Pairs Division: McAdams & Tatum

Posted on January 24, 2012

We really wanted to just feature Rachel’s look as an “In or Out” post because we didn’t feel like writing another Pairs Division today. Once you tackle Madonna, you’re pretty much tapped out for the day on scoring red carpet looks.

But then we realized that we were kinda being hypocrites because he deserves a little positive reinforcement, given the bitching we normally do about sloppy boystars.


Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams at the ‘The Vow’ Germany Photocall. Rachel McAdams wears a Collette Dinnigan dress.

Collette Dinnigan Spring 2012 Collection

HE: Gets major props from us – and not because Lorenzo’s head is surrounded by little popping hearts, Sally Brown-style, every time he looks at him. We’re always ragging on the guys for their usually horrible dressing for photocalls. The general thinking seems to be that showing up looking like you’ll be doing yardwork in the near future is totally acceptable, even if your female co-star is in full hair and makeup, heels, push-up bra, and a $2,000 dress. He’s really put together here and while the outfit isn’t the least bit exciting (and still more casual than hers), he put the effort in and the clothes really suit him. He’s wearing dress pants and dress shoes to a photocall and he’s not Colin Firth. Do you realize how rare that is? Score: 8/10. As we said, he’s still more casual than she is. A shirt with a collar would have had them at about the same level.

SHE: Is wearing a dress that we should be complaining about but we mostly won’t. Long-time kittens know about our issues with outfits that match the skin tone and this one matches hers almost exactly – and her hair, for that matter. Seriously, Rachel. Go back to the chestnut brown that suited you so much better. Anyway, there’s enough overlay here to give the dress some contrast, and while our desperate need to break things off with black lace for good is growing with every day, we’re thinking it works pretty well here against her pale coloring. The shoes are standard, but give the look a classic feel; the hair is pretty, but should be brown; and the makeup is soft, but she needs a stronger lip color. Some delicate and low-key piece of jewelry around her neck would have been nice too.  Score: 8.5/10. Hair color, girl. Seriously.

Combined Score: 8.25/10. Not bad at all. See what happens when the guy puts a little effort in?

Oh, by the way, the premise of their movie looks pretty laughably bad, but they look like they might have real chemistry together, unlike that one he did with Amanda Seyfried, where their interactions looked like two strangers talking at a bus stop. Granted, this is all based on trailers and commercials. We’re not the audience for these films, clearly.


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  • Anonymous

    God, I wish it was Colin Firth in there instead of him.

    ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, Charming Potato is put together and looks nice and clean. ACHIEVEMENT. Get off my back.

    But I’m with you on the blond hair issue.

    • Anonymous

      Agree about Colin Firth!  But then, I sort of wish most men could be replaced by Colin Firth.  Sue me!

      Charming Potato:  🙂

      • Anonymous

        Charming Potato does nothing for me….please replace him with Colin Firth or MIchael Fassbender, STAT!

    • Anonymous

      Charming Potato is so funny! I may have to steal that…

    • I just lol’d at Charming Potato.
      I can’t help it, I’ve liked him ever since that GQ article that had him and the author waking up hungover in the desert….he seems like he’d be fun to party with.

      • Alisa Rivera

        I love that article too, especially the part where he calls his wife to tell her he’s sleeping in the desert with random reporter chick and the wife sort of bemusedly tells him, you know, honey, some wives would have a problem with that and he’s genuinely chagrined (not that he’d know the meaning of the word). 

    • Charming Potato! Ha, he totally has a potato head. Not sure about the charming. He’s one of those guys, I would never recognize without a caption. He’s so nondescript. And potatoey.

    • Charming Potato! Perfect.

    • Anonymous

      After this I’ll always see him as “Charming Potato”. LOVE.

    • Anonymous

      Love Charming Potato…He looks just like my middle son, maybe I will have to use that as a nickname from now on…Anyway, like the attempt to look polished, agree on the need for a colored shirt.  Rachel is sweet looking to me, nice but not particularly exciting…

    • ha, ha, ha…Charming Potato. I’m gonna’ use that one (but give PAAM all the credit of course).

      • Anonymous

        Have fun using it, but I didn’t come up with it either! I don’t know who did. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress but wish it were shorter.  I agree about hair and lip color.  I like her as a redhead….

  • The dress length is driving me slightly batty and I feel an overwhelming urge to attack with a pair of scissors and snipe off a bit at the bottom.

    • Anonymous

      It hits the model at a much better point on the leg.  The length on Rachel is making her look a bit dowdy with long hips (which she surely doesn’t have).

  • I miss her brown hair, too. She looked SO GORGEOUS in Wedding Crashers and never looked that good again. She’s a beautiful girl but the blonde makes her go generic.
    And the dress is pretty. Not my favorite, but she’s working it.

    He looks fine. Don’t like him much, but credit for putting the effort in.

  • He:  Nice deployment of the sweater vest! 
    She:  Cute dress, but that awkward length really does no one any favors. Bonus points for avoiding the silly putty shoes.

    • Anonymous

      The deployment of the sweater vest would have been better without a V-neck underneath though, right?  Too many V’s.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, with the straight mens we have to applaud baby steps as if they were…you know, babies.  So OK.  He still looks too casual, but he looks better than, say, Tom Cruise did at his recent photo calls.  That’s a low bar, son.  

    Agree with you on all aspects of her look.  And must add one more:  On the model, the length is lovely.  On Rachel, it looks a bit dowdy.  Shortened a couple of inches would have looked better on her.  

  • Anonymous

    Hate him based solely on his stupid, stupid name.  Great shoes though.  Charming Potato.  Oh, Pants_are_a_must, you nailed it.  Bless.

  • I unabashedly adore this dress.  IN.   Also, Brunette Pride!  Hopefully she’ll come back from the Light Side.

  • I sorta wish she would stop doing these “Epic Tragic Cheesy Love Story” movies… But I know she has many fans who love her in them and it’s an easy project for $$$ and publicity. 

    She’s very talented and I really hope she gets better projects.

    • I agree with all of this – and would apply it to her fellow Mean Girls alum Amanda Seyfried as well.

  • marilyn

    One thing strange about her dress is the hip/waist area.  The rest of the skirt has a black mesh overlay for the lace.  For reasons known only to the designer, the top of the hip does not have the black overlay.  She looks kind of ‘patchy’.  I get the absence of black mesh on the top, since the designer wanted to have the lace morph into her skin.  But the saddlebag patches don’t make sense.  I think she is too young and fair to wear a dress like this anyway.

    • Lori

      Yes! I feared I was the only one bothered by the hips. What is up with that? It looks very odd to me and I can see no good reason for it.

    • I love that feature–I think it’s the prettiest and most interesting part of the dress!

  • She’s still adorable, but I wish she’d go back to being a brunette. Ditto on what a previous commenter said. Blonde makes her look more generic.

  • I agree about the hair color, but I think she looks pretty.  I don’t so much mind the coloring issue because the black does break it up, and I think the point is to match it to skin so it looks like the lace is just hovering there. 

    As for him — he looks great.  And yes, he’s more casual, but men have a much rougher time in that respect — they don’t have as many subtle differences in formality to choose from.  There’s basically formal, suit, and casual.  It’s hard to hit just the right spot.

  • Doing Madonna must have just wore you guys to a complete frazz, because you gave a guy wearing a baby blue v-neck Hanes T-shirt at a dressy event an 8 out of 10. Even if it is Charming Potato, that’s cutting somebody an unprecedented amount of slack, n’est-ce pas? Perhaps it’s different if one finds him attractive (which, obviously, I don’t)?

    • On my monitor it looks like a gray Hanes v-neck t-shirt worn with a grandpa sweater vest.

    • Anonymous

      True, the t-shirt is inappropriate. But It’s a photocall, one of a hundred they’ll do on the publicity tour for the movie, not necessarily a “dressy” event, so it’s not AS egregious an offense. Consider that she might be overdressed. Nonetheless, he needs a regular shirt.

    • It’s not a Hanes  – and we can practically guarantee it probably cost in the range of $80 to $100 – and a photocall isn’t a “formal event.”

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you. It might cost a bajillion dollars, but it looks like nice Fruit of the Loom from here. I very much like his outfit overall (even though they both look seriously mismatched for the photocall), but I’d knock off several points for the fancy T. 

      I look at him and think English League football thug; he doesn’t do a thing for me.

      • Anonymous

        Ha – totally agree!  I was thinking constantly hung-over, but football thug is better.  Poor guy won’t age well.

  • Judy_J

    I love her dress, but the length is wrong for her.  And I too wish she’d return to her roots….she really does look better as a brunette.

  • Anonymous

    The fit on his pants is a thing of beauty. I like how he looks here exponentially better than I ever have before.

    I wish she could have tailored her dress; the proportions of the whole skirt are so much better on someone taller, i.e. the model.

  • MilaXX

    I think he looks good, still under dressed compared to his costar but not home depot causal. Sure he deserves a little positive reinforcement. but I think an 8’s too high. I’d give it a 7 at most. As for her, I see all the points you are making, but I still like her look. 8.5/10

  • Anonymous

    I was going to comment about how she looks like a rich politician’s daughter with her HS BF who now works as a longshoreman but then I got sidetracked by the model’s feet in the look book pic and trying to figure out what the deal is with her toes. I mean, seriously. Yikes.

    • Anonymous

      Oh jeez, you’re so right. They couldn’t swing one size larger for the poor woman?

    • Anonymous

      I’d say you’re right on the mark. On both counts.

    • Susan Crawford

      I know! The fact that half her toes are smooshed to smithereens and are spilling over the shoe certainly accounts for the agonized expression on her face. Yikes, indeed.

    • She should be careful — a friend of mine has to use acrylics to put on toenails because she did the pageant circuit for years in shoes that were too small. 

  • Anonymous

    Aw, Lo, we all know that feeling:)  Charming Potato looks good, attaboy!

    • Anonymous

      Charming Potato….. too funny!!!

  • Anonymous

    They both look pretty good. I love the dress on the model, but I think it’s a skosh too long on Rachel and the fit is off there. I also agree on the hair color – the blonde doesn’t do justice to the natural beauty of her features.

  • Anonymous

    I would knock a point or so off Tatum’s score for being too casual. I know you’re letting it slide b/c this is a big step up for him, but still, he looks all the more casual next to her.

    I’m knocking points off her score because that dress is too damned long on her. And I don’t like that the tulle/netting part is the same color as her skin. Makes the look very bottom heavy and droopy.

  • Anonymous

    His eyebrows look like water paint swipes.

  • Looks better on the model.

  • Mariah J

    I think the dress should be a bit shorter but it’s very pretty. He looks underdressed in comparison.

  • Anonymous

    gosh he’s cute.  he could easily swing to the douche side but he keeps it classy.  

  • Anonymous

    I think he’s still way underdressed and not all that stylish.  She looks adorable in that dress.  

  • Anonymous

    Lorenzo, you can be Sally Brown here. This guy does nothing for me! I just don’t get him or his style.  And you guys had to go and mention my man Colin. Now I have to go watch the lake scene from Pride and Prejudice again…

    Her shoes melt into the carpet. I couldn’t even tell she had shoes in one picture. I agree with your point about the hair.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a total meathead…but I’d still hit it, lol.  That movie looks seriously schmoopy, though!

  • Anonymous

    Is he wearing a button front sweater vest? That sure is cute if he is. 
    She looks very pretty too. 
    Although they look like they are dressed for different events.

  • Charming Potato makes me sleepy just looking at him.  Just like eating actual potatoes, come to think of it.

  • I had that same idea for a movie like a year ago. Then I thought, “No, no. No one would watch a movie with such a cheesy, bad premise.” 

  • Beth G

    Sad about the black shoe on the black carpet – she looks like she has hooves.  But they’re still better than the silly putty shoes on the model that are 3 sizes too big.

  • Okay, kiddies, about the Charming Potato thing:

    You guys have to know that that nickname came from a place of Utter Bitchiness before you decide to adopt it. Its official codification dates from just before or in the early stages of pre-production on the film now known as Haywire.

  • Anonymous

    He looks great, but not for this event. It is unacceptable to appear in a T-shirt to accompany a woman in formal attire. Period.

    • This is not formal attire for either of them.  It’s cocktail at best for her. 

      • Anonymous

        So a T shirt is just the right choice for a cocktail party…

      • Anonymous

        So a T shirt is just the right choice for a cocktail party…

  • Anonymous

    so sick of these nudes/black lace – seriously

  • Kyle Crawford

    the little hearts blinded you : HE IS NOT WEARING A SHIRT…. come on guys.

    • YES HE IS, IT JUST DOESN’T HAVE A COLLAR…come on kyle.

    • A t-shirt is a shirt — it’s clearly not simply an undershirt, look at the weight of the fabric.  True undershirts are a thinner material.  This is merely a tee, which is considered perfectly acceptable as a shirt, though the occasion matters.

  • Kyle Crawford

    the little hearts blinded you : HE IS NOT WEARING A SHIRT…. come on guys.

  • Anonymous

    Channing Tatum:  I do not get his appeal at all.  (Sorry, Lo; on the bright side, all the more for you.)

  • Anonymous

    I just noticed it says “Forever Love” in German behind them.  Odd translation of “the vow.”

  • Anonymous

    I like what he’s wearing and it all fits perfectly. The t-shirt is unfortunate. I couldn’t tell whether it was a suit or what, but on close examination, it seems to be. I wouldn’t really call these dress slacks – no crease, cut is less rigid, or dress shoes – even with a classic shape, they’re on the casual side. The jacket is very cool. The whole silhouette is great. I would score him higher – 9.0. 
    (That’s 9.5 with a .5 reduction for inappropriate shirtage.)

    I don’t have lace hatred in general, so I’m surprised that I find this dress so incredibly ugly. It looks just awful on her, but she has pretty hair, so 6.0.

  • I am also sick of this awful blonde she’s sporting, it just does not suit her and looks like it’s a bitch to maintain; Rachael McConstantroots! 

  • Nice to see that Colette Dinnigan hasn’t changed her schtick in 15 years.

  • I think it’s hard for men to do anything but either the Boring Suit or the Too Casual at these things, so I think his outfit is just about perfect. It has some interest, and a collared shirt would just throw it into Boring Suit Without A Tie territory. Why are men’s clothes so dull?

  • Anonymous

    He is ever so dreamy, isn’t he?  That outfit looks great, cleaned up and fitted well.  A collared shirt would have been nice but then again, a crew tee looks way sexy as he is taking it off…..  She looks good, not great, but good.  Agree, the hair color isn’t her best.

  • Victoria Sharoyan

    I love this look for her. I usually don’t go for hems that length, but the shape of this dress really suits her. As for the hair, I prefer her a redhead myself, but she’s styled beautifully here and I’ll take blond over the unnaturally dark shade she sported in Wedding Crashers. 

  • Cory Stottlemyer

    you guys should read up about the real story the movie is based on. It sounded much much less cheesy than this movie will be and was really, really heartbreaking. The wife treated the guy like he was crazy for a while, but you can’t really blame her. In her mind he was a stranger. Don’t worry, the true story has a happy ending.

  • They look good together, as per your analysis of his outfit. There is so much really ugly black lace out there right now (vide Madonna & friend) that she looks downright refreshing.

  • Anonymous

    I like her dress, but I just wish it were shorter. That length is not good.
    Agreed on the hair, makeup and jewelry.

  • She looks great. Really put together.

  • Anonymous

    I like this dress, though it looks better on the taller model

    • I was just thinking that. The dress needs about six inches lopped off the hem to actually fit her.

  • Anonymous

    “He’s wearing dress pants and dress shoes to a photocall and he’s not Colin Firth.” Haha, biggest laugh I’ve had all day. And alas he is not Colin Firth. He does look good, though. She can be very hit or miss but I adore this look from head to toe. Wish I had somewhere to wear that dress.

  • I really don’t mind the shirt choice here.  The boy has NO NECK!  Finding a collared shirt that fits well, looks good, and is comfortable is hard for men without necks.  I’d much rather see a man in stylish clothing that fits correctly and is at least semi-appropriate to the venue than a man wearing something that doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit, and leaves him grimacing in discomfort.

  • Cathy S

    They both look really good. I love her dress.

  • Anonymous

    TLo said “classic”–I think she looks very romantic, but in kind of an understated way. Great choice for this kind of movie (which I will never, ever see, despite really enjoying Miz McAdams). 

    Wish he’d have bumped it up a notch on the casual-to-black tie scale, but he still looks nice.

  • Anonymous

    the hair really needs to be brown. amen to that. this has been going on far too long….

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful dress. 

  • Anonymous

    They bore me.

  • Anonymous

    She is just so sweetly pretty!  And I think we would be friends!  I swear I’m not delusional! But a darker lip, indeed, is needed.  And he just does not do it for me. Sorry Lo. 

  • Pennymac

    A Bitter Kitten commented a long time ago that his head is exactly the same size and shape as a canned ham. Having seen it then, its all I can see when his pictures appear. I cannot even comment on her dress because all I can think is HORMEL!!!