Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet – The Boys

Posted on January 16, 2012

The boys are boring. There are only so many ways you can point out a mismatched tie or pants that need hemming. But for you darlings, we’ll do our best.


Bradley Cooper

Cutest we’ve ever seen him look. Excellent hemming.


Channing Tatum

Any guy who could easily get away with the meathead look gets props from us for going the classic gentleman route.


Chris Colfer



Clive Owen

Those pants look kind of huge.


Colin Firth

Perfection. As always.


Damian Lewis

For fuck’s sake, you’re in a tuxedo at a formal event. Button your jacket, get your hands out of your pocket and wear an undershirt next time.


Ewan McGregor (and Eve Mavrakis)

Totally digging those skinny lapels.


George Clooney

Widdle Georgie won a prize.

It’s safe to say there will be no more growth spurts in your future, George. Hem the pants.


Gerard Butler

Never before has one man gone from wet dream for millions to scary mountain man so completely and so quickly.


Idris Elba


We like the tux too.


Jean Dujardin

For once we’re going to tell a guy to get his hem lengthened.


Jeremy Irvine

Love the piping on the jacket.

Get your damn hands out of your pockets.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson

A little too Liberace for us.


Kevin McHale



Leonardo DiCaprio

Who is dressing these men? What tailor or stylist is letting them leave the house with 5 inches of fabric puddling around their ankles? For shame, Hollywood gays. You shouldn’t be letting this happen.


Mark Salling

Nicely done.



Mark Wahlberg

We’re gagging on douche fumes.


Matthew LeBlanc

We’re not big fans of colored tuxes and we don’t like the way the tie almost-but-not-quite matches, but we have to admit this is a great color.


Matthew Morrison

Looks good.


Michael Fassbender

Looks like he swam through an oil slick to get here.


Peter Dinklage

This is one man whose hem length will go un-criticized by us, but how damning is it that his hem is actually better than about 80 percent of the rest of the men in attendance? Kudos to his tailor, because the tux fits him like a dream.


Viggo Mortensen

That sound you hear is millions of Aragorn fantasies coming crashing to earth at the same time. He looks like an insurance salesman.


Zachary Levi

Again with the blue tux. We tend to think this one looks a little Jerry Lewis, though. That could be a good or bad thing depending on how much you like Jerry Lewis, we suppose.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

    • Anonymous

      Colin Firth – swooooon.

      • Anonymous

        He is one tall drink of water. And he was so refreshing up at the podium, putting Ricky G in his place in his dry, droll way. Swoon indeed!

      • Anonymous

         He is a walking orgasm.

        • Rand Ortega

          Now THAT, my dear, is a brilliant turn of phrase!

      • Anonymous

        I’ve wanted to knock his boots since he was in the shitty version of Dangerous Liaisons.

      • Anonymous

        And Livia looked beautiful too. What a couple!

      • Venus De Mutto

        Yes, swoon — I love Colin Firth (and really, who doesn’t) and his tux is always perfect — but would it kill him to use a little hair gel?

        • Anonymous

          Hair gel?!!  Blasphemy, young ‘un.  He’s perfectly tousled.  Once upon a time, one could run fingers through a man’s hair without coming away with fragrant gunk…

    • Alexis Peñafuerte Wenceslao

      Colin Firth is orgasmic.

    • Anonymous

      Is it my imagination or is Viggo slowly morphing into Alan Alda?  (Is it just the hair?)

      • foodycat

        It isn’t just you! I was thinking Hawkeye too.

      • Anonymous

        Great minds think alike, and apparently at the same time (I just posted something similar.)

      • BuffaloBarbara

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who was going to a Hawkeye place there.

      • Shannon Stewart

        Is it odd that the idea makes me like Viggo more?  I love Alan Alda…

        • Anonymous

          Same here!  There are few better people to morph into.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for doing the boys.

      • Anonymous

        Am I utterly childish that I snickered when I read that?

        • Kiltdntiltd

          Maybe, but why is that a bad thing?

    • Anonymous

      Peter Dinklage. Swoon. Seriously, I love that guy ever since the Station Agent.

      • Anonymous

        I occasionally see him in person — SWOON — ever since I saw him in Richard III when he ran across a table and kicked some dude in the teeth I was blown away.

        • Elizabeth Ocon

          I actually saw him in person this summer! I was in a hotel in NC for my sister’s wedding, and he just walks by! I was like, “That’s Peter Dinklage!” to my sister – to have her confirm….

          I didn’t go up to him or anything, just was a little giddy about it!

          It wasn’t a great hotel or anything, I have no idea why he’d be staying in a place like that!

          It was cool!

      • Anonymous

        And one of the best acceptance speeches of the long long night.  Our mothers keep us humble.  Love him and a well deserved award.

      • Anonymous

        Oh me too! So happy to see the Dinklage love here. He’s so cute and such a great actor…he’s fantastic in Game of Thrones.

      • Anonymous

        Loved him in that.

      • Anonymous

        Elf. Best scene. LOVE him

      • Anonymous

        Swoon indeed, he is a very sexy guy in a dark, brooding manner.  I’d hit that….

    • Alicia Fourie

      Bradley Cooper’s facial hair upsets me. It’s Col Sanders, the young years.

      ETA bugger, my log in has changed.

      • Anonymous

        Me too. Ick.

      • Venus De Mutto

        He looks like a younger Vincent Price to me.

      • Anonymous

        It would bother me less if it were all at least connected, but the beard, soul patch thingy, and moustache don’t even touch!  Blargh.

    • charlotte

      Colin Firth *sighs*…

      • Laura Schultz

        Apparently there are other men in the post too? I’m having a hard time focusing on anyone else. 

        • charlotte

          Whatever happened to Gerard Butler…he looks tragic!
          This is the hot guy from “P.S. I Love You” everyone!

          • Anonymous

            Sorry charlotte, some of us (even those who remember him before PS I Love You) think he looks better than ever. I love the beard and I am totally enamored of the hair. The man has the best hair in Hollywood and that Ferragamo tux is the stuff “as dreams are made of”.

            • Anonymous

              AGREED!!  I think he looks super hot with that hair.

          • Anonymous

            I’m with you.  It looks like Animal won a Golden Globe for the new Muppets movie and Miss Piggy found him a tux.

    • Ros Clarke

      Seriously, guys, this is not that hard. Get your trousers the right length. And TAKE YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS.

      • Kiltdntiltd

        Honestly, when women have so many more things that will be nit picked to death, you guys have two TWO things to worry about.  Hem the trousers right and avoid playing pocket pool on the RC.

      • Anonymous

        Do they all just get brainfreeze on the RC, and forget that jackets have pockets, too?

      • Anonymous

        That’s what’s so amazing about Colin Firth — he can have one hand in his pocket and it looks debonair, but the other guys can’t seem to match his fantasticness. Fantastocity? Fantasticity?

        • Anonymous

          He is a living god. Also, his suit actually fits properly, allowing for the occasional light dip into pocket.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      DINKLAGE. Anyone here a Game of Thrones fan? Because I love how much the award shows are appreciating him at least, if not the show. He is perfect.

      • Amanda

        I agree completely!!!

      • Anonymous

        Not sure what you mean about the show not appreciating him since Tyrion gets all the best lines, but then I kept clear from most of the meta. But otherwise you are of course completely right. He kills his role and is my favourite by a mile.

        • foodycatAlicia

          I thought she meant awards shows give Dinklage love, but not Game of Thrones as a whole. Tyrion really does get the best lines!

        • Sobaika Mirza

          I was referring to award shows.

          • MilaXX

            He won a few last year as well.

          • Anonymous

            Of course. I am clearly a burned child where behind the scene dealings are involved. I immediately assumed shenanigans. Thanks. And true, the show deserves recognition as a whole.

        • Minspinning

          I may be wrong, but I think that she meant award shows have not appreciated the show (it hasn’t won best drama series), not that the show hasn’t appreciated Peter Dinklage.

      • Anonymous

        Just finished re-watching a few eps on my day off. Awesome show and he’s one of the best things in it.

      • muzan-e

        My respect for the cast is measured largely by how well they can hold their own while sharing the screen with Dinklage. Because the man is that damn good, and even my boundless Boromir – uh, Sean Bean – love wilts a little when Tyrion makes an appearance.

        Learning that they’d allowed him to improv extra lines all over the place didn’t surprise me one little bit. *g*

      • Anonymous

        I have such a huge crush on Tyrion. And Robb. And Jorah.

        Such a hot cast. 

    • Anonymous

      I never thought the day would come when Joey Tribbiani would be the most stylish dude at the Golden Globes.

      • Alexandria

        Fahget about it, Firth wins. But Joey sure is aging nicely

        • Anonymous

          Firth is doing classic tux perfectly, but I assign extra style points to Joey for daring to wear a non-black suit.

          • Alexandria

            Ah, that is fair. I do love that color

        • Anonymous

          And I freaking love his silver hair. He’s so much hotter than he was on friends, and “Matt LeBlanc” is a great role on Extras.

    • Kevin VanOrd

      Bradley Cooper is going to have sex with me one day.

      I must believe in this. It’s all I have.

      • Anonymous

        Let us hope it is soon, before he achieves late-stage Marlon Brando.

      • Nancy Abrams

        He and Colin Firth must share a tailor. Both are perfection.

    • Karen Walsh

      Ah, Colin Firth.  He is indeed perfection.  Oh Viggo, Viggo, you sadden me so much.  Me no likey this look.  Let’s get back to sexy town, umkay?  Zach Levi looks adorable and yes, I do love Jerry Lewis.

    • Anonymous

      “Who is dressing these men? What tailor or stylist is letting them leave the house with 5 inches of fabric puddling around their ankles? For shame, Hollywood gays. You shouldn’t be letting this happen.” I always suspect that their stylists have the pants yanked up to their waistlines (where they should be) when they’re being fitted, but then the younger guys pull the waistlines down to their hips at some point before they hit the red carpet, thus giving them the dreaded Pool of Fabric at the ankles. This has happened to me when costuming teens and 20-something males for theatrical productions. I constantly threaten to come up on stage during a performance and yank their pants up. 😉

      • BuffaloBarbara

        That’s a working theory that  hadn’t thought of!

      • Shannon Stewart

        Men buy pants to fit when seated generally — suits and tuxes for formal events should be fitted to standing length.

      • Anonymous

        George Clooney is sooo not 20-something and he has fabric puddling all the time

        • Nancy Abrams

          He must have gone for one of those lunchtime face lifts about three weeks ago. I mentioned last week that he looked younger and happier. When comparing the way he looked last night with the movie clips they showed, as well as those bad photos we’ve been seeing, he seems to have lost at least 15 years.

          And what was with that stupid Michael Fassbender bit? He made it worse by giving a demonstration just in case we didn’t get it.

      • foodycatAlicia

        Yeah, but there are a lot of men there with bad hems who aren’t younger guys! I do think you might be right with Mark Salling though – he’s either really long-bodied or he has shoved his pants down.

      • jaymeglynn

        All those younger guys…. and George Clooney, haha. I can see it!

      • Noelle Haland

        Ahh, interesting perspective that makes sense. That’s also got to be responsible not only for the puddle of fabric problem but also for so many guys with their crotches too low and looking weirdly baggy in the crotch.

      • Anonymous

        but then the younger guys pull the waistlines down to their hips at some point before they hit the red carpet, thus giving them the dreaded Pool of Fabric at the ankles

        And the equally, if not more loathesome beer-belly-shirt sticking out of the jacket.

    • Anonymous

       A little too Liberace for us.

      Oh, come on.  There was not one single rhinestone in sight!

      Y’know, maybe men’s trousers should come with their pockets sewn up.

      • Shannon Stewart

        Unless they are really stupid, it wouldn’t stop them — I’ve had countless pairs that I’ve had to rip open because I didn’t notice until I was already in them.  Maybe if we stitched them really sturdily….

      • jaymeglynn

        But then where would we put our lipstick and money?

        • Anonymous

          I’ll allow the back pockets to be open.  Or perhaps we could get someone to design a men’s clutch.

          • Anonymous

            They could all wear sporrans. 

      • Noelle Haland

        Ha! Great idea!!

    • Reneesance

      Viggo Nooooooo!!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s like Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender were fighting over who gets to look more disappointing.

      Current members of the Clooney Douche Club: Marky Mark, Matt “in your FACE (and WAISTCOAT CLOSET) JGL” Morrison, Gerard “Scaryface” Butler. Guy Ricthie should make a movie about them.

    • Anonymous

      Thank goodness for the dependable Brits (yes, Ewan and Colin, I’m talking about you.)  Viggo looks like Alan Alda playing an insurance salesman in 1982, and I still don’t get the Michael Fassbender thing at all.    Overall, though, no epic fails and a lot of nice looking men.

      • Anonymous

        I cannot get on the Fassbender wagon. Like, at all. 

    • Kate Andrews

      Is Fassbender’s suit leather? I am perplexed! And Ewan. Love.

      • Lori

        I was thinking sharkskin, which is also perplexing.

        • Anonymous

          Man.  He is so not historically my type.  But that shiny suit is doing funny things to my nethers.

    • Laura Schultz

      Colin Firth ZOMG. 

    • Vivi N

      You leave my baby, Zachary “Fine As Hell” Levi, alone!

    • Anonymous

      Shirtcuffs, people!  This is Firth’s tiny flaw:  too much shirtcuff showing.  And there are a lot of guys without any shirtcuff showing – gaak!  This always makes me imagine that they have short sleeve shirts on and it’s just. not. done.

      • Anonymous

        I agree 100%. Since we have not much else to dish about on the guys -lets look at these details and the first thing I saw on Mr. Firth was the shirt cuff. I hadn’t noticed how many of them didn’t have any showing. ACK! 
        Jeremy Irvine’s stylist seemed to have that figured out. 

    • Ellen Barkenbush

      Was talking to my mother last night when Dinklage was on stage, she posited “Good lord, his tuxedo is better tailored than almost everyone else I’ve seen on the TV tonight – and that can be no easy feat, so the rest of the guys have NO excuse!”

      Idris Elba should wear a tuxedo every day.

      • Anonymous

        I disagree.  Idris Elba should NOT wear a tux everyday.  In fact he should not even wear clothes..AT ALL

        • Ellen Barkenbush

          HA! I have to agree with you there. The man was born to wear spectacular clothing… and then TAKE THEM OFF FOR US :)

        • MilaXX

          This is a man who made Cosby sweaters look good as bad boy Stringer Bell.

      • Shannon Stewart

        I’d imagine you’d fit him the same as anyone else — go to the closest size and alter accordingly.  Shouldn’t be any harder than anyone else, though you’d have to start with kid sizes, probably around 10 or 12. 

        My first thought on reading the comments from TLo was, “Wow, I bet altering that was oddly like altering my son’s…” The right pants for his waist (which is proportional to itself) were long enough to fit him from cuff to COLLARBONE.  Poor child inherited my gorilla proportions…

        • Ellen Barkenbush

          I hear you on that “difficult sizing” for kids, Shannon – when I was about 7 1/2, I had a massive growth spurt and started third grade at 5′ 5″, my poor mother spent the two weeks before school altering juniors/misses size clothing to fit me (and she made several dresses because we couldn’t find anything age appropriate that fit me!)

      • MilaXX

        I don’t care what Idris wears as long as he’s on my screen as much as possible.

    • Anonymous

      Is Clooney’s a rental?

    • Anonymous

      Colin Firth -too much shirt sleeve…no? 
      Kevin McHale -pants look too short 
      Idris elba – the spread on that collar is a bit much 

      They all look yummy (I don’t even like Colin Firth and he looks divine here)-I’m just trying to figure out the rules here. 

      • Shannon Stewart

        Colin Firth always looks great at this kind of thing — his body type works very well in a tux and he clearly has a close personal relationship with his tailor. 

    • Anonymous

      Sniffle… no pic of Guy Pearce?  (I have no idea how he looked last night, I just always love a photo of Guy Pearce)

    • foodycat

      Wait – does Matthew Morrison have spurs on his heels?

      • MilaXX

        that’s what I thought. UGH, now that’s a douche.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I don’t generally get the Michael Fassbender thing anyway (good body, but his face is nothing to write home about), but that suit takes him into kind of scary territory.

      Most of them look fine.  Ankle-puddles aside, it’s very hard not to look good in a tux.  That’s what they exist for, so that men can look good automatically without having to put too much thought into it.

      Also, Jean Dujardin… why are you posing like Zoolander?

      • DrJulieAnn

        Jean Dujardin’s pose reminded me a pose he struck for the audience near the beginning of “The Artist.”

    • Kasie Hilburn

      THANK YOU TLo! Bradley, Channing, Ewan, Mark, Zachery.. teh HOT seksh! ARAGORRRNNNNNN *crying*

    • Anonymous


      I cannot believe you gave a pass to Matthew Morrison’s shoes. 

    • Anonymous

      I think Eva Mavrakis is very stylish.

    • Anonymous

      So long Aragorn, hello Jean. I’m willing to cut him some slack on the hemline, if only because one viewing of “The Artist” makes it abundantly clear that Dujardin is totally the movie star Clooney thinks he is.

      • Anonymous

        Jean’s trousers may have been a little short, but he was wearing his big French personality all over the place last night, and he looked utterly charming.

        RIP, Aragorn.  [Sobs quietly]

    • Anonymous

      OMG – Aragorn’s outfit was so horrendously bad, I actually thought he looked like a washed up pilot for some regional airline after a night of binge drinking with the sluts at some dive bar in Pennsyltucky.  

      Seriously he was so hott in LOTR, this is not the same guy!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Actually pretty good! The Brits wear suits the best though-its all that school uniform they get comfortable in them. :)

    • Cortney Dean

      Uh, is Channing Tatum in danger of turning into a Movie Star? Because he looked pitch perfect. Better than Clooney and Pitt, am I right?

    • MilaXX

      It is amazing that the men fail at doing the very basics of what a female has to do. I mean fit and hem are not exactly rocket science. Yet only half the guys seem to get it right.

      Bradley Cooper – Even with the porn-stache he looks good.
      Channing Tatum – Well done
      Colin Firth – Working with Tom Ford has done wonders for his RC looks.
      Damian Lewis – I wonder if the jacket is properly fitted. I’m not sure he can button it.
      Ewan McGregor  – It’s Ewan, need I say more?
      George Clooney – Pants need to be hemmed and he’s way too orange. I won’t even mention he didn’t deserve that award.
      Gerard Butler – Please tell me that hair & beard are for a movie role.
      Idris Elba – YUM!!
      Jean Dujardin – I get a Roberto Benini (sp?) vibe from him.
      Jeremy Irvine – Nice enough
      Jesse Tyler Ferguson – I like him but he looks a hot mess.
      Kevin McHale – Please help Jesse with his lookLeonardo DiCaprio – Pants are too long and he looks like my father and I’m 10 years older.
      Mark Salling – He looks great, but please don’t let him speak again. His pre-show interview was so boring it was painful.
      Mark Wahlberg – At least he’s less douche-y than Rob Lowe.
      Matthew LeBlanc – I think the blue works with his hair color. Has anybody seen his show? It looked dumb  so I didn’t watch it.
      Matthew Morrison – What is that on his shoes?
      Michael Fassbender – A shiny mess
      Peter Dinklage – I think he looks very handsome and put half these guys to shame.
      Viggo Mortensen – Under dressed
      Zachary Levi – The blue looks a little lounge lizard on him and the beard isn’t helping.

      • Ellen Barkenbush

        I was REALLY disappointed by Damian Lewis. He generally cleans up well and I’ve seen plenty of pictures of him looking dapper in formal wear, but last night he was looking very uncomfortable in that  tux. Perhaps it was a rental?

    • Anonymous

      “Tlo said:  We tend to think this one looks a little Jerry Lewis, though. That could be a good or bad thing depending on how much you like Jerry Lewis, we suppose.”

      LOL, I LOVE Jerry Lewis, but I’d say this looks more Buddy Love than Jerry Lewis. If it looked Jery Lewis, is should have been pictured with the LLLLAAAAYYYYDDEEEEs!


    • Ginger

      I don’t know who Mark Salling is, but somebody needs to tell him that mohawks went out of style like 4 years ago.  Besides, it looks off-center to me.  It ruined the entire effect.

      Oh Gerard Butler…how I love a bearded man (my husband being at the top of said list).  However, you’ve leapt over the line and crossed into creepy guy selling papers on the corner.  Please revert back to the clean-shaven hottie that you once were.  I won’t even demand that you sport the body you had during the filming of “300” (although that body did make me swoon). 

      • MilaXX

        He’s on Glee and his character wears a mohawk so he’s kinda stuck with the look until the off season.

    • Gus Casals

      I´m kind of diggin Fassbender. It probably looks better under interior light. 
      And I guess that the almost leather-like finish on such a fine specimen has me all hot and bothered.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously? He looks like a “The Silence” extra, with the mask off, in between takes of Doctor Who!

    • Anonymous

      It was my understanding about men’s tailoring that a pant-leg should be long enough to touch the top of the gentleman’s shoe and “break” just a bit above.  I just did a GOOGLE search and came up with this rather informative article:   There are three different “break” levels, apparently.  Some of these photos display a “full break” that is pretty unattractive.  Consult a tailor worth his or her salt, gentlemen; you certainly should be able to afford it.

    • Katharine Margaret

      Looking at George Clooney I had a moment of realization. As a kid, I used to make fun of my mom for having a “thing” for Paul Newman and Robert Redford and she would say “you should have seen them when they were younger” and I’d say “ew, gross, they’re old.”

      That will be me one day trying to explain to my kids that George Clooney wasn’t always so old and pervy-looking. I can see it already.

      • Anonymous

        I’ma jump here in defense of Paul and Rob… esp Paul. He was NEVER as full of himself as George. I think George is trying to go for the ‘sexy, unaffected, nice guy’. Fail.  

        • Katharine Margaret

          Oh I didn’t mean that either of them were as conceited as Clooney – but as a teenager I JUST DIDN’T GET IT. It’s funny because NOW I can look at both of those guys and think they are extremely handsome. And I bet my kids won’t “get it” about Clooney in his heyday either. I’ll be like “I swear, he used to be SOO HANDSOME” and they’ll be like “him? yeah right.”

          • Anonymous

            Good! Yeah, you’re right… start with how Marlon Brando was a stud.  
            Well, if you’re interested try to catch the “Iconoclasts” show on Paul and Rob. So nice. 

      • Anonymous

        Never got Robert Redford, he’s just not my type. But holy shit, Paul Newman was sooo hot. Have you seen “Cool Hand Luke” or “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”? I could stare at Paul Newman for days. It’s insane.

    • Paula Berman

      Fassbender’s suit is too small. Not that I’m really complaining… he wants to show off the goods, obviously, as Clooney pointed out.

      But Viggo is TRAGIC. I’m crying inside.

    • Lauren Maier


      I demand that you go find Chandler and start playing foosball to resuscitate the idea that I’m not actually getting old.  Now.  

      • Anonymous

        I’ve read that he wants to go grey naturally and refuses to dye his hair. So, more power to him, I say.

        But I feel your pain. My husband is three months older than me and he has gone totally grey. Makes me feel old to look at him (although thankfully he doesn’t act old–he’ll still be playing air guitar to AC/DC songs when we’re in our 70s). 

        • Lauren Maier

          Your husband is awesome.  

    • Dawn Sinclair

      Anyone else think that Kevin McHale looks a little like he should be sitting on the kids table?

    • Anonymous

      Colin Firth is perfection. Idris Elba, phwoar!

    • Karen Stephens Bassett

      Honey Chile, there is absolutely NOTHING douche-y about Markie Mark!

      • Sara Munoz

        He was super condescending to Jessica Biel onstage. 

    • Annie Leung

      Starting today I think I’m going to create a new job and that is to be the person who smacks the actor’s hands out of his pockets before his photo op on the red carpet. 

      I haven’t thought of  witty name for the position yet. Still, thank goodness for Colin Firth. 

      • SkipperJane

        Maybe RC “Pocket Protector”?
        Though, as a container for multiple nervous tics, I totally sympathize with the instinct to put your hands in your pockets…

    • Anonymous

      Amazing: Clooney completely overshadowed by the astoundingly gorgeous and put-together Colin Firth and Idris (my next husband) Elba.

      Douche fumes…swimming through an oil slick…Way to go, TLo!

    • Anonymous

      Mark Wahlberg is NOT A DOUCHE!!   …. though I must admit he looks dorky as heck in this picture.

    • Anonymous

      Jean DuJardin is breathtakingly old school Hollywood handsome (yes I know he’s French 😉 )
      Is Fassy wearing a LEATHER TUX?  I’ll be in my bunk. 

    • Anonymous

      Hey, guys … Viggo still looks like the guy I would have been happy to go home with.  Don’t pick on Damian Lewis … he got robbed last night big time. 

      The boys are never ever boring.  Ewan McGregor is so so so edible — Colin Firth the Tilda of this group.  Those gorgeous legs and shoulders and the ability to strike a pose without looking affected.

      Clooney is losing me slowly but surely.  Hated his acceptance speech last night and don’t believe for one instant that he’s bedding SK.

    • Anonymous

      Well I have to admit that compared to the gownaliciousness of the gals the boys are boring. 
      I do love me a man in a tux however and many of these “boys” are serving the delicious eye candy.

      Bradley, Colin, Ewan, Mark S.(hate the hair but he is hot), George, Jean, Matt…etc….Yummy!

      But guys come on, you’re handsome, rich, Hollywood Stars. 
      Please, Please hem away those pants puddles…..please!

    • just julie

      Ach, you missed Cumberbatch, he looked lovely last night.
      Just yummy.
      And in a beautiful suit.

    • Mylynka Kilgore

      all my fantasies of Viggo just died… ew.  But the pic did remind me that my quarterly payment is due.

    • Antonija Mitt

      I am disapopointed you don’t have a pic of Ricky Gervaise and his red velvet outfit!  Also was wondering what you’d say about RD Jr’s tails.  I thought they were silly.  There’s formal, then there’s formal, as in a royal state dinner.  Even the oscars don’t merit tails….
      Anyway…yes–George’s pants are way too long, but most of these guys look ok.  Colin Firth and Clive Owen–*sigh* 
      And who was the bigger douche–Mark W or Rob Lowe? 

    • Goldie

      Bradley Cooper:  He could be sporting a full-on mountain man beard and all I’d be able to see are those pretty, pretty eyes.

      Ewan:  Swoon

      Gerard Butler:  His hair and beard are for a movie he’s currently filming.  It’s about surfing and he very nearly died when a wave crashed on him.  Go to youtube and look up his latest appearance on Graham Norton, he teared up talking about it.

      Matt LeBlanc:  Joey is aging very well.

      Clooney:  I don’t get all the Clooney hate.  He’s very self-deprecating and doesn’t take any of this fame stuff too seriously.  He uses it to bring attention to Darfur.  Everyone he works with couldn’t say nicer things about him.  Yes, he’s a serial dater but he’s pretty clearly stated that he has no intention of ever getting married again.  I think every woman he dates thinks they’ll change him but that’s their fault for thinking that.  But, his pants are WAY too long.

      • Anonymous

        Love Clooney, but then, I grew up seeing his dad (Nick) on the news (southern Ohio), and George is a chip off the old block.  Some good genes in that family!

    • korilian

      Ugh. My dislike of Glee has tipped that scale to the point where I don’t even want to see the lounge around in tuxes anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Bradley Cooper appears to have mannequin hands attached to his sleeves.

      Methinks yon D’arcy doth sport shoulder pads, giving him a tiny bit of pinheaded-ness. I know that’s blasphemy, but it can’t be helped.

      I want Dinklage to be declared a sex-symbol, cuz those eyes of his are impaling me, and the moral ambiguity of Tyrion Lannister is even more potent with Dinklage playing the role. He’s extremely attractive, and gives an intelligent and thoughtful impression in all the interviews that I have seen him do.

      • Anonymous

        Brad was just trying to please TLo & keep his hands out of his pockets.

    • Evita Smith

      No Jonah Hill? I thought he looked pretty darn dapper!

      • Evita Smith

        I also forgot to mention that Colin Firth = Hot Damn.

    • MinAgain

      We like the tux too.”

      I could not agree more.  And I rather like Matt’s blue tux, but when did he get so gray?!?

      • Goldie

        He quit dying his hair after Joey went  off the air. 

        • Anonymous

          He may start dying it again because he was interviewed last night and was appalled at the footage shown of him winning his GG. He remarked over and over on how old he looks. I think he looks fine.

      • Anonymous

        The man is dead sexy as a gray-head, so he can keep it going.  He’s aging quite well.

    • Anonymous

      Viggo! Why? Has he always looked this horrible on the red carpet? Did he used to wear really eccentric clothing for these events. I would prefer that to him looking like an under-payed insurance salesmen at the company dinner trying to impose his boss.

    • Alex McGeagh

      Perhaps one of my favorite TLo posts of all time. There is a whole lotta hot manflesh in this, for sure. 

      So many candidates for the Mancage, so little time…….sigh. 

    • Anonymous

      Oh, Viggo. What happened? (Although, actually, he does not do much for me except as Aragorn and even then I wanted to wash his hair.) 

      Matt LeBlanc looks good–I read how he’s refusing to dye his hair and wants to go grey naturally. Good for him. 

      Colin Firth always looks perfect. 

      Loved the oil slick comment. 

    • TigerLaverada

      Colin Firth is a master at this. I can’t recall ever seeing him look less than terrific. Ewan looks better and better with age, too. 
      And Idris looks FINE. Most of the youngster/Glee set look like wannabes to me; I guess they need more practice. 

    • Anonymous

      It looks like Colin Firth has lost a few pounds off his already perfect and godlike body, and he looks younger and more fabulous than ever.

      • Anonymous

        Ahh, Mr Darcy (as I prefer to call him), even after all these years I would let you throw me over your stallion (in your tight britches and riding boots) and we can ride away to your country estate as the sun sets.. 

    • Anonymous

      Overall the men did pretty good here. BUT:

      What is it with the shirt peek-a-boos? You know when the second button is undone, or the vest isn’t long enough or the pants aren’t pulled up enough and there is the dreaded hand in pocket and there is a little triangle of shirt peeking out under the jacket. Looks sloppy and makes the suit look like it doesn’t fit right. Otherwise the gentleman in question will look fantastic and then, the peek-a-boo. A silly petty annoyance, I know.

      • Anonymous

        That silly petty annoyance had me shreiking at the tv almost all night long. I was prepared for poor hems, but where the heck did this faux pas come from?

    • Sara Munoz

      Ooh, Matt LeBlanc. He gets the prize for “Actor I Never Liked Before That I’m Suddenly Swooning Over”.

    • Kiltdntiltd

      Biggest douche bag award goes to,…… Damian Lewis.

    • Anonymous

      Matt LeB looked fuck-tastic. Older, beefier and totally do-able.

      Why don’t men swap it up? I want to see an emerald green tux or a purple leather coat or something. Black tie needs redefining, stat!

      • Anonymous

        MLB looked fabulous and hot. He gave a really great interview on E’s after party special. He was incredibly funny, humble self-depricating and altogether awesome. Joey’s done good!

      • Anonymous

        He was mighty Sexy!

    • Anonymous

      I almost died at the “widdle Georgie” comment!

    • Anonymous

      Viggo never looks good at a black tie event, but damn…I still love him.

    • VicD

      The most major douche fumes are emanating from Matthew Morrison

      • Christine

        I was thinking Mark Salling.  IMO, he always looks incredibly smug and arrogant in his photos.  Even with that incredibly stupid hair!

    • Claudia Berry

      Oh Fassy, seriously???  Peter Dinklage rocks.

    • muzan-e

      Idris Elba, Kevin McHale, and Peter Dinklage (wait, what?!) just slaughtered a bunch of Sexiest Man Alive winners.

      I’d cackle, but Elba’s left me breathless. *g*

    • MandyJane

      Peter Dinklage is one sexy little man.

    • Anonymous

      Poor Gerard — he’s going through hair puberty, that awkward in-between stage where it’s too long to look clean-cut and too short for the Fabio effect.

      Also, Peter Dinklage is a BAMF, as himself and as Tyrion Lannister.

    • Angelica Smith Mertens

      “We’re gagging on douche fumes.” – Love it darlings!  Freakin’ love it!  :)

    • Anonymous

      Colin Firth, Ewan McGregor, Idris Elba (I’ll take one of each please, fans self) and even Bradley C., are all looking so smart here. I rarely notice what Mr. Elba is actually wearing, though. McGregor’s look is absolute perfection. Love it.

      Fassbender looks awful, Viggo makes me very sad, and Gerard Butler really has lost his mojo. All of it. But the guys mentioned above more than make up for it. sigh.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely on the money about Peter Dinklage. Best fitted tux of the evening.

    • Anonymous

      Kevin McHale’s pants look a little short to me.  Gerard Butler appears to have a white mint sticking out between his lips?

    • skadi1

      Colin Firth looks AH MA ZING.  Full stop. 
      Gerard Butler is still hot, but I admit, I like long hair and beards.
      Fassy seems to be free-balling again.  Yay!
      Viggo…what…why…no…I just can’t
      Funny how a velvet blazer looks good, but a velvet suit does not.  Less is more, boys.  Less is more.

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised by Clooney.  He usually leaves the extra long pants look to his buddy, Brad Pitt.

      A question for the menswear experts:  Is the sartorial rule that you always have the second button unbuttoned on the tux jacket?  It looks odd to have that because you often see a bit of the white of the shirt peeking out.  Looks wrong to me, but seven of the photos have that going on, including my beloved George.  

    • Kate

      Leo can still get it, any damn time he wants!

    • Kelsey Albrecht

      Forgive me if this is too greedy, but are you guys gonna do the after parties too? I hope yes :)

    • Pamela

      I think Matt LeBlanc should’ve let his grey hair show years ago-he looks hotter.  (I read he went grey early & dyed it for a number of years while he was on “Friends”.)

    • A. Valera

      Never before has one man gone from wet dream for millions to scary mountain man so completely and so quickly.
      Oh my god, how about it?  How can Gerard Butler go from 300 to that? And while Joey in “Friends” never did anything for me, I’m digging the silver foxed Matt LeBlanc.

      Also, I love Peter Dinklage.

    • iCouture

      What I will never understand, is why some of the richest, A-List men have the worst fittings around!!!!  
      Really George?  really??     Your pants look like shit.  Too cheap to hire a tailor?  Counting pennies??

    • R. Beers

      I was really hoping for some Benedict Cumberbatch :(

      • Steph

        Me too, I thought he was stunning.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that his tux looks great on him, but would it have killed Peter Dinklage to do something with his hair?

    • VicksieDo

      And, Colin Firth wins again!  sigh

      Damian Lewis is intense boys, don’t say that to his face, he’ll kill ya! 

    • Anonymous

      Viggo Mortensen and Connie Britton? Same gays? No gays?

      Ewan Mah-GRAAAAAY-Gor….Come out to PL-AAAAAAY-AY.

    • e jerry powell

      Speak for yourselves, bitches.  I will bang Gerard Butler to within an inch of his life with him looking just like that.

      And Cooper, try as he may, cannot escape his inner emu-ness.

      Charming Potato seems especially charming. And potato.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, did you see Idris’ shoes, though?!? He wore bedazzled Vans! My eyes!

      (I must note that his horrible shoes did not affect the lady tent I was pitching for Idris Elba. Thank you.)

      • Ellen Barkenbush

        Oh, but they were so much more than bedazzled Vans – they were Christian Louboutin spiked sneakers!

        • Anonymous

          Meh – just a fancy way of saying bedazzled. 😉

      • Anonymous

        yeah… i was surprised TLo didn’t say anything about those…. anyway…. he is dreamy

    • murt

      I don’t like notched lapels on tuxes.

    • Anonymous

      Colin Firth has probably the most perfect tux-wearing build of any of these guys. If I were a dude, I’d probably hate him passionately.

      In other news, Zachary Levi I think was going for a sort of Ryan Gosling dandy thing, but it would’ve worked better if he were filled out a little more (I say this tentatively, I’m not certain); I am comforting myself with how freaking delicious Fassbender looked from the neck up when he was sitting at his table during the ceremony; and I have reached the point where I think I would probably bang Kevin McHale in large part on the strength of his style, because I dig it SO MUCH.

      Finally, Jean Dujardin’s eyebrow antics have charmed me, as I have independent eyebrows as well.

    • Anonymous

      Shoutout to Idris Elba. HOT DAMN!

    • Stacy

      I think I like Kevin McHale’s outfit the best. At the same time, no one else can pull it off, because it can only be worn by someone as young as him.

    • Anonymous

      Viggo could show up in a burlap sack and be perfectly divine, FYI.

    • Anonymous

      My love for Colin Firth knows no bounds.  My husband shot the red carpet last night (and for the past couple of years) so I always get a delicious pic of my man by my man!

    • Anonymous

      Not a deluge of love for Jean Dujardin?  Good, more for me.  God, that man.  Jesus.

    • Anonymous

      I’m liking the narrow lapels so many of the guys were sporting.  Pretty much anything (vest, piping, color) that gets away from maitre’ d attracts my attention, really…though I can’t get into the velvet too much.

      I saw another picture of Gerard that looked much better than this one…that beard needs some work, but he and Clive are STILL my wet dreams, thank you very much. :)

      But Viggo…HONEY….what happened????

    • Anonymous

      My Aragorn fantasy was one of the ones you heard crashing down.

      Anyway, since the guys are mostly boring I did some scanning of the ladies in the backround, and I really like the striped dress on the lady behind Mark Wahlberg. Well played, random-lady-whose-name-we-may-never-know!

      Now I think I’ll go and watch Lord of the Rings.

    • RzYoung

      I find it incredible that you can go into a Uniqlo, buy jeans for £19.99 and get them hemmed FOR FREE in 15 minutes and yet GEORGE flipping CLOONEY can’t get his trousers shortened?! Does he have a short man complex?! Do you think HE thinks his legs are longer? 

    • Damien W

      What is it about Kevin McHale? He’s like the angry sex child of Harry Connick Jr. and Allison Janney. And yet I want to take a knife and fork to him. I’M SO CONFUSED.

    • Roadkill Writer’s Camp

      Oh, Idris… .

    • Anonymous

      I too have been screaming about hems..what IS that anyway???

    • Trevor Burroughs

      Michael Fassbender wearing a leather tux?  that can’t be any kind of cloth.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tux like that before. And I’m pretty sure I don’t want to again either.

    • Anonymous

      Ewan and Idris. Idris and Ewan. Did I mention Ewan and Idris?

      Gerard Butler looks like some weird hybrid of Phantom!Gerard and Leonidas!Gerard. Separately, they’re sexy, but combined….not so much.

    • Cathy S

      I think that’s the best Matt LeBlanc has ever looked.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      In my mind Idris and I have been married since his Stringer Bell days.  I wish someone would let him know it.

    • Judy_J

      Colin Firth…….sigh……..the man of my dreams.

    • Karine Briere

      Bow ties are cool!

    • Goldie

      I’m not sure if Matt LeBlanc’s tux is blue.  I saw a picture of him on People this morning and it looks black.  Could it be the lighting here?  I didn’t watch the GG so I only have these two pics to judge from.

    • Anonymous

      Chris Colfer has fallen victim to that old and too oft perpuated steroetype that all gay men have style and should express it freely.  Many, many a gay amn has no clue as to how to dress (or decorate or do flowers or…) but because they get told over and over that they SHOULD they attempt and look stupid.  Stop the madness…..
      Gerard Butler actually became more of a wet dream for me , I like a full beard.
      And Matt Leblanc has matured soooo nicely, HEL-lo silver Daddy…

    • Barbora

      I love Colin and Peter!
      For shits sake – you are awesome guys! :)))

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know….I think some slack could and maybe should be cut for the
      ‘Hands in Pockets’ syndrome for the fellas.  Without a clutch to hold,
      [Hollywood leading] men aren’t exactly able to get away with just
      putting their hands on their hips and doing a 3/4 turn…unless they’re
      Johnny Weir and, aside from not being a leading man, even he can barely
      get away with that…so what’s a lad to do?

    • Andrea Grenadier

      Ooookay, you can’t say that the trousers of the simply perfect Dujardin are too short without criticizing the douchy McHale. Dujardin makes the rest of them look like backwash. 

    • Anonymous

      Much appreciated!
      Critiquing the boys may be boring, but it sure is soothing on the eyes to scroll through so many photos of healthy, attractive men. In what is possibly the sexiest clothing around for a full grown man: A well made suit.

      Michael Fassbender is underachieving, though.

    • Anonymous

      Jean DuJardin: beautiful name, beautiful man. Also hilarious! Check out the 0SS 117 movies. There’s even a bit of nudity in the second.

    • Anonymous

      EWAN!!! Ok, I needed to say that because nobody had said exactly that in the 200+ comments. I feel much better now!

    • R. L.

      Oh Viggo, say it isn’t so.

    • Anonymous

      I like Matt LeBlanc’s tux.  The navy blue looks good with his salt and pepper hair.  So glad he won for Episodes.  That show is ridiculously funny.

    • Anonymous

      I typically love Mark Wahlberg, but he does look a little Men’s Warehouse ….  

      Zach Levi is adorable!  He looks better with his hair brushed down rather than the ridiculous faux-hawk he had for Betty White’s birthday…..

    • Anonymous

      At first glance I thought Eve’s headband was actually Ewan’s hand on her head, as though she were a small child or a dog.

      And of course, I have to agree with everyone else’s assessment of Colin Firth as sex in a tux.  Ah, that face… How very unfortunate for the guy below him, who looked bad enough without having to be immediately compared to the master.

    • Marcie Dreyfuss

      I’ve had the most heartbreaking day but you guys make me laugh! Thank you.

    • frankystein123

      The pool is split between though who actually had appointments with their tailors and those who stole their tuxes from fat dudes.