People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet – Part 2

Posted on January 12, 2012

Can’t slow down now! This Bitchtrain is ROLLING. Hop on!

Ana Gasteyer

 We will be kind, say, “That’s not your dress,” and leave it at that, Ana.


Ashley Benson in Alice + Olivia

Cute. Precious bordering on twee, but she’s young and it suits her.


Busy Philipps in Carven

 From the “Ill-Fitting Krystle Carrington” Collection at Sears.

We’re calling it now. We can smell it on the wind. 2012 is going to be all about Dynasty jokes when it comes to the red carpet.


Carly Chaikin

 We’ll give it points for being interesting, but at the end of the day, most ladies want a dress that makes them look good; not a dress with a built-in optical illusion. Those hip mudflaps are weird.


Carrie Keagan


Damn, those are some drag queen shoes.


Chloe Moretz in Proenza Schouler

 You did so well the other day in that little red Miu Miu number, girl. This dress? Not your friend.


Emma Stone in Gucci

Oh, we LOVE. LOVE. We’re always telling the ladies that they can get away with chic trousers on the red carpet, if they just get the detailing right. Miss Emma? You got it right. Love that jacket; love the spats-like shoes; love that it’s all a take on menswear without being boring and androgynous about it. We think the hair and makeup should have been zhuzhed a little, though.

Ginnifer Goodwin in Roksanda Ilincic

 This girl never seems to know what she’s doing. Personally, we don’t think those sleeves are working, but we could be talked into thinking this dress is a bold and unusual RC choice. But then she paired it with those shoes and once again is sporting terrible hair. We just wish she’d tone things down a skosh and stop trying to work such a Fashion-with-a-capital-F look all the time. She’s totally Girl Next Door. She should be playing around in that sandbox and making it work for her. These Miranda Priestley looks fail her every time.


Jaime Bergman

Basic, but it suits her and it’s a pretty color.


Jennifer Lawrence in Viktor & Rolf

J’ADORE. We’ll applaud any gal with the ovaries to wear Viktor & Rolf to an awards show.


Julianne Hough in KaufmanFranco

 From the “Krystle Carrington Add-Twenty-Years-to-Your-Age” Collection at Walmart.


Kat Dennings in Lorena Sarbu

We think the skirt’s great on her, although the sash could use some expert zhuzhing. The top’s not doing it, though.


Kristen Bell in Valentino

 Our first impression was “Trying too hard,” but it’s actually a decent dress. We’re not sure that shade of red works with her coloring and her hair’s a mess.


Lucy Hale in Cengiz Abazoğlu

 If you stare at it a certain way, it’s the face of an old woman! But if you tilt your head, it’s a young girl!


Nina Dobrev in Elie Saab

 Green is the color that all the stylists have decided is okay for the red carpet, for now. Expect to see 300 green dresses between now and the Oscars, and then for the color to be banished for another decade. Still, she looks sharp as hell.


Pauley Perrette

 Boring. She’s got a distinct look to her and she’s wearing a generic dress. Tsk.


Stana Katic

Oh man, we hate the Hee-Haw hair, but the dress is gorgeously simple and flattering.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Coelha

    God, I really don’t like Nina’s dress. I love her, really, but she is too young to be wearing that thing! The lace in the arms reminds me of my grandma.

    • Sara Munoz

      My eyes went directly to the Payless shoes.

      • Anonymous

        Concur.  Those shoes are icky.

        • MilaXX

          double concur

          • Shannon Beamer

            Has anyone noticed that Nina has a penchant for heinous, cheap shoes?  What is the problem?  I feel like I always hate her shoes and this time is no exception. 

        • Rand Ortega

          They kill the look. Her stylist should be fired for such a heinous crime. Crystal Louboutin sandals or a glitter Choo would’ve knocked it out of the park!

      • Anonymous

        Agree, those shoes are something my grandmother would’ve worn.

      • Anonymous

        Same here. 

    • MilaXX

      on my tv it looked like moss was growing on her

  • foodycat

    This lot is even worse than the first batch! Poor Chloe looks really tired.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    So much ugly at once, can’t breathe,….



    (faints dead away)

    • Anonymous

      I’ll run and fetch the smelling salts. We’ll get through this together. 

      • Kiltdntiltd

        You’re very kind.
        (sitting up slowly)

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna pull an Eddie Monsoon and say “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?” I recognize about three of them!

    Oh, and TLo . . . ” If you stare at it a certain way, it’s the face of an old woman! But if you tilt your head, it’s a young girl!”
    Thank you kindly for the biggest laugh I’ve had all week. MWAH!

    • Kiltdntiltd

      The bigger question would, of course be, “Why should we care?”

      • Alexis

        Well, it’s the people’s choice awards.  “People” chose these … people.

        Right.  I got nothing.  I don’t know most of these people (including the last batch), either.  And I watch TV.  And movies.  And know my Tony people somewhat.  But not the right ones, apparently.  Who are these people again?  Do they sing or dance or something?

        • Kiltdntiltd

          I’m figuring that thought about everyone getting 15 minutes of fame has contracted to about 20 seconds.  No way to keep up on the massive number of fame wannabes and short term stars.

          • Jane Morris

            People actually don’t choose them. Publicists do.

          • Alexis

            Like I said, “people.”

    • Anonymous

      actually when I tilt my head to the right I see a bird, tilt my head to the left & I see an amputated leg…..

  • Dana WhatTheFrock

    The green lace sleeves on Nina’s dress make it look like her arms have mildew. No me gusta.

    BRAVA, Jennifer Lawrence. She rocks the shit out of that V&R. 

    • Anonymous

      I was actually liking that dress, but now I can’t unsee the mildew.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      mildewy underarms?  Oh that just lifted the Ick factor right off the charts.

    • MilaXX

      V & R are the perfect designers for Capital Couture

  • erin l.

    I absolutely love Nina’s dress; H-A-T-E the shoes and hair.

  • CQAussie

    Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone stand out for interesting choices and I love Emma Stones pants!  That blue Viktor and Rolf dress is gorgeous.  Again….shoes were underwhelming, I really hate this platform trend.  Kristin Bell looked awful and Carrie Keagen takes the award for ugliest dress and shoes of the evening!

    • MilaXX

      Emma needed better hair.

  • Megan

    Kat Dennings is SUCH a gorgeous girl with a great body. Someone help her. Ashley Benson looks fab.

    • Anonymous

      She looks so pissed off here.  I think she hates the look too.

      • Megan

        She usually has a straight face and I think that’s more her style than cheesing it like other starlets but she really does look super pissed here.

  • Lexie

    OMG LOVE EMMA AND JENNIFER. Fierce bitches.

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention talented, recognizable and seemingly intelligent.  Of the crop of young ‘ens out there right now, they are on the top of my list.

      How is it that Emma stone looks adorable with a squinty eyed smile on her face while Renee Zellweger just looks bee stung?

      • Lexie


        Because Emma looks genuine and happy to be there and Renee seems forced and uncomfortable (or like she is a baby trying a lemon for the first time).

      • Kwei-lin Lum

        Emma Stone has big eyes that squint down in proportion to the rest of her face.  Also, when she squints or smiles her eyes, enhanced by careful makeup, make an appealing shape (lots of genetics involved).  There is an eye socket sort of framing of the eyes that goes with a larger eyed person squinting down (especially pronounced but in a different way in Susan Sarandon and Maggie Smith).  Renee Zellweger has naturally small narrow eyes so she already has the squinty look.  She has a fleshier rather than a bonier face and tends to have a bee stung look.

  • Anonymous

    I love that look on Kristen Bell, and would kill for the shoes. The hair coulda used some work.

  • Anonymous

    I thought I hated red lace until I saw Nina Dobrev, and now I realize that I really really hate green lace even more.  This trend can not end soon enough for me. Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence both wore unusual choices and both looked fabulous.

    I should be embarrassed to admit I watched this ridiculous show, but I did. And I am wondering, has there ever been a less funny celebrity than Adam Sandler? What the hell was that about?

  • Anonymous

    Ana Gasteyer- I find those shoes a particularly bad choice.
    Carly Whatever- It’s a hideous dress for sure, but it would help if she didn’t stand there like a freaking stevedore.
    Carrie Keagan- Her boobs look like the’re about to fly too.
    Chloe Moretz- The dress ain’t her friend, but at least it’s more youthful than 95% of the shit she wears. Among other things that are not Chloe’s friend: the updo.
    Emma Stone looks adorable. Love the color.
    Julianne Hough- This girl needs help. She’s gorgeous and has an amazing dancer’s body. There’s no excuse for this shit.
    Kristin Bell- This one needs to fire her stylist and hair & makeup people and just start over.
    Lucy Hale- There’s definitely an ugly dress epidemic going around.

  • Anonymous

    Who is Carrie Kegan?! Those shoes took her nonstop from “tee-hee someone has a taste issue” to “oh snap someone just got that job at the Xanadu strip joint!”

    • Anonymous

      Best “oh snap” I’ve heard in a long time.

    • MilaXX

      The whole outfit looks like one of the Miss Universe costumes and why is she posing holding it out like that.

  • Goldie

    I don’t know who Carrie Keagan is but she is about to FALL OUT of that dress. Jaime Bergman is married to David Boreanaz.  She’s there to support her man not to play “Look at me!”  I think she looks great.

    • foodycat

      Jaime Bergman’s dress could be baby steps forward for Angelina Jolie – the shape she likes but in a gorgeous colour.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Emma Stone’s look. I’m all about feminine menswear though, so I’m showing my bias. I like Jennifer Lawrence in the blue Viktor & Rolf. Way better in the blue than that peach version we saw a while back.

    Only point I’ll disagree on is Goodwin: I think she looks great.  She is rocking the dress and color, and I like the finger waves in the hair.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who Kat Dennings is, but she’s really gorgeous. And I wish Pauly Perrette looked better because she’s so adorable. She also has amazing muscles.

    • MilaXX

      Pauly needs to find a stylist who can work with her tom boy personality. She always looks like a little girl wearing a dress for the first time.

  • marlie

    I have to disagree about Ginnifer Goodwin… I think the dress looks great on her — it fits well, it’s a great color, and it has some interest (the sleeves) without being too over the top. She gets a “WERQ” from me just for being SOOOOO much better than her usual.

    ETA: I Hate the shoes too, though.

    • Anonymous

      I love that color on her (and on the red carpet).

    • Anonymous

      I agree with all of this. Hate the shows and her incongrous facial expression, but the overall look is very good, especially when compared with her usual fare.

  • Scott Isaacs

    Jennifer Lawrence? Don’t you mean Emily Blunt? (Seriously…I had to do a double-take when I saw her.) I simply cannot contend with that level of fabulosity. An exponential head and shoulders above the rest.

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was Emily Blunt too!

  • Anonymous

    I was really surprised you boys actually liked Nina’s look. That particular shade of green looks a bit odd for the RC and the sleeves look like they belong to another dress. The WHITE shoes look matronly and they’re at least three sizes too big. 

    • Anonymous

      thanks! I was going to say the same thing about the shoes… .hideous! 

  • Anonymous

    I think it says how little I actually care about American TV, anymore, that I have barely a clue who any of these people are.. Most might as well be someone pulled in off the street and dressed up for a glamor shot.

  • Trevor Burroughs

    That Jennifer Lawrence dress is KILLER! Totally love it.

  • Verena Hafner

    It’s only the People’s Choice Awards. Everyone who showed up in a gown gets disqualified.

  • Anonymous

    Eat something, Stana!

  • Anonymous

    I…. I think I need to marry Emma Stone now. She looks HOT and fabulous. I’ve always liked her just fine, but damn! Marriage laws be damned, I want to keep her.

  • Vivi N

    I absolutely love Nina’s dress. Her shoes, on the other hand, are disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    Shit, forgot about Jennifer Lawrence.  She acutally won the night for me, Cobie is a close second.

  • Anonymous

    Pauley Perrette could have saved that generic dress with different hairdo, jewels and definitely different shoes. Do these people really see themselves in the mirror before going out to an awards’ ceremony and think they look gorgeous?

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Lawrence is werqing that Viktor & Rolf.

    I disagree about Emma Stone and that Gucci. Girl, you’re wearing what must be the best take on menswear I’ve seen on the RC this year. WERQ IT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

  • Anonymous

    Oh!  Was anyone else just a little weirded out by a 14 year old in 5 inch heels?  Am I getting old? 

  • Francesca Lagmay

    Jennifer Lawrence looks f-ing amazing. 

  • Anonymous

    GO AHEAD, EMMA! Oh man, she wins.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Lawrence wins. Everyone else go home.

    Carly Chaikin WTF?? Bitch made me use multiple punctuation marks!

  • Mary McClelland

    Well, this crop is better than the last but still did this Red Carpet get an acid trip or what? Eveyone looks like they drunk dressed or thought fuck it. I love Emma Stone’s look amazing.

    Julianne Hough unfortunately has “old face” or she has a mature look about her that cannot be quelled. She doesn’t look old per se, just worldly. It is not helped by her insistence on raiding Sofia Loren’s closet. Or Danielle Steel’s. Also, her hair is very dated. 

    Oh Ginnifer Goodwin. I sympathize with you – I really do. See I am a short but curvy girl and while I yearn to wear the most fashiony of fashiony clothes it doesn’t work with my body or yours! She cannot do twee and she cannot churn out high fashion. She is always drowning in her clothes and they look like they are wearing her. She is a fashion victim everytime.

     She needs to Wikipedia Catherine Zeta Jones find out who styles that woman and call that person ASAP. She also needs to ditch the ‘look how smoldering and sexy I am like I belong on Alias’ and ditch the pixie cut which does her no favors. I see that she wants to distance herself from the cutesy, sweet characters she plays but this fashion masochism she has embarked on is not the way to do so.

    Hopefully she is reading this and will heed my advice.

  • Anonymous

    WhoTF is Lucy Hale and … WHY? That dress is tragic. Who would do that to her?

    Ana Gasteyer was on her way to a bridal shower and stopped by the PCA.

    Kristen Bell’s look intrigued me, and also, she’s just gorgeous, but why do her tiny calves look huge?

  • Anonymous

    Yay Emma!  clap, clap, clap, clap.

  • Allyson Wells

    My immediate thought when I saw Jennifer Lawrence last night was that you two would love her outfit! We’re going to be seeing a lot of her this year, and I’d venture to guess she gets it right more often than not. Katniss is FIERCE!

  • Mary McClelland

    One more thing – I have met Busy Phillips numerous times and she is the cutest and smallest person in real life, but the moment she steps in front of the camera she looks like a drag queen! She has such a manly face on screen. This has puzzled me for years upon years. And yet here she is again giving total man face? Perplexing – it really is. Also, she is my age and that dress is very aging on her – the lenght, the neckline… ugh. Did she borrow it from Jane Fonda?  Although the color is good for her coloring.

    Again, I have to ask just how is she famous with the way she comes across on screen? I’m obviously having a bitchy day and I apologize.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t wait to see what you two were going to say about that Lucy Hale dress.  You did not disappoint.  Why isn’t the rest of my life as great as reading this blog?

    • Anonymous

      Oh–forgot to mention:  TLo’s comment about that dress — so hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    What the HELL is with the shoes?????  Could we bring the ghost of the great Israel Miller back so he could instruct stylists on what makes a pretty, flattering shoe?  In this group we have the horse hoof, the tap shoe, the 1963 secretary shoe, the PayLess nude sandal, and some godawful mesh clompers.  

    On the basis of how much the right shoes add to an outfit, big props to Chloe Moretz, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and even Julianne Hough–who may be channeling a Dynasty dress but who at least had the good sense to wear a sexy little complimentary sandal with it. In contrast, Ashley Benson’s entire look is ruined by stupid shoes.

    [Panting a bit] Ranting is hard work.  But honestly, enough!!!

    Love the Viktor & Rolf dress.

    • Tamara Hogan

      YES YES YES YES YES. Thank you!!  

    • Anonymous

      I’ve despised the hoof shoe since day 1 (not all platforms, just the ones that look like hooves). Can’t wait for them to go away. The fact that women spend up to, and sometimes over a grand on those fugly things astounds me.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree on Ginnifer Goodwin.  In addition, why doesn’t she just smile in RC photos, instead of trying to give the same *don’t mess with me* glare at every event?  She’s always going to be typecast in these sweetheart roles (I love her in them), so she might as well just own up to it.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone FTW!!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t like the colour green Nina is sporting. I love Emma’s outfit, but should the seam of her stockings not be on the back of her leg?

  • Sandra Oh

    Wow Stana Katic looks incredible. 

  • hanna

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  • 123

    Stana look absolutely gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    Ana Gasteyer looks like she’s ready to kick someone’s ass.

  • Jessica Pippin

    Loving Jennifer Laurence. Seriously what a fabulous dress. Chloe Moretz’s dress reminds me of the Matrix. 

  • Judy S

    I like Chloe Moretz’s dress on her. She looks sweet, maybe comfortable.

  • Bleak August

    I have to say, Jennifer Lawrence in Viktor & Rolf made me say, “WOW!” out loud.  That was the best I could do with this lot.

  • Lauren St Martin

    Ok, Miss Goodwin, although she does look awful, it’s the best “awful” she’s looked in a long time. I mean, it’s the first time I’ve looked at her hair and not thought her hairdresser was out to get her. 

  • Megan Sullivan

    Emma Stone is fucking fabulous. Looks like something Evan Rachel Wood would wear.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Kristen Bell’s dress.  If you are going to do leather – that’s how you do it.  I agree about the color, though.  On a side note, I’m SO excited that it is finally awards season and that you are here to guide us through.  Love you TLo!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Go Emma Stone! She looks fantastic and like she’s having fun. Yay her :-)

  • BerlinerNYC

    I really don’t see what’s so atrocious about Ana’s dress.

    Did you not see the BACK of Julianne Hough’s dress? Even tacky Krystle would have drawn the line somewhere. You can see the cutouts wrapping around the sides; it’s completely backless.

  • Anonymous

    Carrie Keagan – she had to reserve extra space in the limo for those girls gone wild!

  • Anonymous

    Whoever that Stana lady is, I want her dress.

    Who the heck names their kid, Busy?

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure someone has, but Busy Philipps’s parents did not. She was born Elizabeth Jean, and she’s fantastic on Cougar Town.

      • Anonymous

        Thank heaven for small mercies. 

  • oohsparkley!

    I love Kristin Bell’s dress (hair not so much).  Jennifer Lawrence looks fierce.  Love the Nina Dobrev dress color and the sleeves are at least something different than a strapless.  Stana’s dress is sexy yet boring to me.  Emma looks interesting.  I like that dress of Pauley P. – it suits her.

  • Anonymous

    Love you guys, but I completely disagree on Ginnifer Goodwin.  I went “Oooooooo!” when I saw it.  I think it’s the best she’s looked in ages.

  • Anonymous

    “We’re calling it now. We can smell it on the wind. 2012 is going to be all about Dynasty jokes when it comes to the red carpet.”

    Omigod, how weird! I just made a Dynasty joke about Demi Lovato in Part 1 before I saw this! and that’s not something I do routinely. So now I am not sure whether I should be pleased I brushed up against the TLo Mind — or apologetic for calling out what is so obvious to all? hrmmm.

    And yes, Jennifer and Emma are my clear winners too — unconventional yet pretty AND flattering = trifecta.

  • Connie B. Verzak

    Simple question for TLo here- Why do you skip listing the dress designers some times? Because you don’t know?

  • monapily

    Saying “nay” here in that I LOVE GG’s dress, hair and shoes. 

    Jennifer Lawrence looks like she’s about ready to back up Esther Williams in a side fishtail routine.

    “We’re calling it now. We can smell it on the wind. 2012 is going to be all about Dynastyjokes when it comes to the red carpet.”Good goddess, I hope so!

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone best dressed hands down.

  • Briarnoir

    Lucy Hale: If you stare at it another way, it’s an exceptionally confused ice skater!

  • Anonymous

    I fear for Carrie Keagan. She is one deep breath away from a wardrobe malfunction.
    Does Julianne Hough have cutouts in the back of her dress? Eek – that looks like something from the 1970’s Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog.

    Emma Stone was so adorable she made up for a lot of fug. J’adore!

  • Anonymous

    I love Emma’s outfit!  That great jacket and pants number is so much better than most of those dresses.

  • Anonymous

    Keary Keagen has her drunk girl who got out of a limo look… Take a look at any higher schooler that exits their limo and enters into the prom venue.. they all sport that look at me and my drunk A** look before they enter the building.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone — gorgeous and I don’t usually like the menswear look. 

    Jennifer Lawrence — what Tlo said.

    Nina Dobrev — she’s such a gorgeous girl but she looks like she’s going to the office Christmas party, held in the conference room.

    I think Lucy Hale’s dress could’ve been saved if they’d chopped off that side-sash thingy.  The top part doesn’t horrify me.

  • Anonymous

    Ashley Benson’s dress looks a bit like one of the Jason Wu for Target dresses, no?

  • MilaXX

    I hate the print that Ana Gasteyer is wearing in every incarnation. It always look like old tablecloth to me. I actually liked Ginnefer Goodwin’s look last night and the hair was really flattering on her. The thing I disliked are the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Has Jennifer Lawrence always looked like Emily Blunt or is it just this photo?

  • Rand Ortega

    Is there term Drag Shoes the new slang for Stripper Shoes?

    • Anonymous

      I think it means it goes even further into madness than stripper shoes. And probably more colorfully.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the Viktor and Rolf!  You go girl!

    And I rarely like the looks of Emma Stone, but she brought it with this get-up.  Better hair would have made it WERQ.

  • Anonymous

    I love Jennifer Lawrence’s dress, but I want to change her expression. It’s off-putting. 

  • Anonymous

    “If you stare at it a certain way, it’s the face of an old woman! But if you tilt your head, it’s a young girl!”  I DIED LAUGHING.

    Emma Stone looks fantastic. Nina Dobrev, also in the couleur du moment, is also fine.

    Stana Katic: A potentially plain black dress amped up to gorgeous with a great neckline and good fit.

    Can’t agree with you on Jennifer Lawrence. There’s something very OBVIOUS and annoying about those stitched curlicues over mesh, and the color is that blue that only exists (or should only exist) in sports uniforms.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence, holla!!  (And please, I beg of you Li’l Miss Hough, cheer down a bit if you’re planning on staying around which it seems you are, the megawatt smile thing hurts my eyes.) 

  • Anonymous

    Hee Haw hair….terrific!   I don’t know who most of these women are.  Maybe that explains why they are generally badly dressed. The stylists don’t know either and put no effort into dressing them.  And what’s with the super short dresses?  They all look hookerish, not attractive at all no matter how well toned the quads are.

  • Anonymous

    oh, Abby. You got cone-head hair.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Lawrence, brava. Everyone else can run along now. Except maybe Emma Stone and Ginnifer Goodwin.

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    I want that Viktor and Rolf dress in my closet NOW! 

    Also, Hee Haw Hair made my afternoon. Her hair looked better shorter. No Nathan Fillion? I need some Captain Tightpants!

    • Lindsey Patten

      He won Best Actor in a Drama! It’s floating around on youtube somewhere. He looked pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    Surprised by the number of Emily Blunt double-takes at Jennifer Lawrence… the haircolor (which is not prominent) is the only connection I see. Their faces are really quite different. hrm.

  • Beth G

    Wow… I don’t know who 90% of these people are.

    I’m officially old.

    • Anonymous

      I only knew one of them.  We can be old together.

  • Anonymous

    I love Ginnifer’s dress. I hate how she spells her name. But I love those sleeves.  

  • vmcdanie

    Kat Dennings appears to be the victim of some boob migration disaster.

    I don’t love the dress exactly but Chloe Moretz looks cute.

    Lots of bad here (how can Dynasty possibly make a non-ironic style comeback?) but I do like Emma Stone, Nina Dobrev, Jennifer Lawrence (appropriate dress for the girl who played Mystique) and Ashley…uhm…whatsername.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone looks amazing!  And I love the Viktor & Rolf dress too.

  • Judy_J

    Emma Stone looks amazing.  She’s totally rockin’ that tuxedo! Gennifer Goodwin’s dress is a bit TOO pink, but it fits her well, and man, do I love those sleeves!  I would have picked different shoes, though.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Lawrence’s dress is interesting, and kind of pretty, but is anyone else thinking “Now introducing the Tribute from District 4!” when they see it?

    • Anonymous

      They should recreate that in a men’s version for Finnick if they ever get to the 2nd film.

  • Anonymous

    There sure are a lot of ugly dresses out there.  Emma Stone looks fabulous and she looks like she is wearing the clothes. The clothes are not wearing her at all.

  • Anonymous

    I like Emma Stone and menswear, but I’m not loving this get-up. Jennifer Lawrence for the win.

  • Aiste Griciute

    I want everything Emma Stone is wearing! 

  • Anonymous

    I would more strongly about this if I knew who most of these people are. But TLo, your comments are priceless.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Emma Stone looked like she should take my ticket, and show me to my seat. I didn’t find it cute at all.  Which not being cute was a continuing theme from part one. More bad, weird, unflattering dresses. 

    Stana, despite the bad hair, was one of the best for me of the night. Jaime, because of the simplicity and being flattering. Clearly, that’s genius dressing for the PCAs, so I give her props for that. And in the vein, Pauley’s worked for me. Yes it was simple and easy, but it wasn’t ugly, unflattering, weird  (and not in a good way) and tacky. So points for me for looking actually good in her dress. And her make-up and hair were good and keeping with who she is. 

    The rest of the dresses all need to be burned. And their stylists, hair and make-up be people –fired.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Emma Stone looked like she should take my ticket, and show me to my seat. I didn’t find it cute at all.  Which not being cute was a continuing theme from part one. More bad, weird, unflattering dresses. 

    Stana, despite the bad hair, was one of the best for me of the night. Jaime, because of the simplicity and being flattering. Clearly, that’s genius dressing for the PCAs, so I give her props for that. And in the vein, Pauley’s worked for me. Yes it was simple and easy, but it wasn’t ugly, unflattering, weird  (and not in a good way) and tacky. So points for me for looking actually good in her dress. And her make-up and hair were good and keeping with who she is. 

    The rest of the dresses all need to be burned. And their stylists, hair and make-up be people –fired.

  • Anonymous

    Favorite of the night: Jennifer Lawrence.  Fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    Three cheers for Emma Stone! Yes! I am as happy about this as I have been about Rooney Mara’s recent string of brilliance, which is to say, extremely happy.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone looks divine.  And you guys are forever my heroes for using “ovaries” in place of “balls”!  

  • Anonymous

    What’s happening to my eyesight?  First, I see Eva Green in Felicity Jones; now it’s Meg Ryan + a whiff of Olivia Newton-John in Miss Hough (which def. confirms the ‘Add-Twenty-Years-To-Your-Age’ tag).

  • Anonymous

    Carrie Keagan’s dress looks like it’s about to fall off.  Emma Stone looks fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Julianne Hough looks like she’s seen a ghost