PR All Stars: If we see one more pink dress…

Posted on January 24, 2012

We’re so ready to be done talking about Miss Piggy dresses, but we still have THREE more to go after this post. Hold us, kittens.


No memory of this dress at all. None whatsoever. Clearly, we blocked it from our memories because it was too traumatic.

Hideous. How was this not in the Bottom 3? Gordana’s was worse than this? Really?

Has Jerrell never heard of Miss Piggy? Never saw a picture of her? Because her “style” really isn’t that hard to discern and this is nowhere near it. Not even on the same continent. Just because it’s pink doesn’t mean it’s Piggy.

That sounded a little dirty.





On the one hand, it’s refreshing that he’s not weighed down by past criticisms. On the other hand, maybe he should be. This was always the problem with Mondo. He makes exciting, eye-catching clothes, but they quite often tip over into drag queen territory, especially when he’s given free rein to style them. You would think such a quality would work in his favor for a challenge like this, but somehow he wound up with this odd look. It’s true that the hairstyle and hooker shoes are two of the worst aspects here, but even with better styling, this wouldn’t be a Piggy dress. How would those cap sleeves work on someone with no shoulders? And what’s with the weird triangles around the hem? Why make anything interesting at the hem at all, since it’s likely it wouldn’t be seen? With Miss Piggy, the drama needs to be up top, which is part of the reason why Michael won.


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  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I don’t remember Jerell’s either.  That is some hiddy crap walking that runway.

    I think Mondo was trying for some tongue-in-cheek with the hair, but the dress doesn’t match the 60’s hair helmet. 

    • Anonymous

      But Kalista (or is it Calista) Gingrich will be wearing it somewhere on the campaign trail

    • I think you are right. It worked when Mondo drew a mustache on his model in Season 8, but the helmet hair doesn’t have quite the same wit.

      • The helmet hair is a fail that is sharing the list with the sawdust eyebrows that Olivier did last season……

    • Anonymous

      I liked Mondo’s conceptualization both this week and last–his attempt to contextualize his creation, but it’s not working entirely. And I think Miss Piggy is a late 70s creation at the earliest, not 60s as Mondo suggested, but I’d have to wikipedia it or something. So I liked his attempt at tong-in-cheek, but the payoff wasn’t as great as expected. Still rooting for my Mondo, though!

      I have nothing at all to say about Jerrell’s dress.

      • I did the Wikipedia thing for you. She debuted in October 1974, way past the time for helmet hair.

        You could tell by Mondo’s reaction to being safe that he knew he was in jeopardy with this dress. I hope he gets his Mondo back quickly.

        I don’t remember Jerell’s dress either.

        • Call me Bee

          Oh I thought she was from the 60s as well.  Yes–in that case the styling is all wrong.  But I still like the 60s vibe and the bubble ‘do. 

          • jessamyn

            You guys are missing what Mondo really said: that he wanted to remind Miss Piggy of the glamour of her *childhood*. If she was an up-and-coming, say, 18-year-old pig in the mid-’70s, she would have been a child (well, piglet) in the ’60s, presumably looking up to what her fashionable sow mother was wearing. See?


        • Anonymous

          Thanks for doing the research for me! I knew she was a ’70s gal.

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        You’re right – Piggy is from the 70s.  When Jim Henson and his group of muppeteers started working on The Muppet Show in London in the mid-70s, Piggy was simply a supernumerary pig muppet used as background and worked by either Frank Oz or Richard Hunt (August 16, 1951 – January 7, 1992, Scooter, Sweetums, Beaker, Janice, Statler) depending who was free.

        Fozzy was supposed to be Frank Oz’s main role but the audience – including this, at the time, five-year-old – tended to feel sorry for him rather than laugh at him.  Piggy clawed (trottered?) her way to stardom as Frank discovered a whole new, ultra feminine and extremely determined, side of himself.  Eventually Piggy was second only to Kermit and Fozzy slid happily into the ‘third banana’ position for which he was destined.

        Who needs wikipedia when you have a confirmed Muppet Loon available!

        • Supernumary Pig Muppet is totally going to be the title for my third album.  It’ll be a major departure from my debut and sophomore efforts, venturing from my usual girl-with-guitar folk sound into 70s-style prog rock, and both critics and original fans will hate it.  Hipsters, on the other hand–oh, the hipsters are going to LOVE it.  We will sit on their fire escapes in Queens and drink PBR and laugh and laugh.

          • There is no amount of success that is worth having to drink PBR. 

          • I preorder right now.

          • Awesome! I’ll bring the Pretty Pretty Princess game.

          • Nixonesque

            Until you get some mild radio play and end up on SNL. Then those fickle hipsters will desert you, leaving you in the Amoeba used section.

          • Eclectic Mayhem

            *fully intends to buy all of Lizzie’s albums*

          • I’ve always been your biggest fan, Lizzie. You do girl-with-guitar folk music better than anyone. But I’m totally looking forward to Supernumary Pig Muppet. Don’t know if you read reviews, but the pre-release buzz is very positive. I’ll be buying copies for all my friends.

        • Anonymous

          And I thought I was a muppet loon!

          BTW, Fozzy will ALWAYS be number 1 in my book.

          • Eclectic Mayhem

            There’s a show in the UK called Mastermind – members of the public (or occasionally celebs) answer questions on their specialist subject and then on general knowledge.  It’s all very intense and serious and the contestants sit in a spotlight and have only a minute and a half to answer as many questions as possible.

            When I’ve idly considered being on the show (which most Brits will probably have done at some point in their life) I think that Jim Henson would be my specialist subject.

            Or maybe Buster Keaton.  Or Powell & Pressburger.  Or Cary Grant.  Or Agatha Christie.  Or Billy Wilder.  So many things to have an obscure knowledge of!

          • I challenge you to a Agatha Christie duel! That would be so fun!

  • I see Jerell is continuing on his pattern of hating tits.

    • Anonymous

      And also of placing clumped black stuff at the top of the dress.  His opera dress had the same awful treatment.  I like Jerrel, but this was just awful in every way.

      • Anonymous

        There was a great edit where they cut directly from a close-up of those…hairy, I guess?…sleeve-caps to Jerell’s actual hairdo. It was a dead-on perfect match.

    • I have a feeling this is one of the times Joanna gave a “how is she going to wear underwear with that?” speech, and probably got, “What? Duct tape is underwear!” as an answer.

      • She looks like she has a great set and he somehow made them look like pancakes.  That’s a skill you should put on a resume.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      What I can’t stand about Jerell is his obnoxious self-congratulations every damned outfit, along with the fact that most of what he produces is ass.  And yeah, he hates tits.

  • I must be drinking the Mondo coolaid. I love everything he’s made so far this season and think that this dress would look fabulous on Miss Piggy (with appropriate alterations to deal with absence of shoulders, etc.).

    • I think the dress is really cute, but not for Miss Piggy. 

    • Anonymous

      i was beginning to think i was the only person in the world who kinda liked mondo’s look.  i can even see the hair with the bow on the pig.  the cap sleeves with little shoulder pads might just create shoulders for her and i truly love the buttons.  i even love the shoes.  shoot me now!  i guess you had to be there for the sixties.

    • Anonymous

      She never wears anything that boxy & rarely is covered all the way to the neck. It’s v-neck or scoop-neck most of the time.

  • Anonymous

    So disappointed in Mondo’s look!  When it hit the runway, I couldn’t believe it was actually his.  The hair…the HAIR!  What the…?  The shoes are appalling.  And the dress itself?  I didn’t know they made garbage bags in floral prints.  It’s terrible.  Compare this abomination to Mondo’s look for the unconventional materials challenge.  How can they be by the same designer?

    • Anonymous

      I think he skinned a 1960’s couch for that fabric.

      • Anonymous

        I am sad and ashamed to admit that when I was twelve, I had a jacket in fabric very similar to this.  I did not choose it for myself.  My mother bought it for me.  It developed a mysterious and irreparable tear not long after I got it.  When I saw Mondo’s dress, I hated it with a white-hot passion.  For obvious reasons.  🙁

        • Anonymous

          You really think he stole your jacket?  =)

          • It does explain some of those choices, now doesn’t it?  He had to work around the mysterious and irreparable tear.

      • Poor couch.

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was one of those coated fabrics meant for a picnic tablecloth.

    • Nixonesque

      Lest you forget, he is currently the costume designer for Hairspray…And he’s not afraid to use it!

  • Mondo’s dress would make a pretty good effort for an unconventional materials challenge.  I’m assuming it’s made out of wrapping paper?

    • I thought Michael’s also looked like gift wrap. Could it be that they slipped out of Mood and bought their “fabric” at Party City?

  • Anonymous

    Yes Jerrell’s is basically a cocktail version of his opera dress, only uglier. I think Jerrell has been scraping by. just keeping out of the bottom.

    Mondo’s was just odd. didn’t know how to react.

  • Exactly my thought about Jerrell’s dress.  It should have been the auf.  Hideous!

  • Anonymous

    Why does Jerell hate women’s bustlines so much?!!! What does he have against tastefully accentuating the breasts?!

  • Anonymous

    Jerell’s is terrible on a number of levels. Not only is it not Miss Piggy , but it is very poorly made, raw neck edge? Why? Aslo everyone is giving Kenley  (and Mila)for repeating a similar style dress, This is exactly the same dress as last week. Exactly. Different trim is all. Shoulda been in the bottom , shouda been out. 

    Mondo, picked the right fabric, but the silhouette is all wrong as are the super effected chevrons at the hem. And the giant buttons at the neckline. Lucky ducky to not be in the bottom.

    • Anonymous

      You know, if Jerell is going to keep churning out crap like this, at least he could still be wearing his little “Men on Film” hats! Throw us a bone, Jerell!

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha! Love the shout-out to In Living Color. Yes, I guess he’s done with the wee hats and on to a more natural look. He’s still cute though.

    • Anonymous

      Those chevrons; Charlie Brown’s first time in drag?

  • Anonymous

    Jerell’s should have been in the bottom. What a hideous, tacky mess. His hairy-tits dress from last week should have been in the bottom, too. That man is not on his game at all. I didn’t love everything he did on his season, but I expected more from him so far on All Stars.

    I have a very hard time getting past that freaking hair style on Mondo’s model. I kind of like the fabric and where he was going with this, but the heavy plaquet (placket?) and super high neckline really ruin this as a Miss Piggy dress.

    Godspeed on the remaining dresses, T Lo.

  • Mondo’s is so hideous. Incredibly tacky, and his dress looks like it’s made of a bizarre combination of cheap tissue paper and plastic shag carpeting from the 70s. Ack. He’s so much better than this. 

  • Anonymous

    Poor Jerrell. I’m shocked that they have such a terrible moth problem in the workroom. What? It was intentional?

  • Gene Hult

    My first thought when I saw Mondo’s dress was “vagina dentata,” which is perhaps the last thing you want someone to think when they see your dress.  Particularly for Miss Piggy.

    • Anonymous

      I dunno, the particulars of porcine anatomy make that a not totally off-the-wall comparison to make….I shall say no more, for fear of shocking any young piglets who have insinuated themselves among the bitter kittens.

  • Anonymous

    Mondo’s looks like he might have been making a dress for a Betty Rubble challenge.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’m going to channel the Braying Tangerine for Mondo; She’s Wilma Flintstone as a Las Vegas 

    • Anonymous

      Nailed it.

  • Anonymous

    I think we’re all gonna need a group hug after these writeups are done. Jeezus, it’s like (to steal a line from Steel Magnolias) someone threw Pepto Bismol all over the place. I like pink, but not this much pink.

    And Mondo, oh honey. Lose the drag queen shoes, the helmet hair, the Burger King crown at the hem and the tacky fabric. Other than that it’s a great look.

    • Anonymous

      A hug? I need hard liquor to get through these, Gorgeous.

      • Call me Bee

        yes–a stiff belt is in order.

    • Anonymous

      “group hug” 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it amazing how that hairstyle (which everyone’s Mother wore in my era) ages the model so dramatically…
    I didn’t remember either of these dresses either…

    • Sam

      I bet that model went home and cried while trying to wash it out.

  • Both are awful, Jerelle’s look like a sagging bag and it’s so trashy it’s ridiculous. Mondo’s is made out of that tacky paper that is used to warp gifts. i understand why they went with the easy solution and just eliminated Geordana but really Jerelle should have been there with her and not Mila.

  • When I saw Mondo’s dress I about flipped! I wouldnt have pegged him for that hideous thing in a thousand years. And the STYLING! UGH!

  • Anonymous

    I remember Jerell’s because it had waaaaay too many elements: tacky fabric, uneven hem, ruffle, belt, lace panel, brooch, and foofy shoulder things.  Remove 4 of those elements and it STILL would have been ugly.  Gordana’s was boring, yes, but at least it was pretty.

    • Absolutely agree–Gordana’s may have been a negligee, but it least it was pretty.  Mondo’s is hard to criticize too much because it is just so out there, but Jerrell’s is just plain T-A-C-K-Y.

    • Jerell’s dress looked like he took Gordana’s dress, had an accident with the bedazzler and was forced to spend an extra $40 at Mooooood on embellishments.

    • Anonymous

      looks like it’s infested with moths.

  • Joe J

    With all the holes in the pink fabric, at first glance Jerell’s dress looks to me like it has some sort of disease – not so much “Miss Piggy” as “swine flu”.   Looks like he may not have gotten over his tendency to overdo his garments after all.

  • Anonymous

    I also can’t understand why they both went with these strange retro hairstyles for their models. How does that say Miss Piggy? 

    • You know, I wondered that about a lot of these entries as well.  Since when is Miss Piggy super into mod and retro?

    • Anonymous

      I think Mondo said he chose a 60s style because Miss Piggy was probably “born” in the 60s?    Huh? 

      • Which still doesn’t make any damn sense!  I was born in 1983 and I have NO intention of dressing in anything 80’s ever.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, for realz.  If anyone were ever to style me, I definitely wouldn’t want my hair crimped and pulled in a side-ponytail for the *nostalgia* factor.  I barely pulled it off when I was six and had little kid cuteness to save me!

      • Anonymous

        I thought that maybe he shouldn’t be making assumptions about a female’s age…. especially one who knows karate.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, that hair!   With a bow no less!  Did Mondo somehow get Miss Piggy confused with RoseMarie??   

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad about Mondo’s because I think he made the best fabric selection. 

  • Mondo’s would have perfect had it been a Flintstones challenge

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell—all she needed was some feathers, a longer skirt, and a derringer tucked into her thigh high stockings, and we’re talking Dance Hall Saloon Girl.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a bit bizarre that so many people went for mod/retro looks and styling.  Why?  I kinda don’t get it.  And that’s a good point about  needing to be “up top”. (Do muppets even have legs?)

    I think one of the reasons Mondo is so popular is because he never, ever puts you to sleep.  Even when he misses the mark – like this – hey, he didn’t make a generic LBD or repeat the last challenge and call it a day.  He may have editing issues, but at least I always smile or laugh when his stuff appears on the catwalk.

    • I’ve seen Miss Piggy with legs in ‘fashion shoots’ Apparently they are kept in a locker someplace and dragged out as needed.

  • dmmetler

    My theory is that Mondo needed to prove (to himself, at least) that the fix was or wasn’t in, so he took a challenge that he didn’t take seriously and pulled a Bert to see if they would, indeed, put him in the top three as favorite son (and trusted his record would keep him from being the bottom 1). Although I’m starting to think, the more I look at it, that NOT being bottom 3 is a sign the fix is in. He’s just lucky Austin really choked.

  • Anonymous

    The hairstyle on Mondo’s model is just AWFUL!  Jerrell’s dress…I don’t even know what to say, except that this is the type of thing I recall he turned out when he was in the original competition.  Taste level is completely absent. 

  • Anonymous

    Either of these could have been in the bottom 3 and I wouldn’t have complained.  Neither has very many redeeming qualities.

  • Anonymous

    Both of these are more auf-worthy than either Mila’s or Gordana’s.  Bottom three should probably have been Austin, Jerrell, and Mondo.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrel’s IS hideous, and yet for some reason I can’t understand at all, there’s something I like about it. It’s awful, it doesn’t work, yet something makes me smile. I wonder if it might have been a little bit okay minus the black lace.

    Mondo’s Mistake wasn’t helped by the Hideous Hair.

    • I think it is the behind view.  If you cut off the shoulder pads, I think the back would be a great look.  It’s really the fur and the pancake maker quality of the front that kills it.  Maybe if he had went higher with the pink on the front, maybe even a full coverage front and then the lace on the back it might’ve been great.

      • Anonymous

        It’s definitely a case of too much all at once! 

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s the germ of speakeasy glamor I see under all of the sloppily executed foo-fa-rah. Although I am beginning to think that the potential for making garments I absolutely LOVE, which I’ve always seen in Jerell’s work, is a wishful figment of my imagination.

      • Anonymous

        “the germ of speakeasy glamor” –  I love it.

  • Anonymous

    for sure jerrel should have been in the bottom.  mondo i am confused a bit.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    Didn’t like either of these dresses. Jerell’s was super unflattering at the waste. The bust is really off, which was always something I had a problem with in his previous work. And Mondo’s, I just didn’t get. He really does seem to be in his own little world, which works some of the time, but other times it just turns out WEIRD stuff, like this dress!

  • Anonymous

    I actually thought the triangles around the hem might  be a nod to Kermit’s collar, which has a similar design/shape. Mondo didn’t mention the connection, so maybe I’m giving him too much credit, but that’s what the hem made me think of, and I thought it was sort of clever.

    • GET OUT OF MY BRAIN. I was hasty in my post and wrote the same thing upthread!

  • marilyn

    If Austin did not go home this week, Jerell should have.  To quote Heidi, it’s a hot mess.

  • Besides that strange styling on Mondo`s model – am I the only one thinking that the girl`s shoulders look like on a drag-quarterback in training? If you scroll down the third pic so you can`t see her head – it totally looks like a dude. 

    Jarrell`s is just awful. He should have been a clear schmauf. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m blaming the hair stylist for the hair because both Mondo & Mila told them ’60s hair, and they got it wrong in both cases. Mondo’s was worse, but both were wrong.

  • Who did end up with the much-disputed pink gloves?
    I thought Jerrel’s was passable on the show, but in the photos it is clearly hideous. I liked Mondo’s, but for Piggy, not for real people. True, a pretty hem is not going to be helpful even if Piggy is flaunting legs, because her legs are pretty ugly and you are right that attention has to go to her bust and face. But I can see her in it, much more easily than in Mila’s or Gordana’s. Shiny and sparkly, with a bow up near the ear.
    Re. the crazy hair: Was Mondo maybe trying to meet the aspect of the challenge TLo noted in their first post, designing for a Muppet whose head is proportionally very large?

    • Anonymous

      >>>>>Who did end up with the much-disputed pink gloves?


  • Anonymous

    Now that I’ve seen Jerell’s dress, I’m really sad that Gordana is gone. What a mess.

  • When Mondo was talking in the workroom, he said there’d be a neat little neck ruffle with big buttons, and I thought it would be contrasting, and I thought,”oh, that’ll help break up the expanse all that pink foil,” and then it just turned out to be more of the same, which just blended into the rest. And origami triangle action does not make it better, unfortunately. I think the cap sleeves are awkward, too, like they don’t quite look purposeful and more as if they are waiting for their sleeves to be attached.

    Jerrell, I dunno…tacky indeed, but I like the shape. Maybe if it was all one fabric? (None of the ones used, of course!) Hard to imagine him taking it that “simple,” with his penchant for bedazzlement and lace, but I think it would have helped.

  • Anonymous

    I did not realize those were HOLES in Jerrell’s fabric – that dress is at an 11 on the ugly dial.

    • Anonymous

      Well, if you can’t put a fabric with a million holes in it on a MUPPET, who can you put it on!?

      • Anonymous

        well I would argue, this dress might be acceptable for some other puppet, but not Miss Piggy who would never dress like someone threw acid at her clothes.

        Taking the muppet out of the equation 🙂 I just don’t get Jerrell’s aesthetic, so I may be a poor judge of his designs.

    • Wow, I didn’t notice until you said something.  

  • Anonymous

    Je deteste.

  • psh i love mondo’s. not for a puppet but for everything else though.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes, both of these are worse than I remembered.

  • Anonymous

    Oh these are bad… What is up with our Mondo? Is he self-sabotaging?

  • Anonymous

    Hard to believe these two are “All-stars”!  

    Those triangle thingies look like Mondo took a kid’s foil crown from a Hallowe’en costume and smushed it onto the dress.  And the hair!  This is Miss Piggy, not Callista Gingrich.

    I don’t even know what to say about Jerrell’s.  It’s like he painted the model with glue and dipped her in a barrel of trimmings.

    • Anonymous

      It’s like he painted the model with glue and dipped her in a barrel of trimmings


    • Anonymous

      This is Miss Piggy, not Callista Gingrich.”


    • Anonymous

      This is Miss Piggy, not Callista Gingrich

      If you squint a little, the resemblance is there.  Remember that Mondo wears glasses…

  • MilaXX

    Fug and fuglier. Jerrell’s looks like fugly lingerie and Mondo’s is just straight up from from beginning to end. Don’t even get me started on that hairdo.

  • Gordana’s was so much less tacky, better made, etc., etc., than Jerrell’s. oy.

  • This challenge was just pure Moopet all around.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent — someone else who saw the movie.

  • Oh, Mondo. What were you smoking when you made that dress? And that hair makes my skin crawl.

  • Anonymous

    In 3 challenges, Jerrell has sent nothing down the runway but ugly, ill-fitting, poofy dresses with strange ornamention. I howled in pain when I saw that on my TV. I used to adore him. He needs to go.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. Yes. To my eye his entries have been almost aggressively ugly.

  • None of the designers – with the possible exception of Michael – understood that Miss Piggy is just JLo in pig form.  She is the ultimate diva and they could have had such fun designing for her. 

  • I recorded PR just re-watched it Jerells dress was not on there. 
    I thought this was a stupid challenge.  If they needed to make a dress for miss piggy why not make it “for” miss piggy not a model!

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell’s was definitely the schmauf for me. He really hasn’t improved from his season. He should be going soon even though he deserved it here.

    Mondo hasn’t learned much either. I’m surprised by how many designers still suffer from the limitations they had in their seasons. Kara for one, everyone who has been schmaufed, Austin, April, pretty much everyone except Rami who learned maybe a little too much and now won’t go near draping with a ten-foot pole.

    I’m hoping the talent really shines in the next episode because this wasn’t anyone’s finest hour.

  • Why is Jerrell getting a pass week after week? Every SINGLE thing he has made has been hideous, with the exception of the first dress, which was not particularly impressive IMO. He seems to specialize in shapeless pseudo-maternity wear. I really hope he gets called on it soon, because his stuff is inexplicably flying under the radar.

  • Susan Crawford

    Gordana was sent home for a dress that was literally MILES ahead of Jerrell’s. WTF? Frankly, I am mystified at Jerrell’s inclusion in PRAS – based on his three looks thus far, he has not shown anything truly original at all. Mondo . . . not one of your better works. And as a survivor of the helmet-head, teased out to the max era, seeing that bobble-head literally gave me nightmares!

  • Anonymous

    I like Mondo & his work a great deal but this thing was horrendous. 
    Ofcourse that hairdo would destroy any look.  Wha happened?
    My Lord is Jerell’s ever hiddy.  I feel he should have left before Gordana. 
     I’m not a fan of underwear or sleepwear as outwear but I liked Gordana’s dress much more than I should have. 
    It may not have been Piggy Perfect, but at least a person would look pretty in it.
    I’m thinking neither Pig nor person could rock the looks of Jerell or Austin 
    or Mondo (especially if the hair & shoes were part of the package).

  • I remember Jerell’s because I couldn’t believe that Gordana would get sent home over him! Or that Mila’s was rated below Jerell’s. WTF was going on?!

  • I am so disappointed in my Mondo. Never had any feelings for Jerrell anyway, and didn’t notice this or would have been p-o’d  a lot more about Gordana going home. Someone earlier said Jerrell’s wasn’t shown. That isn’t true is it? They have to show all of them right?

  • Anonymous

    Agree completely about Jerrell’s, should have been in the bottom instead of Gordana’s, and Mila should have gone home. However, while you two are normally monuments of grammatical and literary perfection, I think the word you’re looking for is free rein rather than reign.

  • Call me Bee

    I guess I remembered Jerrlel’s dress looking different.  I remember the back and think it’s kinda cute.  But the front is just ugly.  Had the bodice been straight across without that breast-plate looking brooch, it would have been…ok.  As it is–it’s awful. 
    I thought Mondo’s was so fun. He mentioned he was going back to the 60s with his design and styling, since MP was “born” in the 60s…he nailed it!  My sister, who graduated from HS in 1965, wore that bubble hairdo for three years!  So–I like it.  Not a winning look, but middle of the pack, as it is.

  • Anonymous

    I figured the triangles on Mondo’s dress was a nod to the collar on her main squeeze – Kermit. 

    • Anonymous

      I believe you thought more about that kind interpretation than he thought about the whole dress.

    • Anonymous

      If the challenge had been to dress Kermit in drag Mondo’s would have been a shoo-in for the win!

  • Sam

    I loved Mondo during his season, and raged hard when he lost to Gretchen, but challenge…

    absolute mess. I would kill to design for Miss Piggy, and this is what he shows her? So disappointing.

  • I can see how maybe Mondo was going for a Kermit’s neck-ruffle kind of thing on the bottom of the dress? Otherwise, uh, yeah. That’s all I can say.

  • Anonymous

    Mondo: I’m just perplexed. I mean, I kind of love the fabric, but it’s an unappealing ensemble AND it’s kind of the anti-Piggy shape. She NEVER wears something that boxy and very rarely is covered to the neck.

    Jerell: Well, the styling (the hair, really) made me think that a different version of this, better made, might work for someone who didn’t mind that color pink.   Someone trying to evoke speakeasy glamor.  Which, in theory could be Miss Piggy, but as shown it just doesn’t work. Piggy rarely has anything big on her shoulders unless it is the extension of something that extends down & across (usually in a V-shape) her chest, like a big fluffy collar. Plus, 90% of the time, her hair covers the shoulders between arm & neck.

    Plus, true to Jerell, the thing didn’t look properly fitted in the waist. Damn, I guess he’s not going to live up to that potential that I persist in seeing in his work.

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    Jerell’s is atrocious. Those holes… I hadn’t noticed those, I thought it was a print. I don’t believe we have seen anything quite so UGLY in the history of project runway. It really is grossing me out a little… Am I the only one? Seriously, I hate pretty  much everything Gordana makes, but even I have to admit that her dingy pink night gown with the armpit accesories was better than this horrible thing.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t remember Jerrell’s dress either. Staggeringly ugly.

  • Lattis

    When you look at the back of Jerrel’s dress, what kind of woman do you see at the front of it?
    It is a schizophrenic dress – Daisy May on the bottom, Madame on the top. And the mullet ruffle is just an insult to reason.

    We’ve all seen a movie where the woman has to go to some big event and her dress is horrid – so she gets busy with a pair of scissors and voila! –  she ends up going to the dance looking like a dream. Well, she would start out with Jerrel’s dress as is.

  • Jerrel’s was memorable because of the horrible fit. Like y’all, I don’t know why this was safe.

    And Mondo’s would have been better for Edna Turnblad. That’s the worst hair I’ve seen since the windtunnel beehive stiltwalking 1970s secretary look from Danielle & Cecilia last season.

    • Anonymous

      Yes — exactly!   Is that a **thing** now?  Will every one be sporting the helmut hair of D&C’s stilt-walking effort from s9e3, and Mondo’s effort from PRAS(s2)e3?  I’m scared!

  • Leonardo Alves

    I can’t stand Mondo’s Flintstones hem!  Just can’t!

  • Joshua

    For once, I didn’t like Mondo’s dress at all — not for Miss Piggy or Miss anyone. But even if it was hideous, I thought the styling on the hair was rather thoughtful. He was the only designer that actually made the model to look like a muppet.

  • Anonymous

    I also wondered how Jerell’s dress could possibly have avoided the B3. And even the B1. It was definitely my pick for the worst of the bunch when I saw the dresses afterwards on Rate the Runway. Maybe they didn’t show it coming down the runway because it was so awful and clearly should’ve been B3? (In a related note, I think no male type person has yet to make the B2, although Austin and Jerell should’ve for this one, and no female type person has yet to make the T2. Am I blocking something out? We’re 3-for-3 with girls out the door, yes?)

  • I honestly can’t get too down on anyone for turning out crap in this challenge because as TLo pointed out in their first post about this episode, it was handled in such an odd damn fashion.  

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, this.  The whole episode was on crack.

  • Anonymous

    Mondo:  To Sir with Love gone wrong.  Could’ve have worked a lot better if better styled.  He’s getting the bitch edit so far too. 

    Jerrell — Should have been shown the door for this one.

  • Jerrell’s: I don’t remember this at all, either.  Was I taking a bathroom break?  Did my mind mercifully shut down?

  • You know, I also had complete amnesia about Jerell’s effort. Seeing it now I’m thinking my subconscious blocked it out, having rushed to defend my aesthetic sensibilities from the utter hideosity. Yikes, that’s ugly. I’d remembered Austin’s as the worst outfit, but I think this one’s uglier. And I agree that, while I didn’t think Gordana’s thing wasn’t that great, it sure beat this and Austin’s both. I guess Gordana just doesn’t have whatever “it” factor PR wants in its contestants, because that’s twice she’s been aufed when I really thought somebody else should have gone instead.

    Mondo’s gave me delight, like most of his stuff does. Unlike Mila’s earnestly mod dress, Mondo did a rather pointed, take no prisoners parody of the mid 60s, with, of course, some cool Mondo touches. I took it as an editorial comment on the challenge.

  • Anonymous

    They’re both hideous and equally worse than Gordana’s and Mila’s.

    Jerell’s is just all sorts or wrong.

    Mondo’s looks like its made of aluminum foil or something, like if you touch it, it will crinkle and crack. Not even going to talk about the horrific styling.

  • The “Whut.” made me laugh out loud. Pretty much my reaction, too. When Mondo’s fits of whimsy go wrong, some weird stuff can happen.

    And that’s the case with Jerrell TO THE MAX. Holy shit is that hideous and it made me remember why he crashed and burned in his season. Actually, this challenge brought out a lot of the designers’ earlier weaknesses – Mila’s stubborn over-reliance on the black and white mod looks, Austin’s tendency to overwork, Kenley’s twee-ness, Gordana’s occasional defeatism. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get why Jerrell hasn’t been in the bottom.  He should have been more than once.  And, yeah, this was worse than Gordana’s.  Her dress just wasn’t right for Miss Piggy.  Jerrell’s would be fug on anyone.

    I like Mondo’s better, but his work in the last two challenges has been for the stage–large-scale details that don’t work close up.  I think this was also worse than Gordana’s though not auf-worthy the way Jerrell’s is.  At least the big buttons would kind of work for me with a puppet.

    And Mila’s is far better than either.  This is where the judging is screwing up–there are some safes in the middle that shouldn’t be.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    I like Mondo’s big buttons.  Wish they had been done so you could see them.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrell’s is a nightmare that continues to haunt my retinas. Cannot believe Gordana went home. 

  • Anonymous

    They were both uggums. Its just that Mondos’ was better constructed.
    I don’t see drag queen but I do see a dress that leans toward a kiddy-clothing perspective,
    (big surprise, – its a contest to dress a childrens’ puppet).
         Still; it seems most of the designers blew off this challenge with half-assed efforts.
    Or was the challenge just too misunderstood?

  • Anonymous

    I was so pissed about Gordana going home and Mila on the bottom when Jerrell got a pass on that accident of tastelessness and reckless element adding.  I remember this horrorshow of a dress.  I also want to know why Mondo got a pass for his helmet hair look.

  • Can we also talk about how Mondo’s dress was CLEARLY the worst, most underdesigned one there?  Basic shift dress with a bib and some triangles stapled to it.

  • Anonymous

    Mondo– I don’t mind the construction– this piece is well-executed– but I don’t like the design details. Those button-things on that weird panel at the neck? What the hell? The triangles at the hem? Terribly overworked. Totally tacked-on. I don’t care for the print it, either. Too garish. Too much like wrapping paper.

    Jerell– Oh, I remember that one. I remember it because the model’s boobs looked like they were riding up-and-down on an elevator as the model walked. Seriously. We’re supposedly dealing with All-Stars in this show. Can’t he properly construct and fit the bodice? The whole thing is slouchy. I hate those leafy shoulder pads. They kind of look like jaws on the model’s shoulders.

  • Lisa

    I think the only thing wrong with Mondo’s look isn’t the dress, which I really like, but the styling.  I mean, what the hell is up with that Lee Radziwill hairdo on a woman that young?

    And yeah, Jerell’s dress was ass over teakettle ugly! I LOOOOVED him in his season, so I don’t know what’s up with him in these past two challenges.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, both of these dresses look 10x worse than I remember.  Ew.

  • voter1

    I think Mondo was actually designing for Miss Piggy and not for a model.  Jerrell’s looks like Kenley could have designed – gah.

  • I would love to see a picture of Miss Piggy in the winning dress. I wonder if they’re out there somewhere? I agree this episode was weirdly set up (I thought your suggestion about making it about the actual puppet was genius!) but I love the Muppets so much I can’t help enjoying it. 

  • Anonymous

    That helmet hair for Mondo’s was criminal. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if I’ve ever been as distracted by styling as I was with the helmet hair.  I didn’t even notice the weird triangle hem until just now, and even then I had to scroll back up after reading the description.  It’s like the hair is a black hole.

    But even on the model’s body there’s something messed up about the shape/structure and the shiny pattern.  I can’t even imagine on Miss Piggy.

    Jerrell’s is just weird.  I kind of want to ban them all from using the technique of  “pile crap on the shoulders” for the next few challenges, at least.

    • When done correctly, an exaggerated shoulder can help define a waist and make it appear smaller.  “Done correctly” would be the operative phrase here….

  • Anonymous

    The moment I saw Jerell’s dress I thought bottom 3 – when he was safe I was stumped about who the 3rd one would be – never occured to me it would be Mila.

  • Anonymous

    Much as I normally love him, Mondo would have been gone if it were up to me.  Words fail me–I literally cannot express how much I hate this dress!  STUNNED into silence when he wasn’t in the bottom 3.
    I swear if the model took that dress off, it would stand up on its own.

  • Anonymous

    Jerrel. Blocked it out as well. So funny – no recollection here either but that is one damn ugly frock. Never liked his clothes. Mondo. Cute(ish) dress – for a twenty-something starlet.

    • Anonymous

      A twenty something starlet or Phyllis Diller, all she needs is a long cigarette holder. Seriously.

      • Oh my god, yes! Mondo’s dress is perfect for Phyllis Diller. They’d still have to tease the hair, but they wouldn’t have to comb it down. Phyllis loves her some fright wig hair.

  • Annie Leung

    Has anyone else noticed that Mondo’s model looks just like the minion with a wig from Despicable Me. The same hair and pink dress, the resemblance is uncanny to me.

  • Anonymous

    They should have used the Moopet pigs as the models.

  • I love Mondo but I was trully afraid he was gonna be at the bottom with these dress, but I am glad they looked it over, like Jerell’s….

  • butter nut

    i dont know how jerell didnt make bottom 3.  i always feel like i have to squint & tilt my head to understand wtf he’s going for w/ his garments.  and mondos – i could not get past that bouffant.  lol wtf?!

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is Mondo’s dress+hairstyle looks like a nasty pink condom wrapper.  Or maybe just the condom itself.  I couldn’t believe he wasn’t in the bottom.  But you are right on – I also must have blocked out Jerell’s Nightmare on Pink Street.