Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012 Accessories

Posted on January 05, 2012

Darlings, let’s once again play Pretend Stylist with these gorgeous Oscar de la Renta accessories. Match the item to a celebrity who you think should wear it. Or you could just match the ones you want to yourself. It’s pretend, after all.


Amanda Seyfried


Mary-Kate Olsen

Helen Mirren

Mary J. Blige

Evan Rachel Wood

Nicki Minaj

Hailee Steinfeld

January Jones

The Duchess of Cambridge

Olivia Wilde

Mia Wasikowska

Gwen Stefani

Julia Roberts

Jennifer Lopez

Blake Lively


Emma Watson

Michelle Obama

Kirsten Dunst


Gwyneth Paltrow


Viola Davis

Meryl Streep

Freida Pinto

[Photo Credit: oscardelarenta.com]

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  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t wear any of those shoes, but I do like the first 3 bags, and about half of the jewelry.

    The earrings assigned to Gwyneth, I could see on Rosario Dawson.

  • Judy_J

    The shoes you pegged for Mary J. Blige….those are MINE!

  • Anonymous

    God, you boys are good.
    Except for the ones you picked out for Nicki. I believe you meant Maryanne.

  • those shoes you see mary kate in need to be in my wardrobe.

  • Anonymous

    I really love that bright red for Mia’s and Kathy’s.

  • You guys are always dead on with these!

  • Anonymous

    These are really beautiful. I think I’d give the blue clutch to Diane Kruger, though, and I’m not sure I see the yellow-and-orange necklace for J-Lo. Not sure who I DO see it for, though. Other than that, I think these picks are pretty dead-on.

  • “Yeah, could you wrap up one of each of the bags and the jewelry, please?”

    “…What do you mean my card was declined?!”

  • Amaranta Viera

    Balls-on accurate.

  • I’ll take the Duchess of Cambridge’s bag, thankyouverymuch.

    • Anonymous

      I had to stop and think who the Duchess of Cambridge was.  I would have gotten it if they’d said Kathy Cambridge.

  • I covet those pink shoes and almost all of the jewelry.

  • Anonymous

    Shit, I’m going to have fight sweet little Hailee for the yellow bag. I think I can take her.

    I’m also digging the black shoes you assigned to Evan Rachel Wood.

  • CQAussie

    Not liking any of the shoes but I LOVE that yellow purse.  Also loved the yellow and orange earrings and necklace.

  • Anonymous

    i like all of it but the 60s earrings, the 60s did 60s earrings better than anyone in the 10s can do 60s earrings. this is something OdlR should know his own self, i think, as he must have been one of the people doing 60s earrings in the 60s. or at least accessorizing w/ them.

    the only other thing i think is amiss is that maybe helen mirren should be given higher heels? she still wears em, you know, & what a wonderful thing is that.

    me, i like best the shoes you gave nicki minaj, which only makes sense.
    that i like second best the shoes you gave amanda seyfried makes less sense; then again, they are pink.

    edited to add:
    apologies, i see that what i called earrings should actually be called jewelry. i only dislike the plastic stuff. the rest of the jewelry is okay. i think i mustve been blindsided by the first pair of plastic earrings.

    • Anonymous

      I agree about Helen; I see those shoes more on one of the Fannings, maybe?

      I want Julia’s necklace, dammit.

  • Those solid color purses are divine.  And I love the combination of orange and yellow for summer.

  • Anonymous

    Olivia Wilde, you bitch!  That blue beaded clutch is MINE!  Get your hands off it!

    • Anonymous

      Ahem.  If you would be so kind as to hand over the bag you just snatched from Miss Wilde.  It actually belongs to me – I was just kind enough to let her borrow it.  I’m sure you understand.

  • Anonymous

    Please, may I have Dame Helen’s shoes, January’s bag and Cathy Cambridge’s, and Meryl’s earrings and Julia’s necklace. That is all. I do not think I am asking for too much.

  • Though I wouldn’t wear them, that first pair of shoes is very interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a deconstructed oxford shoe before. It’s like… just the outline. So very interesting.

  • Anonymous

    To me, those first shoes – the pink ones – scream Gwynnie  Am I way off base?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take all the bags and necklaces and Nicki’s shoes, please and thank you.  😉

  • Call me Bee

    Wow–you guys are really good at this!  I’d love the MJB shoes–they are beautiful and timeless.  All the bags are gorgeous–but the earrings look oh-so-familiar:  from the last 50 decades.  Yawn. 

  • Anonymous

    I covet Gwyneth’s earrings. Also Michelle Obama’s – but she could take me in a fair fight, so I’ll keep my mitts off.
    The JLo and Emma Watson combo remind me of jewelry I coveted in Jr high. Similar styles used to come in hundreds of color combos. Turquoise and brown would be divine today.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty brill and spot-on, T-Lo.

  • MilaXX

    It’s easier to swap out the ones I would change. I’s give the Olsen wedges to MJB, The Helen Mirren ankle straps to Cate Blanchet who would wear them with pants or Christina Hendricks wearing them in black with boyfriend jeans. Mia W’s necklace I’d give to Katy Perry and Emma Watson’s earrings to Zoe Saldana.

  • aimee_parrott

    You know, if this whole blogging thing doesn’t work out, you guys would be great stylists — seriously. 

  • Anonymous

    All the handbags need to have MY name under their picture!!

  • Anonymous

    Man, Helen Mirren (boring matronly white pumps) and Blake Lively (tacky touristy tassel earrings) got robbed.

  • Anonymous

    I went the who should rather than the who would route: Carrie Underwood, no one EVER, no one ever, Nicole Kidman, Eva Mendes, Gewn Stefani, Emma Watson, Jennifer Garner, January Jones, Zoe Saldana, Kiki Dunst, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jeniffer Aniston, me, me or Freida Pinto, Padma Lakshmi, me again, me or Catherine Keener, ME!

    and I will take the rest except for the ram’s horn-esque hoops. Oprah is welcome to them.

  • I think the bag you assigned to January Jones fits with the style everyone would want her to have, but the one she would actually pick for herself is the one you guys assigned to Olivia Wilde.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll have one of each of the bags, please and thank you.

  • Molly OBM

    Those gold “Kirsten Dunst” earings have to go to Medusa, and Cruella De Ville has claimed the black shoes.

  • You guys are always so perfectly bang on on these posts, I never have anything to add. An enthusiastic NOD in agreement!

  • T.Lo, you guys are so good at this game. I always draw a blank, scroll down and go “oh, of course. perfect!”

  • Anonymous

    Those Meryl Streep earrings are totally mine…along with the Olivia Wilde clutch…

  • Anonymous

    I love this pretend game – I never guess right, but I always find your selections evocative.

  • Anonymous

    I would have flipped the Michelle Obama and Emma Watson earrings… (But I’m just a kitten)

  • Hetha Innis

    You guys are so genius at this game! And you consistently give ERW my favorite thing on the page. 

  • Kathryn Howell Dalton

    You guys!  This is one of your best posts ever — and you wrote a lot of damn good ones!  So fun, and you nailed every one, especially Mary J. Blige and Gwen Stefani.  xoxo

  • wow.  spot on!

  • Anonymous

    Man, I am not feeling that jewelry. Only the Kirsten Dunst pair (for me) & the long green bead tassels (for someone who’s not me) appeal. Most of the rest look like upmarket versions of the kind of costume jewlery well-meaning children bring you back from vacation trips with Grandma.

    Bags, meh.

    Shoes, now. Mostly not my speed but cute, cute, cute. Especially like the ones assigned to La Olsen, but my ability to endure heels restrict me to Ms. Mirren’s far-less-enticing pair.

  • Cheri Lee

    You hit Viola Davis on the head!!

  • Anonymous

    Hailee Steinfeld my ass, that bag has my name written all over it.

  • akprincess72

    I’ll fight Hailee for that bag & our first lady for those earrings.

  • Anonymous

    Ooooo, darlings, Helen Mirren has a kickass body, but her calves and ankles are not her best features. She could NOT wear those double-strap kitten heels. They’d give her piano legs.

  • Anonymous

    i’ll have the chartreuse beaded shoulder dusters and the green and aqua crystal drops please.

  • Susan Crawford

    Excuse me, Kirsten Dunst, you look lovely in those earrings, but I have to snatch them out of your shell-like ears and claim them for my very own. And Hailee, you’d best keep a tight grip on that bag and be looking over your shoulder, ’cause Imma be right behind you!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll cut Frieda for that ring!  These posts are sooo fun.