Carey Mulligan in Roland Mouret

Posted on January 20, 2012

We’re almost afraid to write this one.

Not because we fear the wrath of Carey Mulligan’s publicist (or Roland Mouret’s, for that matter), nor because we fear that legions of her fans will tear us limb from limb in an orgy of righteous rage because we dared to say something less than flattering about her (although it does give us some pause). No, we’re afraid to write this one because we’re about to complain about something that we’ve been asking for in every red carpet ensemble for almost five years now.


Carrey Mulligan attends the 32nd Annual London Film Critics’ Circle Awards in Roland Mouret paired with YSL pumps.

Roland Mouret Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Kati Nescher (VIVA)

To be blunt, sometimes, the “pop of color” accessorizing trick isn’t always the best idea.

*runs away*

*runs back*

Look, our take on fashion has always been centered around a case-by-case basis. That is to say, there’s nothing inherently wrong with, say,  black peeptoe pumps, but when they become ubiquitous and they’re mindlessly paired with every dress on the red carpet, whether they go with it or not, that’s when we get all huffy and dogmatic about it. But the flipside of that is, we then get a rep for hating black peeptoe pumps (or silly putty pumps, or ankle straps), and when we wind up letting a pair go by without comment, or worse, complimenting the choice, kittens get confused. “But…I thought you hated black peeptoe pumps,” they say, their adorable kitten eyes wide and on the brink of shedding tears of disappointment and confusion. “There, there,” we say (in our imaginations), “Sometimes these things work and sometimes they don’t. Fashion shouldn’t be rigid. Now dry your eyes, little fashion kitten.”

Such is our dilemma here. Our number one most consistent complaint about red carpet styling is the lack of color, which has reached epidemic proportions with accessories, resulting in a sea of neutral shoes and bags when just a bit of color would look so much better. So imagine our distress to discover that our first reaction to these pictures is, “Great dress, but those aren’t the right shoes for it.”

“Dear GOD,” we said in unison, upon realizing the implications, “The precious unborn fawns are going to KILL US!”

But no, we must stand firm. Blue suede pumps are a great way of punctuating the right dress, but this isn’t that dress. The stark red, black and white color scheme was probably enough for one outfit and besides, the dress itself is kind of … complicated. It’s a great dress, but there’s a lot going on with it, what with the interesting shoulder and neck treatments, as well as the graphic quality. No, tear us limb from limb if you must, but this is one instance where we think black shoes probably would’ve been a better choice. The blue is pulling your eye down, away from her face and dress.

But we do think she looks cute as a button overall.


[Photo Credit: Solarpix/PR Photos,]

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  • Anonymous

    Totally agree about the pumps, and I think that neckline is way too fussy for the dress, which is great– I LOVE black/red/white.  The blue shoes are way too distracting.  If you’d left off the black choker thing, it would’ve been a much better, cleaner look.  

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to see the back of the dress. It looks like there’s a black band around the waist (best seen on the model) which might help tie in the black at the neckline. But too hard to tell from the front.

      • Molly OBM

        Tada! Not a great pic but enough to see you were right about the band. 

        • Anonymous

          She has black heels in her hand!!!

        • Anonymous

          I wonder why she ditched the black pumps, she has in her hands. They would have been perfect for this dress instead of the blue ones.

          • Different events – the black ones were a couple of weeks ago. I guess she wanted to distinguish between the two while re-wearing the dress. She has different hair too.

        • Anonymous

          I love the fact that she clearly wore flats in transit and changed into heels for the appearance.  Stars really are just like us. Heh.

        • Anonymous

          so the dress doesn’t drape in the back..just baggy at the sides under the armpits!?  odd and unattractive. 

  • She looks gorgeous in the dress, but she must be freezing! Everyone behind her is in heavy coats, gloves and scarves. I don’t like the shoes either, but I applaud her for at least thinking outside the box.

    • Anonymous

      Good point. She doesn’t look too happy in the pictures (like, ‘why am I out here without a coat on?”) and in the close up she has that “take the f’ing picture already” look. So who knows? Maybe these are clear pumps and her feet turned blue because she’s been standing in the cold for so long.

      I agree – she does look gorgeous in the dress.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t *hate* the blue shoes, and give her credit for trying, but I prefer the white peeps on the model. I think black shoes would make the look a little heavy.

  • I, for one, have to agree with you. But my choice would have been the white shoes the model is wearing. And I know you don’t particularly like when the stars replicate the model’s look, but this one is really the best one in my humble opinion. 

  • Anonymous

    leave off the black neck accent or change the shoes to black—four colors in this outfit are too many. 

    • Anonymous

      i agree.  the pop of color concept means a contrasting color.  in this outfit she techinically has two pops of color and they are competing.  if the neck do hickey thing wasn’t black the blue shoe would have been more tolerable.  still problematic, what with the heavy suede and the off putting shade of blue, but i wouldnt be as annoying as currently deployed.

  • I agree you are right about the shoes. There is a right time for the classic and one should use judgment in these instances.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Killer dress, but I agree that perhaps the blue shoe is just one element too much.

  • Those shoes are absolutely fantastic, just not with that dress. I also don’t like the black bit at the neckline but she does look very cute.

  • Anonymous

    I before E except after C…. there are exceptions to EVERY rule…. (feel better?)

  • I think part of the problem is that when celebs read your blog daily (which they obviously do), they say, a pop of color! Great idea! And then every single one of them buys the same blue suede YSL giant-toed pumps that they think will go with everything, but they don’t. 

    I swear, I’ve seen this exact shoe in this color on every starlet trying that “pop of color” advice – which either means fashion groupthink is a huge problem in Hollywood, or there’s one REALLY lazy stylist throwing blue YSL pumps at every celeb looking for some color in her wardrobe.

  • Anonymous

    Even with the funky black neck thing going on I’m totally digging the dress. The shoes, no no no.

  • Anonymous

    OK the shoes are kind of too much, but she looks so GOOD! In spite of the shoes!!

  • For a minute there, I thought you guys are going to defend those blue suede pumps. *phew*

    Dress is pretty but proportionally it looks a tad too long on her. I wished someone could have it altered to fit her better.

  • Totally agree about the shoes with the dress and carpet being red all you see is the black straps, the white print and the BLUE SHOES (shoes first, then the black straps, then the white print, THEN the girl) that’s just bad

  • Anonymous

    i agree about the shoes – the dress could be quite sharp but it is a bit too long on her and the weird fullnes (does it have a plunging neckline/cutout in the back?) around her torso is distracting.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I agree with you 100%. The blue suede shoes are ridiculous with this dress. Who dresses these women?? There is a lot of money to be made out there for someone with good taste and the confidence to push forth. Anyway, too much going on, the blue makes no sense whatsoever. I know you guys also dislike taking a color that is in the dress in a minor way and using that for accessories, but I like that, and also using the complement of a color is fun. But this: Ugh. 

    And I never take a moment to say this, but you guys have been my favorite website for 3 or 4  years now. You do a great job every day, and I am so glad to see your success!! You are hilarious and if I had a TV station, I would give you a fashion show in the manner of Joan River’s show!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe silverish shoes with less platform? I dunno.

    I also miss the black belt/straps on the sides (I see they are there but more hidden than in the model), which pick up the neck thing -not that it would much more sense, but it does add interest. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree about the waist accents– i wish they’d come around a little closer to the middle.  And I wish it were a little shorter.  So close, Carey, so close!

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    I love you guys.

    I like the shoes, the dress is okay (it’d be better without that black ribbon at the neck I think) and she does look as cute as cutey mccuterson, but I see your point.

  • Anonymous

    I love Roland Mouret, and I love when the stars wear his gowns instead of that horrid Posh Spice who constantly knocks him off.
    This is an extremely flattering dress. Just look at all those fabulous darts, tucks and folds. Not in love with the blue shoes , but I don’t hate them either, the red itself didn’t really call for a pop. 

  • Sara Leigh Merrey

    Most definitely not the right shoes. I love the dress. I want the dress.

  • Anonymous

    Aw, thank you for worrying about the bitter kittens.  But I…love this.  A lot.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks fabulous, but the shoes did make me a little sad.  I like them, but they’d look far cuter with nearly anything else.

  • Anonymous

    What a great dress!  Love it — and you’re right about the blue suede shoes.  Here a good camel colored shoe would have done the    trick.  I like the black detail at the neck and love how the placement of the white flowers and the drape of the fabric.  I love a red dress.  She looks fantastic in this one.  She was smart enough not to muck it up with any extra jewelry. 

  • Anonymous

    My immediate first thought when I saw the dress was that she was going to a very early Fourth of July event, and realized at the last moment she was wearing red, white and BLACK instead of BLUE in her dress, so she threw on the blue shoes to make it work.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the same thing.  You can not pair blue, white, and red together (in any way other than sports) without looking like you are in a patriotic parade.

  • Anonymous

    Colored shoes or not, that dress is fug.

  • Anonymous

    Black pumps probably would have been a better choice, but the blue shoe really doesn’t bug me much.  I’ll take a bold shoe choice over a boring silly putty shoe (almost) anytime…even if it’s wrong.  I like the shoes more than the dress on her though…looks too I-Love-Lucy-ish on her, which doesn’t suit her imo.

    I’d never call you (TLo) out for long as I’ve been reading this blog, you’ve been quite consistent in stating there are exceptions to rules and likes/dislikes.  Your post here would be good to link to whenever you feel a disclaimer is necessary though.  😉

  • Anonymous

    Really, give us some credit, we are not nearly as stupid or “clinging to every TLo word” as you imagine.  Yes, wrong show despite it being a pop of color.  Any idiot knows there is a time and a place for everything.  Even matchy-matchy.

    • Actually, we gave you credit for having a sense of humor. Our mistake!

      • Anonymous

        Hmmmm…. apparently, that goes both ways.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, the vagaries of humor on the Internet!  I’m suspecting that the boys weren’t really expecting an outcry from the kittens at all, and this was another safe bet to dare the kittens to disagree, kind of like a politician will vehemently make a completely uncontroversial statement and claim s/he is going to take a lot of heat for it.  I’m assuming this was deliberate and meant to be funny (it was), and I’m adding in the requisite facial expressions in my mind to make it so.  But, yeah, it can be a fine line and needs to cut both ways.

  • Anonymous

    HA. Looks like she has a Nike swoosh on her shoulder. Some color in the shoes would be nice…just not THAT color.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t like the dress on her – she doesn’t have the hips for it.  Her shoulders look way out of proportion and make her look boxy and droopy at the same time.  The overall effect is just heavy and the shoes add to the heaviness.

    • Anonymous

      I AGREE – this dress was meant for someone like Eva Mendes, who has the hips to make those shoulder padded boxy shoulders look proportional. This makes poor Carey look like she’s trying on Auntie Susan’s work clothes. It’s a beautiful dress, and those colors are PERFECT for Carey, but….

  • Anonymous

    No, she doesn’t look cute, sorry.   The top of the dress looks way too big, and makes her look as though she’s playing dress-up.  It’s not just her.  It’s the cut of the dress, because you can see the same problem on the model as well.   It’s a shame, because I like the idea of the dress.   It’s got a great vintage-y feel to it.  There are far too many things happening on top, though.

  • Jillian Liszewski

    I agree.  Of course I love her — solely because she was amazing *not blinking* on Doctor Who — but those shoes with that dress are pretty tragic.  She still manages to look interesting; hopefully most of the shots were cut off at the ankle!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, honey, these shoes are a complete and utter no-no

  • I agree, but think that (1) it’s a really great dress but hard to wear, and (2) she is wearing it really well. The top is definitely strange, the way it’s almost stiffly pieced at the collar and then blouses out. But she carries it off, I think. Blue pumps or not.

  • I agree. But it’s not enough to kill the look. She still looks very cute.

    I hope she was going for cute. 

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I agree about the shoes – the dress could have stood on it’s own. I really like that dress though. She’s also almost too cute to stand. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen her in anything but that one episode of Doctor Who and I still love her to pieces.

    • Anonymous

      She was very good in that episode!!

  • Anonymous

    Not this unborn fawn!   You are safe with me. I agree with your every word.

  • Anonymous

    It wouldn’t have occurred to me to think this was an exception to the “pop of color” plea because I assumed that was usually applied to an otherwise neutral look.  The dress is already a pop of color.  The blue shoes just seem like too much of a pop of a randomly different color that is just distracting instead of interesting.  But the saggy sides of the top bother me more.

    • I agree with you about the saggy sides. It’s an oddly fitting dress, although I do like the print and most of the other elements. But the shoes…..they don’t enhance the look at all.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree. I hate it when people move out of their comfort zones but do so poorly. You want to applaud them from trying and hope they don’t give up because it didn’t work out so well that time. I felt that way about Frau Seal’s outfit for the Golden Globes.

    She needed to keep it within the dress’s color palette here. Not even digging the dress on her that much.

  • I hate this on her. She looks like she raided a grandma’s boot sale and ran away with the ugliest, ill fitting things she could find.

  • Cathy S

    No, I’m with you. It was the first thing I thought after “what a cute dress.” The shoes are fighting with the red, black, and white.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed on all points.  Of course, any ‘rule’ about fashion and appearance always has exceptions, and the T Lo “Pop Of Color” recommendation is one of those.  Slavish adherence to rules is robotic, and if there is anything that your vision is, it is the antithesis of rigid, undeviating conformity.

    Good for you to use this incident to make the point, gentlemen!

    All the best,


  • BuffaloBarbara

    No worries about the inconsistency.

    I’m not sure I agree about the dress.  It’s an okay dress, but it doesn’t look even a little bit formal.  Aren’t these things supposed to be white tie?  This looks like  a nice date night dress if she’s being taken to a pretty decent restaurant.

  • Judy_J

    Those shoes are all wrong for that dress, color-wise and style-wise. I like the dress, though!

  • Alisa Rivera

    I hate the dress on her too. She’s a tiny girl and this dress overwhelms her, plus the color isn’t flattering her skin tone. 

  • Anonymous

    What kind of ensemble would a pair of blue suede pumps look appropriate with?  It doesn’t seem like it would be a very attractive one…

  • Lori

    Wow, I’m torn.  I worship Tiina Laakkonen and feel like who am I to question her choice of shoe.  OTOH I don’t like them at all.  So I’m going to do like a lot of people on the interwebs, just make stuff up, and assume Tiina was being held hostage somewhere and Carey had to choose the shoes on her own.

  • It’s ok, this kitten agrees. I loved this collection from Roland Mouret (this dress included) but a glaring blue pump was not the way to go. The only way I see it as a positive is it does stand out on the red carpet… but when do you pick shoes based on the color of the ground you’ll be walking on?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care for the neckline, and the dress appears to be a size too big – but wow, does this shape lengthen the silhouette. She looks 10 feet tall. As for shoes, I am old-school. They are called accessories for a reason. If they pull attention from the garment, the overall look is typically not as elegant as it could be. What woman wants everyone’s attention focused on her feet, for heaven’s sake? Well, I suppose there are some very specific scenarios associated with that, but in general termsl…

  • CQAussie

    I originally thought this was not her dress.  But on close inspection, she actually looks pretty good in it.  Just seems a tad long in the skirt.  But agree – the shoes are all wrong.  It doesn’t do anything but land with a big clunk.

  • i don’t know; i like them, i really like the look.  maybe i’m more in love with the look because i’m happy to see her little smile lines, they’re so cute!!

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Why does the “pop of colour” rule get thrown around so much? Because it is the easiest rule to follow for anyone. And I agree, it was wrongly deployed here. The dress is not one that turns me on exactly, but it is a great idea of a dress.

  • Agree about the pumps, the dress is unique enough on its own without another distracting element in her outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Scroll-down wince.  Looks like a flag poster.

  • Anonymous

    You are not wrong.  The dress is adorable and perfect for her.  Cute, without being twee, and well fit.  But the shoes are wrong.  That’s all there is to it.

  • Anonymous

    There’s something about the color combo with the shoes and the dress that I actually like.  What I don’t like is the placement of the tulips on the dress.  It’s like 3 little flowers are pointing to the main flower.

    • Anonymous

      Wow–You and TheOriginalLulu are good. I never even noticed that!

  • Anonymous

    I agree. The blue is a bit much here.
    I like the dress, but I’m confused as to why the flowers are all sort of pointing in the direction of her crotch. Do designers do this sort of thing on purpose?

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree that this isn’t the correct dress + shoes pairing. And I think these shoes are fantastic, but would be more at home with a different outfit. Not digging the dress so much, though.

  • The pumps are definitely focus pulling, but my concern for this outfit is the way the dress fits in the middle. The strange way it’s pulled back like that confuses me greatly. If it were fitted there, instead of that strange pulled back fabric for the middle,, I’d like it a lot more.

  • Elizabeth Wiggs Maas

    I loooove the dress and the look overall, but agree about the shoes – she looks like she’s going to march with DAR in her hometown’s Fourth of July parade. 

    You know what I would love to see from you guys? A post with your TLo “isms” that shows right and wrong versions. For example, if you must wear nude pumps, here’s a photo of a starlet doing it well, and here’s a photo of a starlet making us barf. Same for ankle straps, pops of color, matchy accessories, blondes wearing yellow, men wearing beat-up shoes, etc. 

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, boys. Should have gone with black or white. Love the dress, though.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Yep, it looks so much better with black.

      But I hate that the daily mail are giving her crap about re-wearing a dress!  I love when I see celebrities re-wear things, it makes me imagine that they are real people who go through phases of having a favorite article of clothing and using it for another event.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t you love the look on her face as Fassbender leans in for a smooch?

  • Anonymous

    We understand.  You want us kittens to learn to think for ourselves, instead of just grabbing what every other starlet is wearing.  (We are little starlets to you, right?)

    • You are all little starlets on your own personal red carpets every day.

  • She needs classic black pumps and a hem job (which sounds nasty to me but I do have a very dirty mind).

  • I think the dress is over designed and is the length only us tall gals can pull off.  (Note the difference on the model and where it hits on her vs Carey)  The shoes are also the wrong shade of blue. Something closer to navy. I would say I would like to see the back, especially at the waist, but I believe it would just be more shittery. 

  • Ann M. Erickson

    But… yoga hair?

  • Kara Keenan

    I think the dress is fabulous, but just a scootch too long on her. She’s not that tall of a girl, and the hemline is making her legs look even shorter.

    • Anonymous

      I have found this aspect of borrowed clothes on actors odd and confusing.  The length of a dress has a lot to do with whether it works or not, and yet because most actors are very short (men and women) the clothes they borrow are almost universally way, way too long.  Doesn’t this bother the designers and stylists?  Do they even notice it?

  • Anonymous

    Hooray! I’ve been waiting for this day. Thoughtless, careless “pop of color” has reached the level of sheer assery, and the default accessory to place it seems to be in shoes. There is nothing automatic in fashion. In trendiness, yes, but not in fashion. And can we retire the phrase “pop of color” already???

    • Anonymous

      Agree.  And also, I hate that phrase–“pop of color”–with a profound passion.  Probably from having had to hear it fifty billion times over the past few years on every show having to do with fashion or design.  

  • Mariah J

    That shade of blue doesn’t go with red. It’s as easy as that. Kittens have no need to weep.

    • Anonymous

      maybe navy?

  • butter nut

    the shoes are every kind of wrong for that dress – wrong color, wrong texture… just wrong.  also, that dress is too big for her & too long.  the whole thing is dragging her down.

  • Anonymous

    I would have chosen a darker red for the shoes…. the blue just hurts my eyes! 

  • She looks great, except for the shoes. This is one of those times when a matching or nude or black shoe would have been perfect. She’d still be an “IN” from me.

  • Agreed, the shoes don’t go.

  • love the dress.  black patent leather peep-toe pumps would have made it perfect.  lmao.

  • I just think those are hiddy shoes anyway. And the dress seems off season – more of a summer frock – especially with all the people in coats and scarves behind. But, she always looks cute.

  • Anonymous

    This precious unborn fawn is NOT going to kill you–she is going to agree with you.

    I really love that dress, although I prefer the length on the model (it looks a little too big on Ms. Mulligan), but those shoes more or less define the term “scroll-down fug.”  I mean, truly dreadful.

    I like the model’s shoes with it.  Black would have been fine too.  They don’t have to be peep-toes–there are other shoe styles.

  • i dont mind the blue of the pumps, i mind that they are suede. blue suede together with that dress just doesnt go the way it should.

  • up with pod people

    I just hate the whole outfit. The unmatchy shoes aren’t even the first thing I hated.

  • Anonymous

    I adore her, but she isn’t tall enough for this dress. It’s not just a hem issue, it’s a whole garment issue. I actually think ifthis were on a taller girl, with all proportions and distances ideal, the blue shoes could work. Also, I want them.

  • Anonymous

    I dont like the blue shoes with it.. it would of been better with something that is more biege… similar to the runway picture or even black pumps. I think the neckline is fine though… it has an interesting twist to it.. tom and lorenzo can say what they want to say… i love it.. and the proportion is fine… nothing wrong.. i agree though the styling is off…

  • It’s a great dress that looks great on her, however, while I agree that the blue shoes don’t work they would have worked better if the dress stopped just below the knee like it did on the model.

  • Toto Maya

    I think if the pumps had been in a darker blue and weren’t so fuzzy-looking it would have worked. It’s not the pop of color that’s wrong, it’s the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I completely and wholeheartedly agree, TLo, rest easy.  Your Bitter Kitten Unborn Fawns are typically savvy enough to understand the whole case-by-case concept.  

  • MilaXX

    Agreed. She looks cute, but a simple, black pump would have been better here.

  • Classic scrolldown fug. Oh, Carey.

  • Anonymous

    I love this dress, but I am perplexed.  It shouldn’t be as cute as it is. There’re all these things going on (neck & construction of sleeves/upper bodice, & the soft drapey flap over her stomach) that don’t add as much as they would to a more purely sculptural dress in a solid color {that is, to the kind of Mouret I lust after wildly} and which ought to detract a lot.  Instead, they detract very little. Hmm.

    Guess that’s what it means to be an amazing designer.

  • Anonymous

    Black would have been too heavy, beige would have been too beige.  I don’t love the blue, but I am not sure they are totally “wrong,” just not 100% great.

  • Anonymous

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll be seeing indiscriminately and haphazardly used pops of color for a while, just because it’s dictated. Nude hoof shoes, anyone? 

    Love the dress.

  • Anonymous

    I thought she was wearing a pair of Crocs. Definite shoe fail.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed! I like the shoes on the model much better, and black would have been fine….overall, it is a cute, fresh dress that doesn’t need any extra oomph

  • That is such an elegant dress. Just a bit of a graceful print, just a hint of a shape in the shoulder, and a bold color– this dress is art.
    And I totally agree about the shoes! They take away from the beauty of the dress and its wearer. A bronze shoe might have been better.
    I loved her hair here. The color is amazing.

  • When you’re right, you’re right!

  • Anonymous

    I’m just catching up on posts from yesterday afternoon until today and so far each one tops the one before it.  TLO you two are on a roll.  Can’t stop laughing about the bitter kittens big kitten eyes blinking back tears and your response .

  • Oddly enough, this reminds me of something I recently read re: web design–in short, don’t put red text on a blue background, or vice-versa; the eye doesn’t like it and it’ll look wonky.  I love the red, black, and white scheme; the blue shoes seem to come out of nowhere.  In the end, then, this bitter kitten agrees with you lads (and it looks like most of the others do, too!).  If you were super-dogmatic and bound to hard-and-fast rules, I’m certain I wouldn’t like you as much as I do.

  • Anonymous

    I just loooove this dress. Love it, love it, love it. Even the weird black bit. It’s so interesting and flowy and graceful. Just different from all the same old same old. I don’t even mind the wacky shoes.

  • Anonymous

    But you totally ignored how much that dress NEEDS A SLIP!  It looks even worse moving on the runway.  A slip would keep it from clinging around her legs and let it flow properly. Agreed on the shoes, of course!

    • Anonymous

      Good luck on THAT!!!  any of these clueless celebs know what a slip IS??????

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the mention of foundation garments and how MUCH they matter.  Sometimes I feel like I’m speaking (shouting) to a wall.

  • Anonymous

    it’s cos it’s red white & blue. too clichéd. doesnt work in either country. plus the dress is too big.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Why does this girl look so old?  Anyone remember her in Pride and Prejudice? She’s gone all squinty and pasty.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how I feel about the tulips around her, er, two lips…

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you about the pumps; that blue is very distracting. I kind of like the neckline, although it looks like its strangling her a bit. But overall, I really like this look–it’s both chic and whimsical, which is hard to achieve. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, please.

  • Love the dress and her look down to the ankles. No worries T & Lo… we get it. She looks like she is very smurf skinned wedges.

  • I love the hell out of that dress, and I have to agree – black shoes* would have brought the whole look together, especially if more of the black color on the belt were visible the way it is on the model.  Still can’t fault her for trying – it’s a great dress.

    (*As long as they’re not those horrid Minnie Mouse shoes!  Hate.)

  • Anonymous

    You are 100% right, darling TLo.

  • Anonymous

    You are so right.  Completely understand, so no wrath here! 

  • Anonymous

    Hair and face: Cute. Dress if black neck ribbon thing is removed: Acceptable. Blue suede platform pumps: No, no, never, never, ah ah, ah, woo.

  • What are those flaps on either side of her torso? It would be a cute dress without them.

  • Anonymous

    AGREED!  Stylists with NO imagination on display here!  This is becoming as ubiquitous as the silly putty pumps, and I’m over it.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. I would even say it’s one of those cases where black peep toe pumps might have been the right choice.

  • Anonymous

    she looks terrible.

  • Susan Crawford

    I love this dress! It’s girly and young but a little bit sophisticated and uptown, and Carey looks good in it. But the shoes? Blue suede? Someone step on them, quickly.

  • Anonymous

    Saw this in the Evening Standard last night and almost laughed on the tube. It’s horrendous proper. 

  • I like stuff that matches, so I would have gone with black pumps, but I don’t really think it’s the color of the shoes that is the biggest problem, so much as the material.  That dress does not call for suede anything.

  • Anonymous

    Totally unexpected and she looks great

  • Anonymous

    What a striking, unusual dress. Almost works on her. It’s a skosh too long for her body.
    I like the white peep toes on the model, and think that going that way would have worked better than black which so many are suggesting. Damn, I love that shade of blue. She pops right off the red carpet, and looks confident and pleased with herself.

    But it is distracting, our eyes keep going straight to her feet; 10% of the look is grabbing 90% of the attention.

    On the other hand, this color combination (and the proportions of the colors) would make for a fabulous painting.

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree.  A pop of color in the accessories is great when the dress is a neutral, but with such a bold dress as this, the blue shoes are too much.

  • Anonymous

    Darlings, of COURSE your bitter kittens understand. There are general guidelines, but they’re general. These shoes don’t work with the outfit. So glad you *ran back* to stand your ground. Never mind the wide-eyed literalists. That’s why they’re the minions and you’re YOU. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the black peep-toed pumps would ironically have looked great with this dress.

  • Allison Woods

    I can’t get past that sad dress.

    Is she wearing shoes?