PR All Stars: Bringing up the Rear

Posted on January 11, 2012

Home stretch, darlings! Don’t falter now! If we can do it, so can you.




Actually, you know what’s kind of refreshing about this look? There’s none of that “Oh, I don’t want to be the draping guy” or “I don’t want to be known for just flamboyant clothes” second-guessing going on with Anthony. No sir. He got auf’d for taste issues and one too many dresses that looked, well, exactly like this one? Big ol’ shrug. It’s full steam ahead and who cares about the past? Anthony has some gold safety pins to get to, now get out of his way.

Miss Sophia, we love you and we’ll be happy to pass you those peas, but first we have to tell you that this is a tacky mess. Although admirably well made, considering a strong sneeze would have it in shreds on the floor.



We hope you all appreciate how difficult it is to be bitchy about the work of people with whom we’ve had cocktails. Recognize; that’s all we’re saying.

Anyway, we adore Kara but the second this came out, we both agreed: “Dated.” Not a bad attempt at unconventional material use (because we have no idea what it is she used), but it sort of looks like something you’d see from, perhaps not coincidentally, season 1 or 2 of Project Runway. Don’t love the color of the bodice or the high waist on the skirt. The proportions are a little off.



Y’know, there was a time in our PR blogging where we might have gleefully spouted … we don’t know … Star Trek jokes about this look. But after the last couple of seasons, which were an endless marathon of mid-level talent and uninteresting clothes, we can only applaud not only the impressive technical skill, but also the point of view and creativity on display. It’s not another little strapless cocktail dress with a well-placed ruffle, nor is it a half-assed mess or attention-seeking clown clothes (although others may disagree on the latter point). It’s real, honest-to-Coco fashion design and it’s been sorely lacking or in short supply for a while now in the world of Project Runway.

We’re not fans of uneven hems and we don’t love it here, but we do love the rest of that dress. The leggings are so unusual that we have to give them major props, even if they’re not entirely to our liking.

And yes, we’ll get to that 24-Hour Catwalk dog-and-pony show soon, darlings.
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  • Anonymous

    LOL at the model’s feet in the first picture. She looks like she’s confused and about to fall down.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if it was that hard to walk in the dress, or if it was just an awkward pose?

      • Anonymous

        She was probably terrified of taking too large a stride and turning the judges into her gynecologist (to channel AbFab.)

      • Anonymous

        I’d guess she was afraid of ripping the dress, wasn’t it made of tissue streamers? Perhaps he reinforced it somehow, I don’t remember if it was mentioned.

    • Anna Maria Diamanti

      But I do love those shoes! Can anyone ID them? TLo?

    • Caroline Bracco

      She’s doing the Japanese-school girl pose. I swear, Japanese girls actually try to walk like this. It’s very clompy.

      • True.  But pigeon-toes (or “intoeing”? Not sure of the PC term for it) is extremely common in Japan, especially among girls.  It’s often not medically-corrected or even seen as a bad thing.  And yes, some girls in fact mimic that pose/style of walking because it’s considered cute.

        • Caroline Bracco

          This actually explains a lot. Oops, didn’t realize it was a medical condition. I thought it was just their shoes. Thanks for the insight.

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I didn’t think Anthony and Kara’s were so bad.  Up to par with Rami or Mondo?  No, but I didn’t see tacky or dated when I looked at them. 

  • Loved Mila’s design… was shocked it didn’t end up in the Top 3 over Jerell! 

    • Well, at least someone else said it first.  🙂

      I didn’t love Mila’s design (well, to be fair, I think she’s really great but not so much my aesthetic), but it was interesting and well constructed (and definitively Mila).  I was surprised that she didn’t get picked over Jerell, who made a pretty enough piece but didn’t really strike me as being as interesting as Mila’s.

  • Judy_J

    I’m impressed with the way Mila matched those stripes.

  • Anonymous

    Boy, I don’t even remember Mila’s outfit.  And those leggings are definitely a significant departure from the others’ looks.  In a weird way (and I’m quite in your camp, T + Lo, about the uneven hem), I like this look.

    Hope tomorrow night gives some milliseconds’ more time for viewers to see the designers’ output.  Hint-hint, B-M.  [of course, all this prospective wishing and prompting is ludicrous since the entire program has been in the can for a while now….]

    • Anonymous

      I know what you mean.  I don’t know that I like Mila’s look as much as I like the fact that it’s a *look* and it says Mila all over it.  I still think she was really shafted by the editing in her season and made out to be some sort of mean girl, when she was actually quiet and hard-working.  I notice B-M is doing it again in the promos–guess it’s the hairstyle.  

  • I actually liked Anthony’s safety pins. Not that “dress” he attached them to, however.

    • Cathy S

      I like the safety pins too.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  I wouldn’ve never thought of amassing a bunch of safety pins in order to come up with golden adornments for a dress.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even remember Mila’s from the show. And it is pretty cool. In fact, I would have put her in the top 3 instead of Jerrell. I like Anthony’s use of the safety pins, but the whole look is pretty tacky overall. Pretty disappointed with Kara’s look. Really uninspired. And the hat is such an after thought, like she desperately wanted to modernize the look at the very last minute.

    • Anonymous

      What’s modern about that hat…. js

  • Anonymous

    I hope to god Mila is a dark horse for this thing. I enjoyed her stuff she displayed during her season, and have loved her post-show work.

  • Oh, Mila. Don’t ever change. I love this look!

  • Jacqui

    Wow I don’t remember Mila’s at all. I remember her from the first runway they did with works they brought but this piece doesn’t look familar to me at all. They must have only show 2 seconds of it and I was blinking or something.

  • I suspect that Kara used a braided rug for her bodice. My cat would be all over that.

    Liked Mila’s. Don’t remember it. Are we sure that they even broadcast her portion of the runway show?

    Remember Anthony’s. Well, it’s definitely an Anthony.

    • Anonymous

       I do remember seeing what looked like (black) bandages wrapped around the model’s legs.

    • Anonymous

      Kara’s bodice looks like it was made from a mop head.

    • Anonymous

      Kara made the same bodice using raffia in her season. Not. Original.

  • Anonymous

    Can I tell you how much I LOVE Anthony so much that I hope he sticks around for a long, long time and then gets his own show on Lifetime or Bravo so I can just hear him just talk forever? Stick him on a sitcom, I don’t care, he’s highly entertaining and I really just want to have him and Mondo come live with me. They can sit on the loveseat and drink dirty martinis and tell me that I look good or bad and complain about the curtains, I don’t care. If they made a show like that Austin/Santino show with Mondo and Anthony, I would be in Heah-vin.

    That said, his dress was…meh. I liked the use of the safety pins, I really did, and the fact he used the streamers, but it was kind of…well…kind of. I do adore him, though.

    Mila’s was interesting, well made, unique. Not something anyone would really want to wear around, but that’s not the point of this challenge.

    Kara’s skirt looked like it came from Cato. The top was interesting, but if it had wide straps over the shoulders or a halter around the neck it would have looked better.

    • Anonymous

      What was Kara’s skirt made out of?  I don’t remember.

    • Anonymous

      He’s utterly charming in person too. I saw him at Gail K Fabrics in Atlanta a few weeks ago and his on screen persona is apparently his “all the time” persona. I don’t like his work, not even a little most of the time, but I do enjoy his personality.

      • Pam Winters

        I’m pretty sure that I was walking behind Anthony and another guy on my way to the “converted-bridesmaid-dress” challenge taping I attended (God help me, I voted for Gretchen! Partly because she presented her ideas really well). I don’t remember what I overheard, but it was Anthony (or an Anthony wannabe) being really charmingly funny about something. As with Tim Gunn, I remember thinking “This is what this guy is like all the time! Wonderful!”

  • What I liked about Kara’s and Mila’s was that you could pretty much tell who designed it. I think Anthony went for the unconventional materials aspect with a vengeance, and I liked his safety pin glitz; however I didn’t realize until you pointed it out what the dress was made of. Scary. I guess he was going for the “most unconventional materials” prize?

  • I really liked Mila’s and thought it should have been in the Top 3 instead of Jerrell’s predictable scarf maxi-dress.

  • Anonymous

    I expected better from Kara – hope she steps it up. 

    From behind Anthony’s is not bad, though basic.

    Mila’s “rested” on the graphic print – because those :”leggings’ and the length, ending at her crotch (INSANE!) with clear panels at the crotch area – ugh.  

    I like clear but both Mila and Austin did not do a good job using clear plastic 

  • Of these three, I actually shouted “Right on!” at the screen when Mila’s came out.  It was a clean approach with a definite voice that was beautifully made.  Sure, I have my issues with it here and there, but overall it was a very impressive piece.  I thought Kara’s was a total misfire, especially with that sad attempt to give it a 70s vibe with the fedora.  And Anthony, well, while I think the concept really could have gone somewhere, it was the execution that was a huge fail for me.

  •  After seeing her in “All on the line” talking about how being on PR was something she was having to overcome, I don’t understand what Kara is doing here. 
     I can’t get over how well Mila’s is executed. It just does my heart good, you know? I agree with many others, It should have taken Jerell’s top spot. 

    • I think the possibility of the prizes was too much to pass up.  Also, I would be surprised it the All-Stars aren’t paid, unlike when they were original contestants.

  • Anonymous

    I hate that silver belt thing on Kara’s but other than that, I don’t find it to be too bad.  Maybe I like the styling?  Anthony… oy vey.    And I find Mila’s just plain ugly.  It’s just not my taste. 

  • I was highly impressed with Anthony’s — not because it was good, but because it was inventive.  Using the pins that way was genius.   And working with tissue paper takes some courage.

    And Mila’s was great — I really thought she should have taken Jerell’s spot in the top 3, mainly for the same reasons you stated here.  She didn’t just make something, she made fashion and she made fashion that was true to her style.  Besides, I want those leggings.  Badly.

  • Anonymous

    Props to Mila for going Out There.  I agree with you that Kara’s look is very dated.  If Miss Sophia had used the gold safety pins only as the neckpiece for the dress, it would have been passable, but as usual, he couldn’t stop. 

  • Anonymous

    Anthony picked so well with the safety pins, it could have been so awesome and edgy. Instead he used it as very tacky gold tinsel straight off the 49 cents a yard spool. Low middle.

    Kara’s dress looks very well made, but no point of view. Middle middle.

    Milla’s very much shows her point of view and stands out design wise amongst the rest. She might not be a personality darling , but this should have been in the top.

  • Anonymous

    I think Mila should have been in the top three rather than Jerell. 

  • Anonymous

    Count me as another one who didn’t remember Mila’s look. I don’t understand how and why it caused collective amnesia, because it’s pretty great (and I’m not Mila’s biggest fan). This definitely should have been in the top 3 over Jerell’s.

    Look at how the material lines up! It’s sad that after last season, this has to be mentioned.

    • It’s not just after last season — do you know how often I see down market clothes that the pattern isn’t set correctly?

  • Anonymous

    To be successful in this competition, Mila is going to have to let up on the incessant use of angular, colorblocked, graphic looks. That said, I like her look a lot. It has almost a Nicolas Ghesquiere/Balenciaga-like aesthetic, which is pretty impressive for a 99 cent store.

  • Oh dear, I think my total lack of fashion sophistication is showing here.  I actually like Anthony’s dress, and I love the different shade of purple shoes with it.  I think if it wasn’t done in such nonconventional materials (giving it that tacky look) it wouldn’t be bad at all.  I also really like Kara’s outfit, though I can’t necessarily agree with the “seen it before” statement–but I would totally wear it.

    As for Mila, I can appreciate what you’re saying about it being interesting, but blech. It sure is ugly.

    • Pam Winters

      The blue/purple pairing in Anthony’s look was my favorite thing about it. That, and the inventiveness of using safety pins. And Anthony himself. The dress itself was Bridesmaid Revisited.

  • Anonymous

    I dislike Mila’s hemline. That said, I think she’s the only one who really got this challenge. It wasn’t “make a pretend version of your runway dress” (I’m looking at about half the designers here), but make fashion out of what you find at the dollar store. Yes, it had to reference the other look, but Mila is really the only one who truly embraced the materials. 

    If someone showed you a photograph of this look out of context and said it was the newest Prabal Gurung color block dress, wouldn’t you believe it? 

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Mila’s is ugly, but it’s certainly designed, and it wouldn’t need a caption to be able to say, “Well, hello, Mila.”   Nice work with the stripes.

    That said, still ugly.

    I actually don’t mind Anthony’s that much, tough the safety pins make it look like he draped it with Christmas tree garlands.

    Kara’s, I keep having to scroll up to remember.  Not that I dislike it, but if I were a judge, she’d be in trouble just because I’d have to keep checking my cards to remember what she sent down the runway.

  • Sara__B

    I agree with you about everything except Mila’s leggings. Yes, they’re creative, unusual, and clearly demonstrate point of view, but I’ve seem them before. She made leggings like these the first time she was on Project Runway, and I still think they’re unattractive.

  • Brad and Anne White

    At first glance, Kara’s top looks like it’s made of ground beef. Barf. I don’t remember Mila’s dress from the runway, but it’s interesting. I still secretly like her, even though many don’t.

    We all seem so thirsty for great PR designs. Glad our thirst has been…wetted…excited to see this week.

    • Anonymous

      Oh great. Now every time I look at the top I see a pile of ground chuck. All the model needs is a hamburger bun shaped hat!

  • Anonymous

    My only real problem with Mila’s look, after staring at it for a few minutes, is that the top of her leggings seem to form an arrow. They just need a sign that says, “Come an’ get it, boys!”

    But it is more interesting than the other two.

  • Anonymous

    I would totally wear Anthony’s dress on NYE – and I loved the safety pins. (And I hope this was just an inadvertent bad pic of the model standing pigeon toed.)
    I don’t get Kara’s proportions.
    I loved Mila’s creation. If only I were tall and thin, I would be all over it (OK, perhaps a few years younger, too).

  • Why does Mila’s model look so familiar?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if whether the garment would sell in Neiman Marcus is going to heavily affect the judging. All the top three were very –boutique-ready.  I admire Mila’s garment as a fashion runway statement, which is what I started looking at PR for years ago.

  • I so agree on the Mila entry. I didn’t like it either from a pure ‘aesthetic’ point of view, and it would have not survived one of those “I’d wear that” judges. But she actually THOUGHT this out, used the constrains of the challenge, and remained true to her POW. Kudos Mila, you are (still) on the right track. 

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha- just a note, but do you perhaps mean POV? Mila remaining true to her POW would be something a bit different. 😉

      • LOL you are right.
        She WAS always something of a warrior herself, but that’s not what I meant XD

  • Anonymous

    Anthony’s dress wasn’t all that bad. I think that he just struggled a bit with the materials. I actually like the gold safety pin treatment on the bodice. It’s not entirely successful, but it works.

    Mila’s look was outstanding. It’s a difficult look for most to wear, but it’s totally true to her aesthetic. The girl truly knows wheat she’s doing no matter what the challenge.

  • marilyn

    Anthony’s creation is horrible.  He managed to make the skinny, skinny model look like she had no bust, and big hips.  Bad color choice, and the texture looks bad.  For some reason, I thought the model looked like a very old woman in that dresss.  Very weird.

    Mila-the first Borg fashion show.  I’m not kidding.

    Kara-the pick of the litter.

  • Anonymous

    Loved Mila’s piece. And taste issues aside, it’s great to see Miss Sophia on my screen again. Even my 10-year-old son, who didn’t catch him in his first season, immediately declared him to be his favorite contestant. I think he was responding to his warm and engaging personality much more so than the two creations he’s seen so far from him.

  • Anonymous

    Mila’s back!  Huzzah!!!

  • Call me Bee

    Honest-to-God I forgot that these three designers were on the show.  Their looks and comments were on-screen for seconds–I forgot all about them!  Well–the looks are forgettable excpet Mila’s.  Certainly her POV!   

    • MIla’s Storm Trooper hooker dress was memorable. There was some tough competition that day if I recall…

      • Anonymous

        Storm Trooper hooker… *snort*

  • Anonymous

    I love Mila’s creation.  Updated pop art fashion.

  • I was so upset that Mila wasn’t in the top three – that is an amazing outfit. I love her and hope she does well. She is one of my all time faves!

  • Sean Pflueger

    I think Mila’s dress passed by so quickly that I didn’t notice how good it was.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the styling on Mila’s model really worked.  It’s pretty standard runway styling, but she looked very Bowie, and I’m a sucker for that.  I wasn’t a big fan of Mila’s before, because I thought her previous season’s efforts looked too mod, too retro.  This feels modern.

  • Anonymous

    I COMPLETELY agree – there’s a very different prize this season, so broad appeal and wearability will definitely matter.  I’m kind of ok with that, as long as the judging is consistent.  I hope they don’t top-model it (you have to look editorial and edgy!  Also, you have to look cute in a cover girl ad!) 

  • Anonymous

    sorry, disqus fail.  Meant to reply to Nayasabrina about whether the Neiman Marcus prize would change the judging.

  • Anonymous

    I think I might actually like Mila’s dress, if it were a skosh longer, and without the leggings.

    • Anonymous


    • Tamara Hogan

      With solid color leggings.  

      • Anonymous

        Solid color leggings would work so much better, you’re absolutely right.

    • Anonymous

      Alternately, I think the leggings would be better and more wearable with a solid black or gray dress.  They’d still be unusual, of course.

  • Mila’s was the only one that was definitively Mila. The regular PR judges loved to make a point about recognizing a designer’s look without having to look at their cards. Well, here it is.

  • Anthony could/should have gone home. It’s a 3rd grade arts-and-crafts project. And if I ever see folds again… no, really, he’s got no business being there, however much I like him (her). Oh, all right. You want to put out the same dress again and again? Then, execute it to perfection. What the hell’s going on here? Actually, using clusters of golden safety pins as adornments wasn’t that bad of an idea. Then again, compared to that flimsy violet mess, anything will look good.

    I got nothing to say about Kara’s. Dunno why. It ain’t bad– the work shows care, and some good structuring techniques– but really, I don’t know what else to say.

    Mila’s is pretty cool. Good execution, nice matching and juxtaposition of stripes, simple and clean silhouette, although a tiny bit of additional sculpting wouldn’t go amiss. Leggings are great, but I’ve seen those same exact ones multiple times from her. Her post-show spring collection, wasn’t it? Nothing’s wrong with this piece, really– it’s just that she’s another one who won’t move a millimeter away from her aesthetic. Not that terrible of a thing, though. I’d immediately recognize this as her work. So yeah, her entry works for me.

  • Anonymous

    Mila made an excellent dress with a weird, baggy pair of leggings that came directly from the Foxy Lady hooker-ware store.

  • RocknLox

    I love Anthony’s safety pins. 

  • sweetlilvoice

    Mila’s is amazing, I don’t even remember it from the show. She made those leggings?

  • Anonymous

    I actually liked the safety pin details on Anthony’s otherwise unnoteworthy dress.  Perhaps this is because of the following image which I may have shared with you bitter kittens before.   In this context, it bears repeating.  I give you, Mark Mahall’s safety pin jacket.

  • Anonymous

    More or less, I agree with your assessment.

    I was never a fan of Anthony’s work during S7 and I am still not a fan of it now – but it is pure Anthony. He has embraced who he is as a designer and is not running from it to please the judges. My taste notwithstanding, I have to applaud him for that. 

    Kara’s is a little dated and not the most interesting look overall, but it is well-made and a good use of unconventional materials. This is a suitably middle of the pack entry.

    Uneven hem aside, I absolutely love Mila’s and think it deserved more recognition than it got, but then I’ve always been a fan of her aesthetic (in large part because of my fondness for the 60s Mod looks that she draws inspiration from).

    • I think Mila could be great — but she needs to broaden her style just a bit.  I got really sick of the black/white/gray blocking in her season.  And I LOVE black, white and gray.  The color here, if she continues working like this, would be very welcome.

      • Anonymous

        That is true. Colour is my biggest complaint, not only with her, but with PR designers in general (a few exceptions notwithstanding) – and she was a particularly egregious offender with her utter commitment to a black, white, and neutrals. I do still love black and black and white combinations though.

        Fortunately, she has branched out a bit since S7. Let’s hope she continues to do so.

  • Anonymous

    Liked Mila then.. like her now. Anthony will stay as long as the sound bites can keep him. I abhor Kara’s. That right there is just ugly.

  • bloodshothalfblind

    im with you on mila’s.  good design, if impractical & not all that pretty. anthony’s was alright, except for everything above the waist. wtf was that shit on her tits?

  • Oh, good, I’m glad I’m not the only one who liked Mila’s look. The hem is rather short, but that’s what you have to do when you make a dress out of paper bags.

  • MilaXX

    Kara’s dress looks like mop heads and a table cloth for the skirt. Not clue what the belt is made of. As odd and Trek-y as Mila’s look is, I like it. Also bonus points for matching the stripes.

  • Anonymous

    I like Mila’s top, even the uneven hem, in this case…probably due to the way she played with the striping directions.  I really can’t like these leggings, although leggings seem most appropriate for the top.  Dial ’em back a notch and I’d be more on board. 

    Miss Sophia’s – that gold applique is so haphazard.  I don’t get it.  I like this look even less than Sweet Pea and what’s her name that got auf’ed…

    Kara’s – nothing new.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Mila’s look, thought it was ingenious, brave, and well made. Looking at it again in photos, I like it even more. She put some design into that thing, and should have been in Top 3.

  • It kills me to say it because I really dislike her, but I really liked Mila’s outfit. It was stricking, well-made and different.

  • I’m tickled to hear that you’re going to be doing 24 hr Dogfight.  Looking forward to that hot mess.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not watching the show so this is my first view of the designs and I have to say – Mila’s is FAB!  Figure flattering? No. But real honest ot god fashion with thought, design and technical prowess.  I think it is superb.

  • Lisa

    I guess the thing that I appreciate about the unconventional materials challenge is that, even if the garment isn’t the most gorgeous thing to come down the runway, a la Austin’s or Anthony’s, you have to appreciate how hard it must be to make a garment out of something like garbage bags and mops, and make it look pretty.  That’s why the one I was the most disappointed with was Sweet P’s, because come on – washcloths?  Really?  People used Christmas garland and Brillo pads and created beautiful stuff, and you went with washcloths?  That’s why I just can’t really come down too hard on the ones who at least tried.  I do agree, for example, that Kara’s looks very 80’s, but look at what she did with the materials she had to work with.  Can’t get mad at that.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I somehow missed Mila’s look on the runway.  Love that top.  Very creative indeed.  The bottom half needed to be re-assessed.  The length of that top in the back looks crazy with those legging thingies.   As for Kara, you are too kind.  I was so disappointed in this look from her. Ugly from head to toe.  Nothing works, and I mean nothing.  Colors, belt, styling, ew ew ew.

  • Hey!  Mila’s apparently been to the eye doctor to fix that monochrome eye syndrome!  (Actually I thought hers was pretty cool)

  • Susan Crawford

    Definitely liked Mila’s except for the choppy hemline. It was sharp, sleek and original. Kara’s was impeccably sewn, but there was something off about the proportions – and the belt was way over the top. Anthony – well, T and Lo’s first screencap of the model really spoke volumes. I’m sure that girl suddenly realized, “Holy shee-it! I’m on a runway in crepe paper and a bazillion safety pins, and I had the bean salad for lunch!”

  • I love those leggings!

  • Susan Walker

    I wish Mila had toned down the leggings – made them interesting but not so wierd. Sometimes I think her skill gets lost in the shuffle and the over the topness of the leggings was distracting.  I think that might have helped her into the top 3.

  • Anonymous

    No, Mila’s garment is mega hiddy!  Mega!  Those leggings are dreadful to look at and probably a bitch to wear.

  • Kara’s look is almost exactly what she did with the unconventional materials challenge (floral) in her season.  Loving Mila all over again!

  • Anonymous

    Mila’s dress is stunning.  I hate the asymmetrical hem.  It would look so much better if it wasn’t gyno length.  Hate the tights but they’re equally as impressive.  They’re very well executed high fashion pieces but together it’s sensory overload. 

  • Anonymous

    i think mila’s outfit is one of the better ones, it surely mustve placed fourth. in fact, i have no idea why it didnt tie w/ jerrell’s, i cant pick a better from between them. maybe hers. then again, that may be cos i saw way way too much of what jerrell made from one of his lessers last season & i may never want to see any more of it again. at least not for a while. then again [but in a different way. it’s kinda like a flowchart], i think the outfit mila made here is better than the one she used for inspiration. her inspiration garment, if it can be called that in any way whatsoever other than the present, really–wow. oversized 80s sweatshirt? did we really need to see that ever–& i mean EVER–again?

    the top of kara janx’ dress has the unfortunate compendium of being made from dyed mop strands to the exact color of raw burger meat. never good. it reminds me of kimberly’s from last season’s unconventional challenge–only kimberly’s was indigo & this one isnt falling apart. the rest of it is too 80s for me [again. anything 80s is too 80s for me]. only this time it’s early 80s. i’d say “crossed w/ babylon 5 around the midquarters” but i’m afraid  what i really mean is battlestar galactica.” so there. something post logan’s run but pre too much cgi, or something.

    purple & pins could be worse. it really could be. think of the bathmat, for example.

    • Anonymous

      hee.  I love Mila’s schtick.  (as an aside, I couldn’t remember her original piece so visited the Lifetime site and inexplicably, All-Stars is kind of shoved in underneath everything else like a forgotten stepchild.  The flowing caftan show is still front and center… UGH!)

      Anyway.  Once you said Kara’s bodice looks like raw hamburger, I can’t see anything else.  Yiccch.  I hope she pulls out better designs going forward.

  • Anonymous

    The use of the safety pins was ingenious.  Too bad the rest of it was tacky.  I get a big kick out of Anthony.

    Kara’s was meh but I did like the use of the awesome (and huge) hat.

    I liked Mila’s and thought it looked great on the runway.  Too bad about the black triangle hitting just below the crotch when it comes to those leggings though.  Not a great look for a gal.  She’s definitely talented.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree – Mila’s was impressive despite the fact that I personally do not find it attractive.

    If the other two stay this unexciting they will only last until the real trainwrecks are gone. Which, with this crew, will not be long.

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  • Caroline Bracco

    Mila’s look was the only one that would qualify as “cool”. Really thought it was overlooked. So, so, different.

  • Mila, once again – Mary Quant called. She wants her designs back, as well as her haircut.

  • Mila, once again – Mary Quant called. She wants her designs back, as well as her haircut.

  • Anonymous

    Loved this.  Emma Peal, anyone?

  • I haven’t been watching this show for the past few seasons because the clothes have been SO uninteresting and uninspired and just so boring, but I decided to watch this one after seeing some of the looks on the blogosphere and being impressed with the creativity and technical skill. That’s what drew me to PR in the first place. And so far, it has not disappointed.