Bill and Cathy Cambridge Go to the Movies

Posted on January 09, 2012

The family can’t afford better umbrellas than this?

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the premiere of “War Horse” in London. Catherine wears a Temperley London gown.

Y’know, on a starlet, we probably would not have found this dress all that notable, since the black lace has been clogging up the world’s red carpets for several years now. But for the Duchess of Cambridge, this is downright scintillating. She doesn’t really take the opportunity to do dramatic things in the style arena, but this is bold and attention-seeking and it suits her to a T. We don’t love black lace dresses, but we can’t deny that Cathy looks amazing in this one.

Bill, stop wearing your father’s tuxes. We’re begging here.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • I’m on the fence about the dress. Sometimes it looks a little “saloon girl” to me. And I don’t know how true it is, but people say the royals use those clear umbrellas so that the public can still see their faces and vice versa.

    • Anonymous

       but people say the royals use those clear umbrellas so that the public can still see their faces and vice versa.”
      Yup – see QE2:

      • She also has them coordinated to match her outfits, which is fabulous:

        • Anonymous

          Who knew?!!  The slideshow is great, showing Betty’s color-coordinated clear umbrellas.   How utterly marvelous!  I know that in some ways QE2 is the very epitome of dowdiness, but I think the old broad has boatloads of style.   Love her.

          Kate looks marvelous, but then I’m a sucker for Temperley clothes.

          • Totally agree!! I didn’t realize she was that sassy!! 🙂

          • The Queen is the furthest thing from dowdy!  The woman is OLD — and has held a very public, very conservative position for decades.  She’s not dowdy, she’s appropriate. 

          • BuffaloBarbara

            She’s always been my favorite royal.  And I have to agree with Shannon… she’s appropriate.  Always has been.

        • Cathy S

          That’s freakin’ awesome. Rock those umbrellas Liz!

        • The Queen looks adorable under those umbrellas! She should hold one whether it rains or not. It looks silly in Bill’s hand though. I guess  only an 80-something queen can rock those color matching umbrellas.

    • Anonymous

      The whole purpose of the clear umbrella so that it can pulled down lower and surround the holder. Here the prince is holding it as though it was a regular umbrella—therein defeating the purpose of it being clear plastic and practically defeating the purpose of it being an umbrella at all.

    • I’m digging the retro clear dome umbrella. You don’t see them much in the US anymore. I’d love to see the coat closet at Buckingham Palace, probably filled with decades of old wellies, macs, and non-compact umbrellas.

      • I’d give my left arm to see that closet and/or Kate’s closet. 

  • I find the crotch-framing seams a little distracting, but otherwise it’s amazing!

    • Alloy Jane

      They’re dissection lines and the ARE distracting.  But she looks wonderful.  Him?  I never notice him enough so I don’t care what he wears as long as he isn’t dressed like a slob.

    • marilyn

      I am on the fence asbout this dress. She is beautiful in anything she wears.   But that dress reminds me of her wedding dress, and I was not fond of that.  (It looked like a ripoff of Amy’s wedding dress on Everybody Loves Raymond).  She likes fine, flat lace over a very plain dress design.  I know that lace is extrememly expensive, but it looks like cheap machine made lace.  There I said it.  She likes severe, stark architecture, and covers it with what looks like very cheap lace.  I first thought this dress had an unforturnate seam ending on the crotch line.   This is designed so the seam appears to be the bottom edge of a trompe d’oile (sorry about the misspelling) jacket edge.  A clever way to hide the seam between the fitted top and the gathered skirt.  However, it is still that severe archittecture with the tacky looking lace.  I don’t like the lace at all, and don’t like the way those two things look together.   I hope she moves on to something else soon.  She is too good looking and has access to too much better looking stuff to keep going back to this look. 

  • Anonymous

    Love her hair!

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I know! That hair is a British national treasure. Bill should do a better job of shielding it from the rain.

    • Alisa Rivera

      How does she keep frizz-free hair in that rain? /jealous

      • Her hair is naturally straight and those type of locks don’t frizz. Her hair is the *only* thing I’ll ever have common with Kate!

        • As a girl with naturally straight hair, I definitely have frizz in humid weather (maybe my hair is not as straight as I think it is?).

          • Call me Bee

            I have naturally straight hair (didn’t even have to iron it in the late 60s…) and humidity just makes it straighter and lay flatter.  Mybe you do have a wave in your hair that you’ve not yet discovered…. 🙂

          • A lot of it is texture — people associate straight hair with fine hair, and they aren’t always the same.  If you have a coarser texture, that will frizz more.  Also, if your hair strands are thick, you may have some slight wave which is just pulled out by the weight of the hair — mine does that.

          • You are right.  I do have somewhat coarse and thick hair.

          • Basically, hair texture is determined by how smooth the cuticle lies — if it’s more open, then more humidity seeps in, causing it to open further and create a frizzy texture.

        • In the photos of her walking on the beach with Pippa, her hair is not straight. It’s curly, wavy, and frizzy. She definitely has to work to get it as glossy and frizz-free as it is here!

        • My hair is like this too, I like to think of it as textureless. I don’t frizz ever for any reason. But it also means when I curl or style my hair it only lasts about 10 minutes before it’s straight again. 

      • Ali

        She gets Keratin smoothing treatments. Her hair isn’t naturally straight – it has a bit of a wave, but the smoothing treatments keep the flyaways at bay, particularly when it’s also professionally styled.

        • Anonymous

          I have commented on her amazing here before and maybe you or someone else mentioned the Keratin treatments, which I promptly googled.  In the 90’s I cut my hair to looks like Princess Di’s short hair (not because I have some sort of SWF thing for british royalty, but because I liked the cut), but my hair type is very similar Kate’s, except mine would never look that shiny or glossy.  It does the wavy thing like hers does very nicely without much coaxing.  I would pay good money to have it look that way.

          But when I discovered there is formaldehyde in the Keratin treatments, I crossed it right off my wish list!  I do not want embalming chemicals that close to my brain!!!

          • There are some that are starting to be made without formaldehyde, but all keratin treatments are VERY pricey.  My stylist charges over 300 for one and it only last for about 6 weeks.  And I found it only has an effect when blown dry — my hair looks exactly the same if it’s air-dried with or without a treatment. 

            Now, I had a Japanese straightening process done on it (though I can’t remember what it was called) that gave GREAT shine.

          • Ali

            Mine charges about $300, but I can get almost six months out of it. It’s formaldehyde free as well – I made sure to check on that.

      • Anonymous

        I thought the same thing!

    • Anonymous

      Her hair is beautiful, but I think it’s too much for that dress. Having just gotten a Lady Di haircut myself (yikes), I may not be the best person to give Cathy advice, but I think she needs a shorter do in general.

  • Anonymous

    Get those kids a decent parapluie…jeeesh!!
    Love her dress…

  • Happy birthday, Cathy! I hope it’s full of fascinators and baby rumours! 

  • I think she looks very nice and pretty, perfect for a duchess, but GOD would I love to see her go all va-va-voom with a slinky, strapless dress sometime. 

    I covet her hair.

    • She just wore a black strapless gown a few weeks ago. Very va-va-voom.

  • Anonymous

    She does look stunning here, and very (not) pregnant. But what would she be, three or four months now, so maybe not enough time to show. Anyway back to the gown. It really shows how long and lean she is.  Yeah, the tux needs to go, but I’m thinking marriage really suits William…he looks better now than in the past four years.

    • Anonymous

      Super-skinny people like her tend to start showing WAY sooner than the rest of us, because she actually has to ADD some fat to protect a growing child 🙂

      (And some people, like me, have bodies that are convinced that there is no such thing as too much protection… *sigh*)

      • Anonymous

        I feel so sorry for royals who have people constantly staring at their midsections, wondering if there’s a bump yet.  I think I’ll just stick to admiring her clothes and let the Palace tell us when there’s an upcoming Happy Event; might as well let these two kids enjoy each other for at least a *little* while before adding ankle biters to the mix!

        And even though I have extra-thick hair like Cathy Cambridge’s, never in my entire life have I managed to get it looking even half as nice as hers.  Sigh.  Of course, I’m also not willing to spend four hours at the hairdressers a couple times a week, so I guess that might explain some of the difference?

        • Rachel Moss

          Seriously! I make sure never to speculate on things like this because I know how irritating *I* find it to get constantly asked when I’m going to get hitched – and I know that as soon as I do the baby question will be asked constantly too…

          • What kills me is that these people are OUTSTANDING at managing their press — do you really think she’s going to go out in ANYTHING that betrays a bump until they’ve made the announcement?

        • Anonymous

          Althought it might not seem so from my original comment, I totally agree!  I think she’s gorgeous, and I love her simple/elegant style, so I’m enjoying looking at the pretty right now.   I also have crazy thick hair, and it NEVER looks REMOTELY this good. But maybe it could if I had a stylist 😉

  • Anonymous

    Yii, that brolly!  A refugee from the 1960s, shoved into the back of the closet and drug out in a frantic scramble when the weather went south.  And the UK a bastion of really well-made, expensive bumpershoots.  Inexplicable.

    I go to the flicks only rarely, but I can’t say that I’ve ever contemplated sitting in the cinema in a floor-length black lace overlay gown, even if the film in question was about solemn war themes, patriotism and matters equine.  The royals are different from you ‘n’ ‘me.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I bet there’s no spilled Coke and popcorn under your seat if you’re a royal (which is why I don’t wear floor length lace dresses to the movies)…

      • I now feel the urge to do so… it’ll go with my grocery shopping tiara…

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see her do something different with her hair every once in a while.  But that’s a minor quibble. I think this dress suits her well and fits her like a dream.

    William and his suits are hopeless. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, her hair is gorgeous but it would be nice if she mixed it up just a little. Well done on the dress. 

      William…sigh. What a shame. 

  • Anonymous

    Violet would not approve of that umbrella…… (sorry, I can’t wait for your DA post!!!)

  • I love the way he’s holding the umbrella over her, so gallant~~~ sigh

    • I guarantee it was a rule that he learned as a young child too. Maybe he does it because he loves her too, but it’s probably required of him.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I’m pretty sure that one of the things that make marrying into the Family so daunting is all the rules of public behavior (far beyond mere etiquette and security) which have become 2nd nature to one raised to it.

        • I don’t know… I grew up with a great aunt who was quite fond of using her butter knife handle (one of the big old-fashioned ones) as a weapon against poor table manners.  A lot of it is simply formal manners, and a lot more is very common for state functions anyway.  Like the hoopla when Shelly O touched the Queen?  I guarantee you, she knew it was a no-no and did it anyway, because it would play well with the American people and since she wasn’t supposed to, it was sure to be mentioned. 

  • Sarah Lynnae

    I would probably like this dress, anyway, but I *love* it on Cathy.

  • Anonymous

    It seems a little fancy for a movie that she’s not starring in.

  • foodycat

    I think the dress is lovely, but a little old for her. It’s like she dressed to match Bill’s dad’s tux.

  • Anonymous

    my country for her hair……

  • I think William’s tux fits him better than usual, baby steps!

    • Anonymous

      His tux looks like a slimmer cut than usual, but single breasted would be so much better.

    • Anonymous

      It certainly does.  He looks handsome and distinguished.  Granted, just because he’s finally managed to pull off a double breasted suit doesn’t mean it’s the best option for him, but he’s finding his way. 

    • Anonymous

      I actually quite like him in his tux–I think it fits well too.  Yes, he should try single-breasted, but a good fit works for me!  They both look super handsome together, per usual.

  • She is WERQ-ing it here, but for once I would love to see her with a different hairstyle! An updo would have added so much drama here.

    As for him, I DESPISE double-breasted suits and tuxedos, and it looks like he keeps wearing the same tacky one over and over again. She has enough fashion sense that I can’t believe she hasn’t put her foot down about that one.

  • Anonymous

    I hope she didn’t spill any buttered popcorn on it. Perhaps we need not worry; judging from the side view, it looks like she does not eat at all.

    Pretty dress and very nicely fitted.

  • Anonymous

    At least this suit seems a little bit better fitted to him than previous suits. He actually has shape in it, which is a welcome change. Baby steps. She is giving 100% realness anyway, so nobody’s going to be looking at him.

  • Anonymous

    Day-um, that girl’s hair!

    I know it’s already been admired here but I had to.

    Prince William is clearly not going to listen to you about the tux issues (I suspect the only way he’d change is if his bride and whichever Highly Skilled Lackey With A Traditional Title that We Yanks Don’t Know who assembles his wardrobe collude and the next installment of beautifully custom made tuxes just show up in the wardrobe, improved per TLo.)

    I do think, however, that he should get some additional Order or Decoration or Honor for bringing that girl’s genes into the Windsor pool.

  • Anonymous

    They both look great.

  • Anonymous

    Cathy looks ah-mazing, and I don’t think Bill reads your blog, though he should.  He used to be so handsome but now he’s turning into Charlie’s mini-me

  • You covered Kate and Bill at the Warhorse premiere and still didn’t throw in a shot of Tom Hiddleston?!? I may never forgive you!

    • Anonymous

       I know!!!!!!!! I was like, “Look at the perfectly hemmed pants he’s wearing!” after you know, gazing dreamily into his eyes for 5 minutes.

      also, I am so amused to see a fellow norsekink aficionado here at TLo.

      • Whee! We’re everywhere! 

        I couldn’t stop staring at the bow tie myself. Bow ties are cool!

  • Anonymous

    I really love that dress on her. It is a whole lotta lace, but it still works.

    Did you know the horse (Joey) who starred in the movie also walked the red carpet. It was pretty darned cute.

  • Alisa Rivera

    I think he looks pretty damned good, even in the sack-suit. He’s got a great body and it shows no matter how bad the suit is.

  • Her hair is getting quite boring.

    But at least she seems to be having fun dressing herself.  In general, she seems to dressing herself just like any other stylish London girl if they can get their hands on some money.

    I wonder though, do they get clothes lent to them for free like entertainers do, or do they buy these clothes?

    William is still actually a quite good looking young man.  It’s a shame that he’s losing his hair (but I don’t recall Charles having so premature balding?).  If he gets hair nets or just shaves it all, he would be much more dashing. 

    • Anonymous

      My understanding is that they buy everything. They’re not permitted to take anything for free, and not even allowed a discount. Which I think is as it should be. However…per what I read on a trashy UK newspaper gossip website – the royal women do accept major jewelry as gifts from foreign heads of state. There’s some big kerfufulle right now about Edward’s wife, Sophie,and  jewels given by the King (Prince?) of Bahrain.

      • They also have to be careful about HOW they spend money — the Queen is notoriously frugal and has no patience for flashing money around wastefully.  For instance, I know it has been remarked upon her that Kate has worn the same piece multiple times and that is highly encouraged in the royal family.  There are rumors that that was one of the things she didn’t like about Diana and Fergie.

    • Male pattern baldness is a maternal trait — it’s a recessive trait on the X chromosome, so in women it is cancelled out by the second X. 

  • Anonymous

    This is umbrella is by Fulton, who holds a royal warrant for supplying umbrellas to the Queen.  They offer this style of umbrella in a few different colors on their website: 

    • Anonymous

      I think I read once that they go for this style of clear plastic style of umbrella so as not to obscure their Royal Profiles from the masses and the press. 🙂

  • It’s like the black version of her wedding dress, n’est pas?

  • Anonymous

    I love that dress on her but would like to see a different hairstyle for a slight change.  She does have gorgeous hair, perhaps a tad much with the dress here?  And i will, once again, defend his tuxes.  The double breasted is not for everyone but he has the buidl to carry it of and looks fantastic.  It also sets him apart form all the other men in the crowd.  Kudos to him to taking a style and making it his own.

  • Bill clearly doesn’t read your blog. But Cathy looks fantastic!

  • I love the dress, though the separate hem at her thigh is a bit annoying.  

  • Anonymous

    She does look quite lovely in this, but man, the most beautiful man in the world was at the War Horse premiere looking amazing and both of these royals pale in comparison to him. Oh Tom Hiddleston, yousimply existing makes the world a better place. And I liked the tux he was wearing a lot.

  • Anonymous

    I bought this dress in an antique shop about 30 years ago.  

  • Anonymous

    stunning! but she looks painfully painfully thin. 

  • Anonymous

    Wow. She has zero ass. It’s almost as though the femur attach directly to her spine.

    • I thought the same thing!  There’s something very 1970’s retro about her when she is seen from the side, because if you look at the photos of ladies from that era, a lot of them had that long glossy hair, were quite thin and didn’t work out very much (at least not in the gym,) so they were relatively booty-less. 

    • I’m pretty sure that’s a trait common in Great Britain, based on nothing more than those descendants I know personally — of which I am one.  None of us have an ass.  At one point I was almost 100 lbs overweight and I STILL had a flat butt!

  • J Dreesen

    do you have any idea how much money my husband and i would have saved over the last 8 years if we were told our going to see a movie required formal wear?  i do not envy.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I saw this on another site, and I had the same umbrella thought! It’s totally useless!

  • She looks AMAZING!!!! 

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I don’t like the drop waist on it, but she looks stunning as always.  I do wish William would choose a different style tux. I wonder if she doesn’t do anything different with her hair (which is always gorgeous) to go along with their ” (relatively) less is more” lifestyle – in other words, maybe she feels it is too much of an extravagance to hire someone to do her hair when she can do it herself.

  • Anonymous

    Not my favorite dress in the world, but really, she is one of those supremely irritating people who wear pretty much anything well. She looks great. 

  • MilaXX

    Agreed, I’m not fond of lace dresses, but she looks great. He looks like the help.

  • Anonymous

    All I could think is “hold the umbrella over the lady!!!”  when I looked at most of the photos. I wouldn’t have noticed if it was just a random male celebrity, but expect better from him being a prince and all.

  • I was kind of hoping you’d pay attention to some of the gorgeous stars of the movie too, like Hiddleston and Cumberbatch! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Well, what can you say about perfection?

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s gorgeous!

  • Call me Bee

    Now this is the way a couple should look at a premier: well assembled.  They both look smashing! 

  • Anonymous

    There are lots of things I don’t like about this dress, but she can make anything look fabulous.  It’s beautiful on her. 

  • Anonymous

    I love the dress on her.  Her face and hair are beautiful   but I hate to join the eat a sandwich group but my gawd she not only is getting to look like a head on a stick but that side/back view – she literally has no ass. 

  • Anonymous

    Can we discuss for a moment the fact that this man will be a head of state someday and he is holding his own damn unbrella mostly so that his wife will not get wet. Take note J. Lo, Sasha Fierce and whevever other second rate wanabee divas cant be bothered to hold an umbrella for themselves. 

  • bloodshothalfblind

    it helps that she’s a beanpole.  that dress on a curvy girl would be scandalous.  on her, it’s sleek, and frankly, divine.  also, i have hair envy.  she’s got the best fucking hair.

  • Anonymous

    They are really a nice looking couple.  LUV the dress on Cathy.  His trousers seem slightly too short to me.

  • I almost feel sorry for people who have to wear gowns and tuxedos to the movies! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      No kidding. I bet they also never smuggle in treats in over-sized purses. The poor dears.

  • Anonymous

    I know that TLO don’t care for lace dresses but I love them and always have.  Beautiful dress, perfect for a rainy super glamour night at the movies.  She looks beautiful … the back of that thing is exquisite.  Didn’t even look at him — and bring on crappy umbrellas.  This to me would be the essence of a super fabulous life — and presumably they get to go to the movies at the end!

    My one wish for her would be to deal with all that hair.  Shorter would look so great on her. 

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful. Bless.

  • Cathy S

    Other than that weird line around her crotch, I think she looks fabulous. Will’s tuxedo seems to fit him better than some others he’s worn lately. He looks good.

    • Renee Thomas

      I agree on the seam across the crotch. It’s the only blotch on what is otherwise a lovely look for her.

  • and find a bigger umbrella…it’s the land of rain, for goodness sake!

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks gorgeous and radiant. 

    And btw, I have the same umbrella. Got it from a street vendor on 5th Avenue for 12 bucks. I’ll have to do the Windsor wave (at passersby) next time I use it.


  • Anonymous

    She looks fabulous as always.   I love that she still manages to be stylish within the constraints of being the future queen of England

  • Anonymous

    This is how they dress to see a movie?

    • Anonymous

      It’s part of the family business.  They are attending the premiere of a fairly big film about a fairly big war.  

  • Anonymous

    Striking.  Is it me, or is she morphing into a cross between Lynda Carter and Erin Grey?

  • Anonymous

    At least this tux seems better fitted. I wonder if the problem is that they have one “royals approved” suit guy, who learned his craft in the 1980’s, and simply doesn’t know how to make a jacket that isn’t double breasted.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I don’t know about the dress.  Something about it just doesn’t seem all that flattering, but I can’t put my finger on it.  Still, I should probably refrain from commenting until I look that good going out…

  • Anonymous

    Will, you look like a waiter. Fire your tailor!

  • Judy_J

    I find myself wishing that the top part of the dress was in reality a jacket, and would look better paired with a solid black skirt.  Still, she looks lovely and the dress does fit like a glove.  William’s tux seems more tailored than in recent outings.  I really don’t mind the double-breasted tux; he looks great.  That umbrella looks like one somebody on the street just gave them as they were getting out of the limo.

  • Anonymous

    Love the dress, but I wish she’d do something interesting with her hair every once in a while. She’s gorgeous, the hair’s shiny and healthy, and she’d look SO fabulous in an updo, or a half-up half-down, or or even a sophisticated ponytail. It’s such a waste of good hair opportunities! 

    • Mary McClelland

      I agree – a hair style – anything would be amazing. She’s got Kyle Richards syndrome. She thinks because she has pantene comercial hair it’s “done” just as it is. I guess she thinks it speaks for itself. 

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m a bad person because when I see hair like this, all I want to do is chop it off. 

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    What on earth possesses him to wear double breasted tuxes ALL.THE.TIME.?  Not doing him any favors at all.  She looks gorgeous, as usual, and I want her hair, as usual.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love Cathy’s dress, but the way the seam runs below the belt makes it look like there’s an ass on the front of the dress.

    • Mary McClelland


  • She looks amazing.  And that’s saying something since I don’t even really like the dress on it’s own.

  • Love the dress. I also disagree slightly on Bill’s suit choice. Yes, he defaults to the double-breast far too often, but I think this is the best iteration of it I’ve seen.

  • Pennymac

    She looks amazing. He still looks like Wills. How can she possibly have hair that perfect in the yucky English rain and with the crappy umbrella? Not fair!

  • Beautiful, as always.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. Love them!

  • Anonymous

    She has NO ASS.  The back of that dress looks like the curtains on some sad community theater version of Arsenic and Old Lace.  Just saying.  

  • elzatelzabelz

    She looks beautiful and classic here. Her style may not be terribly exciting (from a fashion standpoint), but she dresses beautifully and classic. Plus, she’s so darn pretty. I really hope those two crazy kids make it last!

  • Anonymous

    MAN she has a flat ass. I think they look terrific.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or is the prince becoming more dashing with each month of marriage.  I always thought he was the cutest of the two but recently he seems down right HOT.  Bad Tux or not the Prince has Come!

  • Anonymous

    Not sure why you hate his tuxes.? beautifully tailored, well fitted…a little bland? perhaps, but appropriate for who he is and the occasions…..and look!!! his shoes are POLISHED!!

  • Anonymous

    You can’t really judge his suits on fashion terms. Classic tailoring will always sit outside it, and the more traditional Row companies pour scorn on those who cross into more fashiony cuts, colours and fabrics and on fashion designers that make suits. They’ll advise on height and build, and for their interpretations that will swing towards double-breasted for him. 

    Yes, I’d also like to see him in a different style now and then. But it’s clearly not something he particularly cares about, as long as he looks smart and appropriate. He’ll be happier in his flying gear or his motorbike leathers. I think the fit issues we see sometimes come from his weight fluctuating depending on what job he’s doing at the time, RAF or Royal, and him not really caring enough for it to bother him.Prince Charles actually does seem to care more about clothes, he can be quite a dapper wee chap.She looks good in that.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    she really does look great – go princess!

  • Anonymous

    How, in the name of all that is holy, does she get her hair to be so damn smooth and gorgeous IN THE RAIN? I mean, I haven’t exactly gotten up close and personal with her head, but it appears that she has very similar hair to mine (thick, mostly straight, but can take a curl), but mine frizzes up like crazy in humid weather. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS, CATHY? Seriously. Let me know.

  • Anonymous

    She is just too thin. It makes her look “harder” and older.