People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet – Part 1

Posted on January 12, 2012

Get your coffee and allons-y! It’s time to make some celebrities CRY!


Alyson Hanningan in Alice + Olivia

The dress is okay (but probably a little short on her). What really make us want to hug her are the silver peeptoe platform pumps because they’re not black peeptoe platform pumps or beige peeptoe platform pumps. Innovative!


Ashley Greene in DKNY

If you’re gonna wear a leather n’ lace dress that’s so tight the world can see your nipples AND your bellybutton through the leather, you might as well just wear an all-lace dress and let your bits breathe free.


Carrie Preston

 The preceding advice does not apply here.


Cobie Smulders in Reem Acra

 Kind of striking, kind of “Fallon on Dynasty.” But damn, girl, get yourself some shoes that fit.


Demi Lovato in Marchesa

 We’re just not fans of that peach shade and we dislike the way the bodice is so boob-centric. Marchesa makes another one we don’t like.

Elisha Cuthbert in Vawk

 That bodice looks absolutely painful — way too tight. The skirt looks like a tablecloth. The proportions are wrong here.


Grace Johnson



Jane Levy

The religious compound is one block down and two blocks over, dear.


Jennifer Morrison in Oscar de la Renta

 Sweetie, did you happen to hire an out-of-work drag queen to style you? Because you’re serving up Drag Revue Hostess.


Kaley Cuoco in Badgley Mischka

 Pretty. Could’ve used some color.


Kathy Griffin

 Enh. She does better now than she used to but she basically wears the same gown in different colors. And we’re not loving this particular color on her.


Kelly Osbourne in Honor

 WHAT the–? We don’t know what evil queen talked you into doing that to your hair, but you need to DROP THEM OFF A CLIFF, girl.

Also, your dress looks like the lining to a much more fabulous dress.


Lea Michele in Marchesa

 Of course.


Miley Cyrus in David Koma

 It’s got some dicey cutouts and we’re not entirely sure about the metallic fuchsia pumps but she looks – wait, let’s be sure, counting the rings… yes, it’s true! She looks HER OWN AGE. Very cute. Not perfect, but cute.


Tamera Mowry

 Girl, that’s not your dress. It’s Keira Knightley’s. She wins.

Tia Mowry

 On the other hand, Girl that IS your dress and everyone else in the world needs to get the fuck out of your way. KILLING it.


Vanessa Hudgens in Jenny Packham

 Pretty, but kind of mature in a “Kiss of the Spider Woman” sort of way.


Whitney Cummings

Oh wow. She’s still around? We thought the internet got together and set her on fire some time back in November. How was your trip to 1987, Whit? We see you did some shopping.

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  • Re: Ashley Greene … and her thong! Ugh!

    • Idk what it is about her, but I would like to see her and Lea Michele duke it out over who can be most inappropriately dressed.

      • Anonymous

        I’m pretty sure I can see her bagina.

        • Anonymous

          lol! (I have no idea whether that’s a reference or what, but lol!)

    • It’s vulgar.

      • J MN

        Exactly.  You can see her pelvic bone protruding unless she’s packin’.  

      • Anonymous

        Yes, yes it is.

  • “We thought the internet got together and set her on fire some time back in November.”
    I spit coffee all over my monitor. Seriously.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I kind of wish someone would have!

      • Anonymous

        Her lips would survive the fire, i fear

      • MilaXX

        and took her awful show with her

        • Anonymous

          Also, did she dip-dye her hair or is that a trick of the light? I can’t understand the color(s).

        • oohsparkley!

          I’m willing to admit, I’ve been watching her show and find it laugh out loud funny.  Especially when she was playing racketball and basketball.  She was fearless in her dork-i-tude.  And I know I sometimes have taste issues – proof: I actually like her dress.

    • Anonymous

      Would have been nice if that bonfire included all evidence that the show 2 Broke Girls existed. Kill it with fire indeed.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t believe that show won best new comedy.  I saw one episode, and it was horrible.  Well, I haven’t seen any of the other nominees, but can they really be worse than 2 Broke Girls?!?

        • Anonymous

          Not possible. I had to turn that show off after 5 minutes. Why is racism on tv ‘funny’ when it’s against Hispanic people or Asians? It was just disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    Oh look!  Ashley Green’s wearing a wet suit!

  • foodycat

    I thought Kaley Cuoco was Felicity Huffmann, and I am sure that was not the look she was going for.

    Alyson Hannigan is pregnant so not only does she get that free pass, but I think she looks genuinely adorable AND SHE HAD A SANDWICH IN HER PURSE. So I love her enough to forgive the hair.

    • Anonymous

      She will always be Willow, and enjoy a lifetime of my love and devotion. I stan for BTVS alums!

    • Mary McClelland

      Alyson does look cute and the pregnancy thing explains the awkward way the hemline lays.  Although I thought she looked cute without knowing she was preggers.

      • She’s preggers? Awww! I love watching old episodes of HIMYM and pointing out to the hubs: “Nice pregnancy-hiding there”. No really, it was hilarious the ways they hid it. Much more artfully than other shows. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Oh god, I remember one episode of Cheers in which Diane was stuck in a duct or something, so all you could see was Shelly Long’s face for most of the episode. It was so lame it became hilarious.

          • Anonymous

            My favorite lame pregnancy cover-up was Will & Grace.  Debra Messing, wearing big flowy blouses, would never get up off the couch and usually had a ginormous book that would always be wide open perched in her lap.

          • And they cracked a lot of fat jokes.

        • Ann M. Erickson

          There was a season that both she and Robyn were pregnant, and they both carried huge purses and wore flowy shirts the whole season. Cracked me up.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, yes! Like when they had her stand behind a rack of basketballs in the gym at her character’s school, or stand behind a globe in the classroom.  In one episode, they were flashing back to her winning a hot-dog eating competition (or something like that), and she stands up and proudly displays her pregnant belly, which was doubling as a “food” belly. 

          Once I found out she was pregnant again, I was finally able to let go of my annoyance that her character was supposedly 3 months pregnant around Christmas, but yet looked like she was 6 months along 😉

        • Anonymous

          Yep, just a few months pregnant. This may be her last chance to wear something with that much of a waistline for several months. 🙂 

    • Anonymous

      Sandwich in her purse?  is that a euphemism I’m unfamiliar with?

      • foodycat

        Nope – she tweeted a picture of the contents of her purse and it included a sandwich!

        • A PB&J sandwich at that!  She is TOO adorable.

      • Lori

        Not a euphemism, more like a pregnant lady thing. When my sister was pregnant she had to take food with her everywhere because sometimes she just Had. To. Eat. The lead to some amusing (and slightly inappropriate) food toting.

        • foodycat

          I assumed it was the pregnant lady thing. I believe there is a lot of hanging around at awards things!

        • I carry food in my purse all the time, but even more while pregnant — there are times it’s a choice between eating NOW or puking NOW. 

          But there’s always stuff in there anyway.  It’s not worth listening to the whining from a hungry kid, the crying from a hungry baby, or the falling down shakes from a hungry husband.

    • So a real sandwich, and not a “sandwich” in the way that word is used on HIMYM?  😉

      • foodycat

        I haven’t seen enough HIMYM to be up on the lingo! Not because I don’t like it, but UK TV doesn’t seem to be consistent with showing it.

        • Australian tv only wants to give us repeats! is my saviour 😉 

  • DH

    That dress and necklace on Cobie Smulders just make me want her as Wonder Woman even more (if I can’t get Gina Torres, that is). 

    Also waving hello to Ashley Greene’s pubic mound. Wut.

    • foodycat

      Gina Torres as Wonder Woman is the best idea I have ever heard! But Cobie can’t fight crime with her boobs squashed down there like that. They’d escape.

      • DH

        Yeah, she definitely needs some STAR Labs bust support. But the shade of blue and the collar necklace and her hair/eyes combo…she just looks like classic Diana to me.

        • …and she *really* has to pee; that pose just looks awkward on some people.

      • Anonymous

        Dear God that IS an amazing idea, Gina as Wonder Woman.  But that would mean that Firefly really is never coming back, and my denial’s been keeping me warm lo these many years..

      • My vote for Wonder Woman Going to the Ball goes to Elisha Cuthbert.  She’s even got the pose down.  Maybe they can have a celebrity superhero duel for the title. 

        Also, what is Lea Michele doing in a bleached-out version of the dress Michael made on Project Runway last week?

        • Anonymous

          Exactly what I thought when I saw it!

        • Anonymous

          I agree – hmmm Marchesa owner & designer is a judge on PR All-Stars.  Says the show was taped in August 2011.  Ripping ideas off of the contestant designers?

      • Anonymous

        Seriously, can we all start a petition for Gina Torres as Wonder Woman?  I squee at the thought.

    • Anonymous

      Eh no. Too delicate looking. Wonder Woman has to look like she could kick your ass, and I just can’t see that with her. She will be a good Maria Hill in the Avengers movie though!

    • She looks great!The bodice doesn’t quite fit, but the colors are amazing on her.

    • Anonymous

      I think Gina Torres would be a fanfreakingtastic WW! She’s stunning and looks like she can kick your ass (and make you like it!). It’ll never happen, she isn’t young enough for the general public, but it would be awesome. ::le sigh::

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or is Lea’s dress reminiscent of Michael Costello’s mop creation? And call me crazy but I kinda like Kelly Osbourne’s. Or at least the idea of it…I like where they were going with the cut and colors but they lost me with the zipper thing in front. As for all the rest…meh.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! I was going to say that Lea’s dress is a swanked-up version of Michael’s. But I don’t care how expensive it is, it looks like hooker-wear that you could buy online.

    • Anonymous

      Wow somehow totally missed  your post before I posted below. I yelled mop dress as soon as I saw Lea’s picture.

    • Anonymous

      Holy cow, just remembered that Marchesa is a PR All Stars judge … did she, um, “borrow” Michael’s  design????

      • Doubtful.  That sort of drapey, vaguely constructed look comes around every once in a while – mostly just a take off the flapper fringe dresses.  It’s never really interesting or really good so no one ever remembers it.  No one said it about MC’s dress so I didn’t either, but in the interest of Marchesa, who I do sort of like, I’m bringing it up.

        Also, could someone get Lea Michelle to stop doing her haute couture pose?  Seriously.  She’s a stunner of a girl, but in every picture, I want to reach in and tell her to stand up straight.  And it makes me not like her.  Immensely.  Which is a shame since, hey, she’s a stunner of a girl.

        • And it’s not a red carpet pose!  It’s an editorial one — she needs the right poses for the right occasions.

        • J MN

          Funny, in every picture I want to reach in and slap the shit out of her.  Yes she’s a pretty girl, nice body and killer voice, but she always tries too hard and comes across as obnoxious.  She demands too much attention in a diva way.

    • Anonymous

      I was scanning the comments to see if someone else notice that, too and of course, the kittens are all seeing, all knowing!

    • Yup first thing I thought too.  Its MCs mop dress in all white.

    • Whoever this Michael Costello person is, did not invent the style of Lea’s Marchesa dress here. Unless he was born just before the turn of the last century. That style of dress is old old OLD as the hills.

      On another note: I can’t stand LM, and her posing is so f’ing ridiculous.

  • You guys are too hard on Lea – that dress is killer! Especially the back. Don’t know who Grace Johnson is – but that shi* is HI-LAY-REE-US! I think Kathy looks good!

    • Anonymous

      Lea is wearing  Michael’s mop dress from  the Project Runway All Stars premiere! And Kathy Griffin especially looks good since she is over 50 and buys her own clothes for these events.

    • Anonymous

      Kathy’s gown is fine, but that fuschia does her no favors.

      • Anonymous

        I disagree with you and T-LO, I think she looks great in the fuschia.

      • Anonymous

        I disagree with you and T-LO, I think she looks great in the fuschia.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like Lea’s dress, but I like that it is a welcome departure from the run of dresses she wore that barely covered her ass. A step in the right direction.

  • Am at college with my fellow fashion students and would very much like to thank the above list for making our day for all the wrong reasons. WTAF!

  • Anonymous

    WTF? Are the Hollywood stylists on  strike?  When Miley Cyrus  is one of the better dressed women on the red carpet, it may be one of the signs of the apocalypse.

    • Anonymous

      Well, the world is supposed to end this year.  I guess it’s already beginning!

  • Everyone except Tia Mowry (talk about time traveling, is it 1994 again?) made me make a face that I hope to God doesn’t stick. Yikes, everyone. Yikes.

  • Anonymous

    Grace Johnson wins this one.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a parade of bad poses and bad choices.  Shockingly, Miley Cyrus is the best of the bunch, for me.

  • Alyson Hannigan looks adorable – best one of this batch! Although holy crap she’s 37? Girlfriend has not aged since Buffy.

    • Anonymous

      She’s THIRTY-SEVEN?! Wow, I had to look that up to see it for my own eyes. She looks like she’s 27.

      • Same. I thought Alyson was much younger!

      • Yikes. 29?

      • Anonymous

        I will never believe she’s 29. never.

        • Anonymous

          THERE IS NO WAY she’s 29. 

      • Anonymous

        Parts of Whitney’s face are MUCH younger than 29.

  • Terence Ng

    Miley looks great. I find the pink in Kathy’s dress endearing somehow. Lea looks good, too. And even if Tia looks good, girls, your silly reality TV show that no one was demanding isn’t making either of you two more relevant.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Elisha Cuthbert looks like she was posing in an old fashioned bathing suit, remembered it was time to leave, and grabbed the closest cover-all to use as a skirt.  There are a couple of those looks out there.  Quick-elastic banded skirt under contrasting top is fine when you’re headed to the office in the morning.  It is not a red-carpet look.

  • sweetlilvoice

    What a bunch of fug. Love your comment about Lea Michelle. 

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe I am going to say this, but Miley Cyrus for the win!!!

    • Anonymous

      Could not believe how showered she looked.  So happy for her stylist.

      • Miley looks bright and clean and YOUNG! Let’s hope it sticks. On the other hand, her friend Kelly Osbourne looks like a hag since she changed her hair. I definitely prefer her as a Jean Harlow blond.

  • Anonymous

    After the long vacation, it’s so wonderful to have some cracktastic crappola to rip apart while sipping the morning joe!

    Dresses 1 and 3 are too short–the proportions are ruined by the lengths.

    Lea Michele looks like she’s wearing a bedazzled version of Michael C’s mophead dress.  Totally!  (And honestly, if she doesn’t stop with that 1950s sex kitten posing, I am going to find her and smack her.  Hard.)

    Jennifer Morrison looks like a macrame plant hanger.  The knot on the top of her head completes the look.

    Kelly Osborne, my little sweetie:  What the fuck???  Please go back to short hair.  

    Grace Johnson:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Girl must be stoned out of her mind to have shown up in that.

    Jane Levy:  “I was getting dressed for pilates and got a call saying I had to run to the farmers’ market immediately.”  Beyond comprehension.

    And finally, would someone please kill the platform peep-toe go with a nuclear bomb? Especially the SATIN platform peep-toe! 

    • carolie_king

      You beat me to the Lea/Michael C. comparison!

      • Anonymous

        A bunch of other people saw it too.  Clearly, Lea does not watch PR!

    • Anonymous

      Amen to the Michael C. comparison.

  • Mary McClelland

    Demi Lovato looks the worst. NOTHING about that works. It’s too mature and makes her look like an aging socialite who pulled out her best frock from the good old days of 1984 to try and ensnare her next rich husband after the first one left her for Lea Michele.

    Sadly Demi is what – 20?! – she looks 45 and the fit in the bust is horrendous, saggy, and too small all at the same time. Everything about that dress is a horrible wreck and whomever let her out of the house with that dress and that hair obviously hates her.

    Also, Lea Michele is the most annoying person ever. I am consoling myself with the fact that her dress is eerily similar to a recent project runway garment (or 2) featuring dollar store mop heads. Which coincidentally also inspired Kelly’s hair.

    Tia looks phenomenal. At least Jennifer Morrison looks interesting (although she has the OLDEST most severe face I’ve seen on TV in decades!) and I’m going to give Miley credit for straying from her very atrocious norm.

    • Mary McClelland

      wow – I just re-read that. I’m mean today. HA!

      • Anonymous

        But mean in the best way… especially about Jennifer Morrison and Demi. No favors being done for either.

  • Anonymous

    I like that all Lea M’s outfits are now “of course”.

    And Cuthbert – put some lipstick on! don’t let your gold hair blend into your gold top!

  • Anonymous

    Grace Jones is taking the pussy bow literally to new levels!

    • Anonymous

      Love the comment but that’s Grace Johnson, not Grace Jones, LOL.  Grace Jones could probably make that look work!

    • Anonymous

      Love the comment but that’s Grace Johnson, not Grace Jones, LOL.  Grace Jones could probably make that look work!

  • Anonymous

    That’s the best Miley’s looked in a long time.

    What the FUCK happened to Kelly Osbourne?!  That is more than a little disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    When I first saw that picture of Demi Lovato, I thought it was Susan Lucci.  That dress screams “Daytime Emmys”

  • Judy_J

    There are some seriously ugly dresses on that runway. Thank goodness for Tia Mowry. At least she knows how to dress. She should give some pointers to her sister. And what a nice surprise to see Miley dressed appropriately and in a really cute dress!

    • Tamara Hogan

      Tia FTW. What a beautful dress, beautifully worn.

  • Anonymous

    Who ARE these people?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!  I’m a little frightened at how many people I don’t know.  And I’m a TV junkie.

  • Anonymous

    all i could think of while looking at Ashley Greene is that an alien life form may be about to burst out of her torso…additionally, i have only one word for Carrie Preston….hose…..

  • Anonymous

    I think TLo needs to revive celebrity death match with a fashion “who wore it better’ spin. Inaugural winner: Keira Knightley.

  • Molly OBM

    Totally miss-read as “Kelly Osbourne in Horror” I think it’s because I caught a glimpse of her hair!

  • Anonymous

    Love Jennifer Morrison’s dress, but the hair…does not work for it.
    Kaley Cuoco looks adorable!
    Just waiting for Lea Michele to get slapped in the face. 

  • Alisa Rivera

    a leather n’ lace dress that’s so tight the world can see your nipples AND your bellybutton through the leather

    Not to mention her mons pubis. Jeezy, girl.

  • Anonymous

    There was a lot of “Gah!” as I scrolled down the page. Is the recession so bad that no one can afford to hire a stylist anymore?

  • Anne Lucchesi

    Vanessa Hudgens needs to watch out, Catherine Zeta-Jones is coming and she wants her dress back.

  • Anonymous

    Kathy Griffin, that pink is NOT your friend.  Go green.  Lea Michele, honey, didn’t your mom every tell you go to the bathroom before you left the house?  If you had, then you wouldn’t be standing there like you need to take a giant dump.  Most. Awkward. Pose.  Ever.

  • Marchesa dresses the Sweeney Sisters, right?

    Looks like Elisha Cuthbert is having a Xena moment.

  • WTF. I woke up in a bizarro world where Miley Cyrus is the best dressed gal in the room.

  • Anonymous

    this bunch is not looking very good. still, a couple of defenses:

    greenes dress is too tight, but otherwise i like it. i have a weakness for outfits that look like they could be worn by a particularly stylish dominatrix.

    cuthberts bodice is fabulous and xena-tastic. the skirt is uninspired and clumsy, though.

    johnsons bows are silly, no way around it. but the colour is very beautiful.

  • Claire Stanton

    You keep saying “of course” every time you have a picture of Lea Michele up for review, but I don’t get why.  I thought her past two looks (the blue dress and this white dress) were not too typical of her style.  I didn’t particularly like them, but they didn’t seem too same-y.

    Also why are people hating on her so much?  She seems like a really sweet person.

    • Anonymous

      I was just about to post the same thing. She seems no more or less insufferable than the average starlet. Personally, I she seems nice enough to me and I like seeing her on Glee. I agree that while she seems to have been stuck in a bit of a style rut the last few months (short and tight). The most recent red carpet appearances have not been too typical of her style. 

    • Anonymous

      Can’t speak for everyone but I find Lea Michele to be a little too in love with her sexiness. I appreciate that she went from being the unconventionally cute Broadway ingenue who could sing like the love child of Streisand and Garland to gorgeous sexpot TV star, but IMO she needs to tone it down a bit.  

      TLo’s commentary on her has seemed to indicate that she’s *always* posing, and in the same sexy/surprised manner, much more over-the-top than everyone around her. And that’s a bit annoying.

  • mariah mariah

    jesus, all of these people were dressed for the same event?

  • This red carpet was just disastrous! When Miley Cyrus is hands down one of the best dressed of the event, something is SERIOUSLY wrong, Hollywood!
    To me, Nina Dobrev and Ginnifer Goodwin were two of the biggest disappointments.
    And people, cut Lea Michele some slack. Compared to what some starlets wore to this thing, she wasn’t that bad. I HATE Vanessa Hudgens dress, she looks like a tacky witch. Carrie Preston and Ashley Green look just too fugly to even mention!

  • WOW thats a whole lotta ugly all in one dose for first thing in the morning.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, I know. First the mirror and now this!

      ETA: I don’t think I’m ugly, but I am seriously not pretty first thing in the am.

      • Complete agreement here.  Its a good thing for the world at large that I live alone and no one has to see the result sleeping has on my face, and hair, and mustache, and goatee.

  • Anonymous

    Demi Lovato- Wow, that is one ugly dress. I think Eva Longoria turned it down because it was too tacky even for her.
    Ashley Greene- The sad part is you just know she looked in the mirror and said damn I look hot.
    Grace Johnson- Tied with Demi Lovato’s for the Ugliest Dress I Have Ever Seen.
    Jennifer Morrison- this is a case of Girl That’s Not Your Dress. Could be fabulous on the right girl.
    Kelly Osbourne- When did she turn 45?
    Lea Michele- she’s quite insufferable, isn’t she?
    Miley Cyrus- Nice to see she finally cut off those horrid extensions.
    Vanessa Hudgens- I think every girl needs a Kiss of the Spider Woman dress, no?
    Whitney C.- Holy crap that’s an ugly dress. Are ugly dresses the new black or something? What’s the matter honey, are you cramping? You really don’t look well.

  • Elisha Cuthbert= Xena went to the prom.

  • Anonymous

    Er, who is Whitney Cummings and why should we set her on fire?

    • Anonymous

      She is/was the star of the seriously unfunny Whitney sitcom on NBC.  I didn’t hate her, but I really thought the show was unfunny and was very angry when Community was shelved and Whitney wasn’t. But now Whitney is also off the line up.

      • Anonymous

        Unless something changed, they didn’t cancel Whitney, they just moved her to Wednesday.  Where, if there is any TV mercy, she will finally get cancelled.

  • Miley looks really cute.

  • I never thought I’d say this but: Miley looks great! I TOTALLY love that dress, would have liked different hair but it’s a great look.

    I love how Lea Michelle only generates ‘of courses’ from TLo now :D…can’t wait for all the red carpets to come.

    • Anonymous

      Agree. LOVE Miley’s dress. (DId I say that?) And the metallic fuchsia pumps are perfect.

  • Anonymous

    A gourd of mate tea, everyone out of the house, and T Lo’s brilliant quick captions = The Breakfast of Bitter Champions!

    Hudgens and Tia Mowry look the best. I’ve gone back and looked at Greene’s pubis one too many times, not because I’m a creep  but because I CAN’T BELIEVE she wore a dress that tight.

    Smulders’s dress starts so low on her torso it is practically a high-waisted skirt!

  • Anonymous

    Kelly Osbourne was on such a winning streak for, like, the past two years, and now this. I know that her taste can be a bit upredicatable, but this is ridicuous. I saw her on Fashion Police with the new hairdo and thought it looked much better. It was shorter, but far better than this. The dress is just all kinds of blah.

  • CQAussie

    Have never seen so many ugly shoes paired with tacky dresses ever.  The only one I liked was….Tia Mowry.  Everyone else looked ridiculous but holy crap does Kelly Osbourne’s hair look awful.  Yes, props to Miley Cyrus for finally looking her age!

  • Anonymous

    oh ashley’s dress is tragic. and I LOVE DKNY. Too tight and cheap looking.

  • Anonymous

    Kelly Osbourne’s hair looks like a still photo from “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”

  • It also doesn’t help that Demi is standing with her boobs THRUST out at the camera. We get it, hon. You’re alllll grown up now.

  • Patti Lever

    Carey Preston should not be wearing short dresses. I’m sorry but those legs are just too thin.

  • Anonymous

    Jeez girls, most of you needed to have a look in the mirror and go home to change. When Miley Cyrus and one of those Mowry twins are the best of the lot, you know something’s wrong. Also, what’s a Cobbie Smulders? Sounds like a specialty drink.

    • Anonymous

      or something you pour over ice cream.

  • Lexie

    I think that is possibly the best Miley has ever looked. And poor Tamera, Keira made that dress her bitch already! Who let you wear it afterwards??

  • My faves are Miley Cyrus, she looks really great here, and Jennifer Morrison from the neck down~~

  • Anonymous

    One day, Vanessa Hudgens will realize she’s not 5’10” and then she might just pick up vampy dresses made for her own size.

    Am I the only person who thinks Whitney Cummings looks like a hungrier, bitchier version of Natalie Imbruglia? Talking about throwbacks.

  • That’s the best I’ve ever seen Ms. Miley Cyrus look. *slow clap*

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea who Carrie Preston is and I don’t care, BUT she has awful legs and she should be hiding them. They disturb my esthetic 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I hate redheads in hot pink.  It’s just a peeve. 
    Kelly’s hair is 100% weird, but for some reason I think that dress is really interesting.  Miley doesn’t look like Mrs. Roper!  Hurray!
    Cobie Smulders wins the night for me.  She looked amaaaaazing.

  • Anonymous

    Whitney: WTF did you do to piss off your plastic surgeon? 

    LOVE TLo’s “Of course” responses to all things Lea Michele. Because I *so* agree.

    How in the world did the Sister, Sister twins achieve such staggeringly different results? One in a stunning floor-length gown, the other in a  cute but not-for-her cocktail dress with bad shoes. Doesn’t compute for me. 

    LOLed the Grace Johnson comment. That dress reminds me a bit of Austin Scarlett’s look from last week’s PR unconventional [materials] challenge. 

  • Anonymous

    Lea Michele is wearing the mop dress that Michael Costello made last week on PR All Stars.

    • Anonymous

      Not only did I think the same thing, it made me wish that all of the All Stars’ offerings last week appeared in the mix of People’s Choice attendees on the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    Was this a What Not To Wear convention?

  • I think the Elisha Cuthbert dress is really interesting, and except for whatever weird stuff is going on at the side/back, Miley’s is really pretty!

  • Diana Martinez

    No.  It’s not Tamera’s dress, sure, but Keira looks like CRAP in that picture! Ugh. 

  • So, is someone throwing a big bash for Kelly Osbourne’s 70th birthday?  I feel like they really should. 

  • marilyn

    I agree about Kelly Osbourne’s hair.  It actually looks like it’s gray on her television show.  Why would such a young, vibrant woman deliberately make herself look old?  It was bad enough when her hair was blond and she was trying to look like she was in her 40’s.  She is going for even older with the gray hair.  And it is totally bizarre for her to be sitting next to Joan Rivers on that show,  since Joan is trying to make herself look young.  Both look strange.  Are they doing some kind of television Dorian Gray moment? 

  • Anonymous

    Carrie Preston and Grace Johnson should really take advantage of the current vogue for sheer stockings. Really, your time for short skirts and bare legs has passed, ladies. It happens.

    Demi Lovato’s ridiculous bodice (and its contents) seems to be distracting everyone from her ABSURD train! It runs out of the photo! Everyone else is in cocktail length, or maybe floor-length but  made slightly more casual in the upper body, but damn, Demi showed up ready for Amanda Carrington’s wedding to the Prince of Moldavia!

  • Anonymous

    I can not believe I am writing this, but I think ‘lil Miley Cyrus looks the best of the bunch!

  • I am definitely not a people. Most of these I’ve never heard of and only 2 of them have I ever heard speak (on TV).

  • I see mops. Not just Lea M. but Jennifer M. and Alyson H’s dress has those swoopy swirls Michael C used for his mop dress.

  • Tia Mowry’s dress looks like a relative of Miss Sophia’s turquoise cover dress!

  • Ashley Greene looks gross.

    I think Demi Lovato looks awesome but that’s mostly because it seems like she is much happier and healthier than she used to be.

    I kind of like Jennifer Morrison’s dress but hate the huge bun on top of her head.

    Miley looks great.

    Vanessa hudgens looks much better than she normally does.

  • MilaXX

    Alyson Hanningan – Someone needs to tell Hilary Duff that this is how you glam up while pregnant.Ashley Greene – Why on earth wear a dress so tight you can see every organ?
    Carrie Preston – There was a virtual rainbow of lace last night and all of it ugly.
    Cobbie Smulders – Nice dress, really bad shoes.
    Demi Lovato – She’s dressed like a 40 year old and her makeup is way too heavy.
    Elisha Cuthbert – She looks like Wonder Woman goes to the ball.
    Grace Johnson – Hideous bow dress & a bag that does not go.
    Jane Levy – That dress needs a belt or some bling to take it out of sister wife territory.

    Jennifer Morrison – Yick!
    Kaley Cuoco – Did pretty good as host & looks good all night.
    Kathy Griffin- Boring Vanna White letter turner dress.
    Kelly Osbourne – Apparently the hipster gals are trying to make grey hair happen again. April also has her hair dyed this color.
    Lea Michele – Looks like PR Micheal C’s mop dress.
    Miley Cyrus – This is the best Miley has looked in forever.
    Tamera Mowry/Tia Mowry – You can tell from these shots that Tia is the one working now. Nice post baby body on Tia.
    Vanessa Hudgens – Kiss of the Spider Woman was exactly what I thought.
    Whitney Cummings – Her dress is ugly and her show isn’t funny.

  • Why and how does Vanessa Hudgens make everything she wears look so cheap?

    I’m so glad I know what Ashley Greene looks like naked, not.

  • Anonymous

    How How How is it possible, for so many women who have the means and the bodies to look amazing, look sooooo bad?  The daytime Emmy’s looked the same way last year.  I don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    Ashley Greene  – are we actually somehow seeing her white panties (along with what is under them) through a dress that looks like leather?  How the hell?

  • Anonymous

    I should probably not comment because I don’t know who most of these chicks even are but on the whole they are a messy looking bunch.   Odd, isnt it, when most of them have the means to look stunning.

  • oohsparkley!

    Cobbie’s dress is too small for her bosoms.  I hate those bra type tops that are too tiny – it looks dis-proportionate.  The color looks good on her.

  • Anonymous

    I let out some kind of strange and painful sounding noise upon looking at the Kelly Osbourne photo. Girl should never be able to criticize anyone’s red carpet choices EVER again just because of that monstrosity.

  • Anonymous

    OK I just HATE all those ugly legs.  The legs make the women look older than they are.  I don’t want to see the patches of red and brown and freckles on some woman’s middle aged legs (i.e. Carrie Preston and Grace Johnson and I don’t even know who these people are).  I HATE those short dresses like that.  THEY NEED SOME HOSE.  THERE. I SAID IT.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for saying it. It needed to be said. 
      (Not to mention bulgy veins.) 

      I’ve been “reprimanded” by a poster or two here for being ageist, unaccepting of imperfection, etc. But isn’t the red carpet all about pretty, about looking one’s best? 

      • Anonymous

        I am middle aged and fat.  I support those gals for wearing what they want.  But I support myself in my dislike of old lady bare legs.  I should know.  I have them!

  • Anonymous

    Ashley: Way too tight. I can see your pubic bump, girl! Nasty! Carrie: Way too short. I worry for you. I might see your pubis. Kaley: Too tight in stomachs and hips. Those wrinkles shouldn’t be there. It’s okay to go up a size and get alterations. We won’t judge you. Lea: Send those string mops back to Project Runway!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh all that dreary black lace. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Miley Cyrus looks one of the best dressed so far :

  • Mariah J

    Oh look, Lea Michelle is wearing Michael Costello’s mop dress.

  • Anonymous

    For the most part what a dreadful collection….what is going on  with these people….schmattes

  • margaret meyers

    An awful lot of women here would have benefited from some hosiery. 

    And when did the People’s Choice Awards become a an evening gown event?

  • Anonymous

    Some of these people really have more money than sense.

  • Anonymous

    Tia Mowry and (I can’t believe this will be on the internet for eternity) Miley Cyrus for the win.

    A word on Kelly Osbourne: This little snotface said recently on FP “I don’t follow fashion trends, I SET THEM.”  (Gag. Barf.)
    And that’s why you jumped on the hombre hair bandwagon.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame…that OdlR dress is really lovely, but the styling took it to cray-cray town.

    And you guys didn’t point out Miley’s POSTURE.  For once she’s not completely humped-over.  And age-appropriate to boot.

    And please tell me Cobbie Smulders (who the F is she?) is NOT a made-up name.  Because she better have been born with something that messed up.

    • They misspelled it, so it’s supposed to be Cobie Smulders, but Cobie is just a nickname anyway. According to wikipedia her full name is Jacoba Francisca Maria so I kinda understand why she went with something else XD It’s a bit of a mouthful. (And she’s an actress on How I Met Your Mother)

  • Anonymous

    I must respectfully Disagree about who owns Tamera Mowry’s dress.  Nuh-uh. Keira looks like she’s going to a funeral on Mars, Tamera looks fo’realz.

  • Anonymous

    God, that’s a lot of fugly!  Peoples Choice is…… everyone go home and try again.  Except you, Tis. Come over and sit down, you look FAB!

  • Awww, Lea Michele is wearing Michael’s mop dress from last week’s PR All-Stars! Way to be supportive, Chica!

  • Anonymous

    I agree – hmmm Marchesa owner & designer is a judge on PR All-Stars.  Says the show was taped in August 2011.  Ripping ideas off of the contestant designers?

  • Anonymous

    First Kleiber and now Cobbie.  hahaa do you guys do this on purpose?  So funny!  

    Anyway… Miley and Tia look great.  The rest are making me laugh, or groan-laugh, right out loud.

  • Anonymous

    alyson:  hello? anyone home?
    ashley:  squeezed into an inner tube
    carrie:  airing things out
    cobbie:  wonderwoman dress with woolworth’s shoes
    demi:  miss universe 1954
    elisha:  painful beauty
    grace:  attack of the killer bows
    jane:  has forsaken all earthly things except her minaudiere
    jennifer, scrolling down:  tinkerbell, pretty, pretty, macrame tablecloth
    kaley:  the cream in my coffee
    kathy:  that pink with her hair color is making me nauseous
    kelly:  whoever trashed her hair also did her makeup.  the cherry red lips with the persimmon skirt are giving me the spins.  see
              kathy, above. 
    lea:  is ready to mop the floor and soak up some drinks
    miley:  looks cute for once in her life
    tamera:  that’s not your dress it’s your little sister’s
    tia:  bought the place and is taking it home
    vanessa:  my, my, my, said the spider to the fly
    whitney:  who the f are you?

    whew that was a lot of bitching.  i need coffee.

    • You put them in alphabetical order?! That’s dedication.

      • OMG! I just realized that TLo puts the pictures in alphabetical order. Sorry for the snark.

  • Jacob Somerson


    Demi Lovato:

  • vmcdanie

    These are fantastic! And by fantastic, I mean there’s lots of bad and a few good with a minimum of acceptable but dull.

    Miley deserves a most improved award. She looks really cute here. Alyson Hannigan and Kaley Cuoco are too adorable for words.

    I’m not sure what it will take to learn that tight, short, leather and/or lace with plentiful cutouts is trashy 99.9% of the time.

  • Anonymous

    I saw Leah Michelle and immediately thought, “Oh, look!  They bleached one of the Project Runway mop dresses for Leah!”

  • Is Lea Michele wearing Michael C’s mop dress?

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY what I thought!

  • Anonymous

    I’d loosen up Alyson Hannigan’s hair and put her in some flats. (Yes, she’s tiny, but that dress would look better with flats.) Jennifer Morrison looks way better if you just stick your thumb over her stupid bun while you look at her. She needs to lose the fringe, too, but that bun is the WORST. And Vanessa Hudgens appears to have stolen a dress right off Chita Rivera’s body. Think about it. Chita Rivera is almost 80.

  • Allison Woods

    You all must BOW DOWN to TIA.

    That is all.

  • Anonymous

    With the exception of Alyson who was aiight, and Tia who was gorg.; all of these dresses are horrible. 

    Just one bad, ugly, tacky and/or unflattering dress after another. Was the true contest of the night to see who could wear the worst outfit? Because that would have been a much closer race than most of the actual categories. 

  • Anonymous

    Holy mother of God.

  • Why did Carrie Preston have to wear those shoes?  WHY?

  • Aiste Griciute

    My exact reaction upon seeing Lea Michelle’s look: of course. You train us well.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a sad day on the red carpet when Miley has one of the best looks going.

  • Anonymous

    Kelly Osborne must be playing Madame Mim in Disney’s Sword in the Stone on Broadway.  On second thought, that sounds kind of cool.

  • Susan Walker

    Kelly Osborn has a lot of nerve criticizing other people’s fashion choices…

  • Anonymous

    Kelly Osbourne? WTF? Is your hair dark grey? Please make it go away.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I think this girl looks much better in the dress than Keira Knightley. It needs curves. (Though I hate the shoes here.)

  • Shannon Maxham

    I’d wear the Jennifer Morrison dress in a heartbeat. LURVE the fringe at the bottom. But those Alyson Hannigan shoes have got to GO. They totally draw the eyes and look like cinder blocks. Or Pan’s cloven hooves.

  • Anonymous

    Ashley Greene looks like a TSA x-ray.  Grace Johnson’s bows are a riot and make me love her.  Jane Levy is adorable and hopefully will learn how to dress her age and have fun with it. 

  • It cracks me up how I just know that under every Lea Michele picture there is an “of course”. hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is wrong with Demi Lovato’s chest/neck area.  It looks like it’s been disconnected from the rest of her body.  Weird.

  • frankystein123

    Carrie Preston and 
    Kaley Cuoco look nicely put together, everyone else, blah.