PR All Stars: Top Scoop, Bottom Scoop

Posted on January 30, 2012


Like everyone else this week, Anthony pulled something out of his trickbag. It’s probably a dress he’s made a hundred times before. It’s certainly a dress we’ve seen a hundred times before.

All this folded, tricky, origami-style stuff is very much in Anthony’s wheelhouse, but it’s not the kind of thing you can execute well in such a short period of time and it’s also not the kind of thing you can do half-assedly. On a normal one or two-day challenge, we have no doubt he’d have been able to turn this out impeccably, but with so little time, it just looks a mess. Besides, even if it had been done impeccably, it still would have been a dress we’ve seen many times before.



This was a “good on paper” dress, we think. That’s not to say we don’t like it; just that we think we like the idea of it more than the actual end result.

The good parts: It’s unexpected. It’s still graphic color-blocking, but the edges are rounded and red is being used instead of black. It’s got a chic, easy feel to it and probably could be dressed up or down (terribly styled here, we have to say). And it’s eye-catching.

The bad parts: Like Anthony’s, it’s a dress that needs kickass execution and while this is admirable given the time constraints, it’s still somewhat sad and raggedy-looking, which works against the graphicness of it. Also, we agreed with whatever judge said that the red parts with the sheer white overlay seemed a little … off. It almost looked like soaked bandages. If the red and white were more high-contrast instead of allowing bleed-through we think the dress would have worked better.

Don’t get us wrong; it’s a good dress and deserving of Top 3, but it did have some issues.


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  • Anonymous

    Yes Anthony was on autopilot

    I liked the idea of Mila’s dress also but boy is it ever badly styled. It looks worse in the stills

    • I admit I’m a fashion neophyte… but what is so horrible about the styling?  I think the hair is bad, but everyone seems to be complaining about the belt.  What is wrong with the belt?  This dress obviously needs SOME belt, right?  What kind of belt would have worked better?

      • Anonymous

        The shoes and the belt are very rigid and heavy. The black color is wrong also for this outfit. They run up against the lightness and soft airy-ness of the garment-diminishing its good qualities. The shoes pull focus away from the dress instead of enhancing it. The belt is too thick and seems to be pulling down the dress more than giving it a desired shape. Like the shoes, they draw a little too much attention.

      • I think a much lighter belt would’ve been better.   Everyone went nuts with Bert’s tie belt with the hint of silver, I think if she would’ve worked with an idea like that, it could have looked better.

  • That belt on Mila’s dress makes me itch every time I look at it. So wrong.  Totally agree that the execution of both these looks is poor, but I did like the idea of Anthony’s as well as Mila’s.

  • Soaked bandages!!!! I DID like Mila’s dress until I read that. You two crack me up!

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Of the two, I liked Anthony’s moderately better.

    I mean, sure, we’ve seen it before, but in a six hour time frame, they’d be stupid to try something new (I believe Kenley even pointed this out).  Knock out something you’ve done before, and hope it gets you by.  Of course, having done it before, he should have realized that it took more than six hours to do right, but honestly, in a six hour challenge, I’m not really taking too many points for execution, either.  Really, this was a throwaway challenge of the highest order.  Basically, I’d give it to (1) least ugly and (2) invokes flavor.

    Alas, all three top looks failed in the “least ugly” department, including Mila’s.  Red and white sack with a belt.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony keeps making these dresses that look like the sewing machine went wild all over the front of the dress.  I can appreciate what he’s going for, but the execution is just not there. it’s almost like he wadded up the fabric and then just sewed it where it fell.

    Red!  I suppose this is a major step out of the box for Mila, even if it really just means swapping in red for black.  Still, at least it’s not monochromatic.  Way to live on the edge, girl!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why you and the judges like Mila’s dress. The combination of the sheer fabrics and the rough, roundish color blocks make it look like a pile of rags. It literally looks like the kind of thing I’d have made as a child out of the various scarves and scraps in my dress-up box.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. When she was kept on the runway, I was sure she would be in the bottom.

      Not crazy about Anthony’s dress, because it’s so complicated. But I like the colors; it makes me think of sherbert.

      • Anonymous

        I, too, thought Mila was bottom three. The dress looked less like deliberate color blocking that bits of scrap fabric stitched together at random. And just because she used red instead of black still doesn’t give her a pass for using color. If it hadn’t be cherry, she’d never have thought of using red.

  • Anonymous

    That side view of Anthony’s is redic. He’s lucky that others were worse.

    Mila’s was a solid third. Just don’t look too close!

  • I was with Mizrahi – Mila’s was my favorite dress of the week in spite of the poor execution.  It does look like sour cherries and milk gelato, which by the way sounds delish.  Not worthy of the win, unfortunately, but an great concept.  Tidy it up a bit and style it better and it woulda been a contender.

    • Totally agree. I’m biased towards Mila, but I think I’m objective about her work. I love this dress. I love that it’s so simple, and it looks so easy to wear, even on a day when one is feeling less than svelt. The fabric is pretty – feminine without being too young and girly. And, yeah, it’s not win-worthy, but she sent out a nice piece in a ridiculously short period of time. Her aesthetic really worked to her benefit in this challenge.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony’s is a bigger mess than I remembered. The back is ridiculously bad. I’m not loving those shades of green and yellow-green together. (Although, I realize the designers had a limited selection of fabric at their disposal.)

    Mila’s works well for milk and sour cherry. Again, it is literal, like some others this week, but I think it is the most successfully literal. You are so right that the execution doomed it. I don’t much like stark red and white usually, but the layering of the colors softens the contrast a little bit and makes it work for me.

  • Anonymous

    I think I liked Anthony’s concept a bit more than Mila’s. I wasn’t surprised that Isaac liked it so much as it seems in keeping with his own kinds of color schemes.

  • Anonymous

     Anthony’s dress: Almost there. Also, I’d have loved not just a different dress for “Grapefruit” (the flavour I’d have chosen), but I’d have incorporated Anthony’s skirt fabric with Grapefruit — it would have been an interesting add.  Mila’s dress: I’d love to see the hem that Gordana had on her Miss Piggy dress.

  • Re: Mila- That ice cream must have been really, really cold.

  • Anonymous

    Mila’s dress made me think of Gaga’s meat dress, so it actually nauseated me a little. I’m a fan of Mila’s clothing, but this one left me once again thinking I should become a vegetarian. Anthony’s dress is harmless enough, but there’s way too much folding going on; it looks confusing.

    • Nixonesque

      If you are contemplating Vegetarianism, then the fact that you like Anthony’s salad dress makes sense.

  • Terri Smith

    One of these days, I want the models to be allowed to wear bras.  Just once!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry. I HATE Mila’s dress. It’s shapeless. The colors are awkward and the fabric is just wrong.  The styling is awful.  The hem and cut is bad and the finishing is less than acceptable.

    I’m not crazy about Anthony’s dress, but between the two, I’d take his over hers in a heartbeat.  And I’m not a fan of green–particularly that shade of green on me!  

    Anthony’s dress at least looks flirty and fun, while Mila’s is just sad and depressing, even with the red color.

    • I’m in complete agreement with you! I felt the exact same way, I even expected it to be, if not in the middle, in the bottom three. The heavy black styling made it much worse. Can’t believe the judges made such a fuss over it.

  • Anonymous

    I like the “idea” of Mila’s dress and god knows she really made an effort to crawl up DVF’s ass. However just hell NO to the styling. That heavy black belt is just a loud fart at a sweet sixteen party. 

  • “Milk and sour cherries” is a terrible name for a flavor. I kept accidentally reading it as “sour milk and cherries”.

    • I kept doing the exact same thing. Eeurgh.

    • Maria Rosenfire

      I know! Couldn’t they just have said “tart cherries” and avoided the problem altogether? It just seems like sloppy thinking to me.

      • Or maybe “cream and sour cherries.”  At least if you misplace the “sour”, sour cream sounds better than sour milk. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Soaked bandages. You’re so right and now I cannot unsee it. I liked the idea of Mila’s dress much more than Anthony’s folded napkins dress, but the styling alone almost killed it. The bleed-through and the rounded hems were not the way to go here.

  • Anonymous

    They both disappoint, but Mila’s seems like the best ice cream flavor concept.

    B-M just don’t get it; people watch PRAS to see beautiful things created by inventive minds, not some frantic sew-a-thon which practically guarantees crap. Austin, Austin, was hot gluing a gown together for Pete’s sake!

  • Lattis

    This was a stupid challenge. Everything that was produced was crap. 

    • Anonymous

      Crisp and to the point, Lattis!  And basically, I agree with you!

  • Anonymous

    Georgina Chapman said that about the white overlay over the red being off.  She is one of the few judges who actually gets quite specific about each look and seems to give some great feedback on fabric and construction choices. 

    I couldn’t get past the shoes with Mila’s.  She just can’t step away from the black.  I disagreed with the judges on both of these choices.  Mila’s wasn’t that good (Kenley would have been in the top three for me) and Anthony’s wasn’t that bad.  His place in the bottom three should have gone to Jerrell.   

  • W A

    Did Anthony have lettuce-flavored?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s because I find Mila a tiresome bore, but I saw her dress and thought about lady time…which I guess can go with ice cream.  And what was up with Anthony’s skirt?  Did it look wonky in the front to anyone besides me?  

  • Had Anthony toned down the origami mess a bit more, I think it would have been quite a nice dress. I really like the idea of it, and the colours. Granted it’s nothing too original. But then again, with such a short time fame I don’t think many designers dared to think outside of the box and instead reverted back to their repertoire. 

  • Anonymous

    I think this challenge must have been driven by Diane von Furstenberg’s availability — like, she was only in town for seven hours.  I’m OK with a rush challenge, but then make that the challenge.  The gelato flavor idea felt like too much.  It’s not that I don’t think that there’s a really interesting challenge to be based on gelato flavors — just give them more time.

    But anyway: I really dislike origami dresses.  They never make sense, and Anthony’s submission shows that, in a crunch, they really don’t make sense.

  • Mariah J

    I completely agree. I loved Mila’s idea but the execution and styling were terrible. If they do another less than 1 day challenge I’m done. What’s the point.

  • Call me Bee

    I think I would have liked Mila’s dress so much better without all the layering so that the whit and red were not blended into pink.  With just a white slip under it or something.  The layers give me a headache. 
    Anthony’s dress is a mess and I was surprized when it was in the top three.  Especially the back–yikes.  I’ve never liked the origami dresses, so I hate this.  One nice thing–the color with the shoes.  That was well done.

    • Anthony’s was in bottom three.  And he had green tea.

    • Pinup Ghoul

      I think Mila’s dress would look a lot more… I dunno. Less ugly? Is that too mean? …if it had been made as a sort of sleeveless trapeze dress, maybe with a lettuce-edged hem. The fabric is so lightweight that it really needs to be free to move properly, and a sheath dress with a gladiator belt is not the best way to get the most out of that fabric. If it were more floaty, it could’ve looked eons better.

  • Anonymous

    I like Mila’s design…even like the bleed through….the way the red and white overlays create the 3rd color, pink.  It looks like the inspiration of cherries and milk ice cream, melting and mixing into each other,  without being too literal.  Plus, is suits her color blocking style to a t.  I’m not completely crazy about the shape and placement of some of the graphics, but overall I really like the idea and effect.  Agree that the styling is pretty bad…belt, platform shoes, hair and lipstick (hate hate hate the lipstick!) all need to be changed drastically.  The shoes and belt are way too heavy for the sheer flowy dress.

    Anthony’s top is so over worked…eliminate at least half of the folds and seams, especially at the back, and I think it’d be cute and flattering.  I like the color combinations. 

  • Anonymous

    I had the opposite reaction to these dresses – I liked Anthony’s color scheme quite a bit, and I thought it evoked melting ice cream really beautifully.  I agree the back was a mess, but hey, six hours.  And I thought Mila’s didn’t work at all, although I realize the horrible styling had a lot to do with my impression. But I fully expected their places to be reversed in the top & bottom three.

  • Anonymous

    I like red and I like white. I like pink too. I thought Mila should have won this challenge.  This dress would have been very cute on the guest judge. But I hate the black belt. Hate. Still better than Mondo or Michael.

    Anthony’s was okay. The skirt is almost as revealing as April’s was. I like the color combo. And the airy lightness of the skirt. The top not so much. Not sure if it should have been on the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to stand up for Mila here. I liked the layering and the variation on color blocking. Look what she accomplished with two semi-sheer fabrics: 1) red alone 2) white alone 3)doubled red—more saturated color 4) doubled white—purer *color* 5) red over white 6) white over red. This gave her six color variations. I think it’s very clever, and if the time had allotted for perfect execution, and more thoughtful styling, this easily could, hell, should have been the winning look.

    Geez, the colors in these stills vs the screencaps give me a headache.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, and I thought that the criticisms of poor execution and color choice could easily be traced to the parameters of the challenge; i.e. limited to six hours and the fabric selection at mini-Mood.  There’s no defense for the styling, though.

  • Vincent Dall

    Yes, it’s true that we’ve seen Anthony’s dress before but have the judges? Without reference back to his season, I just don’t get why the judges were so hard on this one b/c, whatever it’s execution issues, it still was A LOT more interesting that some of the other hot messes on that runway, e.g., Rami’s. (In the battle of the green garments, I’d take Anthony’s over Raimi’s any day of the week.)

  • MilaXX

    I would have liked Anthony’s better with a simplier skirt. Mila’s was great effort but she needed something else to line the dress with so she didn’t have to double the fabric she had. Also styling was way too heavy for the dress.

  • Anonymous

    *sigh*  What’s the point of having All Stars and giving them 6 hour time limits?  I want to see beautiful well-executed clothing, dammit!  I love the idea behind Mila’s dress, but in no way does it reflect her talent level (or that of any of the other contestants).

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    ugh i HATE mila’s aesthetic! there’s absolutely no humor to her or lightness to her clothes! she’s deadly serious and stuck up her own rear and it shows in her rigidity and uninspired style. there! 

  • Anonymous

    Again with the color discrepancy on Anthony’s. I like it better in the stills than I did on the runway. The runway shots all look like a nude filter was placed over the lens. I’m going to pretend that the true colors are seen in the stills. It may be a trick out of his bag, but again, if it had been impeccably finished, I would love this. And I’m not the biggest fan of Anthony.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony’s wasn’t my favorite, but of the green options, it was WAY better than Rami’s–I would have put Rami in the bottom three. 

    I kinda like Mila’s–a good solution for her astetick (sp?) and this challenge.

  • Are they setting up for a grand Mila vs. Kenley bitch fight??  I think Mila would be way too mature for that (thought she definitely isn’t above complaining), but I also would love to see Mila whomp Kenley’s ass…

    • I’d buy tickets to that. Cage fight!

    • Oooo, I so agree, except I would like them to just beat each other to a bloody pulp.  They are both insufferable.

  • Ugh. Such RAGE about this short timed challenge. If I wanted to see quickly- and badly-executed stuff, I would have rewatched the Anya season.
    I didn’t hate on Anthony’s because I thought it was miles better than Rami’s and Jerrell’s messes. And it’s just too bad that Mila didn’t have more time to experiment. She was on to something there. Rage… RAGE!

    • Anonymous

      “Rage” – excellent choice of word.

  • Anonymous

    Since there was no time for executing anything other than a caftan or robe well, we seem to be left with judging the concept and styling.  There’s no point in criticizing or praising how well something was made when no one had time to make anything but a shmatta well. And on that basis, I like Mila’s concept and think she might have produced something wonderful if she had had enough time and if she had been able to choose fabrics at Mood.  I would hope she might have rethought her terrible, terrible styling if she’d had more time too, because that belt and those shoes just kill the look.

    Anthony?  Nice concept and decent styling.  The back of the top is a mess, as the judges pointed out, and the skirt needs work, but not bad.

    Such a terrible challenge!  

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I’m actually liking Mila’s dress much better in the stills.

  • I liked both of these, for the color combinations (which was the point to some extent). You guys are right to note what a difference it would have made if they had had time to do them properly. I thought Mila’s had potential to be really wonderful if she had had more control re. fabric and finishing, and I admire what she did accomplish. The belt and shoes drag the look down, though. Both of them look much worse from the back than front–maybe with an extra 6 hours they could have done a 3-d dress.

  • mila’s was one of the worst dresses i’ve seen on PR ever. put down the sour cherry kool aid, y’all.

  • Anonymous

    What bothers me the most about Anthony’s is the back resembles how a dress looks when the zipper doesn’t/can’t go up all the way!It looks like the back of the dress is gaping open!

  • marilyn

    The skirt on Anthony’s dress was unintentionally see through.   The outfit  was interesting, but, as stated, there was not enough time to do it justice.  The back of the top by the zipper was just ignored and the folding should have done something to enhance that gap.  I think the top would be great with palazzo style pants.  It would have been a very elegant thing for a more mature woman to wear to a top notch event.  Anthony was on the way, but there was not enough time to develop this. 

    I hated Mila’s.  That is just weird and ugly.  It looks like a creative attempt to use up scraps to make a dress.  This is Emperor’s Clothes time,  in which one turns out a mess, and tries to pass it off as fashion, just by looking the judges in the eye and standing behind one’s design.  No matter what the story, the dress has bad colors and is not generally attractive.  The colors were awkward, and the attempted casual asymmetric piecing of the different fabrics did not help. I realize that Mila tries to design outside the box, but to do that, she has to make clunkers like this before she comes up with a gem-. 

  • Anonymous

    Anthony’s dress was all Princess Tiana to me.

  • I think I hated this challenge more than the Miss Piggy challenge.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t get why Anthony’s dress was bottom 3 on the show, but the construction issues are very obvious in the stills. Can’t believe Jerell skated through again, though. All his dresses are the same.

  • Anthony may not have been at his best, but that invisible zipper is so far and away better than those crappy huge exposed zippers that seem to be all over PR the past few seasons (I’m looking at you, Michael Costello!) that I think that alone deserves some praise. Thank goodness for someone who knows how to make something with an invisible zipper. 

    Anyway, if Anthony had just left the origami to the front I think it would have been better.

    Mila’s dress issues stem mainly from the fact that she chose a sheer fabric to work with and so had to layer them – hence the bloody bandage color. Had she either lined it or made a nude-colored slip, it might have worked better. Also, not to nitpick, TLo, but she really had no choice but to use red. Maybe a different red would have helped (one with a bit more blue in it, perhaps) but she was stuck with red and white, given the milk and cherries flavor of the gelato.



  • Melvis Velour

    I’ve been SO waiting for Mila’s (or C’Bloc which is the Vulcan name a few of us Bitter Kittens collaborated on) creation to come up for scrutiny.  All I could think was “Japanese Flag”…

  • Anonymous

    One thing we can all agree on:  six hour challenges equals crappy output, even if you have some really great designers doing the designing.

    • YES.  It completely obliterates what has been so enjoyable about this season so far.

  • Anonymous

    God, I would have LOVED to see Mila execute that dress within a normal time frame.  While Mondo’s was my favorite overall, Mila’s was the only one to give me that “Oh, there’s something kind of cool I wasn’t expecting” moment.  (Admittedly this had as much to do with the generally weak showings this week, but still.)  I can’t help it, I sort of like her.

  • Anonymous

    Mila’s would have worked better with a different belt and shoes.  It’s like she had to sneak the black in somewhere, somehow.  She ruined what could have been a cute look.  Anthony’s looked like a bunch of randomly folded and stapled fabric.  And the color is ghastly.  

  • I actually like the bleed-through effect, though I think it would have been far more effective in white and black. And yes, I realize that she had to do the color part of the challenge; I just think she should have saved this design for another day.

  • Anonymous

    I could not believe Mila’s was in the top three. Unbelievable. Look at that close-up photo of the collar. It was a MESS. And so unflattering, with no shape at all. I agree the belt was just terrible and only made the look worse. I was sure she was going home when I saw it come down the runway.

  • Anonymous

    I remember Mila saying something about the fabric being more sheer than she expected.  With more fabric choices at Mood perhaps she would have avoided some of the problems.  I liked the dress better without the belt. 

  • I feel that at least Anthony tried and I don’t think he should’ve been in the bottom. I seem to remember it was part of the brief to try something creative and while I don’t think Anthony’s dress was any revelation of originality, it at least wasn’t a dress you can buy in any standard mall. Kenley breezed through in the middle with a dress that looked like it could’ve been picked up at H&M. She didn’t exactly challenge herself and she said as much on camera as well.

    I really dislike Mila’s dress for reasons I can’t put my finger on. I think it’s because it just feels so shapeless?

  • Anonymous

    As executed, I like Anthony’s better than Mila’s, as a dress – Mila’s ended up looking like something a twenty-something Pippi Longstocking might have worn to a cocktail party.  But I have to say that Mila gets points for something approaching originality and Anthony loses points for the difference between the hem of the underskirt and where the tulle overskirt ends. That looks wrong to me.

    Also, I think the belt & shoes drag Mila’s down – they aren’t crisp and sleek enough (even if, as I suspect, she wanted a clunky shoe) – sleeker, more sophisticated looking accessories would have elevated this dress.

  • I loved Mila’s dress. I love Mila. Am I being too subtle?
    But you and the judges were right; horrific styling. Wanted to rip that belt right off and put it in the gar-bodge can.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Mila’s entry, the thing here is the styling, the belt is too big, should have been a much thinner belt. I would have give it the win, out of the three that were in the top.

    Anthony’s from the front is quite nice, but its not very flattering from the side or the back. Had he executed it impeccably it could have been a contender. Plus a pencil skirt might have served it better than the circle skirt he made. I did get the green tea inspiration from this.

  • Anonymous

    Really didn’t care for Mila’s.  You have to be really careful combining red and white, because things can end up looking like bandages or, um, certain feminine products… it’s even got wings!  Anthony’s wasn’t great either.  God, six hour challenge, DO NOT DO THIS EVER AGAIN, SHOW. IT IS STUPID.  Not quite as stupid as ‘design inspired by ice cream’ but still pretty damn stupid.  

  • Anonymous

    i finally watched this.

    i understand why michael won. his dress looks much better moving than it does in stills. it is odd, though, that he’s winning so very many challenges. but i think it’s cos, while he is certainly not the most innovative designer on earth, in the states, on PRAS, on PR, on & on, he does make dresses that are dramatic, move beautifully & are sincerely flattering to the wearer. i will go out on a limb here & say it’s fairly obvious that he could also make them to flatter non-models. lots of times that cant be said about clothing designers [on earth, in the states, on PRAS, on PR, anywhere, etc & ect]. for this i think he qualifies.

    & when all is said & done that is probably something just as good–IN CLOTHING IF NOT IN ART–as being ridiculously or even exquisitely innovative. is he gonna be the next great fashion designer? nope, he doesnt have that to him. but i would wager he’s gonna have a career making beautiful things for whoever can afford them for as long as he wants. & no matter how many wins he’s already got, i would also wager he isnt gonna win PRAS.

    otoh, i am kind of disappointed w/ the work the more innovative people are doing. but, it can be said, how good is someones work gonna be when they are forced to make it in less than a day, inspired by ice cream [no less] or for a pig puppet? doesnt matter which pig puppet, i dont think, not a whole lot more than it matters which flavor of gelato.

    anyway, i did like mila’s. odd, cos i dont usually like her stuff that much. then again, maybe thats cos i’ve seen so much stuff like it, for decades & decades, starting when i was knee high to, i dont know, a box of oatmeal. maybe i’m just too used to all that severe black is all. but i did like this dress, maybe more than i’ve liked most of her stuff. as an aside, she’s also very tall & thin & tends to design stuff that works best on this figure. cant fault her for it, makes sense. it’s just not my figure, particularly & sadly the tall part so maybe that makes her work hard to relate to for me.

    i think it was probably hard to find a third for the bottom this time. i cant see anthony’s as being that much worse than most of the others. i can see him bottomed out there by maybe a point, maybe two. someone else said he wouldve done better if he hadnt fussed so much w/ the back. concur, here.

    i felt bad for april & kara.

  • Anonymous

    If I didn’t know she’d been inspired by cherries, I’d swear Mila was inspired by koi. The light and color of it is extremely ornamental-pond. 

  • Anonymous

    I liked the varying of colors against–or through–one another. I thought it was a really smart way for Mila to expand her aesthetic. I don’t know about e shape, or maybe it was just the awful styling, but the effect she created via the mix of textiles was my favorite part.

  • Anonymous

    i much preferred anthony’s look to mila’s.  partly because chartreuse is my color, but also i thought it looked fresh and young if not wildly innovative.  the styling was beautiful.  mila’s could’ve been interesting, but it looks skimpy and raggedy and off-kilter, especially at the neckline.  and that belt!  it looked so heavy it was about to rip the sheer fabric.  and those shoes!  they look like giant draft horse hooves, only not furry and cute.  no,no,no.  i agree with whoever said mila seems to have no sense of humor.
    also, i am not with those who are complaining about the gelato inspiration.  ice cream, esp. gelato, is my GOD.  i would make art in praise of it and create art made out of it if i could.

    • Now that you mentioned chartreuse, I hate anthony’s dress now. It ruined it for me. If any color needs to stay home in the crayon box, it’s chartreuse.

  • I know this is going to sound really weird, but I really liked the crotch on Mila’s dress.  I like how sheer it is for the legs, and you don’t even notice that the crotch is just barely covered up by the solid red, but it actually gives a sexy, but easy, look to it.  I really love the way it plays with sheers and solids all over the dress.  It’s a good dress for 6 hours, definitely better than the winning one.

  • I like Anthony’s colors. The shade of green for the top is such a great color on the right person. I just wish he hadn’t cut the fabric with hedge clippers. Because that top is one big mess. As it is, I hate all the origami crap we’ve been seeing for the past – what? – 18 months or so. And Anthony should know better than to try something like that with so little time.

    This challenge was a clusterfuck from the beginning. It seems like pure luck that the designers managed to send out clothes that didn’t fall apart halfway down the runway.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Mila’s styling is very clunky.  The belt and the shoes way too heavy for the delicacy of the dress.  Why would she want to drag it down?

  • I actually really like Mila’s despite the execution. It looks like something a teenager would wear.

  • Vic

    I’m hating all of these dresses. The 6-hour challenge was stupid and insulting to the viewers. There’s no way that I will regard any of these hasty, poorly made products as anything other than garbage. 

  • Anonymous

    I thought Mila’s dress looked better before she added the red under-layer, but it sounded like she was forced to because she didn’t pick a white liner fabric and the white was too sheer on its own.

  • vmcdanie

    I actually really liked Mila’s dress and I would have loved to have seen it if she’d been given adequate time. The time constraints don’t make the show dramatic, it makes you think about what could have been.

    Also, kind of bitter about my beloved April getting the sack. This is the second time they’ve shafted her on a time challenge.

  • Every time I look at Mila’s it makes me think of a raw steak or Mr. Goodbody from that 80’s kid show I watched growing up. I think that is what bother me about the red with the white overlay, it conjures up the image of marbled meat or muscles. Am I the only one who got that impression?