Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet – Part 1

Posted on January 16, 2012

No time for niceties and foreplay, darlings! Let’s GET TO IT!


Amanda Peet in Marc Jacobs

Enh. There’s such a thing as being too tiered. And the length is awkward.


Andie MacDowell in David Meister

She’s had the same hairstyle for over 20 years, but we can’t find fault with anything here.


Ariel Winter in Dolce & Gabbana

We think only a girl this young could get away with something this whimsical. She looks adorable but she has Minnie Mouse feet. Borrow shoes that fit, hon.


Busy Philipps in Temperley London

Looks like a drag queen with no makeup on.


Claire Danes in J. Mendel

It would help if she stood up straight, because the bodice is looking loose and droopy. Great dress, though. Not loving the hair.


Diane Lane in Reem Acra

Serving up old Hollywood glamour.


Dianna Agron in Giles Deacon

It’s … we don’t know … gimmicky?


Elle MacPherson in Zac Posen

We made fun of this on the twitter for looking like exploded lingerie, but we admit the effect in pictures is dramatic.


Emily Watson in Armani

A dress the color of wadded up pantyhose. Jewelry provided by the Home Depot.


Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka

Queen Helen of Fuckinfantastica has returned to our shores. J’ADORE.

LOVE the hair.


Jessica Chastain in Givenchy

Pretty, but it looked a little too tight on her.


Katharine McPhee in Donna Karan

Pretty, but would a little color kill you, dear?


Lea Michele in Marchesa

Of course.


Madonna in Reem Acra and Andrea Riseborough in Vivienne Westwood

These two were so weird talking to Seacrest. You could practically see Madonna’s lips move every time Riseborough spoke. Anyway, we kind of love Madge’s dress for being so eye-catching and unusual and we’re kind of bored Andrea’s pseudo-bridal look.


Meryl Streep in Alessandra Rich

Oh Mary LOUISE. A cowboy shirt?


Michelle Williams in Jason Wu

Well, it’s not twee. Oh wait. She’s wearing a headband. Okay, maybe it is a little twee. But it’s more important we discuss the fact that she’s wearing upholstery. Seriously, it’s a great looking gown, but it looks like it weighs 75 pounds.


Naya Rivera in Vera Wang

We don’t like the color, the high neck, or the puckering in the front seam. Such a drab dress.


Nicole Kidman in Versace

This paraded across our screen before we could see who was wearing it and we were shocked later to find out it was Nicole simply because she’s so va-va-voom in it. This is a knockout; best she’s looked on the RC in ages.


Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

We practically cheered when we saw her. We don’t love this color, and the dress isn’t perhaps as chic as her last few semi-formal outfits, but she looks put the hell together, glamorous, and comfortable. That’s the smile of a lady who knows she looks good.


Piper Perabo in Olivier Theyskens

The “Check out my bigass skirt, bitches!” pose is for drag balls, dear. Also, your entire outfit looks like dingy crinolines.

“The Dingy Crinolines” would be a superb name for an all-girl punk band.


Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci

Not out favorite look of hers lately. Perhaps the Audreybot persona doesn’t translate as well in a gown. Still, she looks weird and you can’t take your eyes off her so, mission accomplished.


Sarah Michelle Gellar in Monique Lhuillier

We hate the big ponytail she was sporting but we kinda dig this dress for being bold and eye-catching.


Stacy Keibler in Valentino

Pretty, but clearly chosen so as not to upstage her date.


Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann



Viola Davis in Emilio Pucci

Viola sweetie, don’t stand that way in a slit skirt. Looks a little desperate. Spectacular dress, though.


Zooey Deschanel in Prada

Yes, it looks a little bit like a Lite Brite board, but we love this dress. Her hair looked ridiculous, however.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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    • Anonymous

      So much WORD. Usually I think she looks just nutty, but she looked so statuesque and awesome in that color and silhouette. Loved the big poufy hair, too!

      • Anonymous

        I love how she wore an actual dress with a feminine color but still looks FIERCE and like she could kill you with her brain

      • WERQ as TLo Canon states.

      • Anonymous

        Love Swinton, but gotta disagree on the hair.  I think it looks ridiculous.  There, I said it.

      • Anonymous

        Nice to see a dress that shows off her figure instead of a bag shaped dress.

      She looks so ethereal. I love it. 

    • I only saw her from the shoulders up onscreen, and assumed she was wearing a pantsuit (super fierce pantsuit of course). HOLLA. Tilda is back y’all! LOVE IT.

    • Anonymous

      I am one of those rare people who do not feel the Swinton love at all, but  this is one damn fine dress!

    • Anonymous

      She’s really brought it to a whole new level recently.

    • Anonymous

      Iono – if you covered her head, wouldn’t it just look like a mother-of-the-bride outfit?

      • I agree.  She absolutely serves up some fierceness, but I think it is mainly from the neck up, and from the way she holds herself.  I kind of think her clothes aren’t even really important.

  • Anonymous

    SWINTON!  Showing bitches how it is done!  I gasped when I saw her. 

    And, who would’ve thunk it?  I am not Madge lover at all, but her dress is fantastic.  Love it.

    • Anonymous

      She needs a size up.  Her boobs must have had welts across them at the end of the night.

      • Anonymous

        That all I could think of, her tortured boobs!

        • Anonymous

          Tortued boobs AND hands – between the gloves and she keep shoving them inside her dress, her hands must have been raw by the end of the night

      • Anonymous

        WAY too tight in the bust….

  • Anonymous

    Emily Watson needs some FOUNDATION GARMENTS.

    • I kinda think the dress itself is a foundation garment..?

      • Anonymous

        The Spanx gown.  Sadly, it is failing her boobies.

        • Rachel Sawyer

          Big time.

  • Viola was my pick for best dressed of the night. Zooey’s dress was great but her hair, not so much. Too 60s. I despised Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress. With a passion. It’s straight fug. 

    Diane Lane, Dianna Argon, Nicole Kidman and Helen Mirren looked great.

    Lea Michele looked desperate.

    • Anonymous

      Sarah Michelle said in an interview that her 2-year-old picked out her gown. It shows.

      • Her daughter set her up. I am convinced.

      • I saw a million tweets about her dress and how ugly it is and how it looks tie dyed before I actually saw a picture of it. I was expecting a Grateful Dead shirt turned into a gown. Compared to what I concocted in my head, I think the dress is fab.

        • I agree that it looks tie-dyed.  That’s one of the things I like about it.  Imagine how dull it would be without the interesting fabric choice.

          • Not to mention that those are GORGEOUS shades of blue!

      • Anonymous

        It reminds me of tie-dye and not dressy enough for the globes, maybe the MTV awards if there was a slit up the front and hot shoes/boots.

    • Anonymous

      “Lea Michele looked desperate.”

      She usually does.

      • More like Lea Michele looks fucking ridiculous. 

        • Anonymous

          Did you see her licking her lips like Courtney Stodden?!  Bitch, please.

    • Anonymous

      Monique Lhullier dress was hideous.  In total agreement re the Lea vibe.  She’s just too damn much all the time.

    • Anonymous

      The only positive thing about Lea Michele’s appearance here is that the dress reminded me of one or two of the special effects in the trailer for Snow White & The Huntsman (about which I could not be more excited).

      • Jolene Barnett

        I think she looked one white skunk stripe away from Bride of Frankenstein.

    • Anonymous

      I think SMG’s dress is a perfect example of an interesting dress just not suited to the wearer’s persona.  Sarah is still and always will be most closely asociated with “Buffy” and this is just too “fun” so combined with the ponytail she comes across desperatly trying to still be prom queen.  This dress on another actress with a less toothy, wholesome grin and more grown up hair would have  completely different vibe.  It’s sort of the michelle Williams phenomenon – some of her looks become way more “twee” simply because she wears them.

  • Nicole Kidman looked AMAZING. That dress was made for her.
    Can Helen Mirren and SWINTON make a movie together already? It would be worth it for the press tour photos alone.

    • Anonymous

      Amazing how great Nicole Kidman looks off the country music circuit.  More importantly, it looks like that might actually be her face, and I haven’t gotten that from recent photos (Nicole – it’s a stunning face – stop injecting shit into it.)

      I stopped dead on Helen Mirren’s photo.  While you guys are bowing down to Tilda (and deservedly so), I’m going to do my best Wayne and Garth meet Alice Cooper over at Helen’s feet.

      • Anonymous

        Hail to the queen baby!

    • Anonymous

      No, they can’t. It would be too damn much fabulous for one film; they’d have to turn away people with weak hearts and nervous conditions.

    • Anonymous

      I thought Helen Mirren was that Seacrest beard chick at first glance.

  • Lea got her dress
    from Cher’s yard sale.

    Clare’s dress was
    all about the back detail, but probably walking backwards through the red
    carpet wasn’t the way to go.

    Nicole… the dress is
    pretty, she’s not. Fembot, party of one.

    I had a wet dream
    about Tilda last night.

    Love how Hellen
    and  Diane show the young ‘uns how it’s
    actually done. 

  • Anonymous

    Loving Octavia, Rooney, Tilda, and Nicole.  But what is the deal with Jessica Chastain’s hair?  She looked like Nancy Reagan last night.

  • Madonna sure should have colored her roots before this. YUK!

    • Anonymous

      And her dress was too tight across the boobs.  Seriously she was spilling out.  And, speaking of boobs, Naya Rivera’s nipples were in all the wrong places!

      • I honestly thought it looked like you could pop her boobs. Not a good look, which is a shame, because the dress was pretty. 

      • carolie_king

        It just looked painful… All those little sequins digging into the boob spillage.  I’ll bet she has scars.

    • Anonymous

      Madge looked like she had four breasts in that dress. I was uncomfortable just looking at it. And lose the leather glovelet woman, you’re not fooling anyone.

      • HATED those cap sleeves, the dress would have rocked without those things …

  • Anonymous

    Loved Swinton’s gown but her hair was insane. And Madonna’s hair was insanely underdone compared to her gown. I also wish she would have ditched the gloves. 

    Zooey’s sideburn things were the most hideous thing I’ve seen in ages (except for Lea M’s dress, ick). Too bad because I thought her dress was kinda cool. And J. Chastain’s look was unfortunate, very matronly.

    Loved Michelle W’s demure look, headband and all. Rooney didn’t knock it out of the park but made a respectable showing, I gotta believe she was super nervous.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for explaining the deal with Zooey’s hair. I couldn’t tell from the pic what was going on there until I read this.

  • Anonymous

    I bow down to YOU guys for getting all this up at 9 AM on a holiday Monday morning!

    I’ll be back to comment after the caffeine has kicked in.  But in the meantime, “Jewelry provided by the Home Depot”?  Laughing at that kicked my heart into gear, so thanks!

  • elzatelzabelz

    Swinton (so different, so fierce!), I love that Buffy went big, shocked that Nicole Kidman upped the ooh factor, Helen Mirren- ahhh, and Diane Lane. My favorites were pretty much anyone that was wearing color. 

    • Anonymous

      This! This! This!  If I see one more flesh-tone, washed-out, beigy as crap looking dress, (and make-up) I’m gonna….I’m gonna.. I’m gonna…well, I’m too non-plussed to think of anything right now.

      • With you.  And I normally LOVE the neutral, barely there look — but it is so overplayed and very rarely is it done well on the red carpet!  I think it requires  a certain attitude and styling or it falls flat.

  • Delicious post, thanks boys. Keep it coming ! I tweeted you a funny picture, hope you saw it! 

  • Madonna for me is the best dressed.  Definitely NOT boring.

  • Anonymous

    Helen was the most pulled together and glamourous of this group, maybe the whole damn show.  
    It’s sad that I’m 38 and I think that but I just wasn’t feeling most of these looks.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    Damn, you guys are up early.

    Is it me, or did there seem to be a ridiculous lack of color last night? Lots of creams, nudes and metallics. Even the few colors were mostly muted or drab. Stacy Keibler’s simple dress pops just because of the beautiful color, and I can’t believe I’m even acknowledging her existence. It was all mostly boring.

    That’s just a bad pic of Claire Danes. Her dress was fantastic. You should show one of her from the back.

    Thank you Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren and the Swinton for bringing it, since no one else could be bothered.

    Honorable mentions to Diane Lane, Jessica Chastain (but doesn’t it seems like she’s always wearing that dress?) and Viola Davis.

    And I’m sorry, but Sarah Michelle Gellar looks like a bad Project Runway entry.

    • Anonymous

      I wanted to like Sarah Michelle, but yes, the dress is a result of the shower curtain challenge. The not good either. I think if the base of the print hadn’t been white she would have scored major points.  

      Claire Danes’ was pretty, but her makeup and hair were not and, if you saw it live, the dress was so tight below the bodice it gave her a belly (which I’m positive she does not have).

  • Anonymous

    LITE BRITE!! Ahhh, to be a child of the 80’s 🙂

    I thought SMG’s dress had a great shape to it, but it kinda looked like a pen exploded on it.

    Lea Michele looks like Ariel from the Little Mermaid got invited to the Oscars…

  • Anonymous

    Madonna: Loved that dress, and agree that she was quite striking in it. The bodice, however, was 2 sizes too small.  I don’t know how she was breathing.  In addition, her face is really disturbing, especially when she is speaking.

    • Anna Maria Diamanti

      Oh God, her face and those gloves. Damn, could anyone have imagined 20 years ago that Madonna of all people would be so ridiculously desperate and obvious about aging?

      • Lori

        I hate to say it but yes, decades ago I figured Madonna would not age gracefully. I think the signs were there.

    • And especially – when she’s speaking in a FAKE ENGLISH ACCENT!!!

      • You are from MICHIGAN, Lady! No one’s buying it!!

      • Anonymous

        i literally laughed out loud listening to her attempt at a clipped English accent, she must have just brushed up on her elocution lessons…

      • Anonymous

        Plus the fake rigid diction — and the auto-correct on who/whom. Humorless, insanely pretentious, and freeze dried. TLo has said it many times: so many of us hoped she’s be a trailblazer with aging issues. Instead she’s become ludicrous.

      • Yeppers.  Really Madge, drop the accent, its pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      Yes!  I had sympathy boob pain all night just from the sight of Madonna’s chest.  Ouch!

    • Anonymous

      What about her arms? They’ve gone from ripped to really odd…bigger towards the elbow. Between the arms, the one glove, and the chest puff – I didn’t even know she was speaking. I loved the dress from the waist down.

  • Anonymous

    I actually gasped when I saw Helen Mirren. Baby startlets, that is how it is f***ing done.

  • Anonymous

    Just an ‘Enh’ for Amanda Peet?!?! What the hell is that extra tulle dragging around at her feet? And does that heavily outlined eye look good on anyone?  Does anyone know who Meryl Streep is wearing? Helen Mirren is my new fave.  Elegant, funny, beautiful. I’m going for that in my golden years! Tilda’s outfit on anyone else would have looked like ‘mother of the bride’.  She is perfection.

  • Anonymous

    Andrea Riseborough- is that a black clutch under the dress at crotch level? Or did she forget her panties?

  • Anonymous

    Most of the look pretty good.
    A few look like the dress and the girl are a perfect match, those would be Ariel Winters, Dianna Agron,Rooney Mara, of Course Tilda, and Lite Brite. 

    Is Madonna’s hand puppet wear black underpants with a transparent buff colored dress? Tut.

  • Anonymous

    I would like Meryl Streep to have a nice little chat with the fabulous Swinton and Mirren… 
    And Octavia listened to me…. she’s smiling!!

  • Anonymous

    Yesss – Tilda is giving me LIFE!!
    Love Claire’s dress, it’s unusual and striking.
    Lea, girl, sit down!

  • Wow, Tilda. Goddess.

  • Anonymous

    wow, 1st i am seeing Tilda, still bowing.  love helen & nicole.

  • Anonymous

    Tilda, you are such a divine creature. Never change.

    Diane Lane looks freaking gorgeous as does Nicole Kidman. I know there’s lots of haters but I think she looks stunning here.

    Queen Helen. Perfection.

    Please send Piper P. home.

  • No kidding about Meryl’s outfit. She also had her hair in a ponytail!! Seriously, with just like an elastic band. Her speech was beautiful, though.

    It’s always interesting to listen to the actors speaking casually. Jessica Alba couldn’t even come up with responses to basic questions from Ryan Seacrest … like, ‘What’s your favorite part of the ceremony?’ and similar.

    • It wasn’t a ponytail. It was a banana clip! Seriously! I almost threw up in my mouth a little…

  • Anonymous

    WTF Meryl?  You pretty much knew you’d be up there accepting your award. Couldn’t you have put a little effort in?  But Tilda!  I can’t stop looking at her.

    • Anonymous

      I think she just doesn’t care.  She is so removed from Hollywood unless she has a movie out.

  • Kate McCain

    Honestly I don’t usually get Tilda Swinton’s outfits but this one I think is gorgeous! Octavia Spencer was lovely in her dress. Am also loving Zooey’s dress, because it can only be worn by someone quirky like her. 

    Does anybody else have trouble looking at Lea Michelle’s dress and not thinking how Halle Berry has already done this look so much better?

    • foodycat

      “Halle Berry does it better” was my exact thought, yes!

      • Because Halle Berry can wear something like that and look classy, chic and sexy.  Lea looks like a ho.

        • Anonymous

          OMG, I’m not getting any work done today (not holiday down here).

        • foodycat

          Because Halle wore the dress. Lea’s dress is wearing her. And then leaving some money on her nightstand.

          • Most ho’s have better sense and taste than that.

          • Anonymous

            Perfect!!! (snort…)

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I read her name as Piper Peekaboo.  Appropriate for a girl who wants the world to see her London and France.

    Tilda is awesome.

    I loved Gellar’s dress.  I’ve always thought someone should make a dress that looked like Cave paper, and this one’s close, similar to their Layered Indigo Day:

    Zooey Deschanel’s gown was great.  It’s not easy to have fun on the red carpet yet still look glam.  She pulled it off.

    McDowell needed to go up a size.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Busy, I love the girl and I wanted to defend her, but then I saw the fringe dangling down her arm.  It’s just not good. 

    In this batch, I’d say Zoey D gets the gold for her daring dress, Rooney Mara comes in second with her 42nd slinky black dress with cut outs and Viola Davis gets the bronze for going classic sexy. 

  • Tilda, Helen and Nicole for the WIN!!!  And special award to Octavia for FINALLY cracking a smile.

    • Octavia was classy and sweet up on stage, too. On a stage that was lacking in class and charisma, IMO.
      Hopefully with that win she will smile more often. 🙂

      • Its my hope too.  She’s a very talented lady and a delight when she allows people to she herself for true.

    • foodycat

      And it’s a lovely smile! She looks fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    Why has Michelle Williams come as Lavinia from Downton?

    Mirren, Swinton – just fabulous. Kidman, looked good. she looks best with her hair more natural and no fuss up round her neck.

    Madonna has quadraboob. Plus she was a bit of a cow on the Graham Norton show the other day. But I kind of like Andrea Riseborough’s Miss Havisham frock. It does look like she swiped it from under Helena Bonham Carter’s nose.

    Lea Michele’s dress just reminds me of that Halle Berry Oscar gown.

    Emily Watson is in serious need of a decent bra.

    I like the Diane Agron, Giles Deacon dress – I find it quite fascinating!

    • Re Madonna on Graham Norton: She is now permanently and irrevocably on my Can’t Stand Her List. Did she not learn anything fromn Hydrangea-gate? She was horrid to those sweet Italian men.

  • Maria McGarry

    Agree on just about everything — Madge’s dress was a skosh too tight (boobage looked painful), Claire Danes looked perfect when accepting her award, Swinton and Mirren, as usual, the best.  (Love the color on Viola Davis’ dress and her hair and makeup, but there’s something about that photograph that makes me question the proportions.  Somehow it’s making her look squat.)

  • Anonymous

    SWINTON! bitch knows what shes doing.

    madonna doesnt look bad. the skirt is interesting and keeps your attention. dont love her roots, and the gloves are just desperate.

    streep: what. the. fuck.

    gellar: at least its not boring. but no, not loving it.

  • Anonymous

    The best?  Hands down, Helen Mirren!!
    The bravest?   Sarah Michelle Gellar – and goof for her!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I meant “good” not “goof” – though some might call that a Freudian slip…

  • Anonymous

    Diana’s would have looked a whole lot better with a white skirt.

  • Anonymous

    You know, if someone from PR put out a dress like the Vera Wang Naya’s wearing, they’d be Auf’ed in a SECOND.  What a bad choice for such a GORGEOUS  girl

    • Anonymous

      Unless they were Anya….

  • I think that may actually be my favorite Tilda outfit ever. I gay gasped and everything.

  • Up all night watching Australian Open Tennis and checking every hour or so for TLO!  One dress I liked that I haven’t seen mentioned was Laura Dern’s – I want it!

    • Anonymous

      Yes!  That was a beautiful dress and I loved the clutch too.

    • I couldn’t love Laura Dern’s dress more. The color. The style. The cut. The fit. Perfection.

  • Pretty much everyone looks great.
    However, Piper– be happy they already used “looks like the lining to a prettier dress” twice already this week, because damn. Actually, don’t be happy, because the description of your dress is much worse. But damn, Piper Perabo. Damn.

  • I thought Sarah Michelle Gellar was wearing a 3 year old Christian Siriano on the runway…but Christian did it better. Not a fan of that dress on that little frame of hers.

    Kidman and Swinton with a nod to Michelle Williams because it was so “her”.

  • Ok that last post wasn’t from Chris Young but Susan Young (wife of Chris)(forgot to switch fb)

    • Anonymous

      LOL.  Well, I agree with you both about Laura Dern’s dress!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everything about the gowns, but the plastic factor among so many actresses of a certain age is getting freakish. Same silhouettes, same hair, same shiny, shiny faces with the same lips. So when the camera lands on (spectacularly dressed) Dame Helen or (clumsily dressed) Meryl it’s actually a relief.

    Did anyone else notice the rather aggressive performance by Miss Golden Globes? She was constantly shepherding everyone to the “right” spot like a martinet…even as the show ended. Quite distracting.  

  • allisankelly

    I uttered the same words about Nicole Kidman here…best she’s looked on the RC in a long time. Emily Watson is sad looking silly putty for sure. Tilda S. is faboosh. Madonna’s dress is pretty cool…I’m all about siler/grey and green, though.

  • Also, I love how Andrea just looks like she is trying to keep her distance from Madonna.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand that “black hole” look ?  Odd

  • Anonymous

    TILDA!!! plus Queen Helen: no need to look at anyone else.

    But Meryl Streep gave me a big ol’ sad.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, Mirren and Swinton bring the sensational.  Helen Mirren, in particular, looked so beautiful on stage.  Her makeup was flawless, her hair was fresh and flattering, and the top of that gown fit her like skin. 

    Lea Michele: “Won’t somebody please fuck me????”

    Ariel Winter:  Adorable.  That’s what 14 years old should look like.

    Meryl Streep.  Half an hour before she was due to leave home–and right after doing some light yard work, so that she had to yank her hair up with a rubber band–she was rummaging through her closet and found that the only thing that was clean was an outfit that her neighbor ran up on her Singer a few years back for Meryl to wear to the PTA’s Rodeo Gals fundraiser.  She got that polished cotton on sale at Jo-Ann.

    • Anonymous

      Meryl is too fabulous to not put Chris March on speed dial for the rest of the awards season.

  • Anonymous

    Between Tilda and Helen, the Brits brought it, big time.

  • MilaXX

    To any of my fellow minions who don’t twitter, I strong encourage you to join. Awards shows are so much fun on twitter. It’s like the TLo lounges x 100.  The commentary is awesome and people translate the censored bits and any foreign languages that get slipped in.
    Amanda Peet – Dull doily
    Andie MacDowell – I think she dressed so as to not upstage her daughter who was Ms Golden Globe this year.
    Ariel Winter – Cute dress, hate the shoes.
    Busy Philipps – I like this dress better than her earlier efforts, but she still looks like an extra on Dynasty.
    Claire Danes – Nice dress, awful hair.
    Diane Lane – Pretty
    Dianna Agron – She said the dress was laser cut swans, but someone mentioned it looked like flames and then all I could see was Katniss, Girl on fire.
    Elle MacPherson – A dress only a model could wear.
    Emily Watson – I’d say the dress is more the color of your spanx after you’ve removed them and kicked them in the corner. Egad! who knew she was so style challenged? She looks uncomfortable.
    Helen Mirren – She looks great! The Queen has returned.
    Jessica Chastain – Eh, she could have used a little color. A lot of the ladies were wearing variations of this snatched back ‘do. I think hers isn’t as successful as some of the others.
    Katharine McPhee – Her dress is as beige and bland as she comes across.
    Lea Michele – Try hard and I hate how the illusion netting looks around her collarbone.
    Madonna and Andrea Riseborough – Madge looks okay although the boobs looks a little squished. Andrea is okay.
    Meryl Streep – Cowboy Bob. Girl, give Sissybear a call. You need help.
    Michelle Williams – I wasn’t crazy about the headband because I think it made the outfit look too dark and series. Dress was okay.
    Naya Rivera – Do not like. Naya needs to talk to Sophia the next time she picks a Vera Wang.
    Nicole Kidman – She actually looked like she was having  fun last night. This dress totally worked on her.
    Octavia Spencer  – She owned this looked and looked great.
    Piper Perabo – Silly dress. She looks like she’s wearing a giant paper bag.
    Rooney Mara – This gal loves a cut out doesn’t she?
    Sarah Michelle Gellar – Didn’t like this. It looks like and ink pen got stuck in the wash.
    Stacy Keibler – Zzzzzzz. boring and bad hair.
    Tilda Swinton – Switon rocked it! Love the Bowie hair.
    Viola Davis – Still gorgeous.
    Zooey Deschanel – Nice to see her in a grown up dress, but the hair is awful.

  • Anonymous

    No more awards for Meryl until she learns to dress appropriately.  I’m over her looking like she spent ten minutes getting ready.  She works in a field that’s all about design and aesthetics.  There is no excuse to look like a frump when you are at a red carpet event.

    • Anonymous

      Design and aesthetics? Maybe if you don’t have any talent.  She is an actress darling!  Maybe she just doesn’t care about the fashion hoopla?

      • Anonymous

        Design and aesthetics? Maybe if you don’t have any talent. Exsqueeze me?

    • Anonymous

      Meryl has no one left to impress. She’ll continue to work regardless. She puts all her effort in on the screen, and if she prefers not to play the game, I’ll give her a pass!

  • Anonymous

    I love the consistent Lea Michele comment “Of course”.

    And Tilda Swinto, I had to gasp. Amazing.

  • bethannstamps

    Tilda rules, Queen Helen, that’s how it’s done, Madonna, ditch the gloves Puhleeze. Emily Watson. blech and bland. Dianna, love top of dress, bottom????? SMG- OMG, Tie DYE?  Lea M , slut much?,  Michelle W, you are a mom , can we get past the twee by now.the headband is cray cray.

  • MilaXX

    To any of my fellow minions who don’t twitter, I strong encourage you to join. Awards shows are so much fun on twitter. It’s like the TLo lounges x 100.  The commentary is awesome and people translate the censored bits and any foreign languages that get slipped in.
    Amanda Peet – Dull doily
    Andie MacDowell – I think she dressed so as to not upstage her daughter who was Ms Golden Globe this year.
    Ariel Winter – Cute dress, hate the shoes.
    Busy Philipps – I like this dress better than her earlier efforts, but she still looks like an extra on Dynasty.
    Claire Danes – Nice dress, awful hair.
    Diane Lane – Pretty
    Dianna Agron – She said the dress was laser cut swans, but someone mentioned it looked like flames and then all I could see was Katniss, Girl on fire.
    Elle MacPherson – A dress only a model could wear.
    Emily Watson – I’d say the dress is more the color of your spanx after you’ve removed them and kicked them in the corner. Egad! who knew she was so style challenged? She looks uncomfortable.
    Helen Mirren – She looks great! The Queen has returned.
    Jessica Chastain – Eh, she could have used a little color. A lot of the ladies were wearing variations of this snatched back ‘do. I think hers isn’t as successful as some of the others.
    Katharine McPhee – Her dress is as beige and bland as she comes across.
    Lea Michele – Try hard and I hate how the illusion netting looks around her collarbone.
    Madonna and Andrea Riseborough – Madge looks okay although the boobs looks a little squished. Andrea is okay.
    Meryl Streep – Cowboy Bob. Girl, give Sissybear a call. You need help.
    Michelle Williams – I wasn’t crazy about the headband because I think it made the outfit look too dark and series. Dress was okay.
    Naya Rivera – Do not like. Naya needs to talk to Sophia the next time she picks a Vera Wang.
    Nicole Kidman – She actually looked like she was having  fun last night. This dress totally worked on her.
    Octavia Spencer  – She owned this looked and looked great.
    Piper Perabo – Silly dress. She looks like she’s wearing a giant paper bag.
    Rooney Mara – This gal loves a cut out doesn’t she?
    Sarah Michelle Gellar – Didn’t like this. It looks like and ink pen got stuck in the wash.
    Stacy Keibler – Zzzzzzz. boring and bad hair.
    Tilda Swinton – Switon rocked it! Love the Bowie hair.
    Viola Davis – Still gorgeous.
    Zooey Deschanel – Nice to see her in a grown up dress, but the hair is awful.

  • Love Helen Mirren’s look, absolutely amazing. Claire Danes looked very good, and Tilda was, well, THE SWINTON.

    Hate Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress though. And that ponytail, ouch.

    Piper Perabo was probably under influence, because I can’t explain neither her dress nor behavior.

  • MilaXX

    Jessica and Ryan was like a mtg of Midvale School for the gifted alumni

  • M M

    Uggie the Dog, paws down!
    Seriously, doesn’t anyone take a photo of themselves prior to walking the carpet?  Or, at least shop with a Stylist?

  • Can you put Mark Wahlberg in the next post, just so we can comment on his douchiness??

  • Anonymous

    The only one who made me gasp were Madonna, for wearing those awful gloves with a gown and Tilda, who looked spectacular.

  • Anonymous

    Are you crazy TLo?  Tilda Swinton looks like a mother of the bride!   I am sorry, flipping up your lapels does not an edgy look make.

  • I didn’t catch the red carpet arrivals, but I saw almost the entire ceremony.  I think I must be the only one who didn’t like Nicole Kidman’s dress.  It fit her beautifully, but I found the placement of the jewels in the bust very odd and distracting, plus there’s a seam right across the cleavage.  I found it extremely distracting, could not stop staring at her boobs!  Just too much bling.

    Unless of course that was the effect she was going for?

  • Anonymous

    TILDA AND QUEEN HELEN (this picture does not really do the dress or her FACE justice) FOR THE WIN.

    Can someone kidnap Lea and beat her up a little?

    Octavia Spencer looked amazing. I actually love the color. 

    I cannot decide whether Emily Watson needs foundation garments or is wearing only foundation garments.  

  • Anonymous

    Tilda is a Goddess..THAT’S how it’s done!

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Kidman looks dreadful!  That dress is ridiculous and it looks like a costume to be worn by the Evil Aztec Sun Queen right before she take human sacrifice.

    Someone with her taste level should have known better.  

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Looked like she had ribs removed. If there was a Evil Aztec Sun Queen Barbie – she’d be it.

  • Anonymous

    I forgot: can someone explain how is Amanda Peet standing? How is her left foot in that position?

    Rooney Mara looked pretty bad, lets face it. Sad boobies situation. 

  • I hate Madonna’s dress- her boobs look smushed, painfully so.

    I don’t like the way she’s posing, but I really liked Octavia’s dress on her- she looked really lovely. Nicole, Swinton, and Helen Mirren look AMAZING. Nicole sometimes goes a bit wonky, but this dress was on POINT. And Helen Mirren is a boss. Tilda looks almost normal, but the color and the way she’s rocking that jacket makes it her special brand of “nobody else can do this” awesome. 

  • foodycat

    I think there is a very real concern that if Jessica Chastain takes a deep breath that belt will slice her in half. Although wouldn’t stylist-goes-psycho-on-the-red-carpet be a fantastic slasher movie plot?

  • I don’t understand the hate for Zooey’s hair.  The mod look with the killer bangs is perfect for her ginormous eyes.  And loved her dress. 

    • It’s the sideburns, which you can’t see in this pic. Twee, too studied and hideous at the same time.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, what you said. Even Ryan Twatcrest was about to burst into laughter while interviewing her. 


  • Nicole looks like she was wheeled over from Madam Tussauds

    • Anonymous

      It’s true. She looks objectively fabulous, but the whole effect is so doll-like. Frankly, I think if you’re going to botox the movement out of your face, then at least your dress should sway in the wind. Everything was just a bit too structured for me.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna, Tilda, Helen Mirren, Diane Lane, = A+
    Octavia, Viola, SMG, Elle McP = AFor some reason I’m not loving the Nicole Kidman -maybe it is the color? Not sure. I want to love it -I just don’t. Diana Aragon and Lea Michelle both look like they are trying too hard.I love Piper P and Zoey D -but both of them get a “Oh Honey…NO!” from me. Most of the rest were ‘meh’ to begin with and bad, fit, accessories, hair, undergarments did not help. 

  • Lori

    I like the top of Dianna Agron’s dress, but it needed to be attached to a skirt that wasn’t such a freak show.

  • Emily Watson – is it me or does that dress look like cheap polyester?  And she needed to wear a bra.

    Meryl Streep – eww.  How can someone so beautiful choose such a horrible dress?  There was enough fabric there to dress her and everyone else on the carpet.  

    • Anonymous

      I think these two were the worst of the evening. Meryl Streep never seems to choose the right think to wear, but this was especially hideous.

  • Loved the Buffytail on Sarah Michelle Geller, but the Tears of a Thousand Smurfs dress makes me sad. 

    • Anonymous

      I actually liked the dress.  But I love your description of it!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for making me guffaw.

  • Diego!

    Diane Lane (my favorite, I love her!), Nicole, Michelle Williams, Madonna and Tilda are the best so far.

    Though Diane took the 1st place to me. She looked amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Why does it look like Amanda Peet is standing on a doll stand? (must be the way that tulle(?) is falling in the front. Blah. The rest of your comments are spot on, per usual. Although who are half of these people???

    Dame Mirren and Swinton BROUGHT IT!! Meryl could AND SHOULD take lessons!!! There is no reason that she should dress the way she does at these things!

  • I think Meryl is just messing with us now. Come on, girl.

  • Tilda: Head-to-toe periwinkle in satin and/or chiffon read Bridal Party and the jacket takes it into Mother of the Bride territory. Granted, the most chic, fabulous, scene-stealing MOB…but I would have liked it better in a different color, with maybe more color variation.

    Same thing with Octavia. There are just some pastels that have to work hard to escape from bridal party. Über-flattering fit and shape but this is even more bridesmaid with the ruched bodice and the trim.

    Lea: I understand she’s overexposed but this was so bad I thought it merited more than just dismissal. This is cougar on the prowl daytime Emmy lifetime achievement soap opera wear. She’s not striking her usual pose do maybe even she’s uncomfortable.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, is Meryl doing this on purpose? I’m sure she has people who could (or should) help her. Even her own daughters. Imagine her in Dame Mirren’s dress or a modified version of St. Tilda’s…

  • Anonymous

    Argh -I just saw the back of Ms Kiebler’s dress – GAH!! 

  • Anonymous

    I have become a huge Zooey Deschanel fan for some reason I can’t really explain, so I usually think she looks good, but really she looked absolutely gorgeous last night. I love that dress. Tilda Swinton, however, was so spectacular that all the other women should just sit down and wait for their limos to take them home. That color, the shape, the fabrics, the drape, her hair, absolutely perfect.

  • Anonymous

    LOL at the “of course” for Lea. What else is there to say? She will never stop trying so hard.
    Tilda and Nicole look amazing. There is something really dated about Jessica’s look.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I really love SMG’s but I think it’s off just a bit – the hair is all wrong and I wish the base color weren’t white so the print would look like less of a mistake. 

    • Anonymous

      Oh, JUST my thoughts! with a deep purple, different blue or even deep emerald as a base color that dress would have been killa.
      The pep rally hair (an attitude) is not helping either

  • Anonymous

    I love Dianna Agron, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Tilda Swinton.  All fabulous in very different ways – fabulous, and unique!  God bless them for choosing something other than beige dresses!  I want to shoot every stylist who chooses a colorless dress.

  • Anonymous

    I think by the end of the night Busy wasn’t too happy with her dress choice. It seemed like every time she tried to applaud or stand up that GD long fringe got in the way. Like she stood on it or it got in her food or something.

    I too give Queen’s Helen and Tilda top honors, with a slight nod to Tilda since I’m still trying to figure out why the hell Helen was picked to give the tribute to Morgan Freeman.

  • Mariah J

    I love love love Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren, Sarah M. Gellar, Tilda Swinton (of COURSE) and Dianna Agron. Everyone else is pretty boring.
    I would have included Madge but she was wearing a dress two sizes too small. Let the girls BREATHE

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get over Tilda. Everything. She takes my breath away.

    So Madonna’s still doing the jumbo jeweled crucifix-in-the-cleavage look?  So tired.  Ruined her nice dress for me (it was also too tight at the bust).
    Helen Mirren – a bit overrated because you like her so much. That thick jewel belt at her waist was heavy, ugly and not elegant. Otherwise, nice color and fit.

    Emily Watson – someone call Bellevue. It’s time.

    Getting sick of Rooney Mara’s S+M look. Enough Lisbeth Salander already.

  • Anonymous

    Queen Helen!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that the Audreybot doesn’t translate well into a gown. It’s that it was Audreybot trying to go Lisbeth in a gown, and THAT doesn’t work.


  • Anonymous

    LOVED Madonna, Tilda, Helen, Diane Lane and, surprisingly, Sarah Michelle Geller (don’t think I’ve ever seen her on an RC before). Also liked the Lite Brite dress (SNORT!!!). 

    What happened to Emily Watson? That dress is doing the girls no favors. 

    Oh, and I wish the two Glee girls would dress their age. They always look like they’re in their mid-forties.

  • I caught some of this on E! and gasped when they showed Tilda just out of her ride. What would look ridiculous on others looks divine on her. Like TLo, I saw Nicole’s dress before I saw the head attached to that killer bod, and said, “Wow. Who is that?!” [camera pans up] “Shit! It’s Nicole! Good on ya!”

    Not being an ardent follower of her Madgesty, can I assume that the showy lunky crosses and lack of red wrist string mean something has changed in Madonna’s belief systems? I liked her dress but wish she’d leave her face alone.

    Among the many faults of Piper Perabo’s outfit was the fact that it was kind of sheer. Dingy and sheer. Nasty, and not in a good way.

  • Worst Dress of the Night: Piper Perabo
    Best Dress: SWINTON, edging out Dame Helen Mirren
    Most Improved: Zooey Deschanel
    Craziest Cleavage: Madonna’s too-tight bodice, edging out Salma Hayek
    Most Stiff: Nicole Kidman
    Worst Trend: Beige-y dresses

  • Elle MacPherson is one of the worst dressed. I hate the way the dress hung on her. I thought Claire Danes looked AMAZING. Unflattering picture of her. 

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Kidman looks like Chuckie.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get on to Brangelina!

    • Anonymous

      I am NOT a fan but vote for the WERK post -only for her, he looked like he had his monthly outing from the retirement home, new teeth and all.  
      Although when she was presenting she did look painfully thin, as we all have observed here chez TLo. 

  • Diana Argon-someone tell her it’s too late to try out for the Hunger Games. The Girl on Fire!!

  • Headbands should be against the law. Criminal. Major fail. 

  • Anonymous

    It all looked far less drab and colorless when I saw it on the television. Is Zooey hair a wig? It wasn’t moving when she talked to Seacrest. 

  • Holy Tilda. That is one eye-catching lady. 

  • Anonymous

    Tilda best dressed for real!  She looked ah-may-zing from head to toe.  Hated the J Mendel on Claire Danes — ugly and unflattering to her figure.  Madonna, whom I used to love, has become absolutely and embarassingly insufferable.  She looked dreadful last night.  Mirren looked wonderful in dress and hair.  Great color on Viola Davis — seriously Streep should start recusing herself from these awards.  She looked sloppy as usual and her acceptance speech was her tried and true dithering.  She’s a terrific actress and has managed to survive decade upon decade in the bz but the constant adulation is tiresome.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, TLo – Kidman looks totally washed out in that otherwise incredible gown. 
    Sarah Michelle Gellar was quoted that her four year old picked out her Monique Lhuillier. I like it, but it was a pretty daring choice.

  • Anonymous

    Right in you assessments,T Lo. Although, I don’t really like the color of Kidman’s dress on her. Argon’s dress would have been so much better with a straight red skirt. The laser cut bodice, with the lace ruffled skirt is over kill.

    If Zooey had ditched the cutsey pose and hair, her look would have been a homerun.

    • Anonymous

      True, Kidman often goes for a “washed out” look, but the shape and … features? of the dress really look amazing.

  • Anonymous

    So funny, the Yahoo board gave Tilda a D grade, and loved Elle McPherson. They disagreed with you guys on many gowns, and I must be reading you for a long time, because I was saying in my head, “I know TLo is going to HATE that, or LOVE that!!” Who does their fashion commentary?? The Kardashians??? 

  • I haven’t read through the comments, so I don’t know if it’s been addressed… But did anyone else notice that Mary Louise was wearing a banana clip? A BANANA CLIP!!!! Sweet Jesus…

    • Anonymous

      Oh my God!  Thank you for catching this!  We cannot allow banana clips to sneak back in…

  • Amanda Peet-Pretty lace curtains does not a dressy gown

    Andie MacDowall – Cool and Classy, but does need a new

    Ariel Winter- There was a lot of fru-fru-ferry on the carpet last night;
    she’s young enough to get away with it.   The bottom of this was straight out of a ‘50’s
    junior prom!

    Busy Philipps – Have no idea who she is, but she needs to get busy-er on
    her personal style- even a thin belt would help.

    Claire Danes – the dress is an eye-catcher, it did look better when she
    straightened up, but I wish her hair was styles better, less severe.

    Diane Lane –Myrna Loy couldn’t have done it better! Classic Glam done

    Dianna Agron –love the top, but the bottom has too many tiers and seems
    to be disintegrating!

    Elle MacPherson If you can still pull off stuff like this at her age,
    more power to her! I don’t love it, but I admire her bravado.

    Emily Watson – Beige Polyester Mess. Oh Honey, someone played a mean joke
    on you.  Get new stylists, some color and

    Helen Mirren – Welcome Back, your Royal Highness! More fru-fru-ferry, but
    a good color, I wish the belt was half as wide.

    Jessica Chastain – Gotta love Givenchy! A tad tight, but she can make the
    color work because of her beautiful coloring! A blond or grey would be washed
    out in this.

    Katharine McPhee – Lovely, but just think how beautiful this would have
    looked in the color of the evening — green, or even black! Glad she’s not a
    blond anymore or we wouldn’t see her at all.

    Lea Michele –Lea, the auditions for the space queen movie are on the next
    lot, all she needs is a tall tiara and a scepter that shoots death rays.
    Seriously, Lea? A dress that screams “Look At Me!” – well, nothing new there!

    Madonna – Something tasteful and striking! Who are you and what have you
    done to Ms. Cicione? Love the green squares that dissolve into the bodice. She
    needs a new hairdo though.

    Andrea Riseborough – This is actually quite beautiful and lovingly built.
    Love the lace. She’d be right at home in a Rococo painting.  I only wish the bodice was less sheer.

    Meryl Streep– Are Those sheer insets in the cowboy shirt? Ouch. Dear
    lady, this isn’t the CMA’s.   Meryl cares
    about comfort, period. But I’ve seen prettier blouses with her Awards Show

    Michelle Williams Lush midnight blue velvet. She can get away with the
    headband because her hair is so short. Just don’t trip on it.

    Naya Rivera – Dear Naya, if this was red, it would almost work, but it
    makes you look way too old.  Puckered
    front seam, the color is awful.  Maybe
    you were aiming for a Cheongsam, but this just isn’t it. Get
    some jeweled brocade!

    Nicole Kidman – Egyptian Va-Va-Voom!  Welcome
    back fashion plate!

    Octavia Spencer – Comfy, soft, and flattering! Thumbs up!

    Piper Perabo – Oh boy, another drab mess! She’s rolled out dough. Awful.  Can we banish beige from the red carpet

    Rooney Mara – She’s thin enough to get away with this. It’s a tad S&M
    but striking.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar – Lumpy, crumply, and the bleached blue would have
    looked better on a jean jacket. Bad hair.

    Stacy Keibler Pretty, kind of basic, in the Vanna White vein, but great
    color and she’s lovely.

    Tilda Swinton –Blue Ice Bowie! She completely rocks! Love. Her!

    Viola Davis – Burgundy Goddess – Gorgeous color on her! Perfect styling.

    Zooey Deschanel – Completely loved this –more scattered green! And I
    liked her hair!

  • Lexie


    • Anonymous

      You hear all this crap about society’s worship of the young and how women over a certain age should just disappear.  But then look at these two.  The two most fantastic women there that night are past the typical “sell-by” date.

      • Lexie

        Amen! I would take them over the Lohans and Kardashians of the world any day of the week. Talented, classy women contribute far more than those train wrecks do.

  • Cheri Lee

    Lea Michele – So typical.Nicole Kidman – When did she get boobs?! She looks spectacular!
    Tilda – take me now!

  • Susan Crawford

    Tilda. Tilda. Tilda. A Goddess walks among us!
    Tadashi Shoji nailed it again for Octavia Spencer.
    Nicole Kidman looked incredible – what a dress, what a fit, what great posture. (Are you listening, starlets? Shoulders BACK!)
    Lea Michele doing that weird snake-back pose in a typical attention-whore gown.
    Finally, Meryl had an outfit where those shoe-booties would have worked!
    Helen Mirren – may she always walk on rose petals, bless her glamourous heart.
    Emily Watson – please spend a weekend with Tom and Lorenzo and get some clues on how to put yourself together. PLEASE!

  • Anonymous

    I think Madonna looks fabulous.  I love that dress on her–it’s interesting yet elegant, and it flatters her.  

  • OMG, Tilda!  Stupendous.  Beautiful.  Striking.  Loved it!
    Madonna always looks to me likes she’s unkempt, unmaintained, undone, trashy, and very redneck.  

  • Judy_J

    Tilda was magnificent! I loved Zooey’s dress. Helen Mirren can do no wrong. Whobthebhell is Busy Phillips? She keeps popping up….

  • Anonymous

    OMG!  Best line ever: A dress the color of wadded up pantyhose. Jewelry provided by the Home Depot.bwahahahahahaha.  Second place – your other post on part two, dresses the color of OLD BRAS!  SO DEAD ON!  I’m going to go clean out my bra drawer RIGHT NOW.

  • Cathy S

    OMG TIlda Swinton! Fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    I actually went “Yaaaaaaaay!” when I saw Tilda.  Lea Michele, on the other hand warranted an “Ugh, so over her.”  In re: to Sarah Michelle, I thought I saw that dress all the time when it was a Christian Siriano.  Is Monique Lhullier taking his looks now?  Madge looks better than she has in quite some time.  Helen Mirren, I missed you, dearie!

  • Tilda & Helen… love, love, love. I like Zooey’s dress but would love to see it with a more defined waist.

  • Tilda is clearly not all human. I mean that in a good way.

  • Anonymous

    I SQUEALED when Tilda came on the screen.  She is….there are no words.

  • Mary McClelland

    Tilda is gasp inducing. I love her and that’s all. 

  • Anonymous

    Was my coffee spiked? I liked the vast majority! Ms. Swinton, of course, a standout. Ms. Spencer brought it, IMO. Loved Ms. Mara’s hair & makeup, her dress was just an appropriate backdrop.

    I love you Meryl Streep, but PLEASE. Run you eye over this set of photos. Not everyone is still a sylph-like youth, with the silhouette of a wand. But nobody else looked so rumpled and massive. Like a cowboy shirt thrown atop a rumpled pile of drapes.

    • Anonymous

      I read “like a cowboy shirt threw up a rumpled pile of drapes.”  Either way, your statement is hilarious.

  • Emily Watson:  That dress makes her look W I D E and she is not.  Get thee to a stylist!

    Jessica Chastain:  The dress is tight but might not have looked so bad without the belt.  It looks very uncomfortable.

    SMG:  I like the idea behind her hair.  With such an eye-catching dress, probably best to go minimal.  Would have been much better if the tail had been curly.

  • LOVE Tilda’s!  I often find her looks interesting and compelling, but rarely “pretty”.  Which is fine, I know that’s not what she’s going for.  But this manages to be both — it’s still unique and something most women couldn’t or wouldn’t wear on the red carpet, but it’s a lovely color for her and makes her body look AMAZING. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, other times it’s like “pretty” isn’t necessary.  But here, she manages both!

  • padma sallah

    OMG. TILDA SWINTON. She f-king took my breath away. I feel like Haider Ackerman was made just for her. His designs always look fantastic on her. And NICOLE. My Lord, that dress was meant for her. She looks AMAZING.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Emily Watson was a head-to-toe mess; bad hair, bland color, shapless silhouette, awkward length and wrong jewelry. She’s really a gorgeous woman, but obviously had no help whatsoever in putting her look together.

  • Anonymous

    Swinton in sky blue – how amazing! 

    I love how TLo are captioning all of Lea Michele’s photos these days.  Good giggle, there!

  • I watched a lot of the awards show. Actually Nicole Kidman’s dress bothered me because she really looked like a giant Barbie doll in it–too perfect? But if the goal is Barbie, she did it. My least favorite look onstage was Madonna. That dress appeared to be sinking metal teeth into her tits. Creepy. If it had fit her bust, it would have been a great dress. Helen Mirren looked lovely and relaxed, the hair was great as you say. Ditto for Octavia Spencer who smiled a lot, showing the supposedly bad teeth, but I thought she looked adorable. I thought Piper Perabo’s dress worked well onstage/camera, ditto Claire Danes–simple but with some interest so you kept your eye on them. Michelle Williams’s look was a little boring.
    I didn’t see Swinton and agree with everybody else that she looked glorious. I just glimpsed Emily Watson when her nomination was announced and she looked anxious; the look and the dress do not help each other.

  • Emily Watson needs to invest in a good bra, she’s totally sagging. 

  • Anonymous

    Octavia Spencer looked fab-u-lous!!  Luv huh!

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap on a cracker!  I think this might be the first time I gasped at a red carpet picture in a good way (I know, I should buy something to commemorate it, no?).  Damn Tilda.  DAMN.  I tried to piece it apart to find out what it was (and if it was replicable), but I guess it’s just HER, huh?  I mean, I’ve always thought that she really brought it to the red carpet, I guess I just didn’t know that humans could “bring it” that far.  

  • Anonymous

    I kept thinking Andrea Riseborough is Glinda the good witch from The Wizard of Oz.  The way her dress fell, her hair and lilting of her voice.  

  • TLO, collective GURRRRL. How can you not mention the fact that Madge’s tits look TORTURED?! Tortured…Like, it hurt my own tas just to look at them in that bodice.

  • Anonymous

    Tilda ROCKED; Diane Lane looked gorge, LOVED Zoe’s dress but should have had hair up.  The Queen of Fuckingfantastica ruled the day.  More stunning and sexier than virtually any woman there.

  • Tim Wong

    Lea Michelle… THAT IS SO NOT YOUR DRESS… EVEN IF ITS MARCHESA!!!the only person who can get away with that dress is Beyonce or J-lo…

    • Or Halle Berry, who wore something similar and blew it out the world

  • Anonymous

    I love Zooey’s dress too! Miles more interesting than anything I’ve seen her wear before.

    It’s both slightly eerie and kind of wonderful how exactly the embellishment on Nicole Kidman’s dress matches her hair. (Related: I wish she’d do a full red like she had in Moulin Rouge. I feel like this color tends to wash her out, somehow.)

    But all of this pales in significance next to SWINTON. UGH I LOVE HER.

  • Anonymous

    Madonna has always had glove love.   But why just one?  Does she want to be known as the gloved one now that MK is gone?

  • I’ll slap a baby if they don’t hire SWINTON to play David Bowie in a movie eventually. 

  • Yes, yes, yes! That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  • I kinda like the Giles Deacon dress.  And as much as it pains me to say it, I really like Madonna’s dress.

    Tilda Swinton looks like the Queen of Winter wearing that cool, icy color.  And I mean that in a totally good way. 

  • Anonymous

    Big props to the ladies who wore something a little more unpredictable than we’re used to seeing on award RC’s.  LOVE Madge’s dress…actually looks like something I would pick out if I had the figure for it.
    I loved the bodice of Diana Agron’s dress, but I think the skirt makes the gimmick a little too much.  A simpler skirt would have made it perfect.
    And I loved the Lhullier that SMG is wearing when we saw the collection–and it looks fantastic in motion, too.

    THE SWINTON was definitely the most gay-gasp worthy of the evening, IMO.  Nicole and Helen really knocked it out of the park, too.  Bowing down now.

  • Tilda Swinton creeps me out.  Ok, begin the raging hate.

    • Anonymous

      I agree!! I don’t get the love!

  • every time i read one of these posts i give myself a little commentary and then read TLo’s analysis. i love that I’m almost bang on these days. it makes me think i have taste. and omg, Lea Michele. she’s just a little attention whore isn’t she? just so…. EXTRA.

  • When Lea Michele is old enough to carry off the dresses she wears on the red carpet, she is going to be spectacular

  • I just read on Yahoo that Naya Rivera looks like she has gym shorts around her neck. So true.

  • Anonymous

    Dress of the night – Tilda!  This just might be her best look evah.  Also must admit, Zooey’s salute to 70’s Marlo Thomas was fun.

  • Lori

    What I love about Golden Globes is getting to see the backs of the dresses, see them move, see them sitting down.

    Helen Mirren’s had a strange landing strip on the back which I didn’t like at all.
    Katherine McPhee’s was so tight across her butt that in images of her walking you could see her entire butt crack.
    Octavia Spencer was interviewed on the E! Afterparty and, granting she sat with legs apart, her dress looked terrible sitting down.
    And I think Stacey Keibler has had this style for a while. I think she’s beautiful and I believe in their relationship.

  • I loved Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress.

  • I love Lea Michele.

  • Anonymous

    I know they are both theoretically too old for the parts, but I would pay serious money to see a production of Schiller’s Mary Stuart with Swinton and Mirren.

  • Anonymous

    I loved Zooey’s dress too but her hair was STUPID. I get that she is the Queen of the Hipsters but I am bored with it already. 

    • Anonymous

      The mutton chop side bangs were plain awful.

  • Anonymous

    oh look. Zooey Deschanel is being *~quirky~*

  • What’s with Tilda Swinton’s collar?  Did she not check it in the mirror before she came out?

  • Anonymous

    Meryl’s dress was perhaps the most unpleasant thing i’ve ever seen. When she was accepting, it looked like she was wearing an ill-fitting button down because you could only see the waist up. AWFUL. Also, I was disappointed in Naya’s dress. Grr.

  • Anonymous

    I love the fact that Tadashi shoji makes dresses that flatter and fit all sizes of women I really do. 🙂
    My favorites were Tilda Swanton and Madonna-wow

  • Anonymous


    Except, I still have enough to yell in the comments section.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Tilda. WOW.
    It’s too bad Viola thrust her leg out like that because I thought her look was beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Helen Mirren and Tilda are my fav’s – those Brits know how to BRING IT to the RC

  • Anonymous

    Best Dressed: Helen Mirren. Worst Dressed: Lea Michele, in perpetuity throughout the universe.

    • Leonardo Alves

      Worst than Lea Michele’s dress is her attitude while taking the pics… She was so full of herself, in poses and faces! Really, it was too much!

      • Anonymous

        Well, Joan Rivers took her down about eight pegs on “Fashion Police” when she imitated her posing and licking her lips.  It was a great moment.  

  • Anonymous

    Lea Michelle, Honey, that is not your hairstyle!

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Chastain looks like a gorgeous, well-preserved middle aged woman. 

  • I have to admit, I stopped at stared at Tilda for like 2 minutes.  Everything about her and the outfit is just so interesting and pleasing to the eye.  WERQ.

  • zoey dress=very pretty, not as little girly as she usually goes for
    rooney mara= always in love
    kathernie whateverthehell= why is she even there? and howd she get everything to match her tone soooo extremly well to her skin?
    diane lane= seen it before
    claire danes= love the dress

  • Rand Ortega

    The Swinton. Oh, The Swinton.
    She takes my breath away. She’s in a category of her own creation. Incomparable.

    There’s an incredible book called, “The Left Hand of Darkness”, about a planet where there is no gender assignation. If it’s ever adapted to the screen, The Swinton must play Estraven, the neutral who is the envoy of Gethen.
    (Sorry, lettin’ my sci fi geek freak flag fly)

  • Anonymous

    Tilda-I.die.  My word, but La Swinton looks so amazing!  Bow down, indeed!

    I think that Meryl should have gone back to Chris March for this event. His gown for her last year was so great.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Zooey’s hair.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole’s looked so much better on television — I think it might have had shades of purple in it (or hints of some color I’m forgetting now) that washed out in the stills.

  • Anonymous

    Tilda wins this round, but a shout-out to Madonna, loving that dress!

  • I’m so glad queen Helen brought it so you could use your new coined phrase! She gives all us older gals hope in this world. Loved Madonna’s dress. What the hell is up with Emily Watson? That dress looks like an gigantic ace bandage. She looked bad at the tea the other day too. Does she always miss? I never noticed before. Loved Zooey’s dress, and I didn’t hate the hair. 70s hair was bound to show up sooner or later. 

  • Anonymous

    Three favorite looks: Helen, Madonna and Zooey.

  • Do none of these women own a full slip? Every skirt was see-through, NOT an elegant look. EVER.

  • Tilda and Helen M FTW!  Octavia llooked fabulous.  Her dress was much more saturated on my TV than it does here–it was a beutiful shade of lilac.  Zooey looked fab–so did Elle McP (I hate to say cuz why the heck was she there?  Is she in a movie?) 
    SMG looks great here, but boy–on stage she looked old and washed out! 
    Who is this Piper person, and why did she not have her dress hemmed?  She had to hold up her skirt while walking to the microphone and looked stupid doing it. 
    I am sad that Meryl copped out again this year.  I think she gets it in her head that she’ll never win, so she just puts on any old thing.  That happened the last time, too. 
    All in all, though, it was fun to watch.  I hadn’t seen a whole awards show for a couple years.  And Ricky G was brilliant! 

  • BTW–I guess Disqus has completely forgotten who I am, so please call me Bee. 

  • Jennifer Coleman

    You guys beat my brain workings by 2 days on calling the light bright board.
    I hadn’t seen Tilda’s full outfit (just the jacket and the hair) until now. Holy Moly. Game over.
    Piper Perabo’s whole look, especially her RC Face was old school cracktastic.

  • Anonymous

    Helen and Tilda, wow.  And Madonna a nice third.  

  • Anonymous

    OMG Tilda Swinton. How much of a damned space alien rock star is she?!? Well done, Mayor of Venus.

    Can I be Helen Mirren when I grow up?

  • Anonymous

    Tilda looks amazing, and I’m glad Helen is back to form. I don’t get why Lea Michelle always dresses like a woman who has just recently lost 75 lbs and gotten her braces off. As far as I know she’s always been slender and adorable.

  • Nicole Kidman’s dress is shades of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra….

  • Anonymous

    Mostly agree except for Sarah Michelle. Didn’t mind the ponytail; hated the dress.

  • lilibetp

    Kind of surprised you didn’t call her Piper Peekaboo.

  • The bodice of Madonna’s dress looked like a medieval torture device.  And could she have said “my film” a few MORE times?   Nice Gollum arms, Madge.  Your face looks crooked, too.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Kidman looks fabulous!
    Also love Zooey Deschanel gown.

  • Anonymous

    I am now Officially in the Tilda Swinton Fan Club.

  • Anonymous

    “Wadded up pantyhose” indeed! I am so over that beige-y, blush, nude color that so many ladies sported last night on the red carpet. Will that washed out, dirty dust rag color scheme ever go out?

    I’m totally on the whole Tilda love bandwagon. She was my favorite of the night. On anyone else that gown and color would have bordered on mother-of-the-bride, but she pulled it off with an edgy finesse.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I LOVE the bodice of Dianna Agron’s gown, but it would have been better showcased with a simple satin sheath skirt. White/cream perhaps?

  • Diane Lane is always so classy.

    You should’ve heard my laugh as soon as I read “Lea Michele”, just waiting for the “of course” to appear as I scrolled down. XD

  • I hope Meryl Streep gets Chris March on the phone pronto quick…

  • Pennymac

    Can’t leave too long of a comment. Gotta go practice my riffs with the Dingy Crinolines….

  • Anonymous

    As soon as I saw Meryl, I turned to my partner and said, “Well, she’s ready for the hoedown afterparty.”

  • Speaking of nipples, Claire Danes’s were ALL UP IN THE CAMERA all night.  She needed some kind of bra up in there.

  • I can’t stop looking at Tilda. So amazing. 

  • Anonymous

    i really like emily watson but what the hell did she do to herself here? yesterday’s photo showed someone i was amazed had children, this photo shows her grandmother. how did she do that?

    in other news, i really cant stand madonna [i’m way way ahead of the curve on this one] but her dress is gorgeous. i was surprised, if briefly, that her partner there was wearing the westwood & she was wearing the more conservative designer. then i thought about it a little more & realized that VW might be ahead of the curve as well. i mean, she’s quite a bit older than i am, meaning: she spent even more time around people whose talent way outweighed their ambition. after you do that, madonna seems– oh, madonna seems– i dont know how to meld the words triple barf & opportunist into one. but that. only worse.

  • Zooey, honey, darling, what is with the Stepford Wife pose? Have you become your own parody?

  • Anonymous

    Poor Madonna—I cringed at the sight of those sinewy arms, so incongruous coming out of the dainty little cap sleeves. And the gnarly veiny hands she so pathetically tries to cover with those gloves. She just makes me sad.

  • Anonymous

    Swinton looks like a painting of herself!!! Gorgeous.

  • Kristy Evans

    Naya’s dress looked like – to quote something you said earlier – “A liner to a better dress.” Seriously, that seam down the front screams “meant to go under something else.” Sad.

    EVERY TIME you say “of course” for Lea Michele, I lose it. Because…of course. Haha! Love you two.

    SWINTON. She’s such a beautiful alien.

  • Anonymous

    TILDA & QUEEN F’F’TASTICA make me smile, fabulous!!  Madge’s dress is gorgeous but too tight in the bust, especially when she was making her lame, Jr. high retort to Ricky Gervais.  I LOVED Claire Danes dress on stage, she looked amazing, so much more than this picture.  Piper Perabo should have borrowed some boobs for that dress, she is too petite in the bust for this.  And my dear Nicole…. Oh so FAB!!  Seriously, looked amazing but I am not sure how she was abel to breathe or move.  But gorgoeus byond….

  • Anonymous

    Oh, right that’s her name, Stacy Kiebler (like the cookie elves?). Dear, go back to wherever you were before you had poor George running the other direction.
    Now I’m gonna say something that is going to be taken all wrong, and I’m probably going to get all  sorts of hate mail for it but I’ve gotta say it and I REALLY DO NOT mean it in any racist way. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer are the two classiest black ladies to grace the red carpet/fashion scene since Michelle Obama and Queen Latifa. I wish the majority of black celebs would borrow a page from their books and dress with some class rather than the trashy looks most of them sport most of the time. Yes, I know, those I’m particularly thinking about are young and impressionable. But look at what you CAN look like and dress like with the money you are earning–these 4 women, in particular should be the models for how you dress and comport yourselves.
    Said. Bring on the hate mail. I just love these women and their fashion sense–even as (in Olivia’s case) they are exploring their style.

  • Anonymous

    Tilda–yes, the best.  Hate Sara M.Gellar’s dress–when she walked it looked like it weighed a ton or like it was made out of sweatshirt fabric.  Lea Michele is under the delusion that she can pull off this dress–she cannot.  Joan Rivers said she looked like a filling.

  • Allison Woods

    Only our almighty Tilda can come dressed as David Bowie dressed as Tilda Swinton all dressed up and pull that shit off. Damn, that woman is amazing.

  • Wrenaria

    SMG gets points because she let her 2 year old pick out her dress for her. So sweet. And while its not something I would wear, I think she looks good.

  • Wrenaria

    SMG gets points because she let her 2 year old pick out her dress for her. So sweet. And while its not something I would wear, I think she looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with all of the comments EXCEPT Zooey’s hair. If she wore just a regular hairstyle, she would lose her quirky vibe, and that would be a shame. Someone posted “too 60s.” What’s TOO about it? She took a kind of cool dress and then, by adding a little “That Girl” to it via the hair, made it her own look. I think she looks cute, fun, and totally appropriate. Way better than these young blondes dying their hair gray, which is just nuts (Kelly Osbourne, April on PR-Allstars).

    • Anonymous

      Agree about the gray hair trend.  It’s all fun and games to be gray, until it’s for real.  Why would anyone want to look washed out by gray before it’s unavoidable.

    • Count me in on loving her adorkable hair. If anybody is channeling That Girl! these days, it’s Zooey! No extensions for her, it’s time for a full-on Loretta Lynn fall!