Versace for H&M Cruise Collection

Posted on December 15, 2011

The good news, if you missed out on the frenzy last time or even if you indulged in it and want to do it again, is that Versace is returning to H & M with a cruise (or resort) collection, to go on sale online on January 19th. The bad news is, H&M doesn’t have e-commerce in the U.S. yet, so American kittens will be out in the cold on this one. International kittens are ordered to report in on their purchases. We promise the American kittens won’t be jealous bitches. To your face.

Worst of all for the Yankee kittens? This one’s a lot cuter and easier to wear than the last one.


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  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    How brilliant.  Take fruit wall paper and put it on every article of clothing (what, no fruit pants?!) and accessory you can think of, slap a Versace label on it and call it fashion.  I think I’ll pass this time.

    • Terence Ng

      Carmen Miranda, eat your hat out.

    • Anne Slovin

      Do the schnozzberries taste like schnozzberries?

      • Anonymous

        Beat me to it.

      • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

        I want to like this time infinity.  Brilliant.

      • Anonymous

        Who ever heard of a snozzberry?

  • Terence Ng

    They’re Versace. Not my taste, but looking about right.

  • foodycat

    Not only are these about 15 years too young for me, I’m boycotting H&M because they refuse to take me off their catalogue mailing list. Aside from that, SO much nicer than the previous Versace for H&M collection!

  • Kate Pearce

    That’s my birthday! I like the charm bracelet, hint hint…

  • Anonymous

    Some of that is cute.. I’d even wear it.  The pink items and the bathrobe is so fun.. and hey if I had a cute young chica body those bikinis would be awesome.

  • Laura Schultz

    I’ll live….

  • Anonymous

    Golden Girls much?

  • Surya Santhi

    meh. I may go for the belt n the bracelet. I got the flower print belt from their earlier collection.

  • Shannon Stewart

    Really like that pink dress.  Betting I could copy it fairly easily though, since I live in the US…

  • Anonymous

    That pattern looks suspiciously like the one on my kids’ duvet comforter from IKEA.

  • Anonymous

    I hated the first collection, but I like this one. Cute prints FTW!
    That said, the clothes are probably going to be way too expensive.

  • Anonymous

    The snozberries taste like snozberries!

    • J Dreesen

      my initial reaction to. the. letter.

    • Anonymous

      I got to the bikini’s before that hit my brain.  Now I can’t figure out why it took me so long.

    • Laura Sevigny

      That is what I thought too!

  • MilaXX

    ooh flats and a duffle, perfect for the summer or a weekend get a way. I may have to call a few friends across the pond

  • Anonymous

    A bit precious but I do like the print dress and cardigan. This is one American Kitten who won’t be a jealous bitch.

  • Judy_J

    What fun!  Love the fruity print!

  • Anonymous

    I do quite like the cropped cardi and the sandals.  Wouldn’t say no to the periwinkle belt or earrings either.

    The model in the thumbnail, however, is creeping me out.  She looks like a grown up JonBenet Ramsey.

  • Anonymous

    A bit one-note, no? Anyway, it’s an improvement over the last collection which I found totally hideous. The little duffle is cute.

  • Jen Freeman

    I like it a lot. The neckline on the print dress, the pink sleeveless top, the cardi, and the fruity pump are all in my ‘win’ category. I’d gladly wear any of them. But I live in the States, so I’m SOL.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I, um, hate almost all of this.

  • Elena

    Gah, love the white bikini. The rest is meh bordering on no.

  • Alli Hance

    This is the perfect collection for any fan of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Eric Carle must be thrilled, clearly him and Donatella have teamed up on this one.  Each piece of fruit needs a hole in it, then the butterfly on the jewelry makes sense! 

  • Anonymous

    Candyland clothing. Very cute. 

  • Anonymous

    Very cute. Very young. I think the last collection had more show-stoppers (for good and for bad).

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Meh. I can see Adriana La Cerva wearing any one of these pieces, staggering out of the ladies room of a South Beach nightclub with a huge cocaine booger on her nostril. 

  • Anonymous

    Cute enough, but how hilarious would it be if two teenage girls showed up at a party in that print.

  • Samuel Joesph Donovan


  • Laura Sevigny

    The print makes be think of that lickable wall paper from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. Who ever heard of a snozzberry? These looks are certainly lickable! Love the White bikini!

    • Melvis Velour


  • Anonymous

    Tacky Crap!! 

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    They probably wouldn’t have those shoes in my size anyway.  Do these grapes taste sour to anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    H and M has opened a store in of all places, SALT LAKE CITY.   So, I can totally get my fruity wall paper panties ANY OLD TIME – and I’ll wear them proudly here in the Land of Mormons (who only wear church issued underthings).   Whee!

  • Advaita Waikar

    The only thing I like is the lilac belt.

  • Anonymous

    Not liking the fruit.

  • Anonymous

    Huh. See, I quite liked a few pieces in the last collection (namely, all of the black pieces. Because I’m predictable) but I didn’t bother because I didn’t want to deal with the hysteria. This, though? This is HIDEOUS. I hate just about every single piece (well, besides the white pants. But they’re nothing special. The lilac belt is also workable). I don’t think this stuff is any easier to pull off, either. But I wouldn’t wear any of it if they paid me.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      hmmph, I say Forever21, but that’s doing much better, is it now?

  • Anonymous

    I am reasonably certain I had dresses made from that fabric when I was 5. Adorable but inappropriate for me. Pass.

  • Anonymous

    that pattern looks so very… Jo Ann’s fat quarter bin.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if there will be more to it than the bubble gum-y fruity prints?  Definitely not my style in the least.  They should have made a Chiquita costume instead.

  • Yifat Shaik

    a few weeks ago I decided to visit my local H&M store, and see if the versace collection was worth anything. There was only two dress left after the shopping mob left, and they where the worst of the lot, they where also terribly made and cheap looking… I can imagine this collection being any worse

  • Anonymous

    eh. boring.

  • Kirsten Haney

    I just hear Michael Korrs saying “Just because you make a bunch of clothes out of the same fabric doesn’t mean its a collection.” 
    Also H&M are using weird computer generated models now? or is that american apparel? 

    • Anonymous

      right the first time, it’s H&M that does. AP still just uses underage appearing, half dressed girls, in alarmingly scandalous poses.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when Gianni was alive?

  • Anonymous

    I really like the periwinkle belt.. everything else is pretty meh.

  • Anonymous

    No jealousy from me; that print is *awful*.  

  • Alex McGeagh

    This is all so freakin’ cute. I’d buy most of it (and I hated the previous H&M collections, both boys and girls). This is so fun, flirty, and summery. All about it.