WERQ: Taylor Swift in Oscar de la Renta

Posted on December 05, 2011

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, SWIFTIANS? All you Taylor Swift fans flew into a murderous rage and threatened to burn our house down* every time we mentioned that her saccharine sweetness made our teeth ache and our asses fall asleep and now we’re too scared to say anything mean about her!

But we’ll give it a shot.

Look, we don’t actually mind a demure style on a young lady. Anyone who reads us for any length of time will see us praising the ladylike stylings of people like Carey Mulligan or the Fanning sisters all the time. We’re certainly not the types of queens to insist on sequins, tight skirts and Cha Cha heels on every female in our line of sight. The problem we always had with this gal – from a style perspective, at least – wasn’t that she was working a Professional Virgin gig. She would be FAR from the first female entertainer to have such a career hook. No, the problem was that she was so frequently style-less about it. Instead of taking her ladylike cues from some of the masters, she seemed to be taking them from Disney Princesses. She just bored us to the point of irritating us. There’s no other way to put it and you know good and bleeding well that you have your own list of celebrities that cause the same reaction in you. Come now. We’re all friends here. We won’t judge you until you leave the room.

Anyway, this is all prelude to the following shoutout with accompanying neck rolls and snaps up:

*Certain story points enhanced for entertainment purposes.

Taylor Swift attends the Billboard’s Sixth Annual Women in Music event in New York City in an Oscar de la Renta dress.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Frida Gustavsson

Girl, you WERQ the shit out of that party dress! LOVE your hair! We’re TOTALLY IGNORING your shoes!


[Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images, elle.com]

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  • Anonymous

    I love it. Snaps up, Tay!

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous. Almost didn’t recognize her.

  • Still recognizably Taylor, but with an added splash of DAYUM.

  • Michelle Cruz

    I LOVE your Taylor Swift comments, and I am a huge Taylor fan. 

  • Anonymous

    I can totally get behind this WERQ. She looks great here (also ignoring the shoes). The hair is fabulous on her. She even managed to match her lipstick to her dress properly. That’s a tough feat with reds.

    I will say, when she does wear a color (rather than neutral metallic sparkles), see chooses red pretty often. But she also had that killer mini dress a week or so ago that was blue and black. Could it be that our annoying little girl is growing up?

  • Anonymous

    Scorching hot.

  • WOW! I share your boredom/annoyance when it comes to Taylor Swift, but girl looks good! WERQ for sure!

  • muzan-e

    Can’t see the shoes. They seem to be caught behind a flaming wall of kick-ass. *g*

    Love it.

  • Anonymous

    She looks fine but I don’t care for the dress—looks like “bridesmaid at a Christmas wedding” style.  And that smirk is SO hard to get past.  I hope she doesn’t think she’s going to catch the bouquet.

  • Anonymous

    You boys are hilarious, in case you didn’t know that (HA!). I was with you gentlemen until you went with “as much style as a Disney princess.” I too have found Taylor to be a little monotonous… but didn’t you just post Jennifer Hudson taking some snapworthy cues from those same princesses? 

    • Anonymous

      Oh and, I do think I get what you’re saying… I just think Taylor Swift was to blame, not those beloved icons of my childhood–I mean, nice cartoon ladies.

      • But Jennifer Hudson doesn’t ALWAYS look like a Disney princess. Taylor Swift does.

    • It’s one thing to take a cue from a Disney princess when one is performing AT DISNEY for A SINGLE DAY.  It is another thing entirely when one makes it a lifestyle. 

    • Anonymous

      But Jennifer was at a Disney theme park (not sure which). It fit the venue and she isn’t always wearing the same get up.

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous, but that smirk on her face reads, “Thank you for your applause, tiny people.  I will enslave you now.”

    • Anonymous

      She always has that look plastered on her face. I’m so over her “li’l ol’ me?” facade.

  • She looks really amazing…until you get to her feet.  Clunk.

  • I love the dress but I’m not feeling the hair. It’s the bangs. No me gusta.

  • Anonymous

    So great to see her in a poppin’ color! Her hair color looks great.

    • BerlinerNYC

      I wish my eyes could figure out exactly what color it is. Is that red-orange? It’s compelling and unusual. Her lipstick matches it, and I even like that! I want the Pantone name/number for that color.

  • I was going to call you sell-outs for giving T.Swift a WERQ, but you described exactly how I feel about her style, so kudos. It is a great color dress, and I am most decidedly ignoring the shoes, lest their boringness destroy my will to blog.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, I can’t stand her…cannot STAND her and yet, here I am, also forced to admit: she looks really good here.

  • The make-up is oddly heavy here, particularly for her — I would have liked a bit more balance in the make-up look.  But the hair is fab and the dress is fantastic. 

    I would either a) dial back the blush and go for a more peach/bronze color instead of the “PINK” one she’s wearing or b) warm up the shadow on her eyes with more neutral tones (it looks like these are too cool for her lip and skin) or both.  The liner is fine with me as is the lip.

  • only fabulous cus its an oscar de la renta dress. 

  • Anonymous

    Great change for her but agree about the shoes…YAWN……

  • MilaXX

    She’s not going away is she?

    • Anonymous

      Nope. :

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap. That model looks like she’s about to keel over.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Word that popped into my head: “Hot”. Taylor Swift? Hot? Well, hot in a demure way, I guess. The hair really makes her look different.

  • Love her hair.

  • Color looks good on her.  She really should try it more often.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god!!   She has eyebrows!!  

  • Go ON with your bad self Gurrrrrl.
    Its about time, Taylor.  looking Hot.

  • Anonymous

    Picking jaw up off the floor. I didn’t know she had it in her. She’s been driving me bonkers for the exact same reasons you guys expressed. I guess fierce shoes would be asking too much but damn she looks hot and I’m totally digging the hair. Never did I think I would utter “WERQ” to TS.

  • That’s a great shade of red on her and she’s really working it. I doubt the hair will last very long though.

  • Her new hairdo makes her look like a grown-up. LOL about the shoes: as soon as I saw them, I thought, “oh, no, it’s a T-Lo no-no!”

  • Anonymous

    [groan] Putty shoes again. But this may be the best I’ve ever seen her look.

  • Anonymous

    Love your footnote but most especially your final line.  I can’t forgive the shoes, though, so no WERQ from me.

  • Ready for a guest starring gig on Revenge, maybe? 

  • Anonymous

    She does look pretty good here. Still annoys the living hell out of me.

  • that is a hair piece1

  • Wow.

    She looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! What a transformation. Yeah, the shoes suck, but OMG she needs to dress like this all the time.

  • Am I the only one not feeling the bangs here?

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great, too. However, the generic straight hair does nothing for me. I love her curls. And the shoes are boring. Maybe she should borrow the shoes from Jessica Alba in your recent post!

  • Hot damn!  She looks ah-mazing.  And that hair color?  Perfection. 

  • Anonymous

    she had to wear the shoes. She just had to ruin the look with those horrid shoes.

  • Dayum, that dress looks fabulous. Great makeup. I’m not crazy about that hairstyle, but it looks good on her and she really needed a change. She looks more adult now.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t not recognize her without her trademark curls. She looks fabulous. Love the bright color (seems like she tends towards the beige).

    • Check out the video for “You Belong with Me”.  Not only is it straight, but it’s dark.  (She plays both female roles)

      She looks great on her imdb page. 

  • Linde Hoff

    Yes, I agree she’s greatly improved here…surprised you turned a blind eye to the shoes, though!!  Well, she doesn’t have it in her to wear any shoes other than what she has on here, you’re right.  It’s all about capability, and given her parameters, she “done good.”

  • Sara__B

    She looks great with long bangs and a sassy dress. (I’m ignoring the shoes, too.)

  • Her dress looks flammable and her hair looks like a wig.

  • OMG, I LOVE THIS.  She needs to do this more often.  Girl, you made your millions, now just go have FUN.

  • Anonymous

    Love the new hair color.  Much better than Clairol’s Baby Bimbo Blonde.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the best I’ve ever seen her look, putty pumps aside.

  • Anonymous

    I would not have recognized her without the cation. She looks completely different.


  • Anonymous

    this looks very good from the ankles up. pathetic shoe choice given what she could have picked (pretty much anything, right?). I even like that she seems to have hiked up the decolletage a few inches. how often do you see a celebrity chick make a dress MORE demure?

  • Anonymous

    All I know about this woman is from what I see of her on TLo. She never seems human to me. Until today. Looks like Taylor bites her nails all the way down. Werq that bad habit sweetie

  • CQAussie

    Yes come on, you only talk about people behind their backs.  It’s called manners.

    On Swift – fabulous!  Hate the shoes but hair and make-up and dress are all fantastic!  More of this, please Taylor.

  • Anonymous

    im not a fan of their hair!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ya know, I am coming around to liking Taylor Swift.

    Like you guys, I thought she was too saccharine and bland, and that it was a result of who she is, rather than a role she was playing to her primary audience (Middle America). It was an act never intended for the wider post-Kanye-comment audience that suddenly turned eyes on her.

    But the girl has worked that career-making moment, launching an actual career that is based on talent. And I’ve seen her in a few interviews lately where she -gasp!- speaks coherently and in full sentences that contain thoughtful content!

    She’s won me over. Wherever she came from and whatever audience she was playing to while younger, she’s growing up in a deliberate, thoughtful way. True sophistication is well within her reach, and her progress so far suggests that she’ll achieve it.

  • Anonymous

    I hate Taylor Swift, but give props when they’re due–she looks great in that dress.  Far better than the model, who looks angry and ill.  

  • Whoever did her hair deserves a a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • I can’t get over that you gave a WERQ to someone wearing silly putty shoes and matchy, matchy lipstick. She does look fabulous, though.

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t WERQ posts, by definition, graded on an individual curve? Like, this look, on anyone with a scrap of style, would get a 7.5 at the most. On Swift, it’s such an improvement it deserves snaps up. 

  • Anonymous

    Hee – the shoe comment is awesome.  And how telling… I had a scroll back up because I couldn’t remember the shoes.  I really like the color of the hair, not sure about the Agent 99 bangs.  Dress is elegant and sexy, one of the hardest combos to get right.

  • Anonymous

    Silly shoes, but everything else is fab! She needs to embrace bold colors, as they look great on her.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a testament to how boring she was before that something as simple as bangs makes her look about ten times more interesting. Credit where it’s due, she looks good, and on some people the material of that dress could easily look chip in a chip way. She’s making it work, though.

  • Anonymous

    Dress looks better on her than on the model, and the hair is perfect.  But what the frak is up with those shoes?  Oy!

  • Anonymous

    Same here re: shoes? What was she thinking? Everything above shoes is totally adorable, though. Love her new hair!

  • No more mermaid hair. Glory, hallelujah!

  • Ben

    the model looks like she’s in need of a water bottle. yikes. swift girl, keep that hair style, thank you. and throw those shoes to whoever chose them for you. 

  • makeup’s a little heavy for a girl with perfect skin

  • Anonymous

    I do not like Taylor Swift’s singing voice, but I think a young celebrity who sets a positive example for her young fans deserves respect.  There.  I said it.  Anyway, she looks beautiful here. The shoes are invisible so they don’t matter.  The dress, hair and lipstick are fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a church mouse…

  • I wish she were wearing the shoes Jessica Alba has on in your earlier post…

  • Geno Boggiatto

    She looks better than normal… but she’s still an annoying little *insert insulting name here*

  • i completely agree with everything you said, i get sooooo bored of her, but yes yes yes she looks way good here. she needs to stick with that straight hair makes her look a lot sexier and less like a disney princess. She always looks better with the straight hair, and color

  • Ebony Dawkins

    Taylor, whoever took a flat iron to your head is a genius among men.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! That is one haggard looking model! On top of how much I just don’t like her generally, her face is so pinched that I can’t enjoy looking at her. And I don’t like the hair makeup or shoes. The dress is standard.

  • Her hair looks fantastic, and the dress is great. I love the color of that dress! She looks totally different ie.interesting.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. And if she had just gone with the color shoe they had on the runway (kind of a camel color) in an interesting style, she’d have knocked it out of the park.

  • Anonymous

    Now she looks like Julianne Hough. I think it’s the synthetic material of the dress that gives off the ballroom-y vibe. Seriously, if you gave that dress another foot, wouldn’t it look like she should be on DanceSport?

  • Enh, Mary Elizabeth Winstead did it better.

  • Yeuch, I still hate it, yucky shoes, wiggy hair, boring ‘RED DRESS’. 

  • Michael Jo

    the shoes….. *shudder*

  • foodycat

    It’s Taylor without the twee. Very, very nice.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LOVE the hair, it really, really works well for her.  Great dress, even if it is a tad bridesmaidy.  Those shoes?  Ugh…..  But it wouldn’t be Taylor if she didn’t f**k up at least one thing.

  • Anonymous

    Although it’s hard to see anything else but BILLBOARD!  TOOTHPASTE!  TARGET!!! in this photo, once I squint so that I can see her, I have to wonder: Is that really Taylor Swift?  I love her curly/wavy hair, but this look is fantastic on her.  The dress–color and style–gorgeous!  The shoes.  You forgive, I don’t.  That is an Oscar de la Renta dress, and it’s bad enough that it has to compete with toothpaste and discount stores.  But to force it to accompany Those Fucking Godawful Shoes?  No.  No werq from me.

  • Cathy S

    I hereby approve this WERQ.

  • OMG. Taylor Swift in a cute red dress.  Never seen that before!

    Shoes are unacceptable on so many levels. She lost her WERQ the moment she thought those shoes ‘worked’. I’d take a black peep toe over those anyday.

  • All grown up and WERQing it!  

  • Anonymous

    Cute dress but that hair looks like a wig.  And not a good wig.

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful. I don’t mind the shoes, but there are much better options for a dress like this.

  • Brad and Anne White

    It is refreshing, but the dress and shoes Taylor’s wearing is my EXACT high school show choir outfit many moons ago, but my dress was probably flammable. I’ll just hide my eyes and look at her hair.

  • Anonymous

    I love that her hair is actually a color found in nature.  Yes. Werq!

  • Anonymous

    Needs to be a skosh shorter, but otherwise, I like.

  • Anonymous

    I think it was less Disney Princess and more she wanted to be a fairy tale role model for young girls….I think she often looks stunning! But the bangs and this lil dress knock it out of the park.

  • Yes, if you ignore the shoes, the look is fabulous!  I want that dress!

  • Damn. Tay Swift look gooooooood!

  • Judy_J

    Wow…she all growed up!

  • Anonymous

    major improvement in the hair department! 

  • Cute dress, love her hairstyle, still find her insufferable. 

  • Oh, her hair is *so* much better like this! Good work, Swift Stylist, whoever you are.

  • Anonymous

    This is the first time I have ever thought Swift looked good!! And she even has a mischievious smile!!

  • It’s all in the hair, isn’t it?
    Wait, she’s rocking the dress better than the runway model.
    *SNAP* SNAP*

  • Mariah J

    Love her with straight hair, way edgier

  • Mary McClelland

    LOVE the dress. It’s perfect – ladylike, fifties housewife, still sweet. Love the hair and make up. Shoes make me twitch and do nothing to enhance the look, but baby steps… baby steps… baby steps… 

  • Anonymous

    “We’re TOTALLY IGNORING your shoes!”
    That’s apparently what she wants.  For people to think that she floats on two negligible stems.

  • Anonymous

    I agree emphatically!  The hair is so much better!  The bit about taking inspiration from Disney princesses is so spot on – I wish I had thought of it myself!  The straightness, color and new bangs are all working to make her actually seem more modern and less twee. The neck line on the dress helps it feel more grown up, even though the circle skirt has a younger feel.  I suppose this look, and hope she rocks it more.  Her eye makeup is MUCH better here, and she doesn’t have the sour lemon eyes any more.

  • C

    Hmm if she’s going to wear her hair straight now she may want to consider coloring. Dress is fab.

  • Cut your silly bangs. 

  • Anonymous

    Love the hair, major improvement.  Now if we can ween her off the red lipstick…

  • Frank Li

    She just gives off that a-lady-in-the-street-and-a-freak-in-the-sheets vibe.