Prada Fall 2012 Menswear Collection

Posted on January 18, 2012

Is it gimmicky to have a bunch of internationally famous actors walk in your runway show? Maybe. But so what? It’s fun. And most of the actors chosen to walk the runway for the Prada Fall 2012 Menswear show have the bearing of models, if not necessarily the looks. The theme was “power,” specifically, as Miuccia herself put it, the collection is “a parody of male power.” In that context, who better to rigidly and sternly walk these pieces down the runway than men like Willem Dafoe and Gary Oldman? There’s a vague Belle Epoque/military feel to the pieces (without being too literal) and that makes a perfectly on-point inspiration for examining male power. It’s a thoughtful, masculine, and slightly theatrical collection overall, which is exactly what one hopes for from Prada.

Adrien Brody

Emile Hirsch

Garrett Hedlund

Gary Oldman

Jamie Bell

Tim Roth

Willem Dafoe





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    • Mark Talsma

      I love this, especially the color story. Just gorgeous. Using the actors as models was a unique touch.

    • Anonymous

      Oldman looks like rigor mortis is setting in..Dafoe, commanding as always looks like he owns the place….

      • Bridget Smith

        Willem Dafoe is totally pulling off a WAIST BELT, something I unequivocally dislike on men. He looks incredible, and powerful for sure.

      • Lisa Pizza

        Dafoe is the only one that looks like he might still have a neck. Although I like that Oldman took it so seriously.

    • Ben

      Do all male models have that kind of cheek bones? Adrien Brody looks quite funny. There’s something off around the shoulder

      • Anonymous

        The model wearing the purple striped pants looks decidedly unlike a model. 

    • Anonymous

      Hello Chuck Bass

    • Anonymous

      I love the movie stars walking the runway. I think it works really well.

      I absolutely love the purple pinstriped blazer one of the “real” models is wearing. The red sun glasses kind of freak me out for some reason.

      • Anonymous

        Me too. They seem very Evil Truman Capote, or Mad Scientist John Lennon.

    • Alberto Muñoz E.

      Emile looks like he’s being swallowed by the clothes.

      • Anonymous

        Did you notice the feet on him???  Can his feet possibly be that big?  A bunch of the actors look like they have impossibly large feet.

        • Anonymous

          I thought the soles of their shoes were oddly broad, as in wider than the uppers. Maybe an optical illusion.

          Maybe not, as the fellas in the first row of model pic seem to be wearing dark blue galoshes over their shoes. SURELY, though, that has got to be an optical illusion!

      • MilaXX

        his pants are too long

      • Christine

        The high collar eating his neck is making him look like Jack Black.

    • Anonymous

      Jamie Bell?! No way!!  Also, YAY to double breasters and NO to ridiculous shoes.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t imagine any man wearing those patterned shoes, except maybe Elton John.

        • Michael Yarbrough

          OMG I can…me! WANT. Granted, I can’t really imagine paying Prada price for them (even if I had it), but as an extra pair of fun shoes I would kill for them.

          • Anonymous

            In that case, I believe, all your pedigerous needs can be addressed by leathercraft! *shudder*

          • Anonymous

            I am a lady, but I kind of like the shoes too. However, I can get the look for less by covering shoes I currently own with stickers from Target. 

        • Anonymous

          I think plenty of stylish younger men I know would, except that they’re too costly, especially considering that they can’t really sub for dress shoes at any serious occasion (job interview, funeral, big business meeting) and they can’t function as really casual “just hangin’ with the boys” shoes.

          (All of the stylish younger men I know are academics, musicians or professional do-gooders with artistic or literary inclinations.)

    • Anonymous

      This provides proof that actors’ heads are almost comically out of proportion to their bodies.

      But I love the collection and the staging, and these guys look terrific.

    • Claire Haley

      I’ve never noticed this before, but Emile Hirsch looks like he could be the Gallant to Jack Black’s Goofus. I think it’s in the eyebrows.

      • Anonymous

        Ha, you’re so right!

      • Anonymous

        I was just going to ask if anyone else was struck by the resemblance.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      I love most of it, but PLEASE tell me we will be spared seeing patterned socks with shorts this year.

    • AllForUSophia

      Jamie Bell brought it! Also adore Tim Roth and Willem Dafoe! Bravo!

    • Catherine

      I cannot believe Gary Oldman agreed to this. But I’m delighted he did.

      • Anonymous

        The amount of Prada swag he probably got for this, it doesn’t bear thinking.

        And he was paid to give his best Smiley for 10 damn minutes. WORTH IT.

        • Kiltdntiltd

          Plus the likely hour or so spent styling him, still WAY worth it.  He should have asked for the outfit he was wearing. Awesomely hot on him.  Then again I loved all the knee length coats.

          • Anonymous

            I am SO with you on those coats.

        • Anonymous

          I really did not enjoy Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, but I thought Gary Oldman was absolutely incredible in it nonetheless. I just wanted to announce that.

          • Anonymous


            you weren’t alone on that one! Not wild (at all) about TTSS but love Gary Oldman.


    • Anonymous

      Damn Gary Oldman looks it

    • Anonymous

      How fabulous! I love it.

    • Anonymous

      I’m completely torn between thinking Oldman, Dafoe or Bell owning this show.

      But I am sure Hedlund looks like a total tool.

      • Ben

        Bell, for me. He’s bringing some FACE on the runway <3

        • Anonymous

          But did you SEE Oldman’s strut? Bitch owned it. And Dafoe was bringing it like the evil admiral they made him look.

          • Penny Eager

            Oldman’s strut was amazing, for sure! Especially at the end, when he’s leading everyone…

      • Kiltdntiltd

        Watch the video, as Hedlund turns after the first walkout, he grabs his ass for some reason.  Just checking to make sure its still firm?

        • Anonymous

          …like a total tool.

          • Kiltdntiltd

            And that smirk as he came out. “Yeah I’m the hottest guy in the room.”

            • Anonymous

              Still a total tool.

              His dude walk was the funniest thing about Tron: Legacy.

      • Bridget Smith

        Hollywood keeps trying to sell us Garrett Hedlund as, like, Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth or something: hot young action star who pulls off something you were prepared to laugh at him for. But he has absolutely no charisma. Chris Pine pulled off freaking JIM KIRK, something no one expected, and was amazing, all through the sheer power of his charisma. Garrett Hedlund? Boring, AND a tool.

        • Anonymous

          I’d still hit it. 

    • Anonymous

      I always forget how much I like Willem Defoe until he shows up again. Mmmmm.
      Nice clothes, too. Love the textures.

    • Anonymous


    • Adrian

      Adrien Brody has the monkey arms. I mean, I don’t think that’s the way the jacket is tailored, I think he just has freakishly long arms. I have the same thing (goes with having a long torso), so I’m allowed point that out. LOL I kind of love that coat he’s wearing, but I’m wondering who could really get away with it in the real world. It’s awfully costumey. Where would you wear it to?  

      • Anonymous

        I think it would become a lot less implausible if he lost the sunglasses.

    • Anonymous

      Some of the first looks remind me of the costumes in Downton Abbey.

    • Anonymous

      Jamie for the win!

    • Anonymous

      I love those ridiculous shoes!

    • Anonymous

      They don’t hardly look poncey at all.  I like the socks.  And the carpet.

      Also: Jamie Bell?  Call me.

      • Anonymous

        I did NOT predict that he’d grow up this hot. But I am not mad at it.

        • Bridget Smith

          Really? You didn’t watch Billy Elliot and marvel at his bone structure? I totally called that one. 

          My dear friend from college, however, called Hot Neville happening like 4 years beforehand, and none of us saw that coming, and I would not deprive her of those bragging rights for the world.

    • Aly Light

      Jamie Bell’s outfit… I want to marry a man while he’s wearing that.

    • Ben

      My god, those coats are to die for. i wish they made menswear a yearly challenge for PR. Even if it’s disaster, it’s still fun to watch

    • Anonymous

      God I love Gary Oldman. Not that he’s a good looking guy or anything but I adore him as an actor. Even here the man, small though he may be, has a commanding presence. Same with Willem Dafoe.

      Garrett Hedlund. Douche.

      Very cool collection for the most part and I like the rich color palette. I just want to touch those patterned jackets. No to the socks with the shorts.

    • Claudeth Forbin

      Love the expression on Willem DAfoe and Gary Oldman’s face.  Who are you people, you will be exterminated immediately.

    • Anonymous

      Gary Oldman looks pretty good in that suit. You can’t see it in this photo, but I don’t like the fit of Tim Roth’s pants, especially round the crotch area.

    • Amy Wilson

      Gary freakin’ Oldman! He’s Comm Gordan and Sirius Black and thus he is badass as hell.  He worked that runway.

      William Defoe looks so evil in such a damn sexy way. That outfit was made for him. And no matter what Adrien Brody does- he is forever dead sexy to me. And ditto to the previous Bitter Kitten who mentioned Downtown Abbey- I had that same thought.

      These clothes make me want to be a man so I can dress like that. I love the layers of clothes and those jackets? They are to.die.for.  

      • Kiltdntiltd

        The only sad thing is, unless clothes like that are superbly fitted, you can easily end up looking like a pile of dry cleaning.  Notice that the shorter actors were given fewer layers, or told to wear their coats open, so they wouldn’t look “off”.

    • Anonymous

      I do want that striped jacket with the flower. Also LOVE the glasses! 

    • Kerry McCombs

      I love that Tim Roth couldn’t keep a straight face!

      • Anonymous

        I have often said that I would leap over 50 Brad Pitts to get next to one Tim Roth.  This is why.

    • MilaXX

      I like it! Granted I don’t want to see this on the RC. Although bonus points to the guy who makes those shoes work….perhaps with jeans, I dunno. Gary Oldman and Jamie Bell are especially working it.

    • Laurel Lyon

      Nazi chic. Put me in mind of a Laibach video.

    • Anonymous

      Oddly, I feel like I normally wouldn’t like this, but somehow I do. I think Jamie Bell and Gary Oldman look particularly great. Also, I am happy to see Emile Hirsch is not dead! He was in one of my favorite movies in high school (as in, it was a favorite in high school), The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (not what it sounds like, people) and he seems to have totally disappeared since.

      • Anonymous

        Um, check him on  “Into the Wild” got him tons of attention, and then there was “Milk,” among others.

      • Anonymous

        Lords of Dogtown, Into the Wild, Speed Racer, Milk, and The Darkest Hour

        • Anonymous

          Whoops! I forgot he was in Milk, you’re quite right. I didn’t see any of those others.

    • Anonymous


    • Sara L.

      Gary Oldman twice today! Love it! Seeing him and Tim Roth always does my heart good. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead 4 EVA!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Oh, you just reminded me that I have to order that movie!

    • Erika Swain

      Fab!  Love the clothes! And I don’t normally go for tall skinny guys….but damn Adrien Brody really does it for me.         

      • Anonymous

        I LOVE him.  Love his weird birdy look. LOVE.

    • Sam

      How long does one’s neck have to be in order to wear any of this stuff without looking like you’ve got a stump neck?

      Unless that’s the intended effect…

    • Katilyn Fox

      What’s with the blue coverings on the shoes of the first two non-celebrity models pictured?

      • Anonymous

        I know. I thought they were galoshes. (For all I know, they could be, but doesn’t that seem, well, unlikely?)

    • Lauren Maier

      My boyfriend is getting most of this collection for his birthday.  But seeing as he’d never willingly wear any of this, it’ll probably be for mine…

      • Anonymous

        I like how you think.

    • Laura Davies

      Is it just me or do these look like costumes?

    • Anonymous

      Willem Dafoe owns the place. Seriously.

      Garrett Hedlund? What an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      I love those long coats! Very Regency :)

    • Sarah Thomas

      Willem Dafoe looks like he makes Gestapo entrance examiners uncomfortable. I hope Jamie kept the Spider Jerusalem sunglasses.

    • Jill Roberts

      These are some fabulous clothes, but the high necked clothes on the shorter-necked actors (Emile Hirsh in particular) are unflattering to say the least.

    • Anonymous

      Hirsch does not have the swanlike neck required for that look, unfortunately.

      Loved the blue/black shoes (top model row) and I thought the model on the top model row, right was the best walker. He seemed to perfect the gait that everyone seemed to need to adopt because of the shape of clothes (arms straight down the side, leading with pelvis, down to knees and then through the feet).

      The way Oldman was working his eyes was much more evident in the video. Was interesting to see who looked around at the crowd (Oldman, Defoe) and who tried to straight up model. Roth just looked like he was having a slightly rumpled saunter (and a really good time). Didn’t quite get the memo.

    • Kathryn

      They look like Aryan clone drones created in a lab to be deployed in defense of the motherland!  I would have expected to hear an evil laugh over the PA, but this bunch doesn’t look like that have a sense of humor.

      Work that shit, Willam Dafoe, and Gary Oldman.

      • Kathryn

        P.S.  That was a really great show!  Loved the older men.  Very classy and extremely sexy.

    • Anonymous

      Why did you guys not go dark today re SOPA and PIPA?

      You’re blog would be really affected by these unconstitutional laws. 

    • Shelf Afterlife

      Every freakin’ thing about this works for me.  Hubba.

    • MinAgain

      Willem Dafoe looks fantastic in that ensemble.

    • Angelica Smith Mertens

      They seriously needed to hem at least 1/2 of the pants on this runway…with everything else being so perfectly tailored they looked like an afterthought…pathetic.

      • Angelica Smith Mertens

        I’m totally going to coin the term “puddle pants”…ok, you can use it too…LOL

    • Presumptuous Insect

      Very cool.  What is with the giant, shiny shoes?

    • Anonymous

      I never realized Power meant carrying a lot of crap in your chest pocket. Maybe Urkel was on to something. 

    • natalia h


    • Anonymous

      Man, the soundtrack to this show was a complete disaster.  The solo piano was fine, but everything they threw in around it seemed random, unplanned, out of synch, thoughtless.

    • Anonymous

      Rosencrantz and Guildenstern still got it goin’ on!!! 

    • Anonymous

      I require all the coats. Every single one of them. Especially the one worn by Gary Oldman. I’ll find closet space for them somehow.

      Also those shoes are hilarious, as are the socks and the sunglasses.

    • Susan Crawford

      Whoa, baby: Gary Oldman and Willem Dafoe – that is a pair of intimidating men wearing the hell out of those designs. Somebody ought to be writing a screenplay right this minute based on their little Prada look. It also proves that really, really good things usually tend to improve with a bit of aging: wine; cheese; fine art; fabulous men.

      • Anonymous

        Gary Oldman is ze Prezident uv ze Carpet, und Willem Dafoe is his Deputy.  For ze moment.

        • Anonymous

          Adrian Brody will defect from ze Carpet und pay ze price.  Tim Roth is ze Minister of Beer, who knows more than anyone suspects.  Jamie Bell is ze Jung Soldat in Love, whose agent told him he was the hero of this thing.

        • Anonymous

          Emile Hirsch is the Invisible Secretary who becomes a poet and writes the screenplay.  Garret Hedlund is the first one they shoot.

    • BIG MAC

      Adrien Brody looks like he’s going to pimp slap somebody! Love it!

    • Aisa Ginger Jake Psenicnik

      I love everything about everything here :D

    • Therese Bohn

      I dig the steam punk glasses.  And I always thought Adrian Brody uniquely handsome. Dafoe is so in character! I half expect him to say “You VILL obey us!”

    • Anonymous

      ok, no. This needs to stop immediately. Utterly horrified by this, and writhing with embarrassment for these fine actors. I will pay a tiny bit more at the cinema if it means you will stop with this insanity. I promise I will never illegally download any of your movies ever again if that helps.

    • Patrick Cleary

      Those shoes have to be a bazillion dollars apiece, but I want them!!

    • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

      Jaimie Bell is to die.

    • Anonymous

      Sigh love you Tim Roth.  You cheeky bastard.  Also love the fact that they used models/actors of various ages.  Why can’t women’s shows do that?  I’m tired of seeing clothes on 15 year olds.

    • viridian61

      I want Dafoe’s coat for my hubby.  Maybe in an alternative universe…..

    • Anonymous

      Where are the men of color

      • Anonymous

        Exactly what I wondered as well, Judith1.

      • Anonymous

        I guess that would have ruined the Teutonic/Aryan aesthetic, Judih. ;-)

      • Anonymous

        On another runway with their faces covered by serial-killer masks.

    • skadi1

      Willem Dafoe is kind of rocking the face. Also, those coats!  Oh, the coats. I want each and every one of them.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I think the actors are quite delicious. But then, I often find models too pretty to be attractive.

      More to the point, I so enjoy looking at clothes I can whole heartedly admire. I like the cut of the trousers (though according to my TLo education many are too long) and love, love, love the top coats. 

      Men, take note: See what a long top coat (well cut & shaped in the shoulders & that FITS) with an interesting collar (or, per Mr. Oldman, a classically unassuming collar) can do to make you look debonair, pulled together, urbane, or just plain devastatingly attractive?  It would never occur to the bystander that you’re behind on laundry & wearing your gag gift undies. [Well, the smoking jacket-esque coat/long jacket is, perhaps, the exception]

      Love most of the fabrics, as well.

      Not a fan, on the other hand of most of the short jackets’ fit. Cut closer to the body than I like to look at, they just look uncomfortable.

      • Anonymous

        Having worn a tight, short jacket as uniform before: like most things, they’re comfortable when they fit.  I love Jamie Bell’s look, and am wistful for the days I could fit into it.

        I want a longcoat.  I just don’t have the money for the good stuff (well cut and fits).

        • Anonymous

          It’s really annoying how often the shortage of money or of time ruins an otherwise nearly perfect plan, no? ;-D

    • Anonymous

      Judging solely by the photos, Dafoe’s the only one bringing it. The rest look hilarious, or uncomfortable, or hilariously uncomfortable.

      • Alisa Rivera

        Yeah, I was giggling through most of this and outright guffawed when I got to Oldman. Agree that Dafoe looks the best.

    • Anonymous

      Where did all of their necks go?

    • Anonymous

      I just have to add: THANK YOU, T & Lo.

      There is no way I’d have just stumbled across the Prada Fall 2012 Menswear runway show, and I enjoyed this SO MUCH. Liked the clothes, liked seeing them on men, not boys, on (even though actors are better looking than the average elevator-load at my workplace) relatively less-than-ideal bodies, and did I mention I enjoyed the whole damn show?

    • Shannon Stewart

      Oldman looks oddly right in this.  Dafoe looks comfortable, but I don’t think the overcoat and the suit coat together are doing a whole lot for his body — that’s something that really is the province of male models.

      But dear God, those shoes… I applaud the idea of doing something different and interesting in men’s footwear, but those are just… not my favorite.  The flower ones on the right are just kinda silly looking and my husband insists the ones on the left look like vulvas.

    • Lulu Lafurge

      Yes, some of the clothes are gorgeous, but I guess I’m the only one here who found this pageant silly, nearly to the point of cringe-inducing. No: At some points I actually cringed, then distracted myself and laughed.

      • Alisa Rivera

        No, not just you! I think the actors look ridiculous. Literal lols here.

    • Bridget Smith

      Ugh, I hate menswear shows. With a very, very few exceptions (many of whom here are the actors: the people whose job it is to make every motion and every facial expression mean something), the models don’t walk as if it MEANS anything. They’re all just booking it, like they’re in a hurry to get out of there, and none of them look dramatic in the process. I’ve seen random men on the street walk better than this.

    • Anonymous

      Mmm…they definitely picked some actors that push all the right buttons for me…Brody, Roth, Oldman, Dafoe…all in different ways, but RAWR.

      Oh, and the whole line, especially the coats/jackets, looks spectacular.

    • Chris Boutee

      Nothing wrong at all with using these guys. Except most of them look like munchkins.

    • Anonymous

      love the red glasses to death.
      like the actors better than the models, very strange.

      • Anonymous

        Not so strange. The actors look like good-looking people, with personalities.  The models seem flat in comparison. (Though I have to commend the stylist(s) for dressing the actors so that they didn’t all look like squat little tree stumps in comparison to the models. That had to take some skill.)

    • Anonymous

      I could just DIE. Willem Dafoe and Tim Roth…I have had a thing for both of them for YEARS. And that’s a goofy pic of Tim, but my Willem is SMOKIN’ in that outfit. Yum. I’m sold, sold, SOLD, and I couldn’t afford the sunglasses, much less those delish coats.

    • Anonymous

       Some nice pieces, but overall ugly and ridiculously styled.

    • Anonymous

      Love all the coats. Especially the white one! Then again I have a coat obsession…

      Also I want those shoes! I hope this means men dress blacks are getting a makeover!

    • Anonymous

      What happened to Tim Roth?

      And I have never (NEVER!) liked Willem Dafoe, but he looks terrific here.  Willem, this is your look!

    • Becca Robson

      Gary and Tim are back together again! :D

    • RzYoung

      Their shoes are massive, like snow shoes or is it just the angle?

    • Becca Robson

      Omg R&G! I haven’t watched that film for *time*! They are so unbelievably cute in it!

      “I want to go home!”
      “Don’t let them confuse you.”

    • Anonymous

      Wow — gorgeous clothes from start to finish. Loved them.  I adore Adrien Brody’s weird looks so always happy to see him. 

      And, really, can I PLEASE have that carpet?  Absolutely stunning rug!

      Garrett Hedlund’s happy walk and attitude very attractive and endearing.

    • Anonymous

      The new steampunk movie: Colonel Reginald Plushbottom goes undercover.

    • Anonymous

      Gary Oldman? I’m sold.

    • Anonymous

      Adrien Brody cracks me up.

    • Anonymous

      Well, that was fun!  The actors all did a great job, and Oldman, Dafoe, and Brody looked especially good.  Of course, Adrian had the advantage of wearing that fabulous red coat, but still.

      I loved these clothes–the proportions are so interesting and flattering.  Loved it!

    • Buffy

      Willem Dafoe, mmmmm mmmmmm!

    • Hetha Innis

      Willem Dafoe looks totally badass! 

    • Lauren St Martin

      Garret Hedlund and Jamie Bell? YUM!

    • Anonymous

      I really, really like this show and the collection. Wow. Well done Prada!

    • Anonymous

      William Dafoe just knocked my socks off!

    • Lexie

      Brody, Bell, and Dafoe win the celeb lineup.

      I would loveee to see some guys pull these looks off on the RC. Patterns! Color! STYLE!

    • Anonymous

      Jamie Bell looks like he’s competing for best dressed head waiter…or, with the detail onthe jacket, sommelier?

    • erin l.

      Really great collection, though I do detest those spanx-like cummerbunds (i.e. on Jamie Bell) .

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but I laughed at the Adrien Brody picture. I think he looks ridiculous. Blasphemy, I know…

    • Karen Stephens Bassett

      Willem DeFoe on a runway?!  Be still my heart! 

    • Bree The Vole

      Dafoe is kind of fug, but he’s fug in a *hot* way.

      For some reason actors who try to be models strike me as more awkward than actresses trying to be models, with the great exception of Jeremy Irons. I’d love to see him “Man On The Street” feature one day.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      Dafoe is getting better looking with age. Which is not something I would have predicted while watching Platoon.
      Where is Tim Roth? I love him so – but I don’t ever see him. Is he in something that I am missing? You don’t need to answer that? Wikpedia is back up…for now…

    • Terri Griffith

      Am I the only one who thinks this is silly? What man do YOU know would wear white shorts, high socks & flowered shoes?

    • Rebecca Johnson

      Jamie Bell and Willem Dafoe BROUGHT it! Good for them. Also, MRRROW!

    • Rachel Moss

      Willem Dafoe is OWNING that catwalk. What a boss.

    • Anonymous

      I want Willem’s entire outfit, as well as Adrien’s coat and the left-hand look on the third row of models (striped purple jacket).  Fabulously done, Miuccia!

    • Rebecca

      Willem! Willem!

      Look at him werqing that 1940s International Man of Mystery thing!

    • Anonymous

      Gary Oldman is the only one of the celebs I think pulls it off.

    • Anonymous

      its all a little to Kurt Hummel for me.

    • Lauren P

      Had I attended this presentation in person, I would have spontaneously exploded. Tim Roth? Gary Oldman? IN THE SAME PLACE? *dies*

    • James Silaban