PR All Stars: Please Leave Your Baggage at the Door, Darlings

Posted on January 08, 2012

It feels weird to suddenly be thrust back into a world where we wake up with a start on Sunday morning because we’re way behind on running down all the Project Runway looks from the last episode. Weren’t we just wrapping Christmas gifts ten minutes ago? Where’s my coffee?

Gordana, like a lot of the designers, seems to be weighed down with some post-PR baggage. Namely, she seems ready to be kicked in the face by the judges at any moment. Girl, we know you got shafted in your season, but you’ve gotta toughen up.

This wasn’t great, but it really wasn’t as bad as the judges (gently) made it out to be.

For an unconventional materials challenge, it’s not a bad use of what’s at hand. It does a decent job of owing back to the original dress that inspired it (of which we can’t get a screencap because it was onscreen for all of .015 seconds). The problem we have with it is that the original dress, and subsequently this one, is not really to our tastes at all. A little overwrought and tacky, to be honest. We give her credit for the use of materials and the execution, and there’s a bit of Rodarte-y kind of feel to the idea here, but we think she might have to rein in her more outrageous sensibilities this time around.

But she’s in a unique spot among the contestants because we imagine Georgina Chapman will find herself responding to Gordana’s work quite a bit. There are some similiarities in their aesthetics and Georgina clearly likes a dress when it goes just a little too far. It’ll be interesting to see if Gordana can cultivate a little sympatico on the judging panel.

Jerell continues to be kind of intriguing with his work. His overall aesthetic was never our thing but we appreciate the thought that goes into his designs and the risks he’s willing to take.

We just don’t think there were many risks taken here.

We hope we don’t wind up making this comparison every week, but Michael and Nina would have criticized him quite a bit for using scarves to make a dress. There’s nothing unconventional about that material. Yes, he made a pretty great-looking dress, but he chose some of the easiest possible materials he could have. In our minds, that’s a strike against someone in an unconventional materials challenge. You want corn-husk dresses, not plain old fabric dresses.

We’ll give him all the credit in the world for that treatment at the neckline, however. We don’t love the fringe, but we do like the shape of it.

We think he took it more than a little safe this time, perhaps in response to past criticisms that he needs to tone things down. We like the dress – in fact, it’s one of the best of the week – but it’s composed of very easy choices and shortcuts for a challenge that asks for problem-solving and creativity.
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  • Chris Halpin

    I don’t think I can ever think of Jerell without remembering that hideous blouse-cum-dress-cum-what the hell IS that thing he wore on an episode in his original season. He’ll never be able to live up to that.

    • Anonymous

      don’t forget jerrell when it comes to the flamboyant gay dressing sweepstakes.  he’ll give mondo and austin a run for their money.  he is looking quite filled out and cute now- i remember him as being rather thin during his season.  and i enjoy his smack talking gay ghetto brother style.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed … I find Jerrellinteresting b/c in some ways I find him to be almost butch. He’s flamboyant but can’t be pinned down  as the typical “reality show gay guy.” Would love to see him tell Josh McBitch a thing or two.

        His dress reminded me of something Anya would have done–if Uli helped her sew it.

        • Anonymous

          Something Anya would have done…if Uli helped her sew it.  You Nailed it. 

    • Call me Bee

      I just remeber that OTT wedding dress he did in the finale of his season.  Yikes–the fake flowers and pick-ups and ruffles and ruching and on and on and on…

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t respond as well to Jerrell’s, mostly because he didn’t really use an unconventional material. I suppose that’s the challenge of having both a 99 cent store challenge combined with an unconventional materials challenge.  They do sell cloth at that store.  I responded a little better to Gordana’s piece, despite its overwrought nature. She used brillo pads and streamers to create a cute, if over-embellished dress. I did like the judges’ comments on both of their pieces. Nice advice.

    • Nancy Abrams

      I’m thinking that the judges considered it more of an unconventional source of materials rather than an unconventional materials challenge. Just because we have memorized every word ever spoken on PR doesn’t mean that these judges are as tied to Michael, Nina and Heidi’s pronouncements as we are. These established, wealthy folks might have been impressed that the designers were able to create anything wearable out of a store that none of them would ever walk into. Otherwise, they would never have made Jerrell’s dress #3.

      I also agree that Gordana’s dress was not as awful as they made it out to be.

      • Anonymous

        “I’m thinking that the judges considered it more of an unconventional source of materials rather than an unconventional materials challenge.” Exactly what I was thinking.  

  • Angelica Smith Mertens

    I kinda liked Gordana’s dress.  I have 2 criticisms about it however.  The first being the black belt.  I liked the belt, but if it was silver it would have tied in with the sparkly stuff on the streamers and the scouring pads better.  Second is that red thing on the front…  I think she would have fared better if she would have pulled the blue or the purple.  Other than that it’s a cute dress.

  • MandyJane

    I always liked Gordana, I hope she gets it together. She didn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in herself this episode. I thought her outfit was cute. 

    Jerell made a lovely dress, but I was surprised he got so much praise considering he basically used fabric.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    Jerell not only didn’t use unconventional materials, he pretty much made the same dress as the original. I wish the judges had called him out on repeating, rather than being inspired by, his first look.

    • Anonymous

      I thought they did? 

      Nevermind. They mentioned it in their comparisons, but I think you’re right–they didn’t mention it to him. Or maybe they did and never showed it. They were aware of it, at least.

      • Eric Scheirer Stott

        They gave him a pass, that is what the dress was worth

    • Cassandra Loyd

      that was my first thought too.  Cute dress, but EXACTLY the same neckline as the original.

  • Anonymous

    That red tube at the neckline of Gordana’s dress was the nail in the coffin for that look. I know she was referencing the red vinyl/leather/pleather thing on her original look, but that tube is so awkward and clumsy. Not a bad look, otherwise. The other knock against the dress is that it all looks like the original materials. She didn’t manipulate them in the way the more praised designers did.

    Jerell’s would have been middle of the pack for me. I don’t think he deserved to be in the top 3 for making a dress out of fabric for an unconventional materials challenge.

  • Anonymous

    I would wear the hell out of Jerell’s dress. I WANT IT NOW.

    Unfortunately, I would have to agree with the opinion that the use of scarves would go against the whole spirit of an “unconventional material” challenge.

    I think Gordana would have fared better if the red clasp at the top of her dress was silver or black instead. Other than that touch, it would a cute little dress. I’m hoping she gets a bit more confidence in her abilities as the show goes on because I hate seeing her look so defeated.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t respond well to Gordana’s at all.  Her model looked like a walking party favor (albeit a well constructed party favor).  The thing that I liked most about Jerrell’s is that it looked liked like his aesthetic.  But yes, points off for using scarves.

    • Anonymous

      Have to say I agree re Gordana.  I love her, but I thought this could’ve been done by a middle school girl scout craft session (and probably has been).  Had the bottom two not been so bad, I fear dear Gordana would’ve been ousted.  Pull it together, girl–we’re pulling for you.

      I was surprised Jerell’s was toned down, and quite pretty, but MAJOR points off for using fabric, be it cheap fabric, as fabric.

    • Anonymous

      Mondo’s comment about her looking like a pinata and hoping Gordana’s model was filled with candy made me giggle.

  • Anonymous

    Baggage parked!

    I do like the neck detail of Jerrell’s dress, but the rest of it looks kind of flimsy to me.  But that’s the problem with choosing “unconventional material” that you don’t have to transform.  If it’s not of very good quality, there’s no way to get a quality garment.

  • MilaXX

    But she’s in a unique spot among the contestants because we imagine
    Georgina Chapman will find herself responding to Gordana’s work quite a
    bit. There are some similiarities in their aesthetics and Georgina
    clearly likes a dress when it goes just a little too far

    I agree, which is why I found it surprising that Georgina told her she had one element too many. I do think the dress was a bit busy, but was surprised that this judge would as well.

    Jerell’s dress was nice, but as mentioned he used fabric as fabric. The only thing I notice different from his last time around is the bust line seem better fitted. Before it appeared that he wanted to do these unusual treatment at the neckline and bust but they never fit the model’s boobs properly. This fits much better.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, which is why I found it surprising that Georgina told her she had one element too many…

      You’re in deep poo when the queen of the overwrought, overworked, overbedazzled gown tells you that you went too far. 

  • Anonymous

    These two represent the good and bad side of starting with a clean slate with the judges. Someone like Gordana is getting to be critiqued by a fresh eyes. Jerrell however is getting praised for really violating the spirit of the challenge by people who dont fully appreciate the possibilites of the UM challenge. What’s really surprising is that it was his season where Tim chided so many contestants for resorting to using easy materials to create a garment

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, Jerell’s was probably the most wearable / salable of everything which went down the runway that night. And that’s why it placed so highly. But I agree that the reason it didn’t win is because he chose easy to work with materials; the judges were right. (Wow, it feels totally cray-cray to agree with the judges.)

    If Rami had made his outfit using an easy material like shower curtains, instead of painstakingly cutting up tote bags, I expect he would have been a runner up like Jerell as well.

    Poor downtrodden
    Gordana; we know she has talent; she just needs to learn when to stop! Those silver stickers would have been better left off. And I wish she would stand up to the judges and defend her choices more. 

    • CallMeJane

      Yes – I hated the stickers and was shocked when I saw them on the dress.  On Gordana’s form in the work room shots, the dress looked really clean as a simple white.  With all the movement of the different pieces it did not need that shiny crap.  I think should could have lost the stickers, the pot scrubber caps sleeves and the red thing.  She may not have won, but she wouldn’t have been in the bottom three. I’m pulling for her!

  • Anonymous

    I thought Gordana took more chances than the others by going a bit away from the body. Any girl willing to wear short and bare )at the top, doesn’t need to worry over looking “big”. I would have eliminated the red toilet paper roll at the cf neck, other than that I would put her in the top , at least top middle.
    Jerrell should have been in the bottom middle, too safe on materials and too much smutch at the cf neck.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Gordana had better get her positive attitude on– she looked so defeated on the runway, and I really liked her dress– compare that to some of the crack that was on the runway during the season we just got done with, and the positive way in which the winning beauty-queen designer and Mr. over-groomed eyebrows defended their work.  I’d even go so far as to say that Sweet Pea (really?  who has a name like that?) put a positive spin on very very poor work and slipped through, while (having trouble with names today, sorry) the new-agey woman could have easily stayed if she had said “This is a beautiful ethereal beach look to go with my higher-end outfit– I did xxxx technique to make the colors/patterns to lift the look into a more festive and casual mood, and I think it’s fabulous, don’t you?”   Attitude isn’t everything, but it can really help.  Gordana looked like a beaten puppy, wearing an unflattering outfit herself and looking unkempt– I don’t think she dealt well with the sleep deprivation in her season, and it looks like she’s headed that way again.  Too bad, because I really liked her portfolio.  

    • Anonymous

      Gordana looked like a beaten puppy…

      Ha! Not sure if puppy is the word I’d go with. In dog years, I think we’re looking at about 70. Sorry Gordana….

  • Anonymous

    I’m always a little fascinated when a contestant’s dress is inverse to their personal appearance/personality. Let’s face it, Gordana looks like she works in a potato factory but her dress would be perfect for a drag version of Sweet Charity. 

    • Anonymous

      You’re awful!  =)  (But Gordana does look like she should be wearing dull baggy clothes and a babushka.)

      • e jerry powell

        A hand-knitted babushka.

        • Anonymous

          Boy, I had better be clear (with my own post) that I was critiquing Gordana’s presentation of herself, not her own physical appearance– I happen to think that she is striking, and when she puts her best foot forward she can really carry off some beautiful clothes.  I just think she isn’t including herself in the whole “package” for the judges.  Mondo’s personal style isn’t to my taste, but he always thinks through how he will look and how his look will complement his model’s.  

      • Anonymous

        and papoochies with a yarn pom pom

    • Anonymous

      No kidding.  I love you for the phrases “potato factory” and “drag version of Sweet Charity” all in one sentence.  Kisses to you for making my night!

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the Gordana dress and thought it the most fun and original of the lost.   I liked the craziness of it.  Perhaps if the tube thingie and the belt had been lighted in shade it might have helped tone down the too much aspect.  It looked great on the runway
     — wish she’d eliminated that cuff too.  Not necessary at all. 

    Did not care for the Jerell mullet dress — the fringe, the buttons, the print — dreary and unflattering, especially from the back. Didn’t care for the styling either.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Gordana’s when she first started it….then she needed to stop.  Stop stop stop.  Waaay too much going on.   As for Jerrell, thankfully Nina, Michael and Heidi were not here, they would have to have ended the season right now and given him the win.

  • Marie Drucker

    I found it amusing that judge Ken said something (positive) about Jerrell’s dress having that trendy “high-low” hem. And here we’ve been disparaging such things as mullets. ; )

    • Anonymous

      Yeah!  Nicole Miller had some on AOTL.  Boy, did I feel like a rube.

    • Shannon Stewart

      Trendy doesn’t mean pretty — once upon a time avocado green leisure suits were trendy.

      • Anonymous

        OMG Now I’m having a flashback.  Where’s my valium.  LEISURE SUIT!  Weren’t they an egregious attack on the eyes?  I had a date who actually WORE ONE TO THE PROM.  I was horrified even then!

  • Anonymous

    I just really appreciate that we have designers again which give us something to talk about.  I had about given up on Project Runway.  Incidentally, are you going to blog Catwalk?

  • Iyad Hilal

    i was never a fan of Jerell’s style on his season and right after season nine where every dress was a flowy print island dress (THANKS ANYA) i just can’t take it at all.

  • A. Lure

    Hm. Jerell’s dress has an easy/breezy/flowing quality. I can’t get exited about it. That’s not his fault. I’ve developed a terrible aversion to these resort-oriented dresses after Anya’s ridiculous win. Now Anya’s dresses, if one could call them such, were badly-sewn-on-the-model, chopped-hem, and unmatched-print uglies. Jerell’s dress is BEAUTIFULLY executed. It has some fine details such as the cut and shape of the neckline, the use of the fringe, and the placement of those button-like things. All these elements are consistent with Jerell’s aesthetic. There’s nothing wrong with the dress other than using scarves for an unconventional-materials challenge. Dress should have placed in the middle.

    I can’t get behind Gordana’s dress. I hate that red tube-thing. The streamers-as-straps are tacky as hell. I don’t mind the belt-band. I like that she selected those pads and that she generated quite a bit of movement from them, but the dress is bulky and the embellishments don’t help. Give those materials a fabric resemblance, people. Stop decorating the fuck out of them. The execution’s good. Dress could have placed in the middle.

  • Mariah J

    Jerell’s dress is nice but definitely too safe for this challenge. Gordana’s would have been fine if she didn’t stick those shiny things all over it.

  • Anonymous

    My main problem with Jerrell’s dress is that I have been conditioned from last season to take an instant aversion to anything that looks caftan-ish and flowy.
    I think Austin is lucky he didn’t wind up in the bottom. It pains me to say that because I had him pegged for top 3.
    I liked Gordana’s pot scrubber shoulder treatment. Her dress was perhaps too referencing of her inspiration dress, but I gave her props for following the instructions. I’d have put her in the lower middle.

  • Susan Collier

    Both of these designers did a good job of referencing their original designs (as much as I could see onscreen). I wish I had a photographic memory.

    Yeah, not digging Gordana’s red strap tube and the pot scrubbers as straps, while creative and sparkly, don’t work and give the top of the dress a alien hooker vibe. I like the streamers, the stickers, and black belt though. Her use of belts is better than Sweet P’s atrocious entry.

    No problem with Jerrell’s at all. I do like the details he created at the neck, but points off for using scarves. Imagine if Anya had created this last season? Instead of a 3rd place standing, this would have garnered multiple-orgasms and a ticker tape parade from the judges.

  • Anonymous

    jerrell would have done well to play up other materials that he used, such as whatever he used to make the two fringes and the buttons.  you can’t win an unconventional materials challenge just saying “i used scarves”.  gordana does look like a whupped puppy (and that’s being kind- what i really was thinking was haggard old witch).  the years between have not been kind to her .  she needs to pay attention to her own look if she wants to be america’s next great designer.

  • Anonymous

    so basically Jerell made a dress that Anya would make, if the hack could actually sew.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, this was my thought, that he was taking notes on this past season and following Anya’s lead. Would not have put this one in the top three for the fact that is was so safe in the choices which for an unconventional materials challenge was boring.


      • Anonymous

        Yes, this was my thought, that he was taking notes on this past season and following Anya’s lead.

        Unlikely, unless he’s psychic.  This was filming at the same time as Season 9.

      • Anonymous

        No. If you look through the archives here at his last collection you would see that he’s always done those intricate baroque tops and dresses. The difference here is that he seems to have learned how to edit his work.

  • Anonymous

    if jerrell’s model is not wearing a bra, as it appears, she sure has some perky breasts.  maybe he built some foundation into the dress?

    • Susan Collier

      Perhaps out of some food storage containers or bouncy balls?

  • Anonymous

    I hate that Lifetime isn’t streaming this.  I don’t have cable, so i can’t watch it on tv, and I can’t find it anywhere online.  Any ideas, fellow unborn fawns?

  • Anonymous

    Jerell’s dress moved beautifully–yeah, he didn’t really challenge himself in regards to materials, but he did play by the rules and the dress was really a dress–so credit there.  

    I thought Gordana’s also moved well and referenced her original outfit.  However, I didn’t like her original outfit much–the red pleather stuff was too busy.  Not surprised the reference to it doesn’t work.  Also, the dress Gordana was wearing was awful on her–way too short for her at this point.  They may have deserved their bottom spots, but Sweet Pea and Elisa both wore great dresses for the critique–Sweet Pea in Orange and Elisa in that hot pink.

  • Melvis Velour

    When I first glimpsed Jerell’s outfit, all I could think of was “…Anya’s back…and maybe she learned to sew a little better”

  • muzan-e

    I was fascinated with how particularly Chapman responded to Gordana’s work.  If they do share an aesthetic, then this is a fantastic opportunity for Gordana – to be guided by someone who knows how to make their sort of thing work.  That seemed to be the direction Chapman was taking during the judging this round: not making a hypocritical attempt to condemn her for expressing their similar aesthetic, but instead making an attempt to refine Gordana’s expression of it. 

    It was a pleasure to watch that happening, and I think that Gordana did begin to realise what was going on there up on the runway. At least, I hope that she did: a sad, beaten Gordana is nothing that I could watch week after week.  And speaking of things which I feared would be tragic:  Anthony!  A person who I’d welcome into my living room any day, any hour, just to bask for a little in the warmth he radiates – 

    and who did a clever little trick with the safety pins this week.  I think he’s going to be surprising people this time ’round, and in all the best ways. *g*

  • MishaFoomin

    I just want Jerell to stick around for the hilarious comments he makes in the “confession” booth.

  • Anonymous

    Gordana on the bottom was really the only thing that ticked me off about this premiere episode*. But I agree she seems to have brought some baggage with her. Part of it could well be an age thing (menopausal), in addition to the whole Slavic pragmatic melancholia thing. I love her, but don’t want to invest much in her appearance on this show as it’s clear** she is not marked for victory.

    * Wait – it also ticks me off that her original design was so severely cut out of the episode.
    ** See first asterisk/endnote

  • Sara Munoz

    They should use all-star models next time around. I don’t mean the ones the designers had last time around, but… actually that would be kind of a fun twist. :) 

  • Paula Berman

    I wish there were an alternate reality where Heidi, Nina, and the Duchess were judging this.  I am so curious to hear what they would think, but also sort of cringing at the cracked out results we’d likely get.

  • Anonymous

    Just a quick quality control check for everyone; love or hate Gordana’s dress (I kind of like it), it has more design elements, shape, and visual interest than Anya’s entire final collection.  Thank heavens for some damn design talent and technical ability on this show.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I thought gordana’s dress was just terrible. Really, really awful. Ugly, unflattering, and unstylish.

    • Nancy Abrams

      The one she designed or the one she was wearing?

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I think that neckline is what saved Jerrell from the “You used fabric!!!” low score.  It was complicated and well-done, and possibly not easy with dollar store scarves (I have a box of them at work for Music and Movement–the kids dance around with them–and they are slippery little buggers that WILL NOT stay put, stay tied, stay folded, etc; the laundry bags might have actually been easier to work with, if his scarves were anything like mine).

    I think that Gordana’s might have worked better without the top part at all–just as a need little strapless that looks like crap on the hanger but moves like nobody’s business.  The weird shoulder detail and especially the round tube put it firmly in Flintstones territory… though, given Project Accessory, maybe that should have given her the win.

    • Anonymous

      What I don’t like about Jerrell’s other than the use of scarves, was the inconsistent / asymmetrical sewing on the straps and the fringe.  The second strap across looks sloppy.  

      I liked Gordana’s and thought Kenley should have been an obvious choice for bottom three.

  • Anonymous

    I think Gordana is going to be leaving soon. I didn’t love her original garment and this dollar store dress looked cheap and tacky. Plus, she already seems to be frazzled by the whole thing.  Jerrell technically kept to the challenge. He did use items from a dollar store, but like you said, he used the easiest possible materials and no imagination whatsoever. He seems like a nice enough guy – always appears to be upbeat and nice, even when he’s smack-talking it seems more good humored than nasty, but I remember some pretty cracked out garments from him during his season. I don’t think he’s going to be there much longer than Gordana.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell’s dress is fine, it’s nice, it’s pretty…but it reminds me too much of Anya’s work.  Better made, for sure, but still Anya’s style.  Not Jerrell’s fault, since they were probably filming this before or during the PR9 production.  She just left a bad taste in my mouth for flowy ,mismatched-print-at-the-center-seam mullet dresses.  Sorry, Jerrell.

  • r0ckmypants

    I’m sorry, but I thought Gordana should’ve gone home for that dress. If this were an unconventional materials challenge from a party store, it STILL would’ve been tacky. Those sparkly stickers coupled with whatever the HELL that sparkly red toilet paper tube is and the sparkly silver Brillo pads make the it look like a homeless girl’s quincenera dress. HATE.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of liked Gordana’s.  I thought it was fun.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but my impression while I was watching the episode was that there was a lot of fabric and fabric-like stuff and not many materials there were really creative or unexpected. 

  • Anonymous

    i finally watched this. it wasnt bad.

    i have no idea why they sent elisa home, her first dress was so beautiful [other than the weird back join, which probably would not be visible if worn in an ordinary fashion instead of fanned out for the runway]–anyway, her first dress was so beautiful & so unusual that, were i thin enough to look good in it, i would be thrilled to buy it. gotta be superthin for it, however & sadly.

    even the thing she made out of junk wasnt bad. it was a little awkward looking–she shouldve attached the sleeves. but the top was very nice, as the sleeves mightve been had they not been some kind of, slug i’d guess you call it. or sleeg, maybe. even the hot pants were inoffensive as far as hot granny business goes–way better than some that were lauded on this program in the past. the weird mid-posie wrinkle that dives their attractiveness down i think may be a trick of the light? even if not, there was definitely worse on the runway.

    sweet p’s was worse but even it wasnt so bad. i deal in a lot of 70s clothes &, for that, it’s just standard fare. the belts were used in an interesting manner. they were right about the construction. i found it funny that the tall judge said she “wouldnt be caught dead” in it. oh, it’s a silly dress, true, but many of the tall judge’s past compatriots wore better versions loungily so they could be shot by the papparazzi [possibly spelled wrong] around the time she was born [i think], & they were perfectly fashionable. cos i dont immediately feel like i will only look this up if someone asks but i guarantee i can find photos online of just this thing. had i the thousand[s] plus it costs to subscribe to vogue online i’m sure i could find some inside. anyway.

    i actually think the worst of the three is gordana’s–& i dont like saying that. she looked so sad & scared on the runway & on the program & she is so self-effacing & polite & she was so so very screwed over by last season’s PR win that, even if they kept her on after this travesty for that reason, i would condone it. it’s just sad one of these three had to go.

    or did one? the thing that stood out to me as the worst was kenley’s, of all people. it may be that i find her retrocrappo aesthetic exceptionally trying in the first place or it could be that i wonder about where a person is coming from who would choose to use a rubber bathmat on a faux couture dress, especially untreated & w/ front & center placement. yow. i woulda changed places between her & elisa in this line-up. really.

    no problem w/ the top two. would have less problem w/ number three had there been less of number three which was really a whole lotta number two but instead took place number one last season. if i make sense & i think i do.

  • Anonymous

    I was not particularly a fan of Gordana’s garment in this episode, I must say. Still, though it’s not to my taste, it is at least interesting and that is a positive sign. Gordana always seemed “ready to be kicked in the face by the judges at any moment” unfortunately, but the experience of her season can’t have helped much in that regard. It will be interesting to see how Georgina Chapman in particular responds to Gordana’s work.

    Now, I liked Jerrell’s dress, but I have to deduct points for the lack of creativity in choosing materials. It is a lovely and wearable dress – in fact, probably the most wearable of any made in the challenge. Furthermore, the dress seems like some of the things I remember Jerrell making in S5, but toned down and edited a bit, so I am curious to see if that holds true throughout the competition. (I am also not sure who this “Anya” people keep referring to is: someone from last season? I don’t remember anyone by that name last season – Season 8, which Mondo won.)

    • Anonymous

      Mondo was on two seasons ago, and he lost to Gretchen. Anya was the winner of the most recent season, which aired this summer/fall

      • Anonymous

        *ahem* I prefer my version of events.

    • accidental housewife

      Sometimes revisionism is the best way to go. :-)

  • Anonymous

    i thought gordana’s dress was pretty dreadful.  

  • Yuju Ti

    I don’t think this judge panel care about the material. IMO Jerell shouldn’t have been in top 3, because scarf is one of the safest/easiest thing to do in an unconventional challenge. No matter how well the dress was made, the judge should not encourage this sort of treatment.

    In regard to Gordona, here is my shout out to her: Relax! Girl!!! Heidi is not even near you!

  • Anonymous

    When I was watching the episode, I definitely wasn’t crazy about Gordana’s but thought it would have scraped by (barely) being bottom 3 worthy over something like Kenley’s. Though I think I said “Oh, girl, no” at my TV when she started adding those silver squares.

    But seeing the pictures of it makes me realize how far off the mark it was. (That black belt at the top? Oy. Almost as bad as Sweet P’s use of belts.) I guess I was lulled into almost-ambivalence by the way it moved on the model. I noticed Gordana barely seemed to pop up during that “coming this season” montage, I am guessing she is not long for the all-star world. Shame, I really did like her when she was on PR, but she doesn’t seem to be in her groove and still seems a bit beaten down by Judges 1.0.

  • Chipster TM

    I’m so jealous of that second model’s bra-less cleavage.

  • accidental housewife

    First of all: I don’t want Gordana to be sad and feeling defeated. Buck up! You make fabulous clothes and have legions of fans.

    I love her dress. It’s so 60s. I can see Laugh-in era Goldie Hawn wearing it and looking fabulous. I could do without the red thingy at the neck, but everything else is just great.

    I think Jerrell’s is very pretty, and I love the treatment at the neck. I haven’t OD’d on floaty dresses because I’ve always loved them. But I do expect them to be well made, which this one is. I will agree, though, that points have are lost for using scarves. I was surprised this made it into the top 3. On the other hand, I can’t remember much of anything else from the runway in this episode, so I can’t come up with a replacement.

    It really was a pleasure to see some real, live, actual fashion after the clusterfuck that was last season. I hope TPTB learn something, although I’m not holding my breath.

  • Anonymous

    I like Jerell’s work. At least on him. What he puts on his models makes me veer back and forth between love and deep irritation, with stops between. This one is irritation in pretty colors.

    This dress does nothing to reassure me on (what I feel is) his biggest weakness: the avoidance of a structured fit.  I’m not sure he *can’t,* just that he avoids doing so and sometimes I think a more structured fit would give his home base gypsy-motley aesthetic a bit of needed sophistication.

    Gordana’s dress was o.k. for the challenge, but her own attire dragged down her runway appearance/garment defense.

    • Anonymous

      It’s the anti-Anya effect: Gordana’s personal runway appearance/garment count against what she puts on the model in the judging.

  • Mary McClelland

    The only thing that really bothered me about Gordana’s dress were the silver dots, the very lightweight paper waving at me constantly and the red bow. Otherwise, fine.

    jerell’s was also fine and it never bothers me when they use fabric for an unconventional materials challenge. I guess I’d always rather see well-made clothing than odd-ball shit that is constructed of tennis ball fuzz, brillo pads, sponges, hangers, and baby doll parts. ugh. Luckily the all-star judging panel seems to agree.

    PS – is anyone else LOVING the absence of the duchess and Heidi?

  • Anonymous

    Gordana’s dress was quite ugly. I think she could (should) have been sent home just as easily as Sweet Pea or Elisa. In fact, the more I look at that dress, the more I really, really hate it. It’s awful, even in motion (which is when, in theory, it would be at its best).

  • Dennis Coyle

    Oh.  That’s why Sweet Pea got the claws.  Giordana’s still keeping you well stocked in catnip, eh?  The dress looked interesting UNTIL those awful holograms were added.  It was also shapeless.  She is Comrade Knit, why wasn’t SHE using the mop heads?

    • Shawn EH

      Sweet Pea got the claws because of those shapeless towel panels; Gordana’s use of the belt on the bodice is miles above Sweet Pea’s harness of belts, too. SP thought about color, and forgot shape altogether.

    • Shannon Stewart

      Or possibly because Sweet P’s dress was ugly, boring, poorly made, AND used easy materials…

  • Susan Crawford

    Don’t know if they were allowed to use any muslin as a base, but even if it was disallowed, I wish Gordana could have found something at the 99 Cent Store to use. If she had made the same “shredded”, poofy thing into a flirty mini with a little bustier or even a plain, fitted strapless top, she would have had a better experience. I liked the use of the mesh, which could have been incorporated easily into a more fitted design, but that red tube thing was dreadful. Gordana: be brave!

  • Lattis

     It’ll be interesting to see if Gordana can cultivate a little sympatico on the judging panel
    I had this thought, too. I hope so . . . I’d like to see Gordana get a little judge luv.

    Jerell should have been in the “safe” crowd. Scarves?!!!

    And also, Jerell’s top looks like a tunic Maude would wear. Floppy and mauve, long enough to cover your butt.

  • Anonymous

    I defended Rami, who used laundry bags — that’s definitely fabric, and probably larger overall swaths of fabric than Jerell had at his disposal with scarves. And in both cases they were exceptional use of material from a 99 cent store. Jerell’s was the only one of the top three that made me gasp at the loveliness of the garmet at first sight. 

    • Anonymous

      (Jerell’s looked less gasp-worthy on closer examination of the pattern — but that’s mostly due to the fact that it’s 99 cent material. And if using non-fabric is the real key in the unconventional materials challenge then Mondo should have topped both Rami and Jerell.) 

    • Anonymous

      it isnt fabric, it’s this weird plasticy stuff. i have one right behind me so i know.

  • Anonymous

    Gordana’s dress is prettier here than it was on my TV: the iridescent pieces give it a lot of color that I didn’t see originally.  But I don’t really like it, and it still looks too much like it was made out of unconventional materials, and when you compare it to what Rami and Mondo sent out — which totally looked like they were made from “real” materials — it’s easy to see why she was in the bottom three.  Jerrell’s dress is flowy and all, but I think the neckline/bodice is over-worked, and I’m getting bored with flowy mullet hems.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Giordana, someone’s gotta have some lipstick you can borrow?

  • Shawn EH

    I don’t really recall unconventional designs being Gordana’s problem in her season: didn’t Heidi find all of her dresses boring and too old? She may be swinging the pendulum too far the other way this time.

  • Trevor Burroughs

    I agree with you that Jerrell’s work has never been to my taste either.  And did Rami drape that top on him or something? I mean, really? Ugh.  However, I DO like the neckline on the dress as well, but I’m not a fan of the longer in the back than the front dresses like this. (I’m sure there’s a name for the style, but I don’t know what it is.).

  • vmcdanie

    When they announced that the contestants were starting fresh with new judges (which I’ve said before is a great idea), I immediately thought of Gordana who really was (I think) treated unkindly in her season and I still swear Heidi had some personal dislike towards her. I think she still expects to be kicked in the face when she goes to judging. That was not a bad dress at all: I really liked the steel wool straps. I wasn’t crazy about the belt at the bust line.

  • Call me Bee

    Absolutely Jerrell took the easy way out using those scarves.  The dress is fab, but I’m glad he didn’t win with these conventional materials.  I really liked Gordana’s dress–I’m surprized it was in the bottom three.  It was cute and flirty and loved the use of the scrubbies and the belt.  I think Gordana and Sweet P are both suffereing from the “I’m not good enough to be here” syndrome.  Man up, gals–and show them your stuff! 

  • Ramon

    Jerell’s dress was better than Anya’s whole final collection. That’s how you do tropical wear.

  • Sean

    The drape of *his* shirt aint the best either.

    Just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell did tone it down, and played it safe. After the criticism he took, and sometimes it was well deserved, I think he was smart to do so in this first challenge.

  • Anonymous

    here’s the thing with this particular unconventional challenge…everyone had to make something that was evocative of the original they brought in BUT from an unconventional resource.  It’s not quite the same thing as “make something from the unconventional store using unconventional materials”  Lord have mercy…does that make sense?

  • Eric Hormell

    There are two ways to go with an unconventional materials challenge: You can either use really unusual materials and make something cool, or you can take really cheap materials and make them look amazingly expensive and flawless. Jerell went the second route, and points were taken off for using fabric, which is why he came in third. But there was a lot of fabric on that runway (Kara’s tablecloth skirt, for instance) and Jerell blew the others out of the water.

  • Anonymous

    I think she took a huge risk when she went for the tissue.  it’s been done too many times before.  

  • Anonymous

    I LOVED what Jerell wore on the runway. We should start critiquing what the contestants wear to Runway. Tom and Lorenzo – are you listening? THAT would be hilarious!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Trask

    I like Jerell’s clothes but the best part about him is that he’s so damn good-looking.

  • Caroline Bracco

    I think the top of Jerell’s dress is heinous.The fringe looks like chest hair.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, doesn’t Jerrell’s dress remind anyone of Anya’s dresses?