Pairs Division: Dunst and Fanning in Rodarte

Posted on January 19, 2012

You know, we think it’s safe to say that if we threw a party, and invited everyone we knew, we would see the biggest gift would be from one of these two and the card attached would say “Thank you for not making fun of my outfit.”

Okay, that doesn’t quite scan but you’ll have to forgive us for having the Golden Girls theme song stuck in our heads.

Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning at a dinner in celebration of Rodarte held at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

Rodarte Spring 2012 Collection

Rodarte Spring 2012 Collection

From the left:

SHE: Has unwittingly answered the question, “What if Auntie Mame became a realtor?” Sweetie, whatever interest those little hostess pants might have had (and it wasn’t much) was obliterated by adding THAT blouse and THAT jacket to them. We might be able to imagine a cool, chic way to style those pants, but honey, this was not the way. Great earrings, though. Score: 3/10.

SHE: Wins, hands down. Score: 8.5/10.

Combined score: 5.75/10. Best watch yourself, Miss Channing. Miss Harrington’s coming up in your rear view mirror.


[Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan]

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  • Anonymous

    I actually like both of these. ¬†I know, I am wrong, I am sorry ūüôĀ

    • Anonymous

      You’re not wrong!¬† Loulou de la Failaise was pushing these kinds of brocade trousers on QVC or HSN before she died.¬† It’s a good look if done the right way!¬† Bet Kirstin’s look was great in the flesh.

    • Anonymous

      i, too, like both.
      fanning is perfection.
      dunst is a little on the edge, but shes pulling it off.

    • Anonymous

      No, I like them, too BUT I think the waist and the shirt scrunched into it is what looks bad.

  • What really kills Kirsten’s outfit for me is the fitting, even more than the overall choices.¬† The sleeves on her jacket are too short by about 3 inches, but not short enough to be a deliberate thing.¬† The blouse is saggy and baggy, and the pants shouldn’t be doing that weird thing at the knees.¬† Especially since she is standing up straight.¬† Actually, looking at the two of them again. Kirsten looks like she’s Elle’s mom.

    • Anonymous

      I believe that length of sleeve is known as “bracelet length” and is an actual thing, if slightly old-fashioned. I have a blazer with sleeves this length, and the key is to actually wear bracelets, or sometimes a fully long-sleeved shirt underneath. Otherwise it absolutely does look undersized, as you said.

      • I hadn’t thought in those terms, you may be right.¬† Unfortunately it just looks clumsy.

      • Anonymous

        The thing with bracelet length is that it is usually seen on shorter, fitted blouses and jackets. To my eyes, when it is on a long, loose blazer like this one, it just looks like a mistake.

        • Anonymous

          I agree 100%. If the rest of it is sort of deliberately not fitting, any deviation from the standard is going to look like a mistake. I hate this cut of blazer.

          ETA: It’s even worse when paired with a pair of pants that’s an odd length. Nothing looks quite normal.

        • Anonymous

          agreed, you see a lot of bracelet length sleeves on more fitted classic type “Chanel” jackets…the look works best with the obvious addition of….bracelets…

      • Call me Bee

        I like bracelet length usually, but here–the sleeves just look silly because the jacket itself it so over-sized.¬† If the jacket were more fitted, the sleeves woulf be cute.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps Kiki has taken up residence at a retirement home in Boca, chicest one at the bridge table for sure….

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. She annoys me to no end. She’s such a pretty girl with some incredible cheekbones and beautiful eyes, but she always walks around wearing clothes that look like they came from my 59-year old aunt’s reject pile and her hair just hanging there like a wet mop. Honestly Kiki, where are your friends?

  • Anonymous

    I think they both look great.

  • Anonymous

    Is Kiki wearing invisible shoes? All I see are veins. And I don’t wanna see veins.

  • I really like both of these. I’m with you¬†@kolokOlchik:disqus¬†

  • Harriet Stone

    I like them both too.  I think Kirsten looks much better than the model.

    • Anonymous

      I think both models look terrifying.

  • Eh, I actually don’t care for Elle’s dress, either, except that the panel at the neckline looks great on her. Everything below that looks kind of sad (on her and the model). And at least Kiki looks like she’s wearing a bra and has some really pretty makeup.

    But my real question is: what is up with the new red carpet trend for geriatric footwear?

  • Anonymous

    Betty Draper might be able to pull off those pants, but I’m not sure anyone else could. (And she sure wouldn’t be wearing that blazer/shirt combo with it.) I think Elle needs a few more years under her belt before she can carry off that look with conviction.

  • Anonymous

    Dakota is ridiculously adorable, so what makes this look work for me are the rich colors that play against the “girly” nature of her usual look. ¬†Plus, that is a great example of how to combine contrasting patterns for the same dress.

    • MilaXX

      That’s her little sister Elle

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I realized my mistake when I came back to look at the post. ¬†I knew it was Elle, just typed in Dakota. ¬†D’oh.

  • Ali

    I like that Elle really plays with fashion. She’s not picking the usual choices for girls her age, and you can tell she’s already developing her own sense of style. I wonder if she’ll end up doing something with fashion for a career when she is older, since she seems to take a real interest in it.

  • Anonymous

    I… like… Dunst’s outfit. (hides in shame) Also I think Fanning went thrifting, then to home depot and found a nifty wallpaper border to class it up.

    • Anonymous

      I feel the same way. I don’t love Kirsten’s outfit, but I wouldn’t give her such a low score. I don’t particularly care fo Elle’s outfit and I think the dress is just a little to long on her.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t hide! There is something about it that appeals to me, but when I go back and look, I can’t figure out what it is, so I chalk it up to the cold I’m nursing. But you’re right, it isn’t completely horrid.

    • giovanna marinelli

      I’m with you on this: love Dunst’s outfit, dislike Fanning’s (and what’s up with her shoes? clogs??).

  • Kirsten. Wear a nude bra. Or better yet, a cami.

  • I really like Kirsten Dunst’s look.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I don’t like this dress on Elle much either. I appreciate it’s got more color than her usual, but it’s coming off as a peasant costume to me. Fashion Land-O-Lakes girl.

  • Anonymous

    i have to admit i like them both.  dear god am i now in the golden girls club?

  • Elle’s shoes are horrific.¬† The end.

  • Terence Ng

    I thought they both looked great, and Kirstin looks totally dressed in her own style. Love it.

  • Elle can do no wrong. I really didn’t like this Rodarte collection, but she makes this dress seem pretty and wearable.

    Video of her in more Rodarte:

  • I love kirsten’s outfit. ¬†No lie. It’s funky and ugly and cool. ¬†Who wears yellow? ¬†THAT CHICK. ¬†

  • Anonymous

    Aw, I like Kirsten’s better than you do. Well, wait, no. Upon further review, I think I just wanted to like it. That is a seriously ’90s getup, with the oversized men’s blazer and the blouse buttoned all the way. She just needs the vintage brooch at the neckline.

    I’m knocking Fanning Thing 2 down a few points because I think those wide panels are swallowing her whole.

    I’ll also add that they look terrible together and better in the individual shots.

  • Anonymous

    This was definitely a missed opportunity for Dunst. Those pants are really cute and she can pull them off, but that jacket!!! I’m kind of speechless. I think it’s safe to say that yellow is a color that should NEVER be up around her face. Her fellow blonde there was wise enough to go with a more gold sort of color that works much better, plus it helps that there’s some colorful bling or whatever up near her face to keep her from looking washed out. It’s a super-cute dress and she looks adorable. Honey, help Kiki out, willya? She could really use some advice.

  • Hmmm… the Auntie Mame as a Realtor look…. I think you nailed it …. but at the same time…. it could catch on.¬†

    • Anonymous

      Need to rewatch Auntie Mame, because Rosalind Russell shows how it’s really done in every frame.

      And she’d never stoop to selling real estate.

  • Anonymous

    “What if Auntie Mame became a realtor?” ¬†*Snort* ¬†*SNORT SNORT SNORT!*

    In complete agreement. ¬†Love that dress on Miss Fanning the Younger. ¬†The top that goes with Dunst’s pants is tragic and hiddy. ¬†At least she didn’t wear that!

  • Anonymous

    I love Elle in the Rodarte. As others have said, it’s nice to see such a young person in something other than the ususal choices.
    I don’t mind Kirsten’s look as much as you guys, but I do love the term “hostess pants.”¬† In fact, this pair reminds me of the pants Lucy recommended Fred to buy for Ethel’s birthday and they were really quite divine.

  • That Fanning girl looks like the hostess in the most expensive Mexican restaurant ever.

    • Anonymous

      Hit. Nail. On. Head.

  • I don’t know about the Rodarte. Underneath the wide shoulder band the bodice is droopy. Looks sad on the model as well.

    Love the hostess pants.

  • Elias Pineda

    i think kristen looks great too!!! i dont get the hate on this outfit, you guys are always telling  how BORING  gurls are in the red carpet   

  • Not liking the yellow with the yellow hair.

  • MilaXX

    I give Kiki credit for trying to break that outfit up in a way that makes it wearable, but any sort of blazer takes it into realtor mod. Next time opt for a solid top and funky shoes. 4/10
    Elle looks cute as can be even though I’m not a fan of the shoes she’s wearing. 7.5/10
    I was happy to see yellow at the awards shows, I just never expected to see it featured so prominently on the RC.  Total score 5.75/10

  • marilyn

    Elle’s dress is fine, Kirsten needs to take off her real estate agent jacket before going out to social occasions.¬† They both need to¬† 1)touch up their roots, 2) not stand next to one another if they are going to color their hair the same color, part it the same way and let it hang down in a mussy way.¬†

  • Anonymous

    I feel the opposite.¬† I think Dunst looks attractively-dressed and Fanning’s dress is too much dress for her age and size.

  • I probably would have given Kirsten a 5.5 and Elle a 7.5.¬†
    Both outfits are kinda ugly but in a funky way.

  • Greg Yoder

    I don’t think Kirsten looks all that terrible, but, yeah, the jacket is just wrong.¬† With those pants, she’d have been better off going for¬†a Laura Petrie look.¬† Oh, Rob.

  • Anonymous

    Both look like they’re morphing into the upholstory.

  • Judy_J

    Kirsten should have worn the runway version.¬† That jacket ruins the outfit completely.¬† Miss Fanning’s dress looks a size or two too big.¬† She’s so tiny…that blouse and skirt just overwhelm her.

  • Anonymous

    I like both looks but they’re just not an adequate choice for a blond! Blonds and yellow don’t go together to party.¬†

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Hideous, both of them!¬† Realtor is right, and Heidi on a bad day.¬† Yuck.¬† You’re being way too generous with the youngster’s score!

  • Wrenaria

    I can’t say I’m too keen on either look. :

  • Anonymous

    Myabe I just haven’t had enough caffeine this morning, but I am really digging Kirsten’s look from top to bottom. Well maybe not the shoes, which I can’t get a good lookt at, but I’m thinking not the best with this outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Aw, look! Luna Lovegood has finally reunited with her mother!

  • I am too much of a fangirl. My initial thought on seeing these two together: Oh, the English voices of Kiki and Mei. Is it a Miyazaki retrospective?

  • Sara__B

    Please tell me those are NOT pull-on pants!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh! More yellow! And in the form of really ugly yellow clothes.

  • Best thing about this post: the All About Eve/Applause reference. Dead on! Thank you, gentlemen.

  • Anonymous

    Best opening lines of a post….ever!

    Brings me back to babysitting on Saturday nights back when GG aired and the kids were finally in bed.

  • Ah, the Ubiquitous Sisters.¬† I just never get tired of seeing them!

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, fellas. I am not on board today. Not that your basic plus/minus division is the issue, just a matter of degree.

    Ms Dunst: 4/10 for first impression, -.5 for the place where the shirt tucks into the ridiculous pants – no waist band, no belt, no detail on the shirt & yes, all looks kinda realtor. BUT +1 for not wearing the runway look, which looks to me as if you built a robot out of your Great Aunt’s sofa. The one in the barely used living room that gives the impression of being covered in plastic, whether it actually is or not.¬† Up to 4.5/10.

    Ms. Fanning: NO. I will not tolerate the return of these 70’s sundress skirts, especially indoors at an evening event.¬† I can see why you did it, sweetie, I’ve been enchanted by a fabric (love the swirly print & the solid together) and forgotten to notice other, tragic, features of a garment.¬†

    Plus, you can’t really see them well enough to be sure, but those shoes look suspiciously too-clunky for the dress. Ms. Fanning still wins, but by a much smaller margin: 6.5/10.

    Combined score: 5.5/10

    • Anonymous

      “looks to me as if you built a robot out of your Great Aunt’s sofa”


  • Anonymous

    I like both outfits and I’m not ashamed of it. Kirsten is dressed like a normal person asked to wear a very strange pair of pants. She does need the bracelets though to carry off that sleeve length. Elle is adorable in that dress which is interesting and has a feminine shape without making her look like a 13 year old tart.

  • The problem with Kiki’s look is they are spring pants, and even in LA it is JANUARY. They’d look sweet with a white high necked sleeveless blouse and gold flats.

  • Anonymous

    Both of these young ladies would look better sporting their own hair color, or at least a darker color.¬† The blonde’s not an attractive color, to me anyway, to begin with, and in combination with their skin tone they look washed out.¬† The clothes, eh.

  • emily mcginnis

    kirsten: like the jacket and like the pants, but not together

    elle: i think she looks cute. i think it might be a touch old for her, but she usually dresses slightly older anyway. 

  • Anonymous

    To me these are both examples of “scroll-down fug.” Looks cute from the waist up.

  • I actually did an audible gasp when I saw Kirsten’s outfit… in a good way. I think it’s fab.

  • That Elle fanning is just as cute as a button. ¬†That being said, that dress is just too much for her small frame. ¬†Kiki…you had been doing so well, but alas, we cannot expect the hot mess outfits to be gone forever.¬†

  • Anonymous

    I think Elle is just too young for that dress. 

    • I agree…it’s as if she’s trying on her older cousin’s dress, dreaming of the day when she’ll be older.¬† When I saw her, it made me think of the Sound of Music: “I am sixteen going on seventeen…”

  • Anonymous

    I think Kirsten looks great. Maybe geriatric chic is just my thing.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, Elle is wearing makeup! Very light but she definitely has some foundation on and a little bit of eyeliner. She’s still shiny a bit, but less than usual and her skin tone is even. She’s gorgeous in that third pic!

  • I’m sorry, but Dunst is TOTALLY killing it; you guys are just sick of yellow.

  • Julian Betkowski

    That collection must be terrifyingly hard to wear, since we’ve seen it make a handful of starlets look amazingly awful. As much as I like ultramarine blue and mustard yellow, they are not easy to wear, especially in combination.

  • I adore Kirsten’s outfit! Adore.

    Both gals looked great.

  • I LIKE the pants with the blazer, etc., even if it is just a tad “Century 21.”¬† They look like mother and daughter, n’est-ce pas?

  • Anonymous

    they should remake ‘all about eve’.

  • I love that dress, but I like what Kristen’s wearing too ūüôā

  • Thank YOU for being a friend! You had me from the beginning, “if we threw a party…”

  • Anonymous

    rodarte has a lot of stella mccartney about it, w/o the personality.

    • Anonymous

      Succinct, yet devastating.

  • Call me Bee

    Dakota is cute, so I gagree there.¬† But K is a mess here.¬† The pants could be cool–if the blouse and jacket were more fitted.¬† And her hair were actually combed.¬†¬†I’d give her no more than 2.5.¬† She gets a .5 just cuz she’s so darned cute.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Kiki’s outfit could have been done so much better. The jacket and blouse seem odd with the pants. The blouse looks sad. 4/10

    Happy to see Elle’s not wearing nude or pale pink. 8/10

  • Anonymous

    I actually think that Fanning’s dress might look kickier on a slightly older person. Because of her age – it looks… I don’t know. Not bad, not inappropriate – but just kind of quirky/little girl-y. I feel like on a really chic older women it would be hella-sassy and amazing.

  • Ruth McGivern

    I agree with the overall ratings, but how could you not mention the length on Fanning’s dress? It’s adorable as a knee length dress, but her length is all wrong. ¬†I might even dock 1/2 a point.

  • Susan Crawford

    I would deduct a couple points from Miss Fanning because of what appeared to be shoes made in emulation of the duck-billed platypus. Was I hallucinating or did her feet look sort of square and beaky? And while I agree that Kirsten Dunst’s lemon yellow blazer and office-wear blouse did NOTHING for her look, I am still a sucker for those late ’50’s. early ’60’s era hostess pants. Maybe I’m living in my own personal¬†Mame-land, but I love that style – even in brocade. Even by Rodarte. But OK – you probably DO need to be Rosalind Russell to rock the look really well. I also agree with others who have pointed out that Miss Fanning was a little weighed down by the length of the dress, but we must remember that most of these young cinema stars are approximately the size of Thumbelina and would probably fit into an American Girl doll outfit!

  • I love how Elle looks!
    And that Rodarte top is pretty, although I prefer darker colors…

  • Anonymous

    Expected to see plastic covering on Kiki’s trousers:
    I rest my case.

    Elle’s dress has pretty colors, but the prints are awful. You scored her WAY too high.

  • Anonymous

    I think they both look cute, too. I agree that Kirstin’s pants might look even better with something else on top, but I like how she did it.

  • Anonymous

    I think Kiki looks super cute. It’s all just so perfectly HER and her hair and make-up and genuine smile pull it all together.¬†

  • You’re right, I see Blanche Devereaux in both these looks.

  • Anonymous

    Love both looks!

  • Anonymous

    “SHE:¬†Has unwittingly answered the question, ‚ÄúWhat if Auntie Mame became a realtor?‚ÄĚ” ¬†(**choking on Romaine lettuce as I type**)

  • Anonymous

    omg, they look AWFUL!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    those are curtains fabric!!!! they look like 70-yr old ladies