Jason Wu for Target Collection

Posted on January 11, 2012

It’s times like this we’re really jealous of the ladies.
Jason Wu Collection for Target
“Target Corporation is partnering with celebrated womenswear and accessories designer Jason Wu to introduce an affordable, limited-edition collection of women’s apparel, handbags and scarves.

“By working with Target I was able to create an accessible collection that reflects my sophisticated design aesthetic” said Jason Wu. “As with my main collection, special attention has been considered into every detail and I can’t wait to see girls wearing and enjoying the collection.”

For his collection for Target, Wu took inspiration from the idea of an American girl in Paris, while staying true to his signature juxtaposition of modern sensibility and timeless style. Ranging in price from $19.99 to $59.99 for apparel and $19.99 to $49.99 for handbags and scarves, Jason Wu for Target will be available Feb. 5 through March 6, 2012 or until supplies last at most Target stores and on Target.com.

“Jason is one of the fashion industry’s most talented designers and his work has already had a global impact,” said Trish Adams, senior vice president of apparel and accessories, Target. “Jason’s collection for Target offers our guests a beautiful assortment of sophisticated apparel and stylish accessories that embody his signature aesthetic, with each priced under $60.”

There are 53 pieces in the Jason Wu for Target collection including versatile apparel and accessories that easily transition from day to evening such as A-line silhouette dresses, tie-waist shifts and high-waisted skirts accented with Wu’s signature detailing. The collection’s Parisian inspiration is found in Wu’s exclusive muse for Target, Milu, a mischievous, illustrated black cat that will be found on a t-shirt, tote bag and silk scarf, as well as in the collection’s marketing campaign.

The Jason Wu for Target collection is a standalone, limited-edition designer collection for Target.”

Why are we jealous of the ladies? Contrary to some opinions, we do not want to wear dresses, but we sure would love a diffusion line for men as affordable and yet stylishly well made as this one. There are some GREAT pieces here; perfect for a young gal with a new job or even a newly single gal who feels the need to add some pretty to her wardrobe. But we’ll be honest: it’s that kitty bag. We squee’d when we saw it, but try as we might to imagine such a scenario, there’s no where and no way for us to ever get away with sporting it. You lucky bitches. What an adorable line this is.


Jason Wu Collection for Target

Jason Wu Collection for Target

Jason Wu Collection for Target

Jason Wu Collection for Target

Jason Wu Collection for Target


[Photo Credit: target.com]

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  • If only they made these in plus sizes… many of these would be in my closet in a heartbeat!

    • Sarah Lynnae

      Yep. Right there with you.

      • me too and twenty years ago but I want that kitty kat bag!

        • Ditto! Though I have a size zero teenage daughter, so I DO get to live vicariously through her. I feel a mother-daughter Target trip coming on!

          • Even though I have sworn off Target, I can also see my daughter in these!

    • I had that issue with the Missoni line.  There was a sweater that would have been PERFECT for a friend of mine but it didn’t size large enough:( 

      Though that didn’t stop the woman who bought the dress I wanted even though it was the wrong size and fit for her completely….

      • Anonymous

        She probably bought it so she could resell it on eBay for 5 times the price.

        • No, I had the unfortunate experience of walking into Target behind her… it was not something she should have ever put on her body.

    • Anonymous

      and also if some of them wouldn’t be miniskirts…. what about offering something that Michelle O would wear? I guess I’ll stick to the handbags/totes….. 🙁 

      • Or something a grown woman could wear on a casual day at a professional office.

      • Anonymous

        I’m hoping that the skirts are closer to knee-length on those of us who aren’t model-tall? Maybe if I hope hard enough it will be true, hope hope hope HOPE HOPE.

    • GAWD I know!!!

    • foodycat

      Plus size and 9″ longer would be divine!

    • Anonymous

      Or if any of it would work on a woman with curves…guess I’ll have to settle for that fab trench & the t-shirt w/shorts.

      • Totally.  Sigh.

        I’ve tried on some Jason Wu stuff over the years (Nordstrom’s selections aren’t ever great, though).  If you have curves (any curves, not just the ridiculous ones genetics “blessed” me with), Jason Wu is a pipe dream.  Even that trench, which will likely look fine on most women, would just never look quite so fabulous as on a woman with little to no bust.

        On the other hand, that cat bag is mine the minute I find it in a Target.  Assuming I find a Target.

      • Denny Li

        Completely agree. The clothes are cute -but none of cuts would work for any woman with boobs larger than a B cup. =(

        • Anonymous

          Yes!!! So there is pluses for being a B cup! I knew it would come in handy being a member of the Itty Bitty Titty committee.

    • Anonymous

      Target’s plus-size collections are a joke. If they can have nice Liz Lange stuff (which, let’s face it, most women are only going to wear for a few months), why can’t they have a decent women’s department?

      • I know! Their maternity stuff is adorable. Their plus sizes are generally shapeless (which is my #1 complaint of plus size clothing). It’s overpriced and not that cute. If they produced a designer plus size line (like they do with their “normal” size clothes), it would sell out in a minute. 

        • Anonymous

          I seriously heart their maternity line, and a lot of it would be cute on all different sizes if they changed the cut a tiny bit to eliminate the extra long front…

          • Anonymous

            You know how they have the sale racks between Plus and Maternity? A few years ago, I bought an adorable XL spring coat (black with small white polka dots and piping) and didn’t realize till after I got it home that it was a Liz Lange. No one else can tell, either. I get endless compliments on it. 😉

            I’m a classic apple shape (big rack, no waist), so maybe that’s why it fit!

          • Anonymous

            I did that with a tankini top, didn’t realize til I got it home it was Liz Lange. I really liked the way it was a little fuller at the bottom and didn’t ride up when I raised my arms. I really didn’t hang low at all.

    • How do you know what sizes these will come in? I can’t seem to find it listed and am right on the edge.

      • I was wondering that myself… I think the white dress would be DIVINE for my reception dress, but I’m like a 12/14 and well… I won’t get my hopes up if there’s no need.

      • I’m just going by past collections which haven’t gone over a size 12. 

    • Anonymous

      It’s sized for teenagers. Short teenagers, apparently. I will try a bunch of this on, realize it doesn’t fit, and leave with the cat scarf.

      • I was a short, thin teenager 100 years ago. If I were one today, I would buy everything in this line.

        His horizontal lines are placed in exactly the right latitudes to keep you from looking wide.

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t we just sick of the selection for plus size women?  They make cute pieces like these for skinny little bitches, then make outfits for us that look like they were fashioned in 1970.  Or worse, put a band in the worst possible location and shorten the sleeves by 2″ so they aren’t long enough or short enough to be considered 3/4 length. I’m going to have to create a plus size line then go on AOTL!

      • Anonymous

        So, if a woman isn’t fat, she’s a bitch?  Niiice!

        • Anonymous

          and, according to most, she’s also not a “real” woman.

    • Anonymous

      But no one cares about us plus sized girls except ModCloth.   Sigh.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I was going to say, too.  I may have to make do with one of those handbags.

    • I agree, and I always find it annoying that they don’t make the special collections in the full range of sizes.  It’s TARGET, for heaven’s sake, you’re supposed to be able to find your size. But I guess the accessories are fair game.

    • Anonymous

      Come on… buy the bag.  It’s cute at any age.  Just wear it casually!  You know, with jeans on a Saturday, while you run errands.  

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the kitty bag is what I really want.  Reminds me of my little Bitty Girl.

  • Anonymous

    I will have that black trench even if I have to cut a bitch.

    • Anonymous

      It is dee-vine. I will not surrender.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Must have that pleated black and yellow getup and the nautical dress. I’ll leave the rest of you to fight over the kitty bag.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, i might even tie myself to my computer to battle it out for some of those bags. MAYBE even a couple of the garments. White dress and coat? I’m looking at you.

    • My choices exactly! Man, I hope Target is going to be a bit better than with that Missoni kerfuffle.

      • Anonymous

        I hope it will be but I don’t have high hopes. After all, from their end of things it was a smashing success; they sold out of EVERYTHING. So what if customers got royally fucked by fashion scalpers buying 5 of everything to resell later? Target made bank!

  • Wrenaria

    KITTY BAG! I want it.

    Some cute things there, yessir.

  • Anonymous

    I love it!  Hopefully I can actually purchase something from this collection and it won’t be the debacle that the Missoni collection 2 hour rollout-sellout was.

    • Oh, you should have come here!  My Target had a TON of the Missoni pieces left for a long time.  Might have something to do with living in a suburb where most of the population can afford the real thing and doesn’t have the guts to wear it anyway.  (Seriously, it’s creepy Stepford ville…)

      • Anonymous

        In my city, many of the folks wearing the real thing were the ones walking out with two shopping carts full of loot!  

      • Anonymous

        Here in the land of the Patagonia-lovers, there was Missoni available for quite a while at my Target, too.  Too bad I didn’t really like it on me. 

        But this… THIS… I’ve put it in my calendar!

      • My Target had a bunch of Missoni stuff on clearance a while ago. I live in a pretty small southern town so maybe that had something to do with it?

  • Anonymous

    Love the cat tote and the flower satchel bag. I’m unfortunately a little long in the tooth for the dresses. But I do love the hairstyle on the model.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.  I’m too old for the dresses (except MAYBE that navy one).  But the kitty bag?  Made of win.

    • Anonymous

      Cat tote and flower satchel are what I’ll be looking for, especially if the shoulder strap on the latter is long enough to wear across the body.

  • Janet McKay

    These are lovely.  I will most definitely have to make an addition to my closet.

  • Sarah Lynnae

    I must have the kitty bag. And so must my best friend. I showed her the picture last night and I think she actually squeed.

  • If only they made these for women who were taller than 5’6″….I’d have some of them in my closet, but alas at 5’11” I’m OUT…

    • Me too! I’d love that yellow and black pleated outfit and the navy dress with the red stripe at the bottom if they were the proper length, but if I put those on, I’d look hella ridiculous. 

  • I’m in my mid-30’s.  This will work for me…riiiiiight?  Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes!

    • Anonymous

      I just officially hit mid-30s this week, so I give an enthusiastic YES!!  For you and for me 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Late-mid-30s here (that’s what 38 is, right?), and I’m *all over* this collection.

    • I with you. I’m 38, can I wear some of these? Please say yes!!!

    • Anonymous

      If you style it right, you can get away with just about anything!  However, IMHO, the dresses are a bit teenager-y.  Some of the separates are cute…as separates.  

  • Anonymous


  • I would kill several less enjoyed relatives for a couple of those pieces…

  • Wish I was about 20 years younger. Darling stuff.

    • Anonymous

      It really is for the youngsters, alas.  🙂

  • I might mess with a couple of the purses, but most of this stuff I’m just too old and too tall to wear. 

  • Isy

    That white dress!!! This line is flawless.

  • Anonymous

    I am so on this. Must. Have. Kitty. Bag. 

  • some of these looks are presh, but my thrifting sensibilities will probably stop me from spending the money on anything, le sigh.
    however, the inner crazy cat lady is screaming for that cat bag. TOO CUTE. 

  • I love that white dress.  If only it was a bit longer, or I was 10 years younger.  

  • Anonymous

    Some of those looks are really cute, but I just find the “for Target” collections to be so disappointing once you see the garments in person.  For me it’s always ends in a “wah wah waaaah…”

    • Alisa Rivera

      THIS. They don’t do cheap designer nearly as well as H&M. When I was younger and thinner I bought clothes from H&M all the time, got a ton of compliments and they lasted for years. I stopped buying Target clothes after one too many outfits fell apart after one wearing.

  • R. L.

    I have to echo that these are cute but way too young of a look for me.

  • I CAN’T EVEN WITH THIS. It’s too cute. I must have it ALLLLLLL.

  • Depending on the size, that kitty bag looks perfect for carrying library books to and fro.

  • Daisy James

    The trench, at least three of the bags and one of those striped shirts for me. And just maybe the kitty scarf– I’ll figure out how to wear it later.

    I hope they’ve reinforced their servers. . .

  • There is some adorable stuff here, but I don’t know what new job a young girl could wear these to unless it isn’t in a professional setting–they’re not immodest a bit, but definitely inappropriate if a woman wants to be taken seriously in an office.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if the styling on the model makes the dresses seem a lot more twee than they would be in real life.  Depending on where the skirt hits, I could see pairing a few of them with more professional footwear and a more mature hairstyle, and a 20-something could definitely wear them in most offices. 

    • Alisa Rivera

      First job out of college in a company that does tech or social media or marketing or publishing…Agree it would be too casual for banking or law. 

      • It’s not just that they’re casual or twee, they’re just too short for an office.  You may have a point about distinguishing offices in different industries, though.  I’m a lawyer, so I don’t really know what it would be like in a social media office, but I can’t imagine an attorney or secretary in our office wearing a skirt or dress that is more than and inch or so above the knee.

        • These are short — on the model.  But most of us don’t have model length legs, so I’m going to try them on before labeling them too short.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, there are quite a few professional industries where women can dress like this and get away with it: Most aspects of design (including architecture), marketing/advertising, retail buying, IT, publishing…

      She shouldn’t wear it to an interview, but once she’s got the job (and depending on the office, of course), she might be a-okay (or even expected) to look fresh & fun & forward.

  • Anonymous

    Ohhhh that black trench…I just want to hold it. It’s so pretty.

  • Bronx Target, here I come. I need new pretty clothes for the post-college job I don’t have yet, right??!?

  • I love it all but am probably too old for most of it. I could pull off the navy and red striped dress you led the post with. Yes, I need that dress.

  • Victoria Sharoyan

     Oh god, one of everything, please!

  • SQUEE!!!  I will be up at midnight refreshing target.com so I can get my hands on every single piece.  GLORIOUS.

  • I too like the kitty bag!  The clothes are a little twee but as you say a polished look for  a young woman.

  • betty language

    don’t feel bad–trust me, it will be made as cheaply, with the crappiest fabric imaginable, as possible.  

  • How come I can never find these “Famous Designer for Target” pieces at my local Target??!!  I must not looked hard enough, wah. 

    • Ask at your store about it.  They can tell you if they’re going to get any in at all.

  • Anonymous

    All too short Aargh!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, HAI there, my spring wardrobe. 

  • bookish

    A lot of those clothes are super cute, but they’re just so short! I could never get away with wearing those skirts to work. I hope they’ve learned a few things from the Missoni disaster.

  • Anonymous

    I, too, squee’d at the cat bag.  I also like the other black/cream bags.  In terms of the clothes, I couldn’t wear any of the skirts or dresses, they are far too short for me.  I might try to snag that white and black blouse though.

  • Anonymous

    If this turns out to be anything like the disgusting Missoni fiasco, I’ll be running in the other direction.

  • That model has the flattest chest I’ve ever seen on a woman. It’s seriously creeping me out. Even if I weren’t plus sized, I don’t think any of these looks would be flattering on me.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t buy clothes at Target – not because I’m a snob, but even the “designer” clothes fall apart after a few wearings.  The store sells cheap clothes – period.  I’d rather spend my hard-earned money on fewer well-made pieces.

    • I buy all of my jeans at Target and they last longer than any $80 pair I’ve ever owned — and I’m damn hard on jeans.  I find Target to be like anywhere else — know how to check your fabrics and your seams.  Fabrics you want something that won’t pill or go threadbare quickly.  Seams should be sturdy and well-attached with no dangling threads.  A tug should not displace them at all.

  • Anonymous

    I’m trying to figure out how to wear some of those pieces without looking like mutton dressed as lamb. The one piece I really like is the trench, though I don’t need another one. I do hope they are better quality than the Missoni pieces were.

  • Anonymous

    Makes me wish I was 30 years younger and many pounds thinner. Too cute.

  • Very much to love. Hopefully it won’t sell out in a nanosecond.

  • CQAussie

    YES!!!!!!  Want.

  • Brad and Anne White

    TLO, maybe not the Kitty Bag, but perhaps you could work in that Kitty scarf! Precious.

  • Anonymous

    I squealed when I saw the kitty bag!  I’m not a huge Jason Wu fan, but I love almost all of these.  Guess I’m headed to Target!  Kitty bag!


  • Anonymous

    i’m 43 and 5′ 8″–think I can still get away with the navy dress with red stripes at the bottom?

    • Anonymous

      I am one year older and the same, and probably not, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure I would be jealous. I never got to see Missoni Target collection but the other designer collections look great on models in ads but are cheap shit in reality.

    • Anonymous

      I saw what crap was left at the end of the Missoni hordes, and it didn’t look worth it.

  • They do look adorable, but I find that most of these collections look super-cute online and way, WAY less cute in real life. Every promo shot for the Banana Republic/Mad Men collection was gorgeous – in real life, there were two dresses that didn’t look cheap as hell in the light of day.

  • Anonymous

    I may actually camp out in front of Target for this one.  Super cute.

  • I’m 22 years old and this collection is too young for me. Maybe it’s the styling in the pictures, but this looks like clothes that Elle and Dakota Fanning should be wearing. Not a fan.

    • It’s the styling.  For instance, I really want the white dress and it could be styled VERY differently for a woman my age.

  • Terence Ng

    SO jealous. Girls get all the best clothes.

  • Anonymous

    I love the blue sweater, belt and black and white dress… so pretty.   However, not made for busty women.. SIGH!

  • Sara__B

    My twenty-something daughter will look fabulous in these. Wish I would.

  • Anonymous

    We’ll share. You can buy your Kardashian products there, too.

  • Anonymous

    He talks about the “girls” who will wear them? How about women, Mr. Wu?? Can we wear any of this? 

    • Kwei-lin Lum

      Or we could go ahead and just wear the clothes anyway.  Well, I mean the tops.  In extra large if we’re petite women and need room for the upper forearms.  

    • Anonymous

       No too twee to quote other posters.    So apparently he does mean Girls?

  • sweetlilvoice

    I will own the cat purse, I’m marking my calendar now.

  • aimee_parrott

    I love that cat bag!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying they’re not cute (they are!), but, IMHO, these are pretty twee for anyone who’s out of their teens.  And I’m in my 40s and still shop in the juniors’ section!  But kittens, wear what you want and rock it.

  • This is so pretty and exactly what I love wearing. Glad I haven’t spent that Target gift card I got for Christmas!

  • Judy_J

    If only I was my daughter’s age! I’d wear every single one of these looks. At least I can get away with carrying the kitty bag.

  • The bags are really cute. I love that blue print. I need to check those out.

  • Anonymous

    I want the cat purse and scarf and all of the dresses really. This the first time I’m really coveting one of these collabs.

  • Anonymous

    Very pretty but just looking at it is making me feel ancient. Oh well. Maybe a bag.

  • Lauren Schneider

    ADORABLE.  the blue dress, white dress and black skirt must be mine.  jason wu has that combination of nautical and feminine down to a t–which i love as it’s totally my style.

  • Looking past the shitty styling, I lovelovelove this. I will be going to Target as soon as this comes out!

  • Don’t be jealous. This lady will not spend a penny at target after they funded pro-bullying, anti-LGBT candidates in MN. May this hate-filled corporation file bankruptcy in 2012!

  • Anonymous

    I for one do not shop at target and I wish you’d be some good gay boys and stop promoting that political cesspool pretending to be a neighborhood retailer.

    • Anonymous

      Tom, what is your issue with Target? Just curious. They don’t have the despicable labor or environmental record as, say, Walmart.

  • Anonymous

    I really like a couple pieces here and I hope it’s not a debacle like Missoni.

    I can see this being less popular than Missoni simply because the zig-zags are pretty recognizable as the brand. Sure, the quality was nowhere near the same, but even remotely fashion-conscious people would recognize it as Missoni a mile away. I don’t think the same can be said for Jason Wu (most people I know have said ‘Who?” But then again I don’t live in a city known for fashion).

    I fear that the a-holes who flooded EBay with Missoni will be at it again, buying up all the goods and attempting to sell them at inflated prices. Hopefully there won’t be as much of a craze and everyone who wants some Jason Wu can get their hands on it.

  • Anonymous

    I love much, but not all, of this.  I would wear the crap out of the first 10 pieces, although they are all fairly short. (The middle-aged legs need skirts that hit just above the knee.)

    I never even try to nab any of these fancy designer goods at Target or H&M because my desire for them is out weighed by my hatred of grabby crowds. maybe I’ll give it a go this time and see what happens.

    I’m still kicking myself for not getting any of the Liberty of London stuff for Target, especially sad to have missed out on the dishes.

  • Anonymous

    I want all of this. Right now.

  • Anonymous

    Love a lot of this.  Don’t love – Wu’s direct quote that this was for “girls.”  I’m not crazy dogmatic on this and don’t mind so terribly the “american girl” reference, as that’s a thing.  But him saying he’s designing for girl’s makes me wonder what’s for my 6 year old.  Note that the Target rep says it’s for their “guests.”  There was a big discussion here with the Angelo Lambrou AOTL about the use of “girls” in fashion – in too many cases it is belittling.  

    • Anonymous

      Looks to be for teens, which would make “girls” ok in my book — for more likely to appeal to young adults. When will they start doing these special collections for more women?

  • Anonymous

    Skirts too short for anyone over 30 (maybe 25), but the accessories will do.

  • emily mcginnis

    i’m crossing my fingers it isn’t mostly polyester. my main problem with the Liberty line was that so much of it was polyester. and that stuff just makes me sweat. 🙁

  • MilaXX

    cute, I think that blue bag would look cute with sun dresses  & flats this summer

  • Anonymous

    I just went to Target’s website and there’s a bunch of Missoni stuff on there. Must be all the returns. Out of curiosity, I added an item to my cart, and it appeared to work. If you think you missed out this could be your second chance!


  • Anonymous

    OMG, I love it!  I am trying to get a new job and most of this would be a great addition to my wardrobe!!!

  • Anonymous

    Precious.  I’m right there with you on wishing that things like this happened more often with menswear.

  • Not all the pieces are perfect, but there’s some I’d pick up. I love the black coat.

  • Me! Me! I’m a young gal with a new job! AND I have a black kitty named Minx! I need to find a Target in a hot minute right quick.

  • Oh, shit.

    I’m going to have the face the crazed mobs at Target.

  • As I’m the (cough) ‘wrong’ side of 45 and about 100 pounds too heavy for these, I’m clearly not in their target demographic. Having said that, I can’t see any of those necklines looking good on anyone with more than a B cup. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait until the Marni/HM collaboration in March AS LONG AS THEY MAKE THE CLOTHES BIGGER THAN TEEN SIZES.

  • Aaaaand…I want everything.

  • Target, if you are reading these comments, you’d better quadruple your kitty bag order!

  • I need that blue dress with the sheer yoke. Stupid target being US only. 

  • Must spend Feb 4th in a tent at Target, waiting for the doors to open on the 5th.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not even going to think about wanting these clothes, since I’m not the correct shape for Target’s clothing, which appears to be “prepubescent boy”

  • Anonymous

    Cute clothes but anyone over 12 will look demented.  

  • That kitty bag and scarf WILL BE MINE!

    It’s a cute collection. I hope they actually make close to enough for demand this time – all I got of the Missoni for Target was a pair of socks my sister snagged for me. :-/

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh, that is adorable.  Note to self:  Target Trip – February 5th.  Pay full price – it just might be worth it.

  • The square floral bag and kitty scarf will be mine!  Maybe the first yellow shirt and the black and white dress under the blue sweater.  I’m so glad I live in a town that is somewhat fashion-allergic, yet home to a SuperTarget.  Yay!

  • Anonymous

    Squee Indeed! I need so many of these peices…

  • Anonymous

    Oh, YUM.

  • OMG WANT IT ALLLL. But I’m in Australia 🙁

  • I have the kitty bag and I use it non-stop. It’s SO cute. 

  • you could hang the kitty bag on a hook in your house and consider it art…

  • Anonymous

    Just hand over the kitty tote bag right now and no one will get hurt.

    Every time Target does this kind of awesome collection, it’s sold out in the first five minutes. I’m not holding my breath. But DAYUM, I want so many of those pieces.

  • Anonymous

    Target is going to have to install metal detectors for all the shoppers who would cut a bitch for the kitty bag. I’m thinking of using pepper spray. Apparently, you can get away with the spray.

  • Twee as heck, but those are some great bags!

  • Anonymous

    I am definitely going to get my hands on some of these.  “You will be mine, pretties!  Oh yes, you will be mine.””

  • these are divine! one of the chicest collab x Target collections i’ve seen! 

  • Wow, wish we had Target in the UK, I love that cat bag!

  • Why the hell anyone gets into this designer-does-discount-retailer thing and dukes it out in a brick-and-mortar store with hundreds of shoppers is beyond me.  I’d rather shop online at Rue La la or Gilt and get the real thing at a great markdown.

  • Anonymous

    Super adorable. You lucky Stateside bitches!

  • Anonymous

    wow. I love everything.

  • Amanda in Austin

    The cat scarf and cat handbag are a little too grandma. And socks with penny loafers too childish.  But a few of the dresses are cute.  But WHAT IS UP with the milkmaid hair?

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  • Jessica O’Connell

    …I must resist spending all of my pathetic checking account at Target after work on February 6th… I’ll be honest, I’m not usually one for wanting the designer items because I tend to dress in a pretty low key kind of way but man, I would kill for some of these. Wearable designer items? Yes please!

    • I really like Target’s designer items — they tend to be more practical than a lot of designer stuff, and it’s never so well-made and expensive that I worry about it constantly.  With 3 kids under 10, items that are terribly expensive are more headache than they’re worth. 

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Snicker if you will, but this 43-year-old bearded and chunky gay man WILL be taking that Kitty Kat bag on fresh produce runs to my local farmer’s market. 

  • Anonymous

    OMG! I want the little white dress with the black belt and lace for my wedding rehearsal. Calendar marked.

  • Sweetvegan

    TLo, you guys could *totally* rock a kitty tote bag!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never considered myself a slave to fashion, but I must have ALL of those bags.  The cat one??  To. die. for.

  • I think many people who are commenting about the ‘youthfulness’ of the collection may need to take a moment to see the individual pieces and realize these models are likely 5’8+ and thus the skirts will likely be a lot longer on many people.  I don’t think there’s anything particularly adolescent about accordion pleat skirts, button down shirts, or shift dresses–which is basically the entire collection.  I also don’t understand the claim that these necklines wouldn’t look good on those with larger busts.  Many of these necklines are classic crew or boatneck–and those cuts have been worn successfully by the likes of Marilyn Monroe (D cup).  Honestly, I’m not sure what necklines would be flattering for a large range of bust sizes other than crew or boatneck, considering that a low cut neckline would surely favor the smaller chested and something closer to a bustier neckline would favor only the larger chested.  I think crew/boatnecks are a great way for a designer to accommodate the needs of smaller and larger bust sizes.  

    Not to mention, clothes are pinned, clipped, and tortured for these sorts of photos, so it wouldn’t surprise me to find that these clothes have much larger busts than they would appear on the model (who likely has a smaller bust because that is the norm in the modeling industry).  As someone with a small bust, I can almost never find anything that fits my bust–even if I’m trying on a garment that’s being worn by a model with my measurements in an advertisement.  Honestly, I think women with larger busts are extolling the conveniences of having a small bust (and frame) far too much.  To put it simply, with vanity sizing, my size is literally being phased out of the women’s section in many American stores.  I think it’s creepy that I’m 25 and shop at the kid’s section, but women’s clothing is now too big for me so what can a girl do?  The funny thing is the women’s section was not too big for me in high school!  

    So, to put it simply, if you think that a girl with a smaller frame can just grab whatever she wants off the rack, then you’re sorely mistaken!  I make superb use of my tailor all the time!

  • I cannot explain my excitement for February 6th.

  • Anonymous

    Barring another Missoni-esque online disaster, I should have a striped tote bag coming my way soon – fingers crossed!  The clothes I’m most interested in looking at further are only available in stores, and when I did the ‘find in stores’ search for the pieces individually, 2 stores in my area said ‘limited stock’ and all others said ‘out of stock’.  Is this collection more limited in terms of the number of stores?  

    • Katie Cristol

      If my experience this morning was any indication, the number of stores weren’t limited, but the items were quite literally “out of stock” and snatched up in minutes- racks picked clean within five or six minutes of the store opening (only a few size 12 or 14 tops and a couple of t-shirts left). It was as though the collection was never there at all. I’ve never see anything like it!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Hey TLo, don’t know how much you check comments months after you’ve put up a post, but I just wanted to thank you again for posting about this collection! I’m honestly not that into fashion (I read your blog because I find you hilarious and because I love to throw in my own bitchy comments whenever I can! Though you are getting me much more interested in fashion…and I am becoming increasingly tempted to check out Revenge and Mad Men), but I love this collection and am currently wearing one of the dresses (the navy with the red/pinkish stripes at the bottom, 5th from the top in the left column above) at work. I have gotten more compliments today than I think I ever have at the office and it’s all thanks to you!! So thanks, TLo, for making me fabulous for the day! 🙂