Jon Hamm, Dogwalker

Posted on January 11, 2012

Darlings, Mad Men is coming back to our television screens on March 25th. We just wanted you to know that. Exciting, yes? We hope we can remember everyone’s names!

To make this post more visually interesting, here are some pictures of Jon Hamm walking his dog that will surely make the ladies drop an egg. You’re welcome.

That dog is laughing at you for some reason.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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    • Gus Casals

      That dog is scary. Don Draper does not have a dog, he has a COYOTE!

    • foodycat

      That’s definitely a Muttley snicker!

      Now every Hollywood boy-star who wears jeans and unpolished shoes on the red carpet is just going to remind me that Hamm looks better than them when he’s walking the dog.

    • Patrick Cleary

      Everything works but the poop bag. I know one needs a pop of color, but the green just doesn’t go.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, that’s what that is?  I had wondered why the dog’s leash had a bow on it.  (I am a cat person.)

      • foodycat

        I think red, to pick out the pattern in his shirt.

      • Call me Bee

        ITA!  The pretty blue or black bags that I use would have been much better with that outfit and that dog. 

    • Democracy Diva

      Eggs dropping EVERYWHERE.

    • Anonymous

      That dog is laughing at you for some reason.
      Nope, he’s laughing at his boss’s flat cap and so do I.

      • Anonymous

        Yup.  That cap is tragic.  The rest of everything is perfect, though – dog included.

    • Anonymous

      I love that his dog looks like a regular old mutt!! I do dog rescue from the south and, yes, California, and Jon Hamm just went up 1000% in my estimation!! 

      • Anonymous

        Another fellow rescuer from the South and also very happy to see Jon Hamm walking what we call a TBUD (Tennessee Brown Ugly Dog). Of course, I am happy to see Jon Hamm under any circumstances. 

        • Anonymous

          That’s funny!! I mostly rescue big black dogs that no one else wants. Gorgeous labs in SC about to be sent to the landfill today. We need more awareness.

          Anyway, I, too, am happy to see Jon Hamm. He seems like a good guy.

          • Anonymous

            On a smaller scale, we seem to be the house for black shelter cats.  My husband went soft for them when he found out that the only time anyone wants to adopt them (Halloween) is the only time they won’t allow them to be adopted.

            • aimee_parrott

              We adopted our black cat in May :) and they gave us a discount on the adoption fee because she’s black.  Sweetest cat ever.

            • foodycat

              I’d heard that people won’t take black cats but I thought that was urban myth! How awful. The cat who raised me (we had him from when I was 6 months to 18) was black and so beautiful!

            • Tadiana Walton Jones

              I read a (true) story once in a cat book (one of the “Chicken Soup” series), written by a shelter worker lamenting the lack of people willing to adopt black cats.  She solved the problem by naming every black cat up for adoption “Jellybean,” which people immediately took to.  I always thought that story was delightful.

            • Anonymous

              My first cat was a 10 week old black kitty from the pound. She was the sweetest most playful kitten there with longest legs and tail. Full grown that tail was a foot long! She was a great cat, lost her after  18  yrs to kidney disease. Black kitties  are gorgeous, my mom used to make mee lol  because she called her a panther all the time. 

        • Anonymous

          My dog, Hoover, is a rescue mutt. Mostly border collie and who knows what else. I’m thrilled to see him with a Heinz 57!

        • Mercy

          TBUD, love that.  That dog must be at least 12-14 years old and he looks great.  JH and his wife must be good dog owners.  I’m with you all, rescued mutts and kitties def have my heart!  All of ours are rescues/hand-me-downs and we couldn’t love them more.

      • Anonymous

        Two rescued pound mutts at my feet. They are the most loving dogs imaginable. 

        You are right, it just gives us another reason to love him (not that I really needed any help in that direction!).

      • Call me Bee

        Yes!  Two rescued cocker spaniels at my house.  And one semi-feral cat that my MIL rescued and we inherited.  Any celebrity with a plain ol’ dawg is a great guy in my book! 

      • Anonymous

        I love my rescued pit bull mix.  Best dog in the world and didn’t have to pay a small fortune for a pure-bred.  Love when people adopt rescues, there is a good dog (and cat) to be saved by you.  And, wow, Jon Hamm, I would walk into a light pole if you came walking your dog down the street towards me.  Why do I never see someone look like that while walking my dog.

      • Anonymous

        The dog also looks to be well trained the way he is keeping pace with Jon and not pulling on the leash. The look on the dog’s face is cracking me up and I love his tail.

    • Jennifer Falanga

      I think its part hyena.

      • Heather

        I agree!

      • Anonymous

        Domesticated hyenas. That’s what I tell people when they ask me what kind of dogs mine are.

    • Anonymous

      In love!  So perfect together.  What a cute little mutty dog!

    • Jacob Marek

      that man could put me on a leash and walk me ANY day.

      • Terence Ng

        He can do more than “walk” me.

    • Anonymous

      It’s weird but Don Draper does it for me — Jon Hamm not so much.  SO excited for the return of Mad Men.  Been a long time in between drinks.

      • Paula Berman

        It’s so true, and I think it has a lot to do with the hair, and the way he sets his face.  Not to mention those suits. When he looks all casual, with mussed up hair, it’s just not quite as sexy to me. This contrast really helps him distinguish between when he’s playing Dick and when he’s in Don mode, so it’s an effective actorly device IMO.

    • Anonymous

      He’s got that relaxed, “I just had sex”, look on his face.

      • Tom and Lorenzo

        He ALWAYS has that look. It’s part of the appeal.

        • BerlinerNYC

          Yes! It’s very “I ate all the Frusen Glädjé… and I’d do it again.”

    • Anonymous

      Love my men dressed liked this.  But since his front pockets are loaded, I would have loved a ‘rear’ view! 😉

    • Vaniljekjeks

      He doesn’t do it for me, but that is one adorable dog!

    • sweetlilvoice

      Cute guy and cute dog. Win, win! I cannot wait for MadMen!!!

    • Anonymous

      The dog is laughing because it gets to lick Jon Hamm and we don’t. Damn that mutt.

      • Anna Maria Diamanti

        And probably sees Jon Hamm naked and gets to watch Jon Hamm have sex. And we don’t.

        • Anonymous

          Wow. Now I’m really jealous of the dog.

    • Sara Munoz

      The jacket and cap are too small. Very “regular guy”. Adorable dog.

      Jon Hamm really doesn’t do it for me; and he’s probably my least favorite Liz Lemon boyfriend.

    • Anonymous

      don’t have any eggs to drop…more like he gets a rise from me.  😉  

      I dig his/this casual style.

    • Anonymous

      Hammdog looks like Ed the ‘special’ hyena from Lion King. I need that green bag to not only pick up my eggs but my entire uterus. Hamm and eggs for breakfast.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      Nicely chosen ensemble of clothes.  Not too out there, no douchiness. He gets huge amounts of points for looking well put together and relaxed, but not obviously so.   And then there’s his, um, appeal.  Yeah.  I’ll just be over here. I’ve got something to do.

    • Anonymous

      Don Draper doesn’t do it for me like he does for seemingly everyone else.  I think Jon Hamm is charming, personable, and seems like the kind of guy I’d like to take on vacation with my family because he seems like a lot of fun.  But he doesn’t make me want to undress him or anything.

      I know.  I feel the same about Ryan Gosling, too.  I must be missing a strand of DNA somewhere a long the way.

      But I’m DYING for Mad Men to come back.  Every time I hear the music on the radio I get all jazzed up.  Is the intro song not so good??  There is something about the way the bass and the drums come together in it that is really stirring.  I need to find out if there is a mad men sound track or something out there……

      • Mike McGee

        Yes, there is a soundtrack, on Amazon. I got it at the local library, though.

        • Call me Bee

          Cool–I just ordered it! 

      • Anonymous

        You’re not alone.  There are maybe two celebrities that I think “Yeah, if I ran into them at a bar, my husband would have to understand.”  Agree on all other points.

        • Jessica Stone

          Yeah, I can only think of one, and it’s Owen Wilson.

    • Judy_J

      Oh, Don Draper.  How I’ve missed you!

    • Anonymous

      (S/He’s laughing at us because s/he gets to go home to Jon Hamm’s house and lick his face.

    • Anonymous

      i think he looks like a ridiculous overgrown paperboy. can we have a “Brad brad world” recap please? yay

    • Anonymous

      Truthfully, it’s the best I’ve seen him look in ages. Niiiiiiice. And gotta love the grinning mutt.

    • Anonymous

      Oh god, he has a mutt! So swoon-worthy. That and the poop
      bag on the leash balance out the hat (which I don’t like on him).

    • Anonymous

      Is it sad I looked initially at the dog? He looks JUST like my mom’s Chow-Shepherd dog: adorable.

      Oh, and Jon Hamm is too, making this picture perfect.

    • Anonymous

      First of all… that looks like a shelter dog, so good on him for the pup, and the poop bag as well.
      Sadly, my eggs have all gone away, so no dropping in my time zone, however, I find our Mr. Hamm looks like a regular joe, always nice to see…

    • Anonymous

      Puppy is saying, “Bitches, he’s mine!”

    • Jessica Pippin

      Yum. Can’t wait for Mad Men!

    • Anonymous

      Jon Hamm can walk his dog through my neighborhood ANY time.

    • Anonymous

      I know I’m in the minority here, but he does nothing for me.

    • Paula Berman

      Cute, but the hat ages him.  Never liked those cabdriver hats. Can’t WAIT for the new season of Mad Men coming in just a few short months…

    • Anita Freiler Palmer

      He’s walking his dog on a nice, loose lead. They clearly both know their place in the pack and are very secure.LOL.

    • Dina dV

      BLASPHEMY ALERT:  Outside of his Don Draper wardrobe, I find Jon Hamm rather average and schlumpy.  Not unattractive, but if you’re go-to look is “cute dad at some Raleigh law firm” you’re just doing it for me.

    • Anonymous

      Lucky dog!!!

    • Anonymous

      Cute and all, but, IMOH, this isn’t as much of an egg-dropper as that picture of Ewan McGregor biking around with a poodle that you guys posted a while back.

    • Teresa MacDonald

      The dog is laughing at you because SHE gets to cuddle up to Jon Hamm, and you don’t!

    • Erin

      The dog probably knows we all looked for underwear before looking anywhere else.  (Love how Hamm is contained, but he’s got something boxy in his pocket that’s just a little reminiscent of those commando shots.)

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      Because he is with Jon Hamm and we are not. Dumb dog.
      March 25th eh? So they decided to not hold out for the entire two year break? oy vay. Who cares. At least we have a date.

    • Anonymous

      TLo – you MUST get with your contacts at Mad Men and see if you can work an aftershow like they did for Walking Dead/Talking Dead.  Could there be two more perfect hosts for a Mad Men aftershow??  Make it happen!!

    • Anonymous

      that dog appears to know he is being envied by many people. right on, mutt! :)

    • Anonymous

      OK I like the cap.  I REALLY like the shoes.  He looks just this side of “normal” in that he’s on the cool/nifty side.  I want to be that HammDog for a day.

    • Anonymous

      This is further confirmation that for me, Don Draper is the sexy one, not Jon Hamm.  When he’s out and about as himself I always think Hamm looks like a bit of a doofus.  Don Draper, on the other hand, is truly egg-dropping, swoon worthy.

      The dog is awesome.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I can’t tell you how excited i am for the show to come back. March is going to be the best month (partially because of my birthday but mostly because of the show)

    • Anonymous

      Part Hyena? 

    • MilaXX

      SO glad to hear the show is coming back. I’ve missed it.

    • Anonymous

      the dog is very proud of the deposit he’s made in the little green bag.

    • Anonymous

      Looks perfect!  Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      The dog’s laughing at the bunnet and I don’t blame it. Is he after a role in Downton, trying to demonstrate he could doff his cap to ‘is Lordship?

    • skadi1

      Why does Jon Hamm do to the world?  How are women supposed to be happy with merely mortal men when there’s a guy out there who looks like that, photobombs his costars, loves scruffy dogs and is willing to marry a slightly annoying, neurotic woman?

    • hanna

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    • akprincess72

      Does nothing for me…

    • Natalie

      If I lived in the same house as Jon Hamm, I’d probably walk around with a smile as big as that dog’s too.

    • maya s

      My eggs always drop for him… but i why isn’t he a cat person?? :(