Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet – Part 3

Posted on January 16, 2012


Amy Poehler in Naeem Khan

We’re not loving the color on her, but it’s such an improvement over her normal choices that we’ll shut up about it.


Connie Britton in Vintage [as in, Salvation Army  Vintage]

Y’know, if you want to flout the conventions that insist one must use a stylist and wear a borrowed ensemble that costs a hundred grand, we’re fine with that. Really. But this is still a formal event and attendees are still expected to show up dressed appropriately. What we hate about the message here (assuming she’s sending one, which is a safe bet) is that it unwittingly reinforces the idea that to look good you have to wear really expensive clothes. Wear something vintage or even homemade if you want, but show up dressed appropriately for the venue. Very disappointing.


Elizabeth McGovern in Armani

She looks almost disturbingly like Snow White. Pretty, though.


Emily Deschanel in Max Azria

This is a little too Beverly Sills for us. She’s too young for dresses like this.


Emma Stone in Lanvin

Truly gorgeous. Great colors on her. Love that belt.


Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci

Serving up stunning drag ball fabulousness. Green was another of the colors last night, as was yellow.


Jane Lynch in David Meister

It’s not going to inspire “Huzzah!”s from us for being drop dead chic, but it’s perfectly suited to her and the color is lovely.


Jodie Foster in Armani

The bodice on this was insanely stiff. From the side it looked like a lampshade. We can’t say we love this dress. The color’s beautiful but the whole thing does look rather like she wrapped her shower curtain around her. And that black satin peeptoe is making us sad.


Julianne Moore in Chanel Couture

We’re not loving the shape of that skirt, but this is an improvement for her, so we’ll take it. Great earrings.


Kate Beckinsale in Roberto Cavalli

The bodice is basically a basket o’ tits and the color’s non-existent, but the lady looks pretty spectacular nonetheless.


Kelly MacDonald in Lorena Sarbu

We really like the downplayed makeup on her because she’s suited to it and we love the colors of this dress, but we can’t help feeling she looks a bit … unfinished somehow. Maybe more dramatic earrings would have helped.


Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen

It was maybe a bit much for a job that mostly consisted of sitting down, but we like the shape and the color on her. The hair, not so much.


Maria Menounos in Blumarine

Stunning color, but she doesn’t look like she can breathe. In fact, we’re pretty sure if she took a sip of water, you’d be able to watch it travel down inside her.


Melissa McCarthy in Badgley Mischka

We think it’s great that Badgley Mischka made her a gown, but that color is awful on her and we’re sorry, this dress is nothing but a cliche;  a collection of plus-sized elements long considered overdone and not particularly flattering.  There are better, more stylish ways to dress her shape.


Mireille Enos in Naeem Khan

It’s gorgeous, but it’s SO not her color and the red slash of lipstick looks terrible.


Missi Pyle in Junko Yoshioka

Pretty color, but dull otherwise.


Nicole Richie in Julien Macdonald

Absolutely hated the weird hair but we can’t knock that dress.


Paula Patton in Monique Lhuillier

We loved all the yellows, but this one might be just a bit too crayola for our tastes. Besides, her endless vamping on the RC last night got annoying very quickly.


Penelope Ann Miller in Pamella Roland

Decent dress, but this gal needs a hair consult, STAT.


Salma Hayek in Gucci

She’s too short and busty for this dress. It cuts her in half and makes her look stumpy. This is a dress designed for a 6-foot woman who weighs 90 pounds, dear. Didn’t you get the memo?


Shailene Woodley in Marchesa

She looks fabulous. We’ve been hard on her lately, but she pulled it together here.


Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta

Standing in a hole.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    Maria Menounos looks like a big glass of Tang.

    • I snorted out loud at this comment. Thanks.  (good thing I’m alone at home)

    • Anonymous

      Then Paula Patton must be channeling Tweety Bird.

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking more Big Bird from Sesame Street.

      • Anonymous

        She always poses like she’s just had four shots and is HITTING THE CARPET WOOO SEXXAAAYY!!!!!! Her body language looks just like mine does after I’ve had exactly one more shot than I should have and spotted a cute guy on the other side of a party.

        • Anonymous

          OMG, brilliant, and I can’t unsee the images now 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hahaaaaaaa. There’s a pic of her doing the Tebow pose. In THAT dress. It must have insane stretch.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get Kelly’s hair.  Did she deliberately dye it grey? 

    • yeah, what the hell is going on there?

      • MilaXX

        it’s a hipster thing, although why any woman would intentionally want gray hair is beyond me I will be coloring mine til the day I die.

        • Anonymous

          I can understand wanting to have, say, a gray streak. A friend of mine got one of those. I am already going gray, and I’m actually really looking forward to when it finally becomes noticeable to other people because it seems to all be concentrated in one spot, so hopefully I’ll a streak like Rogue (from X-Men) for a while. I can always dye it later, if I want to.

          The problem with wanting your whole HEAD prematurely gray is that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. No colorist can actually create a real-looking gray, which is why they all look weirdly bluish or yellowish or just not right. So then you just look like you’re going around with moldy cotton candy on your head.

          • MilaXX

            Yup, moldy cotton candy is exactly what it looks like and April on PR looks washed out and yellow. My grandmother had beautiful salt/pepper hair, but I’ve got random grays that look like rebellious wires. I have a friend who has the gray streak streak like Stacy London of What Not to Wear and she looks really pretty. Until my grays want to behave, dye it is.

          • Anonymous

            Yep. At 60, I have two Bride of Frankenstein grey streaks at the corners of my hairline, but the rest of my hair is still brown. Since I’m owning my age, I am actually looking forward to my hair going completely grey and getting it over with.

          • Anonymous

            I have had a natural gray streak in my hair since I was 12. I am currently 21. It’s a thing now? I feel cool.

        • Lauren Maier

          Maybe she’s a fan of “Howl’s Moving Castle”?  
          (If you don’t know it, the heroine has grey hair – “like starlight” – at the end)

          • Anonymous

            I LOVE that book!
            I personally love the 18th century gray hair on young women.  But maybe it looks bad close up-?  I guess that’s why powder is better.

          • Anonymous

            It’s grey in the movie. Miyazaki has a thing about hair that it always has to change by the end.  In the book it’s auburn.

        • P M

          It is?? Kids these days are so strange :P. I’m 29 and sometimes I’m glad I’ve never been ‘with it’.

        • It started with GaGa

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the grey is on purpose. She tweeted that she has always wanted to be young and grey.

      • Rand Ortega

        & (obviously) stupid.

    • Anonymous

      April from PRAS also has grey hair.  Is this a new thing?  If so, it’s disturbing (and fugly).

      • Anonymous

        It’s the moment in Fried Green Tomatoes when Jessica Tandy says the beauty school came to the nursing home to practice.

      • Anonymous

        It’s the moment in Fried Green Tomatoes when Jessica Tandy says the beauty school came to the nursing home to practice.

    • Anonymous

      seriously, what the heck is going on??  I’ve seen silver hair work ONCE, on d’arcy from the smashing pumpkins circa 1995, and again in 1999.  that’s it.

      • Anonymous

        The amount of money I have spent to get rid of the grey and these young bitches are coming out with it like they are starting a fashion trend.  Sometimes I hate the young.  (just kidding)

      • Anonymous

        Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

    • Anonymous

      I thought she shaved her head, which would have been a step up

    • Anonymous

      Is this what you call “frosted” hair?

    • I don’t get it either. I saw a tumbnail of her and thought it was Helen Mirren.

  • Evan Rachel Wood for the win from this bunch.  Kelly Osborne?  Someone needs to tell her they got her grandma’s lavender rinse all over her head.  Oh, and just WHAT was Connie Britton THINKING?!!!!!

    • P M

      Besides which – SHE’S SMILING!!!! Whatever got into her ? She looks 30 and not 30 going on something when she does. Why again does she dress 10 years older than she is?

      • Doubtless that little mystery is destined to go unsolved.

        • P M

          Tell me about it – I don’t mind the persona she’s cultivated for herself: She looks like she has a brain in her head. It’s just – there’s a hard edge to her on top of the clothes she wears. When I found out she’s in her 20s, I was pretty surprised.

  • Anonymous

    Standing in a hole, love it!

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    None of these do anything for me except Emma Stone, Evan Rachel Wood and Salma Hayek (although I agree as is the dress is for a taller and flatter woman–they should have resized it to fit her proportions). I would have loved Kate Beckinsale’s in a decent color. I like Elizabeth McGovern’s just because the black + that shade of blue color bloc is unique to the red carpet.

    Emily Blunt had the only great yellow of the night. Can’t wait til you show her.

  • Anonymous

    BASKET O’ TITS. Oh TLo. <3

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely lost it at “basket of tits.” i think I need to incorporate it into a sentence, at least once a day.

  • I can live with
    Connie’s dress, but by no means I can accept the hair. And speaking of hair,
    Kelly Osbourne’s MOTHER looks younger than her. Even her father, I’d say…

  • Is Amy Poehler sporting a little baby bump?  Not that she looks big, just that usually they put them in undergarments that suck everything in for these sorts of dresses.

    •  i think it’s leftover from her second kid. She’s one of those incredibly rare but awesome Hollywood women who doesn’t starve herself close to death after the birth of her child.

  • Evan Rachel Wood. ‘Nuff said.

    • Did it bother anyone else that George Clooney seemed to be paying her some special attention? I wanted to shout at him to leave our ERW alone. Stacy K. had better watch out.

  • foodycat

    I just want to thank Emily Deschanel for taking a bullet for Julianne Moore. Because we all know that without her sacrifice Jules would have worn that one-sleeved duvet cover.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Oh my god, too funny…and true

    • But in her defence Emily just had a baby so is dealing with trying to get her body back in shape and sleep deprevation.  What is Julianne excuse for some of the Harvey two-face looks she has sported in the past?

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone’s belt belongs at the rodeo.

  • Anonymous

    I usu

  • Mary McClelland

    I wish Shailene was wearing Salma’s dress. Yeah, the LVMH group designers do NOTHING for Salma’s body type and natural style. It is a shame that a requirement of her marriage is being stuffed in them and paraded around. She needs a divorce just for better clothing!  Really, you think these people would realize she is poor advertising for all their designers since she never actually looks good in anything they force her in and the dark gothic colors and serious styles styles favored by their design houses don’t work with her personality or natural inclination. Maybe her husband should remarry Evan Rachel Wood and set Salma free. I’m sure there’s a man out there with a vested interest in sunny, cute dresses made for curvy petite girls!

    • foodycat

      Or he could buy her a pet designer. I reckon he owes her.

  • Anonymous

    The Peacock- Evan Rachel Wood and the Mermaid- Kelly McDonald are my favorites.
    And Lite Brite needs to help her sister (Bones) pick a younger dress next time round.

  • That is one serious mustache standing behind Jodie Foster.

    • Anna Maria Diamanti

      OMG, the ultimate photobomb! Now that I see it, I can’t unsee it!

      • Speaking of photobombs though:  Will Arnett’s face! I love it. I feel like he knows exactly what he should be doing, as a man at the Globes.

    • This gay man thinks he’s hot.  jus’ sayin’

      • foodycat

        His pants need hemming! 

        • Pants?  oh he has pants.  Sorry I hadn’t noticed.  (snert)

      • I agree!

    • Anonymous

      The mustache went sad at the sight of Jodie’s dress+shoes

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone is my favorite.  I love how she’s able to dress so pitch-perfectly down to the last detail, yet the overall effect looks so easy and effortless.

  • kelly osbourne’s lavender hair COULD work, but not in that style- slicked back like that, i honestly thought she had gone and shaved it all off. 

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely, that hair needs to be styled with more volume or in a more funky way and could really work -on her only.  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the top of Kate Beckinsale’s dress, but she looks absolutely stunning.

    And I think my mom owned Connie Britton’s dress. About fifteen years ago …

  • Salma’s Hayak’s bodice looks like you’re looking down a long concert hallway that ends at her navel. “HELLO..Hello…hello…”

  • Anonymous

    I sincerely think ERW’s dress was the best of the night. Now THAT is diva fabulousness.

  • I thought Salma Hayek’s bodice fit her spectacularly, for once. So often short, voluptuous women, like her and Christina Hendricks look stuffed into their, uh, baskets.

  • Anonymous

    Love Menounos and Patton’s colors.

  • Anonymous

    Good grief – I hate the granny hair on Kelly Osborne. She looks a well preserved seventy.

  • Anonymous

    On my phone screen, Kelly Osborne looks like her head is shaved.

    • marilyn

      That would be an improvement over her Granny-‘Do

  • carolie_king

    I think Jodie looks stunning, especially when she’s got her sons around her.  Happiness is a great accessory.

    • Cute kids. Too bad they showed a shot of them immediately after Seth Rogan’s inappropriate erection “joke.”

  • Anonymous

    Also, thanks to the designers for color blocking it for us:

    If you wear light yellow, you’re a tiny blond in red lipstick

    If you wear green, you’re a brunette with red tones

    If you wear nude, you’re seriously thin looking to show it off, eat a sandwich

    If you wear black, you’re lazy, the end

    • Yet I thought Debra Messing’s black gown was the best one of the night, and Evan Rachel Wood in the best green dress of the lot is a blonde…

  • P M

    Melissa McCarthy’s dress is an OUTRAGE. She looks pissed, as she should. Well, at least the hair and makeup look good. Which is to say, she got the runner-up consolation prize.

    • Anonymous

      That hair? No.  

      • P M

        Well, all right, the hair is only decent-ish. But the dress is so horrifying, it makes the hair look good by comparison.

      • P M

        On second perusal (my previous comment was from memory), the hair is nasty. Poor Melissa. Miss McCarthy, may I suggest a firing squad at dawn?

    • Anonymous

      Poor Melissa. She’s far too pretty and talented for this look. What were they thinking? This is a look from Omar the Tentmaker’s catalog, circa 1961.

      • Anonymous

        Or Jeffrey Sebelia for Angela Keslar’s mom.

      • She needs to back away from the raglon sleeve. A set-in sleeve defines your shoulders and is much more flattering. 

      • foodycat

        Demis Roussos before the chicken diet. She deserves so much better than this!

    • It’s interesting, isn’t it, that it was designed by designers who don’t design plus size clothes.  Other plus size women wore Tadashi Shoji or David Meister, and they looked a hellava lot better.  I wonder why she accepted this gown from them?  She looks so sad in that shape and color.

  • I’m hoping Emily Deschanel just isn’t feeling like she’s rebounded post-baby as quickly as Jessica Alba, and that explains the Dynasty drapery dress. I’m hoping.

  • Question:  Are roots in?  Cause if so, maybe I won’t spend so much money getting mine done.  

    • Anonymous

      They’re in, but with an important twist. Those aren’t the actual color of the roots. Women like Salma and Madonna no longer have dark roots coming in but grey roots. They’ve highlighted most of their hair (blonde, brown) — and then they touch up the roots, which are grey, by coloring them darker. It’s part of the worshipping of all things younger and not being able to let go of the illusion. 

      • P M

        In Hollywood, where Joan Rivers sports the boobs of women at least half her *daughter’s* age, let alonen hers, touching up your roots in such a fashion, I imagine, is considered as normal as brushing one’s teeth.

  • I love Salma’s dress- the front is gorgeous! I think it works BECAUSE she’s busty and curvy. I wouldn’t like this one somebody like a Kiera Knightly.  In the battle of the yellows, I think Paula Patton is victorious- yes, it’s Crayola, but that happens to be my favorite color and I think she’s rocking the crap out of it. I think she was vamping because now she gets to wear pretty dresses instead of those hiddy joints she had on for MI:4 promotion. Maria’s yellow is pretty, but it’s too tight and between her skin, hair and the dress, they don’t mix well. 

    I really prefer the purple dress Melissa McCarthy wore before. This dress might as well be called “generic fat girl dress.” We’ve seen it on pretty much every plus size actress there is. There’s a distinct lack of creativity there. And she does have a shape, so throwing a giant olive tent on it does not do anything for it.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, it always bothers me when a style or color is “IN” and everybody decides that they must wear it even if it looks atrocious on them. Yellow is not an easy color to wear and it does not look good on the very pale. Mireille Enos and Missi Pyle, I’m looking straight at you.

    Salma Hayek- As beautiful as she is, she often make the mistake of thinking she’s 6 feet tall. I wonder if others have tried to explain this to her and she just refuses to listen.

    No question about it for me; Emma Stone wins this group.

  • P M

    A peachy colour and shorter sleeves would have been so chic on Amy. It’s okay, Miss Poehler, I love you anyway.

  • Connie Britton, just don’t go if you’re so against it.  That FU look on your face doesn’t help. BYE!
    Elizabeth McGovern looks stumpy in that dress, hate it.
    LOVE Evan Rachel Wood, that’s a wow dress!
    I hate the bright yellows, they hurt my eyes, but Maria Menounos, GOD girl, what a bod.

    I thought Salma Hyeck looked STUNNING!

  • AMEN, TLo, on your comments re: Connie Britton!  I could not agree more.  I hate this idea dressing well must cost a fortune!

    • P M

      What was it Sal Romano once said? “You don’t need money to dress well?” something, something?

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone and ERW were my two favorites of the night.  Other than SWINTON, who is obviously above such comparisons.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone: Good god what a pose! She totally rehearsed that. Love.

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said:  The hair, not so much.”

    Yes, what the hell is Kelly O thinking with that hair color? It ages her by YEARS.


  • I absolutely hate this recent “trend” of some celebrities to dress way down for important or very nice events. It’s so disrespectful to the other attendees, the host, and/or the event itself and it’s not cute or hip or offbeat. It’s just dumb and rude.

  • Evan rocked it. I thought Salma looked great. Kelly McDonald needed a hairstyle to make that look work, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    This is a little too Beverly Sills for us

    Oh hey, leave Bubbles out of this! Besides, she never would have worn that hideosity.

    •  Hear hear, GorgeousThings. I had the great privilege of working with Bubbles, and while she did wear lovely dresses in similar shades of blue, she wouldn’t be caught dead in a monstrosity like that!

  • Anonymous

    Tan lines, ladies (Shailene). There’s makeup for that.

    • Anonymous

      Heard Tim Gunn on TV this morning saying it wasn’t tan lines, but an illusion panel–the dress wasn’t really strapless.

      • Anonymous

        I can see the illusion panel but you can still see an outline of a bathing suit top that doesn’t follow the panel lines. 

      • He also refused to even discuss Meryl Streep’s dress on The View. His mother must have taught him, “if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.”

  • Penelope Ann Miller is one sneeze away from a full frontal.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad you said that about Melissa McCarthy. People are so quick to praise plus-sized women (especially on the larger end of plus) on the red carpet, it’s like they’re afraid of sounding anti-fat or like they’re impressed to learn that big women actually leave the house. I have never seen McCarthy dress on the RC in a way that manifests her awesomeness, and she really could. It’s in reach, Melissa! Grab it! But not in this dress.

  • Melissa McCarthy should sue BM for doing that to her – also her stylist. What a pile of trashbags. Reminds me of the Project Runway ep where they had to design for real women and most of the designers held their noses. There is nothing right about this and it looks cheap. KMart Women’s Department anyone? Lane Bryant comes up with better looks. This is the kind of dress (which is my size category) that truly depresses me.

    • Anonymous

      Amen. That dress is horrible!  Horrible!

  • I love Emma Stone. She knows how to pronounce Lanvin! Every time I hear someone say Lawn-von, it hurts my ears.

  • Anonymous

    I think Missy Pile’s dress is interesting and really suits her. 

    Tina Fey was home drunk and her assistant shoved her in the car and forced a dress he thought might fit. They’d arrived when it was turn for hair and makeup.  

    Paula Patton is indeed VERY crayola.  

    Jane Lynch, Jane Lynch… i think your Glee salary allows you to but another dress, no? Plus why repeat something that does not really do you that many favors. You look like a chaperon at senior prom. 

    Who said it’s OK to add a train to a dress made of stiff material? Kelly O looks like she’s wearing cardboard. To a lesser extent, Reese W, Paula Patton and Natalie P had the same thing going on.     

    Melissa Mc Carthy will do your tea leaves soon as she finishes a card reading at the town fair.  

  • MilaXX

    Amy Poehler – On tv that trim seemed to bring out her eyes more, looking almost icy blue. I liked this on her. Also loved Tina Fey photo-bombing her.Connie Brittton – Girl go home! You look a mess. Ugly dress, under dressed and horrible hair.
    Elizabeth McGovern – Now all I can see is Snow White.
    Emily Deschanel – Ugly dress, bad eye makeup.
    Emma Stone – Very pretty. Loved the odd color combo.
    Evan Rachel Wood – This was gorgeous.
    Jane Lynch – Good color for her and I liked that the skirt was stiff.
    Jodie Foster – The dress is ugly but I loved that her kids were her date.
    Julianne Moore – Just happy to see her not wearing a franken-dress with furry bear trap shoes.
    Kate Beckinsale – Pretty standard for her.
    Kelly MacDonald – This needed some contrast like a thin navy belt and maybe some earrings or a bracelet.
    Kelly Osbourne – Pretty dress, but I can’t cosign on that stupid grey hair.
    Maria Menounos – Very pretty, loved seeing this bright yellow on the RC.
    Melissa McCarthy – Hideous. I was disappointed with this entire look. Hated the hair, and really hated the dress. The curvy gals were bringing it last night and this schmatta was a big let down.
    Mireille Enos – Not her dress or makeup
    Missi Pyle – Different take on the yellow dress. I liked it.
    Nicole Richie – Loved the look and the hair
    Paula Patton = I thought she looked really pretty but man is she hyper. Everything is an 11 with this gal.
    Penelope Ann Miller – Pretty dress, but she needs to return to brown hair.
    Salma Hayek – Not her dress.
    Shailene Woodley – bland
    Tina Fey – Great color, but that ruffle is not doing her any favors.

    • Is it just me, or did anyone else want to tug Shailene Woodley’s dress up? She is very young, so I gave her credit for a beautiful dress, but the bodice was driving me crazy!

      • Anonymous

        I had the same thought, that it was sitting a bit too low.

    • Anonymous

      The first time I saw Elizabeth McGovern was when she played Snow White in Faerie Tale Theatre. I was really little then and I thought she was The Most Beautiful Woman In The World.

  • Anonymous

    I am so proud of Kelly O and her weight loss. She just looks wonderful…except the hair. She can rebel all she wants but at the end of the day she just looks like she has used Mrs. Slocombe’s hairstylist.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone takes the prize for overall winner in my book. Love everything about her look, including the smoky eyes. Love ERW’s dress but she’s not the right gal for it, imo. And the only thing worse than C. Britton’s dress is the look on her face. What happened to provoke such an attitude? Was she snubbed?

  • Anonymous

    Still wishing that Clooney, Mr. Smug last night, had thought to acknowledge the two actresses who played his daughters!  No shout out to Shailene?  Tacky … She looks good in the standard Marchesa.

    Lots of fug in this group. Evan Rachel for the win.  Seem to be a lot of feather hems this year. 

    The Connie Britton choice is really bizarre.  Maybe her way of signalling how she really feels about American Horror Story?

    Tina Fey is so lovely — wish she would get some help in the how to dress department.  Salma looks like something out Flash Gordon … go, Flash, go!

  • marilyn

    What’s with Kelly Osbourne’s hair?  Fist she was doing the brassy blond on the Fashion Police, with a new, middle-aged do every   week.  Now, she is GRAY????    Unless she has some unusual medical condition, this is fake, and not at all attractive.  I know she likes to do outrageous things, and has toned it down since Joan Rivers started teaching her how to dress.  But, GRAY HAIR?????

    • Anonymous

      Funny that in 20 years, bet she’ll be dyeing her real gray hair to some more youthful color.  I’m probably twice her age, with less gray that I *don’t* color.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Salma Hayek’s outfit looked good from behind the podium.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never noticed how giant Salma Hayek’s head is so I’m gonna blame the dress and hair.  She looks like a bobblehead. 

  • You guys are hilarious BUT, Selma looked great on TV last night. In person that bodice must have been a trip.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone, FTW!  The color, drape and that belt make this a stand out dress. Honestly I thought she and Tilda Swinton looked the best of the night.

  • Anonymous

    “Standing in a hole” slayed me.

    Meanwhile, I am LOVING all of these subtly iridescent/mixed shades of green. Green is my favorite color and is so rarely deployed on the red carpet. ERW’s dress is particularly stunning; I like that it actually looks like she might be some kind of sea creature or sea bird (cormorant, maybe).

  • Anonymous

    I LOVED Emma Stone’s dress but when she was engaged in a particularly painful red carpet interview I could see that in addition to the soft layers under her arm there was something that looked exactly like an IV tube with blood! I think it probably was some kind of accent “rope” or something but once I saw that I couldn’t think of anything else – blood dress! Did anyone else see that?

    And, as others have already mentioned, basket o’ tits needs to be in my vocab NOW.

    Lastly – I love that Evan RW took the unfortunate trend of toilet paper dragging around the bottom of the dress and showed them all how it should be done!

  • Kasie Hilburn

    Can’t agree about Salma, I gasped when I saw her!

  • Badgley Mischka should have outsourced their design to igigi.

  • Anonymous

    This bunch is almost all “close but no cigar” (Except Emma Stone)

  • Anonymous

    OK this will sound really mean, but when I saw Salma Hayek I thought, “Oh, who is the little person that they’re showcasing?” It looks like a bad Photoshop chop of Salma’s head onto a different body. Eeek!

    And Emily Deschanel’s dress is straight outta the Dorothy Szbornak collection.

  • Rand Ortega

    Dear Connie Britton:
    When you’re Meryl Streep, you can send a message thumbing your nose at these awards shows. When people still have to go to IMDB to find out who you are, you’re gambling w/ your career. & losing.

    • Ha that’s funny cuz that’s eactly what I did–went to IMDB! 

  • Anonymous

    Tina really is standing in a hole. Is she this tiny?

  • maria menounos looks gorgeousss 

  • Anonymous

    I can not believe that Elizabeth McGovern’s dress is an Armani… 

    • Anonymous

      Armani for Disney…

  • At least there’s some color with this bunch. Too. Much. Beige.

  • Anonymous

    Kelly’s hair was ridiculous (but so was Tilda Swinton’s), and Rooney Mara is lucky is just one of many this morning and not being examined too closely (the unspeakable boob situation was truly appalling). 

  • Anonymous

    I think Tina Fey looks pretty cute. That’s better hair and makeup than she usually manages and I like the dark rose/maroon/magenta/whatever.

    My own personal Best Dressed list includes Evan Rachel Wood, Amber Riley, Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman and Helen Mirren. I also thought Diane Lane looked particularly good.

  • Hetha Innis

    Paula Patton was seated in the very front row and spent more of her evening on her feet than sitting at the table. I’ve never seen a star look so desperate for attention. As if the big bird yellow dress wasn’t going to be enough to draw every eye in the room to her. Great “pose off” post here between she and Miss. Glee.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree! I could not believe how SHE WOULD NOT CALM DOWN. There is no effing way Paula Patton is best friends with every single person who appeared on stage in any form or fashion even though she acted like she was.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree! I could not believe how SHE WOULD NOT CALM DOWN. There is no effing way Paula Patton is best friends with every single person who appeared on stage in any form or fashion even though she acted like she was.

  • Standing in a hole (haha!), with post-workout hair, to boot. Color looks nice on her, really, it’s a shame. Emma Stone looks exactly like me, when I’m fantasizing about my future trips to Monte Carlo. I would do something horrible for that dress.

  • Standing in a hole (haha!), with post-workout hair, to boot. Color looks nice on her, really, it’s a shame. Emma Stone looks exactly like me, when I’m fantasizing about my future trips to Monte Carlo. I would do something horrible for that dress.

  • Ugh, Nicole Richie’s boob job. Yuck!

  • Ugh, Nicole Richie’s boob job. Yuck!

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Selma Hayek: What is with these mismatched top and bottom gowns?  Sparkly bathing suit tops with what look like elastic-waisted maxi-skirts stuck underneath them?  Really, that could have been spectacular if it had resolved into a gold fitted skirt.

    I haven’t the foggiest idea who Shailene Woodley is, but she’s knocking it out of the park.

    Did not like that sickroom yellow on Missi Pyle.  Then again, I think most yellow looks like  a sickroom.  It’s not always as obvious, but there’s always something about it that makes me think of having a stomach ache.

    Kelly Osborne needs to darken her hair.  If she can’t get an appointment with the stylist, she should grab some Nice and Easy at the store–it CANNOT look worse on her than that horrible bleached mess.

    On the Connie Britton dress, you guys wrote, “Wear something vintage or even homemade if you want, but show up dressed appropriately for the venue. Very disappointing.”

    I have to admit, I’m sometimes confused by the white tie rules for women.  Where does it differ from black tie?  Where’s the separation from cocktail dresses?  Is there a site anywhere that explains these things, because I can’t figure them out from red carpets.

  • Anonymous

    Emma Stone – gorgeous, gorgeous dress. Perfect.

    Evan Rachel Wood’s dress looks like a pterodactyl lizard-dress. And too much so. 

    Kelly Osbourne looks somewhat better in this still shot, but I when I saw her in context on the RC I almost puked. That is NOT a shape for her, or any tiny person. The bottom is just ridiculous. The color is sports blue. If Joan Rivers had real balls, KelliMyAngel would be Worst on FP this week. Her hair is atrocious, should be illegal.

    I was on the fence about Missi Pyle, until “The Artist” company took the stage at the end and she drew ALL the focus, even away from the adorable dog. I love it, she glowed. It looks like it’s fun to wear, too.

    Penelope Ann Miller’s dress is exquisite – simple, classic, and beautiful. Great color!! And her jewels suit the dress perfectly.

    Salma Hayak has no taste whatsoever, and never has. (Plus she was giving stinkface to everything Ricky Gervais said, which annoyed me.)

    Shailene Woodley — maybe this dress is a little bit too old for her (she’s 20, so it’s a close call), but very striking and a great fit. I’m not a Marchesa fan in general.

    Melissa McCarthy in Badgely Mischka: Badgely Mischka? Really? Looks low-end off-the-rack. Love her, but hate the dress and the hair bump.

  • Kate McCain

    Was anyone else’s first reaction to Mireille Enos’s dress that it looks like her bodice deflated? It’s kind of sad.

  • Mariah J

    Evan Rachel Wood and Emma Stone look fierce!

  • Judy_J

    I thought Emma Stone’s dress was stunning. Gorgeous color, perfect for her.

    • Anonymous

      I love the actress and her look. Glad to see her representin’ on the RC!

  • I loved all the blues and greens, and IMHO Jodie Foster looks fabulous.  That shade of blue is a great color for her, and her hair and make-up are flawless. I would have liked a prettier shoe, but you can’t have everything.

    Also, Evan Rachel Woods’ dress is stunning. Stunning, I say!

  • Anonymous

    I really loved the green dresses. 
    The color of Sofia’s mermaid was gorgeous! 
    The no color ensembles looked uniformly blah (even if they were pretty) head to toe pale is boring.
    Many of the ladies (or stylists) seem to think it’s the way to go however.

    Jodie, bringing her kids seemed a bit calculated & lame.
    If it were an event for kids everyone would bring theirs (please don’t).
    Why can’t she just come out already? It’s so tiresome.

  • Anonymous

    Well, this batch was quite a letdown compared to the previous ones, wasn’t it? I’ll give this round to Evan Rachel Wood. Overall, as stunning as Tilda looked, I have to give the top prize to Mrs. Pitt, who brought it from head to toe.

  • Anonymous

    Long time reader, first-time posting. 

    I just had to say when you mentioned Elizabeth McGovern and Snow White. The only work of hers to date that I ever could remember was her playing Snow White in the Faerie Tale Theater’s version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Does anyone remember this TV series? Shelley Duvall used to be the intro person. I think it was on PBS in the 80’s.

    Anyway, Emma Stone continues to affirm why she is my girl crush du jour. 

    EDIT: Apparently, IMDB remembers it and you can watch full episodes online: (Here’s Elizabeth really as Snow White.)

    • We used to watch that show! It was so witty and creative. I remember the Snow White Episode too. 

  • Kelly Osbourne is serving Imelda Marcos realness.

    • Anonymous

      She is ripe for spoofing on SNL or some other comedy/news commentary thing this week.

  • Anonymous

    Considering she’s not a typical fashion plate or shaped like a Barbie doll, I thought Amy Poehler looked amazing. But maybe I’m prejudiced by how much I adore Leslie Knopes. Connie Britton looks like she took a wrong turn after scoring some heroin and wound up on the red carpet instead of a ditch. WTF? Does she not have a single friend to tell her “No, honey, just no.”

  • Melvis Velour

    For Tina Fey, all I could think of was the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the witch screams “I’m melting…”  Maybe I’ve been living in Texas for too long but who the hell are half of these women?

  • Thanks for saying that about Melissa McCarthy, she certainly deserved better. 

  • Again–so many of thee dresses looked far better walking and moving.  I agree Melissa McCarthy’s dress was not the best for her body, but the color was much nicer–more green–than it shows here. 
    Selma Hayak looked great–so did ERW and Jodie Foster.  Agreed about the Deschanel sister.  That is an old lady dress! 

  • I think Kelly Macdonald could really do with a belt and a cuff, but that’s sure a great color and silhouette for her. I’m glad to see a variety of colors on the red carpet this year, but the obsession with blush is really bumming me out.

  • Anonymous

    Agree completely with your comments on Connie Britton’s approach. Which is also my quarrel with La Streep.

    Jane Lynch:  One word:  POSTURE! (Yes, I’m shouting it. Because I’ve said it to her before in caps/lower case, and clearly, she is not listening.)

    Good job, Amy Poehler!  

    Emma Stone and ERW:  Fantastic looks!

    I liked Salma Hayek’s dress and I thought she looked beautiful. 

    Melissa was seriously let down by Messrs. Badgley and Mischka.  That dress was a throwaway.  In an ugly color.  Sad for her.

  • Anonymous

    Salma! My god, she literally looks three feet tall!

    Melissa McCarthy’s dress is horrid but her hair is just as bad. She’s so gorgeous, but it’s like she’s deliberately tried to look blah.

    Jane Lynch looks the best I’ve ever seen her.

  • Anonymous

    Wait. Nicole Richie was there? Why?

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to have to disagree about Salma Hayek. I think she looks drop dead gorgeous, love the dress even though it does cut her in half a bit.

    ERW for the win.

  • This is the second year that green is the color of the night, can’t help but love it (better than all red and black).

    I wonder if Evan Rachel Wood and Tilda Swinton have already met. That’s an explosion of fierceness I would love to watch.

  • Tina Fey’s dress is weird, but you have to give her a bit of credit though…It’s not BLACK!  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Emily Deschanel  – add the other sleeve and change the color to a plum/magenta colr and you have my maid of honor dress from my best friend’s wedding, in 1984.

  • Anonymous

    Fellas, I know you are doing Stars and not Wives/SOs (except for Stacy Kiebler, who seems to be in a completely separate realm), but check out the dress that was made from plastic bottles!  By Armani, no less!

  • Anonymous

    eek – Emma Stone would have been close to the bottom on my list.  (And weird pose looking at the direction her leg is pointing)

  • Well said!  Did you see the shoot she did for Entertainment Weekly a few months ago?  She was all dressed up in costumes and she looked better than she did last night.

  • Anonymous

    Why was Missy Pyle at the Golden Globes?

  • Anonymous

    The Beverly Sills comment was priceless! My voice teacher from undergraduate days was Bubbles’ roommate when they were starting out. She is still living, and yes, she wears dresses like that. Usually with a little more bedazzling, but the cut is about right.

  • Anonymous

    ERW and Emma Stone are to DIE for!

    Did some sinister queen tell trendy young women that silver hair is cutting edge?  And how dumb are the little chickies who listened to her?  “What an awesome idea!  Adding 25 years to my age will look super stylish!” 

  • Susan Crawford

    I wanted to study Jodie Foster’s dress more carefully, but was totally distracted by the Tom of Finland mustachioed fellow lurking behind her.

  • Anonymous

    So many of these women seem to be wearing their strapless gowns way too low on the bust. Is it just me? 

  • Anonymous

    Connie Britton went to this event dressed like her character from Friday Night Lights. 

    Wait – I think Tami Taylor would’ve dressed better than this.

  • The shade of Maria’s dress is hands down my favorite shade of yellow. I wish it fit her because then I would swoon over it for reals. 

  • Snow White goes to the Armani prom…

    Thanks; I had been beating my head into the wall trying to figure out why Laura Dern looked so weird in that dress.

    There’s nothing wrong with Kelly MacDonald’s look that a better bra couldn’t fix.

  • Anonymous

    Emma and especially Evan were the best of this bunch, by far. 

     I LOVE the bodice of Shailene’s dress…so Art Deco, old-school fab.  And she looks beautiful–big improvement over some of her other looks lately.

  • Anonymous

    there is vintage & there is something somebody threw out three years ago.
    i cant put a date on that supposed ‘vintage’ dress & if i cant date something supposedly vintage, that is not a good sign. for it, not me. tends to mean it’s a few years old & someone on ebay has decided to try & pawn it off as a classic, or somesuch, most likely in the category vintage > other, although occasionally under a preposterous date. my favorite example of this, inflected w/ a whole lotta irony, was when some seller insisted she had worn a pair of classified platforms to her high school prom c1972.

    otoh, ERW’s dress is glorious; that yellow blumarine is also [in spite of its breathlessness is the only possibility qualities]; think of how much better julianne moore wouldve looked sans tutu, & i like salma hayek’s better than you do. as per: standing in a hole–she clearly couldve looked it, but didnt. points right there.

  • I don’t get this dressing large women in funereal green. What is that flap in the middle?    Hilarious comment on Snow White!  Sad, because her other dress that she wore to the BAFTA tea party was so much more interesting. This one just didn’t come through very well on camera. 

  • Anonymous

    Can Salma make her uber rich & powerful hubby buy a fashion house or designer that knows how to dress her?  She is sooooo pretty and fierce but ever since the marriage has looked less than herself.

  • bethannstamps

    What was with Selma’s mettalic breastplate dress? hate. Tina looked better here than she has in the past, good color. i really didn’t like the yellows. too tweety/ or something.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of like Nicole Richie’s dress but Joan Rivers said it looked like a filling and I had to laugh.

  • I like Evan and Emma – really pretty

  • Sara Morris

    Am I the only one concerned by the frightening trend of mermaid dresses?  A little goes a looong way.  Eek.

  • Anonymous

    Is Nicole Ritchie and Sarah Michelle Gellar morphing into the same person?  Maybe it’s the hair.

  • Anonymous

    I am loving, loving, loving the vibrant greens that are showing up all over the place. And, on that note, would kill for Julianne Moore’s earrings.

  • Anonymous

    Kelly Osbourne looks like a grandmother.  No offense to grandmothers.  She is what…25…ENJOY it.  Before long, this look she’s sporting won’t be optional for her.

  • Emma Stone for the win!

  • I love the look of silver/grey hair! Just not on Kelly, it makes her look old and dull.

  • Meghan Platt

    Sharon Stone went to something in something from the GAP once and look fierce and Connie Briton shows up in my mom’s sun dress to prove a point. Get off the red carpet now.