Pairs Division: Madonna and Riseborough in Marchesa

Posted on January 24, 2012

Poor Andrea. She seems very much to be Madge’s little doll right now – and that’s a position one only holds for a very short time.  How long do you think it’ll be before she’s thrown on the pile with all the other Madonna gal pals she sucked dry and tossed aside?

Yow. That came out a little darker than we meant it to, but can you blame us when they show up at their own premiere looking like a couple of Dracula’s brides?

Andrea Riseborough and Madonna attend the premiere of ‘W.E.’ in New York City in Marchesa.

Marchesa Fall 2011 Collection

Marchesa Spring 2012 Collection

Alrighty then. Let’s take this one from the right, for once. No one gives Madge second billing, after all.

SHE: Gets some praise from us for bringing the drama to the red carpet in a way so few people can. We think the dress is gorgeous – on the model. But – and this is just us, mind you – we tend to think that maybe her Madgesty should think about keeping the focus a little away from her face (,they said, as delicately as humanly possible). It’s a truly dramatic dress that suits her in a whole lot of ways, but all that extra tulle around her very sculpted face is making her look all kinds of witchy. The hair’s not helping either. Don’t get us wrong; we think her face has settled nicely and she looks better now than she did about 6 months ago, but the prison matron hairstyle and goth drag queen shoulder treatment are just a bit much for it to handle. Softer hair and less voluminous shoulders is all this look needs to be perfect. As it is… Score: 6/10.

SHE: Has the look of a kidnapped heiress in her eyes. They should check the carpet after they leave, just to see if she dropped a scrap of toilet paper with the words “Help me” written on it in eyebrow pencil. Does anyone believe for one second she had any say in what she’s wearing – and just happened to dress like Madonna’s sidekick? Hair, face and jewelry are gorgeous, but we don’t like this dress at all. Photographed straight on, walking down a runway, it looks fine. But worn in the so-called “real world” it just distorts the shape of her body. Everything points to her stomach. And finally, a sheer skirt might work in the photographer-friendly atmosphere of a runway show, but under the harsh flashes of the red carpet, that’s just a little too much leg showing. Score: 5/10. With at least 2 points taken off for dressing like a pepper shaker to her salt shaker. Andrea, we’re here if you need us.

Combined Score: 5.5/10. It’s all a bit too self-conscious for us. Trying too hard.

[Photo Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images, Janet Mayer/PR Photos]

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  • G

    “Dracula’s brides”.  Fantastic.   I dislike Marchesa designs immensely; and these are not exceptions.

    • Anonymous

      Marchesa really has a way of overworking designs, doesn’t it?

      • Anonymous

        Overworking? Overworking? How about “sucking the life out of fashion”? How about “spinning fantasy into grotesque nightmares?” How about “turning tired old concepts of femininity into mockery, absent any potentially mitigating irony”? 

        DIE, MARCHESA, DIE *

        * Disclaimer: this curse does not refer to any beings, animal, vegetable, or mineral, living or, uh, living, and is aimed only at the evil esthetic henceforth or otherwise known as Marchesa the Maleficent. It is intended for personal use only and should not be attempted without supervision. No animals were harmed, and no peanuts are in the vicinity.

        • Anonymous

          Bowing down to BB now

    • judy brown

      Madge’s impression of Mae West as Dracula’s Bride.

      Not a good impression, but still.

  • Susan Crawford

    Two victims of the recent explosion at the Marchesa tulle factory.

  • Anonymous

    Madge really should have kept the lace/trim thing white. It was much more eye catching then.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. Plus it’s not a good dress to actually *move* in. I think it looks very elegant on the model who is standing in one place with the train draped around her feet. But seeing Madonna clutching the train in a ball so she can walk down the red carpet ruins the effect a little.

  • Anonymous

    Oh here go hell come.

    • memorexe

      I miss Calvin Tran! I know I’m the only who loves him…

      • Anonymous

        He was so much more memorable than the other contestants that I honestly don’t remember who won!  I know it wasn’t Cesar or Danielle, but for the life of me I can’t remember the last one standing.

        • memorexe

          It was actually down to him and the guy who looked like Morris Day/Little Richard– Jeffrey(?) Little Richard won… I expect to see Calvin on the Joe Zee show soon.

      • Anonymous

        I liked him too and would take him any day over the recent PR drama babies. I have seen him on cable channels recently in commercials for a Fashion Institute school.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I miss him and his crazy, mixed-up English!

    • Anonymous


  • Charlotte

    No. Just no. They might have been dressed to match, but the dresses really clash when they’re photographed side-by-side. Between them there looks to be enough fabric and ‘fun’ design elements for at least 4-5 dresses.

    • Anonymous

      Worse yet when they are clutching each other, they look like they are wearing one monstrous dress. 

  • Laurie Bergman

    Andrea’s clenched facial expression in the last pic is definitely NOT, “So happy to be here! Promoting this fabulous movie! With MADONNA!” 

    • Nancy Abrams

      I’d never seen this woman until she became attached to Madonna’s hip last month. Her taste in clothes has so far made me gag every time I’ve seen her.

      If Jerell had sent Madonna’s dress down the runway, we’d have crucified him. Why is that Marchesa woman so successful? As for Madonna’s hair style, I’m sure it’s a failed homage to the Duchess of Windsor. 

    • Sara Munoz

      She looks about as happy in this relationship as Katie Holmes does in hers…

  • Gus Casals

    Nothing to like here, really. 
    The only positive thing I can say is that Madge at least lives up to her fashionista reputation and as you mention, BRINGS IT to the red carpet. Andrea, jokes about her sorry position aside, has an ugly dress. The skirt looks like bad sheer leggins. Awful.
    Tired of Marchesa here too…

  • Anonymous

    Madonna looks kinda like Cruella de Vil here :)

    • Jason Kramer

      I was thinking the puppet….”Madam” is that her name?

  • Anonymous

    It also looks like Madonna is clutching her waist to keep her from trying to make a run for it! 

    I prefer Madonna’s dress with the nude lining.  The gray doesn’t provide enough of a contrast for my taste.  And in that one pic, Andrea’s dress looks like capri pants!  I know it’s not capri pants, but does it look that way to anyone else??

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and the faux-capri optical illusion is dividing her body up in a horribly unflattering way.

    • Anonymous

      Capri pants – exactly!!

    • Lisa Pizza

      That’s exactly what I thought at the Golden Globes. It’s like she’s being held hostage and Madge is dragging her along. Their dresses are too matching but maybe Madge is trying to assimilate her to suck out her youth or something.

      I also thought Andrea’s dress looked like leggings.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a little too me and Mommy. Creepy!

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      NAILED IT.

      Oh, WHY didn’t we think of that?

      • Anonymous

        Creepy. “Toddlers and Tiaras: Where Are They Now?”.

        • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Something tells me “Mommy and Me” is definitely NOT what Madge was going for!! 

      • Anonymous

        I fear it might just have been. Maybe not in a mother-child way, but that level of similarity cannot be accidental. 

        Oh, Madge.  Who would have thought a rebel like you would be negotiated by Georgina Chapman into mainstream fugliness.  

    • Shannon Stewart

      Dear God, please someone promise to have me committed should I ever try to force such a thing on my child!

    • Anonymous

      I see that as well.  Also the way Madonna makes Andrea pose next to her at all the events AND the way she throws her arm around her gives me creepy ventriloquist dummy vibes. That and weird Svengali vibes. Seriously Madonna you are the director, tone it down a bit.

    • kate (not actually a lynx)

      Well said! I was just wondering, “What’s the all-girl version of Motherboy?”

  • memorexe

    h i d e o u s .

    • Anonymous

      May their stylists burn in hell….

  • Anonymous

    The effect of the tulle on her skin makes Andrea look like she is wearing tulle pedal-pushers!  I am with the “not a fan of Marchesa” group and these don’t do anything to change that.  

  • Stella Zawistowski

    How can anyone smile while wearing something so tortured? (I’m referring to both of them.)

  • Anonymous

    Yikes. I usually like Marchesa (I know, I know, burn me at the stake) but looking at these two dresses makes me completely reconsider. It’s so dark and dreary and heavy. Would it have killed them to work in some color? That may have helped the 5,000 layers of gray and black they insisted on.

    • Anonymous

      Plus, it’s only meant to be worn while standing on a box after having not taken any food or water for 3 days.

  • Anonymous

    I think you were generous with these scores. Those are two of the most hideous dresses I have ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s all a bit too self-conscious for us. Trying too hard.” My sentiments exactly!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, perfectly put.

  • Anonymous

    i think both of them look awful, do not like the dresses.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna is, like, thisclose to Wildestein territory. In that fourth shot, especially. How sad. She used to be so cool.

  • Wilhelmina Frame

    Well at least Madonna’s not actually wearing gloves, just glove-esque sleeves.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I was thinking. Perhaps a bit less obvious than the fingerless gloves, but you know that’s the reason she’s wearing this dress.

    • Anonymous

      That was my thought exactly!  “She managed to still obscure the view of her hands without resorting to gloves.”

  • Terence Ng

    Make no mistake, the role of the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman  was originally designed with Madge in mind before they decided to give it to Charlize Theron. That youth sucking scene was particularly inspired by what is going to happen to Riseborough.

    • Anonymous

      My first thought when I looked at this was “damn! Is she dressed as a Disney villain on purpose and is that the kidnapped princess next to her?”

  • kim bunchalastnames

    madonna’s (?) decision to go with a grey instead of cream/fleshtoned underdress was a mistake.  it destroys the central illusion that the dress was draped upon. 

  • Anonymous

    Madge really does look like an old kazoo with some sparklers attached here. Never mouse… RAT.

    • Anonymous

      But Eve would never look that panic stricken!

      • Anonymous

        Bravo, darling! I wondered if I’d been too enigmatic in my reference. LOL.

        • Anonymous

          No credit here.  My boyfriend maintains that I can recite that entire script line for line.  In my sleep. (“With gestures, of course”.  :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s a doublemint Girl, That’s Not Your Dress. 

    The only nice thing I can really say is that Ms. Riseborough’s hair and makeup is lovely.

  • Anonymous

    But the thing is, WHY make it look like a violent collision between a black hole and a supernova? or like they couldn’t make up their mind on a ballgown until they tore it apart, not before throwing drinks at each other, and so they both had to go with parts of it?

    The confusion between them does not really allow thorough analysis, is SO pathetic on Madge’s side and really annoys me because I cannot be clear about my bitchery.     

  • Anonymous

    Madonna is looking like the Duchess of Windsor (in her later years) and the other one looks like a hand puppet.

    • foodycatAlicia

      The hair particularly is too “oh PLEASE see me as a fascinating woman for the ages, JUST LIKE WALLIS”.

  • Anonymous

    Plus: Madge has cankles. Who knew?

  • Anonymous

    Both in Marchesa, what a surprise. It almost seems pointless to criticize them since it was such a foregone conclusion that they’d wear some overwrought, dated Marchesa nonsense to their premiere of their Weinstein-distributed film.

    • Sara Munoz

      Ah, well. That explains things, doesn’t it?? 

  • Anonymous

    it doesn’t get much worse than this

  • Anonymous

    Both dresses are pretty ugly. Do you think perhaps Madge chose that dress because of the way the tulle comes all the way down and covers her hands? Notice she isn’t wearing the gloves.
    Riseborough’s hair and makeup look very pretty.

  • Lattis

    Christ I hate Marchesa. Lace, tulle, cutouts, sheers, sparkles, ruffles ruffles ruffles, fluff fluff fluff fluff aaiiiieeeeeeeeeee!!

    • Anonymous

      Bravo. That is the perfect description of the sound my brain went when I saw these atrocities.

  • Anonymous

    it’s unbelievable how bad that second dress looks on anyone but the model. i remember that being one of the standouts from the collection for me, and it looks absolutely HORRIBLE on a real person. also, did they intend to look like conjoined twins or was that incidental?

  • Anonymous


  • Taija HU!

    Exploded origami dress conference at the tulle buffet.. Madgesty is an icon, but good god, she should hire a stylist. Or a whole army of them. 

  • Anonymous

    (phone rings)
    Madge: Andrea! Let’s go to the “W.E.” premiere!
    Andrea: OK …
    Madge: I’m wearing itchy black Marchesa! What are you wearing?
    Andrea: I guess …
    Madge: That’s right! So are you!

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    Madonna, its just fine if you want to dress a mess, but don’t drag the minions into your web.

  • CQAussie

    It’s just a hot mess of tulle is what it is….not flattering for either of them.

  • Sara Munoz

    Far. Too. Kind.

  • Celia

    More like Texas oil widows, if you ask me. Madge’s dress would’ve been improved if it weren’t for the grey underlay (the nude would’ve been edgier).

  • Bethany Roullett

    Those are two very noisy dresses.  And they should never be photographed next to each other.  When they called each other before they went out Andrea should have said “Oh, no, its ok, you’re fine.  I’ll change.  It won’t take a second.”

  • aimee_parrott

    I’m pretty sure that “Trying Too Hard” is Madonna’s middle name.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Madonna doesn’t want her face OR hair to move.

  • Anonymous

    Riseborough looks like Madonna’s trophy wife. It would make for a fabulous Harlequin, but not a real-life scenario, sadly.

    • Anonymous

      “Madonna’s trophy wife” is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! -HILARIOUS
      thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    Run for your life. It’s The Beast With Two Heads!

  • Anonymous

    In the immortal words of TLo, in one of the funniest posts ever (Sex and the City II, Liza Division), Jesus Christ on a breadstick!  Fugly, thy name is Marchesa!  

  • Laura Schultz

    There’s Good Marchesa and there’s Evil Marchesa. These are both in the Evil Marchesa category. Too much fooferaw. WAY too much fooferaw. 

  • Cathy S

    Actually the only thing I like on either of them is their hair. Even Madge’s.

  • Anonymous

    This is the creepiest relationship. I wonder if she keeps her in a small room with limited daylight and meals slid through an opening in the door. And their mother/daughter dresses are awful.

  • Anonymous

    The way they blend into one another when standing side by side is so creepy. I would knock some point off Madonna. I think that dress is terrible on her. She doesn’t have the height (esp. neck length) to pull that off. And with the bobbed hair, it is just too much business going on around her jaw line area. I think she looks drippy. I’d give her 3 or 4 out of 10.

    Agree on Reisborough. That is just a terrible dress. It looks like tulle is exploding out of her abdomen.

  • Nancer

    I agree with you on most of this, but – I LOVE Madge’s gown! It looks wonderful. As to the hair – I love that you called it prison warden hair. It looks like Queen Latifah in the movie Chicago!

  • Anonymous

    Madonna IS looking rather witchy here. And Andrea, why even bother. It’s bad. Which is a shame since everything but the dress looks fantastic. 

    You guys nailed it with “Dracula’s brides”.

  • Anonymous

    The grey under Madge’s dress looks like a heather gray camisole from WalMart.

  • Anonymous

    Conjoined drag queens.  

  • Anonymous

    God, how I despise Marchesa.

  • Anonymous

    her Madgesty

    Too funny. And also: They should check the carpet after they leave, just to see if she dropped a scrap of toilet paper with the words “Help me” written on it in eyebrow pencil.

  • Anonymous

    When they’re arm in arm, it’s hard to figure out where one starts and the other one ends…

  • Anonymous

    And exactly why do they go out in matchy outfits?  Do you, TLo?  It’s just odd, even if the dresses were actually attractive.

  • Anonymous

    In Number 5, Andrea looked like she was wearing grandmas hostess pants from 1957 with the matching formal arpon onto which she has hot glued more tulle, sparkles and silver foil doilies from the 99 cent store.  TLo…I know it’s Madge and all…*whispers* but I think you were being overly generous.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    I don’t these these looks transfer well from the runway.  Way too much going on, and photographed together they look like a tornado in a lace factory.

  • Kathryn

    Madonna has too much yellow – hair and teeth.  To me no matter how she’s dressed, she looks dirty.  This twosome is overdone and in bad taste.

  • Anonymous

    Every time I think maybe I’m starting to change my mind about Marchesa, something like this comes along to remind me why I really don’t care for their aesthetic (to put it politely). 

  • Anonymous

    Madonna is really really losing it. Don’t like the dress, tacky to the 10th degree, on the model either, but it looks even worse on Matrona.  She looks like she’s drowning in it.

    This young actress will have set her career back by a decade with this WE crap.  If she recovers at all. 

    Marchesa needs to take a good long break.

    • Presumptuous Insect

      Agree about the actress. She has probably been wondering what in the hell she got herself into.  No fun to be a laughingstock.

  • MilaXX

    Not liking either. Madge’s dress is pretty, but it’s too many elements on it for her. She get lost in a sea of tulle. It’s almost like a neon sign pointing to the plastic surgery. 5/10
    Andres is equally as lost is a sea of Marchesa frou frou. 5/10

    I don’t mind the dramatic black, but these are not their dresses.

  • Anonymous

    I really dislike the grey on Madonna’s dress – the original was gorgeous on the model. 

  • Anonymous

    Remember how the PR judges described Laura’s couture gown when it came back to NY from Paris?  They said it wasn’t as ‘exuberant’ as the original.  That is exactly what comes to mind here.  Madonna’s gown on the model is stunning and exuberant.  On her, it looks a little flat.  I personally prefer the ivory inserts versus the gray, but the limp shoulders on Madonna’s version really have a negative effect here….  The same could be said for the peplum on Andrea — a little limp, or at least askew because of the way she is standing.  
    So close ladies…. so close!

  • marilyn

    Andrea is too young to wear that dress.  She looks like a kid who got into her mother’s clothes.  She is a beautiful young woman, and all that frou-frou busy stuff is too much for her.  She needs a dress like that when she is older and has body issues she wants to hide.

    Madonna changed the underlay for her dress to gray (maybe so it matches Andrea’s-ouch!!!).  I think it lost  the designer’s statement by doing so.  It is very costume-y either way.   The flesh colored underlay (in the dress the model is wearing) gives the impression of a lot of skin showing, when it is not,  a la Cher with Bob Mackie, most female figure skaters costumes and professional dancers.  Sexy but respectible (and very ’80’s).   Putting in a gray underlay takes the ‘skin’ element out of it.  It just looks like an unsexy costume now.  Is she going out for Auntie Mame look? She should be able to tell the difference between a costume and a dress for a premiere.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    No one could possibly look good in those two completely hiddy dresses. More convinced than ever that women only wear Marchesa to kiss Weinstein’s ass.  ‘Good news! You don’t have to sleep with me to get the part! Bad News! You have to wear the ugly dresses made by the woman I sleep with!’

  • Anonymous

    The two of them next to each other look like Siamese twins.
    Poor Andrea.

  • TigerLaverada

    Both should be up for Girl, It’s Not Your Dress. What looks great on the runway models looks pretty bad on each of them.

  • Adina Miller Holmes

    Why do I always think of Elizabeth Bathory when I see Madge?

    There’s just too much … too-muchness here.

  • Anonymous

    For being so covered up, Andrea looks very naked and vulnerable. I feel very uncomfortable looking at her. Can i throw her a blanket??

  • Jane Morris

    My eyes!  My eeeeeyyyeeees!

  • Anonymous

    Andrea Riseborough”s dress just screams at me. I worked to find a word that the dress evokes and ‘incontinence’ was the only thing I could come up with. Just a nasty drip down between her legs. Uggh!

  • Judy_J

    These photos give me the creeps. There is a sinister undertone that is unnerving.  And Madonna’s looking more and more like Cruella DeVille these days.  All she needs is the black and white fur.

  • Tadiana Walton Jones

    When they’re standing next to each other, it’s impossible to tell where one dress ends and the other begins.  That can’t be a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    look of a kidnapped heiress and messages written on toilet paper!! You have made my day complete!

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Go the fuck away, Madonna. You think being a Mean Girl is cool when you’re fifty-something? You think people aren’t sick to death of your famewhoring? You actually think you are a Misunderstood Genius with this piece of crap movie???

    Absurd and insufferable.

  • natalia h

    Andrea! Look at your life. Look at your choices!

  • Kelsey Albrecht


  • Anonymous

    It’s too painful to see Madonna this way

  • Anonymous

    Problem is, what’s almost a portrait collar on the model becomes a droopy mess on the Material Girl.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna is hitting a point where she needs to think about the adage, just because it fits doesn’t mean you should wear it. These severe styles are making her look like a Downton Abbey dowager. And she needs to reconcile whatever issue she has with her hands. We know they look like claws – she needs to gain 10 pounds or get over it. The half gloves and hand coverings are just bringing more attention to them than less.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t read all the comments yet, so pardon me if this is a repeat, but did you all hear that Madge pulled a hammy while practicing for her Superbowl gig? And whacked herself in the face with a microphone.

    I’ll bet the mic came out on the losing side of that argument.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna’s dress would have been lovely on Morticia Addams, but that’s it.  And the only thing I like about Andrea’s look are the shoes…….j’adore the cutouts at the heel.  LOVED the “kidnapped heiress” crack, although I think she’d get more help from a message on the bathroom mirror in lipstick.

  • Anonymous


  • Mary McClelland

    What in the hell are these two crones wearing? Madonna is a wreck lately. That face stuff she had done makes her look like puffy, kewpie doll and really, this poor little girl needs to detach from the vampiress stat. Madonna is only seeking to suck her youth away. Ugh… Madonna scares me something awful! 

  • Therese Bohn

    There’s probably a time and place for black tulle, but this wasn’t it.  Oh Madge. For once I wish I could see your shoulders and scrawny arms.   This would have been gorgeous either strapless or with simple straps, and yes, softer hair.  
    Advice to Andrea — Run! RUN! NOW! Get away ASAP before your a little white-headed fly in Spider-Madonna’s Web screaming “Help Meeeeee!”
    But I do like Andrea’s pretty waffle heel shoes!

  • Anonymous

    OMG, before I even scrolled down, I knew those dresses were Marchesa because of all the foo-foo tulle & shit on it.  Gah!

  • Madame Suggia

    Ooh that’s bad. Both of them. Also, Marchesa? Bunch of ar$e.

  • Shannon Maxham

    No. Wire. HANGERS!

  • Anonymous

    That’s GaGa’s dress and Madonna is no longer GaGa.

  • Cal Kuhn

    not good. I love lots of andrea’s fashion pre the WE circuit but as she is forced to tour around with Madonna hasn’t been looking as snappy.

  • Anonymous

    mosquito netting Marchesa? Really? Both are OVER wrought and then some.

  • Anonymous

    Both dresses are really, really awful. Still disappointed that Madonna went the plastic surgery route. She, of all people, could have said, “F it, I’m 53 and this is what I look like” — an improvement over pillow face.

  • Venus De Mutto

    The tulle — as ridiculous as it is — looks dramatic on the model because it is fluffed UP  — why in heck would Madonna choose to wear it only to squash it all down & destroy all the drama it had? It looks like a shapeless mess on her. If you’re going to choose a dress with that kind of dramatic collar, at least wear it correctly.
    Not to mention that this dress can *only* look good on a 5’10 — 6 foot tall model. I’m sure Madonna thinks she can wear anything, but at  5’2 she just can’t.

    Poor Andrea — she’s obviously playing the role of “bridesmaid” in a dress picked for no other purpose than to make Madonna’s look good by comparison.

  • Sophie Collier

    Oh, God, poor Andrea… That’s just… such an unfortunate choice of dress.  And Madonna’s tulle collar is supposed to be standing up but looks like it has been smushed down.  Looked fantastic on the model,though.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen this movie, so this is not meant as a slam of the leading lady, but:  from these photos, Madge looks like she’d be perfect for the role of the Duchess of Windsor.

    • Anonymous

      I suspect that when she first got the idea for this film, that was her plan.

  • Anonymous

    God awful! Brides of Dracula indeed!  I wonder why no one is noticing that in all her recent appearances, Madonna is covering the backs of her hands (several times with those fancy “work-out” gloves and here with bunches of tulle at the end of the those tulle sleeves). She has apparently been receiving criticism about the veins in her hands (when did anyone start caring about THAT?); she should be spared such endless, HD scrutiny. Let the woman age, for heaven’s sake!  A dermatologist friend of mine is speculating that she’s had sclerotherapy on the dorsum of her hands (injections of sclerosing solution to collapse the veins) and that she’s hiding the bruising and residual hyperpigmentation until her hands heal. I appreciate that this is veering into potentially unkind speculation — she should do whatever she wants with her own body — but I do think my friend has a point. Otherwise what’s with all the hand covering? Sure, she sported the glove thing decades ago; donning the gloves today is a reference to one of her early “signature looks.” But why has she been referencing it so consistently lately? 

  • Laura F.

    Two awful dresses by Marchesa.  Does somebody owe Harvey Weinstein a favor? 

  • Anonymous

    leeching souls since circa 1982.

  • R. Beers

    At least Madonna left the gloves at home this time.

  • Anonymous

    “They should check the carpet after they leave, just to see if she
    dropped a scrap of toilet paper with the words “Help me” written on it
    in eyebrow pencil.” 


  • Claudia Gilbert

    I don’t usually think so, but the models for BOTH of these dresses look a million times better.  Madonna’s tulle collar looks limp and sad.  No bueno.

  • margaret meyers

    Call FEMA!  There’s been an explosion at the Floozy Factory!

  • Jody Lee

    Too short and stubby looking to be vampires.  The two of them look like something you’d put on top of the casket for decoration if you had a glue gun and were allergic to flowers. 

  • Anonymous

    YUK!  As I commented on the previous Dior posting, Marchesa WISHES they could do elegant, over the top, sheer & lace glamour but alas….. they do this.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t look at that thing on the front of the new toy’s skirt and not see really scary pubic hair.

  • Anonymous

    madgepie  looks so severe here (euphemism).  she should be more careful about posing so close to beautiful young starlets with creamy succulent skin.  comparisons are bound to be made.

  • Ashleigh Boutelle

    Madonna’s dress needs to be fluffed!

  • glennethph

    OMG, I just realized who Andrea is!  She’s the original Annie the Ghost in the Being Human pilot.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell ever thought a peplum was a good idea?

  • Anonymous

    I’m just relieved M is covering those awful sinewy veiny arms of hers…more sleeves in the future please!

  • Anne Rinaldi

    I would have liked Madonna’s dress without the sleeves, I think. Ms. Riseborough’s dress is wearing her. It’s a lot of dress and doesn’t work on her.

  • Stacy Smith

    What ever happened to just looking pretty? Granted, Madonna is FIERCE and rich and powerful and looks awesome. But why not soften things just a little and be 50 and pretty and quiet. She’s still screaming and jumping up and down for attention in these get-ups and she doesn’t need to.