Rob Lowe in NYC

Posted on January 05, 2012

Question: When did Rob Lowe turn into Michael Jackson? Is is too late to reverse it?

Rob Lowe makes an appearance on “Good Morning America” in NYC.

We’d talk about the clothes, but that chin is frightening us. We’re pretty sure it’s gaining sentience.

Y’know, we wanted to like this outfit, but it’s not really doing it for us. Way too many competing blacks and that CPO jacket looks like early ’90s waiting room upholstery. Don’t even get us started on the Sans-a-belt slacks. We just wrote a sentence detailing what we’d do to improve this look and it wasn’t until we got to the end of it that we realized all of our suggestions would result in him not wearing anything he’s wearing in the above pictures, except the gloves. And even then…

Rob, this is sad. You’re still quite handsome. And while we applaud anyone who hits their upper 40s with the knowledge that they can’t dress exactly as they did 25 years before, there’s no need for you to rush headlong into “middle-aged mafia dude.”


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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  • Anonymous

    I never got the appeal for Rob Lowe and goodness knows, with the images above, I’m not going to start getting it now.

  • And sunglasses indoors or at night scream EUROTRASH.
    Unless you’re Jack Nicholson.

    • Anonymous

      If I knew that I was going to be hit by a wall of paparazzi flashes on my way out the door, I’d be wearing sunglasses at night too.


      • We should be so unlucky/lucky.  And of course, you do have a valid point, as always.

  • The comparison to MJ is a bit eerie.  He used to be such a great looking man… but egads! What has happened over the last year or so?!? Just say NO to the plastic RL!

    • MilaXX

      He started looking a little plastic-y to me around the time he was on Brothers & SIsters

  • Wow – TLo, your call on the resemblance to Michael Jackson is spot on! And kind of creepy. Here’s hoping that Rob or his people see this and make some wardrobe changes stat!

    • Anna Maria Diamanti

      The MJ comparison really freaked me out. Now that I see it, I can’t un-see it!

  • The blacks are competing way too much.

    That sounded racist.

    On another note, I’m enjoying the shit out of his Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation.

    • He is AMAZING. I cannot get his voice out of my head. 

    • Anonymous

      Me too! He plays him so well. I wonder if he’s even a little like that in real life.

      • Apparently they wrote the LITERALLY thing BECAUSE that’s actually the way Rob Lowe talks and they thought it was hilarious. I find this awesome.

        • Please, please tell me Rob Lowe also has that genuine enthusiasm and sincerity that takes Chris Traeger to the next level.

    • I laughed so hard at your comment, I choked on my toast.

    • charlotte

      You are LITERALLY enjoying it.
      Me too!

    • Leslie Streeter

      That’s OK. I’m black. Sometimes we are competing too much…TOO BE FABULOUS!

      Feel better? 🙂

      • Stop… pooping….

        Greatest two words of his career

    • Also, as you can see on the show, he still looks very, very good. Not entirely sure what happened here.

    • Anonymous

      He is LITERALLY the most enthusiastic person on television. Ann Perkins!

  • Scott Hester-Johnson


  • Anonymous

    Is he wearing an ungodly amount of bronzer too?

    • Saw him earlier today on Good Morning Kelly or whatever they’re calling that show now. He just got back from a vacation in Hawaii. No bronzer needed.

      • Anonymous

        Phew! It must have just been the way the light was hitting his tan.

  • Alloy Jane

    He looks like Michael Douglas.  And that is decidedly not a compliment.  Oh Soda, what have you done to yourself?

    • Anonymous

      Soda! OMG. That really brings back memories.

    • Exactly what I thought – Michael Jackson meets Michael Douglas…

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same thing and also fondly reminisced about the Outsiders–what a great movie for teenage eye candy.

      • Sooo many young hotties.  That was the first and last time Matt Dillon was attractive, imo.

    • Anonymous

      Oh Soda indeed. I just read his biography (furtively when in public) and it was so entertaining. His memories of making that film are very vivid.

      As for his getup, wtf? His shirt looks like lumberjack formalwear. Eek.

  • He is *literally* hurting my eyes. 

    • Anonymous

      LOL! I can hear him saying “Ann Perkins!” with the two finger-guns blazing

  • Anonymous

    Sweet Jesus, he looks frightening.

  • Anonymous

    I assume he is doing a public audition for the upcoming prequel to Wall Street: Gordon Gekko Rising.

  • You’ve just insulted Michael Jackson. MJ would never ever walk out in public with some dingy plaid jacket/shirt/coat/whatever-the-hell-that-thing-is. 

    But, yes. Rob Lowe does look like a hot ass mess.

  • Brad Goreski should help him with some pop of colors thrown in here and there for the best effect.  Rob is still so hot after all these years.

  • Judy_J

    That chin is taking on a life of its own.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Rob, Rob…it pains me to say that indeed he does look like the lovechild of Michael’s Jackson and Douglas….

    • MilaXX

      lol, just typed the same thing

  • Anonymous

    I just now learned what a CPO jacket is.  I initially read it as C3PO and was puzzled by the description.  Heck, he might’ve been better off with a C3PO jacket!

    • It wasn’t until reading your comment that I realized it wasn’t C3PO jacket. Sigh, that’s what you get for living in a house full of boys/Star Wars nerds I guess.

      • Anonymous

        It makes shows like The Big Bang Theory funnier when you are well-versed in nerdspeak. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thinks he might have had some work done? It seems like his jawline and chin are awfully sharp, implants maybe? Oh Rob, please stop.

    • MilaXX

      oh he definitely had some work done. The problem is he’s starting to cross the line between tasteful tweaking and disfigurement.

  • Anonymous

    He’s slipping into “kinda scarey uncle.”  In another setting I’d like the jacket. NObody who cares about being photographed & having the photos published world wide should wear those slacks.

  • Yikes!

  • Anonymous

    It’s the discrepancy.  Wool trousers, cashmere sweater and leather wing-tips = business-formal level. The overshirt thing? Looks like velour and bad 90’s plaid.  It’s like he got dressed for a meeting and then had to go grab a chainsaw and remove a fallen tree from the driveway. 

  • J MN

    Sweet Jeezuz that is one good looking man!  He has kept his looks since his teen years.  Oh and you all are full of beans and crackers if you think he’s had any chin work done.  I just googled him and hit images and you can see that handsome jawline was there for the last 25 years.  It is a strong jaw but we’re not talking The Rifleman Chuck Connors or Jay Leno here.
    That is one ugly ass outfit he’s wearing and by it being in an alley or back entrance he was obviously trying to avoid making an appearance.  I get why celebs wear the sunglasses at night when getting hit with all the flashes.  Probably only trying to protect their retinas. 

    • Great minds think alike!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, he’s always had that chin. As you age, strong features sometimes soften, but sometimes they become even more prominent.  

  • Do a google image search for him.  His chin has always been very square and prominent, it depends on the camera angle.  As he’s gotten older, his face has slimmed and it’s a bit more noticeable now.  These are some pretty un-flattering camera angles.

    The outfit, I can’t speak of.

  • Anonymous

    You see Michael Jackson; I see the puppet Madam, from Waylon & Madam.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      OMG that made me laugh so loud that everyone at work is now thinking horrible things about my not working at work.  Thank you for that wonderful image!

  • Sara__B

    If one of my girlfriends was dating that, I’d tell her to run. He looks like a self-absorbed jerk who’s uncomfortable with his age. He might be the nicest guy around, but he doesn’t look it!

  • Anonymous

    I immediately thought of a young Uncle Karl.  He even has the hair.  And the gloves.  Definitely a movie to be made!  Karl L.: the Younger Years.

  • bloodshothalfblind

    he looks like a young, slightly less tan Valentino.   guys today are so much more vain than they have ever been.  it is going to be hilarious watching them age LOL!

  • Anonymous

    It’s really funny that you mention that he looks like MJ, because he co-hosted Live With Kelly this morning, and he talked about how there’s an action figure of MJ that people always say he looks like.

  • MilaXX

    He looks like the unholy love child of Michael Jackson and Micheal Douglas. Not even gonna comment on the clothes.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Was he there to publicize the movie where he’s being Serial Killer Drew Peterson? Maybe he felt the need to look like Serial Killer Drew Peterson even when not in the movie. Tragic. I just read a blind item that said he has been a dick to Amy Poehler on Parks & Recreation and I totally believe it after seeing this picture. This is what dicks dress like.

    • oohsparkley!

      I don’t want to believe this.  He’s so funny on that show and I like him.  Amy Poehler, is it true? Edited to add, that is a bad outfit and bad picture. I don’t think he’s had much work done, but he might be too thin.

  • Anonymous

    He looks awful, flat out.

  • I assume he’s wearing his “I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK” shirt because it’s cold as all get-out in early morning NY city. He gets a pass for that. It’s those slacks (and they *are* slacks) that are killing the look. They’re bulky, like he’s wearing four pairs of long underwear. Are they pleated*, because that’s just wrong.

    *Obviously I mean the pants, not the long underwear.

  • He IS turning into Robert Wagner!!

  • allisankelly

    TLo said: …there’s no need for you to rush headlong into “middle-aged mafia dude.”

     Exactly. Hubby and I are rewatching The Sopranos and he is definitely working that Ralph Cifaretto look.

    Had to study it for a bit, but I am seeing the MJ face…scary.

  • Anonymous

    That jacket is just awful.  Without that, I could overlook the rest and give him a pass.

  • He was on Live with Kelly Ripa today co-hosting and they were talking about whether he had an action figure designed after him, and he said “no but people always said i looked a lot like the michael jackson action figure back in the day”. Back in the day…or now.

  • Anonymous

    He’s started shopping at Haband!

  • Ugh, this is not good.

  • Anonymous

    It says bad things for Jared Leto when I thought it was him based on the thumbnail.

  • Love him, but this look isn’t doing him any favors.  He’s a california boy – he doesn’t know how to dress for cold weather.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Ugh, too much work done on that face, and the outfit, and particularly the sunglasses, are hiddy.  The worst, though, is those work gloves – What. The.  Hell??

  • Anonymous

    I saw Michael Jackson before I even read the caption!  Aviator frames are so not good for oblong faces with prominent jawlines.  Also, the hair.  Just no.

  • Anonymous

    And that hair….

  • Anonymous

    That chin is frightening. Put him in head to toe denim and he’s Jay Leno’s younger brother.

  • I absolutely love everything about Rob Lowe…except this outfit.  He always looks good when he’s in a suit and tie, but he wears them so much on TV he probably gets tired of it.  Still, I know he can look better.  Just caught him on an off night.

  • I don’t know, he’s always had a significant chin. I’d say aging has taken some of the softening contours out of his face, so the chin just shows up more. And that looks like his actual nose, not a prosthetic over an over-surgeried hole, so I’d say he’s not in Michael Jackson territory just yet. If he’s wears contacts, he may be like me and need sunglasses to counteract the exaggerated glare contacts seem to create in bright light/flashbulbs.

    Sounds like I’m a fan or something, but actually he’s always been one of those meh sort of guys to me. Not my type.

  • Anonymous

    He’s starting to look like Michael Douglas

  • Anonymous

    I just caught a glimpse of him cohosting Live with Rippa and they were making a joke with little Darren Criss asking if he had ever seen the Michael Jackson doll that looked exactly like Rob.

  • Anonymous

    OMG you guys never fail to crack me up, thank you for that as well as all the hot man-candy…what a day…

  • Anonymous

    He’s as gorgeous as ever — leave the boy alone!  He pulled himself together and has made some sense of himself and his life.  He looks great —

  • Anonymous

    How come Rob Lowe’s chin is fair game but it is a banishable sin to dare mention a syllable about SJP’s veiny hands or someone else’s jug ears or ugly feet?  

    Serious question.  Can someone explain the line?