Pairs Division: Jolie and Pitt

Posted on January 09, 2012

Darlings, what better way to jump into the week than by starting it off with a little glamour and stiff body language? True, starting off the week in bed is, in fact, the better deal but nobody likes a smartass.

 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the 23rd Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala. Angelina Jolie wears an Elie Saab gown. Brad Pitt wears Versace.

Why do we get the feeling we’re right at the aftermath of a two-hour long argument that ended in the limo 90 seconds before these pics were taken? That is some stiff and uncomfortable-looking body language. Personally, we think conjecture as to the state of various celebrity marriages is boring and almost always way off base, so we’re not even going there. No, it’s far more likely their argument was over the fact that she’s allergic to colors and he never met a tailor he didn’t ignore.

SHE: Is wearing exactly the kind of dress that suits her to a T: a boring one. Okay, no: a simple goddess gown in a neutral tone (which is, in our world, a synonym for “boring”). It fits and flatters and it hits the floor exactly the way it’s supposed to, rather than puddling up an extra foot of fabric at her feet. But damn, girl. Were you attacked by a rainbow as a child or something? Even the face is all done up in shades of beige. Yeah, you’re gorgeous, Ange, but we were never the types to confuse genetic luck with style. It’s a look – and it’s her look – but it’s as dull as dishwater and mostly the same color: Score: 6.5/10.

HE: Hurt his leg skiing and thus the unusual accessory. He needs to cut that hair. We’ve been hearing “It’s for a role” for what seems like several years now. Either he’s in the midst of the longest shooting schedule in film history or it’s not for a role and he likes wearing it that way. We’ll give him credit. Unlike 99.9999% of men his age, he can, in fact, still rock the Cobain hair. We think he should get it cut and shave for public appearances, but we can’t deny it’s a look that works for him. Like hers, it’s a boring look, though; mainly because he’s gone through periods sporting hair like this for the entire length of his career. The rule applies to men as well: if you’re making the same style choices in your 40s that you were making in your 20s, you need to do some style assessment on yourself. Anyway, the suit is fine, but it’s all a half a size too big for him. Score: 6.5/10.

Combined Score: 6.5/10. All she needs is color and all he needs is a haircut and a tailor and they’d be stunning. We realize some people think they’re stunning no matter what, but bitchy gay fashion bloggers get easily bored.


We’ll have more red carpet looks from the Palm Springs Film Festival later today, dolls.

[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos]

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  • Yuck, yucketty, yuck yuck.

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling his posture around her (or anyone) is stiff because he’s in pain.  Knee injuries suck.  That said, her dress strikes me as what would happen if you tried to turn a Band-Aid into an evening gown — gauzy, beige, and uninteresting.

  • They both look like haggard old people. She looks like she has on too much Oil of Old Lady and he looks like he can’t be bothered to take a shower. Her neck in the top photo is scary 

    • Anonymous

      If you think that’s scary you should see MY unretouched 65 yo neck!!!

  • I want to ask both of them, “What did the five fingers say to the face?”. You guys are celebrities, goddammit; start dressing like it.

  • foodycat

    Either her makeup artist hates her or she is really tired. Is this parents going through the terrible twos?

    • Jolene Barnett

      It’s the same issue Meryl Streep had, reddish brown shadow under the eyes. It makes pale complexions look sickly, and I don’t know why celeb make up artists have decided it’s a good idea.

  • Anonymous

    I almost think they just don’t want to be there.

  • Anonymous

    In addition to color, I would add that she needs a sandwich. Those are some seriously protruding bones she’s sporting there. As for Brad, I’d settle just for a haircut and a shave. It disturbs me that he has managed to resemble the guy who wants to wash my windshield every morning for years now.  

    • someone send her a membership to a sandwich a day club.

  • Anonymous

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone is interested in these two. There’s just nothing there with either of them.


    • Alisa Rivera

      The pretty, the soap opera way they hooked up, the rainbow family. But as individual human beings, yeah, not terribly interesting. Someone we know was at a museum at the same time they were, and he says that based on their comments on the art, they are definitely not the sharpest knives. 

    • Why are anyone interested in any celebrity?

      • Anonymous

        I think everyone has their own reasons for liking the work of any particular person, but the attention to these two is so outsized, it’s bizarre (as is the dance they seem to do with it).


        • It’s very simple.  Brad Pitt is a big star by himself.  Angelina Jolie is a big star by herself.  The two combined = huge attention. 
          Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Blake Lively and likes have been getting huge attentions for years, and their “star status” and awards and such are no match to these two. 
          Not to mention they have been making movies consistently in these years and generally lived a very public life.  Heck, if Pippa Middleton can have gather global fascination merely being a Princess’s sister, then why can’t two A-list movie stars? 

        • As is the need of the press to fuel the Aniston/Jolie war.  I’m sure they are all over it at this point and I’m sick of seeing “reporters” trying to keep it going.

          • Hey, it keeps Aniston relevant and gives her some attention, and gives Jolie more press.  I doubt either one of them is complaining, especially not Aniston. 

  • Anonymous

    Boring… just boring.

  • Anonymous

    “It flatters her”? sorry, no. She has worn more interesting things to a far better result. She looks like a column in some forgotten ruin. Plus, she´s worn this before. 

    • Anonymous

      “column in some forgotten ruin” is fabulous!!

  • I think Angelina might be wearing a jumpsuit, not a gown. Hard to tell – I assumed it was a gown, but other blogs say it’s a jumpsuit. 

  • Anonymous

    Gaaaahhhh, that horrible bland color is horrible and bland!

  • Anonymous

    That dress fits and flatters? She has a humongous pouch hanging in front of her! There’s room for the the twins in there. 
    Big, beige blob of fabric; beige, consumptive makeup? 2/10.

    Scruffy beard/stuck in Legend of the Falls hair? Big meh. The cane is the most interesting part. I don’t think he’s even worth scoring.

  • Skiing injury? I read an interview with her saying he fell while he was holding one of their kids and hurt his knee trying to protect the kid from being hurt. I’ve had that kind of injury myself – it’s instinctive to protect the kid at your own expense.

    But yeah, she’s boring and too skinny. I like his shaggy look, though. And I’d rather see a man in a suit that’s a little loose, over one that’s too tight. Perfectly fitted would be best, of course. And since he can easily afford it, there’s really no excuse for poorly fitting clothes.

  • Sheri B

    “attacked by a rainbow” – snorting coffee. Thanks for the mess.

  • He can rock that Legends of the Fall look all day long in my opinion, and she is gorgeous, but seems tired.  If I had six kids under 10, you’d have to pry me out of a locked room more than once a day! LOL

  • Anonymous

    He’s starting to morph into Britney Spears fiance. 

  • Anonymous

    I disagree that he can rock the hair and beard. He needs a haircut and shave stat.

  • Anonymous

    It does look like a jumpsuit.  I read a pretty great interview with him in weekend before last’s NYTs Oscar review section and was reminded of the fact that he possesses talent — He was so likable in the interview that I’m giving him a pass on the hair and scruff front.  They both specialize in the “we’re above it all” look.  Angelina seems content to revel in the world’s designation, inexplicable to me, as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman — I don’t know about the body language thing.  She may be doing the hands against his chest thing, very romance novel really, but he has his big hand practically on her ass and she looks pretty damn happy to me.  It’s all very we’re French and drink our morning  coffee out of big bowls with these two on any red carpet. Predictable.

    • He was great in Moneyball… though that may have something to do with the fact that you couldn’t make a movie more tailor-made for me:)

      • Anonymous

        He’s also pretty amazing in Tree of Life.  I also enjoyed him in Burn After Reading … the perfect Himbo.  Would love to know how Moneyball was tailor made for you.  With your writing talents, for real, sounds like a great piece would come of it!

        • Well, for one, it was a baseball movie (without Kevin Costner) — in between fashion magazines and histories, I spent my youth with baseball.  (Kevin Costner was in Field of Dreams which claimed to be a baseball movie and failed; he was also in Bull Durham, which would have been great if Tim Robbins could have managed a believable throwing motion even once.)  I have a ridiculous amount of useless knowledge when it comes to baseball and stats.  (Fun fact: the pitcher with the best ERA in World Series history is Babe Ruth.:)

  • Joana Jaeger

    she looks like a beautiful zombie

  • Anonymous

    If the camera truly adds 10 pounds then I cannot imagine what she looks like in person. She really looks unhealthy, even the makeup can’t hide her gauntness. Her hair looks prettier than I’ve seen it in ages. And the dress isn’t horrible. Horribly boring but not horrible.

    As for him, I agree that a clean-shaven face and shorter hair would be a big improvement. The suit looks too big and somewhat odd with the shiny details, like a kid playing dress-up with some stuff he found in his dad’s closet.

    • Anonymous

      Also, does it even look possible for her to move her forehead?  I think this adds to the consumptive look. 

  • Anonymous

    These two just bore me to death. It’s always the same. Plus, they both always look in need of a good bath. I’d give them both 1/10 and lead them off the stage as quickly as possible.

  • Anonymous


    She looks pale and very tired.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    She needs to meet jewel tones.  At least in makeup.  I am a black addict myself, but I never leave the house without colorful eye makeup and lip gloss.  I am white as a sheet.  It makes me look alive.  She looks ghostly and not in a hot way. 

    He would be such a dish if he just took some clippers to his head. 

  • Anonymous

    I will say that as much as I dislike his long hair (I only liked it in Legends of the Fall), he gets points for it being washed.  It’s certainly less greasy than I’ve seen it in a while.  I also call B.S. on the movie roll business-every movie he’s released lately, he’s had short hair.  If you want long hair fine, but own it. 

  • Anonymous

    Angie looks positively consumptive in that last photo……

    • charlotte

      She looks like she’s trying out for a part in the upcoming “Les Misérables” movie.
      Parisian prostitute dying of consumption.

  • they just look like arrogant douchebags.  i can never get past that with them.

  • I read somewhere he has been trying really hard to shed the “pretty boy” image.  IMHO he is still quite hot when he cleans up (he was pretty hot in “Money Ball” when he shaved and cut his hair shorter). 
    She’s still quite beautiful, but she definitely looks better in color (she has some pretty good looks with red dresses).  It’s funny.  Back  a few years ago, she was wearing all sorts of crazy gowns.  From some seriously dazzling gowns she wore to the Golden Globes, to that Morticia Adams gown she had when she won her Oscar, to her leather dress.  She seemed to be a quite adventurous dresser as a young woman (not to mention all the tattoos).  It seems she’s become all “meh” and is cultivating an image of “I have better things to do”. 

  • Weirdly, I never, ever, EVER bought into the whole Brad Pitt thing until recently, but I find that he’s even hotter as he gets older. Yes, he needs a haircut and suit that fits, but he still looks pretty good.

    Angie, well, I just don’t know. I actually was writing a post about this dress for my own blog (it’s not live yet) and was looking at old photos of her. The best she’s ever looked was when she was pregnant, because she had some meat on her bones. LIke this:

    And she was in color. AND she was smiling. It’s amazing what a smile can do to not make you look like humorless, jaded bitch.

    So, to sum up, she needs:
    1. Color
    2. A burger
    3. To smile

  • Anonymous

    Well, my husband’s snoring woke me up at 2 and kept me up for an hour. So sleep deprivation combined with these looks is enough to put me right out.

  • Anonymous

    I agree they look like they have been fighting all day. Happens to everyone, the hubs and had a little of that going on yesterday. However, they are actors and should be able to recover a little better than that. And her make up looks terrible.

  • 6.5 is being generous. She’s wearing a paper bag, poorly, and he looks like a teen at Easter service trying to rock the Thor look.

  • Angie looks like she’s in danger of toppling at any moment. Maybe Brad should give her his cane.

  • Over it.  They both look boring as hell.

  • Judy_J

    They do nothing for me.  Last time I thought Brad Pitt was hot was when he had that bit part in “Thelma and Louise”.

  • Anonymous

    Really?  It fits and flatters her?  She looks like she has a beer belly in that first pic.

    • agreed, this is flattering on her on another planet in a parallel universe…

      • Another universe where up is down and boy-bands play instruments?  🙂  Sorry.  Couldn’t resist.

        But yeah, that dress definitely does not fit and flatter.  And that colour.  Blegh.  Ironically, neither of them are “pulling a Jolie” here.

        She was such a beautiful woman back in the day when she did crazy, crazy stuff and seemed like she enjoyed life.  But now … Let’s just leave the “most beautiful woman in the world” title with Aishwarya Rai where it belongs, and forget that people still think that Jolie deserves this.

  • Anonymous

    I would hate their life… so I’d probably look grouchy and above it all as well….

    Celebrity… a double edged sword!

  • Anonymous

    I assume the fight in the car was about either his grooming or his insistence on doing that squinty thing with his eyebrows.  I would side with her in both cases.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe she’s angry that his walking stick is making her look fat.

  • I think they are both boring, don’t understand the fascination with these 2.  He always has his hand on her ass, what is up with that,??

    • Anonymous

      If I had her ass, I’d always have my hand on my own ass.

    • Anonymous

      What ass?

    • It’s the only ‘cushion’ she’s got; resting his hand anywhere else might be too painful.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I can’t be that harsh on these two, though they irritate me.

    It does seem like they could step it up a bit, before their genetic superiority is dimmed by old age, and take a tiny risk occasionally, but I really can’t get too censorious about someone who makes multiple photographed public appearances every week resorting to a uniform. They aren’t fashion professionals nor noted fashion celebrities, after all.

    She’d get a good, not great score in the 8 range except that in the front view her blouson bodice is just too full at the waist, it says ‘potato sack’ not ‘graceful drape.’ So, 7.5/10

    He irritates me, and I wish he’d shave, but except for the jacket of his suit looking a tad baggy I can’t fault his attire. 7/10, and I know I’m being severe because of said irritation.

    7.25/10 for the pair.

  • He looks so douche-y with that hair style, and she looks like she is wearing a well-tailored dishrag. I give them both 4s.

  • Anonymous

    She also has never met a sandwich she didn’t dislike.

    He hates interesting ties.

    Pulling a Jolie, like always.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. The PS Int’l Film Festival is getting bigger and bigger stars, is it not? I’m usually there this time of year, and in years past the opportunity for celebrity sightings was of a more indie caliber, with the occasional ginormous name.

    Anyway, as to the clothes: spot on T Lo, as always. I still hold to my theory that people talk and gossip about these two so much that Jolie & Pitt deliberately dress in a boring way so as not to give them any further fodder.

  • Wow those wax figures looks amazing!

  • Ah, you don’t understand. She’s just saving the world as always. She’s afraid that if she were to appear in one of those gorgeous Saab gowns and in color, we’d all go blind simultaneously or forget to breathe for too long because of her beauty. Thank you Angie for thinking about people as always.

    • elvira maricic

      Glad you brought that up. In my view, anyone who donates millions of dollars for humanitarian aid can pretty much wear whatever they want and they’ll look good to me. I realize that this is a fashion blog and we are here to rip, but some of these comments have nothing to do with what they’re wearing.

  • Anonymous

    I just happen to love long hair and messy facial hair, and so I love that Brad Pitt sports that look. Also, it goes against the grain of the other pretty boys. Her I could live without. 

  • I feel like she has worn this exact dress before.

  • This is the first time I have ever seen an Elie Saab gown be boring.

  • These 2 are going to have to end up preggers or adopt another child, they are boring me. 

  • Anonymous

    My first thought on seeing her gown was “putty”.  And the top makes her look like a pouter pigeon.

  • Anonymous

    Show us where the bad colorwheel touched you, Angie.

  • Anonymous

    “Attacked by a rainbow”


    Or she was hit by shrapnel in a glitter bombing.

  • Anonymous

    The word “smartass” was still lingering in my brain when I glanced down to the first picture… and that perfectly captures Mr. Pitt’s expression in that photo!  Well done gentlemen.

  • Anonymous

    “A little glamour”? Yes, very little. Like they just rolled out of bed.

  • Leonardo Alves

    He looks really young in these pics…

  • Anonymous

    She needs to eat.

  • MilaXX

    They bore me senseless. Haven’t these 2 hit their expiration date? 5/10 for both of them boring me to tears.

  • Anonymous

    Every time I see Brad Pitt he reminds me of Frank, William H. Macy’s character in Shameless. Kind of gross.

  • Alloy Jane

    These folks are dressed to depress.

  • Call me Bee

    Whoa–that score is way too high!  AJ looks like…I don’t know what…in that shapeless, colorless gown.  Like a granny.  And the older she gets, the harsher her makeup seems to get.  Here her face looks awful and drawn and tired.  Maybe she just needs a nap. 
    Brad also looks unkmpt and rumpled.  Yes–he has a great baby face–but the long locks just look like he’s trying way too hard.  That’s too bad, cuz he really doesn’t need to.  I’d score them both about a 3/10, only becasue of good genes.

  • I honestly think they both look awful and their looks are fading fast because neither one ever seems happy. If they were truly happy people, they could show up in jeans and bare feet and look radiant. (coughjenniferanistoncough) They just look like their wax dopplegangers at Madame Tussoud’s, shiny on the outside, nothing on the inside.

  • Can we talk about her arms, and how an actress who used to look powerful and toned is now walking around with a head far too big for her body? I’m actually concerned. 

    • Anonymous

      Indeed – it’s impossible for me to look past that to discuss the fashion; it’s very worrying.

  • it’s very likely the fight was about the stupid cane

    • oops, I just saw it was an injury… 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I think the color of Angelina’s dress most likely represents her personality…overly serious, and slightly depressed.  Brad is not my type, and to me just looks like an aging stoner in a tuxedo.

  • Anonymous

    My compliment would be that his face looks better than on that magazine cover from last week

  • Anonymous

    In addition to color she desperately needs carbs.  She’s gorgeous, but she needs to put on weight.  I simply can’t stand how skinny she’s become.  It does not flatter her.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny that you commented on the body language in these
    shots because I saw a more complete series on another site and was actually
    struck by two shots not presented here in which she is rather tenderly cradling
    his face and they’re sharing what seems like a very initimate moment for the RC.  So I came away from seeing them here
    thinking, “Well, despite all the dramatic speculation on the state of their
    union, it’s pretty clear these two are still in love!”


    Here’s one:  (Apologies if we’re not supposed to link like

  • Anonymous

    I think he looks good. Yeah the suit’s a bit too large but it’s not often he wears a black suit.  The long haired scruffy look is my favorite of his looks so he can keep it as long as he wants to as far as I’m concerned.   I actually find him very interesting. He’s funny and smart.  He’s an architect and interior designer in his spare time.  He’s also a good actor with good instinct for picking roles.  I don’t actually know much about her (mainly because she has a habit of picking roles I’m not interested in seeing), except that she acts and does a lot of charity.

    Angelina did, however, wear a bright red dress a couple of months ago and TLo missed it. At that point, she probably figured if she was going to be ignored by TLo when she did step out of her comfort zone then there was no point.

    Also he hurt himself falling downhill while holding his daughter, not skiing.

  • The first photo reminds me of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, she is very pretty, but COME ON.  Jeans and a t-shirt would have looked better and at least required the effort of tucking.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, he looks fine and Brad Pitt’s fine is pretty good, but the lack of effort is staggering.  Is it me, or does he look apologetic in that first picture.  Maybe he whispered “I’m sorry” to her, because by the last picture she seems markedly less stiff and standoffish.

  • Anonymous

    I think the grading is a bit harsh. They both look terrific here, in the mid-8s at least.

  • Anonymous

    I am perhaps a product of my generation, but I really want to attack his hair with a flat iron and slap his hands every time he tries to tuck it behind his ears. If you want pretty long hair you damn well better show it off! I do really love it on him (surprisingly), but I don’t like the styling.

    As for her, well, at least black was dramatic on her. I hate the beige so very much. Ultimately, I think she should just stick to wearing maroon & black all the time. They both look good on her, she can mix and match all of her accessories (lol, assuming she decides to start wearing them), and most importantly she won’t look so offensively bland to my tender eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I still feel strongly that ‘Legends of the Fall’ Brad was by far the sexiest Brad.  Keep growing it, baby, and stay away from the facial hair.

  • I wonder if the slightly outsized pants might be to hide some kind of leg wrap to help with the fallout from the accident.

    But hate to say it, but he’s getting old — as are we all, of course, but I still want him to look like he did in RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT… or at least TROY.

  • M N

    I think halfway down the photoset she realized the back of that dress is way prettier and more flattering than the front, hence the sudden shift to the romance novel cover pose.  That said, her wrists in the first picture scare me.

  • She looks unhealthy. Her skin, her body weight. The blah dress isn’t helping.
    He looks like Brad Pitt ‘un-washed.’

  • Anonymous

    That dress is not good.  The blousing is so baggy and shapeless!  It looks like she was going for the pigeon-breasted look that was au courant in 1910.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    The back of her dress does give it some interest, but not much.  Looks too big for her, and certainly does nothing to emphasize her shape.  He looks fine.  I, too, am sick to death of the hair and the facial scruff.  Considering their beauty, talent and wealth, these two are incredibly boring.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    TLo, why bother, they sure didn’t.

    And I’m sorry but the Palm Springs International Film Festival? Really? For two people who so desperately want you to believe they are above it all and ready to retire any second now to stay home with the kids, they will show up to any two-bit even to have their picture taken.

    • Well, they each have a big project to promote this year.  Also, present there are George Clooney, Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams.

      • Anna Maria Diamanti

        This event is strictly to shore up support for awards. Especially an Oscar which Brad Pitt would serve his mother’s head on a platter to get, and Angelina would serve up Brad’s head for something bigger than a decade old supporting actress nod. Which is fine–I don’t begrudge that at all. But stop desperately pretending you don’t care and maybe take a bath or something.

  • Anonymous

    What are those white marks on his suit? Baby hand prints?

  • Anonymous

    Ever since I found out that Billy Bob Thorton has chromophobia, I wonder if she started dressing that way for him and just got used to it. (and heck, maybe she’s still dressing that way for him, they’re supposedly friends).

    • I doubt it.  She was a goth teen (and a goth young adult) so I think she just likes this style.  Besides, even when she first started dating Pitt, she was in leather dresses and all sorts of interesting things.  The bland dressing trend only started a few years ago (after the birth of Shiloh).  The skinniness started when her mother passed away.  Even then, she wears a bright red dress and green and blue once in a while with bright lip stick (but these get less featured here). 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind that he doesn’t want to visit a barbershop but he needs a tailor. His clothes are falling off him.  I have a feeling he’s lost a great deal of weight and is hiding behind the baggy clothes.  Not flattering at all.  

  • marilyn

    Hate her dress:  Too lumpy looking and lack of color.  Don’t care about how he looks.

  • Anonymous

    The douchery just pours out of him.
    I get it. You both don’t care. So go home already.

  • Lisa

    Boring.  I love them both, but BOOOORING!  I’m’ so sick of how dull they’ve been looking lately.

    • Same here, but someone earlier posted that AJ was much more interesting pre-kids.  That made me think that she probably feels obligated to be boring now that she’s a mother.  You know, so as to not embarrass the children that are old enough to say, “you’re wearing THAT out of the house?”  Plus, krist, they have six kids and that is all sorts of wearing.  Even if you have help, working when you have children is draining business.  

      And I wish everyone would get over how skinny AJ is when she’s ALWAYS been skinny.  Gia, Foxfire, Hackers, she’s skinny in all of those.  Even when she did Tomb Raider and was working out like crazy, she didn’t look toned in the usual way, she looked skinny.  So WHY oh WHY does anyone expect that she’d be anything but thin chasing around six kids?   Bad Mommy has six kids and is just as thin.  Maybe someone should tell HER she needs a burger.  

      Speaking of Bad Mommy, I’ll bet she’d do a great job of designing red carpet looks for Angie.  They should be friends.

  • Anonymous

    Her color palette for clothes is the same as the paint chips that the decorator brought over for the office walls.  UGH.  Btw – I sent that decorator packing and tossed her sad paint chips. I ended up selecting a gorgeous paint of a dove blue/gray on the wall in front of which sits a bright green couch.  So there.
    And him?  He needs to FUCKING SHAVE.    In terms of what causes the furor over them – it is true that Brad Pitt can act.  She leaves me flat.

    • My brother’s office is a deep teal — he likes it that way:)

  • Anonymous

    He seems stupid and she seems insane to me, so… I don’t really care how they dress when she’s all repressing the insanity and he’s all repressing the stupidity and then they just both come off Dullsville.

  • Was her gown altered in the limo as well?  Versace should have cut off that extra 2 inches from the back of her shoulder strap

  • That pool of fabric at her waist is tres unflattering. She has a slammin’ body, why hide it in this egregious manner?

  • Anonymous

    Actually I heard they are doing reshoots for World War Z, so yeah, he really is keeping that look for a movie. 

    And while I agree that her outfit is unnecessarily bland and unflattering, I didn’t think his suit was so bad.

    And funny thing for me is that I just saw pictures of Angie/Brad on ONTD from this same event, which were pretty cute and a lot less stiff than they usually are on the red carpet. So interesting that you guys have these pictures and thought they were just getting over fighting from them. 

  • Anonymous

    CRAZY they look great. ESP her.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, is that a gown, or maxi culottes? Because the picture here : would seem to indicate that “dress” is even worse than I thought. 

  • Yeah, Angie’s dress could use some color, but she knows her style and works it.  Love this dress from the back.  Brad’s hair is so bad that even he can’t get away with it.