Peter Som Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Posted on January 12, 2012

Inspired by the 1972 French movie “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” and also Wallis Simpson, this collection was summed up as well as it can be by the person who designed it. “It’s a ladylike approach to dressing, but a little undone,” says Peter Som. That nails it. There are some really great pieces in here; love the coats and the pieces in that slightly unusual and witty “jewelry floral” at the end. Love the various shades of red and pink, as well as the low key chic feel throughout. Don’t love the animal prints or most of the pants, though. Still, these are excellent wardrobe-builders for the lady who wants to look good and look stylish but doesn’t want to spend an hour in her closet trying things on for the day. Style for the gal who wants her style to look effortless.



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  • MilaXX

    Very pretty although that has to be the ugliest variation of animal print ever.

  • Is it me or does that model have distinctly un-model-like proportions?  There are a couple shots here where she looks larger than the size negative normal models and even a few where she has hips and a bustline…

    • Anonymous

      She’s really stunning, and I don’t even mind the vacant stare.  I don’t feel as worried for her as I often do with these lookbook models!

    • Anonymous

      I was really struck by this model… maybe it’s the bow legs, I don’t know what it is but I love her (despite the vacant stare)

    • Anonymous

      She’s got hips, is what it is! Hips! Slim ones, but nonetheless discernible!

    • Helen C

      Because she doesn’t have the malnourished twelve year old boy thing going? 

    • Anonymous

      She reminded me of Cathy Cambridge, who I could also picture wearing a few of those cocktail dresses. Wonder if that’ s intentional.

  • Anonymous

    That last dress is gorgeous but the rest doesn’t grab me. Mugshot-model doesn’t help.

    • Anonymous

      It’s hilarious to me. She looks bored out of her mind with these clothes.
      Is that really the message the designer wants to put out? Look at this woman: we’re PAYING her to wear these clothes and she looks like she just received the worst news of her life.

  • P M

    The animal prints – ugh. The last row of dresses – burn. The floral print – busy.
    The rest – MINE. MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE. What? I’m a sucker for Çhic and Means Business.

  • foodycat

    That hot pink dress looks like it’s from a whole other collection!

    • Anonymous

      That is exactly what I was going to say!  I do like the dress though . . .

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I thought the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    I want the hot pink one. And I will wear it with black tights and  man shoes. Watch me.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t we wish you could and we could!

    • Anonymous

      Post pictures, please!

  • Anonymous

    That dress third row down, far right, I want in my closet now!

  • I loved Wallis Simpson’s lobster dress.

  • Anonymous

    Red top and red pants; fail. If the colors don’t match exactly, make them different enough that it looks intentional.

    It mostly looks wearable (except for the hiddy last row), but isn’t this ground fashion has already covered many times before?

  • Anonymous

    Why, yes, I do want to look like a robot.
    Actually, some of the clothes are nice — I especially like the blue and grey knit dress and the dark red coat.  But my distracted mind keeps screaming, “Stand with your legs together, young lady,” and “eat!”

  • Anonymous

    I love the double breasted coats.

  • Anonymous

    First row, grey coat on left, fifth row, rust (?) coat & skirt, center.  I pretty much like everything that is obviously a “basic” in a “mix ‘n match fashion for the office” editorial

  • Anonymous

    Some really great pieces here that I would wear in a heartbeat. Also a few headscratchers, such as the two animal print jackets and that two-piece kinda animal print kinda floral thing. And while I love skinny plaid pants, if they are pulling the print in weird directions on a stick-thin model, then I won’t be coming anywhere near them.

    I really love that purple and red dress and the black pants/white blouse combo the row under it.

  • Anonymous

    Love it all, LOVE it.

  • Anonymous

    I want five of the coats; of course, that means choosing between them and paying my mortgage this year. Decision, decisions….

  • Terence Ng

    I cannot look at that full-body red outfit without immediately flashing back to A Clockwork Orange’s rape scene.

  • Anonymous

    That blue and red dress…third down on the right….I’d wear the hell out of that.

  • Anonymous

    I love The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. It’s one of my Top 5 favorite foreign films.

    On a first date with one of my exes I took him to a showing of it. He thought the movie – and me – was incredibly weird. We ended up being to together for about 4 years.

  • Anonymous

    Wow she looks so bored and lifeless and expressionless I want to shake her. Pretty clothes!! Enjoy!! 

  • that model looks like a Stepford Wife!  or the most bored young lady in the world!  ugh

  • Anonymous

    Some interesting pieces but it doesn’t feel like a cohesive collection – I feel like I am looking at 3 different points of view. I like the structured pieces – props for being creative with the skirt that is paired with the gray suit and leopard jacket.

  • There are so many things in this collection that I want WHY AM I A POOR GRAD STUDENT

  • Anonymous

    Those are some really ugly prints (aside from the red and blue dress in the third row). 

    • Renee Thomas

      Agree. I love the red and blue dress but don’t like much of anything else.

  • Anonymous

    Some of the jackets are gorgeous and I’d be very happy wearing them. Not the animal print, though. Ick.

  • Those final 3 looks are wonderful. The rest is very pretty, but doesn’t grab me as much as the final 3.

  • Anonymous

    Fifth row, middle. Love, love, love! 

    The rest of the collection is good too, with a couple of exceptions.

  • There are some nice pieces, but the lines of most of those suit skirts don’t look good on anyone who is over a size 2.

  • Collections like this make me depressed that I can’t afford almost everything in them.

  • Oze R.

    Cathy Cambridge should try that last dress. And I’ll take the central burgundy number, thank you.

  • Love the collection. Least favourite would probably be the last row of flowery prints. Just not to my taste. I don’t think the model’s figure looks particularly different than the standard–though she does look a lot like Alexis Bledel.

  • R. L.

    Very pretty.  If I had the money I’d be all over some of these looks.

  • The pink dress, I covet it.

  • Somebody say Peter Som…simply lovely.