PR All Stars: Little Black Dresses for a Little Pink Pig

Posted on January 25, 2012


This might be the best thing Anthony’s ever done on the show. Seriously.

We think the feathers might be a bit too heavily applied and the skirt just slightly overworked,  but this is one of the few times Anthony’s sent something out that looks like it could be walking a current runway. It’s an impressively made dress with quite a bit of style to it, but it really had nothing to do with Piggy at all. While it’s true she could wear a huge range of styles, we think this dress would be lost on her once you scale it down. A great dress for an actual human girl, though.



We like April’s style for the most part, but it’s very specific and not always adaptable to the crazy challenges on Project Runway.  We give her credit for trying to adapt her style to Miss Piggy, but it didn’t work.

We think the proportions are slightly off here – waist AND hem are both too high. The result gives her long legs, but makes her torso look freakishly short, which is absolutely the wrong way to go with Miss Piggy. She’s nothing but torso. And while we appreciate the attempt to make it look lighter and more whimsical with the polka dots and feathers, it doesn’t quite get there. It’s halfway between a flirty dress and April’s darker aesthetic, which is an odd place for a dress to be.  It just doesn’t look Piggy to us at all.



Take away the gloves and the too-literal styling and this is in interesting look, even if the proportions look a little off.

We don’t mind the high waist, but the straps are too thick and make her bust look small. It doesn’t really strike us as a Piggy dress, but we could see how it might be adaptable to her with some adjustments. But again, scaled down, this dress is going to lose most of whatever interest it might have.

DONE! 367 Miss Piggy dresses assessed in less than one week!

Wait. It was only eleven dresses? Really?


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  • Greg Yoder

    If I was playing FMK with these dresses, they’d be M, K, and F, respectively.

  • Ugh….I am glad that this challenge is behind us!!  I can’t wait for the DVF challenge!!

    • Anonymous

      But only 6 hours for the challenge.  Trust B and M to get the fabulous DVF in and then ruin the challenge by giving the designers no time at all.  

      • Maybe they could only book her for one day of filming, so instead of having someone else present the challenge and just having her judge they decided to cram the reveal, the work time, and the judging into one day.

        • It’s not like DvF hasn’t been making the reality show rounds, so it can’t be a question of her schedule…

        • Anonymous

          Nope. Not giving them any credit for extenuating circumstances. 😉

          A 6 hour challenge should be used to dress a pet. No people clothes. (Not even muppet clothes).

  • Anonymous

    The first model is wonderful.  It looks like someone is actually there and she’s having fun.

    • Anonymous

      The models overall are much better than past seasons. My theory is that a producer on PR is a fellow Bitter Kitten..
      That last picture of Kara’s model’s facial expression is unfortunate, however.

      • Anonymous

        I cringed when the model did that. Like, GIRL. Miss Piggy would NEVER.

      • If there were any Bitter Kittens on the PR production staff, there would never have been an Anya!

        • Maybe she’s new.  Or maybe she was busy on PRAS and so didn’t work on S9.

  • In terms of meeting the challenge of designing something for la Piggy, these are all fails to one degree or another.  Anthony’s comes closest to the mark, though the feathers would have to be edited WAY down to work on the muppet proportions of her Swineiness.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats. Just in time for tomorrow night. I loved the Miss Piggy challenge and as always you did the blogging honors exceptionally well. Right on with all you  comments as far as I’m  concerned.

  • Anonymous

    Great job Boys! Agree very much and am still a little miffed about the judging — miss Sophia was mighty fresh this week and I think Anthony has to feel a little love to keep going strong.

  • Anthony’s dress had a nice shape and I liked the cut, but the feather details made it too meta: pure Muppet-on-Muppet fashion.

    Hey, I’m pretty sure that April is stealing Michael’s patented feather straps that he invented in last week’s challenge after April stole his idea for making a red dress! Hmmmm. More Muppet fashion. This dress looks like Gonzo in dress form. If only she had put some googly eyes between the beak and ears.

    I liked Kara’s a lot. I loved the black-on-black houndstooth and the pink piping and the cutout isn’t vulgar. It’s different and harkens back to the early ’90s. Needs some fine tuning though. And I hate the Ernestine telephone operator hair. And there are those coveted pink gloves. Meh. Doesn’t help the look and wouldn’t have helped Mondo’s acid flashback.

    • Chantelle James

      I loved Kara’s fabric because I love houndstooth and metallics and that fabric is both. I didn’t love the hot pink piping, however, because it was only used in the skirt and there was nothing in the bodice that balanced out or reflected that piping. 

      I don’t like that bodice at all, and not just because it exposed the midriff (putting pink underneath would have helped but wouldn’t have saved the dress). The straps were way too wide and weirdly shaped and, since they were wider than the narrowest part of the bandeau made the bust look small. I also don’t like the bodice proportions against the skirt: that skirt waistline is way, way, way too high. The whole thing just looks wonky.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Kara’s dress would work on a pig as well endowed as Piggy. That dress is for the Itty Bitty Piggy Titty Committee. (What, too much?)

    • Anonymous

      I just honestly don’t see Miss Piggy exposing her midriff. Or whatever a midriff on a pig is called. Talk about nip-slip! And Miss Piggy, while damn gorgeous and well proportioned, is plus size. I think. She always seemed that way to me, but her boyfriend is a skinny frog, so maybe I’m wrong.

      • I like to think of Miss Piggy as voluptuous, and there’s no doubt that’s how she sees herself. And kermit is obviously a frog who appreciates some flesh on his women.

      • Anonymous

        “Talk about nip-slip!”

        lol!  and she has multiple nips to think about…er, if she has the full pig anatomy, that is.

    • Noelle Haland

      “Itty Bitty Piggy Titty Committee”!!  Bwahahahahahaha!  That just made my day!

  • I love that April used a fabric similar to one that is sold in her April Johnston for Project Runway fabric line (the gray with black polka dots on the bodice). How strange it would be to be competing on All-Stars and use a fabric you were involved in the production of.

  • I was surprised at how good Kara’s dress looks in these pictures–it did not look so great on the show but it’s a good dress, though not for Piggy.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    The feathers on Anthony’s do nothing, for me. Otherwise, good dress that has nothing to do with the challenge.

    Kara’s was by far the most interesting, even if the gloves are just beyond wrong for it.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony has been impressing me more than I expected him to.  And I sort of liked April’s – she had a similar issue to Mila where her general aesthetic wasn’t necessarily a great match with Miss Piggy.  But I thought April did a better job of showing some adaptability and humor within her range.  Not saying the result was mindblowing, but I appreciated it.

  • Love the fabric on Kara`s dress. Don`t love the bust, but it is an interesting design. 

  • I LOVE Miss Anthony’s dress. I have a cocktail party to go to next month that this dress would be perfect for. I’ll send my address along shortly…

    • Anonymous

      I loved it too, and found it more top 3 worthy than Kenley’s.

    • I want one too! I don’t have any cocktail parties to go to, but I could wear it while I vacuum, right?

      • If it was good enough for Donna Reed to wear a dress while vacuuming….

        What I’m saying is, that’s a great dress.

      • Exactly!  We are clearly on the same page when it comes to things like that:)  Would you also like a tiara for grocery shopping?  ‘Cause my husband tells me I’m nuts, but I think it would be fun…

    • Mariah J

      The auction is still going, $155 right now.

  • Was Kara trying to suggest Miss Piggy’s ears with those rolls of hair?  Because I just do not get that hairstyle at all.  Anthony’s and Kara’s dresses are better than I remembered; April’s, worse.

    I was kind of holding my nose through this whole episode, but – as always – I really appreciate the post-show analysis of TLo and all the Bitter Kittens.  Crossing my fingers for tomorrow, but the 6-hour time limit does not bode well.

    • That’s a hairstyle right out of the 1940s, and the dress is ’40s inspired. I don’t love the hair, but I see why Kara went with it.

      • I’m a TMC devotee, but I guess that reference flew over my head. 🙂

        • It’s certainly a style you might want to block from your memory. It’s pretty darn ridiculous.

          Also, yay for TMC. It’s the only station you can see a movie made before 1980. Uncut, too.

      • Pinup Ghoul

        …almost. The hair hanging down in back shouldn’t have been pin straight if they were going for a true mid-40’s victory roll combo set. It should have been slightly layered with a bit of curl for volume, or rolled and pinned up in the back.

        • Exactly – those rolls are too flat and too far forward on her head. Needs more volume. Then again, that may have been hard to achieve due to time constraints if her hair is difficult to curl.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like Anthony’s and thought it was one of the better designs this week. I liked the top of april’s but the dress itself was way too short. As you said, not good on a Miss Piggy. Kara’s dress I really did not care for at all and there’s no way that would have looked good on Miss Piggy.

  • Anonymous

    I like Anthony’s dress, but not ideal for his client. His model looks so darn happy.

    I strongly dislike the feathers on April’s.
    Kara almost had something.

    With each post I’m struck by how each dress has been well sewn, not perfect, but leaps and bounds better than anything in recent memory.

  • Anonymous

    if anthony’s was in a color, say purple, it would have been perfect for the pig.  april has the color sense of an undertaker.  kara’s was perky with that hot pink piping, but do we really need to see porcine midriff?

    and let me say again, if i see another black dress……. 

  • Anonymous

    My favorite here was Anthony’s, even though I’m sick and damned tired of asymmetrical hems. It could be a great little dress with a little tweaking. April’s needs some tweaking in order to get those proportions right and while I like the feathers, I think they’re a little too big. I love Kara, but her dress just looked cheap to me.  

  • Anonymous

    Meh. All unoffensive middle-of-the pack work.

    Anthony’s – not sure black is the right color for Miss Piggy, but it is sure better than pink, which would look nude on her. The volume  is far too poofy for a plus size piglet.

    April – can we get this girl on some meds please? She’s Debbie Downer at the sewing machine.  Dull, depressing, work. I guess a touch of gray counts as upbeat in her eyes. Hello, you’re not designing for Eeyore!

    Kara  – as I recall the fabric was too stiff and moved awkwardly on the runway. I get a distinct 40’s vibe from the outfit. And she was right to fight for the pink gloves – it’s a throw away look without them.

    • And black doesn’t have to be depressing!  You can go really cute with black! 

      I think that’s what I dislike about April — I wore more exuberant stuff when I was 15, emo, meeting with a shrink twice a week and on anti-depressants!

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree that Anthony’s entry was maybe the best dress he has done on Project Runway. Not right for Miss Piggy. But it would look fabu on Miss Siren.
    April’s  could be Miss Piggy  ala The Dark Crystal. It’s too short,though. I would have liked to see the skirt at least knee length, maybe even longer and pegged toward the hem.

    Kara’s is just okay. The straps are too wide and too close together. It looks like the dress was originally a strapless and she added on to make  it more modest.

  • Anonymous

    I agree about Anthony’s dress. I was very happy for him even if he was in the middle group because it’s a really creative and put-together look. Well done!

    April, meh. Kara…reminded me of her Barbie challenge (and I’m not talking about the dress. I’m talking about her stress level)

  • Mariah J

    I LOVE Anthony’s dress. I would wear it in a heartbeat.

    • Anonymous

      I would too apart from the feathers-I’m allergic to them 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I think Anthony’s could work on Miss Piggy.  In fact, I might have chosen it to win the whole challenge.  It’s great that he used some purple in the dress, since that seems to be Piggy’s favorite color.

    I have no memories of April’s, and Kara’s is too boxy for Piggy.

    • Anonymous

      Yes to all of these points.  I was sure Anthony’s dress would be top 3 – I totally think it would still work when scaled down.

  • Anonymous

    seeing those pink gloves again reminds me, why are these designers fighting like schoolchildren over accessories?  it seems to me that all one has to do, kara, is select those you would like to use and put them on your work table.  to remove them from another designer’s (austin’s) workspace is rude if not against the rules.  or is there some law against removing them from the wall that we have not been informed of?  i can’t imagine sir gunn would allow this silly bickering in “his” workroom.

    • Anonymous

       is there some law against removing them from the wall that we have not been informed of?

      Logically, there could be. Neiman Marcus might want the wall to look a certain way until the models are being dressed for the challenge. Still, what’s to stop Kara from shouting out to the workroom that she has “dibs” on the gloves or slipping a scrap of paper in them with her “reservation?”

      • This would work except that Kara said that she put all her stuff in a pile on the wall (and I think there was a clip of it) so she did move stuff around.

    • Susan Crawford

      I’d like to know how the selection of accessories works, and what the “rules” are – and I am sure someone in the commentariat knows the answers. Anyone? Enlightenment much appreciated!

      • Anonymous

        I’ve always wondered, especially when they’re choosing shoes from the wall, where SOME attention has to be paid to fit. It just seems that anything other than a lottery system would be unfair. Especially since there are some weeks where the pickin’s look mighty slim.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve always wondered, especially when they’re choosing shoes from the wall, where SOME attention has to be paid to fit. It just seems that anything other than a lottery system would be unfair. Especially since there are some weeks where the pickin’s look mighty slim.

  • I’m glad that I’ll never have to think about how a dress scales down/works for a Muppet. Ugh.

    Take away the feathers, and I absolutely need Anthony’s dress.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, if April’s dress had to go straight onto Miss Piggy the proportions would have that high waist right at the waist and the length would be mid-calf. But those shoulders would be in her hair big time. Kara’s dress is too straight up and down for the curvaceous pig. Anthony’s is too long for the diminutive porker, either all that skirt structure would be lost in a pig-sized version or the pig would be lost in the volume again losing the structure.

  • Anonymous

    I think Anthony’;s come far as a designer since his PR season.  I’d wear that dress in a heartbeat!
    The other 2 entrants shown above?  Meh

  • Anonymous

    Anthony’s is well done, but for some reason I keep thinking “wrapped package.”  Probably just me.  Can’t deny it’s a nice dress, though it has nothing to do with the client.

    April is on to something interesting, but the feathers kill it a bit.  Kara’s just screams “ho-licious”.  Maybe a slightly more upscale ho, but a ho nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    I love Anthony’s dress, minus the feathers. And like everyone else, I think it was not right for Piggy. Although, to be fair, I don’t give a damn about what was right for Piggy, because I want to see these All-Stars designing beautiful clothes that women can wear.  Harumph!

    Love the comments below about April’s gloomy aesthetic–Eeyore, undertaker. It’s all so true.  Also true:  That is one tortured skirt.

    I can actually see Piggy in Kara’s design.  That didn’t make me like it, though.

    Can we move on now? 

  • Cathy S

    I loved Anthony’s dress. I didn’t think the feathers were too heavy either and the skirt was fabulous. Probably my favorite look on the runway. But it wasn’t a Miss Piggy dress. Sadly. I wish he’d saved it for a different challenge.

  • Anonymous

    God how I wish they had done a puppet show instead of a runway for this challenge! I am just having too much trouble picturing any of these on a pig who walks on her hind legs.

  • Kara’s dress has that cutout on the front that I absolutely HATE!   Now, I love cutouts, and I don’t mind midriff showing — but every time I see a small cutout on the abdomen (especially high up like that) it leaves the impression that the stomach underneath is far flabbier than it really is.  They are simply not flattering — they’re too small to show any muscle definition and the moment you relax the muscles, they bulge through the material. 

    April’s is… acceptable enough, I guess.  I do appreciate the way it lengths the leg and shortens the torso, because I am ALL torso with short stubby legs.  It’s a proportion that works with my weirdly proportioned self.  But it feels very young to me — not like April-young, but like high school student at a dance young.  The number of elements and the specific ones chosen all scream “young girl trying to be dramatic and sophisticated” to me — something a drama club member would wear for homecoming.  (Not a slam at all.  I once was one of those girls:)

    Anthony’s I would buy tomorrow!  I love that dress.  I can see how it’s not for Miss Piggy, but it’s chic, it’s wearable, it’s flattering, and it’s interesting.  Just enough OTT to suit me without going so far as to be ridiculous.

  • I LOVE Anthony’s dress. I was really impressed with it. Can’t really comment on the Miss Piggy aspect of it and I really don’t care…..

  • Toto Maya

    I loved Anthony’s dress, it’s my favorite thing that he’s done. And I think it would be adorable on Miss Piggy. I’m sad it didn’t get a nod.

  • Anonymous

    I like how Kara’s hairstyling kind of suggests Miss Piggy’s ears!  Very clever of some Tresemme/L’Oreal/other product placement person.

  • I had hopes when Anthony had all those feathers, because that’s flamboyant and so Miss Piggy, but they ended up disappearing into the black fabric of the dress. Too bad.

    Kara and April just need to be sent home. I can see April is still designing for Hot Topic and hasn’t matured since her own PR season. Kara’s just… sad.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony’s dress minus feathers: I WANT! The back is just lovely.
    It may not be Miss Piggy, but it’s the prettiest dress of the challenge.

  • Also, look at the way the stripes are arranged on the back of Anthony’s dress… very well done.  The skirt is lined up correctly and the change in directions on the back is lovely.

  • Anonymous

    I, personally, thought Anthony’s dress was to-die-for and that the pig should’ve gone for it.  She has a history with feathers and I think it could’ve been made to work for her.

  • Lulu Lafurge

    Even though the challenge itself was not that great, I still am delighted to see so much skill and talent in the competitors, unlike that of the previous non-all-star season. Everything was interesting to me, and nothing was a disaster in my eyes.

  • I thought Anthony could have won this one. Miss Piggy is photographed from the waist up so the skirt does not matter all that much. I thought the detail on Anthony’s was the best for her….OMG, I’m talking about a muppet….

  • Anonymous

    what you wont do for your bitter kittens boys…thank you.  it did seem like we have been looking at miss piggy’s dresses forevah!

  • Susan Crawford

    Anthony really did do a stellar job, didn’t he? Maybe those feathers were applied with a somewhat heavy hand, but come ON, folks: it was for Miss Piggy! When has Her Pink Majesty ever sported anything less than over the top? Clearly, Anthony has used his time since being on PR to hone his design and sewing skills, because this was one beautifully constructed dress. Kudos, Anthony!

    As for April and Kara – both well-constructed, interesting, but basically unmemorable. I had actually completely forgotten April’s dress, and the only thing I remembered about Kara’s was that she was the one who finally snagged those pink gloves.

  • So…why did these three black dresses slip by and not Mila’s?

    • Kwei-lin Lum

      Possibly because Mila’s was too businesslike and not so red carpet?

  • I thought Aprils dress was quite cute, but the hem was very strange.

  • LOVED Anthony’s dress.  Supes cutes. 

  • Anonymous

    Agree on Anthony’s dress.  Too bad we can only really see it here because, over and over again, the dresses are barely glimpsed on the actual runway.  So damn annoying.

    April can go home now.

    Kara’s is a cool dress but not for Miss Piggy and the gloves subtract.

  • muzan-e

    I detest Kara’s dress. 
    I can’t even explain why, exactly – it’s definitely not just that the bodice looks like she’s wrapped a scarf around the ladybits and hoped for the best. It’s not even that I’ve seen the same essential dress replicated ad nauseum, frequently with similar styling, and it’s not even that to my eyes the end result reads a little Hot Topic to me – 

    Eh. I’m sick, and it has turned me into a Grouch. *g*

    Loved Anthony’s. 

  • Is everyone going to keep putting frou-frou stuff on their shoulders so Georgina likes them? ‘Cause we all know that’s what Georgina likes.

  • MilaXX

    Anthony’s was almost nice, but April completely missed the mark and Kara’s was just plain old ugly.

  • I just love Anthony’s dress. I could do without the feathers, but I believe Miss Piggy has a thing for them, so he gets a pass.

    I didn’t think he had it in him to make a dress that doesn’t look like a pageant gown. He’s full of surprises, that one is.

    I want to like April’s more than I do. I like the bodice, and the dress looks really cute from the back. But, as TLo mentioned, both the waist and the hem are too short. Overall, it screams “emo college girl goes to the spring dance, ironically”.

    I like Kara’s a lot. Cut-outs can be so trashy looking, but I think she managed to avoid that. It’s a really cool dress; and though I’m not a fan of the hair style, I think the hair works well with it. But none of this is Miss Piggy.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I loved Anthony’s dress.  Not so much the other two.  Thank you, T and Lo, for reviewing the 367 dresses! What dedication!  Love you guys!

  • Anonymous

    ITA about Anthony. I gasped when I saw it.

  • Anonymous

    Kara has this annoying habit of designing for women with absolutely no breasts at all.  Not small breasts, zero breasts. I hated her dress, though I liked the fabric.  April’s skirt was butt ugly, as well as possibly butt showing. Anthony’s was great, but not for Miss Piggy. 

    Fighting over pink satin gloves.  OH DESIGNERS!  

  • I would wear the heck out of Anthony’s dress, but, yeah, it really has nothing to do with Miss Piggy at all.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony’s is really very nice. I love the pattern he made in the back with the fabric placement. I think the feathers would have been weird on Miss Piggy. As T Lo said, the proportions would have been thrown off and the feathers would be small and thus lose their impact when put on a 3 ft tall muppet.

    April’s was really bad. It just looks cheap and sad.

    I like Kara’s, although if I didn’t know who designed what this week, I would have picked this as a Mondo dress. I love the fabric pattern and the piping. The peekaboo waist thing is a little odd, but overall I like this look.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, I really liked Anthony’s. I haven’t liked much of his past work– yeah, he can do evening gowns and cocktail dresses all of which have near-identical silhouettes, and some draping, and some folds. This one is outstanding, though. He really knew how to manipulate the fabric. The solid stripes and the sheer stripes match up beautifully, and the configuration of the skirt is definitely interesting. I like the skirt portion much better from the back than from the front– the front I feel is a little too voluminous for its own good. I don’t know about the feathers. Oh, I know why he felt the need to include them. But sticking a bunch of feathers alone won’t make the dress a Miss Piggy dress. Still, even with that imposition, the feathers don’t look as tacked-on as they could have looked. It’s clear that he did put thought into integrating them best he could. Really great work.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony: Dead right. Liked, but not for the pig. She could wear it, but it’d lose too much in the process.

    April: Really? She WAS in the room for the part about Miss Piggy?

    Kara: Interesting. Don’t love it and pretty sure it’s not a Miss Piggy dress. The pink gloves were wasted on this look, it’d have looked better (and more like a Miss Piggy dress) with white or red gloves polka-dotted in black. Or something along those lines.

  • voter1

    My only comment about Anthony and April’s looks are that if Miss Piggy was turned into a pork crown roast, those dresses would make perfect little chef hats for the end of the bones!

  • Did anyone else think that Kara was being a bit high maintenance with the accessory wall this week? And really, for a look that didn’t end up being all that well accessorized.

    Liked Anthony’s. Can’t even remember the other two.

  • Anonymous

    I was never able to get a good look at Anthony’s on my TV.  It’s better than I thought.  Not great, but better.  The reverse is true of April’s.  I thought hers was cute on TV but now I’ve seen the screencaps.  Definitely not a contender.  Kara just seems lost in these challenges and her designs are kind of her, but not a good version of her.  I don’t think she’s emotionally suited to the competitive aspect of PR.  

  • Lisa

    I totally forgot about Anthony’s, but now that I see it again, it really is pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I agree!  I loved Anthony’s dress and was surprised it came from him but come on, April’s looks like the same black shit with farbric stuck around the neck as she has been doing since Season 8.  She is not in this crowd’s league.  if she isn’t next to go I will be surprised.  I don’t like Kara’s looks but she had an idea.  Not a well thought out idea but an idea.

  • Anonymous

    Man…April….I just dont know and I am forgetting what I ever liked about your WORK. You seem lovely but for the hell of me I cannot recall one dress iI thought “THERE!” The Kara dress is pretty damn fug too. Anthony…awwwww. Dude could beTaylor Swift’s personal designer. 

  • Anonymous

    Anthony: Well made dress, but not for the client. Could walk down the street in a heartbeat.

    April: Awful, ice-skating costume, and the feather detail around her neck is a straight copy from Michael C’s Opera gown. How is this worse than Gordana’s?

    Kara: I’m a sucker for houndstooth, so I love the fabric, the design is good, not for the client, but I could see it on a girl walking down the street.

  • Cheri Lee

    I loved Anthony’s dress even with all of the feathers.

  • Anonymous

    Why are all the models this year so fug?  I mean they are really subpar. April’s model looks like she has a mustache.

  • Anonymous

    I like Kara’s dress and think it would be cool without the gloves for a real woman.  Love the texture of the fabric and the pink piped seams.  It seems to be a different direction than things she has produced in the past…more modern. 

    I like the feather detail on Anthony’s dress, but agree there is too much of it.  The skirt is too busy also, but overall, good effort from him.  He’s got a fun personality, so I hope he continues to make it through the challenges.  He’s entertaining to watch on the show.

  • Noelle Haland

    April’s looks like the model’s wearing bike shorts. :-/ Blech.