In or Out: Rooney Mara in Givenchy

Posted on January 31, 2012

Astonishing developments in the Audreybot world, darlings!


Rooney Mara (and Director David Fincher) attends the premiere of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” in Japan in Givenchy.


It’s wearing white.

Givenchy Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Daria Strokous (WOMEN)

Not “black, with a little strip of white”, or “black and white”, and not even “white with black accents.”  No, she’s wearing all white. Shocking Exciting!

Okay, maybe only to people who spend every day writing about celebrity fashion. Still, it’s a nice little way to subvert expectations, since she’s been doing the Goth Audrey bit for the entire poledancing tour for this movie. We like the dress. Very much, in fact. It’s both fussy/girly and edgy at the same time. Or maybe it just looks edgy on her. Either way, it suits her to a T. Do NOT like the naked shoes at all. The style and the neutral color do nothing for this dress. It’s perhaps too expected, but to our eyes a simple pair of black pumps would have punctuated this look perfectly. Kittens make the call.


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OUT! What a washed-out weirdo.



The commentariat rose up (mostly) as one and informed Jen Aniston that they have had quite ENOUGH of her beaded bathtowels, voting the latest iteration O to the UT.

[Photo Credit: Koki Nagahama/Getty Images,]


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  • Anonymous

    Saying IN but I’m not a fan of her hair. It’s too severe.

  • Nancy Williams

    I’d say pointy-toed pumps (no more than three inches) in a color, myself, but I love the look anyway.  IN.

    • Anonymous

      I’m think red pumps, not black.

      • Jason Kramer

        YES!!! Agree 100%

    • Anonymous

       Orange pumps!

      • Anonymous

        I completely agree – orange! I think it would go nicely with her punk-y off-beat image & look fresh and pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress.  The shoes need to go.  However, I am concerned about how close she is to flashing everyone…

    How cute is her dimple?

    • Deitra S.

      For REALS!  Why is her dress all splayed open like that?  It’s really disconcerting.  But otherwise (and with other shoes) she looks great.

      • Anonymous

        I actually think the skirt is a little too tight based on how it is flattening out her tush.  How you make a skirt that is tight on a size negative 2 is hard for me to fathom, though.

        Agree with you, but an IN nonetheless.

        • Anonymous

          Its also missing one of the flaps that the original one has. Which is unfortunate cause she’s very close to showing her miso to all of Japan.

    • Anonymous

      Amen.  I can’t imagine her walking and not revealing the pattern on the good china.

      The dress is beautiful, however, even though it doesn’t quite fit.  I’m on the fence and so will not vote.

    • Anonymous

      Which cheek exactly are we talking about?

    • Anonymous

      Especially since you know she’s either wearing a thong or is commando.  Zoinks!!!

  • Catherine

    IN – love the halter, and the back is fab too!

    • Anonymous

      I wish the back was simply the halter neck. I hate the zipper strip running up the middle. Over all, an IN, despite the shoes and back.

  • Julianne Mullikin

    I love her IN

  • WendyD

    IN!! Love it!

  • Kathryn

    In.  It looks beautiful, and as you said, “both fussy/girly and edgy at the same time”.  very good way of describing it.

    • Isabel

      In – agree with Kathryn

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    OUT. Too many damn ruffles, not enough shoe.

    • Anonymous

      well said, I agree. Less ruffles, more shoe and new hairstyle. OUT

  • Anonymous

    IN, agree with everyone on the shoes….MUST GO, but otherwise one of my fav looks of hers

  • Anonymous

    Black pumps and the collar that was worn by the original model would have looked great.  But I’d say IN.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if we’ll ever see this actress smile naturally again. Do we have to wait until the trilogy is over? 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I’d like to see a smile with teeth for once.

  • Anonymous

    Does white make you look bow-legged? 

    • Badriya Al-Badi’a

      I think that it’s all the curves in the dress that are accentuating what might otherwise be unnoticable bow-leggedness.  It looks fine from the less cluttered back, but her legs become more curves from the front.  If the dress had been a bit longer that could have been avoided, I think.  Narrow In for me, but really narrow.

  • Anonymous

    In. Love it. Some color with the shoes might have been cool, but I’m okay with the nude ones.

  • Bethany Roullett

    IN!   Super cute, still edgy. 

  • Jonika Tannous

    love huh! in.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    In! Love the fluid lines of the dress, and she looks really fresh.

    • Geno Boggiatto

      Actually, I like the sheer button-down under the dress in the runway version. Would have been interesting to see what she would have looked like in that.

      • Anonymous

        The avant-garde suit on the runway is a pretty cool concept. She’s probably one of the few stars who could have worn the runway version and rocked it.

        • Anonymous

          You are spot on.  She is pretty amazing in her personal style for someone so young.

  • Anonymous

    She bug the everlovin’ hell out of me but she is shutting it down in this.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    The naked shoes are underwhelming, but I love this dress and I love that she went with a sleeveless option.  Gorgeous!

  • natalia h

    In. IN. IN!

  • Deirdre

    A little too close to the good china, but otherwise IN.

  • foodycatAlicia

    Based on the Lea Michele crotch shot, it has to be OUT. Take this as a warning – I am favourably disposed towards her at the moment but any more of this sort of thing and that will change. She is such a pretty girl though.

  • Anonymous

    love the dress, love the fact that she has dimples when she breaks into a half smile…do not love the shoe pairing or the awkward way that the dress is gaping….it’s still an IN

  • Anonymous

    In. I don’t even like the dress all that much, but she really makes it work. Now that’s style!

    I don’t mind the shoes. They fade into the background and keep the focus on the unusual dress.

    Her dimples are outrageously adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Hate that I’m one long stride from seeing waaaay more of her than I care to see.  Also, HATE the exposed zipper in the back. 

  • Kristy Evans

    In. But I would have loved some bright pumps. Green, maybe?

  • MilaXX

    IN! I think she looks better than the model and I think the naked sandal works. Also I have to find out who her makeup artist is on this tour, because WOW!

  • Cassie (C.M.W.)

    In, but only because that dress is on her. Can’t think of anyone else who could’ve rocked it.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  The dress looks much better than her than on the model.  Funny, she’s flashing even more leg than Jennifer Aniston did in her bathtowel dress–yet Rooney Mara looks elegant, not desperate.  

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Would’ve gone with a more interesting white shoe.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    The stickler for detail that I am, I look at this and can only see BOTH HER BIG TOES hanging off the edges of those dreadful shoes. Wrong shoe, wrong color, hell, the wrong size! OUT.

  • Anonymous

    In! In, in, in. Great dress!

  • Anonymous

    IN, but I would have preferred those sleeves (jacket?).

  • Judy S

    In–but the shock to me was that she’s smiling! 

  • Ronica Skarphol Brownson

    [in her best Maude Lebowski voice] “It’s VAGINAL.”

  • NJScor72

    Send this pic to Shailene Woodley and tell her THIS is how you adjust for a sheer dress on the runway… make them line it…

  • Barbora

    IN! I like this look…

  • Anonymous

    I love this on her–fresh and modern.  The skirt part looks too small–way too wide and high a slit in front and a little tight on the ass–but I still love it.  The hair could be softer but I don’t mind it too much–it seems to be her look right now.  She looks cool, a little edgy, a little awkward, beautiful.  Does anyone out there know Melissa Ferrick?  Rooney Mara reminds me of her.

  • Anonymous

    Cute! Wrong shoes, yes, but that doesn’t outweigh the dress choice, fresh makeup, less-stark hair and the fact that she’s apparently eating solid food again! Yay!

  • Cathy S

    She’s in. She looks great in that. I’m not crazy about the back but as long as she poses against walls she’s good.

  • Gus Casals

    She looks pretty, not sure about the dress itself. But overall, an IN

  • Claudia Berry

    I think she looks great and this dress would suit her pre-Dragon Tattoo persona much better 😀

  • Anonymous

    Looks perfect on her. Isn’t it still winter in the Northern Hemisphere? It looks like a Summer Blockbuster movie premiere dress, but otherwise perfect.

  • Anonymous

    I love it. IN.

  • Stella Zawistowski

    She looks AMAZING. I don’t even mind the naked shoes. IN.

  • glennethph

    OUT. So out that they need to take her Oscar nom away.

  • Laura Schultz

    OUT. Strange dress, very nearly quite revealing in not a good way…

  • Dana WhatTheFrock

    IN but I think a big part of that is the fact that she has a smile on her face.

    I hate hate hate those naked shoes, too. Everyone is wearing them lately. I think they’re Celine?

  • Anonymous

    IN!  Tried to so hard to look this cool in my twenties.  But never achieved it.

    • Anonymous

      We all would have looked way cooler in our 20s if we had designer clothes thrown at us. Although, I was in my 20s in the 1980s, so maybe not even then…

      • Anonymous

        I was also in my 20’s in the 80’s.  It was the days of Large Hair and Large Shoulder Pads.  Ugh.  And I was skinny as a rail (size 2-4) back then!

        • Anonymous

          I was married in 1989, and my wedding dress had shoulder pads. I shit you not. I thought it was fabulous: Think ’80s column dress with long sleeves and a V back…it was actually elegant at the time and my reaction to all the post-Diana floofy confections. But still, shoulder pads in my wedding dress. Pretty funny.

  • Anonymous

    So IN!!!!! She looks awesome!

  • Kathrine Marlow

    In, it would have been better with similar shoes to those on the runway, but I like the alterations.  She looks good

  • Anplica Fiore

    In – she looks great!

  • Nancer

    Dress and woman, very pretty, so “In.” That said, why are all of these dresses cut so high? I think that there is imminent danger of her flashing someone in this thing. But it is still very pretty, it should just be tweaked a bit to make, how shall I say this… safer!

  • Lauren Maier

    IN – she looks great, but I love the faces she’s pulling.  It’s like she’s gone from Audrey-bot to Audrey-pixie.  

  • Rand Ortega

    In the immortal words of Anne Slowey: Too Much Tootie!

  • Heather

    I don’t get this girl, nor why they needed to remake the movie. The fact that she looks much like the girl in the original Swedish version, whose name is Nomi Rora or something similar, makes it even more confusing. 

  • Anonymous

    Love the Audrey-bot, don’t even mind the shoes. IN.

  • Susana Reyes

    In. I don’t mind the shoe, but don’t think black would have worked, well not for me, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Even though the shoes are pretty bad, they are not silly putty nude shoes.


  • Victoria Pavlova

    Come on, you guys, she’s smiling AND waving, how cool is that? Definitely IN.

  • Stephen Bornstein

    winter white wonderfull…and a smile…..IN

  • korilian

    The dress is okay, but the hair is too tight. Also agree about the shoes. I’m oddly reluctant to declare her straight OUT though. Outish?

  • Anonymous

    Out from me. Hair is too severe, shoes don’t fit (her or the dress), the dress is too complicate in the front and atrocious in the back. Not sure where all the love is coming from.

  • Anonymous

    Is it bad that I’m more interested in the movie poster behind her?

    (But IN.)

  • Sara__B

    She’s no longer an Audreybot, but a smiling, relaxed cutie with an edge. LOVE that dimple. Not so crazy about the shoes, but I can’t think what would work better.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my stars! She’s wearing a different “color”. LOL. Girl does wear a lot of black doesn’t she? 

    The way the skirt fits it driving me batshit. It’s just way to crotchtastic. Ugh. Not a fan of the dress, but it’s miles better on the model because it fits properly and the skirt isn’t focusing on revealing the good china. I like her but she gets an OUT.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    IN and I agree with you about the shoes.  Black pumps!

    And frankly (and we bitter kittens must be frank!) I like the runway version lots better.

  • Anonymous

    In. The look is a little pale, but not boring.  A cute change for her.

  • butter nut

    IN. it would be terrible on the average girl, but i think she brings something special to the dress.

  • Anonymous

    IN!  Love dress on her, although it screams hot summer night. 

    Out-of-season usually annoys me to an out, but this time she looks so perfect for her I don’t mind.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress; she wears it well. She doesn’t even seem concerned that everybody’s getting a peek at her bits.

    More amazingly, the woman knows how to SMILE?? Pass the smelling salts.

  • Joyce VG

    Nice legs. IN.

  • mistergsf

    IN!  Maybe I’m a simpleton but I think she looks fabulous.  If you’re a fashionista, sure you can pick away at every detail and vote OUT!

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Washed out weirdo took the words right out of my mouth. I also cannot deal wiht her little twee twittering anime character expressions. You’re TWENTY-FIVE!

  • Vaniljekjeks

    In.  She looks fantastic, and dare I say, adorable!

  • Cassie

    IN. She looks fabulous.

  • Anonymous


    Rooney looks fantastic.  The dress feels appropriate, for some reason, for the Japan premier. I don’t dislike her shoe choice here either.

  • Anonymous

    i like the original better; still, this is a very nice dress. i didnt notice the shoes cos the dress really grabs you. or me, anyway.

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    In, although I don’t like the “curtains to the ladybits” effect on the skirt.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Not crazy about the shoes, but that’s not enough to offset how much I love that dress on her.  Style-wise she seems to be having so much more fun than any other girl out there.

  • Aly Light

    OUT. Doesn’t fit. Doesn’t suit her.

  • Sara Munoz

    I was starting to get sick of her, but this is really, really cute. IN!!!!

    But ok, I still am sick of her.

  • Anonymous

    IN – love this on her.  Glad she dropped the collar thing.

  • DH


  • Jill Roberts

    IN!  Better than the model!

  • Anonymous

    In! I’m fine with her shoes since there’s so much going on with the dress. However, she should have some jewelry dripping off her. That would have been the perfect punctuation to her outfit.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The dress looks interesting on the model, but is all askew and silly looking on Rooney.

  • Anonymous

    IN! And way better on RM than on the model.

  • marlie

    I love it!

  • Anonymous

    And she’s smiling!   IN!  :)

  • Dave

    IN – better on her than the model!

  • rynerman

    IN.  Nice change from black and she’s wearing it well.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. This should be her dress. The skirt is too small and pulling all kinds of funny. The shoes are wrong wrong wrong. She needs black shoes or a pop of color. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you…. something’s wrong with that skirt….

  • Anonymous

    Even though you can almost see the good china, I’m giving her a lower case in.

    • Anonymous

      i’d love to shop around in her china closet.

  • Anonymous


  • Isana Leshchinskaya


  • Anonymous

    IN IN IN! Do not agree with you about the shoes, however. The model has black shoes and I no likey. I love the fact that our little Audreybot ditched the button down under the dress – looks way cooler without. IN IN IN! Love it.

  • Democracy Diva

    Is her wearing white a big deal? I know she loves her LBDs, but she wore an all-white gown a month ago, and it was ALSO by Givenchy. Not sure what all the fuss is about.

  • Anonymous

    Well hello David! How are you today. Looking well, I can see, fine even. Ultra fine!

    What, there’s someone else in the picture?

    In. Hate the back but the front is very pretty.

    • Anonymous

      That’s my reaction to pics of Fincher, too!  Especially when it’s a rare occasion that he wears a suit.

  • Anonymous

    she put that runway model to shame!  that girl ought to pack her bags and quietly leave town.  anyways….what an incredible dress on her.  just as i was about to start posting (in another t-lo thread) “if i see another white dress….”.  to call this just a white dress is a travesty.  it is a work of art!  i love the naked shoes, as long as you have beautiful naked feet to go with them.  sorry, boys, black pumps would have brought it down.

  • Anonymous

    IN because she looks so refreshing I’m pretending the china isn’t about to be exposed. Though I see some kind of panties on the model, so I am going to assume RM has them too. I like this better without the shirt under it.
    The shoes don’t bother me. I think because they are more innocuous than a nude pump.

  • Anonymous

    and how about those dimples!  i think i’m in love.

    • Lisa

      I know, right?  How cute is she!

  • erin l.

    In. With black shoes, it would have looked like an oreo with entirely too much filling. Her hair brings enough to the table for me.

  • MinAgain

    I don’t like the hair or the shoes, but it’s a very interesting dress.

  • Sarah Winningham

    Wish it were less gynecological, but still in.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t love it but I like it. That gap in the front between her legs is a little too “gateway to the good times” for me. And it’s more snug across her rear than would optimally flatter.  I wouldn’t mind the shoes except they’re either way too small or she needs some traction inside ’em to keep her feet from sliding forward, she’s got entire toes sticking out beyond the shoe. & it would have been nice if she’d worn earrings.

    And Yet. She looks good. I like the dress, it’s a very cool approach to the dread ruffle. I like her in white, she looks WAY better than the model, IMO.  

    In, barely. 

    • Anonymous

      “gateway to the good times”  SNORT!   Love that.

  • Lisa Weaver

    So IN – maybe add a cuff, but otherwise it is A-ok

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she looks phenomenal. i love this look. IN

  • Anonymous

    In by a millimeter (re: opening in the front)

  • Anonymous

    in — don’t adore the dress, but I adore the little smile and wave, and the dress is fine.

  • Emily

    in.  like the white.

  • Anonymous

    New shoes needed, but IN.

  • Anonymous

    In. Though I agree the shoes are wrong.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    In. The dress looks great from the front, but the back is terrible. The arc of the liner is awkward and it’s pulling across her butt in a very unflattering way.

  • Christina Brennan

    IN!  I even like the shoes!

  • Lisa

    IN – and I assure you, I *never* say that about someone dressed all in white usually.  It’s a very unforgiving color, although she has that tall thin, rockin’ bod that can carry it off.  

    Plus, at the risk of sounding like an old school marm, she looks SO much prettier without all that shit on her face!

  • Anonymous

    There’s not quite enough left to the imagination from the back and the shoes are a bit too Aniston-esque. But overall a major IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN…that dress is totally cool…

  • Anonymous

    She’s wormed her way onto my ‘irrational love’ list, so I’m biased, but this is IN for me. Don’t care for the shoes, admittedly, but I really like her hair styled that way and that picture of her waving is super adorable. Kind of wish she’d kept the sleeves like on the model version, but that’s a minor quibble.

  • Elias Pineda


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    In, in, and even more emphatically “in”!!!

  • Anonymous

    IN.  I like this.  She looks cute and put together.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Very cute. The shoes are kind of blah but I’ve excused girls for more egregious errors in dressing before. 

  • Anonymous

    Love dress. Hate shoes.  IN!

  • Anonymous

    I saw In but I like pretty much everything she has worn.

      I wish people would relax about her hair – she is committed to 3 movies, the style required is extreme and she seems to want to go with her own hair and not a wig.

  • Mariah J

    IN I love it…might look vulgar on a bigger girl but it works on her

  • Anonymous

    In. She look fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    IN! stick to the model’s shoe tho.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  She’s adorable.

  • Robyn Morelli

    she is really stunning! in!

  • vmcdanie

    In. The Audreybot is mesmerizing. I do wish the slit in the center wasn’t so high. We can almost see her mechanized ladybits.

  • Anonymous

    I think their might be a bit too much foo-fa-ra here. Still, she looks great. So IN, I guess.

  • Mags

    IN, she looks great. 

  • Joey Melliza

    taking the sleeves off definitely took the edge off this piece and made it girly sweet – never expected it from a Givenchy but nice.

  • Grace Ritt

    IN! I love the hair. But yeah, I do wish she were wearing different shoes. They’re not terrible, though.

  • Sophie Collier

    IN.  Don’t mind non-descript shoes with a dress that busy.

  • Tierney Alison

    I love her! The shoes are pretty bad, but the dress is amazing. IN.

  • Jamie


  • Elaine Wiles


  • Vera E Sticker

    Nope. The dress is only okay and it fits her badly. Hate the open skirt. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    My goodness. She is quite the bowlegged girl, isn’t she? I’d still vote IN, but the lines of her dress exaggerate the bowed legs.

  • R. L.

    Definitely in from me.  The dress has a futuristic vibe that suits her to a T.

  • Anonymous


  • Susan Crawford

    SHE looks great and gets an IN. The dress, on the other hand wasn’t stellar. I am really hating on those fold-over, slit up to the rocket’s red glare dresses. You know what I mean: the dresses that must make sitting down impossible unless your personal assistant rushes in to tuck you under a cashmere lap robe. Between the rag-tag hemlines, the split-skirts, argyle and origami design, honestly, I am desperate with anxiety. Pass me another tumbler of single malt, dear kittens, as I  leaf through my copy of “Hitchcock Style”.

  • Jason Kramer

    IN–I love everything about that dress, agree on the shoes. Hair and make-up is Audrey-bot perfect, though expected. Her smile is quite charming, too.

  • Michael Baskin-Searles

    To me, it looks better on her than it did the model!!  I think it’s great that she’s mixing it up!! (pop of color would have made it perfect)

  • Noelle Haland

    I definitely say IN, though I agree with your hatred of those shoes. Blech. I LOVE her hair. My only concern is that we can almost see the good china with that tulip-y skirt.

  • Julie Chase

    Love it. Could use some splashy shoes and jewelry. Green earrings or something.

  • Anonymous

    wow, I LOVE that dress. So IN!!!!

  • Anonymous

    In! And nice to see her smile.

  • Anonymous

    Very much IN for me

  • Anonymous

    so in!

  • Felicitas Strautman

    IN! she looks stunning. 

  • Anonymous

    IN – extra points for the lovely dimpled smile.  In interviews, I’ve read that she’s almost literally painfully shy, but maybe she’s finally getting used to the red carpet thing.  Not a moment too soon!

  • Sorana Tarmu

    White and sassy. IN.

  • Ethan Barclay-Ennew

    IN! Audrey Bot for the win; however, the shoe choice could have been better, but I do not see black with this look. I do see something bold and simple, maybe a bright Jimmy Choo narrow strap sandal, I’m feeling teal, but that is most likely just me

  • Alloy Jane

    IN.  The shoes don’t meh me enough to vote her down any, plus I like a sexy strappy and at least it isn’t a silly putty pump.  A little nakie (exposed crotch anyone?) but I still say IN!

  • Anna Tree


  • Amye

    Suits her to a ‘T’??????

    No way, it looks too tight around the thighs & buttocks.  It’s very weird, not edgy.  She’s OUT for me.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel like the lines here are working. I love her and the style she’s been wearing for this press tour, but I just don’t like this dress. I dig the direction, though, and also the sly expression.

    Sadly, OUT.

  • Samuel Joesph Donovan

    Dude, WERQ.

  • Leah

    In–naked shoes and all. She’s too gorgeous. 

  • Anonymous

    I love it, even though it’s too tight in the butt.

  • Amy Ennis

    I can’t bring myself to like her, but this dress is amazing. I give her an “IN” and will try to get past my dislike. 

  • Anonymous

    IN-credible! Love. I

  • Sarafina Angstadt-Leto

    In, although dark red shoes would have been nice. She has adorable dimple(s).

  • Anonymous

    Oh, definitely IN.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a smashing dress! First time I’ve really liked her look.

  • Ana Cedillo

    IN looks better than it does runway

  • Mercy


  • Anonymous

    Didn’t she wear white Givenchy for the world premier of this film? I’m pretty sure she did. It didn’t work that time either. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    IN! Love her for being different .

  • Anonymous

    Totally IN.

  • RzYoung

    Ooo I love this, although I think i can see bum cheek in that first photo?!? Her make-up has been almost faultless during this tour, wonder who does it? she should smile more, she looks cute. Defo and IN from moi.

  • Anonymous

    IN-she looks great even though the dress doesn’t fit right and the shoes are bad.  As said above, the halter is great but she would have been an IN in the runway version too.

  • Anonymous

    IN – The shoes are not that bad.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think she’s worried about flashing anyone, anyone that’s about to see the movie anyway.

    She looks awesome, as always.

  • Anonymous

    IN!  She really carries it off.  I think red shoes would have been a great choice.

  • Anonymous

    IN! The shoes aren’t so bad. She looks much better than the runway model.

  • Anonymous

    In.  It’s fabulous. 

  • Mathilde

    IN. I love ti, it’s feminine and it suits her. Her smile is cute. Shoes are boring and seem too small thought.

  • ecallaw

    I personally don’t care for it, but it is Audreybot to a T.  In.

  • Colleen Kay Sanceda Gadon

    In. So chic! 

  • k_skenes

    I love the shoes and everything else except the crotch curtains.  IN IN IN.

  • Brittany

    IN. She could’ve used different make-up / hair, but the dress is rockin’ on her.

  • Anonymous

    It’s an odd dress, but she’s an odd girl, so for the most part it works.  Not the best styling, but still enough to warrant an IN.

  • Anonymous

    In, love it!!  Would be WERQ if she was wearing different shoes.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I don’t like the shoes or the near crotch shot we almost got there, but the dress is great and I like that she has those silly bangs out of her face. The makeup is soft and pretty. IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN. the only complaint is the shoes? i think she looks fantastic.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    In, In, In.

  • Sandra Oh

    The dress is stunning on her.  She wears it a million times better then the model.  Wow.

  • Ana Rocadas

    IN, she’s fab. She knows what works for her, but she’s able to switch it up just enough to keep it interesting.

  • Anonymous

    In! I think she looks adorable, even though I’m a little afraid of potential showing of the lady bits.

  • andy

    Amazeballs. IN, IN, IN!

  • Anonymous

    IN, I really that she doesn’t have those f’ing bangs. You know, if she wore black shoes it’s be mostly white with black. . . 

  • Shawn EH


  • Allison Woods

    I can live with the white, and it’s quite an interesting dress. I am a little concerned that she is not able to sit down or go up stairs without going all Lea Michelle on us.

  • Kari Den Otter

    In!  Love the Audreybot!

  • Anonymous

    In, I think she looks beautiful.  Not a fan of the nude shoes, though.

  • Fifi LaRoux

    IN! She looks great!

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I love it.  Fits her like a glove, and she looks fantastic.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    By all means, IN!  I like the shoes too, m’self.

  • Anonymous

    Very much IN.  I wonder, though, what style shoes to wear other than those?  Any suggestions, anyone?

  • Hilary Sain

    SO IN. she looks nothing but striking.

  • Karen

    In, such a pleasant change. I was worried she had started to believe she was actually Lisbeth Salander.

  • TheVeryLivingEND

    IN, despite the hair and the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    IN!  Another great look from Rooney.

  • VicD


  • Anonymous

    Most definitely IN:  As worn by Miss Mara (per se, as it were), but also well-attuned to the fashion taste of a Tokyo audience.

    Well chosen!  

  • Anonymous


  • frankystein123

    So IN.

  • frankystein123

    So IN.