attitude.


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  • Anonymous

    Honestly, at this point I’m hoping she gets an Oscar nomination mainly because I want to see what she’d wear.  As it is, she’s the actress whose Golden Globe appearance this Sunday has the potential to be most interesting.  What’s weird is she grew up BFFs with my younger sister, and it’s absolutely surreal to see her all dolled up like this when I remember her all fresh-faced at my sis’ bat mitzvah a dozen years ago.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    The first look, erm, not so much.  The second look?   That is a BRAVAROONEY!

  • Christin Pardy-Nosenchuk

    what does this girl have against jewelry?

  • Anonymous

    I hate red lace and I hate those bangs, but I love her edgy style.  She looks beautiful in both outfits.

  • MilaXX

    I don’t mind the Blade Runner dress but I dislike the headband. I think the red color is good on her and her makeup is indeed really, really nice, but the cut of this dress, coupled with her hair looks a little fancy sister wife to me.

  • erin l.

    Oh my god her makeup looks amazing in that Valentino. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes but in this case I think she should have swept the bangs to the side like she sometimes does. Then the look would be 100% perfection.

      • Anonymous

        I like ’em where they are, personally, but that’s what makes horse races.

  • Megan

    Hate the first dress, like the second. It really is crazy how quickly/easily she can go between Audrey look-a-like and robogirl. 

  • Anonymous

    If that’s the difference between good make-up and poor make-up, I had better get a lesson.  Her face is amazing in that second look.

    • Anonymous

      The transformative power of makeup (and hair) cannot be overestimated. This is why I don’t understand women who don’t wear makeup, and feel a little sorry for men. Why would you give up that advantage?

      • Alisa Rivera

        In the morning, I have to get myself to work and my son to school, plus fit in a workout and some writing time. I do wear lipstick but anything else isn’t happening, at least until the kid can reliably dress and feed himself. 

        • Anonymous

          Oh, I can certainly understand that – but you DO wear lipstick. I guess I should have said ‘…women who don’t wear ANY makeup…’. I get that the full-face look is not for everyone, at least not for every day..

          • Nicole Hoene

            I’m an 18 year old and never wear make up unless it’s for an important occasion/some sort of dress up day. I want a guy who will like me for my personality and not solely because I look pretty. 

          • Anonymous

            Wearing makeup does not automatically overrule a girl’s personality. I think it is great that you are comfortable without makeup, but not every woman wears it to impress men. I actually find I get hit on more when I don’t wear anything, but I feel more put together when I have a little color on my face (since I have Ms. Mara’s coloring).

        • Shannon Stewart

          You know, if you switch to a tinted moisturizer, it doesn’t add any time to getting ready.  And that, a quick rub of blush, mascara and a lipgloss looks completely put together in under 3 minutes.-

          Though I totally understand not doing it as well — I have very striking eyes that I hide behind glasses 99% of the time.  (In fact, a friend of my husband’s, who I have known for a decade, just saw me in contacts for the first time a couple weeks ago:)  Contacts bug my dry eye, so I only wear them if I want the extra eye make-up options.

          • Anonymous

            Madeline Albright said once that she liked wearing makeup since during long negotiations she could reapply it during breaks and look fresher and less worn out than the other negotiators.  

            I like wearing makeup; putting it on is a drag but it makes me feel more put together.

  • foodycat

    I had a dress very similar to the red one when I was about 4, although mine had white ruffles at the neck and sleeves.

  • Gus Casals

    The Dion Lee looks like a movie costume. A sci-fi costume. She looks robotic enough already to look like a sub-par Blade Runner replicant.
    The Valentino on other person would be a yawn, but the contrast between here severe look and the romantic dress is a winner. 

    • foodycat

      I am seeing it more as Carrie Moss in the Matrix, rather than Blade Runner.

      • Anonymous

        Ooh, good call!

  • Anonymous

    Dion Lee – hideous.  Valentino – stunning.  As it should be.

  • Judy_J

    Not crazy about the black dress, but I LOVE that red gown on her!

  • Anonymous

    Stunning! I don’t get tired of seeing her on the red carpet :-) 

  • Anonymous

    Stunning! I don’t get tired of seeing her on the red carpet :-) 

  • Anonymous

    She should invite whoever did her makeup in the second photo to live with her. Forever. Just beautiful.

  • Brad and Anne White

    Her posture is too demure in the black Lee getup; she’s not working it. But the Valentino is divine!!

    • Anonymous

      I think she looks more embarrassed than demure. Either way she is definitely not working it.

      • Anonymous

        I thought so too re: embarrassed at first (i.e., a few weeks ago), but she seems to consistently stand this way (down to the hands). So if she’s embarrassed, it’s not about the look.

  • Anonymous

    Everything is perfect in the second photo. I think she could wear her hair any possible way that she could (spiked, swept, as is) and it’d work. This is making the back of my too-long follicles start to itch for a haircut.
    The makeup is absolutely perfect. Dress is just lovely. I love the sleeves.

  • Sara Munoz

    The first look totally suits her persona. But is it just me, or does it look like she is tired of that persona? Or maybe she’s just had enough in general. Rooney deserves a break.

    • Amelia Logan

      If you look at her on old red carpets a year ago everything she wore was ruffled, chiffon, and colorless. It’s so weird to see her in black leather. I’m really confused about what her “persona” is, and i think she might be too.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of bummed her bangs are starting to grow in.  There was something so striking about the severe fringe she was sporting weeks back.  Juxtaposed against the sweetness of her face, it created something magical. 

  • MinAgain

    And, in her later years, Audrey wore a lot of statement making red.  Well done, Audreybot!

  • RzYoung

    I love both looks, absolutely stunning, I love leather though however it’s deployed. INnnnn

  • Anonymous

    The first dress reminds me of the “Leatherman” skit on SNL with Jimmy Fallon and Brittney Spears.

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with a cuff or ring or something?  I think she is a beautiful girl but honey, those look A looks are getting tired even for me.

  • korilian

    Far be it for me  to complain about seeing Mara featured again, but still no Hiddles and Cumberbatch on the red carpet? I need me some men!

  • Kyle Crawford

    wow… same wave length here, a pure Reagan RED VALENTINO gown looking most fresh and edgy/new.  This is one of the very best red carpet looks we have seen in a while. Ms. Mara kicking some Valentino model butt……

  •árez/100002964685796 Josefina Madariaga Suárez

    Girl is a chameleon! Between the recent public appearances, her role in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and her role in “The Social Network”, she can go from cute to hard-edge and, in between, to androgynous doll.

    I haven’t felt so impressed by someone’s personal style since Evan Rachel Wood woke up one day and decided to shoot to fierce every time there was a camera pointing at her.

  • Euphory

    I’m just wondering; why are they making the exact same movie now when there is a movie already made in 2009?

    • Anonymous

      The Swedish version was actually a TV miniseries that was edited into 3 movies. I’m thinking they re-made it as a vehicle for Daniel Craig. Not to mention that it was lovely to see Christopher Plummer.

    • Sara Munoz

      Because most Americans don’t want to read subtitles. 

  • Bitsy Carver

    I’m carefully tracking the growth of her bangs.

  • Anonymous

    The second look is absolutely amazing. On any other woman above 16, this would’ve looked strangely childlike, but on her it’s exquisitely unusual. You IMAN that shit, Audreybot!

  • Anonymous

    She totally rocks both looks, but that red is spectacular. She gives good carpet.

  • aarthi anantharaman

    For some reason, she reminds me of Kate Middleton, especially in the Valentino.

  • aimee_parrott

    Wow, she looks phenomenal in the Valentino, but the very first thought I had was about her eye makeup, not the dress.  The makeup is perfect for her, it adds just enough drama.

    Not a big fan of the first dress, but I still think she’s working it.  I agree with sarahofalessergod, I hope she gets nominated for an Oscar because, well, it *was* a terrific performance, but also, I think she has the potential to be one of the most interesting red carpet walkers of the night.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    She sure knows how to have fun with the clothes. I love both the choices although I can’t believe I am saying that I like the Valentino. But you’re right..on her it looks edgy.

  • Anonymous

    Is Pat McGrath still doing her makeup? The woman is a GENIUS! Bow down.

  • Anonymous

    Shortening the sleeves on the Valentino dress made a HUGE difference–taking it from bridal party to edgy red carpet wear.

  • Molly FitzMaurice
  • Anonymous

    She is one of the few women that can pull off that first dress as it really calls for a preteen body (see the model).  LUV the Valentino on her.  She does make it look very edgy and not uber-bridesmaid.

  • Connie B. Verzak

    AUUUUGH The 80s are back. I can’t.

  • Anonymous

    She has an amazing look and style.  I love the way she switches things up yet manages to stay true to herself.  She is the focus…not the clothes.

  • CQAussie

    I think Rooney is my new fave red carpet celeb =D  

  • ecallaw

    I wish she had kept the belt on the red dress, and I wish the first dress fit her better.  Several of her dresses look like they need to be taken in.

    • Anonymous

      but it does give her a bit of the waif trying on big girl clothes.  a waif who’s possessed. 

  • Rebecca Johnson

    Still the most interesting woman to walk the carpet these days. I really loathe the shoes she paired with the leather dress, and I would’ve kept the belt on the Valentino – it looks a little billowy and droopy at the waist without it. Other than that, she continues to impress.

  • Anonymous

    She is killing it in that red dress. I.Die.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, her make up is amazing in that second set of pictures. Also, she was smart to keep the make up light and fresh with the black leather dress. I think she looks fab in both dresses. I can’t believe she can pull off that sleeve length on the Valentino without looking twee. Well done.

    • Anonymous

      with that haircut and those eyes, she’ll never look twee.

  • Donna

    I like the Valentino better with the long sleeves. The short sleeves just make it look too prim, somehow.

    • Anonymous

      Funny, I thought the exact opposite!

  • Cathy S

    The bangs are a bit too severe for me but she looks divine in the Valentino. That black plastic trash bag dress has to go though.

  • Anonymous

    Still and will always hate the bangs.

    I like both dresses on her – except I prefer the red on with the long sleeves and on the model

  • Anonymous

    When you compare the two looks, she seems to look uncomfortable in the black. She just OWNS the red dress, though.

  • oohsparkley!

    I like both looks and even the skull cap hair is starting to look better to me.

  • Anonymous

    I do not like her heavy bangs. I do not like them here or there. I do not like them anywhere.

    (I actually liked her soft hair and makeup and eyebrows in The Social Network.)

  • Anonymous

    she is on fire this one. I love it.

  • Anonymous

    I may be struck down by some goddess of vengeance for saying this, but honestly I think the Valentino gown works better as a see through.  For is certainly the first and may in fact be the only time, I really dislike the liner here.  I also dislike the short sleeves, it makes the dress too cutesy.  Her makeup is fantastic.  I’m a fan of her looks in the leather dress, too. 

    Wouldn’t you love to see a photo shoot featuring her and Tilda Swinton together?

  • Anonymous

    I think the last time you featured her I said she was growing on me. Now it’s official, she has grown on me. She’s knocking the looks out of the park left and right. Other than the sheepish look/pose with the first look, j’adore both looks. And imo she gets the shoes right every single time.

  • Anonymous

    My God, she is STUNNING in that red gown.  That look alone makes me wish she’d keep the freak bangs and continue on this rocket path to untouchably divine.

  • bloodshothalfblind

    this girl is killing it on the red carpet.  i love both looks, flaws & all.

  • Lexie

    Holy crap, her makeup for that second look is AMAZING. I need the person who did that to come live in my house.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    L O V E her make up in the red dress picture. Not only it is the best I’ve seen her wearing, it’s the one of the best I have seen ever.

  • Anonymous

    Love love LOVE her in the Valentino!  Just absolutely perfect and as you say, it’s the makeup.  *swooning*

  • Emily

    Ugh.  Hate em both.

  • Christine

    She has very interesting ears. And I agree, her makeup in the second set of photos is amazing.

  • Amy Putnam Ellinger

    My. God. Valentino. The Makeup. Her Face.  Lost my Breath, completely. 

    Bow down, bitches. Bow the eff down.

  • Anonymous

    the first dress is a dream… and i usually HATE hip-cutouts.

  • Anonymous

    Love the blacksmith apron.

  • Anonymous

    Please stop
    Calling her Audreybot
    She is not

  • Shawn EH

    She is blowing the models away on all these red carpets! Love the robot AND the princess!

  • Anonymous

    Love love love.

  • Anonymous

    Love love love the second look. The makeup is perfection.

  • Anonymous

    The red look should have been a WERQ. The bot was robbed.

  • Anonymous

    I am just loving her.  Such a refreshing change from the usual parade of bland blondes.

  • Summer Born

    My first thought on seeing her in that red dress was how AMAZING her make-up looks. Couldn’t agree with you all more about Mara (today and in general)!

  • TheVeryLivingEND

    That Valentino gown makes my heart sing.

  • Anonymous

    I love the second look.  Flawless.

  • Anonymous

    Her makeup is so good in the Valentino, she looks photoshopped.

  • Anonymous

    She’s poledancing with just her cheekbones. jeez.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, I love them both.

  • Jacquelina La Bomba

    Her makeup is so sharp it could cut a bitch. Excellent.

  • Anonymous

    TLo: when’s the last time you saw such distinctive bangs on the red carpet? I’m a’blanking.

  • vmcdanie

    Wow, she’s really striking in that second look and it’s a thrill to see her smiling, kind of.

  • Anonymous

    GO LISBETH! She’s fucking awesome. Love both of these dresses on her even though I’m inclined to not like that Valentino one.

  • Grayson Swaim

    The first dress makes her look like a stripper on Star Trek’s Enterprise. 

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE HER. I love that first dress, I think she is wearing the shit out of it. She looks unreal in the second dress, her makeup is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever did her makeup for the second look needs to do it more often.  The close-up shot is just incredible.  I feel like if you wind up on the receiving end of that gaze you will feel a sudden and irresistible urge to fall to your knees and do anything she tells you to.

  • frankystein123

    Her Valentino getup makes her seem like an edgy chick who will do weird things with you in the bedroom… I love it!