24-Hour Catwalk

Posted on January 12, 2012

Oh, let’s just get to this.

We haven’t been putting recapping this show off because we don’t like it. On the contrary; it’s like the cheese puffs of reality television competitions. You know they’re awful, have no nutritional value, and don’t even come close to tasting like actual cheese, but you just can’t stop shoving them in your mouth. It’s Ghetto Project Runway; a true fashion game show, like The Price is Right with dresses, and we’re kind of fine with that.

James LaForce drops these quietly bitchy comments but makes them sound polite, a skill to which we bow down. Cynthia is always fun on camera because she’s clearly high as a kite. Derek is a little bit of a blowhard. Alexa is trying too hard.

Actually, all things considered, Alexa isn’t that bad. She states every sentence like a hammer coming down on a nail, but she’s surprisingly loose and fun with the designers, which is something Heidi never really mastered.

But let’s face it: the star of the show is JustRaymona. We want her to get her own show called It’s Just JustRaymona! where she takes on sewing jobs and then spends the whole time telling the designer what an idiot he or she is. We also liked the squeaky-voiced British lady and of course, the gal with the dead thing on her head. You don’t get quality reality television characters like these on Project Runway, now do you?

The format is utterly ridiculous: it’s Chopped with scissors, basically. But we don’t approach this show the way we have other fashion design competitions. It’s totally quick n’ dirty fashion, which means we don’t have much of an investment in the outcome because it’ll be entirely different people every week. But that’s fine, because with each episode, you really have no idea what’s going to happen or what the clothes are going to look like, unlike PR, which gets very predictable after about 5 episodes into a season.

So, everyone had to make a “soccer mom” outfit out of a sports jersey. It should be noted that for the quickfire challenge, or whatever it is they call it, the outfits don’t have to be finished perfectly or even fully sewn, which is a decent twist, because it prevents every critique from becoming about execution.



It’s all right. Considering how little time they had, it was a decent re-imagining and, unlike everything else offered, it actually looked like it could be a decent, wearable garment if executed perfectly.


This annoying dude got so much airtime we were sure he was the winner of the episode. How nice that the judges saw right through his bullshit and sent him packing.


 We thought it was a little silly how the judges went rapturous over this ridiculous garment, but we have to say we agreed with their basic point, which was that she did something really imaginative and she completed several garments in a short period of time.


Forget it, girl. Go home.

Tess and Omar get to stay and make a collection in 24 hours, each with a team of 3 sewers (including future superstar, JustRaymona). Omar immediately has a meltdown that lasts the entire 24 hours and Tess goes slowly from cocky and confident to her own little meltdown when she realizes she has no idea what she’s doing. JustRaymona shakes her head and rolls her eyes at everyone.

Oh, and the challenge was to do a “Glamping” collection, using Swarovski elements. We’re pretty sure you can expect these weirdly specific and unrealistic challenges on all the shows going forward.


Tess’ Collection

Jeez, for all the sturm and drang over this dress in particular, it sure is a big ol’ nothing, isn’t it?

The shorts were cute, but we really hate pairing them with that heavy-looking top in that ugly mauve-y color.

The jacket’s nice, but it looks like it came from another collection; one for women old enough and smart enough to know that anything called “glamping” is something they know to avoid.


Omar’s Collection


Slightly tacky, but had some good points.



And thus, Tess wins by default. Congrats! Here’s your money and there’s the door, we’ve got another set of designers coming in here in ten minutes. Move ’em out, people!

[Photo/Video Credit: myLifetime.com]

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    • OMG! You’re closet foodies too! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    • Is Raymona a man?  Or formerly one?  I get drag queen from her. 

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          that’s going to be my working theory.  years ago i worked closely in a small office with someone who i later found out was transgendered male to female.  and it was like YES!  suddenly a whole lot of things added up.  for one, she used to always say “i don’t know how you can wear those heels!”

      • MilaXX

        I was wondering as well and honestly couldn’t tell.

        • Anonymous

          Me too.

      • Anonymous

        I assume she’s trans, but why is that important or anyone’s business but hers if she doesn’t talk about it?

        And trans does not equal “drag queen.”

        I think I get “clueless” or “bigot” from you.  Or both.

        • agreed. she’s awesome. she sews. that’s about all we really need to know.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, Donna… I sure hope you feel better now that you’ve gotten that off your chest. By the way, I’m neither clueless nor a bigot. I happen to be a big, happy drag queen. I can be off sometimes, but I tend to be able to spot my people when I see them. If I’m wrong in this case, so be it. I still think she is fabulous. Have a great day.

          • Anonymous

            Do you identify as being trans?  After all, most drag queens I’ve met don’t.   If not, then she isn’t one of “your people,” is she?  Have a great day yourself.

            • Anonymous

              Thanks! I will. You make sure to do the same.

        • Anonymous

          And I get “self righteous asshat” from you.

          • Anonymous

            Andcoh, all you’re succeeding in doing is making yourself look like a moron.  It’s fascinating that some of the same people who would undoubtedly get all upset at bigoted comments about gay men can’t tolerate any criticism of bigoted comments about trans people. 

            • Anonymous

              You have a swell day, Donna.  

            • Your private bitchfest has amused me more than this episode. Thanx!

            • Anonymous

              Here to help!

        • Anonymous

          Normally I shy away from arguing on the internet because there is never a satisfactory end, but I have to step in here. I didn’t detect any malice from the first comment. I just think that loosely labeling someone a bigot lessens the meaning of the word. From what I’ve gathered, most people who frequent this site are very open minded and accepting people. I don’t think it is fair to assume the worst of the commentator when she could have easily been asking an innocent question.

          Though I do agree that people need to be more aware of the differences between being transgender and a drag queen, confusion is not automatically bigotry.

          • And if you’re really interested in furthering the interests of transgendered people, you’d be better off approaching those who mean no apparent harm in a…. “Look, I know it’s a common thing, but there’s a big difference between drag queens and transgendered people.  I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by it, but you should be careful assigning such terminology because it can be really hurtful and impart a stereotype that transgendered individuals have worked hard to overcome.” rather than… “You’re a jerk and a bigot because you used terms I don’t approve of, regarding someone that I don’t personally know nor do I know how said person self-identifies, but you must be hateful!”

            Also, rawr: I will say I have had more satisfying debates in the comment sections here than anywhere else on the internet:)

            • Anonymous

              Maybe before you tell trans*people how to be better at fighting the way people oppress them, you should educate yourself? As far as I have been taught, “transgendered” is not a term trans*people apply to themselves, it has a transphobic history.

              Also, the tone arguement doesn’t really help.

      • Man. Maybe a surgical woman, but born a man. Nobody has a drag name like that if they are “born that way”

        • Anonymous

          Trans * women are not men. They were not “born a man”. People assigned them a male gender at birth because they didn’t know better, but they were not boys when they were born, they were girls who were not recognized as such.

          “Surgical woman” is a transpfobic term. So is putting “born that way” in scare quotes.

          • You are right, I am wrong, and I should have read more of the posts and known that I was jumping into a far more sensitive and less jokey area. I apologize and hope you can forgive me for all you said I was guilty of.

          • Or maybe “gender” is all bullshit.  The entire concept of what makes one “female” or “male” is a social construct.  Frankly, I find it offensive when someone who grew up with a male appearance says he “knows” what it means to be or feel female, that he “knows” he was “born” female.  Sorry, but how exactly?  Outside of physical characteristics, what does it mean to “be female” or “be male?”  Why can’t one be outwardly male and feel things that society normally associates with femininity?  

            The concept of trans implies that gender is a real, immutable thing that one has at birth.  It just isn’t.  If it was, then the concept of what non-physical characteristics makes one “male” or “female” would be immutable, and they aren’t.  In one society, men may be the ones who adorn themselves.  In another, it’s women who wear make-up or jewelry for adornment.  In one society, a certain job will be defined as “men’s work,” while another will define that same job as “women’s work.”  If we buy into the idea of trans, we are buying into biological determinism–the idea that the feelings of men and women are different, definable, and exist from birth.  To me, that’s the kind of thinking that backs up the arguments of many a misogynist.

    • I’ve actually been waiting for this recap before watching the show — I wanted to know what sort of expectations to have going in: was it going to be brilliant or just brilliantly awful?

      • MilaXX

        brilliantly awful

    • Anonymous

      I thought the vintage episode came first.

      Anyhoo.. They chose right by sending the know nothing and the butt kisser home before the catwalk. 
      The outfit Tess made with the jersey was cute … until she took the jacket off. The lace was gaggy.
       Omar’s is cute and wearable. About the best anyone could do in 2 hrs with a tacky football jersey. Omar wins. 
      Round 2.
      Tess- Love the white dress. Ditto on the grey coat and black pants. The paper bag shorts were a throw away see and sew project. 

      Omar- pretty much all three are see and sew , badly sewn see and sew. What happened?

      Tess wins with pretty much no competition.

      • Anonymous

        badly sewn see and sew badly sewn see and sew… say that ten times while drinking.

    • Anonymous

      Pleeeeease recap the “preview” episode! So. Much. Crazy…..

      • Anonymous

        Yes, boys, pleeeeeease. I’ve been waiting for this so you could comment on James’ remark regarding the print one designer chose. Oh pleeeeease don’t keep us waiting……

      • Anonymous

        I agree! In fact, I was confused because I thought the preview episode came first. Can’t wait to read your thoughts!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t watch the show, but WOW is that an awkward judge photo. None of them look comfortable. 

    • Anonymous

      If you could only heat the things my mother started spewing about the sainted JustRamona everytime her mug flashed across the screen

    • Anonymous

      I think JustRaymona used to be just Raymond.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be a jerk.

        • Anonymous

          Lighten up, Donna. That is my opinion, and I’m not the only one who voiced the same thought. Whatever JustRaymona is genetically, I thought she was fabulous.

          • Anonymous

            Amazing how “lighten up” is always the response to people who don’t appreciate bigoted “humor.”

            • Anonymous

              Everyone has an opinon, Donna. You have a great day.

            • Anonymous

              Not amazing is that the response to a (innocent and non-inflammatory)  question is an insult and calling someone a bigot,

    • Anonymous

      OMG!  Having never seen this show, your recap had me on the floor!  Maybe if I’d actually lost an hour of my life watching it, I wouldn’t have been so amused, so I’m glad I missed it!  I don’t know who JustRaymona is (or why that is her name…), but from what you wrote, I want to know her!

      The clothes are truly ghastly–except for that tweedy jacket.  If Tess (who looks like she’s 15–am I close?) made that jacket in 24 hours–plus all those other (hideous) clothes–girl has some talent.  Omar, bless your heart, whoever you are,…no.  Just no.

      Alexa Chang looks completely anorexic.  I usually avoid the “Eat a burger!” comments because, well, you just don’t know.  But in that first picture, I think “eating disorder” is fairly obvious.  The giant shoes only emphasize the issue.

      And finally, I’m not going to be watching any show in which Cynthia Rowley is judging anything.  IMHO, she exemplifies the dreaded PR put-down “taste issues.”  Ugh.

      I hope you boys will recap another episode or two, because this was really fun to read!

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        They have a team of seamsters / seamstresses to help. Hey,has Anya heard of this show?

      • Anonymous

        Alexa’s giant shoes look so bad on her thin frame. Makes her look like she’s clomping around in hooves. 

      • It is actually painful for me to watch Alexa Chung. She is just a skeleton held together by skin. I don’t know about Cynthia Rowley’s taste issues, but whoever put this woman together doesn’t deserve their salary. The outfits she wore and her hair were horrid.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much the only clothes I’ve liked so far are what Alexa’s been wearing.

      • Anonymous

        yes, i hope she doesn’t stumble and rip something, as out-of-it as she seems to be.  she’s my new favorite- like china chow but loaded.

    • Anonymous

      JustRaymona! was on last week too and exactly the same!  She won’t need her own show, she will be the focal point of this one.  I hope they make some money soon so they can turn on some lights. 

      • Anonymous

        really, where are they working?  in the back of some abandoned building?

        • Anonymous

          That’s what it looks like!  Or backstage at PR. 

      • Anonymous

        What about the cute seam-stman??? 

    • Allison Green

      Besides being trashy, I just found this show really boring. I’m not a game show person, but watching it, I felt like it was just a bunch of sad people locked in a poorly lit room for 24 hours.

    • Anonymous

      I like to think of this show as Sloppy Seconds Design because it just frankly looks like PR rejects who either weren’t talented enough or too cray-cray (which is saying a lot) to last on a whole season of PR. They really manage to ramp up the insanity especially during the quick fire challenge when they just spit and finger snap at each other like some tacky drag queens performing in the back of a Dennys. I fully anticipate mud wrestling in the All-Star Show. 

      • Anonymous

        weren’t talented enough…
         Oh handsome, do you really mean that? Remember that Anya put most of her clothes together with staples, and couldn’t fit a sleeve or size a pattern on her own if her life depended on it. 

        • Anonymous

          First, *blush*.

          Second, I guess I meant talented enough to have at least made the cut onto the show. Yes, Anya was all smoke and mirrors but her initial showing (although super specific) at least had some POV. None of the inmates who’ve appeared on 24 so far seem to have any idea why women actually wear clothes let alone an individual concept.

          • Anonymous

            that’s just one of things that make it so hilarious, justhughman. oh, and 24 is a great nickname for this show, since it mimics the intensity of 24 on fox. perhaps they’ll insert innovative torture techniques into the fashion mix.

      • Only watched this show once, last week or the week before — or was it the week before that?

        In any case, that’ll give you an idea of how much of an impression it made on me. 

        I only remember JustRaymona, who appeared to be — forgive me, if I’m wrong — a transvestite or transsexual — but one of the few points of interest in this amateur hour, in any case.

        If memory serves, contestants don’t get points taken off if they used staples, superglue or post-its to rig up their misbegotten confections.

        Elisa would fit right in, with her spit as glue, except she appears to be too talented and pleasantly crazy — whereas these boring contestants are probably just taking the day off from their day job of designing polyester medical scrubs.

        • One of the rules for the 24-hour collection is that all garments must be fully sewn.

          I guess gluing on rhinestones – excuse me, Swarovski crystals – is okay, though.

      • “when they just spit and finger snap at each other like some tacky drag queens performing in the back of a Dennys.”

        This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Thank you! {wipes tears from eyes — literally}

    • MilaXX

      You nailed it perfectly by saying this is Chopped with clothes. JustRaymona and the rest of the sewers were hilarious. I would love Madcaps of JustRaymona alone.

      Alexa Chung is trying to hard and looks awful as well. Who is dressing her?

      • Anonymous

        Has Lifetime made a devil’s pact with Swarovski?
         Probably one of the executives or one of the producers wanted a chandelier or two and made a deal. Now everyone wants to redecorate and get in on the action.

    • Anonymous

      I’m confused; what was the show after PRAS last week? Episode zero? 

      At any rate I had to turn that off because of the trash talking characters, especially the loud woman in the garish striped mini mu-mu. At the time I thought it was Jerry Springer with sewing. Still, this show is huge step up from Dance Moms… kind of like moving into a double-wide.

      Was this episode any better? Seems not from TLO’s post.

      • Anonymous

        “…moving into a double-wide!”  HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • Anonymous

        Dance moms is the best — especially because it’s so clearly NOT staged.  All 8yos wear matching bright red lipstick and silver eyeshadow to rehearsals.  Even better is the villainess Kathy “Candy Apple”…you know she’s the villian because she has all the high-end technology at her studio and not some old xeroxed photos taped to a mirror.

        TLo I am sure you don’t have time, but the outfits alone are worth commenting on….although it would be cruel because the kids seem generally okay.

      • Lori

        Ewwwww, I forget about that woman, her mu-mu, her drama and her lipstick.  I didn’t like much about the show but she was enough to stop me from tuning in again. 

      • Anonymous

        now stubenville, i know you are a fan of chopped, so i think you ought to give this a try.  have a few drinks and approach it as the high camp humor that it is.  have a shot every time justraymona mouths off to her designer.  you’ll be smashed in no time.  i highly recommend it.  your blogging companion, justsleah in norcal. 

    • I really wish they would stop trying to make Alexa Chung happen here. Some British shows (Skins, Blackpool, anything with Alexa) are just never going to translate.

    • I saw bits of fun in this but overall I got bored pretty quickly. I know not every fashion show is to everyone’s taste but this one was rather flat. I have nothing against Alexa Chung but as a host, her voice is grating and her banter is stiff and inelegant. She’s just not host material, and it’s obvious the producers are trying to force it. I’ll give it another week but so far…..not horrible but not enough to keep my interest.

    • Funny, but they probably had a least a day for the next set of contestants. These damn shows take forever to tape!

    • Anonymous

      [the jacket] looks like it came from another collection; one for women old enough and smart enough to know that anything called “glamping” is something they know to avoid.

      That must be why I loved it so.  Cynthia Rowley will have to fight me for it.

      (P.S.  Is there really such a thing as “glamping” or did they make that up for the show?)

      • Call me Bee

        I liked that jacket as well–thought is was her best thing.  No–no “glamping” as far as I know.  I just go regular camping.  Not very glam, although I’m never without my Swarovsky crystal earrings….(vbg…) 

    • Thank you for the use of “sturm and drang.” Someone’s got to use it while Tim is on Project Runwary hiatus.

    • Oh lordy, I didn’t realize that JustRaymona was on every show! Mericful heaven, I’m not sure I can do her every week.  But I really enjoyed the tacky tackiness of everything about this mess. Not just cheese puffs, 99 cent store cheese puffs where you can’t get the orange stains off your fingers.

    • Anonymous

      i’m so glad to see you boys appreciate this for the high comedy that it is.  i love alexa, who seems to be way stoned and wandering about dropping random witty comments that are somewhat oblique to the rest of the action.  the music is a hilarious parody of iron chef.  the picnic baskets/vintage trunks are hilarious.  and that lady wearing the taxedermy  fascinator and the little tiny voiced round lady.  it’s all so absurd and refreshing after so many reality competitions taking themselves so seriously.  i can’t wait for someone to give justramona a good smackdown.  then she’ll be justamess.  who calls themselves justramona?  shall i be justsleah?  and justT and justLo?

      • Anonymous

        Good take. Yes, I wanted to slap those complaining seamsters all the way into next week, but how entertaining was that?

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        There is some serious tacky on that site!

      • Anonymous

        OMG. Thanks (I think).

    • We tried the sneak peek episode. Lasted 15 minutes. Will look forward to your recaps – those are worth it!

    • Anonymous

      I had never heard Glamping – then I was switching channels and they had a prize package around Glamping on The Price is Right (today).  Except in that case it was a suite in a hotel in Chicago and they’d bring you a little tent for your children

      I like the jacket on Omar’s first look.  I thought his second look was very good – the best of the bunch and I like the gold fabric.

      Tess – were there crystals on that last look (RQMT?)    Her short outfit was the best of her looks.

      Is JustRamona a woman or a fierce drag queen? 

    • sweetlilvoice

      This reminds me of a bit of another show…it had 3 designers to start with and an elimination round after each designer show what he/she was making….I’m spacing the name. I distinctly remember that Danny Bonaduce’s redheaded ex-wife Gretchen was on it.

      I may have to watch this…sounds fun.

    • Anonymous

      I could not stop staring at Omar’s “Wanted Investors” t-shirt.  The overt self-promotion of reality tv contestants has just reached a whole new level.

      • What about Tess asking Cynthia Rowley for a job!

    • Anonymous

      There was another episode (pre-pilot) a week ago…..the challenge was to be inspired by the 60s, 70s and 80s and incorporate newspaper into one of the garments.

      I don’t know — with all the odd lighting and stuff I fully expect Alexa to come out and say “You are the weakest link!  Goodbye!!”

      Then again, if JustRaymona wants to bitch about slopers — she should have gotten Alexa some chicken cutlets ….or actual chickens to fill out her Liesl dress for the final runway.

    • I’m not quite thrilled about the show.  Concept, okay, but still playing with obnoxious personality who are spending far less time designing than smack-talking.  I changed the channel about ten minutes in to the preview/pilot/whatever the hell.

    • Anonymous

      This show is RIDICULOUS.  

    • Anonymous

      i want to go glamping with tess.  that tent dress is white because it’s for rolling around in the tent making the sign of the two headed beast.  it will never touch the dirt.  then in the morning, we’ll put on our cute little fishing outfits and go wade in the river and look at the fish, because we certainly don’t want to touch those icky things.  at night we’ll sit around the fire sharing that coat, because there’s room for both of us.  hey, we can do this all at my house in norcal, and we don’t even need a tent!

      • oohsparkley!

        So Funny!

    • Anonymous

      Ghetto Project Runway, you guys crack me up!  It’s such an over the top ridiculous train wreck and yet, like all good train wrecks, I can’t stop watching.

    • Susan Walker

      I’ll give this one more viewing and it if is as bad as the premier, I am deleting from TIVO. I need more substance to my game shows.

    • Anonymous

      OKay, what about Alexa Chung? Her clothes are just so stupid and her hair is a piece of mess. What is her supposed talent? I just don’t get what the big deal is over her.

      • Anonymous

        I know. My husband said she was wearing a pilgrim collar!

    • Anonymous

      The only way I can ‘watch’ this show is to have it on in the background while I surf the net – it is totally background noise.

    • Anonymous

      I’d watch It’s Just JustRaymona! 

    • I think the main problem with this show is just the designers. They’re awful. If they actually got some good talent then it would be great. The host can’t dress either. They should just go ahead and cancel though. I don’t think anyone is all that interested. 

    • Anonymous

      I hate this show and watched my last episode last night.  It’s even tackier and more depressing than The Fashion Show.  Not one decent garment in the lot and how could there be?  I thought the one-day challenge to make an opera gown on PR was ridiculous and exploitive, but this? — pull the plug on it.  And JustRamona is just detestable.  This is truly bottom of the barrel teevee.

    • Shannon Maxham

      Did not watch the show, but in scanning through the photos all I can think of is, eww, bad KMart. Which is almost a double negative. But I think even KMart would back away from these slowly without turning their backs….

    • Anonymous

      “It’s Just JustRaymona!”  HAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    • oohsparkley!

      Ghetto Project Runway indeed!  The recaps are great!  This show is almost unbearably awful and yet if I start I must watch the insanity.  JustRaymona is a Huge Bitch! She does have some male characteristics. (I read enough of the comments so I don’t want to get into that rumble.)  Her main characteristic though, is she is the biggest bitch I’ve ever seen – does she even sew or does she just complain and criticise?  – I feel the same way about Dance Mom’s  – I hate myself for watching even part of it.  Trainwrecks!

    • Vic

      Awful show. Terrible. Pointless. Have I said awful yet? Alexa Chung’s voice grates. After a while all I wanted to do was throw a brick through my TV and enter a 12-step program in which I would rid my life of Lifetime shows forever.

    • Anonymous

      When Alexa Chung came out to address the contestants/designers I immediately thought of Wednesday Addams…creepy and kooky. My second thought was that her legs looked like strings with two knots tied at the end.

    • Rebecca Welch

      Reminds me of Craft Corner Deathmatch!

    • jnmnr

      Justraymonda is on TV so whether she’s transgender or not is not a private issue. And you have to be blind not to see “she” was born with a penis. I wager she still has one and all the surgery in the world is not going to stop her from looking like a man in a dress.

    • jnmnr

      The dull, dull, dull hostess should be on every worse dressed list. How many colors do potato sacks come in? Did I mention she was dull. The show is stupid…the designers, yeah designers, there’s a joke. The whole show is simply a joke.