PR All Stars: Odd Dresses

Posted on January 17, 2012

All three of these dresses had their good points – they were all impeccably made, for instance – but they were each odd in their own way.


Interesting, but odd.

There’s WAY too much going on up top.


And those utterly bizarre sheer panels in the skirt are … well, utterly bizarre. We don’t like to play the “What woman would?” game, but we must: What woman would want a skirt that gives the illusion it’s a pair of granny panties?


The shape and colors are very pretty, but we suspect Gordana just piled on the design elements willy-nilly to make it look more interesting.



VERY odd dress. In fact, one of the oddest this week.

We credit him for picking a really beautiful and tasteful fabric, and we appreciate how well the dress appears to be made, but that’s about it as far as compliments.  Her boobs look like a couple of unraveling shower puffs, what with all the tulle. And that really odd panel of black extending down beneath them makes them look like Mickey Mouse ears.


In addition, this dress is such a bizarre shape. We’re pretty sure a woman carrying triplets in her 9th month could slip this on with no alterations.



The only thing that’s odd about this dress is that Kenley made it. If you’d asked us who had without telling us, we would have guessed Austin or Mondo.

Design-wise, it’s pretty basic and it’s a dress we’ve all seen before. But she executed it impeccably and in the end, it’s just a really soft, pretty, feminine dress (which is why it doesn’t look like Kenley to us, since her work has a little bit more of an edge to it). It doesn’t win you challenges, but we imagine a lot of young ladies would love to try this dress on. Yes, it’s very Barbie, but the paleness of it helps mitigate that and we really love the way she designed that bodice, which gives it just enough interest to keep it from looking like mere doll clothes.

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  • G

    Kenley – Beautiful prom dress.
    Jerell – How can you successfully make a model look fat?
    Gordana – No.  Just no.

    • Anonymous

      ehhh – I thought Kenley’s dress belonged on the bottom because it’s Barbie, period.

    • Jolene Barnett

      I thought both Kara and Jerell’s dresses looked like they were hiding pregnancies.  Do pregnant women frequent the Opera, or is baby-doll back and I’m just being willfully ignorant of it?

  • I still can’t believe that Jerell’s dress wasn’t in the bottom three; when it appeared on the runway I fell over laughing, and couldn’t believe that was from him!

    • Joe Ambroson

      Totally agree

    • Damien W

      Totally! It’s like Daniel Franco took over his body for the day. The mariboubs alone should have auf’d his ass right onto 7th Avenue.

      • Anonymous

        Mariboobs is now in my vocabulary.

    • Anonymous

      word. But-ugly from head to toe!

  • Anonymous

    The skirt on Gordana’s dress is so awful I’m really not sure how she didn’t make it into the bottom three. *looks at bottom three again* Oh yeah. Way to squeak through, girl.

  • Anonymous

    Kenley’s dress moved beautifully, I will give it that.  But large polka dots will never NOT look like day wear to me.  It was 2 dresses to me – sort of Minnie mouse on the top and Spring Gala on the bottom. The movement was an obvious testament to her construction skills, but….This was not a winner for me.

    Something about Gordana’s dress was striking.  The panels were odd, I agree but they almost worked for me.

    Jerell’s dress?  It looked like she had hairy boobs the way the tulle looked on TV. and I agree about the gravid quality of the skirt.  It was a big NO for me.  If it hadn’t been for Sweet P and the Ugly Taffeta circa 1991 that Kara picked, this would have been my pick for the Auf this week.

    • Anonymous

      Something about Gordana’s dress was striking.

      I agree. These pictures don’t capture it, but in movement it was gorgeous. I don’t think I ever got the granny-panty vibe other than that picture above (which isn’t how it’s going to look when she’s standing still). I didn’t even mind the “over” detailed top. If I was model-size (or even close) I’d want to wear that. And Kudos on the styling as well.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I’ve only seen these pictures, but I actually really like it. I didn’t notice the granny panties thing until TLo pointed it out, and to me it looked like one of those skirts that can have the illusion of actually being pants. I like that kind of illusion design. The top is a touch much, but I think it still works. I’d say it’s my favorite out of these three dresses.

      • MilaXX

        Gordana’s dress had a sort of 70’s Bob Mackie during the Cher era feel to it.

        • Anonymous

          YES.  That is exactly it.

        • Anonymous

          I was getting more of an early ’30s vibe such as one would see the “bad” women wearing in a Marx Brothers film. I actually found it pretty cool.

          • That was because of the neckline and hairstyle, I suspect. The designers seem to be going retro with the hair. But I think the bottom looked like pants at first glance, so I’m going with the Bob Mackie reference.

      • marilyn

        If this dress had been made without the sheer gores (so the skirt was solid lavender), it would have been a very sophisticated, high-end dress.  Too bad she threw in one thing too many.

      • I can’t believe any woman would want to go to the opera with Gordana’s Frederick’s of Hollywood sheer limb panels, no less the S&M chains on top.

        Jerrel’s dress: yeah, I laughed: this time feathered Frederick’s boobs (altough Fred wouldn’t go for the Mickey Mouse sillhoutte) with gigantic curtain pregnancy skirt.

        As for Kenley’s: it was pretty! And I agree, not weird in  any way shape or form, except that Kenley designed it

        • Melvis Velour

          Go to the San Francisco Opera on opening night of anything they put on and you’d be amazed at how tacky some of the stuff is.  The Grand Dames do it right, the bright young things are clueless…

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I remember really like it on TV because of the movement, but it looks awful in stills.   Gordana’s going to get herself auf’d for taste issues at some point.  Doesn’t quite no when to quit, step back and look–don’t think it’s an accident that she has one of the worst personal styles of the designers.  

    • Anonymous

      I agree about Gordana’s dress, @MissAnnieRN:disqus – she almost carried it off, but not quite. You could see what she was looking to do, and if she’d succeeded it would have been breathtakingly sexy – but…she didn’t, in the end.

      • I think that’s a consistent problem with Gordana. I do love her, and I usually give her a pass because of it, but it’s not unusual for her to miss the mark just the tiniest bit. I love her dress, though. I think the top is gorgeous.

    • Anonymous

      I thought “boob pubes” when I saw it.

  • Anonymous

    When Kenley’s model first came out I let out a little gasp at how pretty it was. Love the top part, too much frou frou in the bottom for an opera dress but I would have DEFINITELY gotten that for my Barbie.

  • Anonymous

    I hated Jerell’s dress and strongly disliked Kenley’s. I thought Jerell’s model looked like she needed to wax her chest.

    I liked Gordana’s more during the show, but not as much in these stills. I like the cut and drape, but there is too much of the netting stuff around the neck and the panels should not have been sheer. Also, I can’t tell whether the back is ill fitting or supposed to be asymmetrical. If it looks like a mistake rather than a design choice, that’s a bad thing.

  • I loved Gordana’s dress on the show, but now I can see some of the problems.  It’s still interesting and lovely, but could have used some editing.

  • Anonymous

    I actually liked Kenley’s as well. Very soft and pretty.  I suspect I liked Gordana’s more for the color palette than for the design elements.

  • Anonymous

    This is the only dress Kenley has ever made that I would wear to the right occassion.

  • Susan Crawford

    Kenley’s dress looks like a cotillion gown – I actually liked it on that basis, and of the three dresses featured today, it was definitely my favorite. This could also be a bridal look in cream or white. And what’s neat is that Kenley really did do something very different. When I saw her pulling that polka-dot fabric, I was all “No-o-o-o! Step away from it, Kenley!” But hey – she made a very wearable, sweet dress. Not opera dress, maybe, but who cares?

    Jerrell had the most gorgeous fabric and managed to make the most hideous dress out of it, complete with a bust effect straight out of the Bada-Bing on amateur night.

    Gordana – oh, how I am rooting for my darling Gordana. I loved the periwinkle color she chose – original and flattering on almost all complexions. I didn’t even mind the embellishment on the top, but the draping just looked saggy, as though the weight of the chains and so on was dragging the material down. A more fitted top would have had more POW. And as for the sheer panels – well, I see what she was going for, but the placement was SO unwearable. (“granny panties” – Yes)

  • Anonymous

    I liked Geordana’s dress a lot on TV, but in these photos, the mess of the bodice is really apparent. I think the sheer panels are weird, but they’re a very different take on a very “in” feature right now, and I think it’s a lovely effect. Plus the styling is perfect.

    Jerrell’s dress I was SURE was bottom three: Fuzzy maternity wear.

    Kenley’s I think is a nightmare. GIANT BOW ON MY CHEST? Really? REALLY?

  • Anonymous

    OMG, Jerell’s dress looks ill-fitting and tacky as hell. Maybe he sewed it well but goddamn is it ugly.

  • bethannstamps

    GG, that pant/skirt/undie thing was hiddy, Jerell dear, not even a preggie woman wants to look 100 times her size, , Kenley eh, who cares.

  • Anonymous

    Gordana’s wasn’t on my weird love list. It looks like a dress that Scarface’s wife would wear to the opera, maybe. But everybody would stare and whisper why is she here?
    Jerell’s is on my weird love list. It reminds me of Geoffrey  Beene in the 90’s, That combined with the Bride of Frankenstein. Which are two of my favorites. I think he could have gone further with the make up. 

    Kenely’s isn’t my favorite. Right in the middle. The bow would have been better in the back. I like polka-dots and pink. 

    All three are better than most of the winning looks from last season.  
    You can hardly blame them for going partially off the rails, the directive was to make a Romantic, Feminine , touch of Couture,Show stopping, High society event , ball gown, gorgeous evening, head turning, specific to the Opera gown.Right?

    • I think all PR designers should be given a quick lesson on how to re-frame the challenges in their heads, specifically for challenges like this.  Instead of what they were told, make a dress that fits in the formal events of My Fair Lady. 

      Of course, I strongly believe most design challenges can be approached from the perspective of dressing someone from My Fair Lady (those costumes were so gorgeous) or The Philadelphia Story….

      • Anonymous

        I would have died of delight if one or more had styled with a lorgnette or a knee length sautoir of jet beads or a dog collar of multiple strings of pearls. Sadly only two even used opera gloves and Anthony was mildly rebuked for even that. 
        For the runway  presentation of  A Night at the Opera , I feel like they should have been encouraged to go as theatrical as possible.

        • Oh, the collar of pearls!  I wanted this one piece for our wedding so badly but I just couldn’t justify the cost — it was ridiculously beautiful, though.

    • Anonymous

      “You can hardly blame them for going partially off the rails, the directive was to make a Romantic, Feminine , touch of Couture,Show stopping, High society event , ball gown, gorgeous evening, head turning, specific to the Opera gown.Right? ”

      Exactly the problem with this challenge — they had to shoot one arrow at multiple targets.

      • Anonymous

         I would say that most of them successfully fulfilled at least three of the directives. Like Kenely only heard ” Ball gown, feminine and romantic”  and Gordana heard ” Head turner, high society  gorgeous evening”
        Michael and Anthony were focused on” Show stopper, and Head turner”. that kind of thing

    • Anonymous


    •  “You can hardly blame them for going partially off the rails, the
      directive was to make a Romantic, Feminine , touch of Couture,Show
      stopping, High society event , ball gown, gorgeous evening, head
      turning, specific to the Opera gown.Right?”

      Indeed. I suppose the directive could have been even more all over the place, but I don’t think I’d want to see that. And I have to give them credit for creating some unusual, mostly well-made dresses in such an absurdly short period of time.

    • Call me Bee

      Scarface’s wife at the opera…. (giggle…snort) 

  • Anonymous

    I liked where Gordana was going with the dress, it has a pretty turn of the century crossed with flapper thing going on, and I think if she’d skipped the sheer panels and done a flowing tailored skirt with more fullness in the back (almost a train, but nothing crazy) it might have been very elegant. As is the weird skirt is competing with the bodice and the overall effect is a bit droopy.

    Kenley’s dress is lovely for prom, or a young actress at a big awards ceremony.

    Jerell… LOL. I have no words.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, pleasantly surprised by the design of Kenley’s. I knew it would be well made but surprised by the elegance

    Gordana’s disappointed me. There was the elements to a great dress but it never quite came together

    Jerrell’s was a total ugh from me. It’s not flattering and the way he made the dress turned great fabric into something tacky. Plus her bust and that black panel looks asymmetric

  • Anonymous

    I love the pale pink of Kenley’s dress; it’s a very pretty gown for a young lady.

    I don’t understand what Gordana was trying to do with that skirt. 

  • T Lo, no “Judging the Judges” on All Stars?

    Gosh darn, I liked Gordana’s. It was so striking.

  • Judy_J

    I’m surprised to admit I actually liked Kenly’s dress.  Does that make me a bad person?

    • Anonymous

      That’s two of us, Judy_J!  I admitted last week that while it wasn’t really opera-ish, and Kenley isn’t my fav by a long shot, I was pleasantly surprised what she came up with.  I was screaming at her when she picked the polka dots at Mood, however!

  • I loved Gordana’s dress and sniffed at your critique–till I saw the back. Something not right there. Funny, because Jerrell’s looks better from the back. In Jerrell’s you could go to the opera and be both glam and comfortable (even pregnant, as you say); it’s an interesting dress anyway just as a design, with the high-low waist and boob poufs to balance the swinging skirt. Kenley’s was cute but only for a very young girl, and not at the opera.

    • I could see Kenley’s at a high school prom — which is no way an insult to her or the dress.  It just reads young and pretty and girly, all of which are things a lot of girls look for in their prom dresses.

      • I agree that Kenley’s looks young, but I have to take exception to the HS prom idea – just as an aside – I dunno if I went to Slutsville, USA High, but it seems like the average group of girls tries to look more “grown up” (read: sexually provocative) at their prom than pink fluffy polka-dots allow. I say this one is for the preteen set, although goodness knows when a 12 year old has an occasion that would warrant that much formality.

        • See, I wouldn’t have worn it because it just couldn’t be less me — but I knew plenty of girls who went the princess route.  Ours was a pretty close race between the princessy dresses like this and the very sophisticated/slinky dresses. 

          • Maybe early 90’s Japanese Naval Base prom was an anomaly…haha

          • Anonymous

            I think it varies quite a bit depending on the year… 2004-2005 or so was all about POOFY PRINCESS DRESSES (in my area at least), but the 90s were definitely more slinky, and now girls seem to be going for short & tight (cocktail dresses are not at all prom attire IMHO but apparently I’m an old fart. :P).

          • Anonymous

            Yup. My daughter has prom pictures taken with 9 or 10 other couples, all of whom “dressed up.” Only two of the girls are in long dresses. And it’s not just one little clique, the couples were gathered together around a core group of the guys who are buddies, the girls are from different groups, even different schools.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Gordana’s. It had an odd 30’s vibe to it (the styling didn’t help) but it was well made, chic and lovely. I found the metallic netting interesting but tastefully made. So it was OK with me.
    I thought Jerrel’s dress was an ugly pregnancy dress. I wondered if he made it thinking about of a 6 months pregnant Bryce Dallas Howard going to the opera. Even with that thought in mind, I couldn’t find any good thing in that ugly thing. I laughed when I read “tastefull print” because, well, no. Just no.
    I won’t talk about Kenley’s, it was boring and bordering on juvenile. The polka dot’s bow is just ridulous. Shame on you, Kenley, I expected more of you !

  • I really loved Kenley’s gown, and you don’t know how much it pains me to admit that fact. It’s probably my inexplicable fondness for polka dots that explains it.

  • I have to say this for Jerell:  There is no way you would miss whose work that is.  It is a dress that screams his POV.  Which is an admirable quality for a designer.

    Gordana’s still reminds me of a fishing boat.  The blue with the metallic elements just doesn’t work together for me. 

    Kenley’s needs another 2 weeks.  I think it’s the beginnings of a truly beautiful dress, but it clearly lacks the editing time to look at it and refine the design.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Gordana’s too when I saw it for a nano-second on the runway … now looking at it here, not so much.  Jerell’s is a fug fest.  I like Kenley’s 80s vibe a lot — and generally like her use of prints, colors, polka dots.  I love the top of the dress — love polka dots for evening wear — and just wish the bottom hadn’t been so princess. The bottom hem is very pretty though and looks well made.  Am also a sucker for the pink and chocolate brown and pink and black combinations.

    • Anonymous

      Well there you go…cause Kenley’s vibe is supposed to be 40’s and 50’s edgy glam. 

      • Anonymous

        Kenley’s vibe reminds me of the version of 40s and 50s that was brought back to life in the 80s.  That’s what I meant to say.  I saw that in the blue and white gown she presented in the first look sequence.  That was a dress that Holly Hunter could have worn to the ball in “Broadcast News.”

        • Anonymous

          Ah I see what you’re saying.

  • Who’s left besides Mila?  I’m having a serious problem remembering….  which can’t bode well…

    • Anonymous


      • THANK YOU!  I’ve been sitting here trying to figure it out, and I just could not remember!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Interesting, odd, and bizarre is actually an accessible description of “couture” . . . but this was an “opera” challenge. I think these three dresses were on their way to couture, but turned down a sidestreet.

  • butter nut

    omg i hated kenley’s.  i thought she should have been in the bottom 3 this week.  that giant tit bow & the big baby pink ruffles… i want to die just looking at it.

    jerell’s is typical jerell – cock-eyed & too much fabric.  i swear all he needs is a good pair of glasses.

    gordana’s i actually liked.  sure the top looks like a fishing net, but it’s different & sexy & really pretty interesting.  at the very least, it’s got potential.  

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I have to check the temperature outside, because Hell must have frozen over; I actually like something Kenley made. She was lucky Mood only had a little of the polka dot fabric, because a full dress of that would have been a Minnie Mouse costume.

    I looooved Gordana’s in the workroom. Then I caught the odd circus stripe inserts in the skirt. Girl, leave well enough alone! The beaded mesh detail on the bodice was more than enough to carry that beautiful blue gown!

    I disagree about Jerell’s looking like maternity. It’s way beyond that; it’s a dress for shoplifters.

  • Anonymous

    “The only thing that’s odd about this dress is that Kenley made it. If you’d asked us who had without telling us, we would have guessed Austin or Mondo.”  Mondo?  Really, guys?  I can’t see Mondo making this dress, which looks to me like what a 12-year-old girl would think up if someone told her to design a dress to wear to the opera.  Pretty and sweet.  Not an edge to be found. And completely off the mark.

    Upon the first sight of Gordana’s dress, I was horrified by those skirt panels.  But as it moved down the runway, I thought it looked quite nice.  Now, looking at the stills, I’m back to being horrified.  She styled her model well, though.

    Jerrell.  Mickey Mouse ears is exactly what I thought.  Mickey Mouse ears and a voluminous sack made out of very pretty material.  

    • Anonymous

      I think the polka dots are what makes Kenley’s dress Mondo-esque.

      • Anonymous

        Right!  That and the fact that it has a hem!  🙂

    • Anonymous

      Agree. Aside from the polka dot connection, nothing in that dress says Mondo to me.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Kenley’s should have been top 3 instead of Anthony’s even though I hate pink and I hate polka dots.  It floated down the runway and it’s just really pretty.  Jerrell’s dress is certainly Jerrell, but it’s terrible for all the reasons you said, T Lo.  I know Gordana had a big following during her season, but I believe she has taste issues when she’s not doing knitwear.  This dress is a great example of that.  

  • Anonymous

    Gordana’s beaded crochet work was a fantastic idea, but I’m not sure that draping it over a blousen-type top was the best way to deploy it. I think the sheer gores might have worked better if they had not been cut so high on the leg? Some good ideas, but needed som more time. Jerell’s not to my taste at all. Kenley’s gown floated down that runway like a cloud – it is a truly beautiful for a young girl, debutante-esque.

  • I quite liked Kenley’s, which surprised me as I usually find her stuff overwrought or gimmicky. Jerrell’s, on the other hand,I thought was bottom-three worthy. The black boob-fuzz effect would be flattering on whom?

  • W A

    If Katy Perry went to the oprah (they sing and dress in costumes, Katy, you might like it), she would wear Kenley’s dress. Ethereal cotton candy.

    • Anonymous

      I smell a new game!  Which celebrities would wear each PR offering?  I think you’re spot-on about Katy Perry.

  • If I were still 17 I would cut a bitch to wear Kenley’s dress to the prom. But on anyone older, it looks a little too twee. And too poofy for an opera gown, I think.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the skirt of Gordana’s was a bit odd – but I did like how it moved.

    Funny – I thought I’d be one of the few who liked Kenley’s (except the practicality). 

    I thought Jerrell’s dress was kind of pretty – not perfectly executed at the bust but flowy and feminine and comfortable for the sitting for long periods of time (you can have dinner BEFORE the show and not be uncomfortable)

  • Anonymous

    The worst thing I can say about Jerrell’s dress is that it looks like he had some stuff left over from the dollar store challenge.  Oof.  Also looks a bit maternity. 

    Seems to me that Kenley is playing it safe until the herd has been thinned a bit more.  

    Gordana…. no, no, no!  I so wanted her to bring it after being screwed over by Lifetime casting for the finale.  But this is… yikes.

  • Anonymous

    Gordana’s dress is quite striking, but I’m not sure it’s exactly in a good way. I mean, you’d turn heads and it’s not ugly, but regardless of how much is going on on top (and there’s a lot) I think everyone would stare at your thighs. Does anyone want that?

    I was surprised Jerrell didn’t hit the bottom three. Granted, he had some stiff competition for the suck crown this week. Still, nothing says going to the opera like hairy tits!

    I like the design of Kenley’s a lot, but the baby pink and brown polka dots reads too twee to me. Probably entirely a personal bias, there, but it comes off a bit pageant-y (I know, I know, the actual color is too subdued for the Toddlers and Tiaras set, but the theme still reads the same to me). I’d love to see it in a different color scheme.

    Enjoying this season so much. *fingers crossed*

    • Anonymous

      But couldn’t you see that Rosie Huntington-Whitely or whatever her veddy British name is wearing Kenley’s in some photo op, with a simple, sleek hairstyle?

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t notice that Gordana’s dress had pale streamer-thingies underneath the metallic overlay until these pictures.  I would’ve taken those streamers out, and made the pale leg inserts much, much narrower.

    Hated Jerell’s, full stop.  Kenley’s was too “cute” for opera.

  • Anonymous

    Kenley’s dress in any other color combo would take it from twee to knockout.

  • I willingly admit that my Gordana love sometimes keeps me from being objective. I think her dress is pretty damn great. I’m not loving the sheer panels, but the top of the dress is fabulous, and the color she used is gorgeous.

    Oh the other hand, I can be totally objective about Kenley. She makes me want to punch things, but I almost always like what she makes. I agree this is a dress for a young girl, and it’s kind of over the top and silly. And, yet, I love it. My weakness for polka dots has at least a little to do with that.

    Jerrell’s is ridiculous. The bodice is nuts, and the rest of the dress is big enough to fit two pregnant women at the same time. But the fabric is very pretty, and another of my many weaknesses is the tight bodice/flowy skirt.

    What I’m saying is they’re all kind of weird, and I love every one of them.

    • You know what else I’m loving this time — that even the weird ones are done, and when a designer goes off, they go ALL THE WAY OFF!  This was essentially a “make a pretty dress” challenge and I WAS NOT BORED for a second of the runway show!

      • Yes! You’re exactly right. And even as disastrous as Sweet P’s, April’s, and Kara’s dresses were, I found them kind of interesting. I could almost see where they were going with them. So, no boredom for me either. Also, I don’t want every challenge to be “make a pretty dress”, a la season 6, but I like to see a few of them every season. Who doesn’t love a pretty dress?

        I hope they can maintain this for the rest of the season. Overall, I’ve been pleased with the first two episodes.

        • I like a few, as well.  For one thing, I like knowing what these designers will do after-PR.  If they aren’t given the range to just make a dress, how do you get a sense of just who they are as designers?  Sure, some designers can translate their style to virtually any challenge, but some just don’t translate well — I don’t do a lot of formal wear, for instance, so if it was a season with a lot of gown challenges, I’d be boned. 

        • I like a few, as well.  For one thing, I like knowing what these designers will do after-PR.  If they aren’t given the range to just make a dress, how do you get a sense of just who they are as designers?  Sure, some designers can translate their style to virtually any challenge, but some just don’t translate well — I don’t do a lot of formal wear, for instance, so if it was a season with a lot of gown challenges, I’d be boned. 

    • Anonymous

      Can’t say I *love* every one, but I like each and every one better than anything in the top three of several challenges in the last few seasons.

  • Oh, I get it now. It’s another unconventional materials challenge. Makes perfect sense now.

    Wait, it’s not?? Well then WTF???

  • Anonymous

    I liked Jerell’s dress, Gordana’s was okay, and I strongly disliked Kenley’s. It looks like a Barbie cake to me. 

  • Kenley’s dress looks like something Katy Perry would wear to the MET gala. Of course, she would go all crazy with the oddest accesories at her sight.

    • I suspect she’d wear a poodle on her head.

    • In spirit yes, but it’s not nearly body-conscious enough for Katy Perry.

    • It’s too refined for Katy Perry. It needs more of a Traveller Bride element.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s say you are a large woman and you find a skirt at the Goodwill you MUST have, but it’s way too small. You take it home, slit it up, and sew a triangle of fabric in it. That’s what Gordana’s dress reminded me of.

    You see this method in a lot of community theatre productions as well, especially period pieces. They get lots of donations of vintage clothing, but women and men were much, much smaller in the past as they are now. You will see these triangle additions in the backs of men’s coats all. the. time. Go see your local production of The King and I and I’m wagering you will see at least one.

    • We had a lot of that for school costumes, and it always irritated one of our costume ladies (who happened to be a good friend’s mom).  She was a brilliant seamstress and she used to get annoyed with those triangle inserts because they looked too obvious. 

  • Anonymous

    Gordana’s is just weird and with her first dress, it worries me that more weirdness is coming. Jerell has a slip-up, I have been fine with Kenley so far (including the strange bath mat concoction thing which I thought was clever). But Gordana seems rudderless, to me. I want her to find herself and start using this originality streak she has to her advantage, not just to make me raise my eyebrows and say, “Wha???”  I think she has great ideas, but they never quite turn out like she plans. It reminds me of myself in middle-school art. I had great ideas, too, but they never came out well. I wasn’t good enough to watercolor a waterfall in the middle of an already dark painting because I didn’t know that a painting like that had to be done in oils. I think her vision is good, but the execution gets away from her maybe? Want to see her translate her beautiful knitting into other areas successfully. 

  • I know Jerell’s dress is weird in the boob-puff department, but I would buy it just to cut it up and make a cocktail dress outta that fabric. It really is beautiful. I sort of liked the dress, actually, but I think that’s a knee-jerk plump-girl reaction. It probably only looks okay because the model is slim.

    • Anonymous

      I agree there’s something likeable about it–maybe the parts are good, but the whole is too maternity.  I don’t remember being able to see it well during the runway, but I may have elected to take a sip right at that moment!  Perhaps it’s just that  is seems less over-designed and -embellished than I remember Jerell’s work during his season.

      • No, you’re right. Its like they shot it to play down the hugeness of the lower portion. It actually looks better in still shots, because the fabric was a little stiff walking the runway. I’d still wallpaper my bathroom with it, I like it that much.

  • Anonymous

    i didnt care for jerrel’s, it looks so big.  as for gordana & kenley, i liked them but agree with your critiques.

  • MilaXX

    Gordana – okay dress, but I hated the sheer panels.
    Jerrell – Another okay  dress, but I hated he tulle on the boobs. It made them look furry.
    Kenley – I liked this and thought it was opera appropriate but maybe a little young.

  • dmmetler

    My 7 yr old daughter says that Kenley’s dress is “Just my style”. So, while she may not win all-stars, if she wants to design a girl’s line, she’s got at least one supporter!

    • Oh my god. I can hear that in a 7 year old’s voice, and it’s so cute.

    • My nine-year-old twin girls LOVE Kenley and everything she designs!

  • Anonymous

    Bodices gone wild, times three. There’s twee, and then there’s Kenly’s gown, which looks like what would happen if one of those crazy kiddie pageant mothers commissioned a gown to match her daughter’s pageant froo froo frippery or something. Of the three on the odd list, that one to me is the most bizarre. The skirt is well made but I so hate the bodice and the overall effect is just icky. Jerrell’s gown is also sporting some major cray cray in the boobie area, but unlike Kenley’s, at least it looks like it was designed for an adult. Gordana’s gown makes for a lovely silhouette but there are too many unnecessary elements, like that mesh looking stuff up top and the sheer inserts.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Kenley’s. I would have put Jerrell in the bottom three instead of Kara. That thing is just so ugly. Loved Gordana’s top but the bottom is a little WTF.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked Gordanna’s.  I thought it was unusual but still wearable.

  • Kenley’s read as too “Peggy Sue Gets Married” for me. Yes, more prom dress than opera opening night gown.

    Jerrel’s muppet bra and super-high empire waist had me laughing. Are we sure that the model isn’t riding a horse under that skirt? Just imagine, last season, this would have won the challenge.

    Gordana’s had nice elements on top and a beautiful shape, but the skirt panels were bad.

    • Anonymous

      “…muppet bra…”  *snort*

  • When I saw Jerell’s I thought – maternity. Kenley – Barbie.  Feeling like a smug bitter kitten.

  • Call me Bee

    I was surprized to really like Kenley’s dress.  While watching her at Mood, I thought it was be too twee, but it actually turned out nice.  Love the stain detail at the hem. 
    Like jerrel’s dres as well.  I remember him piling on the details, but this was well appointed and not over designed.  For him, anyways…
    The top of Gordana’s is so interesting and I love the color and detail…until I really looked at the skirt.  UGH!  The sheer panels take it from opera to burlesque.  Could almost hear MK say “tacky, tacky tacky!”  It’s such shame; were the skirt just pretty chiffon, this would have been killer! 

  • Anonymous

    Design and style-wise I LOVED Gordana’s…I think if the panels had been a smidge more of a darker hue it wouldn’t have seem so ‘odd’. I gasped when Kenley’s dress walked down the runway. I’m sure many a young woman would kill to wear that frock.
    Jerell………was quite proud of his furry titted tent. 

  • I really love the fabric of Jerrell’s dress, especially when seen up close in a photo.  It had so much potential.  Sigh.
    Kenley’s gown seemed a bit too much like a southern belle’s debutante dress, pretty, but not opera.
    I got a 1920’s vibe from Gordana’s dress and the styling of the model, but then there’s the sheer parts that fugged it up.

  • Susannah Perry

    I adored Gordana’s dress, I thought it was just breathtaking.  I noticed the panels when it walked the runway but I actually didn’t notice that they were sheer, I just thought they were a different color and while it was strange, it kind of worked for me plus it seemed to help it move beautifully on the runway.  Granny panties never even occurred to me until TLo mentioned them.  But then again I thought Austin’s dress was ridiculously overpraised and incredibly tacky so what do I know, right?

  • Toto Maya

    Honestly, I’m not down with any dress that would make it look like I have furry boobs. Not a big fan of hairy chests on men, and definitely wouldn’t want one myself.

    • Anonymous

      Re: Furry Boobs / Hairy Chests

      I keep hearing Anthony Williams, from s7e7 “Hard Wear,” saying, in reference to Amy Sarabi”s creation, “She needs a Nair affair up in there!”

  • Anonymous

    I am on team Gordana here.  Something one of the judges said about one of the other looks bothered me, and I think I know why.  S/he said (about another look) “I can see this on a rack at Bergdorf’s right now.”  Well, if this is supposed to be couture, I don’t want it to be something I could see on a rack anywhere.  Gordana’s gown is something that I have never seen before– very 30’s movie star glamorous, but also a little edgy.  The oddness is its beauty, starting with the color choice.   I like the high neck and low back– exposing only one body part, no risk of innapropriate flashing, and a beautiful wrap would serve for warmth while in my seat.  This is both head-turning and appropriate for the event, and it moves beautifully without being difficult to manage in a crowd, as would the dresses with trains. 

  • Anonymous

    Kenley:  Am I the only one who got a Gone With the Wind vibe?  Maybe 1950s top with GWTW skirt?

    Gordana:  I like the top half, but I agree that the panels are really weird.

    Jerrell:  The top half of the back of the garment isn’t terrible….

  • Lattis

    I think Jerrel’s dress could have worked if he hadn’t made her boobs look so bulky, furry and hairy. 

    • Lattis

      No – wait. Not boobs that are bulky, furry and hairy. More like boobs that are feathered – – – like Woody Allen said:

      “How wrong Emily Dickinson was! Hope is not “the thing with feathers”. The thing with feathers has turned out to be my nephew. I must take him to a specialist in Zurich.”

  • Lattis

    Also, just aside from anything else I am smitten by Kenley’s dress because of the color. That pale pink color looks so delicious with the model’s skin and hair color. The shot of the back of the dress . . . luscious.

  • Anonymous

    Each of these dresses had at least one great element. Each one needed serious EDITING.

    Gordana chose a beautiful color and the glittery fishnet element was striking, as was the high neck, backless style. The sheer skirt panels were tacky, and upon close examination, the top construction was far from perfection.

    That’s a very striking, sophisticated print fabric from Jerrell. The sheer black is a nice counterpoint. But the overall style and design and frou-frou are just poor choices. He needed a whole different concept.

    Of these three, Kenley’s is the most polished and finished. It’s a lovely shade of pale pink. The polka-dot fabric is cool. Culturally we’ve all been exposed to the idea that baby pink and baby blue are for the very young. It doesn’t always have to be that way. A slightly less full skirt, or one constructed with more daring, less predictability would have been more sophisticated. So would a different construction technique for the bodice. A bow design, with perhaps the loose ends incorporated into the solid pink underneath, with a hint of assymetry, would bring this lovely gown into more elegant territory.

  • Anonymous

    Gordana’s dress has to be one of the butt ugliest things I’ve ever seen on PR.  Yes, it’s well made, but who the F would wear that thing?  Ever?  Yowza.  Jerrell must also have skated by on the “well-made” ticket because all that screams to me is maternity. Kenley’s dress is a girly confection that looks to me to be just like a Kenley Dress, and it was beautifully made.  Kudos to her; I thought she might hit the top 3 even though I can’t imagine someone wearing something like that to an opera.

  • Kenley’s dress reminded me of a cupcake… and I hate pink, but it flowed on the runway.
    I actually kinda like Gordana’s dress. I loved the top and I think the skirt may have worked if she chose different colors. I wish the dress was actually a darker shade of purple.

  • The bodice on Jerrell’s dress looks like the face of a housefly. Just look and you won’t be able to stop seeing it.
    I liked Gordana’s and really liked Kenley’s. 

  • Y’know, that trail thing on Jerell’s dress also makes the model’s boobs look lopsided!  And Kenley’s is a bit too much Peaches N Cream (circa 1984) Barbie for me.  Gordana’s just got an all-around bleeecch around here.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I like Jerell’s aesthetic. If he could just dot all the i’s and cross the t’s.

    For absolutely no reason connected to reality, I saw this walk out and immediately thought of Babe Paley. Not that I’ve ever seen a photograph of her wearing anything similar, it just has certain socialite grande dame quality. If, that is, you ignore the back waist and gloss over quite a bit about the front bodice.

    But, yeah, it does strike one as perhaps a maternity gown. And yet, there’s something to it I really like. Besides the fabric, which I adore.

    Kenley’s: surprisingly likable.
    Gordana’s: the top seemed a tad too casual/cocktail. The sheer insets seemed like a good idea in the wrong fabric. I didn’t hate it, though I acknowledge it is unwearable by a sane mortal.

  • Anonymous

    Kenley’s dress makes me want to vomit, but then I hate girlypoo stuff, so.

    All I can say about Jerell’s is “gorilla boobs.”

  • Ok, we are not seeing eye to eye. I took one look at Kenley’s dress coming down the runway and couldn’t stop laughing. You really liked it? Ewwww…that bow is just so ridunculous.
    And Jerrel’s looks like a furry animal is being used to cover her lady boobs.
    Sorry, these three should be glad they weren’t in the bottom three.

  • Anonymous

    The looks from this season have been getting auctioned:

    I wouldn’t have guessed Kara’s dress would be going for the least.

  • Anonymous

    The looks from this season have been getting auctioned:

    I wouldn’t have guessed Kara’s dress would be going for the least.

    • Not to be snide, but Kara’s dress has a lot of nice yardage in it….it should definitely go for more.

  • Anonymous

    I love Gordana’s concept.  I few tweaks and it would have been a killer look.  I think her concept was the most original of the night.  Jerrel’s pea in a pod dress is just fugly.  Pure and simple.  You thought Mondo when you saw Kenley’s dress?  Really?  I somehow think he’d be offended by that.  That dress looks like a bridesmaid or prom dress from 1987.  EW.

    • Anonymous

      I wondered how they saw Mondo or Austin in that.  I can’t imagine Austin ever choosing pink with black polka-dots, nor Mondo making something so frilly.  I could see a case for thinking this was an April dress,  but this is entirely Kenley.  But I did like it.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked Kenley’s, looks like a swirl of cotton candy, like it. Out of the safe group her and Mila’s were particularly strong.

    Jerell’s is terrible, so unflattering and, hit the nail on the head, the model looks 9 months pregnant under there. It looks like a dress that came from his Season 5 decoy collection, it would fit right in there. Kara’s dress is better than this one.

    Gordana’s is half a good dress. I like the top, but the skirt seems an afterthought.

    • Anonymous

      Gordana’s is half a good dress. I like the top, but the skirt seems an afterthought.

      It’s like she really wanted to show these 2 ideas and put them in 1 dress in case she didn’t make it to the next challenge.

      • Anonymous

        Could be it too, she needs more confidence in herself and her designs. She did that a few times when she was on Season 6, went back and forth a lot, and wasn’t sure what to do. She’s very good, as are her designs, there might be some things she’s not showing by trying to appease the judges.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit, I really loved Kenley’s dress, even though it certainly should not have been in the top for the challenge.  It looks so feminine and soft and beautiful.  I thought the polka dots were sweet, but that’s just me!

    • Pennymac

      No, it’s me, too. I’ve got a soft spot for pink, and polka dots, although I think this dress borders on twee. As I go through these recaps, I am still finding myself amazingly pleased at the craftsmanship of the work. 

  • Anonymous

    HATED Jerell’s dress. I was surprised Laura Bennett praised it on her blog. Gordana’s was my favorite dress this week. I’d wear it in a heartbeat if it were right for my body type (and if it didn’t have the sheer panels on bottom). I was pleasantly surprised by Kenley’s dress. There’s no way in a million years I would wear it, but it moved so beautifully. 

  • Anonymous

    Kenley’s was so unexpectedly girly-but pretty.  I’m not sure what Jerrell was going for, but he missed the mark.

  • I seriously cannot figure out why people are taking it Kenley’s dress seriously.  Certainly Top 3 if the challenge was “Create a prom dress for Minnie Mouse”.

    Jerell’s looks like she’s a pregnant lady with hairy ape boobs.

    Gordana was just okay.  (certainly the least object able of the 3).  The color was nice.  The only thing I can’t get over is the bottom half of the gown.  It looks like the model snuck into her grandmother’s drawer and stole her pantie-hose.

  • Anonymous

    The terrific thing about allstars is how wonderfully made everything is, especially after the last couple seasons. 
    Can you imagine what dreck last season would have sent down?
    One pretty gown making it to the runway would have been a miracle.
    Allstars has been the opposite with only a couple disasters in each round and many interesting creations. 
    I get that they are “AllStars” and are supposed to be better, but they were better the first go round.
    Anyway just two episodes in & it’s so much better (runway portion could still be longer). 

     I’m a little worried about dressing a MUPPET this week!  Really?  We’ll see.

    I thought Kenleys dress was pretty & well made.
    No doubt Gordana’s was weird, but I liked the color & thought it was interesting.
    Not a lot of Love for Jerell’s.  The print was nice.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been confused by the love for Gordana’s dress. The bottom is hideous, just hideous. The top is okay, I guess.

    I liked Kenley’s for the doll dress that it is.

    Jerell’s is just utterly inexplicable.

  • Anonymous

    My first reaction to Jerrel’s dress – fugly – and I haven’t changed my mind.  I, unlike the majority, hate that fabric.  Not a fan of the bodice or the way it makes his model look hugely fat, either.

    Kenley’s dress – Minnie Mouse-ish.  Yuck!

    Gordana’s dress looked pretty from the top, but when I saw the sheer panels athe bottom…!?!

  • Anonymous

    I loved Kenley’s dress.  It was so pretty.  I couldn’t wear it because polka dots on anyone over about 20 is just silly.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like kenleys dress quite a it.  It is very well made, the porporions are good and it fits extremely well.  I think it is such a shame that the minute a dress is done in pink it gets thrown aside with snide “Barbie” comments.  pink is a very flattering and pretty color that many woman can wear, why all the hate?  I do think i would have liked to see a bias cut banding on the gray on the hems of the skirt tiers, that may have given it that needed “edge” some pelple are looking for.  Jarrells was just awful.

  • Cheri Lee

    I really loved Kenley’s dress because the model looked as though she just floated down from a fun, pink, heaven. I was surprised that Kenley actually made this.
    Gordana’s model looked like a mermaid and I LOVE me so Jerell but huh? I’m glad he liked it because someone needed to.

  • Anonymous

    I loved Kenley’s dress – it would be great in cocktail length as well. Such a beautiful color on that model as well. She looked like a breath of fresh air blowing in.
    Jerrel does nothing for me as a designer. Funny guy but I have yet to love anything. I do think he has matured from his pile of laundry and a staple gun aesthetic, but still not loving him.
    If ever a designer had taste issues – it’s Gordana.

  • Anonymous

    I like the hair and the shape of the bodice (if not the fish-netty overlay thing) on Gordana’s dress, nothing about Jerrell’s furry mess of a muumuu, and nothing about Kenley’s bow-for-boobs Pepto Bismal Princess look. Sorry. There is no way I would ever let that Minnie Mouse bow anywhere near my boobs. And that isn’t an interesting color of pink. I sort of like pink. Just not THAT pink. I vote no on all three of these.

  • Anonymous

    well I loved Kenley’s obnoxious as she is.  the other 2 were awful

  • Anonymous

    Kenley– Love it! Oh, it’s totally Barbie/music box ballerina, but it’s a BEAUTIFULLY made tiered dress. I love the playfulness of the bow-y bodice. And it’s very Kenley. Her clothes aren’t edgy; they’re definitely quirky and exuberant and fantasy-inspired (for fuck’s sake, her finale collection in her season was an Alice in Wonderland thing– yeah, with a dress corresponding to the Cheshire cat.) The second this walked the runway, I knew it was Kenley’s. Her thing wouldn’t be complete without a flare, or a bow, or an oversize collar. Thing is, as much as I like this dress, it’s too much of a confection of a dress. Too saccharine. Too wrap-it-up-in-a-bow. But I can tell that’s what she wanted, and it’s an excellent piece.

    Jerell– Lots of good ideas there. I appreciate the fabric selections– what a gorgeous, elaborate, luxurious print. And I like the sheerness in the back– the fit’s perfect and I like the zipper. And I REALLY would have liked all that quilting or whatever he did in the bodice if the boobs didn’t look like headphones. Proportionally, this dress doesn’t work at all, but it does seem as if he had a very specific vision whereas:

    Gordana– YUCK! Don’t know how this survived the bottom 3. It’s puke-worthy. What’s with those awry chains? And what the hell is being shredded underneath that? Nah, just leave it. Who cares.

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m (very) late to the party, but thank you for your Kenley dress comments! I felt like the only person out there who really liked the dress. I wouldn’t pick it for the win, but I thought it was really soft and pretty, and flowed beautifully. Surprised the hell out of me–pink polka-dots? Kenley? Can’t stand the girl (or her awful voice), but I did like the dress. So what if it’s Barbie–Robert what’s-his-face that everyone loved so much in a previous season designed for Barbie, for God’s sake!

  • Anonymous

    Hate them all.

  • Kenley’s dress was weird but at least she knew to use the horsehair braid on the hem, otherwise it would have really been a flop.