Christina Ricci for Oyster Magazine

Posted on January 26, 2012

This provides a wonderful opportunity for us to answer the countless (couple dozen) tweets, emails, and various other cris de coeur which can be summed up thusly: “T Lo, where are your Pan Am recaps?!? Answer: We stopped writing them. We just got bored with the show and it was a chore to write about. We haven’t seen any of the episodes since it came back from its short hiatus. Did it get any better? We’re asking.


Christian Ricci featured in the February/March 2012 issue of Oyster magazine photographed by Gregory Harris. Hair: Creighton Bowman. Makeup: Kim Bower.

Anyway, Christina (probably reluctantly) straps on the mid-sixties retro looks once again for Oyster magazine and flogs her show as best she can.

How much of Pan Am is shot on an airplane set? Half?
Yeah. I think probably we spend about 60 percent of our time on a stage we call ‘the hangar’. There’s a plane that was built inside the hangar and we shoot all the plane interiors there.

Do you fly to locations for the show as well?
No, no. We shoot all in the tri-state area, and we use digital effects to make it look like wherever it is we’re supposed to be going.

So you must love doing the show?
I love doing the show. The times that are most fun are when we’re in the hangar and we’re all stuck in such close proximity that we come up with fun games…


It’s a somewhat lifeless affair, we have to say. We’re not sure how her glum, dead-eyed stare is supposed to sell the show. And the styling is pretty uninspired. She’s been on TV in nothing but ’60s look for months now, so nothing here looks new or interesting.


[Photo Credit Credit: Gregory Harris for]

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  • Laurie Bergman

    She’s young and beautiful, yet so old-school fabulous at the same time.  There’s a nice little Gina Lollobrigida vibe going on here.

  • Jennifer McClory

    She looks SOOOO over it, so I guess she agrees wholeheartedly with your assessment.

  • Brian @ PWYJudges

    She looks like she would rather be anywhere else.

  • erin l.

    The one of her on the back of the motorcycle is pretty good.

    • Anonymous

      I thought so, too.  Looks like there’s something going on in her mind–not just blank.  AND I like the dress.

      • Anonymous

        She looks like she’ll cut you the minute you turn your back.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, I stopped watching Pan Am even before the  hiatus. BO-RING! This photoshoot is boring, too.

    • Nancy Abrams

      I’m with you on both counts. Don’t even miss the show. What a disappointment.

  • Robin Fanslow

    They did, however, manage to make her look like Wednesday Adams – but w/out the late Raul Julia as Gomez, what’s the point?

  • J Dreesen

    after her guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy that one time (the PINK MIST episode!) i’d rather see an editorial of her rockin’ some scrubs.  girl can Rock. the Scrubs.

  • Anonymous

    I barely watched the first episode and didn’t for any others afterwards, so Christina Ricci is a big cypher to me, but boy, her eyes here look as though she’s suffering from a pretty virulent and uncomfortable allergic reaction.  NOT an attractive look.

  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    I doubt Pan Am will make a second season, but at least they’re doing a full season- hope they might give the stories some closure, it would make a nice DVD.

  • Anonymous

    The photo shoot should have been done in color.

  • Anonymous

    We haven’t seen any of the episodes since it came back from its short hiatus. 

    It’s back?  I had no idea.

  • Anonymous

    The makeup is horrible. She looks like a freaking zombie in that Hepburn-ish closeup.

  • Anonymous

    i was under the impression it had been cancelled??, as for the photos, that fourth shot is positively gawd awful, horrible expression, unflattering dress and what appears to be my grandmother’s afghan draped over her shoulders…..

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you on the show.  The episodes keep popping up in my Hulu queue, and I keep being uninterested.  I finally unsubscribed from that one today.  It really is unfortunate, because they consistently underused their best assets (Christina and the French chick) – if they had put a LOT more focus on those two, the show could have been considerably more dynamic.  Too bad.

    • Anonymous

      Somebody was listening. The most recent episodes have been mostly about Colette and Maggie.

      • Anonymous

        Oh really?  I haven’t watched the last three episodes…  maybe I’ll give it one more shot.

  • MilaXX

    Nope, you haven’t missed a thing. I just watched this week’s ep just to clear the DVR. I had heard it was getting canceled but now I can’t find that info on the web. Anyhoo, editorial is okay, nothing stellar. I do like the middle pic of her of the back of the motorcycle looking back, but that’s about it.

  • ecallaw

    I lost interest in the show too, and that’s rare for me.  Disappointing. I really thought the premise had potential.

  • Briarnoir

    Pan Am has gotten…better. It’s hard to say that it has gotten good since the writers like to hit it with ‘relevant’ history like clubbing a baby seal, but the writing has gotten tighter and they are actually use honest to god plot threads that they set down in earlier episodes. Also Collette. Collette is fabulous. Ted has become weirdly endearing. Kate’s learning to be a spy is just flat out /fun/, with a touch of hilarious thrown in. Maggie is still wildly inconsistent but gaining some ground. And they have basically realized that Kate and Laura have zero chemistry together and that the ‘sisters’ thing is mostly boring.

    And if I want to defenestrate Dean from 30,000 miles at least his arcs seem to be coming to a blessed close.

    Is it great? No. Is it an hour of fluff that is great to bitch about over a glass of wine with a friend? Yes. It’s also fun.

    Oh, was I suppose to write about the pictures? I think dead fish covers it.

  • Lorrie

    I think she’s unusual looking for a Hollywood starlet.  To me, it’s more interesting than the typical blond/blue eyed automaton that usually does these spreads.  Maybe it’s because I don’t watch Pan Am, but I thought the photos were interesting enough to be worth the 5 minutes I spent looking at them.  That might be damning with faint praise, though, and I can see how TLO might not feel like there’s anything new to say about them.

    • Anonymous

      Unusual looking, kind of. Starlet, no way. She’s about to turn 32.

    • Anonymous

      Unusual looking, kind of. Starlet, no way, even though she looks young. She’s about to turn 32, way past Hollywoods’ designation of starlet.

    • Anonymous

      Starlet?  She’s been a well-known Hollywood actress for 20 years already.

      And what on earth did they do to her eyes?

  • Anonymous

    I kind if love the one where she’s on the back of the motorcycle and the close-up, second from the bottom. Those eyes!
    The rest are just ok. Definitely uninspired. I have never heard of Oyster Magazine.  

  • Brittany Johnstone

    “You must love doing the show?”????? Wow, that’s some top-rate journalism right there… Journalist Commandment #4 Thou shalt not ask leading questions!

    /rant (pet peeve sorry)

    • Sara Munoz

      I know. Oyster magazine must be run by a bunch of 8th graders.

  • Rajlakshmi Purkayastha

    This is possibly the wrong place to post this but since you guys have stopped watching Pan Am, does ‘Sherlock’ catch your fancy? Its only 3 episodes, its currently showing on PBS and the menswear is pretty fabulous (if slightly repetitive). Pretty Please? 

    • Anonymous

      Wait til you see the clothes (or lack thereof) in Season 2!

      • Rajlakshmi Purkayastha

         I’m so jealous of you guys in the UK! We’re all going to have to wait until May. :(

        • Anonymous

          I’m not in the UK, I’m in the US, but I’m obsessed enough that I downloaded the episodes each week after they aired and I just got the DVD from today :) – I have a region-free DVD player.

  • Anonymous

    She looks good in this stuff, which comes off as unexciting in these pics, but she looks good in just about anything that fits & is scaled to her size.

    “So you must love doing the show?”

    Yeah, like she could say anything except “yes!!” Sillier question than average.

  • Anonymous

    The fuzzy sweater/headband pic-she looks like Rose McGowan.

    I really like the first dress, the black with the flowers.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about any of this… but since you dropped Pan Am, have you considered blogging about Alcatraz?  It’s a cool show, and I need you both to hold my hand, and point out what I am seeing…. I have become a lazy viewer… I need your sharp insights!!

  • Anonymous

    I seriously thought Pan Am had already been cancelled.

  • WendyD

    Pan Am fills the “pretty people in retro clothes” slot in my TV schedule until Mad Men comes back. But it is obviously only a place-holder for a show of much higher quality.

  • foodycatAlicia

    It’s not a great collection of pictures but that era really does suit her so well!

  • Sam

    In the fourth shot, why is the dress wrinkled (look especially at the bottom)???, and what is that thing in the second close up shot below her chin? Looks like she’s got some odd facial hair sprouting up.

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful but the ‘sex kitten’ styling and posing just aren’t her.

  • Sarah Winningham

    The parts of the show most relevant to your interests (clothes, styling) have tremendously improved. Last episode Kate had two amazing formal up-dos, one for a fancy party, and one, natch, for pickpocket training – Maggie had a gorgeous metallic maxi gown for the party – Laura’s period perfect black and white nude photo shoot was to die for – and our poor, sweet Collette got saddled with two, two! horrible wigs. In other news that hussy, Bridget, also had amazingly complicated hair whilst hussying it up, Ted has hilarious leisure shirts in loud prints, his closeted lesbian fiance wears a lot of pearls, gloves and red lipstick and has very boring taste in wedding china, Dean continues to be boring and useless, and Kate’s sexy, stern British handler kicked over a lamp in a fit of sexy rage.

  • Anonymous

    she looks high. and those interview questions are lame.

  • Laura O’Gorman

    This entire interview was exactly what you expected it to be except it was second class. It’s like a joke with a bad punchline you can see a mile off.

  • Usman Hamid

    the show has gotten tremendously better (I stopped watching midway and didnt even bother to see the dean & collette love affair). Clothes are a vast improvement. Kate is getting a lot more limelight and the writing is now geared towards a tighter, faster, pace. The attention is back on the girls and the guys are nice little props. The british girl is back stirring all kinds of crap, Christina Ricci finally is making sense, all in all, we await your recaps!

  • Anonymous

    The show has gotten even more silly and implausible. Last episode had them all detained in a Moscow hotel by armed guards (cartoonish Russian stereotypes, really), only Kate was somehow able to sneak away unnoticed, go to a private apartment building seeking help from a double-agent also under constant surveillance, then gets back to the hotel unnoticed. Yeah, the clothes are great and the guys are cute, so I guess I’ll keep watching, but the plotlines are just getting sillier and sillier.

  • Lisa

    I like the photo spread, but I didn’t bother with the interview – I got bored with that show FAST!

  • Anonymous

    in answer to your question: the show is pretty much exactly the same, but the characters are beginning to be more consistant with a distict personality for each, which is good to see! As for as plot line goes… there are some ok ones, nothing drastically different as of yet. No need to continue recapping them!  

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t realize until now that I had stopped watching the show. Sad. We had gotten a new cable box, so I had to re-program everything to record and I forgot I was taping Pan-Am. The premise had so much promise but didn’t deliver. Oh and these pics are unflattering and depressing. 

  • Anonymous

    The motorcycle shot is decent but the one after that is really awful. As far as the show, I saw one episode after the hiatus. No, it hasn’t improved and I can’t even remember it’s still on. Snoozefest. 

  • Anonymous

    I like it – I like the sixties ennui atmosphere.

  • Anonymous

    I realized Sunday that I forgot to start watching it when it came back on after the Christmas break.  I was flipping the stations after Downton Abbey and saw it.  I couldn’t bring myself to keep watching, or to go online to watch the episodes I missed.  I just can’t help but compare it to Mad Men, and Pan Am is just so inferior in every way.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      As is every other show on TV.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m not crazy about it, but she is pulling off the mod 60’s look, kind of like a goth twiggy.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever put her in that…colorblocked?…shirtdress? thing? is an idiot. The proportions only make anything close to sense on somebody with really, really long legs. I can’t decide if she has a long torso and short legs, or is just normally proportioned and I’m too used to looking at models and such, but either way–this thing is a disaster on her. It makes it look like her thighs are an inch long. Ugh, just terrible.

  • Ramon

    She can do no wrong in my book because she’ll be forever Wednesday Adams wrecking that Thanksgiving Pageant. 

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    Oh dear god. She did the Lindsay Lohan pose in that first shot. Overall underwhelming. 

    • Anonymous

      As of yesterday, never would I put those two in a side-by-side comparison, but here it is.

      • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

        I know right. They even look similar.  

  • Anonymous

    Sooooo sick of 60s editorials.

  • margaret meyers

    Looking like Mila Kunis in  e v e r y  picture.

  • VicD

    Aw, little Wednesday is all grown up.  And still goth.

  • Sara Munoz

    The interview is uninspired too.
    But she is really suited for those looks, as overdone or poorly done as it is…

    • Anonymous

      You’re totally right about the interview. “How much time was spent shooting on a plane?” Who gives a crap??

  • theneva

    Did they shoot this with an iPhone? WTF. The makeup is awful. I’m a longtime fan of Christina Ricci but this spread leaves me cold. Opening with a shot that makes her look like Lindsay Lohan doesn’t help.

  • Anonymous

    I love the mohair sweater pic, but whoever styled and shot the one above it should be fired.
    Pan Am’s still going and I’m watching it. I love the clothes and for some reason, I love the spy story. They also brought back Goran Visnjic, which means I am trapped watching that show until the bitter end, babies – meeeYOW!