Armani Privé Spring 2012 Collection

Posted on January 30, 2012

Darlings, here’s your Daily Pretty. No, scratch that. Here’s your Daily Stunning: the Armani Privé spring 2012 collection, inspired by snakes and reptiles. Maybe the thought of python skin doesn’t scream “pretty” to you, but these gorgeous looks should get you to change your mind. Relax, let the pretty wash over you, and play imaginary dressup, darlings.


[Photo Credit: – Video Credit: FataleFashionII via]

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  • Anonymous

    I think I’m tired.  All I can think of is Ra’mon Lawrence Coleman’s sci fi dress!

    • Wow, great memory. I was racking my brain for his name but I remember the green lizard dress well.  Too bad Ra’mon’s imagination didn’t come up with something a little more like one of these dresses.

  • There’s a lot of starlets who will be clamoring for this stuff for the Oscars.  Awesomely beautiful, almost entirely.

    • Anonymous

      After “Wow”, my second thought was that if these didn’t end up on multiple runways very soon, it would be a terrible loss.

  • I love almost all of these (only real exception is the lime green bathmat).Incredible use of prints and colors. The layered silver column-mermaidesque one is I think my favorite, with the black gown with the green python overlay in a very close battle for 2nd. Curvy, elegant, stylish, classy. Bow down, I say, to the house of Armani!

    A couple of these scream SWINTON to me.

    • Anonymous

      I would love to see Tilda in the 6th from the bottom–the one with the green printed straight skirt and the pythony jacket.

  • Anonymous

    I am playing dress-up and trying on those two silvery grey and green gowns, and let me tell you–I look AMAZING!

    As Kiltdntiltd said below, awesomely beautiful.  Thanks for such a nice end to the work day!

  • Some interesting bits, but a lot of bulky fabric (or possibly snakeskin. I hope to god those aren’t snake skin skirts).

  • Anonymous

    I am not in love with it entirely, but some are really amazing. Donatella eat your heart out, your Atelier collection looks amateur next to these. 

    • Ditto to everything you said. There are a few things I don’t like (the green and black gown, #8 down, is hideous) but most of it is stunning.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the first one.  At all!

    And another observation – I have never before seen sheer hose on a (modern) runway

    • Anonymous

      That was more mind-blowing to me than the garments.  Hey, it’s 1981 again and we’re wearing sheer white hose!!!! 

      I remember being on the front edge of that trend and everybody laughing because up to that time, only nurses wore white hose.  Now nurses wear scrubs just like doctors and their white dresses and caps are a thing of the past.

      So all you 30-year-olds and younger girls can jump onto this wagon and wear white legs for the first time.

      • Anonymous

        I think I pre-date you, when when we wore white tights in the late 60s, early 70s. So it’s deja-deja vu for me. My long experience tells me me these are not really nurse-white.  They look more a sheer light “natural” (caucasian) shade and in some shots they even look like they have a tinge of green (but that may be an illusion).  I happen to like wearing hose, they are flattering, and think the bare leg is overdone and frequently used inappropriately. 

  • Hate it. Not usually a fan of Armani stuff, nor a fan of reptiles in any sort, but I thought all that green would sway me.

    Nope. I think I hate the hair (and fasteners) the most.

    • Lauren Maier

      I love the collection, especially the gowns/dresses but you’re right about the hair.  Fly-aways are something one wants out of their face, not in.  

  • Anonymous

    I liked the first and the last outfit. The first one has a gorgeous skirt and jacket, also love the colours. I love the print of the last one.

  • This looks like Narcissa Malfoy’s bespoke wardrobe.  And I mean that as a compliment.

    She’s probably have to fight Bellatrix for the next-to-last gown, though.

    • Narcissa Malfoy is a total HBIC and that is a total compliment. This collection is pretty fierce, even though I usually loathe that shade of green.

      But ohmigod do I hate those pants.

      • Anonymous

         I was laughing at that black and green dress: “Oh, so THAT’s what happened to Nagini!”

        • Melvis Velour

          EXACTLY!  And to think she could have wound up as a cheap handbag…

  • Gorgeous.  I love the green with the plunging collar (4th one down).

  • Anonymous

    I love the use of unusual fabrics but I can’t imagine what woman would like her skirt to have a lot of foldy things around her hips or lady parts, especially should she try to sit. 

    • Anonymous

      Its like an askew woo hoo.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what saves it. If it was centered it would be awful. Off to the side it’s kind of a funky pleat effect. Except the sixth one down, that one is pretty awful, even the skinny little model looks wide in that bright green skirt.

  • Anonymous

    Some of these are truly beautiful, especially the gowns and call me crazy but I actually like the draping on that first skirt. Mostly loving the textures and colors. Ignoring the styling.

  • Yuval Dinoor

    I don’t understand the messy hair with those beautiful hats- the effect is ruined for me. Beautiful clothing, as always.

  • Mariah J

    I’m getting the creepy crawly feeling…mission accomplished?

  • Anonymous

    mmmm, no thank you.  perhaps if it were either scaly OR green.  not both.

  • Lattis

    I am such a sucker for that light green – especially when paired with grey, black. The “flip paint” color on these pieces is fascinating in motion. 

  • Anonymous

    I love it! I love the pop of yellow on the underside of the black dress and all the greens. Thanks for the pretty fix!

  • Holy hell, the 4th one from the bottom knocked my socks off.

  • Anonymous

    I hate it.  I despise the reptile/croc/embossed look, and cannot wait for it to run its course.  Yuck.

  • muzan-e

    I dislike green. I particularly dislike pale, yellow-based greens. I have a screaming terror of snakes.

    And still, every single item here reads as “Bow the fuck down, mortal!” *g*

    I cannot get over how great this is. There’s not a piece here that I don’t adore, and those layered mermaid-y sheaths (thanks,[email protected]:disqus !) are exceptionally spectacular.  You could write short essays on harmony, flow, complex simplicity…..

    Love it. Bookmarking it.
    For the next time someone says “But fashion’s run out of ideas…!”

    • lol no problem…no idea what else to call them…

      This collection is slap-your-momma good! 

    • Anonymous

      I can’t wear yellow-based greens, they make me look jaundiced. But I can appreciate them on other people.  And this collection knocked my socks off.  Armani at his genius best, I think.

  • aimee_parrott

    Gorgeous!  Normally I hate any kind of animal print, but these are breathtaking

  • MilaXX

    Snake print doesn’t bother me. I love chartreuse and I like pretty much all of this collection from the gray/green dress on. However I HATE the white nurse hosiery and please make the finger glove things stop.

  • Anonymous

    Love (except the messy hair)

  • Anonymous

    Stockings are back with a vengeance. Huh.

    Also, WOW. I would like all of the jackets & the green mermaid/snake-y gown (third up from the bottom) delivered a.s.a.p. Beautiful.

  • This is a truly stunning collection, even with some of those skirt folds looking a tiny bit vaginal.

  • Anonymous

    I could do without the dairy queen fascinators, but the clothes are Oh My God So Fabulous. 

  • Anonymous

    I liked this a lot more than I thought I was going to 🙂 Although all that hair in their faces makes me twitchy 🙂

    • The hair is making me turn into my mother: “You are such a pretty girl, now get your fringe off your face”. I hate the two dead Muppet bolero/jacket things, they look like they belong to a different collection, but everything else is so sleek and shiny I want to stroke them! 

  • Anonymous

    My love for all things Aramani Prive [too lazy to make accents on this keyboard] pretty much eclipses any issues of wearability in this collection. I love all of it, even if I wouldn’t wear any of it, and even though I’ve never liked snakeskin clothing.

  • Anonymous

    I want all of it, immediately, except for the sixth look, which just on the other side of the silly line.  Stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Jess Chastain, that fourth-from-the-bottom is YOUR Oscar dress, honey. Make it happen, before Evan Rachel Wood gets it and wears it to the grocery store.

  • Lauren Maier

    Is anyone else singing “Trust in Me” from the Jungle Book?

  • It’s a very dark road I’m on – this is utterly spoiling me for ready to wear. (To say nothing of things actually in my budget.)

  • Anonymous

    I know I should be admiring the stunning clothes, but all I see are askew snake skin labial folds in all the shorter dresses.  

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Some is an unfortunate acid green, reminding more of Rita Skeeter’s quill than a reptile, but pretty shapes.

  • Very pretty. I hope we see a return of these unusual greens; they’re gorgeous and really hard to find. I hope we get to see Zoe Saldana in one of these soon.

  • Joyce VG

    This is fantastic!

  • R. L.

    To die for.

  • Anonymous

    I’m terrified of snakes and green isn’t my favorite color, but WOW, just wow. This is gorg.

    I can’t wait to see the 8th dress on the red carpet, but I can’t decide who should wear it.

    And a personal note to Jennifer Aniston – 3rd from the bottom (the layered number) – all I ask is that you try it on (and please leave it hemmed to the floor).

    • Someone needs to wear that. I was thinking Zoe Saldana but how AMAZING would that be on Aniston?

  • Anonymous

    Drooling.  I love every single one.  Even the less-great ones are at least sort of cool.

  • Anonymous

    Stunningly gorgeous.  BUT! I really hate that the women can barely walk in the pencil skirts.  I do not like the hobble effect.  But to stand and be admired, I want!!!

  • Lulu Lafurge

    I just watched the video of the show. I’ve never seen such awkward runway walking, especially with the models who are wearing the labial fold skirts. Aren’t reptiles supposed to slink around? These ladies look as if they’re crossing a stream using closely-spaced stepping stones.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the folded skirts until I saw the models trying to walk in them – too tight.  The moment I saw the gray layered dress I thought  of Nicole Kidman.

    Beautiful and elegant clothes.

    • I agree, they looked awkward in motion, and the bodices of the beautiful evening dresses were so stiff they moved in opposite directions of the bodies that were wearing them.  A beautiful collection for photographs, and as always, fabrics that look subtle, rare and expensive.

  • I’m loving the collection, but the ratty hair-in-your-face styling is just killing me.

  • Anonymous

    Not a huge fan, but they should’ve considered hiring some darker-skinned models to make the colors really pop.

  • Libby Rhoman

    I’m not feeling it.  Way too many shiny fabrics.  I know the runway is totally a different animal from the red carpet, but doesn’t TLo usually disapprove of shiny fabrics? Plus, they are all really heavy looking.  The lopsided vulva in the first image is particularly off-putting.

    Really, all I’m seeing in this one are fairly standard silhouettes and garments rendered in slightly creepy/unflattering materials.

  • Anonymous

    Oh. My. God. I love this like I have never loved a runway show before. Every single piece. It hits all my buttons. Especially that fourth look with the black top and tea-length skirt with wide pockets. 


  • Anonymous

    I love the green strapless one. If only I was 6′ tall, flat chested,size 2 and also, had a spare $40K to drop. 

  • Now, THESE are beautiful dresses!!! Virtually everything I have seen on the Red Carpet has been crap this year!!!

  • Anonymous

    Goodness. I rarely see stuff in these collections that would suit me, but I’m pretty sure I could rock that snakeskin jacket. 

  • Anonymous

    I want the fourth from the bottom and the plastic surgery it will take to make me look good in it. Go ahead, I can wait. I have until the end of May.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I don’t like here is the messy, messy hair.

  • Anonymous

    This collection makes my skin crawl.

  • Anonymous

    I am dying. Insane, insane, insanely gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m not feeling it.  That one dress looks like a silverfish

  • I did a gay gasp when I saw the gray tiered gown with the green peeking out at the very bottom. 

    I would make a terrible drag queen, which means I will always look at such clothing with envy. Gals, you are so lucky to get the chance to dress up in such gorgeous art. 

  • Anonymous

    Someone pooped on the models’ heads!

    • It does look like poop, but the first thing I thought of was a coiled snake, ready to strike.

      • Anonymous

        I know that’s what they meant to evoke but what with the black color and them ending in a point rather than something more suggestive of a snake’s head…poo is all I see. It is a beautiful collection, otherwise. Some fun on the red carpet for the ladies with an edge.

  • Anonymous

    leave it to armani to make cold tones and serpent look feminine and classy! love the subtle edginess in the gowns

  • Anonymous

    Man, I like some of these, but a lot of those sort of milkily shiny (does that make sense?) fabrics make me feel all pukey. The styling made that worse and almost ruined the things I did like. The hair, the shiny white hose…ugh.

    I dig the inspiration and see it coming through in some interesting ways, but so much of this looks downright slimy to me.

  • Anonymous

    I like the gowns, but hate the pants and the skirt ensembles

  • I love this overall but I think the snake prints are too literal. 

  • Anonymous

    i ADORE this collection.  i saw it on a few days ago and was just breathless.  of course, green, and esp. chartreuse, is my color, and the jungle vibe really speaks to me.  the styling, the way the models walked so sinuously but with tiny steps, it just thrilled me.  the silver/gray wrapped gown with the green peeking out the bottom hearkened back to andy south’s collection, andy of the jungle i call him.  he lives in rural hawaii, paradise that lucky dog.  i lived in tropical mexico for a while “back in the day”.  who would think that landscape could be expressed in couture fashion?

  • Sarah Thomas

    I’m sorry, were there clothes here? GET YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR FACE

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. I was scrolling down to type nearly the exact same thing. Worst runway hair ever.

  • The greens are fabulous, and I love the lavender in the first look. I wasn’t crazy about the separates at first glance, but they’re growing on me. The folding on the skirts is a really pretty affect. Those pants, though? Yikes.

    I love the final dress. The pattern makes it look like an amped-up garden party dress. With the exception of that awful black and green number smack in the middle up there, the gowns are absolute stand-outs. Each one is as wonderful as the next.

    The stills are beautiful enough. Seeing these pieces in motion is almost tear-inducingly gorgeous.

    Bravo, Signore Armani.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  These are so stunning, I wasn’t even distracted by the messy hair.

  • Wow! I never thought of Armani Prive as one of my faves but that just changed. Those skirts and jackets are so luxe looking and modern and wow….(I’m trying to write while I drool). I hope we see some of them on these many photo-calls. And the gowns!  I hope we see some of them at the Oscars because, as reported yesterday, things have got a little bo-ring on the ole’ red carpet.

  • I hope the fishtail braid gown ends up on a RC somewhere soon.

  • Anonymous

    Eighth one down, the green and black gown, has Kristen Stewart written all over it. Love almost all of these. 

  • Beautiful and other worldly!

  • Anonymous

    Anne Hathaway – please wear all the gowns…

  • The whole collection has “Charlene of Monaco” witten all over it. The grey with the mermaidtail? There you go.

  • Anonymous

    My faves are the croc blue jacket (3rd look) and the first black/green gown.  Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Give me that 2nd look, IMMEDIATELY!  Love

  • Susan Crawford

    “Gimme, gimme, gimme what I cry for.
    Armani’s got the kinda dresses that I die for.”

    I imagine the big stylists are duking it out even as I speak to grab those red-carpet looks for Oscar night, and I can’t wait to see who snags what! For me, I’ll take that first suit, and also the ombre midi-skirt and black satin top. Time for cocktails, my dears!

  • Kwei-lin Lum

    Totally gorgeous collection!  I know little about the fashion industry, but I’d guess that Mr. Armani must employ lots of designers for his products.  I wonder if he is the sole mastermind of his couture collection, or if someone else mostly does it for him.   I can understand him putting the stamp of approval for designs of his more mass market products but the couture, no.  

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Gorgeous.  Those first few jackets are stunning – want!  Can’t wait to see who wears which gown.

  • Anonymous

    Why do they all have hair hanging in their faces and Whoville springs on their heads? It’s distracting me from the pretties ….

  • oohsparkley!

    The only pieces I didn’t love were the green, wingy thingy and the green, stringy thingy.  I’m a poet, he he.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful clothes, horrible styling.

  • Anonymous

    #13 – Nicole Kidman

  • Anonymous

    Clothes:  Gorgeous.  Hair: WTF.

  • Anonymous

    Mermaids came to mind

  • wow.  amazing.  that last dress…. well, all of them, but that last one.  wow.