Trevor Live! Red Carpet

Posted on December 06, 2011

Let’s all head on over to the red carpet for The Trevor Project’s 2011 Trevor Live! event  at The Hollywood Palladium, shall we?

We shall!


Amber Heard in Alessandra Rich

She has a talent for pulling off these looks that by all rights should make her look washed out. Instead, she looks chic and head-turning.



Amber Riley

Go and get it, girl! She looks spectacular. We’re only so-so on the sorta-matchy shoe trend.


Brad Goreski


Christina Hendricks

Wait. We don’t understand. Christina Hendricks is wearing something on the red carpet that fits and flatters the hell out of her and makes her look gorgeous.

We’re trying, but no matter how many times we read that sentence, it simply makes no sense to us whatsoever.

Bitchery aside, could it be that she’s finally figured out that the mid-Century silhouettes on Mad Men that make her look like a delicious scoop of strawberry sex ice cream can be worn now?


Darren Criss



Dianna Agron in Chloe

Feh. The detail at the neckline is nice, but the rest of it’s so plain it might as well be a nun’s cocktail dress.


Fergie in Amen

She’s made a U-turn and headed straight back to Crazy Town, we see. This would look really cute on Miss Piggy, though.


Harry Shum Jr.

HARRY SHUM’S PANTS NEED HEMMING. Our world is destroyed.

J.C. Chasez

Talk about a random. He looks good, though. From what we can tell, the suit fits him nicely. Can’t wait for the “tie matched to the suit” trend to die.


Jayma Mays

This would be pretty if it fit her better.


Joe Manganiello

It’s a pretty great look, but he looks like he just finished sexing in the limo.


Julianne Hough in Collette Dinnigan

This is a very polished and somewhat pretty look, but we feel the need to remind y’all that this gal is all of 23 years old. She needs to get the Seacrest posse to stop making her up to look a decade-plus older than she is.

Julie Bowen

We’re going to assume that’s a trick of the light and not some sort of mutant bullet nipple poking through a leather dress. It’s a sharp look, but it borders on severe, like a lot of her RC choices.


Kevin McHale

We’re all for a dude getting his kilt on, but we’re not really digging the idea of wearing one with pants.


Mark Salling

We had no idea he even knew what a suit was, let alone that he owned one. We’re so pleasantly surprised that we’re not even going to mention that the pants are a bit too long.


Rashida Jones in Elie Saab

Look at her, all super-cute on the red carpet! How did THAT happen?


Ricki Lake

Well, now we know what to get Ricki for Hanukkah: a mirror.


Zachary Quinto

Light-colored suits with dark shirts only work on waif-like men. Sorry, Zach.


Zoe Saldana in Rena Lange



[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Dianna Agron needs to fire her makeup artist.

  • Shannon Stewart


    And yes, it’s a trick of the light on Julie Bowen chest — there’s a seam ending there. 

    Hendricks would have looked better with even a low heel, but I understand the comfort issue, so whatev.  She looks great anyway.

    Kevin, that’s not a kilt, that’s a skirt.  Trust me on this.  And don’t ever do that again!

  • Anonymous

    Lord, why are all these Glee people everywhere? I want to see more of Tilda and Kate Blanchett on the runway – get out there, girls!

    • Terence Ng

      Glee = God’s gift to gay-kind, apparently. But McHale definitely should be there. He’s done some PSAs for them. I’m surprised Daniel Radcliffe isn’t there. He’s one of their biggest supporters.

      • Ala Nerwen

        Darren has done quite a bit and his fans. Just this summer, his fans on their own initiative, collected over 9000$ and handed it to Trevor project in his name. It may not seem like a staggering sum but if Elton donates 25000$ then this is pretty good too.

  • foodycat

    Christina looking beautiful makes me very happy. I love that cardigan.

    • Anonymous

      Right? She’s so beautiful, I’m happy to see her really own it!

  • Sam Corbett

    Zoe Saldana can do no wrong. Ever. (As long as she’s on a red carpet. Or any carpet.)

  • Elena

    LOVE Zoe’s look.

  • Bridget Smith

    Oh, ZOE. Because this girlcrush needed strengthening, right?

    Rashida! Cute! Not as cute as some of your costumes on Parks, but I suppose you can’t really wear a casual floral skirt and cardigan on the red carpet, can you? Anyway, nicely done.

    Kevin McHale, you get two enthusiastic thumbs up for the kilt, but two sad thumbs down for the pants.

    • Crystal

      Kevin McHale also gets two sad thumbs down for apparently not wearing an undershirt. 

  • aimee_parrott

    “This would look really cute on Miss Piggy, though.”

    Actually, I think Miss Piggy was better dressed than this in her Piggy-as-Amanda-Priestley role in The Muppets.

    Zoe Saldana wins AGAIN, but a big YAY to Christina Hendricks!!  She looks so great here.

  • Megan

    Amber Riley looks AMAZING. I hate the shoes but that dress is so cute on her I’m willing to look the other way.

    Yay Rashida! I knew you could do it.

    I love Julie Bowen on Modern Family but I wonder why she NEVER does anything with her hair (on the show or the RC.) It’s always straightened and pulled back.

  • Catherine

    “It’s a pretty great look, but he looks like he just finished sexing in the limo.”

    Yeah, that’s actually a *good* look. Especially for him.

    • SarahS

      Exactly. I think they must have meant to type: “It’s a pretty great look, BECAUSE he looks like he just finished sexing in the limo.”

  • Robert Sanchez

    Christina Hendricks looks gorgeous in the right shade of red. She’d look really smashing with cuter shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe, Zoe, Zoe …….. send me that dress when you are done. SIGH

  • Anonymous

    I want to be Zoe Saldana: she’s supermodel gorgeous with a fashion editor’s sense of style. And she looks like you could have a laugh with her too. *sigh*

    • WordyDoodles

      You could! Did you see her video with Kate Bosworth and Janeane Garofalo on So silly and good.

  • Natasha Ann

    Christina Hendricks looks like she just stepped out of an Express catalog. NOT a compliment.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  The skirt length is unflattering, the top makes her look lumpy and thick, and overall she looks like somebody’s great aunt at an office Christmas party.  I originally thought TLo were being sarcastic when they decided she looked good.  I can’t even wrap my mind around this ensemble.

  • Anonymous

    “but he looks like he just finished sexing in the limo”

    Is that not the whole point and essence of Joe Manganiello? He doesn’t really make my ovaries bounce, but that’s what he’s working.

    File under Sentences I Never Expected To Type: Kevin McHale’s kilt needs to sit higher on his waist. The kilt/pants/tuxedo jacket combo is making him look bizarrely long-torso-ed slash short-legged.

    I sort of hate Zoe Saldana’s hair here, sorry to say. Looks prom-y.

  • Anonymous

    I want to be Zoe Saldana when I grow up: she’s supermodel gorgeous with a fashion ed’s sense of style. And she looks like you could have a laugh with her too. *sigh*

  • justnick

    Kilt over pants? (at least it appears to be an actual kilt and not just a stupid hyper-masculine wrong name for skirt)

  • Anonymous

    I refuse to believe Julianne Hough is only 23. She looks like she is pushing 40. And I am so, so tired of hipster glasses. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the sorta-matchy shoe trend, but Amber Riley’s shoes make me sad.  Orange-undertone red paired with purple-undertone red is just not a good idea. And suede bows on the heels! Why, God, why?

  • Anonymous

    RICKI LAKE! Where has she been for the last 10 years?

    • Anonymous

      Dancing With the Stars. ‘Nuf said.

    • MilaXX

      Hosting stupid talks shows instead of acting. She also just finished Dancing with the Stars and plans to go back to talk shows. I like her as an actress, hate her on reality tv.

  • Anonymous

    Julie Bowen does have a mutant nipple!  lol

    Joe Manganiello always looks a mess.  Not a fan of his shirt collar or tie.  Too scruffy.  He’s on my irrational dislike list. 

    Mark Salling, with that adorable cupie doll curl, needs a bit of help with the suit fit, but still looks rather good. Good choice on shirt and tie. Needs to learn to not button the bottom jacket button.

    Zoe…awesome, per usual. 

    Fergie…ridiculous, per usual.

  • Sarah Winningham

    Ricki Lake looks like she’s wearing a home-made ‘Kalinda from The Good Wife’ Halloween costume.

    • BerlinerNYC

      Yes, Kalinda was my first thought. Not flawlessly executed, but I applaud Ricki for helping cement Kalinda’s status as a new fashion icon.

  • Anonymous

    Amber Riley and Zoe Saldana I expect to look good, and they delivered. I have to say Amber Riley is looking cute as hell lately. But I’m actually shocked by how good the majority of these people look right
    now when they’re generally disastuhs on the RC (see what I did there T&Lo?, see?!!). That’s mostly directed at Christina Hendricks and Rashida Jones.Whatever alien abducted them and returned them on their way to the event should do that as often as they can.

  • Christina Brennan

    oh god.  I think you guys are right about that trend to wear slightly differently colored suede shoes.  NOOOOO!  My eyeballs are exploding!

  • angela rose

    I just gasped at Zoe- wow that chick can BRING it.

    To be fair, ricki’s make up deserves some props, she looks really pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe FTW!

  • michael tanner


  • RS

    I was waiting for your Trevor Live post just so I could ogle Amber Riley again. She looks gorgeous and I have mad love for that dress.

    Also, I can’t believe JC is going grey. Unless that’s a trick of the lights. I hope it is. I do not begrudge him life experiences, blah blah, but eek, he’s only a few years older than I am. And I loved him ten years ago and I refuse to believe it’s been so long he can go grey.

    (I heard the song he sang, though, and it was still great.)

  • Anonymous

    Zoe just looks so effortlessly fab here.  She just feels in a whole different league from the rest, and yet it doesn’t feel like she’s trying too hard.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Ricki Lake showed such good face on Dancing With The Stars… then she wound up on your blog… in this… oh dear…

  • Janie R

    Jullian Hough is tragic!! I don’t know who she is, but when you wrote she’s only 23 I couldn’t believe it. She looks older than Christina Aguilera!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. One of the most interesting and fashion-forward RCs in a while, I think. 

  • Anonymous

    Agree Christina looks gorgeous, but I don’t think that the skirt length is flattering.  She seems to be wearing flats or a low kitten heel and it makes the length look dowdy to this minion’s eye.  Perhaps a higher heel would up the look for me.

  • RocknLox

    Hold your breath ladies and gents. 

    Zach Quinto’s new role as The Tin Man!

  • Anonymous

    Brad Goreski FTW. Joe M. does look like he just finished sexing in the limo….ummm…yeah…howdy.

    As for the ladies Fergie is back on the crazy train. Too bad because she can look pretty when she wants to. Zoe definitely wins the women’s division.

  • k. samir

    I don’t get the Zoe Saldana love. Anyone else wearing that dress would be trashed (rightly IMO), and it’s not like she’s preternaturally beautiful enough to offset that, sooo?

    • Anonymous

      I agree, I think that dress is awful. She looks like she’s wrapped up in one of those afghans my grandma crocheted.

  • Anonymous

    The bottom of Zachary’s jacket is really weird, the way the edges aren’t rounded.  It is literally a box!

  • Alexandria

    Yaaaay Rashida Jones is finally making good choices! Hooray!

  • MilaXX

    Amber Heard- Cute, but a little too long for my taste.Amber Riley – Love her dress.
    Brad Goreski – Adorkable!
    Christina Hendricks – whoever helped her put this together deserves an award. She looks great!
    Darren Criss – have to give the guy some props. He’s really been putting in a bit of effort on the RC.Dianna Agron –  Needs a pop of color somewhere.Fergie – Top knots shoud not be worn by anyone over the age of 10.
    Harry Shum Jr. – Sure his pants are too long, but he looks great otherwise.
    J.C. Chasez – Nice to see him not looking douche-y
    Jayma Mays – She looks cute. I like the fit.
    Joe Manganiello – I think he’s dressed okay, but he’s another one I don’t get the sex appeal.
    Julianne Hough – This would be a great look if she was 40.
    Julie Bowen – They could be mutant nips. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of friction. Seriously petals are every gall’s friend.
    Kevin McHale – I kinda dig it. It’s weird but it suits him.
    Mark Salling – I bet he can’t wait for the off season so he can shave his head.
    Rashida Jones – A big improvement over most of her RC looks but the ruffle on the skirt feels a bit young.
    Ricki Lake – Eh’s it’s a’ight.
    Zachary Quinto – He looks really awkward.
    Zoe Saldana – I love how she makes everything look so effortless.

    • Terence Ng

      RE: Joe Manganiello: Seeing you say that is like when I found out a friend of mine couldn’t smell. I just felt so, so, so sad for her because she has no idea what she’s missing out on. :( (;))

      RE: Kevin McHale: Well stated. It is weird, but I dig it because it suits his style. Liking it. Wish I could do it myself, but alackaday…

  • WordyDoodles

    Zoe Saldana and Brad Goreski FTW! Fierce indeed.

    Christina Hendricks is always gorgeous. I would just have given her a little bit more of a heel on her shoes to bring out the shape of her legs, which are fab.

    On Amber Heard– I’m surprised TLo would call this look “chic and head-turning.” Isn’t this just  a dress version of the washed out nude pump?

  • Aaminah Khan

    I feel like some sort of class traitor for not being in love with Zoe Saldana. I’m sorry, I just don’t see it. When I think “fierce as shit”, the names that come to mind are Iman, Cate Blanchett and the like, maybe even SWINTON. Zoe Saldana just doesn’t do it for me.

    Also, Christina Hendricks looks AMAZING.

    • Kelsey Albrecht

      ITA about Zoe, the furthest thing from my mind looking at her is “fierce”. Plus looks like she’s pushing 50 in the face; not a good look at all.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I didn’t get the fierceness from this look either. She looks cute, stylish, fresh and very modern. And, yes, I noticed something slightly askew with her face. What’s that about?

      • Aaminah Khan

        I didn’t want to mention the face because I don’t want to sound like I’m subscribing to the whole “actresses have to look about 25 years younger than their age forever” thing, but I agree with you – something’s off there.

  • Anonymous

    My true love Zachary Quinto has let me down.  But I will find a way to forgive, because that’s the way love goes.  Rashida Jones’s dress makes her look oddly-shaped.  And it would seem that Amber Riley’s breasts are not on speaking terms with each other.  Zoe Saldana for the win here.

  • Anonymous

    You know when something you’re wearing would look better on a MUPPET! then maybe you should rethink your

  • Anonymous

    A picture of Zachary Quinto followed by Zoe Saldana reminds me that I can’t wait for the next Star Trek to come out. Someone get on that.

  • Anonymous

    Surprisingly well done as a group. Though: Fergie has indeed been sneaking clothes out of Miss Piggy’s wardrobe- shame!
    Julianne Hough should just wear her dancing costumes. I think the lack of a sincere smile also ages her.
    Kevin McHale has a sweater tied around his waist so we can’t see that his zipper broke.
    Ricki Lake is showing off her new much slimmer physique that she got on Dancing with the Stars.

  • andreajp

    Zoe Saldana’s dress reminds me of those crocheted beer can hats that were all the rage during the Carter administration.

  • Gaby

    “a delicious scoop of strawberry sex ice cream” was my favorite thing ever.

  • R LM

    “It’s a pretty great look, but he looks like he just finished sexing in the limo.”

    I’m VERY okay with that.

  • Anonymous

    “…he looks like he just finished sexing in the limo.”  Thanks for sending me to my happy place.  :)

    • Anonymous

      My happy place would be that limo.

  • Laura Schultz

    Zoe Saldana WINS

  • Anonymous

    Not usually a Christina Hendricks fan but man is she totally hot in that outfit! Brava, girl!! Julianne Hough looks my age (46) which would be ok if she were actually 46.

  • BarbaraW

    Is it a trick of the light, or does Mark Salling look like he has a little pumpkin handle made out of hair on top of his head? What is that, some kind of mega-cowlick? A shadow? What?

  • Anonymous

    Christina Hendricks looks great because she is wearing something Joan Holloway would wear. I choose to ignore her shoes. 
    And Kevin: you have to commit to the kilt. No wear pants as training wheels. 

  • Anonymous

    I personally WANT Joe to look like he just sexed up in the limo, thank you. :)

    And I was *almost* ready to give Fergie a half-compliment earlier today.  Glad I backed off, because this look is super-cracked-out.

    I think Julianne looks beautiful–you work that old-school glam shit, girl!

    And…as if Zoe is not already fabulous…OMFG ZOE’S DRESS LOOKS LIKE A QUILT.  Fierceness brownie points and snaps up from the quilter peeps!!

  • Anonymous

    Zoe for the win!

  • Anonymous

    Ok it’s official: I’m a Harry Shum Jr. stan.
    And Zoe Saldana looks terrific.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    And once again Zoe buries the lead. And everyone else. What a great dress!
    Christina – fabulous! Please keep this picture on your closet door darling.
    I love Amber’s dress but her bra is not good for it. Different bras make you point different ways and Amber’s bra is wrong for this dress. Just like gals need the right shapewear for various garments, so too we need various bras. It could have been better. A lot better.
    And so could Julie Bowen’s. That’s not the light boys. That’s a bad bra.

  • Allison

    Don’t know who Amber Heard is, but I love that white dress.

  • Risti

    You missed Kris Allen, who I thought was looking particularly yummy

  • Anonymous

    Ricki Lake needs to hire Rachel Zoe or Brad or SOMEONE to help her select a new wardrobe for her banging new post-DWTS bod. 

  • Anonymous

    JULIE BOWEN:  They’re nippless, definitely nipples.  The dress lifts and separates like she were lying on her back in bed (no sexual pun intended).

    Just Google “julie bowen trevor live” and check out the dress from different angles.

  • Anonymous

    I am so impressed with this bunch. Only a few dings. Really looking good celebs. Perhaps the Trevor Project allowed them to just go for great looking instead of seeking (and missing) a statement. 

    Christina, please stay on this path. AMAZING! You brought it to the Trevor project.

    And Brad!! He takes the cake. GREAT LOOK!

  • Anonymous

    Christina! I’m so proud! Amber Heard does look great, but wish her dress was more than a tablecloth belted on (still, she’s WERQing that table cloth). Harry Shum expended all his fabulousity on the previous outfit, but he still looks better than 99.99% of the other Young Hollywood Men on the RC these days.

    Oh, and SALDANA for the win. I’m so into her style choices.

  • Anonymous

    Rashida is so pretty. And that’s all I’m going to say about this entire RC mess. 

  • SY

    Judging from Julie Bowen’s picture taken at different angles, she does have mutant nipples:

  • Dennis Coyle

    Can we just schedule the Zoe Saldana apotheosis already and add another goddess to your pantheon?

  • Terence Ng

    Goreski’s suit looks like a Walmart tablecloth I owned. Not a compliment.

    I think I can get behind the pants and kilt thing. It’s sort of like the long socks, minus the 3 inches of exposed knee? Still, awesome for wearing a kilt. Sexiest formal wear.

    And I fail to see how Manganiello looking like he just had some great sex is a bad thing. That’s the allure. With sex just 15 minutes ago, we can all hope that we may be the next one in that limo, wadding our panties and throwing them into our purses as we rush to get home and reapply our make up.

  • Anonymous

    heard is looking very pretty here.

    the boys are looking sharp tonight!

    disagree on mays: i think she looks very cute, the loose fit makes it.

    diggin’ bowens modern dominatrix look.

    saldana: RED CARPET HEROINE!

  • Anonymous

    Agree with you on Dianna Agron, except it looks like the dress is slit to the hip.  So I’m guessing in person, while she was moving around, the look was probably more interesting/less nun-like. 

  • korilian

    Zoe Saldana really needs to learn how to smile for the camera. She’s always making weird faces!
    Also: you do realize that the interesting element around Diane Agron’s neck is a bow, don’t you?!? A BOW! 0_o

  • Phoebe Caulfield

    “delicious scoop of strawberry sex ice cream” – love it!

  • Claudia Gilbert

    Zoe looks amazing!  Love that dress!

  • Anonymous

    Normally Zoe can do no wrong in my eyes but this time I’m just not getting it.

    She’s wearing boring maryjane shoes and a dress that looks like it was made from a blanket my nana crocheted back in the 70s.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Brad for wearing an interesting suit. I’m not a bow tie fan though, what’s up with bow ties everywhere?

  • Melanie S.

    Someone once told me that the style in ballroom dance is to make everybody look 35 regardless of age–I wonder if that’s where Julianne Hough’s styling comes from.

  • RzYoung

    I think I’d change sides for Amber Heard…and Zoe Saldana for that matter. Julianne Hough – don’t you think this is what Christina Aguilera could look like if she got it right? I did a double take, they look so similar!

  • Anonymous

    Hendricks looks more appropriate, but her skirt is so long she looks like an old schoolmarm. I think when you are busty, you have a lot of fashion issues that smaller women don’t have – a low cut dress/gown can look cheap, sweaters can make you look top heavy, long skirts can make you look like Grandma. I don’t envy her the issues she has dressing for the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry…Zoe just looks like a Monchichi to me.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    Christina Hendricks looks great, but still looks like she is dressed up for the holiday office party.  I think Amber Riley’s dress is making her look older than she is.  I think Zoe should just change her last name to “Fierceasshit” and save us all the trouble of having to say it every time we see her. 

  • Diana Martinez

    Julianne Hough looks FABULOUS, but I would have pegged her as late 30’s.  Whoops.  

    • Anonymous

      She is even approaching a well preserved lo 40s! What a sad waste of youth.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a sec!  Didn’t we see these exact same people on some red carpet or other just yesterday?  I remember a slew of “Glee” boys. Well, at least this isn’t another awards event.

    The Ambers, adorable Brad, and Zoe.  Brava/o to all of you for your amazing fierceness.

    Kevin: Kilt, yes. Kilt with pants, no. Be brave, little man–next time, knee socks!

  • Christina Brennan

    Hendricks looks pretty and all, but she looks a tad casual compared to everyone else.  A cardigan?  really?

  • Judy_J

    Amber Heard’s dress is pretty, but too long. Zoe Saldana’s dress is cute beyond words.  Christina Hendricks is drop-dead gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Amber Heard and Zoe Saldana look AMAZING.

  • Anonymous

    Um, Mark Salling’s hair is REE-DICK-U-LOUS.  He looks like he has a dollop of cream on his head that was placed there by a pastry bag.

    • Alex McGeagh

      It’s for his role as Puck

      • Anonymous

        OK, but he doesn’t have to style it that way when he’s on his own time, you know – being Mark Salling instead of in character as Puck!

  • Mary McClelland

    Can Zoe teach a class in dressing edgy, age appropriately, and fun on the RC. So many of these bitches miss it time and time again WITH the employment of stylists. If you’re going to look like hell anyways, why bother paying someone. I personally hate Rachel Zoe’s personal style, but at least she meets her clients where they are THEN convinces them to work the hell out of a look they would never choose themselves. That is the POINT of a stylist. It’s not to stroke your ego and tell you how cute you are while stuffing you into a muppet dress and allowing you to walk out of the house with a cheerleaded ponytail. UGH. And Jayma Mays what on earth is happening on your head. She always looks bad.

    And a stylist needs to consider the WHOLE look so many times the shoes or the hair or the jewelery something is forgotten. Mostly the shoes because everyone just defaults to black peeptoe platforms or sillyputty pumps. Or naked shoes. Who is hiring these “stylists” UGH!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe Rashida Jones looked SO CUTE that T-Lo didn’t even mention NUDE T-STRAP pumps! HAhahahahaha! She does look super cute though. I dig her.

  • Matthew Vella

    Ahhh Zoe looks frikking amazing 

  • Anonymous

    I’m going with an enthusiastic NO on the sorta-matchy shoe trend.
    It looks like she realized it didn’t match but said to herself, it’s going to be dark; nobody will notice.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Saldana is too skinny. She looks like an 8 year old. 

  • Anonymous

    I rededicate myself to the worship of Zoe Saldana with each new RC appearance.

  • Jane Morris

    Nun cocktail dress?  I think it’s split up past her ass on the side there.  There’s your “interest”.

  • Anonymous

    On what planet is Joe Manganiello looking like he just had sex in the limo a bad thing? Because I want no part of that world!

  • Anonymous

    Love the color of Christina H’s ensemble.

    Fergie…  aiiieeee. Inexplicable and sad.

  • Anonymous

    Most of them really looked good for the gays–hooray!

  • natalia h

    But isn’t Amber’s dress too long? Or is that how it’s supposed to be? I’m confused (teach me, guys!)

    • Anonymous

      I don’t care for that length on her either.  But I think it should have been a tad longer, not shorter.

  • Kalisa Hyman

    I feel like Rashida’s dress isn’t hitting her waist in the right place. It’s making her look all boxy. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know most of these people.  I am weirded out by that fact.  Hmmm.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that color on Christina Hendricks is awesome and I pretty much want to rip the outfit off of her and put it on me. Except that would be mean since it might be the only flattering outfit she owns. Oh well.

    I like the kilt. And Riki Lake needs a bra to go along with that mirror.

  • UglyCasanova

    Huh! When I saw Zoe’s picture I immediately wanted to be her gay bff.  


    I for one am SO glad he wore some pants with that kilt.