Girl, That’s Not Your Dress: Emily Blunt in Marios Schwab

Posted on January 06, 2012

There’s a reason Emily here looks like she’s wearing two dresses.

Emily Blunt in Marios SchwabEmily Blunt attends the Opening Night Film: ‘Salmon Fishing In The Yemen’ during the 23rd Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival in Palm Springs, California in Marios Schwab.

Marios Schwab Spring 2012 CollectionMarios Schwab Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Vanessa Hegelmaier

It’s because she is. Say what you will about the appropriateness of wearing a dress that’s essentially a net, once you put a lining in under the entire thing, you’ve made a second dress and the effect has completely changed.

Emily Blunt in Marios Schwab

Emily Blunt in Marios Schwab

Emily Blunt in Marios Schwab

OF COURSE she shouldn’t have shown up with her tits breathing the free air, but the solution was no solution at all, because whatever grace the original dress had is gone. Looking past the nekkidness, the original dress has a beautiful shape to it. Now it looks ill-fitting and unflattering. Some looks, as outrageous as they may be, should be left alone for the very daring. Changing them to make them more appropriate often ruins them. Let the Daphne Guinnesses and Lady Gagas of the world have these dresses, Ems.


[Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images For Palm Springs International Film Festival,]

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  • Lauren Summers

    I disagree. I actually think the dress is quite flattering on her, if a little too baby-skin toned. What I don’t like is her hair and makeup. Lips are too red and the hair looks like she is coming back from a yoga class. 

    • foodycat

      I agree – I think the shape is very good on her, and if it were in a better colour, I would be totally on board with it. I suspect she was intending to wear a different colour, because I can’t imagine on what planet you would plan to wear gunmetal shoes and nail polish with a peach dress.

      I just hope no one was doing a Salmon Fishing/ salmon frock thing, or this will be a long press tour.

      • Anonymous

        That was exactly my thought about wearing salmon for Salmon Fishing!

    • Trish

      I totally agree!  I really like the dress on her.  The rest of the styling, however, could be a lot better. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I also think some better support in the boobital department would have made a big difference.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you on this–I think she looks quite pretty in the dress, and i don’t even mind the color (but everything else, as noted, needs work.)  I think this should’ve been an in or out post, and I would’ve voted in!

      • accidental housewife

        Agreed. I don’t love the color, and, as much as I love red lipstick, that shade she’s wearing is kind of terrible. But I think the dress looks great on her.

        This definitely should have been an In or Out. I’d have given her an IN too.

        • Anonymous

          Ditto on all counts

    • Lulu Lafurge

      I disagree as well. The under-dress makes it look a little less glam, but she doesn’t look misshapen to me.

    • ecallaw

      Agreed. Although I like the red lips.

    • Anonymous

      I hate the nail polish and the lipstick. Both wrong wrong wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I dunno.  I rather like it, and it’s hard to imagine wearing the original without looking vulgar.  In any event, I think we can all agree that the the thong shoes the model is wearing are hiddy, and Blunt made the right choice by ditching them.

    • foodycat

      Yes, we can certainly agree on that! Those thongs are worse than peep toe boots.

  • Anonymous

    Girl, that’s not your hair or makeup either.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Otherwise, it’s not bad.

    • Anonymous

      The lipstick, on second viewing, is awful.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree too. I think she and the dress look really pretty. The original one is ridiculous. The lipstick is all wrong, but I don’t mind the hair a bit.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe the lining changes the shape and “grace” of the dress in a substantial way. There’s something else I don’t like about this look, can’t quite put my finger on it (perhaps her lipstick?) but the fact that she is wearing that dress with a lining seems fine to me.

    I like the silver/gunmetal gray nails and shoes. A nice modification from simple black.

    • Anonymous

      I know what you mean. I think the lining took the dress from edgy to sweet, then she tried to funk it up with the makeup, hair, and accessories and ended up mucking it up a bit. It is Easter Sunday dress meets glamorous evening styling. But I still like the dress on her.

    • Anonymous

      I think a darker lining might have helped with the Edge.  Something closer to her skin tone.

  • Anonymous

    Gentle disagreement here. I think she looks good. Better than the runway model in fact. Big lattice and bare nipples are a bad match ( your nipple ends up sticking out of the hole and it doesn’t look good.)

    • Anonymous

      So true. If I had a nickel for every time my nipple got caught in my breast lattice…!

      • Anonymous

        only if..

      • accidental housewife

        You’d think a breast lattice would be more breast friendly.

    • Anonymous

      What a coincidence – I just read an article about a drunken woman who sprayed officers with milk from her breasts as they tried to arrest her. Wonder if she was wearing big lattice…

      • Anonymous

        It might make a good nursing dress, but I’d imagine it might be a little frustrating for the baby, as you couldn’t pull the nipple all the way out and take a good hard snort the way they like to.

        • Anonymous

          And if the baby is teething, then you’ll really have a problem with that lattice!

    • Anonymous

      Your comment made me go back and look again at the runway version, and I think it has a sheer lining, since the model seems not to be having that particular problem.  So it’s just a case of swapping out the lining for an opaque one.

      At any rate, I agree that this looks really nice on her, and better styling could’ve made it a great look.

  • Laura O’Gorman

    You’re nuts! She looks fabulous!

  • Cassie (C.M.W.)

    She might have worn something tight and flesh-colored (her flesh, not that shade of pinky-peach) underneath, to wink at the original, instead of insisting on lining the dress. The dress just went from sexy to dowdy.

  • Anonymous

    I think this at worst not bad. The styling is all wrong, but the dress looks pretty good on her and is really perfect for Palm Springs.

    (Edited because I was a fool to think I could post on my little phone screen.)

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    Um, hate to disagree and I bow to your opinion as it is made with more knowledge than mine; but I love this dress. I’d wear it and feel lovely doing so.

  • Eileen Duffy

    I like it.  The shape is a bit different, but the color and shape are flattering on her.  And I <3 that clutch.

  • Kim Sheehan

    I think she looks good. The color is very fresh, and the dress is interesting–probably more interesting because you can see the prettiness of the dress and you’re not focusing on the model’s naughty bits.

  • Jeanne D’Esposito

    I disagree too.  I don’t think the dress lost much if anything from adding the lining and I think she looks shapely in it. 

  • Anonymous

    i really don’t think this is bad at all — if it were in or out, she’d be in to me! sorry, fellas.

  • Anonymous

    I also hate to disagree, but I think she looks soft and pretty. Not the most exciting look ever, but overall I like it. 

  • Anonymous

    i like it.  quite a bit.  i disagree that it doesn’t fit well.  

  • Anonymous

    Count me among the disagree-ers, too. While a liner in a higher-contrast color would have made the look more interesting, I think this dress, as modified, is very pretty and flattering on her.

  • Stacy Parker Cole

    I agree with a lot of the others… I like this on her.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it, I think the dress looks great.  The only thing I find even the teeniest “ill-fitting” about the dress is that it doesn’t quite seem wide enough at the bust – kind of giving her a little “pooch” at the armpits.  Still, maybe a different bra could have pulled that together a little better.

    But I think she earns herself a “Girl that is not your face” here. 

    • accidental housewife

      The make-up is the biggest issue for me, although I think her eye make-up is fabulous. It’s primarily the lip color that’s wrong. It’s overwhelming everything else. And the brows are maybe too arched.

  • Anonymous

    I completely disagree.  The hair is terrifying but the dress looks great on her.

  • Anonymous

    I am liking the gunmetal and peach combo.  However, my greater concern is that Ms. Emily needs to stop messing with her face.  First the veneers and now collagen.  She was such a natural beauty, why is she doing that?!

  • SANTU M.

    whatever, i think she looks rather nice! 

  • Anonymous

    Normally I agree with you two (or at least one of you), but I think you’re nuts this time around. She looks gorgeous! The boobs are a little wonky but other than that she looks fab (although the lip is too red, as someone mentioned).

  • MilaXX

    I get that the lining was needed to wear it modestly, but it gives the dress a heaviness that makes her look thick in the waits and hips. Completely agree this dress needs to stay either on the runway or worn by the ladies who can rock it without adding a lining to it.

    • Anonymous

      Love the peach color and the gunmetal grey. Hair and makeup are wearing a different outfit. And the design looks like she’s wearing a girdle on the outside. Bad enough when the bra is on the outside (I’m looking at YOU, Gwen Stefani, marring an otherwise fabulous jacket)-time for the use of foundation garments as fashion to cease.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great. If it had been a richer color and the hair was less severe I think this could’ve been almost worthy of a WERQ

  • korilian

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve been staring at the pictures and it looks like a perfect fit. She looks fantastic!

  • Judy S

    I think that the dress looks better on her than on the model,  even in terms of its shape, to say nothing of the change of focus from trying to see if you can see her nipples which let’s face it keeps you from enjoying the dress qua dress anyway. On the other hand, I don’t like the dress much either way. She looks good, though.

  • Anonymous

    I think the dress looks better on her than the model. Only thing I see to criticize is the lipstick and possibly the shoes, although I can’t really get a good look on them.

  • Madame Suggia

    If you look at the skirt shapes, you’ll see that they are ever so slightly different…the model is wearing an almost-not-there A-line, whereas Emily’s is a skootch fuller at the hem. Makes all the difference in the world.

  • lilibetp

    I guess I’m weird, because I actually really like the shape of the dress.  I don’t think the color is the best for her, but otherwise I like it.  Her hair is too scraped back and the makeup is off, somehow.  Like she forgot to put on her makeup and just borrowed some lipstick from the first streetwalker she passed. 

  • mattharber

    I actually think the dress with lining is much more interesting than the before dress. I think she probably looks boring if anything. 

  • Anonymous

    Um, I like it, the runway version looks like one of those net bags of mandarins, the lining makes it look way better. :)

  • Anonymous

    what’s up with her teeth/mouth? That’s all I can see—what dress?

  • Joyce VG

    I agree with most of my fellow Bitter Kittens.  I think the dress is beautifully made and looks perfect on her.  But yeah, her make up is harsh.

  • Judy_J

    But guys, she’s wearing a SALMON colored NET dress!  What could be more appropriate for an opening night for a film about salmon fishing?  Maybe she’s going fishing right after the event.

    • Anonymous

      Damn. I totally missed that! Way to hit the nail on the head, Em.

    • Anonymous

      Looking at the thumbnail I was thinking “NO, tell me that dress doesn’t have scales . . .”

  • Imogen Christy

    yeah I disagree, I like this too… just not the hair and makeup, bit too harsh especially on the lip

  • Dana WhatTheFrock

    I like it, actually.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…. sorry, fashion dudes, but I like it. Methinks she looks very confident and polished.

  • Anonymous

    I like her version of the dress, too. Sorry, guys. I hope I don’t have to return my Bitter Kitten jacket.

    • accidental housewife

      If you have to return your jacket, so does almost everyone else here. I think we’re all safe. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Gotta say, I like the dress. I think it fits well and flatters her figure.  Like Imogen Cristy I’m not wild about hair and makeup, and something seems off about the accessories. The clutch is OK, but it feels like she needs some bling somewhere. Maybe a good bracelet. Not sure a necklace would work with that neckline but a brooch? (Remember those?) Bigger earrings?  something.

  • GQueen

    For once, I’m going to disagree with you two here. I think that the shape of the dress is flattering on her, I just wish that it was a different color.

  • Anonymous

    I like it too. Sorry TL 😛

  • Dave

    Ooh, the minions are rising! I’m joining the tide: with better hair and make-up I’d have believed this as a WERQ post (I would have disagreed on the basis that it’s not that great, but I’d have believed it).  Can we ex post facto vote her IN?

  • Anonymous

    Count me as another in disagreement.  She looks good.  ‘cept for the lips.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of like it but up close it looks like a laundry hamper. 

  • Anonymous

    The lines and cut of the dress are nice on her, and I don’t think anyone could have worn the original in public.  Not even Gaga.  Perhaps it would be better to say that as designed, that was NO ONE’S dress.  I’d give it an in if you were asking, but I do wish the lipstick didn’t clash so much.  Light pink dress and orange-red lips are not good together.

  • Anonymous

    I kinda like it, but I’m bothered by her hair and lip color. And the odd look on her face.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with the masses here. The makeup and hair are a little off-putting, but the dress is sweet and sharp, if a little too spring/summer for this time of year. The shape of it really accentuates her shoulders and makes her look athletic and healthy, which is a nice change from all the skeletal ladies we see on the red carpet. I don’t even mind the shoes and bag. I’ve always thought that peach and gray were a delightful pairing.

  • Lesa Tanner

    Was this a test to make sure we don’t just go along with your opinions? I like the dress on her, and I love peach and gray together. The hair and lip are too severe, yes, but the dress is charming.

  • Jessica Pippin

    I don’t completely agree. The color is off & her boobs look a little droopy, but I think it’s pretty flattering for the most part. I just don’t particularly care for the dress itself. It’s meshy and weird. 

  • Victoria Pavlova

    I don’t see a problem with the dress here. I am glad her boobs are not staring at me slightly lopsided like model’s do.

  • Tracey Magyar

    I’m going to have to side with most of the other comments on this one. I think she looks pretty and the dress is flattering. Maybe a touch to close to her skin tone, but still pretty.

  • Heather

    Wow – I actually think she looks really cute, and like the dress with the lining FAR better (for all purposes!) than the unlined one.

  • Ali

    I really disagree. The dress is great – it’s the hair and makeup that’s off.

  • Anonymous

    The dress doesn’t look bad at all.  I have seen much worse on the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks lovely. You can still see the interest of the net and it all seems to fit quite well. Sorry guys, but I think you missed this one.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a lot of unborn fawns disagree with you guys on this one.  I think the dress looks good on her–love the graceful shoulders and neckline.  I agree that the lining makes it a little heavy but doesn’t ruin the look.  I had to chuckle a bit at the fact that she’s wearing a salmon colored dress to this particular opening.

  • emily mcginnis

    i like it. i don’t love the color, but the dress doesn’t bother me. i think it is quite flattering. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, come on, it’s not THAT bad. 

  • Anonymous

    Really? I think she looks great, and I can’t even tell that much of a difference between her flesh-tone-lined version of the dress and the literal flesh-lined runway version.

  • Nancer

    I disagree – I quite like this on her. The color isn’t quite right, but the dress itself fits her well and is flattering.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great

  • Anonymous

    Sorry boys, I’m with the chorus on this one. The lining transforms it from a concept into an actual dress.

  • Call me Bee

    You are so correct–this is not her dress.  I don’t know about the lining or whatever, but here Emily looks old, worn and tired, which means she is wearing all the worng things.  Wrong color of dress, worng lipstick and wrong hair.  She looks 45 years old!  SHe needs to go home, take a nap, change her clothes and come back all fresh and cute. 

  • Lauren St Martin

    You all are nuts. Girl looks gorgeous!

  • Joanna Schuth

    This is assuming the dress has any grace to begin with. Which this doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    I completely disagree. I think she looks very pretty and elegant. The only thing I would change is the color (something a little brighter or a little deeper, less flesh toned).

    • Nellie Wilson

      I like this, too. It’s an interesting dress, but needs some kind of lining to be worn out in public. And she wore a salmon colored, fishnet dress to Salmon Fishing In The Yemen! Funny!

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress better with the lining than without-you can discern the two fabrics better.
    What is odd about her is the poor make up on the left. Much better on the right than the left. Did she have to do her own makeup? Particularly bad is the eyeliner, especially on the left lower lid.

  • Anonymous

    Debatable as it may (of course) be, I like the dress. I feel it could have been an “In or Out” post rather than a “GTNYD” one. The dress to me is fun, pretty enough and appropriate for the event. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that Emily lined the whole thing, and I hope it gave a wake-up call to the designer – in fact ALL designers – of clothing which cannot actually be worn in public.  If your garment cannot be worn without getting a ticket for indecent exposure, then your garment isn’t actually a garment – it is an idea which fell short of completion.  Don’t blame Emily for not wanting her tits and hooch in full view of the public.  Blame the designer for giving us an unfinished look!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure the problem is that the dress is lined, as much as the fact that Emily Blunt has more of a woman’s figure than the model. On the model, I think the “grace and shape” come across because the dress hangs unimpeded by hips or abdomen or thighs or . . . you get my drift.

    At least she didn’t wear those dreadfully ugly shoes the model has on.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    I actually like the dress lined.  I think her face looks so strange, maybe because shes got her hair pulled back way too tight, and the liptsick isn’t working with her coloring, or the color of the dress. 

  • Emily

    I actually like the dress.  I would change her lipstick, hair and purse though….

  • MandyJane

    I like the top part of the dress, but don’t like the way the skirt hangs. Not too crazy about the color, even on the runway.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, that’s a bad dress. That is no one’s dress.

  • Anonymous

    The two layers create a very heavy effect. I don’t think it’s bad, but considering it’s a spring hue, the end result is tablecloth. The hue, by the way, does NOT suit her.

  • Anonymous

    I kinda agree with the rest of the crowd – it’s a pretty fab dress and I’m okay with the covered ta-tas and hooch. The texture of the dress really comes through. Also like everyone else, I’m not loving the lipstick.

  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    I think it has a sort of retro-cuteness, but she changed a Daring Dress into a Church Dress

  • Anonymous

    I like it…

  • Anonymous

    I’m afraid I have to agree with the majority of the Unborn Fawns and, therefore, disagree with our favorite gay uncles. I can’t imagine anyone wearing the dress without a lining.  It’s too sweet and pretty for a porn awards show, and who other than a porn star would wear this unlined to an event?  Which raises the question of why the dress was designed that way in the first place. But that’s a whole-nother discussion.

    I like the dress on Emily, and I like the color and the way she accessorized it with grey.  Pink and grey–the classic 1950s combination.

    Also agree with almost everyone else that the lipstick is a crime.

  • Anonymous

    I think it works, yes the shape has changed but I kind of dig it.

  • Linda Merrill

    I love the dress with the lining and it looks beautiful on her figure.  Perhaps they could have gone with a different color lining, but it needed something. The runway version is vulgar and not flatter. Hair and makeup needed help, though.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks very pretty. The lipstick and hair are too harsh, but I love the dress. 

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks cute!  An understated pretty, but pretty nonetheless. 

  • Susana Reyes

    I like how she looks. :)

  • Amy Putnam Ellinger

    I actually like the dress, but the neckline is hiddy on her. A simple straight strapless would be lovely, and I think would minimize any color issues here. 

    But Nothings gonna fix that hair and makeup other than a shower and a big jar of Pond’s.  ew.

  • Anonymous

    I like it, just not the lipstick

  • Kris Bruneau

    Wow, I totally disagree!  I think it looks great on her.  Even lined, it has nice juxtapositions between slightly edgy angularity and the pretty color.  There’s a little wonkiness in the bust (I am guessing she didn’t wear a bra), but other than that, it’s a great look. 

  • Anonymous

    The lining needed to be darker, not lighter like Emily has it, than the netting to work closer to the effect of the original.

  • Shawn EH

    Or, ahm, flesh body suit? Black bikini? She had other options than lined panels.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was too childish–the color, the cut–and then scrolled down to see that it’s a dress that full of holes. . . Maybe if the under-dress was a totally contrasting color? 

  • bloodshothalfblind

    the peach dress + the neon lipstick make her look at least 56 yrs old.

  • Anonymous

    As you say, the original is lovely.  Having a Guthy Renker sign behind you don’t help neither.  She looks frumpy and the shoes aren’t assisting.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the lipstick that’s killing me.

  • Anonymous

    I kinda like it actually! I love the color…

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, I rather like this on her. Granted, I think it looks better from a distance than up close but I think it’s rather flattering and it has enough color to keep it looking fresh.
    What I do object to are the half-assed hair and the harsh, clumsily made up face.

  • Kristina Toma

    I am going to gently disagree along with the other kittens. I think it’s a darling silhouette and the layering under the net adds color depth. 

    Her hair and makeup could definitely use a push in the softer direction, though. Way too harsh. 

  • Anonymous

    Huh. Usually I totally get what you’re saying, even if I don’t necessarily agree, but this time around…I don’t get it. I think she looks lovely.

  • Anonymous

    i think the dress looks good on her! not the prettiest thing in the world, but i would atleast expect this to be an “in or out”, def not a  “not your dress” one… o well, agree to disagree! 

  • Anonymous

    can we please have moratorium on salmon colored anything?…it’s a universally unflattering color unless your a fish…as for color, her makeup is way too harsh, she almost looks like she is made up to be a geisha in that last shot….

  • WhiteMage

    maybe she’s hoping someone will mistake her for rooney mara and she’ll get some attention?

  • Anonymous

    The dress is simply ugly. 

  • Anonymous

    Swinger party couture is a hard look for almost anyone to pull off. It’s either go naked or go home

  • Anonymous

    I’ll dare to disagree with you guys, I actually think she looks lovely (apart from the harsh lipstick).

    The model in the runway shot, on the other hand, looks like she’s been OTP all night…

    • Anonymous

      As in “On The Piss”, not “One True Pairing”.

  • Anonymous

    Also, she looks kind of tired and drawn!  Or somethinged between the eyes, above the lips?  I don’t know — there’s something off with her great face (beyond that horrible lip color).

  • Andrea Lane

    Mm, disagree. I think it looks pretty cute on her, actually. I think the major difference is that she’s not a itsy bitsy model.

    A belt may have been advisable.

  • Chipster TM

    No way, I love it! The dress on her has a more feminine/edgy quality than on the model without the lining.

  • Anonymous

    She looks fab here!  Yes, the dress color ties in a bit too much to the movie title.  And a different color, even black, would have been better.  But she’s werq’n it here!

  • Alloy Jane

    Any dress that gives you armpit boobs is the wrong dress.

  • Ruth Gottesman

    I’m going to join the overwhelming chorus here and say I love the dress. I don’t love the color (although I would also go for the salmon dress for a salmon movie thing) and the lipstick is way too strong but the dress itself is beautiful and fits her great. I don’t see any difference in flow or grace from the original version to a lined one. In fact, I think the unlined version is too unattractive, it needs the lining, shock value or no.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is just awful.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I actually think if she but on a nude bandeau and nude bloomers she could of totally rocked it with that body of hers. it would of been super cute. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the shape of the dress is flattering, but it does look very heavy with the under-dress.

  • Anonymous

    Well, add my name to the list of PUFs (precious unborn fauns) that disagree with your assessment, TLo.  I think she needs a better bra and I’m not a fan of either the hair or makeup but I don’t think the dress suffers from having a liner.  She is not rocking the look but honestly it has more to do with the styling than the dress, IMO.  Even on the runway, it was a dress that could not be taken seriously.  Actually, I give Ms. Blunt some points for trying, albeit with the wrong folks giving her styling advice.

  • Anonymous

    That was way harsh, Tai.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you guys on this one. Also, the makeup looks harsh to me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you guys on this one, T-Lo. Also, the makeup looks harsh to me.

    Would a nude body suit have worked I wonder.
    Nahh, still not her dress. 

  • Kate Lorenz

    I’m with you TLO; I think the alterations make the dress look heavy and drab.  Perhaps a nude lining would have been a nice compromise?

  • Anonymous

    Agreed.  Now, if only we could get her uber cute hubby to wear something mesh and see through……..

  • Christine

    I must be blind because I think she looks great. The dress seems to flatter her to me.

  • Anonymous

    what this needed was a darker lining, one that kind of imitates the shadows created when it isnt lined at all. a reasonably thin if opaque fabric would really work here.

    elsewise & other than an intense inner dislike for the collar [to me it looks like she’s being choked by a harness], it’s a pretty fabulous dress.

  • heartbot

    Ill-fitting? Are we looking at the same photos?

  • Caroline Leal

    I also disagree, she looks great! And to be honest, didn’t even notice the boobage “issue”.

  • Lauren Maier

    Yep, Bitter Kittens have overruled the Gay Uncles (sorry!).  It’s good to know I’m not *entirely* insane since on first sight I thought the dress looked great.  Normally I don’t care much about hair and makeup but I can’t help but notice the lipstick.  Eeek.  

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’ll put in my two cents as well….I like it, it looks better than the naked version…….

  • Therese Bohn

    I like it! And I bet it looks better without a flash too. She’s lovely, and I applaud her modesty.

  • vmcdanie

    I respectfully disagree. I am not a fan of boobies and lady bits hanging out on the runway because, among many reasons, it’s just ridiculous. The dress looks infinitely better with a liner. Now it looks ladylike and pretty and can actually be worn outside of a runway or one’s bedroom.

    I think she looks quite charming here.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s that bad. In a different color, it would work.

  • Anonymous

    Personal not to Miss Blunt: Please lay off the botox. It’s ruining your natural lip movement. Thanks, the world.

  • MinAgain

    I think she looks really good in this dress.  The color flatters her, and adding the lining turns it into an actual dress, instead of a runway peep show.  I’m not crazy about her lipstick color or the boring shoes, but the dress is very pretty.

  • Mary Weber

    Are you kidding me?  I don’t care about the nudity, but the underlining really accentuates the shape.  She made it way better.

  • Anonymous

    I quite like it. Sheer and see-through don’t bother me, but I’ve got nothing against a lining to make something wearable if it works (it didn’t work on the Givenchy recently). This is fine, pretty nice even and no major fit issues. 
    The literal link to the film is funny though . Salmon net  – someone has a sense of humour :)

  • Anonymous

    Fits beautifully, I get what you’re saying about the lining, perhaps a bit heavy handed, but for me it’s a nice look, very nice look.