WERQ: Sandra Bullock

Posted on December 21, 2011

Lea Michele, please get out your notebook.


Sandra Bullock appears on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”

Because this is how you dress when you’re sitting with your crotch at the eye level of millions of people. Granted, Sandy’s several decades older than you and you shouldn’t be expected to dress exactly like this if you don’t want to, but please take note of how she not only looks sexy, colorful and vibrant; she also looks comfortable. And that’s an enormously important quality to have when you’re doing talk show appearances.

Having said that, we don’t love the visible bra or the layered hem, which looks a little heavy. And then of course there are the big silly putty pumps. But even with all that, we still think she cuts a very appealing figure here.

Sandy knows what she’s doing, Lea. She’s still here after 20 years and her career’s better than ever. As we said, take notes.

Sandy? You WERQ that “Oscar-winning Actress” shit, girl.

[Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC]

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  • Anonymous

    Look at her gorgeous smile.  It makes me forgive that horrible bra strap thing.  As I stare at this, omg, did they clip her microphone to her bra strap?????  I will keep focusing on the smile and on the fact that she is so elegant and poised and never lets them see her look the least bit flummoxed.  I concer w/that WERQ.

    • Sara__B

      That ugly black lump on the exposed strap is her microphone? Shame on the sound people for making that ugly strap uglier! But even with those lumpy flesh-colored pumps, Sandra is remains firmly near the top of my Irrational Celebrity Like List, and I think she looks great.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, THAT’s what it is!  In that case it’s an unequivocal WERQ.  I don’t mind an exposed bra strap, as I’m a child of the 80s!

    • Jacquelina La Bomba

      OMG, y’all! There is so much freak-out about this alleged bra strap in these comments! I would argue that it’s not her bra strap at all– I think it’s part of the dress. Notice how the dress never moves up or down along the “strap”, even in the second picture where she’s leaning back a bit? In my experience that would be very unlikely if it were a silk dress draped over a bra strap. As for pinning the mic to the strap, I think they had to b/c of the nature of the dress fabric. It looks like very fine, slippery silk, and I think the poor mic would’ve just flopped over, or, worse, dragged the dress down. Anyway, despite the hiddy (and scary) manic Barbie shoes, I concur that this is a major WERQ– she looks freakin’ fabulous, confident and gorgeous! Especially love her dark nails and radiant smile!

      • Anonymous

        That’s kind of what I thought — it was part of the dress.

        Regardless, she looks fantastic. 

  • Ever since Speed I’ve had an irrational, girlcrushing love for Sandy.  She just makes me happy even if most of her movies are goofy.  She looks fantastic because she is fantastic.

    • MilaXX

      I’ve loved her since that cornball love potion movie she made with Tate Donovan.

      • Oooh, got me beat.  I bow to your Bullock love.

      • Anonymous

        Miss Congeniality. So much funnier than it had any right to be.

        • Anonymous

          “She said they were Satan’s panties.” Still one of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard. I have an irrational love for the movie, considering how much I loathe pageants.

        • Lisa

          I wish I could just imitate that loud fake sobbing she’s doing on the plane when she’s watching the pageant videos – it’s probably one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen in many a movie!  LOVE her!

    • I loved her in Ya-Ya Sisterhood, even though both the book and the movie were a bit wanting (I liked both, but really wanted to love them). My favorite scene is when she starts pounding the phone on the counter, screaming about what a drama queen her mother is.

      I’m also an unapologetic fan of Miss Congeniality (let us not speak of the sequel). And she managed to make Two Weeks Notice bearable. Her comedic timing is really remarkable.

    • foodycat

      I know what you mean Dina – I spent most of 1994-5 wearing a floral dress over a singlet and boots because of her. So endearing! I think she looks fantastic here, although I don’t like those shoes.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone here for 28 Days?? 

      • I may still use the expression “tiny brain clusters.”  It has a myriad of uses and people think you’re clever.

        Any movie that stars Sandra Bullock AND Steve Buscemi (and bonus: HE LIVES!) is too much awesome for me not to watch.

  • penn collins

    ditto ugh, bra strap, and hope she doesn’t spin- that door knocker might take out a make up artist….but this is a MUCH better way to SIT in front of people- no ‘lets see where I can put hands to cover my lady parts’ nonsense.. Go Sandy Go!

  • Anonymous

    I think her mic is on her strap?  Anyway, it sadly looks like her bra strap broke and she tied it in a knot LMAO.  Other than that, this is pretty fab.

  • Anonymous

    Huzzah, uncles! well said!

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention she looks radiant. You WERQ that short caftan, Lucy Moderatz!

  • Anonymous

    That color is awesome on her.

  • Anonymous

    bra strap and shoes are hiddy, but Sandy is fab, just looking at that second pic makes me smile 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Any sign of undergarments will always be a no-no for me, but that is a gorgeous color on her. And I love her hair and general air of being happy in her own skin. 

  • G

    Sorry, I am a bitter kitten.  I do like the color and the length of the dress for TV interviews.  However,  I actually think she is too old to show her bra strap.  Don’t care for her hair or her shoes.  Don’t like that long long necklace.   Not a WERQ for me.

    • Me either. I don’t like anything about this look. The dress looks like a blue potato sack (it’s a pretty shade of blue) and her hair isn’t working for me. The shoes are the worst, though.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not a bra strap but part of the dress.  The clip on mic makes it look more like a bra strap.

  • Anonymous

    Sandra Bullock occupies a universe completely unknown to the likes of Lea Michele, who will never come close to Sandy’s class and actual personality (as opposed to complete fakery and an empty shell), which even shines brightly enough to eclipse a bra strap and Those Hateful Shoes. 

    But it would be nice if she and the rest of the Good China girls learned to dress in something other than skankwear.

  • I have such a girl crush on Ms. Sandra Bullock. I want to age like her when I grow up. She’s almost 5-0, folks! Amazing.

    • She can probably KICK and STRETCH!

      • Anonymous

        And when she’s 99 she can sit. And STAND!

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous. No chance of showing the good china here.

  • Anonymous

    That is a movie star

  • Mike Winget

    I don’t think I can love Sandra Bullock anymore than I already do.  I”m not crazy about the dress, but her attitude and the poise that she carries herself with make me able to forgive this.   

    Go MIss Congeniality!!  

  • MilaXX

    Love her! She seems a cool person sit sit around and shoot the breeze with.

  • That hair……….. I just can’t even. So, so unflattering

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that hair’s not good.  Great color dress though.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, the color is lovely, and she looks great, but standing up this dress looked like a sack.  She gets points for color, great hair and makeup and overall great attitude.  Negative points for shapeless, silly putty shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Not only does she not have to use her hands to cover up her lady bits, she can sit with her legs crossed normally instead of super exaggeratedly like Lea.

  • R. L.

    LOVE her!!!  That is a fantastic color and her confidence makes for a better package, a greater sum than just adding up the parts.  Yes her shoes kind of suck and she might be old for showing bra straps but her glow makes up for it.

  • I love Sandy, but I can’t give this look a WERQ even though she’s smiling and adopted a baby last year.

  • Anonymous

    Love. Huh!

  • Cathy S

    I like the layered hem. It’s interesting. The bra strap’s unhappy, but she isn’t. She has such a great smile.

  • Anonymous

    Love the color and the dress really works on her.

    Minor issue – is it her hair that seems a bit severe..or makeup?

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: Having said that, we don’t love the visible bra…”

    Yep. I can’t get behind the visible bra strap. It always makes me think Jersey or South Philly girl. 

    And I am so OVER those big, clunky shoes. I loved platform shoes back in the 70’s, but those shoes were actually a lot more stylish and interesting than the ones they make now. The 70’s ones had a sense of fun. The contemporary ones are just awful.


  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    “Sandy’s several decades older than you” – OUCH!  She’s in her mid-40’s, and Leah Michele is in her 20’s.  That isn’t “several”.  I love Sandra Bullock – always have, always will.  My faves are “Practical Magic” and “While You Were Sleeping”.  She’s classy, beautiful, down to earth and as real as they come.  Love.her.

  • Judy_J

    Why wear a one-shouldered dress if you’re going to let your bra strap show?  It’s called a strapless bra, Sandy.  Look into it.  That said, I love the color of this dress, and yes, she looks fabulous in it.  Perfect length for sofa-sitting.

  • I wouldn’t have WERQed it, but overall I agree with your assessment.

  • Anonymous

    Love huh

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering why this struck me so instantly as “holiday,” and upon second glance I see that her dress coordinates with the blue ornaments on the trees. I’m not a fan of the strap but everything else is so festive — including her megawatt smile — that I can get past it. Especially love the hair, makeup and earrings.

  • Daniele Paulding

    Those shoes look more gray and less silly putty to me. She does look fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the strap is odd, but at least she made a choice to let it show and not worry about it. Love the earrings. She seems so comfortable with herself and with everyone around her.  

  • Anonymous

    That blue is a gorgeous color for her.  I agree that it’s a good sitting-down dress.  You’d think these gals would have gays who think about things like that.

  • Call me Bee

    Silly shoes is right,  Yuk.  But–other than that, SB looks fabulous–like an Oscar Winner.  Great color on her, great hair and I don’t mind the strap.  It just looks weird where they hooked on the mic.  You go, S! 

  • It’s a great “sitting down on a talk show” dress (or just sitting down in general), but I’d like to see her standing up in it. Barring that, and considering the visible bra strap, I wouldn’t call this a WERQ, but she really does look great. The color is gorgeous, I’d like the shoes if they weren’t putty, her hair is cute, I’m totally digging those earrings, and her smile could power an entire neighborhood for a month.

    So many celebrities try too damn hard to prove they’re just like us. I don’t buy it most of the time, but if someone told me Sandra Bullock did her own laundry, house cleaning and grocery shopping, I’d believe it. She’s a movie star who seems like a normal person. I love that about her.

    • This is my own weird thing, I know, but if someone told me that I would actually like her less.  Because doing all those crap jobs for yourself when you have that kind of money isn’t being a normal person — every normal person I know, if given a ridiculously huge amount of cash, would hire that shit out.  I always find it so odd that celebs doing stupid chores is a sign of “just like us” when none of us would do that if we didn’t have to:)

      (Besides, Bill and Guiliana Rancic do their own grocery shopping, how great can it be?)

  • Anonymous

    Seeing her like this, I love to imagine her asshole ex chewing his knuckles in despair.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the big silly putty pumps and visible bra strap here, for some unexplainable reason.  I’ve always been critical of her in the past…but she looks fantastic here.  Her makeup is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    I actually saw her on the show (odd for me, though not for millions of others) and except for my total loathing of the visible bra strap, thought she looked very middling-good – which for HER is batting it out of the park.  Like her, but glamor girl she ain’t.

    And while it is not *entirely* because her hem was not a gyno exam waiting to happen, that certainly must contribute to one’s ease of manner – which the young & not-so-young micro-mini’d should remember. Because looking in command of the situation and oneself is always an asset.

  • Anonymous

    Like a breath of fresh air after the photos of Lea Michele awkwardly sitting in microminis.  Sandra knows how to look sexy. Beautiful color.

  • visible bra strap are a Glamour Don’t! but love her smile!

  • Anonymous

    Lea, THIS is how you go with the “America’s sweetheart” thing…think how silly Sandra would look if she were constantly trying to do the sexpot shtick. As ridiculous as you do little miss Lea. Look and learn.

    Not digging the bra strap. And can’t these people see just out fug these shoes are? Burn them all! Anyhoo, other than that she’s looking pretty good. Love the smile.

  • Lulu Lafurge

    I like Sandra. But I dislike everything here from the neck down except the color of the dress.

  • Anonymous

    How great would a kelly, chrome yellow or fuschia shoe have been!! But it’s our Sandy, and she’s got it going on.

  • Not only that, she looks CONFIDENT!

    That’s incredibly sexy.  And why Lea will never figure it out (at least not for a long time.)

  • Anonymous

    I can hardly wait for the day the minnie mouse pumps are officially and forever OUT. 

  • Lisa

    I’m actually not nuts about this look – it’s a little dowdy.  But it’s Sandy, so she’ll always get a WERQ from me!

  • Anonymous

    Sandy is always more comfortable sitting than standing, so it’s no wonder she’s so relaxed here. Great to see her looking happy.

  • Anonymous

    A good romcom lead is hard to find – who in the current generation stands up to her?  Great color, chic shape.  Trying to ignore the strap.

  • Anonymous

    “Sandy’s several decades older than you”

    Oh guys, come on. That’s just unkind. Two decades, just two! 

    Sandy is, however, several times more fabulous than Lea Michele.

  • Anonymous

    for some reason i like that she decided well, if theyre gonna see my bra strap, i’ll make it a fancy one. i like the thought involved in finding the one w/ the ribbon on it. i think i’d like the necklace if i could see it & i’d like the dress better if it were a couple of shades deeper & more subtle & i dont like the shoes any better than you do but elsewise she does look mighty nice.


  • We need a better pic of that dress. Perhaps on the model or while standing. That isn’t a bra strap, it’s part of the dress. A contrasting ‘spaghetti strap’ if you will. There seems to be some other black detail on the arm. Anyway, the shoes do suck and I always prefer Sandra with softer make-up and hair but who are we kidding. She looks fab and that color is gorgeous on anyone but esp. her.

  • I don’t love the double hem but I feel like it makes it season appropriate – the second layer looks warmer.

  • Anonymous

    That’s my girl! I love it when she pulls through. Hate the shoes though.

  • oohsparkley!

    I’m curious what that dress looks like when she’s standing.  I think it’s probably better when she’s sitting.  The color looks great on her.  At least the hideous platform shoes have a separated platform,  I really hate the ones where the top of the toe is wrapped over the platform, making the toes look 3 inches thick.  The strap might be part of the dress, otherwise it would be a draped neckline and it would be hard to resist fussing with it, pulling the shoulder back up.  She looks comfortable with the off shoulder.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh.  So much better than the shiny pant suit!  

  • Anonymous

    I mildly dislike the dress for being too shiny and for that horrid bra strap and I genuinely hate the shoes. The necklace is terrible, and I think Sandy’s face looks harsh and weird and the center part isn’t working for her at all. She looks like a prettier Frida Kahlo, in fact. THAT SAID, she is wonderful and radiant and beautiful and classy and yes, that’s how you cover the good china and remain sexy and fabulous. She’s a permanent WERQ in my book. No stylist can create that kind of warmth and charisma. 

  • the only thing good about the outfit: the hair. And the fact that Sandra rocks. But you are here to critique fashion. It’s not a WERQ. Have you had too much champagne?

  • Anonymous

    There are too many negatives for this to be a WERQ. About the only good thing is the length of the hem…

  • marilyn

    I am completely with you until you get to the bra strap with the BIG HONKING KNOT in it.  Instead of giving her 100. I give her 95.   Even without the lump in it, I still downgrade her fort the strap being exposed at all.