Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet – Part 2

Posted on January 16, 2012

Opening paragraph? Pfft. Who has the time when there are dresses to rip?


Amber Riley in Badgley Mischka

Killin’ it.


Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

Let’s face it; this was the look of the night – and with good reason. Personally, we’re not inclined to love something so white and shiny, but since we coined a term for people who don’t put the effort in on the red carpet and named it after her (“Pulling a Jolie”), we can’t in good conscience do anything but applaud here. Quibble about the details if you have to; the point is, the woman is turning every head in the room.


Charlize Theron in Christian Dior

What we love about this ensemble is that it’s Dior Couture, and yet when she was talking to Seacrest it was as obvious as her sternum that she just smoked a big ol’ fatty. In other words, we love that this will eventually be returned to the House of Dior reeking of pot.

Oh, and she’s gorgeous in it, of course.


Debra Messing in Monique Lhuillier

That’s a whole lot of dress, but she’s the gal who can pull it off. What we liked – and you can’t see as well here – is that she chose some boldly colored jewelry to offset the black dress.


Freida Pinto in Prada

Too stiff. She looks like a perfume bottle.


Glenn Close in Armani

This is such an outrageous improvement over her normal red carpet wear of Big Serious Dresses that we’re not even going to point out the oddness of the bustline or the way the outfit is designed to show off her armpits.


Heidi Klum in Calvin Klein

Turquoise really isn’t the province of Aryan blondes, is it? Especially when their skin, hair and dress are all mostly the same color.


Jessica Alba in Gucci

Killin’ it. The color of the night was blush, but we were surprised to see hints of lavender here and there too.


Jessica Biel in Elie Saab Couture

Is she shrinking? Why does that dress look so big on her?


Jessica Lange in J. Mendel

Oh, girl. We are THRILLED you won and we’re gonna leave it at that.


Julianna Margulies in Naeem Khan

Dramatic and unusual but could have used some better detailing. Credit it for taking the less-trod path, though.


Julie Bowen in Reem Acra

Serving up Betty Draper, perhaps a bit too conspicuously.


Kate Winslet in Jenny Packham

It’s the same super-tight look she tends to favor a lot, but this one seems to fit her a skosh better than normal. She doesn’t look like she needed a quart of Crisco to get her in this thing and that’s a step in the right direction. We love the top of it.


Laura Dern in Andrew Gn

Really gorgeous on her. The belt’s in an odd place, but the color is spectacular.


Madeleine Stowe in Vera Wang

Serving it UP, Hamptons style. She looks amazing.


Mary J. Blige in Michael Kors

Oh, Mary J. Blige we love you get up, but maybe it’s time to walk away from the beige Michael Kors ensembles for a while. She looks good, but she looks like she’s looked for a lot of her recent public appearances.


Maya Rudolph in David Meister

This looked fitted and flattering on camera, but it’s looking considerably less so here.


Mila Kunis in Christian Dior



Morena Baccarin in Edition by Georges Chakra

Don’t love the hair, but she’s working the shit out of that dress.


Natalie Portman in Lanvin

We thought this dress had it all over Angelina’s. Elegant and chic. We loved the colors.


Reese Witherspoon in Zac Posen

Reese obviously wanted to look sexy tonight. The dress looks a little too tight on her and the bottom half of the skirt’s kind of a mess.


Sarah Hyland in Dolce & Gabbana

Pretty, but colorless.


Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang

At this point, the only option she has left is to just show up in a literal mermaid’s costume, complete with shell bra and tail.


Taissa Farmiga in Vera Wang

DRAB. Why are so many starlets sporting dresses the color of old bras?


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    I think Juliana Marguiles is wearing earrings, isn’t she?  If you look closely, it looks like they’re green.  Or am I hallucinating?

    • Anonymous

      She’s definitely wearing earrings. I loved the color combo of the dress and earrings and I had to read that comment under her picture a few times because I wasn’t sure if I was misunderstanding what TLo was saying.

    • Anonymous

      no, you are not…. they were green….. I love her, but the hair was too severe….

  • Am I the only one who thinks Sofia looks like she’s losing weight and with it some of her curves? That dress is doing more of the heavy lifting than her usual figure.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve thought her arms are getting super thin. I think you are right though. I imagine working daily with Julie Bowen would drive anyone to drastic diets and surgery. 

    • Susannah Perry

      I was just looking at her picture and thinking something looked… different.  That’s what it is and I don’t think I’m a fan.

      • Anonymous

        My thought also–scary.  She used to look comfortably voluptuous, but now she looks like every other underfed desperate actress.  The tip off–very skinny upper arms and her face looks like she’s been ill.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. It makes me so sad. I hope she at least gets over it after awards season.

        • Anonymous

          The old formula at work again:  whilst losing the curves, has also put several years on her face.
          Too bad, in every way.

    • Anonymous

      Someone on E!’s red carpet coverage, said was doing double gym visits/day to “get ready” for the GGs. So she probably dropped 5-10 lbs recently. It will probably come back.

  • Anonymous

    Reese Witherspoon looks like she got laid on the way over and lost her shoes in the car.  That is the only explanation for her dress being 4 inches too long and her lipstick being completely non-existent.

    But it was a great orgasm!

  • Anonymous

    Natalie Portman looks like the brunette Awards Show Barbie.  Not even in Angelina’s league.

    • Anonymous

      I am thinking that this is a generational difference. I love Angelina’s & hate Natalie’s because red & white always look elegant to me, and red & pink look shite, Barbie-esque.

      • Cheri Lee

        I am the opposite. I do not like red and white together but I have to give credit to Angie’s dress because it is striking.

        • I think it has more to do with all the fierceness Angie is bringing than with the dress. I actually kinda hated the color combo because it reminded me (how funny) of Natalie Portman’s Golden Globe dress of last year, but Angelina looks like sex on a stick mostly because she’s spilling her attitude all over the red carpet.

          • She always does when she tries.  I miss this kind of thing from her.

          • Anonymous

            I also think some credit is due the fit and the cut of the thing.

    • exactly

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree!  I do not like Natalie’s dress at all – shape looks like a complete mess to me.

      • I do not like Natalie’s dress at all. So lopsided.

        There was so much pretty until the end of the show when Meryl, Natalie and Jessica Biel broke the spell. The  only bright spot at the very end of the show was Jane Fonda who literally breezed onto the stage just in time to to clear the air of the ugliness that was Meryl’s dress.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. She just doesn’t have the presence that AJ has. 

    • Yep, TLo has it wrong.  

    • Anonymous

      See, I feel the total opposite.  I think Angie looks so unbeleivable cold and aloof and desperate for everyone to look but don’t touch while Natalie looks so pretty and has a wonderful smile.  I always think it is intersting how we all see things so differently.

    • Liz Low

      Totally agreed.  I did an “Oh, honey no” when I saw Natalie’s dress.

  • Jessica Biel’s dress… I’m at loss, really. Such a stunning woman looking so bad. Pulled a Jolie, or was she actually trying and failed? And I’m so happy to have Madeleine Stowe back! As the producers of Revenge cleverly noticed, she’s a godsend to pump the drama a notch.

    • Anonymous

      She looks awful bit then I usually find her looks to be dreadful.  I don’t understand her career at all.

  • Are you sure Jessica Biel’s gown is Elie Saab? I thought she said it was Valentino.

  • Biel looks like she found a wedding dress from the turn of the last century.
    I always get on Julie Bowen for wearing tight ponytails but I don’t think I like this.
    Laura Dern is WERQing it.

  • Anonymous

    Julie Bowen’s dress is the same one Olivia Wilde wore to the Emmys a few years ago.  Some stylist (or their assistant) is getting fired over that…

  • Natalie Portman looks like she has two extra legs like a centaur in that dress.

  • Tom Shea

    I’m tempted to say I’m not crazy about Madeline Stowe’s gown (fit issues and the overlay at the waist), but I’m afraid that she will DESTROY me!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you guys liked Natalie Portman’s dress! It looked like the hanger got stuck in it! That jutting out thing on the hip was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen.

  • So, is Taissa Farmiga related to Vera? And the “old bras” comment is spot-on! Glad Debra Messing is back too. 

    • Anonymous

      Taissa is Vera’s younger sister.  Talented family!

    • Anonymous

      Yes!! Old bras is so spot on. Im sick to death already.

      • Anonymous

        Though I’ve got to say that at least this particular old-bras-color wearer at least has a skin tone that makes it resemble like an actual, distinct color. The only humans who can wear that shade without both it and the wearer looking limp, bedraggled and exhausted are either porcelain pale or ebony dark. And even those few humans who can pull it off — why even bother, when there are still so many better and more interesting colors out there?

    • Anonymous

      But I would have expected more from Debra. How many times have we seen her in strapless black ball gowns? 

      • Anonymous

        I know -there was nothing wrong with it but it was just so blah and tired feeling. 

    • Yes, she’s her younger sister.

  • Anonymous

    Jolie looked better than she’s looked in years.
    And I loved Heidi’s look, so much better than her usual . Let’s encourage , shall we?
    I also liked Laura Dern’s look , but there was another one with a blue green sequin gown that was even better.

    • Noelle Haland

      Yes, I saw lots of emerald green sequins last night.

    • Anonymous

      LOVE Heidi’s look, that necklace is fabulous!

      • Anonymous

        AGREED!  I have always thought blondes with pale skin look amazing with turqouise on.  Maybe not that particular shade for a dress but still looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, she was wearing greenish earrings — I loved the purple-green combination!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t like Natalie Portman’s.  It looks like she has a growth on her left hip.

    • Anonymous

      Natalie Portman dressed like she was up for an award this year as opposed to last year.

      • Anonymous

        Although to be fair, last year she was about to give birth. Maybe she wanted to make up for it this year now that she’s not as wide as she is tall? 😉

        • Anonymous

          True.  But I still wasn’t a fan of her look.  It may be that shade of pink against her coloring, or the First Lady silhouette.

        • Precisely.  Have you ever shopped for maternity?  It’s a freaking nightmare!  You feel like shit in everything because you’re the size of a small minivan and the clothes are often ugly and designed to make you look even more pregnant

    • Anonymous

      Yes – that growth thing was the problem with the dress. She looked great, interesting color but the hip bow/fold/fabric whatever was tres distracting.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking she looks ass-pregnant.

  • mahar mangahas

    Poor Mary J, her dress is shedding!

  • Mariah J

    “Let’s face it; this was the look of the night”
    No, I will not face it. I hate creme and red. blech.

    Morena Baccarin, Natalie Portman, Laura Dern, Jessica Alba = WERQ

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I hated it too. Also. WHITE SHOES. Hideous. 

  • OMG Ms, Jolie!  Wow.  See what happens when you wear a color, even a tiny bit of one?  SEE what happens?  This is what happens. take note.

    • also, FITTED. AMAZING

    • Anonymous

      My I be nitpicky and ask that her clutch had not been red? Also, I did not think the slit really added to the look.  

      And yes, FITTED. 

      • Of course you can pick nits all you like.  Its why we’re here, no?  See, for myself I don’t mind the matchy thing at all.  But I see your point.  As to the leg slit, it doesn’t bother me, though in a perfect world I could wish for more subtlety and class out of our actors.

      • As someone who grew up on matchy/matchy, I’m getting a little annoyed that points are automatically deducted around here if two pieces of an outfit are the same color. 

        No matter what y’all say, I’m going to keep matching my shoes to my hem, not wear horizontal stripes and definitely not wear black tights with a summer dress.

        OK, I feel better now.

  • Anonymous

    I think the biggest difference between Natalie’s dress and Angelina’s dress is the Jane Russell-type support/construction that is built into Angelina’s dress. That construction is what sets that dress off.


    • I’m not even sure why we’re bothering comparing. Completely different style dresses. 

  • Oh hush, Sofia Vergara looks ravishing.

    • Anonymous

      The best thing she wears is her personality, which always makes her look fantastic.

      • Anonymous

        I thought the Modern Family cast (most, not all) acted like children last night.  Giggly freshmen that got invited to prom.

    • Anonymous

      Yes she does. But how she managed to move or sit in that is beyond me.

  • Anonymous

    She was wearing green earrings — and the purple-green combo was really cute, imo!

  • foodycat

    Mila Kunis’s dress reminds me of that awful ensemble GOOP wore with the heidi braids.

    • Anonymous

      The uneven shirring over the cups — one far “nuder” than the other — made me nuts. It was all I could see. How on earth does anyone not notice, and adjust the tulle or netting? Or for that matter, how does a couture house let a gown out without a key element stitched in place symmetrically? Or was her right breast supposed to look less covered than her left?

      • Noelle Haland

        A titscrepancy! (I thank TLo all the time for this great new word.)

  • Anonymous

    Say what you will about Angelina (I’m not exactly a fan myself) but the ice queen knocked it out of the park. 

  • Oh and Ms Witherspoon.  No matter how much you love a dress, if its 6 inches too long, DO NOT wear it.

  • Anonymous

    What do they have against necklaces – can anyone explain that to me? I suspect all the famous jewelery designers are sitting somewhere in a corner crying.

    Reese looks hilarious. I imagine the seam of her dress to be a living thing – crawling over the red carpet like an octopus.

    • Anonymous

      Yes!  And some of those dresses were just begging for necklaces.

  • Anonymous

    so when Viola Davis shows her leg through the slit she looks desperate, but when Angelita or Charlize does it, is not?

    • Anonymous

      Just M.O.  But with Charlize – I thought that her skirt had a much larger opening (almost mullet?) and she did not have to manipulate her body and the skirt to “highlight” her leg?

  • Laura Dern’s dress is amazing, and definitely what i would wear if i had an invite to the golden globes, and was skinny as a stick

    Loved the texture of the dress on Sofia, and the stick straight hair is gorgeous

    Jessica Alba (styled by Brad Goreski!) looked amazing, although it looked like she bathed in shiny bronzer or that she wanted to look like a trophy herself – she was glowing like an alien on TV

    Angelina looked like an ice queen – you can’t deny her beauty, especially in a dress like that, but she looks like she doesn’t know how to smile and that she could kill you with her gaze.

    Julie Bowen’s dress looked way better on Olivia Wilde at the Emmy’s a few years ago…

    • Anonymous

      I think Angelina was pissed that Brad was stoned — which he definitely, definitely was.

  • Ha! Mary J Blige’s muppet train is killing me. It looks like a gypsy moth caterpillar is eating her feet first. Thanks for the laugh, Mary!

  • I have to admit, Angelina looks unfathomably beautiful. Hurts to look at her. 
    Amber = PERFECTION
    Charlize looks awful. Hate skirts like that. 
    Debra Messing = too much fabric. Doesn’t work for me. 
    LOVED Heidi Klum’s outfit. So pretty!
    Julian Marguiles looks amazing. 
    Reese – would it have killed you to wear some make-up and comb your hair? Fail.
    I like the Natalie Portman dress but the only comparison to Angelina is the fold of color on top. Totally different effect on the dress. Good but different. 

  • Anonymous

    And yes, Glenn Close looks fabulous compared to her usual. I also love the old school “Sculptress” look behind her.

  • ENOUGH with the nude color / colorless dresses.  BLECH

  • Anonymous

    I did not think Angie had the look of the night.. her arms are so skinny and collarbone protruded so badly she reminded me of those starving children you see in “Feed the Children” videos. I think Jessica Alba had the best look of the night. She glowed in her dress.. yeah, I know it was a spray on tan, but she sill looked good.

    • I liked the dress but the thin thin arms made her shoulders look wide and boxy to me. From certain angles she looked great, but from others, kinda disturbing.

  • LOVE Jessica Biel’s dress. Looked amazing on stage. 

  • Anonymous

    The “old bras” comment was right on.

    Angelina Jolie looked so beautiful–even though a white satin dress is not something I would normally love.  I wish she would wear her hair up more often. And the red lipstick?  Perfect.

    Have to give props to Maya Rudolph, who has often attended these events looking like she was on her way to the mall.  That’s a pretty dress and it fits her nicely. (Yes, the bangles are too casual, but still.)

    Did not like Charlize’s look–‘way overdone.  Debra Messing looks gorgeous.  Reese’s dress is a mess.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody please help Reese – she is bleeding out and there is a massive coagulating pool of blood that’s already shin deep around her feet.

  • Anonymous

    Sofia looked better on tv than in the pics. Less mermaidy.

    All the dirty dishtowel beiges are *annoying* not to mention hiddy. I hope we dont see these consumptive looking mistakes at the oscars.

    For reds on the red carpet- Amber is fab, angelina is too. Reese comb your hair & lose the jessica rabbit getup.

    The black swan girls are a mess this tine around.

    Charlize & debra are divine. Everybody else looks tired or otherwise unmemorable. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing several Michael Kors gowns this season, I’m convinced that he stays on PR so he can generate ideas for his next season.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Well there so much good on here but really anything after Angelina Jolie is just dishing on the seconds. She is breathtaking in that dress and amazingly it  shows no cleavage, an appropriate amount of thigh,  fabulous undergarments and spray tan. Young starlets…pay attention!! 

    Okay – I do like Natalie Portman -but on her size the side wing seems a bit much. 
    Amber Riley, Debra Messing, Jessica Alba, Madeline Stowe = all A+ 
    Ms. Theron, Bowen,  and Vergara all look like they are trying too hard. 
    Mila Kulnis was indeed disappointing. The top of the dress is lovely but the skirt was all wrong. 

    Reese is my dharling and she must tread carefully here. She’s aging and seems to be doing it gracefully for the most part -she still looks fab most of the time, but when she pours into this sort of dress it looks kind of like she’s clinging to the old days. I don’t blame her -I’m about her age and I get it, but she has a stylist!! 

    Apart from that -wayy too drab across the board. 

  • Anonymous

    What is the deal with the dresses with a single strap starting between the boobs and then slinging back over a shoulder? It actually made me long for a true Wilma—and I don’t think I’d ever have found myself saying that.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Lange really needed a different color besides black. Very harsh on her. But hooray, she won!!! Angelina Jolie did look the best I think I have ever seen her look, though. What a wonderful dress on her.

  • Anonymous

    the first word’s out of my mouth when i saw Julie Bowen was that Betty Draper wants her look back….

    • Anonymous

      and a sandwich

  • Anonymous

    That uneven shirring of the black overlay on Mila’s dress drove me crazy. 

  • Anonymous

    Really? I think Morena B. is beyond beautiful, but that dress fits god-awful at her chest…yick!

  • Anonymous

    Amber looks great (she also looks smaller, I wonder whether it is the dress or if she has lost weight)

    Frieda’s dress – the shape remind me of Kara’s dress in the last challenge
    Glenn Close’s looked so odd.     Heidi looked young, but not slutty, slutty slutty – so nice twist.  Julianna’s had some interest in the back but with full front facing pictures you don’t get much out of that dress.  

      I do not like Kate Winslet’s – the top and another one with focus on her armpits?   (and the placement of the woman behind her’s hand looks funny.

    How long is Laura Dern’s torso – gosh!
     Mary J.  the dress looks great on her – but her hair and makeup just didn’t work 

    i thought Mila looked great.

    Natalie Portman – another unfortunate timeing for a picture – it looks like she had a huge puff of hair stuck on top of her own hair.  
    in the last few posts about Reese har face looks different – but if her goal is to look hot she has been nailing it.

    ETA – Angelina’s arms (right above the elbow are so thin they looks smaller than most people’s wrists.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. These are all red carpet looks, yet none seemed as sexy as Michael’s opera gown on PRAS last week.

    And Angelina really is the queen of effortless looking elegance. She and Tilda tied for top look in my estimation.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you. Of this group, Angelina and Tilda are my top. LOVE the jacket with the froufy bottom. Tilda, never change.  With Amber Riley and Madeline Stowe tied for second. Madeline Stowe has a portrait of herself in her attic doesn’t she? Woman has not AGED AT ALL. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t normally like colorless dresses, but I thought Sarah Hyland looked gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the stylists saw them here and went scrambling for color for the Oscars.

  • Kyle Crawford

    Who knew that Jessica Biel was born a coal miners daughter ?

    • Anonymous

      Or had a third boob? That’s all we could think of watching her on screen. The way that lace folded in the front, looked like a droopy old lady boob. Sad.

      • Anonymous

        Yes!  That’s what I thought, too.  And then I thought maybe it was a tribute to her upcoming film, Total Recall, which features a three-breasted mutant.  Just guessing.

  • Anonymous

    The drab dress thing is starting to really bug me. I’m sure the idea is that it is supposed to highlight the face, but too many women who look terrible in beige wear it. Klum, for one, looks probably the worst I’ve ever seen her.

    Jolie and Alba are the knockouts in this batch. I like Laura Dern’s dress, but her head kind of disappears against that backdrop. It looks like the dress is displayed on one of those headless mannequins. I think she needs a slightly darker hair color for starters.

    • I agree completely, Anathema.  Laura got totally overwhelmed by the gorgeous color of her dress.  A mid range blonde shade would have helped enormously.

      And Heidi?  Yikes.  I thought she looked horrible.  Like a big beige towel.

      • Anonymous

        The disappointing thing about Heidi is that I like it when she gets out of her style rut.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, but it was wasn’t short or tight or shiny. I really think she should be commended for that…

        • Nor was it see through, like that horrid thing you could see her navy panties and bra through.  So yeah, props to her on that bit.

  • Anonymous

    Viola Davis, Laura Dern, Kate Winslet, Juliana Margulies, Morena Baccarin, Heidi Klum, Helen Mirren, la Swinton, Glenn Close,  Jessica Alba, Claire Danes were outstanding.  Jolie … I don’t know, she’s too pale, too skinny, too smiley, too Stepford-y, too obviously Making An Effort In All Things, but the dress was gorgeous. 

    Jessica Biel, Jessica Lange, SMG, Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, Frida Pinto, Maya Rudolph, Lea Michele, Nicole Kidman (blech, that dress was sci-fi awful), Salma Hayek, did not bring it.

    • Agree on just about all your calls except Salma. Loved her dress but not necessarily how the top fit.

  • Anonymous

    Love or hate the necklace, I think Heidi looks absolutely lovely.  She always seems the most beautiful when she’s relaxed (plus not tight or shiny!)

    I have a sneaking suspicion Mila Kunis would have scored higher were she smiling.  I will maintain my belief that it improves every red carper look, and her smile is spectacular.

    Glen Close gets a pass on the armpit dress (you had to point that out, didn’t you) because she looks amazing from the neckline up.  Not quite Helen Mirren amazing, but I’m not sure that’s achievable by mere mortals.

    • Anonymous

      Agree re: Heidi! And I personally liked the necklace.

  • Laura Dern FTW!

  • Lexie

    Daaaamn, Angelina. Talk about striking. Maybe that is why she is so predictable the rest of the year, she was waiting until now to pull out the big guns!

  • Yeah, she’s wearing color, but I still don’t like Angelina’s dress.

    And Jessica Biel– haven’t we seen her looking exactly like that before? Many times before? She bores me.

  • Anonymous

    And if there is a Glee competition, Amber Riley wins hands down.

    • MilaXX

      Amber definitely was the best dressed of the Glee gals.

  • Anonymous

    such a colorless GG this year???!

    • MilaXX

      Actually there was quite a bit of color last night mixed in with the usual nudes. Lots of reds, blues and yellows. TLo just hasn’t gotten to them.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever is doing Madeleine Stowe’s work should get a prize. This woman doesn’t look much different than she did 20 years ago in Last of the Mohicans.

  • I love Sofia. Yes, it’s a version of the same dress she always wears, but tell me she doesn’t look fantastic doing it! Angelina took a brush to her hair, threw on some lipstick and slayed the room- I love it. Natalie Portman’s dress is lovely- very classically pretty. Amber Riley needs to wear THAT dress like, all the time.  

    I love Juliana Marguilies earrings and the color of the dress, but the dress made her look…like a Star Trek alien. No bueno. I’m torn on Charlize- the dress looks amazing or horrible, depending on the angle of the photograph- here, amazing though.

    Not a fan of these “Suntan” stocking colored dressed though- what is up with that?

  • Anonymous

    That Versace on La Jolie was truly sensational.  Perfect fit, gorgeous proportions, and that genius splash of red at the collar bone.  Very Most Famous Woman in the World.  Still wish she hadn’t inked those awful numbers into her arms though — they are so thin to begin with.  Conjures up all manner of horrors.

    I loved Laura Dern’s green, belted dress — very chic.  Juliana M. looked beautiful on the red carpet.  Charlize, who has the best legs in Hollywood, kind of ruined the effect and mood of that dream of a Dior by giving major bitchface as soon as it became clear that she wasn’t taking home an award.

    Sofia Vergara had the funniest moment of the night and managed to breath some life into yet another strapless Vera Wang creation.  Great color.

  • Anonymous

    Morena Baccarin – stunning. I even loved her hair. I just wished I knew who she was.

    • MilaXX

      Farfly, V, Homeland

      • Anonymous

        Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I’m too tired. Agree on almost everything. 
    You should have been harder on Reese. She looks like a sorority girl who, “like, OMG, like, got invited to the Globes, people”!

    Jessica Alba bores me and Jessica Biel is not made for those uberfeminine dresses. And her huge light colored lips bother me.  

    The shape/fit of Juliana Margulies’ is a shame, because the idea is really pretty. 

  • Emily OBrien

    I am so OVER the hand-on-hip pose. Hooray to the ladies who don’t do it.

  • Anonymous

    Bill put it best – Natalie Portman’s dress had a sidecar where she could store her drink. I loved Angelina’s look.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Lange’s face doesn’t match her neck- almost like after the surgery made her look really odd, she said fuck it, I’m not doing my neck
    No matter how good Angelina looks, and I think this is one of her best, those hideous tats just ruin it. Ditto to Mary J
    Sarah Hyland is the best of the beige nude girls
    Heidi is Malibu Barbie
    Reese seems she is having way more fun and loosening up however she looks like all the other bleach blonde starletbots trying to get ahead
    Laura Dern looks lovely but all I can think is Wizardess of Oz

    • I had the opposite reaction to AJ and Mary J…they look vastly sexier with their tattoos. It’s so them and there’s just something very pretty about them to me. 

  • Anonymous

    Love Laura Dern’s dress!

    • Anonymous

      HATE her hair, though.

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, I want to make an Emerald City joke about Laura Dern’s dress SO BAD but I actually like it.

    Angelina Jolie is showing how it’s done.

  • Susan Crawford

    Excuse me while I bow the hell down to Angelina Jolie. Wow. Just . . . wow.
    Laura Dern took a risk and really found that it paid BIG dividends. She looked just smashing! Love that green sparkle.
    Natalie Portman looking like a little Queen – ah-mazing in every way.
    Loved Margulies in Naeem Khan’s fantastically fitted dress, but that scraped-back hair was too severe. But this was a fabulous color and design for Julianna, and she was a stunning presence.

    As for Jessica Lange – I loved the Morticia-like gown, the crazy-lady hair and the smile of triumph as she waved that Globe! You go, Jess!

  • Where is Emma Stone?? I did not see her in either post, dying to know what you thought of her belt.

  • Anonymous

    Really, no mention of Reese’s horrid hair? When I saw the pic in a newspaper, I was sure you guys would rip into her for it.
    And I thought you’d save Jolie for last – she really did look extremely striking

  • Anonymous

    Laura Dern’s dress was my absolute favorite of the night.

    Reese — when she walked on stage, my straight boyfriend said “Wow.”  So I think she got the reaction she wanted. I won’t repeat what he said about Angie’s dress, except to say it referenced feminine hygiene products.

    I literally pointed at the screen and said “mermaid!” when Sofia Vergara appeared.  But she still rocks the dress.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    Angelina Jolie from the red collar up is gorgeous. Everything else, tacky and ugh. She is the only person on the planet who makes Versace look drab. And I can’t believe you let those bargain basement shoes pass without comment.

    Heidi Klum and Juliana Marguelis have dresses that make them look thick-waisted, when clearly neither of them is.

    Laura Dern and Natalie Portman should be applauded for the colors alone.

    Why is Reese Witherspoon such a mess? Usually she’s impeccable, but her dress looks like it shrunk in the dryer.

  • Natalie Portman doubled down on the pink/red  color scheme, and she looks so perfect here!  The woman just gave birth, I bow down to her. 

    Angelina is a goddess in my eyes, and only she could wear white satin like this. 

    I truly hated Julianna Margulies’ dress, but then, I loved the white one she wore before when everyone hated it.  This purple thing gives her no waist and smushes her girls.

    The lace explosion on Jessica Biel is so hideous, I can’t see how anyone could like it. UGH.

  • Sobaika Mirza


    Ahem. Sorry for that outburst.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Hyland’s dress looked oh so much better not washed out, aka on camera.
    Of course I’m sure she was regretting it when the zipper broke! Poor girl.

  • Anonymous

    After Tilda, Laura Dern’s was my fave.  She looked gorgeous and natural.  And I took sincere pleasure in her winning when smug Jolie lost.  And yes, I know, Billy Bob was to blame, la-dee-dah. 

  • Judy_J

    Loved Laura Dern’s dress. Gorgeous color and beautiful fit. Wish she would have ditched the belt, though. And I thought Angelina Jolie looked amazing. That dress was fabulous and fit like a glove. Unforgettable.

  • MilaXX

    Amber Riley – Very pretty. She knows how to dress her body.Angelina Jolie – I have to admit, I was not a fan of this watching last night. It’s a very editorial dress, but that red swatch at the neck  combined with her very sharp shoulder bones looked a bit linebaker to me. Loved the red lip & pulled back hair.
    Charlize Theron – This looked really pretty and I liked her headband much more than the one Michelle Williams wore.
    Debra Messing – The pop of color was what made this look.
    Freida Pinto – Liked the color, hated the dress.
    Glenn Close – I think this would have looked better without the wrap.
    Heidi Klum – I like that she wore the turquoise to break up the beige, but I think this would have worked better in chocolate.
    Jessica Alba – Brad did good, She hasn’t looked this put together in a while.
    Jessica Biel – Grandma’s curtains.
    Jessica Lange – She looked a little cray, but considering she won for playing Constance, it fits.
    Julianna Margulies – Loved the color on her. Miss her curly hair.
    Julie Bowen – I thought she looked a little Lucille Ball goes to the Golden Globes
    Kate Winslet – Meh’
    Laura Dern – Great color on her.
    Madeleine Stowe – How is it that Vera Wang had the older gals looking so great and the younger ones looking so blah?
    Mary J. Blige  – Why does she always look like she needs to go up a size?
    Maya Rudolph – This looked much better in person.
    Mila Kunis – Phoned it in.
    Morena Baccarin  – Looked awesome.
    Natalie Portman – She likes her pink/red combos. This looked great on her.
    Reese Witherspoon – Too Jessica Rabbit looking. Not a fan.
    Sarah Hyland – Cute
    Sofia Vergara – I know it’s her go to look, but I liked it.
    Taissa Farmiga – Bland

    • When you look like Mila, you can phone it in all you want. I think she looks just as good as Morena.

  • MilaXX

    oops sorry about the double post

  • I think Julie Bowen looks great.  She is often in such severe dresses and severe hair that it’s nice to see her a little softer and more girly.

  • michelle shields

    Am I the only one who didn’t like AJ’s dress? Of course it could be that I don’t like anything about her in the first place.
    Best look of the night for me? Jessica Alba…that girl was slammin’ it!

  • Angelina Jolie looks freaking amazing.  I think that’s what is really frustrating about her lack of participation in her normal red carpet looks — it’s not just that she’s a beautiful woman with great DNA; she also has the ability to carry a look spectacularly.  When she puts in the effort, her looks is always striking and fully realized. 

    Mary J Blige can continue to wear those beige-y looks as much as she like, as far as I’m concerned.  She is one of the rare women who shows up in these neutral looks  with the styling and attitude to make it work.  I approve of her as a role model for all those poor celebs who don’t get that they just look bland…

    Mila Kunis… well, I’m not a fan of the dress.  But her make-up is fascinating.  It’s lovely, but a different look for her face.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I really hate what Madeleine Stowe is wearing. Also, I just found out that Sarah Hyland is only a year and a half younger than I am and now I am really freaked out.

    I think Julie Bowen looks good, but this doesn’t seem like it’s really her style. I’m not sure what is, but she’ll find it eventually.

  • Anonymous

    Any else notice that Brad tweeted about dressing Jessica Alba and then Rachel Zoe kept tweeting about partying with her later that night?  I think we are about to have an all out feud!

    • That’s gonna be spectacular. Of course, my money is always on the gay…he’s gonna be able to out bitch RZ any day of the week. :p 

  • T Lo! I just want to say, how is it that you didn’t post Evan Rachel Wood’s stunning creature from the black lagoon dress? It was beautiful, and had feathers and scales!  Normally you love her! Take a look! 

  • Noelle Haland

    What, no comment about that bizarre side-shelf on Natalie Portman’s otherwise lovely dress??  That was BIZARRE on camera.  Also, Reese’s gown is clearly too long for her, and I wish Juliana Margulies had some sort of belt on.

  • Anonymous

    Angelina Jolie looks terrific – for Angelina Jolie, which, let’s face it, should be the easiest pallete to work with.  But “look of the night”?!?  I’m going to have to respectfully disagree here.  I submit Tilda Swinton as Exhibit A-Z.

  • Anonymous

    I loved Jessica Alba’s. The other Jessica just kept reminding me of some fancy prairie wedding at one of those compounds on “Big Love” and Reese looked a mess. I was also going to say I didn’t think Angelina’s was all that, but then I realized I just simply dislike her so much I’m biased.

  • Anonymous

    Angelina looked absolutely fabulous.  She must have had the Popemobile ride over to keep it so smooth.

    Love Alba and Marguilies…both in purple hues I favor, but one very traditional RC (and gorgeous) and one more unique (also gorgeous).  Well done, ladies.

    Kudos to Winslet and Stowe for serving up the FIERCE.

  • Debra looks great!  I don’t always like her hair choices, but she did well here.  Why are so many women wearing dresses that make them look wide?  And say what you will about Sofia, but that is a killa dress.

  • Jennifer L.

    It seems that part of the reason Jessica Biel’s dress looked out of place on her is because of her natural athleticism, vs. the tweeness and faux-sex of many similarly aged actresses. You can tell more when you watch her move around in it – she needed a simple, less froufy dress that showed off her musculature instead of hiding it. 

  • Am I the only one who noticed that everyone in the frame behind Charlize Theron is looking mightily horrified? I kind of love it. Can they all smell the “big ‘ol fatty” she just smoked?

  • Anonymous

    Told my friends your assessment of Sofia V is my birthday present from you guys, thanks for being so darn thoughtful!!

  • I thought Jolie looked completely fabulous. She, Swinton, Kidman and Evan Rachel Wood were the ones that stood out for me. Debra Messing’s eye makeup looked too heavy to me — that SJP black eyeliner total rim is a mistake on almost everyone, SJP included. Portman pulled off a dress with an awkward sidelump design — not a fan of the dress but she looks good in it. I love Charlize, but thought she looked washed out in this outfit. Too much ecru/pale pink/beige/blush on the red carpet overall, IMO. On blondes especially it looks limp and impact-less.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Biehl’s dress made her look like she had a third, middle boob. I also loved AJ’s white dress with the red slash but her tats cheapened the whole look. Perhaps I am just old fashioned but I still thinks tats look trashy on the red carpet. Mila Kunis cracked me up how she tried to look so obviously bored with it all when she was presenting on stage. 

  • Jessica Biel as Miss Havisham, ladies and gentlemen!

    Reese Witherspoon looked like she was accepting an award at the Grand Ol’ Opry in that ensemble with that hair. Ugh.

    Hated Morena Baccarin’s dress, and Madeline Stowe looks like she’s going to the prom.

  • Anonymous

    Angelina FTW.

  • You liked Natalie Portman’s getup? Elegant isn’t the word I’d use, unless I’ve entered upside-downland, where “elegant” has suddenly become synonymous with “clumsy, boxy, wrinkled, and overwhelming.”

    I think everything else has been spot on.

    Also, Debra Messing seems to be the kind of person with whom I would never, ever wish to interact. In any way. Words cannot describe how self-important she seems. The way she smiles, her posture, her on-camera persona–it all screams “I’m better than  everyone else in the room, yes somehow less interesting than all of them.”

    Pardon my rant. There’s just something about her that makes me go “ugh.”

  • Amy

    My only  gripes: Angelina looks like a human advertisement for Valentine’s Day (made even more annoying by the fact that she is one half of the biggest “it couple” in Hollywood) and Natalie Portman seems to have stole Marilyn Monroe’s most famous cinematic ensemble.

  • Anonymous

    If by “debra picked some nice contrasting jewelry” you mean “rachel picked some nice contrasting jewelry.”

  • Anonymous

    Sofia Vergara was as expected. So over her.

  • Anonymous

    Also I feel like Angelina is a real-life Victoria Grayson.

  • Anonymous

    this is as captivating as ALBA has ever looked (in recent memory). BIEL – has three tit and is my worst dressed for the night.

  • marilyn

    Did anybody notice that Angelina Jolie matched her lipstick, purse and collar?  Is that dorky, or what?  By the way, her dress was great, except for the collar.  However, too low-end matchy-matchy for me.

    • Anonymous

      FINALLY!!!  I ready through 5 pages of comments to read something about the matchy-matchy.  I am apparently the only person who thought Angelina did NOT look good.  Dress was beautifully constructed, but the look was not.  If anyone else showed up with lipstick matching dress matching bag, TLo would have called her out. 

  • Why couldn’t have Badgley Mischka made something like Amber Riley’s dress for Melissa McCarthy? She looks fantastic! They probably could have figured out a way to give her sleeves with a similar silhouette.

    I love the people in the background. Especially in Kate Winslet’s picture. Hee!

  • Anonymous

    Sofia Vergara and Natalie Portman are much more statement dresses to me than Angelina. She looked bony and weird, like she was choking. And so very pale in a white, shiny column with a slash of red at the neck. All I saw was the slash of red and her collar bones. And even though Sofia Vergara was expected, she still turned heads. Pretty color. Bizarre silhouette. Charo for the new millennium. Still think Helen Mirren was Best Dressed.

  • CHARLIZE FUCKING THERON looks amazinggg. like drop dead gorgeous best dressed/looking of the night hands down.
    angie actually looks pretty good too, im normally so bored with her but i hate that origami red strip.
    and sarah hyland actually looks quiet beautiful in that dolce, 
    mila: unfortunately i have to agree, disappointing 🙁 i love her and she dresses so well, why would she wear black and that make up. 

  • I feel like Reese W. looks like she’s at the CMA’s. Too much hair and dress for her little self.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Heidi’s necklace looks like it’s floating about six inches in front of her.  You’d think a supermodel would know how to not be upstaged by her jewelry.

    Mila Kunis: You know, the sheer trend is not attractive to my eye anyway.  Pleating it up so it’s kinda-sorta opaque, then doing it low-cut? It just comes off as tacky.

    Does Natalie have a bustle?

    Mermaid or not, I love Sofia’s dress. That is an absolutely gorgeous blue.

  • Anonymous

    “the color of old bras”

    hah.  I had bras in that color all through the 90s.  I believe it was called “candle.”

  • Anonymous

    “the color of old bras”

    hah.  I had bras in that color all through the 90s.  I believe it was called “candle.”

  • Anonymous

    Angie wins this round, she looks absolutely stunning.

    • At least Laura D. doesn’t look like she might kill you. And she was there with her mom, so sweet! I actually love the long sleeves with the deep cleavage vee.

  • I think whoever did Angelina’s makeup should win an oscar. 

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with Julie Bowen? She is a positively beautiful woman who always looks like she’s trying way too hard (and failing). It shouldn’t be so hard for a pretty woman in good shape to look good. 

    I wouldn’t mind that Reece’s dress didn’t fit if she didn’t look like she just woke up. 

    Laura Dern looks great except for her hair—she looks like she’s at a fitting for the dress, not at the actual event.

    And I have to differ on Angelina. She looks scary. If that’s what she’s going for, she nailed it. Probably was, actually.

  • Anonymous

    Laura Dern: Princess Fiona called, and she wants her dress back!    And it kinda looks like Heidi forgot to put a dress on over her slip… 

  • Anonymous

    I think Angelina looks great, but she does also look like a Disney evil Queen.

    Why is Natalie Portman wearing a knock-off of the Monroe Diamonds are a girl’s best friend dress?

  • Why is Julianna Margulies wearing a mumu?

  • Wow–all these posts today–I can’t keep up! 
    Jessica Lange is way too old for a backless dress–it was hiddy front and back!  Morena FTW, along with Laura Dern and my gal Kate Winslet.  Loved her hair!
    It’s funny how idfferent these dresses look in stills as opposed to seeing them move and walk on the RC and during the show.  Everyone’s look improves with some animation and locomotion. 

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Biel’s dress is truly ugly.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVED Juliana’s–and the big green earrings made it!

  • Anonymous

    Reese is channeling Farrah Fawcett and it is not a good look on her.  Cheesy and tacky come to mind.  

    • Anonymous

      I immediately saw that too! Glad I’m not the only.

  • Anonymous

    Again, agree on most points. Angie should wear color on her lips more often. She looked great when she did it at Cannes, and it looks great here. 

  • We thought this dress had it all over Angelina’s. Elegant and chic. We loved the colors.

    Really?  No obviously Barbie jokes?  Because that is a lifesize Barbie at the GG dress.

  • [yawn]  SO over all the beige-y (and every variation of it) dresses.  Is this trend going to continue thru the Oscars?  {gag}  And enough please with the yoga class hair, ladies!  If you can pay someone to do your makeup, you can do the same for the top of your head.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Julianna Margulies looks like someone in that creepy movie The Handmaid’s Tale.  Is she wearing a burlap dress? UGH.

  • Julie Parr

    I just watched the entire Ryan Seacrest interview of Charlize Theron on the RC. Totally disagree with you about her having just smoked a j. She handled herself very well, answered all the questions fluently and was fine. She said she was getting over having laryngitis, which explained why her voice was scratchy. Her voice did, indeed, sound like someone with laryngitis. I think you two are way off on that.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Angelina is a goddess, and the rest of us mere mortals can only bow down before her unreal beauty!

    I can’t say I agree with your praise for Natalie Portman.  That same dress looked a lot better on Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever Reese W. has been doing with her image lately, I hate it. This is another example. She looks hard and trashy. Too much eyeliner, kind of slutty clothes, bit JBF hair… awful.

  • Anonymous

    My question is: with all those trains around, how does anyone walk around a room without getting stepped on?? I know if I were there, I would step on E-V-E-R-Y FREAKIN’ train in the room just because I am a klutz. I can’t help but to feel sorry for some of the less graceful attendees who have to walk around with their heads down saying “oops, step to left train to the right! oh hear comes another one!” Talk about annoying!

  • Anonymous

    Holy Mrs. Butterworth’s, Frieda Pinto!

    I really dislike Natalie Portman, but I have to admit that she looks great in that dress. 

  • Susan Walker

    I read in other places that the backs of many of the dresses were worth seeing – wish we could see more than the standard poses.  The red carpet shows have gotten so overproduced that you only see a few of the more well publicized attendees and miss seeing everyone else.

  • Okay.

    Kunis is looking bitter.
    Totally over the color blocking on Winslet.  Just no.
    Is Maya Rudolph gaining weight/pregnant again?

    Oh, and is it just me, or did Jolie look like she had some kind of upscale-tween glittery lipstick?

  • Kate Winslet is serving up some seriously fierce face. 

  • what the HELL happened with jessica lange? could no one even run a brush through her hair? did she bang someone quickly before she came? i felt embarrassed for her. girl looked a mess.

  • Emily Howard

    Tom and Lorenzo, you mystify me with your insanity about hair.  You rarely like anybody’s hair and especially young women who wear it down. But why shouldn’t they?  They are young women with pretty hair.  Why the hell was Zooey Deschanel’s hair insane, for example.  It looks just pretty and shiny and like a hipster girl with bangs.  So what?  You only like women with their hair all pulled back and boring, except for the odd pulled back and boring look that you don’t.  Please just stop with the hair.

  • Damien W

    I think Sofia deserves a smidge more props for her look. It’s got the bold color, it fits like it’s painted on, and she knows how to serve up THE POSE for the carparazzi. That’s a fairly fierce WERQ from me.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how Laura Dern feels about being at the same event as Angie. Angie did, after all, effectively steal her fiance (poor woman, losing Billy Bob like that!). It’d be big news if Jen and Angie shared the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, that photo of Sofia just goes to show how awful RC flash photos are.  On TV (at least mine) and in other photos this dress looked a wonderful teal color that was stunning and not as cheap/shiny as here.  I thought she looked amazing on stage, here, not so.  I despised angelina jolie’s dress, it is soooo “Everyone, look at me but do not approach.  I am cold, vicious and clearly immortal.  And better than you.  Stay back.” But serious points for not a single wrinkle in that white satin when she hit the stage.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it’s already been noted but…Angelina looks gorgeous in the dress,but so painfully thin I winced when I saw her.  Amber Riley looks fantastic.

  • Pulling Jolie and Madeleine looks great, too. Like Revenge so much! 🙂

    • I feel bad about Madeleine’s face, but she’s a great actress, so I’ll shut up. I hope it settles in more. The brows are kind of severe. Love the dress!

  • Oh, Jessica L. It’s sad when you can’t get away with just throwing on something anymore, but you have to clean it all up impeccably just to look passable. Any of her costumes from Horror Story were better than that dress, but agreed, she WON! YAY!! Serving up TV fierceness, movie star!

  • Jena Lohrbach

    LOL–“Why are so many starlets sporting dresses the color of old bras?” was perfectly in line with my thought, “My mom used to wear bras that color.”

  • Taissa looked fantastic. Best blush dress of the bunch.