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Posted on December 01, 2011

Darlings, let’s get our ART on!


Your typical product placement/unconventional material challenge. So typical, in fact, that they once did the exact same thing on Project Runway. Did anyone in this group make the equivalent of a gorgeous coat woven out of seatbelts? Not really.

Although it really wasn’t a bad episode. Looking at the remaining artists, there are some surprises here. We admit that we probably dismissed Dusty too early, but we’re a bit surprised by how few of the male artists made it this far. And of the females, there are at least two here that we would have pegged as goners a long time ago: Lola and Sarah K. Of the remaining 7, they strike us as the weakest. Besides, Lola gets on our nerves.

We’ll start at the top and work our way down, mkay?


Congrats to Sarah J. There really wasn’t any question that this was the winning piece. It seems like it was pretty devoid of a backstory or external message, which makes it a bit surprising that the judges picked it. They do tend to like their easily digested stories accompanying their art, don’t they? Anyway, Sarah did a fantastic job of completely rethinking the components and came up with a piece that had a real sense of movement and power to it.


We thought Sarah K’s piece was also very strong. Even better, it came with a deceased parent story and reality show judges just eat that shit up with a spoon. We were surprised they didn’t hand her the win but we don’t disagree with it. These pieces have a stark power as well as a slight wit about them, but we wish she had done more than just skin the seats and glue them onto some canvas.


Dusty found himself in the middle, but considering how much he was floundering in that workroom, we’re pretty sure he was happy to take the spot. This was fine. Not particularly deep or even all that interesting, but it got the job done for Dusty this week. Had he continued with his badly conceived steering wheel idea he would have been facing an elimination, we’re sure.

Tom turned to Lorenzo and said “So help me god, if he gets praised for another obvious piece, I’m gonna lose it.” Yes, this looks pretty good. It’s also the lamest idea he could have come up with. A robot made out of car parts. What a fresh and new idea, Young. Someone should make a movie out of your wild concept.

We like Young and we haven’t really disliked any of his work, but as Tom said, it’s always obvious and doesn’t always rate the praise it gets from the judges.


She should have been eliminated for foisting yet another ridiculously pretentious title on us. She seems to think long, obtuse, poetic-sounding titles will make up for a lack of concept.

Whatever. She traced a picture of herself again and spray painted some car parts. She should have gone home.


Honestly, we don’t know what the hell she was thinking. She seemed to have understood very early in the process that things weren’t working so we have no idea why she followed through on the idea instead of changing course. We don’t think she should have gone home because, compared to Lola and Michelle, she had an idea and a concept (unlike either of them) and worked very hard to realize it (unlike Lola, who pouted and traced). Her good track record is what saved her here.


It wasn’t until Jerry pointed out her own car accident that we realized what was happening here. Or at least, we think we do. If we can play armchair psychologist for a second, she seemed determined to avoid discussing her car accident in any way, shape, or form here. In retrospect, it looks like classic avoidance. Rather than examining whatever her own feelings are about the crash, she was determined to make this car as whacky, non-threatening, and fun as possible. We think a nonsensical anthropomorphized take could have worked if there had been even the slightest underlying hint of her own no-doubt darker feelings about cars. We don’t think she was required to reference her accident, but her attempts to run as far away from it as possible didn’t serve her art well. We’re sorry to see her go because she’s among the more talented of the artists left, but this was such a big misstep that it’s hard to get that worked up over it.

Although we would have picked Lola. Have we mentioned that she’s getting on our nerves?



[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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  • Anonymous

    I would’ve  picked Lola for sure. I actually thought Michelle’s “gawker” sculpture looked pretty cool. Not sure why Simon disregarded it as “returning to the childrens’ art piece.”

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, SImon totally screwed her over. I doubt she would have gone home if she’d followed through with her “person out of car parts” idea. It seemed she was headed somewhere much more interesting than where Young ended up.

      • Anonymous

        It seemed that Simon didn’t like it because she had painted the gears and stuff pink, rather them leaving them to look industrial, or something.

      • Anonymous

        While I agree that her changing gears (no pun intended) after Simon’s studio visit was a mistake, it’s worth pointing out that Simon did mention her accident during his critique and seemed to me to imply that she should address it in the work.

  • LOLA should have gone, OMG, TRACING!???  and not well???? And her lack of bold lines in the drawing?  UGH.  And she’s annoying too! LOL

    • Anonymous

      And reusing her idea from the street art piece of writing descriptions on the drawing…

      • Anonymous

        And in the street art piece she was recycling the idea from her New York Times piece.

        The judges praised the idea heavily once so she falls back on it when she has no other ideas.

    • Anonymous

      Her titles make me want to throw something through my TV. They are so ridiculous that they’re almost impervious to satire…and in the art world, that’s really saying something.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Michelle should have ignored Simone’s advice and carried on with her initial direction, which had shades of a car crash to it.

    I think Dusty should have won, but I’m sure the producers weighed in on this one and decided that exposing the dull banality of car driving would have undermined Fiat’s jazzy marketing campaign (have you seen the Jennifer Lopez Gucci Fiat 500 ad yet!?).

    As for Lola, they need to take her overhead projector away and watch her dissolve into a puddle of nontalent. Seriously, it’s the same cobbled together crap every damn time.

    • Anonymous

      Her original idea didn’t seem much better. Honestly, I think one of the things that made her early pieces so great was that she took a whimsical, childlike, folksy/craftsy art form (paper crafts) and brought out something haunting and elegant. Taking a folksy/craftsy art form and making something folksy/craftsy with it is a hell of a lot less impressive.

      I might have bought the argument that it was avoidance if I hadn’t seen the last episode of the show. I think she was in a place where she felt the need to prove that she could do whimsical and fun, and I don’t know if she was even thinking about the crash before the judges brought it up. She didn’t seem to have a problem dealing with the more grave aspects of it early on in the how.

  • Anonymous

    Since the parts were from a Fiat 500, I was hoping that one of the artists would riff on an Italian work of art from the Cinquecento.  A David made from car parts, anyone?

    • That is way too intellectual an idea for this group of contestants.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, now that Lilithcat mentions it, I wouldn’t have put it past Young to do something like that. Hell, he could have called this sculpture “David 2.0” and no one would have batted an eye.

        • Pennymac

          He’d no doubt have won with that title!

  • Charles Purdy

    Can I just say that I love that TLo watch exactly the same shows I watch? So although I live alone and work almost alone (sob), I always feel like I get some “watercooler chit-chat” about WOA, American Horror Story, and Walking Dead. And PR when it’s on. So thanks, guys. … I thought it was close race to “worst” between Lola and Michelle … but I think the right person went home, based just on the piece itself. Lola does bug, though! Such a little brat.

  • I’m just glad they didn’t follow the Project Runway model and have the contestants destroy the car to get what they wanted.  It was kinda neat having it all placed around them like that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad the Sara(h)s were in the top. I don’t know what Kymia was thinking but hopefully next challenge she gets to draw or paint again and wows us. LOLA NEEDS TO GO. I think that Michelle’s piece was worse but than Lola’s; she should have known better and stuck with the first piece (Simon should feel really awful). I wish the judges had reflected more on previous work (they did that in keeping Kymia) and realized that Michelle had the capacity to win the entire competition whereas Lola does not. 

    • Simon had me laughing…that is awful, can you start over, this is childish….HAHA.  I think Michelle’s original concept was also bad, she really wasn’t trying very hard in this challenge.

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: She seems to think long, obtuse, poetic-sounding titles will make up for a lack of concept.”

    Or lack of talent.


    • Anonymous

      I loved Kymia’s comment about how she draws freehand — like, you know, an artist — while Lola apparently can’t. 

      • My drawing fiend of an artist daughter agrees, she was saying “TRACING, are you KIDDING me!!??”

  • Anonymous

    Agree Lola needs to go. She is so bitchy (not in a fun way), immature, mean and none of her pieces have impressed me. She got praise the first time she did the drawings with the words written on it and just keeps doing it over and over. I really would like to see more from Michelle and wish she wouldn’t have been eliminated.

    My husband commented that Dusty looks like Rusty from Squidbillies and now I can’t un-see it.

    • Anonymous

      TLo don’t include a readable screen-shot of Lola’s words in her piece, but I’m pretty sure that when one close-up shot of it flashed on my TV screen, there was some horribly misspelled word on it.  Minor quibble, I admit, but it does bug.

      • Pam Winters

        They showed it a bunch of times–it was an “IN” that should have been an “IM.” I can’t remember the whole word.

        • Anonymous

          It said “iNpatiently..” doing something (can’t remember what it was referring to) instead of “iMpatiently”.  So not only is she a total attention whory brat, she’s also kind of a moron.

          • It was something about “inpatiently” tapping her fingers. It was written on her index finger, I think.

    • jeneria

      Great.  Now I’m seeing Squidbillies, too.  “Ain’t nuthin gonna stop me now but my innate inabilitree to progress cognatious thunk.”

  • Anonymous

    Michelle seems like a much more interesting artist than Lola on the whole. I can’t believe Lola went back to the “writing on a drawing” well a WEEK after she was chastised for it by the judges.

    But based only on this week’s work, yeah, I can see why they sent Michelle home.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle’s piece was probably the worst but I would have been very happy to have seen Lola go home as she annoys me just as much as she annoys TLo.  I would have been happy with either of the top two winning.  The judges overall really nailed the placements this week, I thought.

  • Jacqui

    I just don’t get Lola. She’s traced what, 4 photos now? It just seems like a lack of talent.

  • Anonymous

    I was praying that it was Lola who was going to get the boot.  She’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.  She’s like Josh.  Imagine what a pair of BFFs those two would make!  {shudder!]  And I thought it was possible, because not only was her piece dull and devoid of any visual interest whatsoever–it was exactly what she’s been doing throughout the run of this show. As the judges made clear, they’re sick of it.  I’m disappointed in Michelle, whose self-portrait I thought was breathtaking, but who hasn’t produced much of note on the show. Still, she’s obviously got more vision than Lola.  But, alas.  Very interesting analysis of how she dealt with car parts, TLo, because yes, you would have expected her piece to have sinister, dark, frightening elements.

    I just love Kymia to pieces, but she has got to calm down and get her nerves under control if she hopes to make it to the end.

    I was surprised that Sarah J’s piece came out so well. When she was first working on it, I was worried. It didn’t look like it would amount to much, but it had so much energy–really liked it.  I also liked Sarah K’s piece(s)–their Rorschach-ness, their bug-like look. 

    Glad Dusty hung in.  Glad Young’s robot didn’t win.  As the ignoscenti so often remark in the contemporary art galleries, “I could have done that!”  🙂

  • Judy_J

    I so agree with you guys…Lola should have been sent packing.  I am getting tired of her act.  I think the cartoony google-eyes Michelle chose to keep on her project was what put her at the bottom. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh–I meant to add that in the November 28 issue of The New Yorker there was a terrific article on the French photographer/street artist JR.  I kept thinking of the graffiti challenge while I was reading it.

  • Loved the artists’ personal responses to the car challenge: “I know nothing about cars; I don’t even know how to drive a car.” Yes, you’re so unusual that you sound like 80% of your fellow artistants.

    I liked Sarah K’s a lot. I would have liked it better had she mounted her seat-pelts (see how I did that?) to larger canvases.

    Lola is textbook Freshman Art Student and I hate her Fiona Apple-style titles. You can swing a cat and hit a half dozen obnoxious art-pixies at any art school. I’m waiting to see her pull something else out of her bag o’tricks: tracing, witty captions, groupings and triptychs… at least she didn’t also submit the foil-covered car door (which also referenced the NY Times-covered weapons).

    I thought Young’s was rather sophomoric, and very similar to Michelle’s first attempt. Car parts are like human parts. Meh.

    • Anonymous

      That “Like” is for the seat-pelts! 🙂

  • Pennymac

    I thought the judging was spot on this week and am delighted that Ms.”tiger-penis-everything-sex = art” is gone. I hope Lola and her obnoxious “titles/statements-on-the-work” crap goes next. I prefer no narrative telling me what to think about the piece, please. She does get on this unborn fawns nerves as well.

  • Anonymous

    I liked Michelle’s other piece a lot more.
    Lola should go back to her basement bedroom at her mom’s and go play with her Wicken candles and Teen Beat magazine.

    • Anonymous

      Did someone up above ridicule Lola’s spelling?  Wicken?

  • Joshua

    I would have picked Lola for the aufing but would have put Young squarely in the bottom as well, considering how boring that robot was. I was really surprised they sent home Michelle, but I can’t say I completely disagree with that choice.

  • Anonymous

    Thought Michelle should have gone with the windshield piece. Had she come up with that idea earlier and had the time to flesh it out, it could have been interesting. Lola’s misspelled words are, I think, misspelled on purpose. I hope.

  • Anonymous

    Young’s pieces are obvious and literal…perfect call on that one.  I am really disappointed with this season.  They seem to have cast a group of people with very limited skill sets.  No one seems able to break out of their own little niche…the challenge parameters are irrelevant to what they produce.

    • jeneria

      Is it just me, or does this season’s judging seem far more focused on “personal story” and less on whether the art is effective?  It has a PR inconsistency to the judging.  If Michelle had a story about her car wreck making her feel sad but now she’s overcome it and is a googly-eyed happy car, would that have saved her?  Because I think that cheapens the art if it just becomes about the story.

      • Anonymous

        No, they were obsessed with “making art personal” last season too. That was basically why Abdi won (they praised him for making a highly personal collection). 

  • Anonymous

    Lola titles are like Leslie Knope headline suggestions with fewer puns.

    • Anonymous

      And with 100% less awesomeness than anything Leslie Knope has ever done and will ever do in the future.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I guess I”m as annoyed with teh “It had to be about the car crash” as much as I was about Leon’s “Your pop art isn’t deaf enough for us” comment.  I dont’ think the judges should be judging based on their perceived psychology.  Maybe, despite the crash, Michelle does normally associate cars with happy things.  And even if she does sometimes think of them in terms of her accident, she’s not required to respond to the challenge that way.  The choice of content is not the judges’ business; the execution and depth of the piece is.

    • Anonymous

      Except that she referenced her accident multiple times previously.

      • Anonymous

        That doesn’t mean she has to do it all the time.

  • Dusty – when you have a sponsor challenge do NOT go negative. The accident version (although perfectly suited to these stupid little tin can cars) was not going to make it.
    Lola stayed because the producers knew she was going to get naked eventually and, dwa-da!, sure enough she’s naked next week!

  • Anonymous

    No matter how great something referencing a car accident would have been, it’d be suicide to do that in a challenge sponsored by a car company.

    I was very worried about Dusty when he explained his original concept because no way would that fly.

    • Anonymous

      I thought of that with Dusty’s piece, too. No way that would work for major sponsor Fiat. I think that’s one reason why Sarah J’s won — it was the rare piece that could produce positive associations with the automobile.

  • Anonymous

    Lola’s “labeling the drawing” is not nearly as original as the show seems to think. It’s basically a ripoff of Mordecai Gerstein’s work in the “Something Queer” series by Elizabeth Levy. 

  • MilaXX

    I am now officially chanting , “Die Lola, die.” while watching this show. Girlfriend bugs like no other. In other news, Dusty has pretty decent legs.

  • Anonymous

    I think its a damn shame Michelle didn’t go with her original idea. It was just whacky enough the judges would have enjoyed it. By my count she’s the second artist who listened to Simon, completely abandoned their original concept, and got sent home as a result. Given that Simon has actually payed good money for Sucklord’s ‘art’, I sure as hell wouldn’t listen to his opinion of my work.

    Lola is beyond getting on my nerves.

    • Anonymous

      Simon never personally ‘bought’ the Sucklord’s work, he just sold it at auction.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the arrangements of the parts on the floor were more interesting than anything produced by these very limited would be artists.

    • I kind of didn’t want them to disturb the car parts arrangement — it was lovely, and must have taken so long to create…

  • Anonymous

    I was in a pretty awful car accident when I was younger. Even mentioning car accidents starts to bring me to a bad place, as they say. So I can sort of sympathize with Jerry. Plus referencing a car accident when the sponsor’s a car company doesn’t sound like a good idea.

  • Anonymous

    Lola isn’t going anywhere, I think it will be Lola vs Young for the finale and Lola will eek by as Young will finally be criticized for being too obvious and literal.

  • Anonymous

    I think Michelle should’ve gone with the ‘fogged glass’ thingy she slapped together at the last minute. It was far more interesting than that cartoon car. The fact that her competitors ALL told her to go with the cartoon should’ve given her a clue.

    Lola bugs.

    Love Sarah J.

  • Now I am The Bee

    I think I would have let Lola go as well.  I just don’t get what the metal pieces (that she was trying to grow crystals on them–doesn’t that take, like, centuries?) had to do with that bad picture of herself that she traced and didn’t even draw it!  Just too annoying.  However–I can certainly see why they sent Michelle home–bad decisions the whole way.  I’m glad Khmia survived, though lola was right about her–she needs to get her emotions in check and focus.  She’s got to get past being the victim of the mean girls. 

    I’m so glad the muffler piece won.  Brilliant. 
    I also liked Dusty’s a lot.  It was a sinple but interesting op-ed on how most people use their cars most of the time, no matter how hot or cool the car companies want you to think their vehicles are.  In the end-they just get you from point A to point B. 

  • r0ckmypants

    I would’ve eliminated Lola strictly based on the fact that she thinks “inpatiently” is a word.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you all the way on this one, T Lo.  Lola should have gone home for sure, and she gets naked next episode so will probably skate through that one as well.  

    Sara J really earned that win.  It was the best piece by far.  And I thought the biggest stroke of reality in this episode was having the Fiat parts spread out on the floor.  That’s the destiny of every Fiat.  It ain’t nicknamed “Fix it again, Tony” for nothing.

  • I really can’t stand Lola, and I’d actually feel bad for Sucklord if she decides to try and pursue her idea of a “romance” there… (I’m not entirely sure she understands the concept of “romance” – or most other human emotions, really… she always strikes me as just a bit alien, but that may just be because she gets on my nerves.)

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t the Sucklord mention having a girlfriend? He basically admitted in one of the confessionals that the flirting was just a game and that he hoped it didn’t get him in trouble when his girlfriend saw it. Just further proof of how immature and self-absorbed Lola is. 

      • Anonymous

        Lola gave me the impression that because shes all ‘naughty’ and ‘mischevious’ she would have gone after him regardless of his girlfriend.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure that makes him better than Lola.  In fact, it makes him worse.  He knows he has a girlfriend.  A relationship he has chosen to be in.  Yet, he chose to go in that direction on national TV.  Lola’s bad, but I think Sucklord gets the Asshole Award on that one.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t the Sucklord mention having a girlfriend? He basically admitted in one of the confessionals that the flirting was just a game and that he hoped it didn’t get him in trouble when his girlfriend saw it. Just further proof of how immature and self-absorbed Lola is. 

  • Anonymous

    Lola’s pieces remind me of that thing you do when you don’t know the answer to a question on a test, so you just start writing down everything you know about the topic. Those items don’t go together, reference each other or make really any sense together at all. And she’s gone to the ‘words on pictures’ well one too many times, to me.

    I’m okay with Michelle having gone, because her stuff has been weak the past few weeks, but I disagree that because she was in a serious accident her car-related piece should have automatically referenced it. For one, she already did a piece that referenced her accident earlier in the season (the cataloging her injuries one). But I don’t really understand where the line is there; how come all of Young’s pieces don’t have to reference his dead parent, or Dusty’s his new kid? It just seems superficial to me… “We know this one fact about you and now you have to work it in all the time.” I dunno.

    I can see how cars might have some psychological impact on her – I actually find it sort of telling she picked the front of the car, assuming that’s the bit that hit her and her boyfriend. I just don’t think it’s fair to expect her to make something accident-related because they know she was in one. Dusty said he was in a bad accident when he was little, but because the judges didn’t know about that, apparently it didn’t matter in his crit?

    In any case, I would have preferred to see them give Lola the boot. Literally, if possible.

    I’m bummed Kymia’s piece didn’t turn out not because it put her in danger, but it sounded like what she envisioned was really cool. I would have liked to have seen that.

    • Anonymous

      I just think it was frustrating for the judges to hear multiple times about her accident and have it referenced in her work EXCEPT in the one challenge where it really might have served her. Maybe it hit too close to home this time.

    • ferdinanda

      I think they harped on the accident because her piece was so weak.  If it were a strong piece, visually–and if it allowed the viewer room to imagine/question/experience something emotional–then they wouldn’t have said, “hey, wasn’t she in an accident??”  For want of a concept, at the very least, she could have gone to that well. It may be repeating a theme, but at least it would be a personal, real theme, instead of a lame or arbitrary one.

      • Anonymous

        I was mulling this over some more yesterday. Maybe that means her piece was more impactful than we thought. lol Anyway, I totally agree she didn’t given them much to work with crit-wise. At first I was annoyed (that might be too strong a word) with the “lazy judging”, but I do sympathize with them on the point that they didn’t really have any other way to come at this piece except to say “Hey, this is pretty awful/stupid”.

        I was also wondering how much of it lands on the producers/editing. I mean, it is a ‘reality’ show, but they’re still trying to tell a story and give us characters (Lola the Bitch, Dusty the All American Country Boy, Emotional Kymia, etc). Michelle hasn’t given them much to work with there, either. Poop, tiger penises, and car accident. If you’re gonna edit to follow your character there, I think you have to go with car accident in the car challenge.

        Anyway, I still agree the subject of cars was probably touchy for her, and that she deserved to be ousted here. I’m still not sure she *needed* to go to the accident on this one, but for sure if she’d given them something, anything else to talk about, they might not have brought it up.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the judges were saying she was REQUIRED to reference the accident.  They meant that her piece was so bland and didn’t really say anything, when they know she had this obvious significant life event she could have referenced.

  • Anonymous

    A few comments on the show itself (not necessarily related to this episode):
    I mostly enjoy that the producers are in on the joke. I do not enjoy that every challenge now has a cash reward, even though I’m happy for the people getting the money.

    I have to disagree that Sarah K. is one of the weaker remaining artists (in absolute terms), but so far as the competition is concerned, she does have the weakest record in front of the judges. I’m pleased that she is still in it, though.

    This challenge was decent, certainly better in its premise than the Audi challenge last season. The results were not spectacular, but neither was it a disaster.

    Sara J. She said this was her favourite piece she has done and it is my favourite of her pieces as well – which, granted, is not necessarily saying much as I haven’t been particularly fond of anything she’s made before, but I do genuinely appreciate this. It is nice to see her working outside of her usual comfort zone (particularly for me, considering I am not a fan of her comfort zone).

    Sarah K. I am glad that she finally got some positive recognition from the judges and I respond positively to this work. It has an immediate visual interest to it and I agree with the judges that, like Sara J.’s piece, it was one which let the parts used to make it speak for themselves. This was, in some respects, a departure for her, too, in that it was not so heavy on technique and concept.

    Dusty. I have nothing much to say about it.

    Young. I have nothing much to say about it, either. (P.S. to Young: I’m not sure it’s a date if it takes place in a van – though I’m sure you both had a great time.)

    Kymia. Her idea was interesting, and I suspect the judges may even have liked it if it had been executed properly, but for me it has a bigger problem than its execution. Namely that, while it would have been appealing to look at (or into) if it were as she envisioned, it would not have made any sense whatsoever. It’s a play on words, but no one would ever know without being told the words played upon and what the materials used to make it were.

    Lola. In spite of the fact that she is, as I’ve said before, my least favourite of the contestants, I have started to feel bad for her – mainly because I am clearly not alone in that sentiment. And hence I feel bad mentioning that her drawing here is yet again technically weak, which, given that she traced it, is quite something.

    Michelle. Her elimination came as a surprise to me. I’m not sure I buy into the whole running from her accident idea, especially since she has been willing to address issues related to it before (multiple times, in fact), but it’s clear that she was kind of lost in this challenge. She has a tendency to ignore the brief entirely and pursue tangential concepts that strike her fancy (she is, after all, the one who suggested doing a sculpture about “pooping” in the motion challenge). The judges clearly wanted something dealing with her trauma – Simon seemed to imply that she might wish to go in that direction during his studio visit too – which she had no apparent interest in doing.

    • Yeah, you nailed the failure of Kymia’s piece. She loved the significance of the key and created a title for her piece, and THEN imagined what the key filings would be like without actually grinding it down and letting the material tell her what to do with it. It’s part of the problem with the time constraints. There’s no time for trial and error, which is what sunk Michelle.

      Both Kymia and Lola have some serious growing up to do, at least in the social sense. I’m not enjoying their story arcs right now.

  • Julian Betkowski

    I liked Lola up until the episode prior to this one, when she demonstrated that her wackiness is a result of real immaturity, not mature weirdness. I think its important to hold on to some child-like wonder, and all that, and a certain level of naiveté is charming, and useful for an artist, but she’s shown that she’s just a child in big girl pants.

    Her piece this episode is obviously lazy as well as immature. I agree, she should have gone home.

  • Anonymous

    I was surprised Kymia didn’t get the boot, because her piece was exceptionally wtf.  But I’m glad she didn’t get the auf.  Yes, auf.  Why pretend this isn’t Project Runway for fine artists?

    Lola is circling the drain, Sucklord style.  One more drawing-with-text plus another disconnected element will send her packing.

    Glad to see Sara win for once.  Party girl who got her shit together!  What’s not to like?

    Now excuse me.  I’m going to go up on the roof and chant and try and get myself together.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. I had forgotten about when she went up to the roof to chant. I love it. 

  • bethannstamps

    i kept thinking scarb beetle when i first saw what Sarah K was doing, she should have pushed it further instead of just gluing it to the artboard. and i am awfully tired of the rambling long titles of trace art w words. so give it up or go home.

  • I was SO EXCITED to see a tweet from tomandlorenzo on my television screen!!! Congrats or whatever you say when someone’s tweets are show on the boob tube!

  • Anonymous

    I thought for sure the obviousness of Dusty’s piece would earn him the win. I would have been happy with either of the Sarahs winning. Sarah K’s made me think of two people riding in a car together and the skinned hides being like how you reveal things to one another in the intimacy of the car space, such as on a road trip. When I realized it was about her father, that interpretation became even more alive to me, but I liked it anyway.  I agree with TLo that I would have liked it better if she had some something else to the work in addition to displaying the flayed skins — maybe something textural on the background to give it interest. Sarah J’s was more fully realized, and she deserved the win.

  • Can I just say I love China Chow’s dresses – and the way they seem to reflect the challenges: For the newspaper challenge, her dress (what I saw of it) had these with black and white layers, for the street art challenge, it seemed graffiti inspired, and this week, it was a metallic dress.

  • Anonymous

    My hubby walked in at the end of the show–he hadn’t seen this or any other episode.  He listened to Lola and her myriad of excuses and said, “I don’t know anything about her or what she did–but she is the one to go home–she’s all excuses.”

  • Anonymous

    Sara J continues to impress me.  In defense of Michelle, she has explored her accident in other art projects, if she continued to do so  I am sure the judges would have called her out for that.  Her piece was indeed weak but SourPuss should have gone home.  She has consistently produced mediocre works with pretentious titles.  

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure if they would call her out or not, since they’re all about the “personal story” and literal.  I do know that I would get bored with it, though.

  • Anonymous

    I think Young is lucky that several other artestants were sooooooooooooo awful this week, because his car part robot was incredibly boring.  Lola and her pretentious titles should have gone, though there is no questioning that Michelle drank deep of the WTFsauce this week. 

  • Anonymous

    I would have offed Lola, too.  She’s beyond on my nerves.  As for Michelle – she started strong, but didn’t continue to impress – and call me unsympathetic but I DON’T get her obsession with cars as malevolent things; last I checked they didn’t go around driving themselves into people.  She didn’t have to do anything associated with cars with the car parts.  Heck, she could have made a dress out of them. 

  • Anonymous

    Lola needs to go partly because she is a one trick pony and partly because she also works my last nerve.

    I actually liked Michelle’s car window piece that she decided not to show. It would have caught my attention in a gallery.

  • vmcdanie

     Sometimes on reality shows you think you hate this person but maybe wouldn’t if you knew them in real life stripped of the editing and the pressure they are under (I put Shangela in this category) but I’m pretty sure I’d hate Lola in person at least as much, if not more. My hatred of her would still be tolerable if I liked her art but for the most part, nope.

    I liked Michelle’s work though (and Michelle except for when she jumped on the bitch train with Lola) and I wanted to see more of it so I was bummed out by the results. I really wish they would grade on a curve. Does anyone think we are going to see anything interesting from Lola especially compared with Michelle’s previous work?

    On a positive note, I’m so glad Sara J. won this both because I feel like the one divorce episode wasn’t really representative of her and this piece was easily the best. And she won money to go to grad school which was heart-warming, really.

    • Anonymous

      My problem with grading on a curve is summed up in one word:  Anya.