Producers Guild Awards Red Carpet

Posted on January 23, 2012

Darlings, it was the 23rd Annual Producers Guild Awards! No, we never heard of them, either. Or if we did, we blocked the memory of it. It’s all just a blur of red carpets and award-hungry stars from December to January. Anyway, apparently this is something of a funereal event because practically everyone wore black. That must’ve been one depressing room.


Angelina Jolie in Michael Kors and Brad Pitt in Gucci

Okay, you know how we said we’re a bit tired of the black lace dresses? We reserve the right to change our minds, just this once. She really looks spectacular here and whenever we see her hair looking this magnificent, we wonder why she favors that super-tight “Croydon facelift” pulled-back hair she falls back on so much. And we’re pretty sure Brad is a bitter kitten, because the last few times we spoke about him, we urged him to get his tux fitted a little better. Granted, the pants are embarrassingly long on him, but the jacket fits him nicely (bit long in the sleeve, though). Try and get both to fit correctly at the same time, Brad. It’ll work wonders.

Ellie Kemper in Martin Grant

Very cute, but a pop of color would’ve been nice.

Are we back to the witchy shoes with toe cleavage? Seems like we just got over them only a year or two ago.

Evan Rachel Wood

Hm. Not her best effort. You couldn’t at least wear silver glitter pumps or something?

Jessica Chastain in Balenciaga

Gorgeous dress AND a pop of color. Well done. Now crack a smile. It won’t kill you.


Missi Pyle

Honey, the CMAs were a while ago. You’re at the Producer’s Guild Awards, remember?


Penelope Ann Miller

Pretty dress; great color, but we’ll say it again: the lady needs a hair consult.


Shailene Woodley in Valentino

Heavy and shapeless dress. Not doing her any favors. She’s wearing more makeup, which means she also reads us religiously and does whatever we tell her to. We’re giddy with power.


Sofia Vergara in Monique Lhuillier

Does she break out in hives if her clothes aren’t cutting off circulation? Is an A-line or an Empire waist something she’s just never heard of? Because every single dress has the same bustline and silhouette. Yes, you’ve got an amazing body, but if that’s the only thing you’re thinking of every time you pick an outfit, it gets a little tacky after a while. Not that this dress is tacky; it’s gorgeous, in fact. We just wish she’d try something a little less coochy-coo for once.

Viola Davis in Hervé L. Leroux


You are KILLING it! A statement piece of jewelry might have been nice, but we really can’t complain. She looks fabulous.


Wendi McLendon-Covey

Oh, sweetie! You’re not wearing something that only barely covers your nipples! Yay, you!

And can we just say, when you wear a dress like this you look at least a size smaller than when you wear those extremely low-riding strapless dresses? Food for thought.


Zachary Quinto

He looks sharp but, believe it or not, we think the hem on the pants is just a skosh too high. He’s also showing too much cuff (at least on the right), but that might just be an adjustment issue rather than a fit issue.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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  • Anonymous

    If I had Vergara’s body, I’d be wearing that shit to the grocery store.  Yes, I’d be tacky as hell, but I’d still do it.

    Wood needs some jewelry in addition to the suggested sparkly pumps.

    Kemper’s manages to be sexy and frumpy at the same time. How is that possible? Is it the hem length?

    • I think you nailed it, Ms A.  Its all about Kemper’s hem being a skosh too long.  if it broke just above the knee it would have been a slam dunk.

    • Anonymous

      Regarding Sophia Vergara, you and me both.

    • Anonymous

      I’m too busy thinking, “Oh my goodness, how can Kemper stand to go commando with such a high slit?”  I would be too paranoid to even move!

    • She needs boob support. I think that’s it.

    • I think she’s wearing that length because she wants to hide her knees. If she had worn hose, she could have shortened the dress a bit. Then she’d be sexy with no frumpiness at all.

    • Regarding Vergara and Hayak for that matter it seems to me that the hourglasses just can’t win.  If they wear the tight tailed ensembles the comment is (and not just from TLo but from every fashion critic in the world) ‘she looks hot, but she just wears the same dress again and again’ and whenever they wear a different dress it’s ‘girl, that’s not your dress’.  As a similarly shaped woman, I can attest that that is pretty much the only shape of outfit that I look good in.   Most patterns are iffy as well.  Outfits have to be simple and fitted or it won’t be apparent how much smaller the waist is than the bust and then you look fat or/and dowdy.  You have the option of looking like sex on a platter, or chunky.   We don’t get to look high fashion.

      • Not true.  I have an hourglass shape too and you can do a lot of different silhouettes with it — as long as they fit.  And that’s the hard part for most women.  Clothing is not made to fit an hourglass body well, so you have to take EVERYTHING in at certain points: the waist, occasionally the shoulder as well, and sometimes through the leg. 

        The same does not apply to either Vergara or Hayak.  They are both being handed clothes for free that will then be fitted to them specifically.  (Though in Hayak’s case, her height is a serious problem — short with a lot of curves goes frumpy mighty fast)

        • I have always been curious about how much specific fitting can be done on a borrowed dress.  I totally agree that these folks can definitely afford to have a dress taken in, but the degree to which a dress made to fit a slim, straight up and down girl must be altered to fit a super curvy girl is rather extensive and I wonder if they always have the time to do that amount of work and if there is a limit to how much the designers are willing to have done to a dress that they might want to reuse.  When you read about the styling process, it seems like a lot of decisions end up being made rather last minute.  Not to mention, in my experience which is admittedly with cheaper clothing, even though my skirt size is a 6/8, I have had to go up as high as 16s in dresses to fit my bust and I wonder if much designer clothing is even made that would have enough room for 40-42 inch bust without going into the much more conservative plus size options that that are also not designed for hourglasses and would also have to be altered extensively.

  • Wowza!  I have never seen Wendi McLendon-Covey looking so good.  She looks lovely here, curvy but not so top-heavy.

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis: Mullet dress done RIGHT. WERQ.

    And that’s the first time I’ve seen the Chastain lady in something that fits.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know about that … at first glance it looked like she was missing a leg.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I thought too.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I have to politely disagree.  Viola looks great, wonderful color and fit but that skirt is dreadfully odd.

  • Anonymous

    I am really tired of Angelina in black, but I’ll give her this one.  It’s really stunning on her.  I can’t think of a lot of other people I would like that dress on.

    Jessica and Viola also look spectacular.  Everyone else is unmemorable.

  • Anonymous

    Viola David FTW, with Angie Jo a close second. And such a relief to see J Chastain looking age-appropriate, that Golden Globes getup of hers was dreadfully matronly.

  • Zacary gives me the impression of being a big guy, and if this wasn’t properly taylored, that may explain the hem situation. Usually the opposite happens with the Hollywood-tiny. Love his hipster glasses.
    And you can bitch all you want about the black monochrome, but save Viola, everybody in color looked kind of cheap in comparison. 

    • Anonymous

      Zachary is a tall guy but not big in girth at all.  Pics of him shirtless (yes, I have googled it. Several times….) show him very lean.  I think the sleeve/cuff issue is a simple adjustment, you can see a little bunching at the elbow.  he stills looks all kinds of dreamy…

  • Clearly, all that black is because they are supposed to be taking this “seriously”. (snert)

  • Um, I can’t believe that nobody mentioned how Viola looks like she’s missing her left leg. Despite that, she looks good.

    This is probably the best Jessica Chastain has looked. She always looks ALMOST good, but something is always off. This look is fabulous, but yes, she needs to smile.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaaa, I know. Once you see Viola’s missing leg you cannot unsee it. Even so she does look good.

      And I agree with you about Jessica C. Absolutely the best I’ve seen her look.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO because when I saw Viola my immediate thought was WTF who photoshopped her leg out of the picture.

    • BerlinerNYC

      Exactly! It’s like some optical illusion. Couture from the house of M.C. Escher?

    • RE: Viola. Now I can’t unsee it.
      I don’t much like the dress, although the color is stunning on her.

      Jessica Chastain just upped her game about 100 times. I love the neckline. She’s looks completely amazing.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Vergara looks slammin’ and I don’t fault her for it one bit. 
    She would look fine in an empire waist, but she looks at her best in this silhouette and sticks to it.

    • Eva Whitsett

      She looks great in this silhouette. She would probably look great in an A-line dress, but I have doubts about the empire waist. It’s difficult for the busty ladies to pull that off, due to fit issues.

    • Anonymous

      And her dress, as usual, is fitted perfectly. It looks tight but nothing is bulging out or lumpy. This is a woman who pays attention to how she is dressed and looks fabulous.

      • True, but I think the cleavage is a bit much. She could use more coverage.

        • Anonymous

          Agree–her boobs look perilously close to springing free, and her smile says “Take your photo before my boobies pop out of this damn dress!”.

  • Oh, and please deliver Zach to my home in SF, stat.

    • Anonymous

      He is just a little slice of gay boy heaven, isn’t he?

      • Oh those big dark eyes, and those lips that need to be kissed. (sighing heavily)

  • Anonymous

    This might be the first time I have thought Jessica Chastain looks pretty good. The dress is great, it fits and it’s not the same color as her skin or hair. The earrings are a nice touch and her hair is appropriate to the outfit and to the event. Very nice.

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis looks STUNNING, once again. I know it’s a bad angle, but the dress looks a bit like a bad photoshop hack job. You know, the ones where they accidentally surgically remove large portions of the body?

  • Anonymous

    I was shocked to learn ERW is in her early- to mid-20s, and am now confused over the usual gushing over her because (like here) she always looks so … mature. Like a stunning 40something.  

    • Anonymous

      She also needs a hair consult on her blondness.  To my eye, it always looks brassy and/or wrong for her complexion, like the home bleach jobs from my own college and early 20s years…

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis rocks it! The rest look like they’re at a Hollywood funeral.

  • allisankelly

    No, No, No pointy shoes w/toe cleavage–yuck! I was waiting for a “why does everyone go understated in Michael Kors” regarding Angie’s face and you didn’t say it! I’m glad because I thought she looked good. Wendy McLure looks the best I’ve seen her going back to when they were still promoting Bridesmaids release and I like her green accessories.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t love Viola’s dress. It looks like she only has one leg.

  • Quinto’s right jacket sleeve seems bunched up at the elbow, might explain the longer shirt cuff.  
    Wendi is rocking it!!!

  • Anonymous

    We are picking apart Quinto for showing too much cuff but last week the guys of the globes post ignored so many infractions that were so much worse -e.g. Colin Firth! 

    I haven’t seen it fully -but I don’t think I like those side panels on Jolie’s dress. 

    • Anonymous

      I’ve seen enough to know that I hate them.

      • Anonymous

        Ugh – yep. Pretty dreadful. I mean it looks as good as side panels can look but still not loving them. 

      • Anonymous

        Me too. And why does she have only two hairstyles (blowout/high bum)? Especially when this particular hair does not suit a heavy dress, IMO. 

    • Check out the side panels when she is facing the camera head-on.  I saw a photo like that and it gave her a bad shape and didn’t look good.  I was actually surprised how much better they looked in these photos than the ones I saw from a different angle.

  • Viola Davis – her beautiful skin is her jewelry with this dress. She looks stunning. 

    • Amen to that!  Viola is gloriously lovely, and seems to either have a great stylist of wonderful personal taste.

  • Susana Reyes

    I’m sorry but it looks like Viola is missing a leg. : O

  • Lexie

    Jessica should wear things with that neckline more often, she looks lovely.

  • Sorry, but I don’t love Viola Davis look here – several have mentioned the missing leg issue. Also, I see a very strange bust line.  What is this dress doing to her boobs?  They are sideways?

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t even notice the missing leg thing because I was too distracted by the bust.  The flowy/droopy sleeves (if you can call them that) of that dress definitely make her boobs look like they’re overflowing to the sides.

  • Anonymous

    Angelina killing it, and making the effort, twice in a row! Headline news!

    I think Penelope Ann Miller looks prom. Sofia Veraga, honestly I feel this is SUCH a different look for her that I didn’t notice the ways it was her usual.

  • I didn’t even recognize Wendi. I think she even deserves a WERQ, but that might just be me.

    I’m so bored by Jessica Chastain. 

  • Angie has Duchess Cathy Cambridge hair!  And now I am jealous of both of them.

    Viola is working the goddess thing.  I wonder if the dress moved as lovely as it stands still.

  • MilaXX

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt- I’m not an Angie fan and even I have to admit she looks good here. Brad, however still looks like he’s shrinking in an ill fitting designer suit.Ellie Kemper – Cute, but I don’t like that bag with the dress.
    Evan Rachel Wood – Not impressive at all . The suit is boring and I’m not a fan of the shoe.
    Jessica Chastain – Really pretty
    Missi Pyle – Cheesy and it looks really out of place in this season of black and serious dresses.
    Penelope Ann Miller – Great dress, but she really needs to go back to darker hair.
    Shailene Woodley – The dress is heavy and aging on her & the shoes are too strappy for the dress.
    Sofia Vergara – She looks good but she always looks like she’s dressing for Los Premios Nuestros.
    Viola Davis – Girlfriend shut it down! She looks great. Sure I can see adding a bracelet or cocktail ring, but the dress is a little busy so I can understand wanting to keep accessories simple.
    Wendi McLendon-Covey – Cute I like the green.
    Zachary Quinto – Pants are too short.

  • Anonymous

    I love Wendi McLendon-Covey, so I’m really happy to see her look like a normal person here instead of like one of her sloppy characters.

    Damn, Viola! You look radiant. 

    Sofia Vergara’s pose even says “Spicy Barbie.” What a gorgeous woman, maybe she’ll eventually learn that she can look as sexy (if not more sexy) if she’s not wearing something skintight, mermaid hemmed and/or shiny.

  • Shailene’s face looks like a mask, that’s way too much make up for a young girl. She looks like a geisha.

  • Anonymous

    re: Sofia Vergara… that style of dressing up is, in my experience in both Texas and California, a very latina/hispanic “thing”. I don’t get it either.

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis looks spec-TACULAR.  Gorgeous dress.  I agree more “important” earrings would probably have been a good idea, but who can quibble?

  • Ellie Kemper looks fab!

  • I am so, so, so tired of Brad Pitt’s hair. I had to let that out.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot stand Angelina but even I have to admit this is the best she has ever looked. Totally sorry about poor Viola’s leg, although she looks spectacular despite that.

  • Actually, Angie is starting to look like she’s channeling Joan Crawford…

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis is bringing it!  Blows everyone else away, especially in that sea of black clothing.

  • Viola! Viola! Viola!

  • Anonymous

    I like Angie’s dress.  Viola wins, though.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Shailene honey, you continue to be our “project” this awards season. 

  • Anonymous

    It looks like someone cut off Viola’s leg!

  • Wendi looks fantastic!!

    (Hate the shoes though.)

  • Anonymous

    Why is Missy Pyle everywhere?  I think the last time I saw her was in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (the ‘new’ one)….

    • She’s in “The Artist”. (So is Penelope Ann Miller.)

  • Penelope. How about a short, sassy auburn haircut. Basically, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you have now.

  • Anonymous

    We just wish she’d try something a little less coochy-coo for once.”  haha

  • Anonymous

    I think there’s a bit too much viola davis love going on. I would have thought your comment was that she needs a bra.

  • Anonymous

    Viola looks great–love that color on her. A bracelet would have been nice, but that’s just a quibble.

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis IS killing it!

    The Angelina Jolie look, sadly, is a little ruined because I saw a back view on another site where her bra is pretty blatantly showing (I don’t fault a girl for needing support, but that’s pretty bad).  She looks fantastic otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      Ooh, that was so close. Just a bit too pale, if she’d matched her skin tone the bra would’ve been nearly invisible. Nice try though.

  • aimee_parrott

    LOL re: Viola’s missing leg.  I didn’t see it at first, but once I read the comments and went back up it’s ALL I can see.  Still, she looks fabulous.  Girlfriend knows she’s going to be hoisting an Oscar soon and it shows.
    I usually hate Angelina in black but that dress is perfect on her.  I always did suspect that Brad was a bitter kitten. 

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute! Is that last photo Zachery Quinto? Because it looks a whole lot like MONDO!

  • Anonymous

    “We’re pretty sure Brad is a bitter kitten…” God I love you, T Lo! Whenever I get down in the dumps, I’ll just think of that line. No need to qualify your approval of Angie’s frock as it’s not a black lace dress per se, it’s a black dress with black lace arms and detailing. 

    Zachary Quinto, are those SUEDE shoes with your tux? Suede LACE UPS?!? I don’t think I can bear the disappointment. You go to your room right now, young man, and think about what you’ve done.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I just figured out that Sofia Vergara plays TT the serial killer in Madea Goes To Jail…..that’s the same expression she has for the whole movie!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing ZQ’s hair looks weird because the new Star Trek movie has started filming. Or at least I’ll keep telling myself that’s the reason he looks like he has a bump.

  • Anonymous

    I just realized I don’t know the difference between Missy Pyle and Busy Phillips.

    Viola looks amazing. Everybody should have such a missing leg. Brad looks like he’s peering through the fog at Jack the Ripper or something. He just looks cranky. And peevish. He and his Corpse Bride can leave the public eye and retire to Tortuga with their 900 children anytime now.

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis rules

  • RE: Sofia Vergara – I think she’s found what works for her and she’s running with it. Don’t we all do that in our day-to-day lives? Who hasn’t found a shirt that looks great on them and immediately bought it in five different colours?  Only difference is that Vergara’s choices get scrutinised by fashion bloggers and the rest of us mere mortals have to settle for the judgement of people who see us on the street.

  • Sir(s) I don’t disagree on any particular point. And I am happy to help Mr Quinto adjust his sleeves. 

  • Sir(s) I don’t disagree on any particular point. And I am happy to help Mr Quinto adjust his sleeves. 

  • Viola Davis has a fantastic stylist. She always looks amazing.

  • Viola Davis has a fantastic stylist. She always looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Vergara’s clothes are as repetitive and predictable as her stereotypical, one-note character on Modern Family and commercials (whiny, overly accented, sing-song). She’s the only thing I dislike about that wonderful, funny show.

  • Anonymous

    Vergara’s clothes are as repetitive and predictable as her stereotypical, one-note character on Modern Family and commercials (whiny, overly accented, sing-song). She’s the only thing I dislike about that wonderful, funny show.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Chastain looks great, but Angie already did black gown/big emerald earrings (and then Julianne Moore at the Globes), so, you know, enough already.

  • I know viola davis looks hot, but her dress makes her look like she’s missing a leg….

  • Anonymous

    I sincerely like with less makeup. Her features are to delicate to be hit with something so harsh. I think the makeup looks shitacular.

  • Anonymous

    What is with that weird shelf on Viola’s dress? I love the dress, but that strange outer layer on the right is making my brain hurt.

    Also, Sofia is making a very strange face. 

  • Vic

    Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain – Fabulous! 

    I don’t get your adoration of Jolie-Pitt. Uggh, boring, crap-awful, piss-poor choices for someone with her looks and resources. 

  • Evan appears to working on a YSL Le Smoking look….I think next time she will KILL IT

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis for the win!  Brilliant look!

  • I think Zachary Quinto’s higher hem works with the nerd glasses. TOTAL HOT NERD. If he wore white socks and raised the hem another inch, I’d fly to California to ravish him on the spot. (Former AV geek here.)

    • Anonymous

      with the white socks, he’d be giving us mondo.

  • Anonymous

    “Sofia, you work that shit as long as you can.  The day will come soon enough when it isn’t an option and i know a smart girl like you will know when to stop.”  Viola’s dress is a gorge color on her and the fit is perfect but I hate that odd layered skirt thing.

  • Anonymous

    if i see one more black dress……….

    missy pyle looks like a pile of……….oh never mind.

  • Anonymous

    the reason jessica chastain is not smiling is that all the black in the room has thrown her into a clinical depression.  even her lovely jade green earrings can’t snap her out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis!!! Wow!!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing too exciting here

  • frankystein123

    Sofia Vergara remembered not to exhale.