All On The Line S2E6: Nicole Miller

Posted on January 02, 2012

Meet Nicole Miller. Chances are you’ve already met her. We did an impromptu poll and pretty much everyone we asked said they wore a Nicole Miller garment at some point. You wouldn’t think she’d need the services of Joe Zee since she can’t be called a “struggling” designer, but there are struggles and there are struggles.

In Nicole’s case, it’s not the struggle to launch a successful business; it’s the struggle to remain fresh after decades in the business.

Doctor Joe took a look at what she’s been doing and made his usual whip-smart critique.

In the end, what’s she’s doing on a clothing front isn’t necessarily bad, but Joe realized that her biggest problem was one of branding and image.

The very first time we met Joe we were impressed with just how in tune he is with the ways in which the fashion world is changing due to forces outside the mainstream of, say, big name designers and fashion magazine editors. In short: he gets the whole fashion blogging thing in a way that, it seems to us, a great deal of his mainstream colleagues do not. Even better, he not only gets it as it exists; he has a very good understanding of where it’s going to go and how it can be an even more important force in fashion than it already is. He’s excited about fashion blogging even more than most fashion bloggers we know. Nicole and (especially) her CEO didn’t seem particularly sold on Joe’s ideas about “massaging the bloggers,” but to their credit, they were willing to listen.

Especially once Joe showed them just how little young women regard Nicole Miller as a shopping destination or a brand she needs to own. Was this most scientific data-gathering method in the world? No, it’s reality TV. But even with its staginess, we think there was a kernel of truth to what Joe was saying.

We were extraordinarily skeptical when he revealed his solution of having Nicole look backwards to time when her clothes were considered a pretty hot thing. You can’t really recapture the past and it seems to us that if decades gone by are going to be reinterpreted, it should be by people who weren’t interpreting that decade the first time around. Leave the ’80s to the young, we say.

But we thought it was interesting that Nicole was buying up her old pieces on eBay for inspiration and were curious to see what such an experienced and reliable designer can do when she tries to recapture a bit of the old glory in a new way. There was a bit too much of “OHMIGOD HOW ARE YOU EVER GOING TO GET THIS ALL DONE ON TIME?” when it was pretty obvious to us that a pro like Nicole wasn’t going to be sending unfinished rags down a runway. In fact, this episode was pretty refreshing in that it was practically drama-free in comparison to some of the others this season.

You can read our review of the collection here, but suffice it to say, we weren’t just pleasantly surprised, we were shocked. It’s not an easy thing to make the wild prints and colors of the ’80s look fresh and modern, but we think she really managed it.

Well. In most cases, at least. Although we think that jacket has real possibilities. We can’t honestly say those pants are going to look good on , well, anyone.

A fresh way of updating the quintessential ’80s checkerboard print. We liked a lot of the accessories here, but we didn’t always think things were styled as well as we’d have liked. The shoes and bag detract.

We thought this was pretty damn fabulous.

Not in love with the shorts, but the jacket and tank are both great.

We like the silhouette quite a bit here. There were times when we thought she got too literal with the ’80s stuff, but this is one of those looks that felt modern to us, even though the influences were obvious.

Once again, Doctor Joe did a fantastic job and we’re kind of sad the season’s over already. There’s a lot of crappy fashion TV out there, but we appreciate this show for its smart focus and relative lack of histrionics. Having such a big name designer submit herself to Joe’s critiques was a fantastic way to close out the season.
















Oh, fine.

Let’s talk about these two assholes.

Television is something we have both been firm about avoiding up until now. History tells us that successful bloggers don’t necessarily make successful TV personalities and we’ve been quite happy to sit on the sidelines, away from the spotlight, and offer our bitchy commentary.

Which isn’t to say there are piles of television offers sitting around unread around here, just that the topic has come up once or twice in the past and we’ve never really had a problem saying “Thank you, but no.”

But Joe is an honest-to-god friend to the blog and if there was one show that could get us to say “Yes,” it would be this one. Besides, in all honesty, we thought our screentime would amount to no more than 5 to 10 seconds.

We were COMPLETELY caught off guard as to how much the cameras followed us around – way more than you saw on the show – and admitted to each other after it was all over that the only thing running through our minds the entire time was every single bitchy criticism we ever made about assholes on reality television.

We watched the episode through our splayed fingers and told very few people ahead of time about it, but in the end, we were pretty okay with how we came across. A couple lessons have been learned should the opportunity arise again, but at least we didn’t come off like idiots (we think) or without personalities (we hope).

And more than anything else, it was a really wonderful validation for the blog and all the work we’ve done. Without tooting our horns too much (WAY too late for that), it was a great way to end the year for us, despite how much it worked our nerves.

In fact, better than anything was watching Joe read our review of her collection to a designer and her whole team. That meant the world to us.


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  • Anonymous

    Oh, my gosh, you guys!  Can’t wait for this episode to show up on my On Demand.

  • It was great fun to see you.  I felt like I was watching some good friends of mine get to be on TV.  

    • That is exactly what I said to my husband when I saw them.  I think he was having a hard time understanding why I was so excited.  I’m like, “Honey, I KNOW these guys!”  [/dork]  

      • Anonymous

        I felt the same way- I made my husband come in to see Tom and Lorenzo on AOTL. 
        I enjoyed seeing how a seasoned pro was willing to look at what she needed to do to get her line out there for a younger generation, and how successfully she did so.

    • Anonymous

      I know!  When I saw the first bit with the guys in it, I pointed at the TV and hollered, “TLO!!!”  Much to my surprise and happiness, we got to see them several times!

    • As soon as I saw you, I said, “That’s my Tom and Lorenzo!” What fun. You both looked great and didn’t seem nervous at all. A great way to end the year.

      • Anonymous

        you mean …”Our” Tom and Lorenzo

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that is awesome.  You two have so much influence and while I don’t always agree with your opinions 100% of the time, I do repect them and your experience.  Thanks to you I have made sure to watch this show, and especially after the PR debacle, it is very refreshing.  Congratulations to you both.  You’re the best!

  • Rand Ortega

    Squeeee! Can’t wait to watch tonight! You 2 are fabulous! Pls say yes if Sundance ever offers you a show! Pls!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This was amazing.  I’ve been a fan since you coined “Kaynebow.”  Congratulations on such extraordinary success and recognition!

  • Holy crap!  That is fantastic and I cannot wait to see it!!  You both look absolutely fab by the way, and I adore Tom’s hat.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t it Lorenzo wearing the hat?

  • Fantastic!!

  • It was fun seeing you guys the other night. Been waiting for this post to see what you’d have to say!

    My only problem with Joe Zee is that he sounds like Randall, the honey badger guy. I keep expecting him to say things like, “Nicole Miller is craaaaa-zeee!”

  • Mariah J

    You guys are big stars!!!! I love it

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: …he gets the whole fashion blogging thing in a way that, it seems to us, a great deal of his mainstream colleagues do not.”

    I don’t know if they don’t get it as much as they just don’t want to accept it. Afterall, for print media editors to get to where they are, they had to (often) spend years kissing ass all they way up the corporate food chain, playing office politics and waiting their turns, and they probably just resent these blogging upstarts who didn’t have to do all that to reach that same audience (not to mention, be considered a respected voice).

    It was very interesting to see Nicole Miller in this episode. I remember back, years ago, when Miller was the hot new designer in town, and I can even still picture in my head, a photograph of her that ran in a story in PEOPLE Magazine (from way back when PEOPLE still ran good photography), of her roller skating around her loft. It had to be late 70’s or early 80’s, (and I was jealous of her loft.) But it shows just how fickle the fashion business is that someone as successful as Nicole Miller has been can still find herself and her company at a crossroads. And it also speaks to her confidence in herself that she was willing to work with Joe like this. She should be a lesson to, not only young designers, but anyone in the arts, on how to take criticism and use it as a way to grow.

    And by the way, I also loved her buying up her old stuff on eBay. That was cute. And you guys were great (and knew just what colors to wear to pop off the screen, of course.) Most people probably don’t realize just what it takes to produce as much high quality writing/blogging as you guys do. You’ve worked hard to create something successful out of nothing but an idea, and you deserve to be highlighted for it.


    • I think the fashion industry is confused by blogging — it’s a completely different business model.  Frankly, the fashion and beauty industry is based on selling women the idea that they do not measure up and these products will make sure they do.  You can’t sell a solution until you’ve sold the problem.

      Blogs generally don’t operate on the same principles.  If you look at the ads on this site, they’re a very different breed.  The ModCloth ads (which are the ones I look at the most ’cause I love the site) show two items cycled back and forth on dressforms — they aren’t selling you a lifestyle through marketing images, they’re selling you a dress. 

    • MilaXX

      I don’t know if they don’t get it as much as they just don’t want to
      accept it. Afterall, for print media editors to get to where they are,
      they had to (often) spend years kissing ass all they way up the
      corporate food chain, playing office politics and waiting their turns,
      and they probably just resent these blogging upstarts who didn’t have to
      do all that to reach that same audience (not to mention, be considered a
      respected voice).

      This reminds me of (The Wire’s) David Simon rants against the state of newspapers and investigative journalism today.

    • Call me Bee

      Also, because feedback on blogs and websites is instantaneous which is so different than a designer’s work showing up in a newspaper column or magazine article, designers may not quite know how to handle all of that.  A fashion house not only needs to get the bloggers on board with their designs, they really need to be aware of what’s happening on the street.  If they don’t they get an earful from the commentateurs générale.

    • Anonymous

      And its not just the fashion press and fashion bloggers. The entire established media world resents the success that “some guys with laptops” can have in online jounalism/commentary. You’re not supposed to be able to get well-known and respected without serving your time in the trenches.

    • Anonymous

      Added to the reasons you give for the resentment that print people must experience, there is the basic fact that some fashion bloggers and website editors and writers are not well informed.  I mean at the level of basic garment details. Most print fashion people of any seniority know something about clothing construction, fashion history, and the industry.  The writing in print periodicals is generally more polished. Say what you like about Vogue, it’s always a smooth read.  Some bloggers seem to think that proofreading is optional.

      Having said all that, almost all my fashion information comes from the Internet.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, you two!

  • Maria Rosenfire

    I seriously did a happy little gay gasp when the two of you appeared. Great job, and I personally would watch the hell out of a show that was just you two and Joe Zee acting liked caped crusaders (any ideas for their superhero names? I’m drawing a blank), swooping in and saving struggling designers and fashion victims from their own terrible life choices.

  • Congratulations, guys. Well-deserved. And now I’m off to download the episode so I can watch you.

    • Just watched it; y’all came off very well! I like an episode that’s low on drama (though the Neiman Marcus buyer is dramatic enough for a one-man show) and high on competence. I do like that Nicole Miller is such a pro.

      Question: Do you guys know the other bloggers who attended? Are you connected with fashion bloggers in your area?

  • Congrats, boys. :o) You’ve done good.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I had a feeling when you said we had to watch that this was why.  Go, Joe, for recognizing some pretty important facts about marketing fashion… and for picking the two coolest bloggers to represent those facts.

    You guys were great, but right that we’d totally argue if we disagreed.

    As in the case of the applique tank.  If that makes the model look three miles wide, what will it do to anyone else?  I liked some of the stuff (though it doesn’t really make me think of the 80s all that much–I associate the 80s with purple and black, and purple and pink, and neons, and black leggings–lots of Halloween-y black, at any rate–and shirts that could be belted and worn as skirts, and glittery sweaters for girls, while all the guys wore Metallica tee shirts and/or flannel). 

  • You guys looked great and it was very exciting to see you 🙂

  • Anonymous

    TLO- you were awesome!  I, too felt like I was watching friends on TV, I was nervous for you to do well. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have Sundance Channel but I shall purchase this episode on iTunes (which I never do!). You boys look impeccable in the pictures. Can’t wait to see the show!

  • kjthorp

    You too are fabulous!! You did a great job on the show and you both had personality plus!!
    I will admit that I squeeeeed!! when I saw you both.

  • Anonymous

    Aww, now I’m twice as sad that I’m not able to watch All On The Line where I live. But congrats & great to see that your work is recognized in the “real” fashion world.

    • I wait for the recaps here and then buy any episodes that sound good on iTunes — I tried to buy a season pass last year, but I could never get it to take for some reason.

      • Anonymous

        I would do that as well but sadly iTunes Germany doesn’t offer it. I even went into some dark internet valley down the torrent road but couldn’t find it either. So only recaps for me.

        • Oo, where in Germany?  That’s one of the countries on my list:)

  • Anonymous

    I actually cheered when you both appeared on my telly. Out loud.  And you were wonderful. 

    • Me, too!  I yelled and swore (I swear when I’m wildly happy) and punched my husband in the arm.  The funny thing is, I really felt like I was meeting Tom and Lorenzo, even though they were on television!  What a delight!

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t seen the show yet; but will.

    You look great in the pics with one minor irritation – I guess it might be old fashioned but while I don’t mind hats, I don’t like men wearing them indoors.  (kind of like the sunglasses indoors or at night). 

    I do like some of the shapes on the pics of Nicole Miller clother – but hate jumpsuits and the patchwork prints 

    • I hate hats indoors unless it’s a very casual, informal thing — if you’re at a house party at a friend’s house, I can live with it; if you’re in a restaurant, take the damn thing off. 

      BTW, guys, I thought of you two instantly on New Year’s Eve.  I walked into a party at a friend’s, and while I had on dress clothes, jewelry, full make-up, and even my contact lens (which are VERY rare — a guy I’ve known for a decade had never seen me in them), my husband wore his FiveFingers (the shoes with the toes) and didn’t shave.  The same was repeated through every couple present.  Sadly, the best presented guy there was a friend who had a severe accident a few months back and his wife still has to do most of his grooming for him.

      All I could think was, “TLo would rip into these guys so fast!”

      • Anonymous

        LOL. My adult son showed up at the Lion King (a traveling Broadway production, yet) in a decent shirt and slacks but wearing FiveFingers. I would have done the Gibbs’ backhand if I could have reached him, he’s nearly a foot taller than me. While my husband and I were dressed up, as were most of the little kids.

        • I’m such a fan of The Gibbs’ Backhand [I don’t actually use it, but I’m often tempted :0) ]. That’s a perfect reason for it.

        • I’m used to it by this point — I’d have been annoyed if we’d been going out somewhere, but everyone there knew him and was dressed the same way.  I just thought it hilarious and thought of TLo when I walked in to see a house full of women so dressed up with full make-up and heels and the guys didn’t EVEN SHAVE!

    • Anonymous

      Wow I thought the very same: how cute you fellas are but why the hat indoors? Maybe I’m old fashioned, but wait, not really. I just think it’s inappropriate and should be removed. Next time — no hat indoors, please.

  • Anonymous

    You know it’s one thing to read what people write and surmise their personality and form a picture in your head of what they look like. Had you appeared on this show wearing head to toe glow-in-the-dark Versace and sprouting angel wings from your back, I would have not been one bit surprised. However I was more than thrilled to see you are actually REAL PEOPLE whose presentation actually enhances your formidable opinions and knowledge (particularly since you seemed “my age!”). It was charming and delightful how – despite your oft pointed comments about being “bitchy”, etc. – you looked quite the opposite. Granted I had personal reservations about what this meant in terms of your objectivity (and also totally self-centered quibbles about having to elbow my way through the zillions of new minions who are sure to appear here now) but I was also enamored of your relatively grounded demeanor, particularly as you traffic in the flighty world of fashion. It was a job well done and (despite not actually being invested in the outcome) I preened like a proud parent who watches their children wow the crowd on talent night. Bravo to you both and thanks for giving us a delightful year-end surprise! 

    • Anonymous

      Had you appeared on this show wearing head to toe glow-in-the-dark Versace and sprouting angel wings from your back,

      god, I would so love to see that!

  • Rebecca Zmarzly

    Congrats! It was a great episode, and you guys were a hit.

    • Anonymous

      …as it should be.


  • Awesome!! I was wondering how to see it (no cable, we are 90% Hulu and 10% antenna) but someone mentioned iTunes. It looks like a good episode to check out and I am excited to see you guys! Congratulations 🙂

  • Kelly Barnes

    I am so excited about you two being on AOTL that I can hardly stand it! The world needs more TLo, period. I quote you two all the time when discussing fashion and think about WWTLoD whenever I go shopping. 

  • Anonymous

    I was just thinking to myself “They aren’t really going to ignore the white elephant in the room??” when I scrolled down to your last part! I enjoyed your appearance on the show very much, and felt you came across as real people, intelligent, and adorably nerdy. I’m completely biased of course, but there you go, I love you guys!

  • Valerie Little

    Congratulations! You guys are adorable! And if you’re willing to do TV, I want to see you as guest judges on PR!

  • MilaXX

    KUDOS to you guy. ITA with Joe Zee on Fashion Bloggers and blogging in general. Sure there is a lot of dreck out there, but there are also some really smart and creative people doing wonderful things on various blogs and youtube sites. Many I’m sure that would never have caught my eye through traditional forms. It was nice to see you guys get a moment in the sun and I think you handled yourselves well. As for reality tv, I think the tide may be turning back to allow shows that aren’t all nasty like All On the Line and Mad Fashion without being Home Makeover levels of saccharin.

    As for Nicole. I remembered reading the fashion week post and like the clothes. As you mentioned the styling didn’t always work, but there were quite a few pieces I would wear even though my legging wearing days outside of the gym are long gone.

    • I really find the blogosphere interesting for that reason — while there are a lot of awful sites out there, the good ones (like you guys) are the ones that tend to find a real following. 

  • Anonymous

    I was a little surprised that after a whole season of Joe Zee poo poo-ing jumpsuits, that he embraced them wholeheartedly from Nicole.  But I did like the second one….and I think the 20-somethings will wear them….I did in the early 80s.

    Also — the retro to look ahead isn’t really a new idea.  Coach and Reed Krakoff did it with the Bonnie Cashin archives a few years back….although they mostly focused on the bags.

    • There’s a big difference between a designer like Nicole Miller doing a jumpsuit and someone who is just starting out, without a solid reputation to back it up.  Jumpsuits are always going to have a smaller market than some other pieces, and when you’re first trying to build a business, they aren’t generally a good bet.  A designer with an established business can afford to have one or two in a collection.

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I thought you came off as very down-to-earth and bluntly honest without being rude, which is more then often the case on the blog (or, at least I think so).  I usually wait to watch this on On Demand but after you made your mysterious recommedation to make sure to watch, I made a point of snuggling with my dog and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake during the regular time and was thrilled beyond words to see you on my TV. 

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations boys! That’s really fantastic 🙂

  • bloodshothalfblind

    ZOMG!!!!  i have to find a rerun!!!!  that’s so fucking awesome!!  congratulations!! you guys look so cute!! <333

    • Anonymous

      Oh, damn, exactly. When’s the rerun??

  • Call me Bee

    I squeeeed out loud when I saw you on the episode! (The Hubs was a bit frightened.)   It was very fun to see you, and you came off sounding intelligent and well-informed, as you certianly are. 
    It’s nice to see that Nicole MIller will do well with her sportswear line  and hopefully other designers will learn the lesson about the online fashion community.  As far as the clothes…I’ll stick with her dresses, thank you very much.  I hated 80s fashion in the 80s
    –don’t like it anymore now. 

  • Wow, grats you guys! (As to the clothes I would wear that first outfit right now. It’s fab.)

  • Anonymous

    Oh, so so sorry to have missed this! I haven’t been watching this show, but I do like your recaps. Ack. I hope to catch it in a rerun. You two are impossibly adorable. Glad you got this opportunity.

    As for Nicole Miller, I think it is cool that the show addressed the issue of an establish designer trying to stay relevant in an industry that loves discovering the next big thing.  I’m curious to see where she takes this.

    • You shouldn’t have a hard time finding a rerun. The Sundance Channel puts a limited number of shows and movies in rotation each week, and airs each one about a gazillion times.

  • Anonymous

    Baawww!  You’re adorable!  You look fab!  Are those matching jeans??

    I LOVE this show and can’t wait to see your episode.  Congratulations!  I’m so PROUD of you!

  • Anonymous

    You are adorable and brilliant, individually and as a pair. But please — no hat indoors. Very, very bad.

  • Anonymous

    I love Tom’s hat.  My son is sporting one of these as I speak.  Thank God that my kid has some kind of fashion sense.  

    But more to the serious point.   Can you guys know how proud we all are of you?  And the serious contribution you make?  Gotham said it best – she always does – so I won’t try to recap – but please know you have all of this… this UNSEEN support.  We’re all here.  We’re all pulling for you and we’re clapping hard when you make these kinds of inroads.  YAY!

  • Lexie

    Congrats! Such a great opportunity for you guys 🙂

    Also, I see that you were sitting next to The Man Repeller at the runway show. Did you get to talk to her at all? I’ve always wondered if she is really as quirky/outgoing as her blog makes her seem. 

  • Anonymous

    I am so annoyed I have to wait a couple of days before this appears on Movies on Demand

    I am glad Joe embraces blogging. It is something that has been slow to be embraced by many-even journalists. In the beginning it did seem like blogs were being written by hacks merely stroking their egos. And journalists need to blog to stay relevant.

    I recall on the BPR site years ago, someone commented why they should bother to read TLo or why there was a need for their blog. I had chimed in immediately and told this fellow why.  Besides the witty bon-mots and wonderful tongue-in-cheek bitchy comments, TLo were the exceptional example of the blogger that not only technically understood their subject matter but were able to articulate their thoughts and opinions in a clear and understandable way to their readers. Like any any good journalist is suppose to be able to. That’s why of course Entertainment Weekly declared them years back 1 of the top 25 blogs of the year and why so many people in the industry know who they are and why of course Joe picked them to appear on the show.

    You guys deserve the recognition and I can’t wait to see the episode

  • I tuned in to this about halfway through and was enjoying the episode, but oh the screech that went up when those two bloggers appeared! Good thing you liked the collection or you would probably have been cut. We could actually have used more of you instead of Nicole and Joe repeating their mantras. The clothes were fun.

  • I agree with everything you say about the episode, and I was so exited to see you guys get recognized for the champion bloggers that you are. Congratulations on your wonderful success!

  • Anonymous

    I suspected that you guys would be on the show and looked forward with much anticipation to the episode. I must say this episode was hands-down the best of the season. It was great that the show recognized the contribution and impact of bloggers on the fashion industry and how we fans are a part of that whole process. Bravo, to you both! This was a wonderful way to end the season and a spectacular salute to you both.

  • You guys look fabulous, for one. It’s also great to see such a big-shot fashion person really VALUE what you guys do. I love this blog, been reading it regularly for YEARS now, and I’m so glad to see you guys get the recognition you deserve!

  • mrspeel2

    Oh how lucky you guys are!! Many of us were hoping that your little “hint” was a wink and that you’d be on the show and it came true!! You both look fab and I’m going to go right over to Sundance and watch the episode. Congratulations and here’s hoping you are invited to appear in many, many more programs in the future!

  • Anonymous

    omg. I can’t wait to watch this.
    Sounds totally like big congratulations are well deserved to you two! AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    You guys looked great! It was great seeing and hearing you…kind of surreal though…I had always pictured you in cartoon form.  

  • Anonymous

    It was amazing seeing you two – a fabulous holiday gift for faithful minions!
    I shrieked in delight and when my husband came running, yelled to him, “Babe! My blog daddies are on TV!” 
    He earned himself major cool points (and some action in a couple hours) by immediately responding with, “Tom and Lorenzo? Yay.” 

    Congratulations, gentlemen! Job well done! 🙂

  • R. L.

    That was fab.  I have only pictured you as your cartoon selves.

  • Anonymous

    You guys were great! And so cute!  I now officially have a straight old lady crush on Lorenzo.

  • Anonymous

    You guys look great in the pictures here.  It’s so nice to put faces with the names.  I can’t wait to watch it and see you guys in action.  Congrats. What a way to start the year!

  • Awww, this was adorable!

  • Anonymous

    I love that chequerboard dress. I could not love it more. For me it was the strongest piece in a good collection. Clearly her issue was marketing. I get worried when I see legions of samey looking people at any one company and this seemed to have about ten identical women. But kudos to Nicole and the CEO who both were prepared to try something different.

    • That is a great dress, and I’m totally coveting it.

      I was confused by the lack of marketing. If nothing else, she could have put that line in the window.  I’m also curious about how new the line is. I got the impression she’d been doing sportswear for a while. It seems to me she would have shown it at a previous fashion week.

      I also had the impression that Miller had no plans to show it at the upcoming fashion week, and she only showed it because Joe suggested it. ‘Tis quite the mystery.

  • EEEEK! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it when it finally shows up On-Demand!

  • Anonymous

    havent seen the ep yet, but really guys, congrats!

  • the sales and marketing girls looked like they wanted to KILL joe when he was like “you need to do your jobs”  oh no joe we totally are doing are jobs!!  )except I had no idea who Nicole Miller was until I saw her on your blog, no lie.

  • Anonymous

    “The blogging, the tweetering…” Her business partner is the best.

  • wow! can’t wait to watch the show!  i’m so happy for you guys!  you’re awesome and i’m sure you rocked!  🙂  from one kitten that’s not that bitter.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are so cute. Squeee.

  • Anonymous


  • Allison Woods

    Ok, otherkittens and uncles, please don’t hate me for saying this. I was a little traumatized by the blue sweater on whichever uncle is the tall one. Sorry, I don’t know from one another, because as you uncs point out, you’re more word guys than faces on tv guys. Anyway, the sweater. It might work under a jacket, but on it’s own, a teensy bit sausage casing.

    Otherwise, fabulous. Carry on!

  • Don’t listen to the naysayers. Tom’s hat is awesome.

    I was worried we wouldn’t see more than a few seconds of you, so it’s great that you were featured so much. Your fears of coming off like assholes and/or idiots were completely unfounded. You done your minions proud, boys.

    I liked this episode. It was a great idea to focus on a successful designer who wants to reinvent herself. I was surprised to learn that the fashion industry hasn’t kept up with the importance of good fashion bloggers, although in retrospect, I guess I shouldn’t have been. Kudos to Joe for being aware of their importance and for pushing Miller to embrace them. And even more kudos for choosing such good representatives for the fashion blogging community.

  • That’s awesome you guys. 🙂

    Also, as to your poll, I’m not sure I’ve worn Nicole Miller clothing, but I used to wear her fragrance. Loved it. 

  • Anonymous

    Yay! (Just saw the rerun.) You guys were great – congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    Couple things:

    1. You two are completely adorable in person. You need your own TV show where you sit in enormous swivel chairs and talk about whatever you feel like.

    2. Did Nicole Miller’s staff just arrive here in a space ship from 1997? “These bloggers … are loose cannons!” Oh please. Print media columnists have been Loose Cannons since, I don’t know, 1776 or so. How is blogging THAT much different, really? There will always be comment, even if the method of distribution changes. I’m still sputtering at this nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    I would kill for those leggings. Heck, there’s a lot here that I’d kill for.

    Okay, now for a question that you probably wont even notice, but I hope you do: Did you two, by any chance, go to the Elizabeth Taylor exhibit at Christie’s? If so, what day and time? While waiting in line I was standing maybe two feet away from a couple that I thought was possibly you, stood there staring at them as I tried to figure out (and trying not to get caught) if it was you guys but settled on “No.”.

    Now that I know what you actually look like, I’m questioning that decision.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t seen the episode yet, but in the stills you guys look fantastic – neither too hip nor too staid, just way-better-than-merely-presentable gentlemen who are conversant with but not victims of fashion.  And I am known to frown on trendy head gear, but Tom pulls it off. (Helps that he’s not wearing the hat with some tatty sweater that’s either too hippie or too hipster).  I wish my male friends would take notes and observe how to incorporate a bit of color.

    I guess Nicole Miller was successful in that (except for the jump suit) the clothing in these shots didn’t make me mutter “eewww 80’s.”  But I can’t say it appeals to me either, even allowing for the fact that it’s aimed at a younger demographic than me.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, T Lo.  I’m sorry I missed this and don’t get the Style Channel.  I may have to break tradition and actually pay to see this episode.  You two guys would be worth it.  

  • Anonymous

    i dont have a television, i only watch online & very little of that [at least contemporary stuff]*, but if you will post how this can be seen online i will be both very pleased [for me] to watch it & proud [of you]. i am already proud. that bit’s done regardless.

    i must say just from this: oh, très très double chic, very elegant. that brown suit truly works. nice hat too, nice purse &, btw, also nice pink shirt. good job. what a wonderful thing it must be to do what you like & get paid enough to buy splendid clothing!

    edited to add:
    ps. * i think the last thing i watched was harryhausen’s venusian & sulfur eating giant ymir expire, sadly, senselessly atop, i think, the acropolis in twenty million miles to earth. just so you know.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats guys.  Finally saw an AOTL episode two days ago, can’t wait for this one to show up.

  • Anonymous

    wow – congrats!  I had no idea you were on the show… now I definitely want to watch!  

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting for this post!  It was so much fun seeing the two of you on TV–and FINALLY getting it straight in my head which is T and which is Lo.  I thought you both came across in a way that gave bloggers a good name.  Not to mention–cute!  Congratulations!  You done good.

  • It was really interesting to see you on the show, and I was very excited for you.  Editing is amazing sometimes, isn’t it.  I shot a profile shoot for the show I did for 3.5 hours, and it ended up being maybe 30-40 seconds long (I’ve never timed it).  But I’ve learned a lot about how they can also edit the order of things and show them in a whole different sequence.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE Joe and LOVE you both!

  • Oh wow!  So great to see you guys on the show!  Yay!  Happy New Year to you too and I hope that 2012 brings you both great things! 

  • Cathy S

    Congrats Tom and Lorenzo! You look fabulous!

  • CQAussie

    Well slap me hard and call me Judy.  I can not believe I missed this episode.  OF COURSE I would miss the ONE TIME I get to see you guys on the telly.  Well done and now I will be scouring On Demand to catch up =D 

    Agree with you on the Nicole Miller thing – was surprised to see her on AOTL and pleasantly surprised to see her collection.  Joe Zee is the shit and he knows fashion like nobody’s business.  Love this show!

  • Anonymous

    I’m way late to the gathering here, but my belated congratulations for your appearance (I need to find it on On Demand like some of the others….), gentlemen.  You’re wise to be judicious about your TV exposure, and this sounds to have been a fine one.  Here’s predicting (not hoping, as I’m convinced it’s a foregone conclusion) more success for Our Bloggers Tom and Lorenzo in 2012.

    All the best,


  • aimee_parrott

    Yeah, I totally shrieked the first time they showed you guys and yelled to my husband at top volume “OHMIGODITSTOMANDLORENZO!!!”



  • Prakasha Capen

    Having been a devoted reader since the days when you did captions for screencaps, I was girlishly thrilled and motherly proud of this acknowledgement for our beloved TLo. 

  • Anonymous

    I just watched the episode and feel like I’ve kinda met you both. FUN! Like when you’ve talked to someone on the phone a million times and finally net them. My first time catching the show,I LOVE Joe Zee, he was fantastic and spot on.Why weren’t the young, pretty professional women that make up Nicole Miller wearing her clothing?  When Joe said that he hit the nail on the head, but it was never really answered. As for the collection, I thought it was great. I am an 80’s girl and I thought it was referenced but very much updated. 

  • Anonymous

    CONGA-RATS, GUYS! That’s so cool!

  • Anonymous

    I watched the epi without knowing why you guys said we HAD to see what Nicole Miller put out.  (Like some others, I’m sure, I was thinking, Really? Nicole Miller, on AOTL?)  Good epi, and SO fun to see the two of you.  I also exclaimed something along the lines of “OHMYGOSH” (with expletives) when y’all popped up on the screen, for real.  I liked the way Joe Zee acknowledged the blogging scene – heck, I liked the whole thing.  Kudos to you both, and best of luck to you in 2012.

  • marilyn

    This is the start of a new part of your career.  It was fun to actually see you both in person.  But, I wonder if you are toally comfortable with the situation-you know, being put on the spot about whether you liked the collection or not, while a camera was trained in on you.  Thank God you liked the colleciton or it would have been *A*W*K*W*A*R*D*.   Congrats on moving to the next level, from blogging to personal appearances!

  • Anonymous

    Well done, may it lead to ever more fabulous opportunities in the New Year. We are in the process of moving, crashing with my parents while we find a place in our new city, and I started watching this on On-Demand just because of your reviews. Love this show. I completely agree that Nicole Miller was very successful in pulling her aesthetic into the present day.

  • Andrea Schrul

    Congrats from Berlin, Germany: I love you guys. I could definetly see your nervousness and felt at least the same amount. I was always thinking “Don’t adjust your glasses again, Tom. They’re perfect!” It’s been so nice to finally have a human being behind these words that I’m consuming on a daily basis and when I read your postings now, I can envision you narrating them to me in person. Weird.
    Have a wonderful new year and may your success continue and grow. All the best.

  • Only watched the show because I read it here that you were on it. Goes to show how much influence fashion bloggers have and how powerful the TLO brand is!  I thought you goes did a great job with your observations – but you guys looked a little conservative looking for fashion bloggers.  You looked like “tech” bloggers.

  • Anonymous

    What amazed me the most about the show (other than you guys guest starring, obviously) was how she could employ that whole team of marketing/sales people and yet not one of them apparently ever thought to put together a real focus group and find out why nobody was buying her seperates.

    She’s been in the business how many years and it took Joe Zee to run a 20 minute ad hoc focus group on the sidewalk?

    The collection was pretty fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    I am so happy for you, Tom and Lorenzo! What an incredible way to be recognized for the work you’ve done. Add me to the list of proud, happy minions who loved seeing you represent fashion bloggers in such a clear, genuine way.

    The other thing that impressed me about this episode was Nicole Miller herself. Her openness to Joe Zee’s suggestions was refreshing and it made for a much better show than the drama of a know-it-all designer who doesn’t want to hear that they need to rethink or rework a pet idea.

  • Anonymous

    Tlo, congrats on your appearance and hopefully we will see you both more often on reality TV. In my opinion, PR needs to get their act together and have you double team as judges. And as much as I love ‘old’ Tim (season 4 and earlier), you both would be wonderful mentors, preventing some of the painful choices made by contestants in recent seasons.

  • Anonymous

    I caught the episode in the middle and watched through TLo’s entrance.  My first thought was, “So this is why they’ve been so protective of Joe Zee this entire season.”  But it looked like they weren’t going to be swayed from their true convictions.  I have to find the episode on Sundance or On Demand and watch it straight through.

    I didn’t see the beginning, as noted, but in this case the pressure seemed realistic — Fashion Week doesn’t wait.  In past episodes, I didn’t understand why the designers were given such short deadlines when presenting to buyers who had some flexibility, especially when the appointment was presented as a save-the-company opportunity.

  • Your appearance on that show led me to your blog! I instantly fell in love with you guys so i am extremely glad that you decided to do the show! 

  • Anonymous

    How fantastic for you guys! Finally got to watch this tonight and I was VERY pleasantly surprised with how much air time you got. Loved this episode and it was made all the more fun seeing T Lo. Heartfelt congrats, guys!

    And gawd, Tina from Bag Snob looks really itty bitty. 

  • Anonymous

    I bought the episode and watched it.  You guys are so fucking adorable I can’t even handle it.  Joe Zee is no dummy.  I got into fashion through blogs and would never have done so otherwise.  The designers I’ve bought from owe you (and other blogs I follow) for giving me a taste for looking not only lovely, but different.  I experience fashion as an artistic expression, and I find that people respond enthusiastically to the beautiful things I wear and the way I put looks together.  I may not be a beauty, and I may not be particularly stylish, but where I live it’s an exciting oddity to be well-dressed and people appreciate it more than I could have imagined.  You guys can take that as a personal compliment if you like. 

  • Anonymous

    Watched it last night. You guys were marvelous. Very low-key and cool! Oh, and the episode was the best of the series.

  • Anonymous

    This collection looks like joshua mckinley designed it. that being said, i liked it.

  • Anonymous

    So, I watch AOTL because my friend’s TLo recommend it.  I love watching the shows on DVR & then reading your blog about them right after.  In fact, my boyfriend has now been sucked into watching PR, PA & now this.  I did a little gay gasp when I saw that you guys were going to be ON THE SHOW!  I’ve been impatiently waiting to read this post.  Nice job guys!! 

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad you guys got a high profile gig!  You deserve it!  That being said, I have liked a lot of the Nicole Miller stuff I’ve tried on in the past few years (I’m 33) but I can’t live with any of this collection.  I grew up in the 80’s and have the pictures to prove it.  Much of this collection is reminiscent of Joshua from the last PR, only done better.  And I still hate it.  I mean that first print – it looks eerily like the one that Tim Gunn heralded as “the homeliest textile.”

  • Anonymous

    I will watch this episode just to see the two of you.  I had some Nicole Miller pieces in the 80s and quite liked them.  Glad JZ was able to help her.  Congrats to the pair of you on your tv time!

  • Anonymous

    I havent been watching AOTL cause I dont have cable and I dont want to pay for it online and no one seems to want to pirate it (usually your recaps are as or more entertaining than a lot of reality tv which has saved me tons of time)…but this episode I will definitely buy from the ITunes store! Yay TLo!

  • Lori

    Congratulations! It was great to see you guys. Hopefully the first in a long line of teevee appearances.

    Tom, you’ve got to relax.  Your nervousness was palpable.  Hands off the glasses!  And maybe a jacket over that sweater.  Or a Spanx.  Or hit the gym. And maybe get your teeth done.  And take the hat off indoors. Just saying.  You know, like you guys do every day.  Lorenzo, you looked perfect.

    I think another part of the problem people have with bloggers besides ones already mentioned is the lack of accountability. If Elle calls a McQueen a McCartney, somebody’s getting fired. You guys just edit, or even delete the post. But bloggers and fashion mags are apples and oranges, and Joe Zee is very smart to polish the apples.

    I’d love it if this blog covered people like Sabi. You tend to follow the same celebrities and designers. I know you have to worry about hits and uniques and all that, but I’d love to see you step out of the safe zone and cover more designers and people who are less familiar to most readers.

  • Tardy to the party, but just saw this On Demand.  It was so nice to see an episode with a gifted pro.  What struck me was that most of her staff were made up of the type of women who she wants to reach, but they seemed totally clueless about the power of blogs, Twitter, and celebrity.  The fact that they did not promote her sportswear line better beforehand is inexcusable.

    The jumpsuit on the rapper (I’m too old to know who she is, but she’s gorgeous.) really rocked!

    Super sweet to see TLo! That rocked most of all.

  • Anonymous

    Well done you two… just had a chance to see this On Demand… and I demanded to see it!!
    Such fun to hear your input, and see you in the front row.

    And so glad to see more choices for 20 somethings… ’cause I know how hard it is for them to find things to wear out there…. what with all those baby boomers grabbing all the attention…. sigh….

  • Wow!

    Congratulations, T&L!

    You always have thoughtful, interesting things to say about the fashion world,
    And I am thrilled that AOTL and Joe recognized you two!

  • Amazing! As is the fact that you’re sitting next to Leandra Medine, aka The Man Repeller! Any dishy opinions to dole out? 

  • Just watched On Demand last night – so much fun.  Ditto to Jane Morris.

  • Anonymous

    PRandom question: Will you please comment on the Real Housewives shows???

  • Anonymous

    So proud!!!  Awww!!!