Top 15 WORST Celebrity Looks of 2011: Part 1

Posted on December 27, 2011

As 2011 winds down, it behooves us all to take this time to reflect on the past year. Of course one should focus on the triumphs, but that doesn’t mean one should ignore the failures. That’s where bitches like us come in. You see, celebrities are not prone to focusing on their failures. They’re quite happy to blithely continue on, deliberately unaware of the world that goes on outside their own heads.

We can’t allow that.

But you know? Looking over the last year of red carpet posts on this site, we think the bad stuff isn’t as bad as it was last year or the year before that. Things have toned down considerably, due most likely to the economy and the current political mood (not to mention the falling profits of Hollywood). It’s really not until we get to the Top 5 looks that the crack really settles in. Most of the following are just poorly fitted bad ideas, but not necessarily outright disasters.

We should mention that we removed certain looks from contention because, well, does Ke$ha really need to be on a “Worst Dressed” list? And if we pick ONE person at the Daytime Emmys, Latin Grammys, or Country Music Awards, then we’d have to pick ALL of them, and then we’d be here all day. No, best to whittle things down to the following.


15: Julia Roberts in Gucci

Julia Roberts attends the Premiere of “Larry Crowne” in Hollywood.

Julia Roberts helpfully demonstrates that you can be a world famous movie star in an expensive outfit but it’s not worth shit if it doesn’t fit your ass.

We worked “shit,” “ass,” and “Julia Roberts” into one sentence! We will NEVER be invited to one of her parties now!

14: Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten

Maggie Gyllenhaal attends “Hysteria” Photocall during the Annual Rome International Film Festival in Dries Van Noten.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten

Ah, yes. The look that launched the “smells like nursing home pee” line. It’s actually not an awful dress, but she styled it to its absolute worst effect.

Those shoes need to be burned.


13: Christina Hendricks in Something She Shouldn’t Be Wearing

Christina Hendricks at the “Drive” Gala Premiere during the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Because “voluptuous sex bomb” is so boring when you can go out looking like a tent revival minister’s wife in 1930!


12: Emma Roberts in Miu Miu

Emma Roberts in Miu Miu

Emma Roberts attends the Brazilian Style celebration at the Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store in New York City in a Miu Miu dress.

Emma Roberts in Miu Miu

Emma Roberts in Miu Miu

The Roberts family is dominating the list this year! Julia’s niece takes the number 12 spot with this hideously glittery schmatta.

That will be the title of our autobiography. “Hideously Glittery Schmatta: The T Lo Story.”


 11: Elizabeth Banks in Prada

Elizabeth Banks attends the premiere of “Our Idiot Brother” in Los Angeles in a Prada Resort 2012 dress

It’s all “party in the front, invasive medical procedure in the back,” bitches!

[Photo Credit: Getty, PR Photos]

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    • angela rose


    • Anonymous

      Actually I think Julia Roberts is ranked too low.  The first thing I thought when I saw those pics was that tennis shoes would complete the look perfectly.  That’s gotta be a bad sign.

    • Cathy S

      I like the hideously glittery schmatta. The rest, though. Atrocious.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, it’s not that bad. Just ill-fitting. I am a sucker for a Peter Pan collar though.

        • Anonymous

          Ooh me too.  I love that teeny peter pan collar look.  Always have.

        • Anonymous

          I am NOT a sucker for a Peter Pan collar, but I like it too.

        • Anonymous

          I like it too, I just wish the hem wasn’t so bad

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, not me. Peter Pan collars do not belong anywhere except on smocked dresses worn by toddlers.

        • Anonymous

          It’s not really a true Peter Pan collar. If it were, it would be rounder throughout, and I think what saves it is that it’s not.

      • Anonymous

        I liked that one too!  It’s the only look there I think shouldn’t be on the list.  

        • Anonymous

          Yea. Me three. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree. I think it’s adorable on a cute young woman.

    • Emily Myers

      I love the line, “invasive medical procedure in the back.”  That’s EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw that dress.  It almost worked except for that. 

      • Margaret Nikoleit

        Yes, that’s a great line and made me snicker out loud. No fair! I’m in the office and this post should have been labeled NSFW because it induces audible snickiering.

    • Anonymous

      Ha.  When I first saw Elizabeth Banks, I thought, “What’s wrong with that?”  And then I saw the back.  Carry on, gentlemen!

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        *puts hand up* yup – me too.  Can’t argue with TLo – when they’re right, they’re right.  And they’re right.

      • Anonymous

        When I saw the front of the dress, I thougth, eh, black and pink, it’s been done, but then the back….yup, she’s ready for her colonoscopy, bitches!

      • mrspeel2

        It’s one of those dresses that could have gone either way, had it appeared on Project Runway.
        In earlier versions of the show, it would have gotten a resounding boo AND the designer, the boot. In the current reincarnation of the program, the designer would be the winner.

      • BerlinerNYC

        Yes! On the page, it was scroll-down fug. In real life, it was scroll-AROUND fug.

    • Anonymous

      You know Julia’s Gucci suit cost thousands of dollars, but she makes it look like she picked it up at Forever 21. 

      I forgot about the back of Elizabeth’s when I saw the first photo and couldn’t remember what was so awful about it. Then it all came back to me with photo #3.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking what is so awful about Elizabeth Banks’ dress. Then I scrolled down. no one could save that puppy

    • Anonymous

      Julia Roberts hates us. Julia’s outfit says “Don’t look at me you stupid bitches! What are you looking for?”

      The rest of the ugly is just failed effort. Except for Maggie, wherein it’s “Look at how I’m a rebel!” I don’t know why Maggie thinks “rebel” equals “dowdy” but she does.

      But Julia hates us.

      • accidental housewife

        “Liked” all around, but especially for “But Julia hates us.”

    • Anonymous

      I remember Julia Robert’s outfit from the first time it was featured here.  I was only now beginning to recover from the horror and here it is again. Damn.  

    • Anonymous

      I only disagree in that 11, 12 and 13 really are outright disasters; at least Maggie’s has some interest in the textile, though the shape, the shoes and her overall slovenly look are very much flirting with disaster also.

    • foodycat

      Nice, gentle lead in to the horror!

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, a five year old can do a better job of dressing herself than Maggie Gyllenhaal can. And I’m sure Mags dresses herself, because I refuse to believe that a stylist had anything to do with those shoes.

      • Anonymous

        Amen.  Not to mention paying someone and still end up looking that bad.

    • Anonymous

      1) Is Julia Roberts wearing an all denim-esque suit?  Holy. Hell.  and 2) Why is her niece now a “famous person?”  What exactly has the niece done that deserves fame?  Does she sing? Act?  3) My husband can’t stand Julia Roberts and calls her a “varmint.”  

      • Cindi Williams

        Emma was Nancy Drew and in some other kid movies I’m sure.

      • Anonymous

        Emma Roberts is an actress and been in some major films

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Emma Roberts looks that bad.  As young starlet looks go, it seems pretty average.

      Julia Roberts is awful, though.  The fit is dumpy all over, not just in the butt.

    • Iyad Hilal

      i never understood Christina Hendrick’s choice in outfits, she always does her best to make her breasts seem even larger than they are. All you can see when you look at her are boobs and lips.

    • Anonymous

      I love Maggie’s look! Julia is the worst of this lot.

      • Paula Berman

        Really?  I never thought I’d see that first sentence written, ever.

    • Kittie Fahey

      Dear Julia,
      No matter your size, shape, or ability to rake in multi-millions per film, there’s one word for gals over 40 – SPANX

    • Anonymous

      who knew Gucci made soccer mom/PTA suits, that’s some unflattering asscrackery right there….Christina Hendricks blouse gets my vote as the most revolting coloured item of clothing in 2011, it’s truly shudder worthy….

      • Anonymous

        I know–my immediate thought was that she was headed to a PTA meeting after a day at her law firm. 

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think I’d have much confidence in a lawyer dressed that way!

    • Anonymous

      Ha. I guess I missed that Prada numbwr the first time around. That back is such a hilariously bad idea.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      Pretty sure you can just stop right at poor Maggie.  If we’re disqualifying Ke$ha and her ilk, it doesn’t get much worse than Maggie for pure ‘holy shit, you showed up in public like that?! ‘ what-the-fuckery.

    • Anonymous

      “Tlo said: Julia Roberts helpfully demonstrates that you can be a world famous movie star in an expensive outfit but it’s not worth shit if it doesn’t fit your ass.”

      And they all helpfully demonstrate that wearing labels will never be a substitute for having style.


    • Anonymous

      I loved Emma Robert’s dress actually…if I was a twee little stick I’d probably wear the same thing.

      • Anonymous

        I rather like it, too. I think it needed to be a bit more body-skimming and would have been better worn as a top with some—forgive me!—neat leggings.

    • Anonymous

      “The Hideously Glittery Schmatta”! HA!!!!

    • Anonymous

      How come in the second picture Julia has a ponytail, but in the rest it’s a bun?

      • Anonymous

        Ha-ha!  Blond woman from next photo managed to get exactly behind her and gave her a ponytail!  Too funny.

    • Anonymous

      Me looking at Elizabeth Banks:
      “Okay, a little washed out, blond girl in pink…(scroll, scroll) neck thing kinda looks like it was put on with a glue gun… not sure why TLo put her this high (scroll)… OH MY EYES!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I know, it’s not horrendous. Until she turns around, then it’s all OMG and WTH. One of the oddest dresses. Ever.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, yes, the hideous glittery schmatta. I remember the capslocked apoplexy it sent me into. Good times.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      Ack, I’d forgotten the Elizabeth Banks get-up.  When you first posted it, I remember thinking, “That’s not so bad”… until I scrolled down to the hospital johnny stitched weirdly onto the back.

    • Anonymous

      If Julia Roberts only made 15, can’t wait to see the the top 10!  Hope she got paid a lot of money to wear that denim suit, and donated the cash to charity.

    • marilyn

      Julia-It is one size too small.  It makes her middle look thick.  Necklace very dowdy.  Was this wardrobe for that movie in which she was the college professor?  Maggie-needs a girdle (or spanx) for her freaky short caftan with picture on waistband.  Dress too old.  It would be great for a middleaged maven to wear to a cocktail party.  She should be wearting something younger.  If she is pregnant, this was not the dress.  Christina-Bad colors for her, very dowdy.  Somehow she needs hosiery or tights because her legs look very odd and naked with the minister’s wife ou-fit.  The intensity of the black and copper color were too much for her.  Emma-an elf costume in the wrong colors.  She should not have dark tights on.  They make the outfit unbalanced.  If she had been wearing nude colored tights, or some with a little sparkle, it would have been less worse.  The copper and black were too intense for her.  Elizabeth-A dog of a dress.  Making herself as pretty as possible otherwise does not save it. Perhaps the dress could have been less worse if the back panel were a different color.  Or, if it had had something to do with the front. 

    • MilaXX

      With the exception of Emma shiny mess and the frankendress, all of these could have been decent looks.

    • Anonymous

      I really love Maggie’s Dries van Noten dress and on the right person it could be very interesting.  But she kills it with the tights, the hair, and the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen.  That pantsuit makes Julia Roberts look huge.  So unflattering!  And the mere thought of a denim pantsuit gives me the hives.  Christina Hendricks is a hot mess as usual.  Maybe even worse than usual.  It’s almost comical how badly she dresses.  Elizabeth’s heavily botoxed/surgically altered face kept me from noticing what she’s wearing.  And I rather like the hideously glittery shcmata, for a young gal. Though maybe in any color other than persimmon.

    • Judy_J

      Ah, yes.  The Fashion Hall of Shame.  Julia Roberts looks like a reflection in a fun house mirror. I completely agree with your choices thus far.  I await the final 10.

    • WordyDoodles

      For me, Maggie and Christina are the worst offenders here. Maggie looks droopy – head to toe, and including her smile. She must be tired or something in this shot. Imagine her in a red thin-strap dress cut on the bias with maybe bronze strappy heels and an orange-y clutch. Wouldn’t that make her come alive a bit?

      And *Christina.* So beautiful, and yet this. Let down her hair, rip off the black bow, take off the salmon shirt, keep the clutch, and THEN let this outfit rip.

    • Robert Sanchez

      Bless you, gentlemen, for making my day brighter!

    • Call me Bee

      So many posts today, gentlemen–you know how to take care of your bitter unborn fawns. 
      I don’t remember these from earlier in the year–but sheesh what ugly unflattering stuff.  The only disagreemnt I have is with Emma R.  Her dress is cute for someone her age but it just doesn’t fit correctly.  Also–I can’t get over how boney her knees are–even with tights!

    • Anonymous

      i apologize for liking maggie gyllenhaal’s dress the first time, also this time. i am sure i am alone in this, for which i apologize again. then again, she probably liked it herself. also viktor & rolf? isnt it theirs? [edi note: dries van noten. i did that the first time too].

      otoh, the roberts niece’s glittery hideous tribute to osteogenesis imperfecta bag of a dress might even be worse going around the second time.

    • Paula Berman

      Julie Roberts looks like she has a wedgie so deep it needs to be surgically removed.

    • mrspeel2

      Well done boys, well done. As you’ve stated above, these aren’t as bad as in past years-in-review, but then again we haven’t seen part deux yet. Can’t wait!

      BTW, when will we be able to pre-order “Hideously Glittery Schmatta: The T Lo Story on It’ll surely be a best seller and I want to be in line to get a first-edition copy!

    • Anonymous

      I’d definitely read “Hideously Glittery Schmatta: The T Lo Story.”

      “Smells like nursing home pee”….hahaaaaaa. I’d forgotten that one.

    • Judy S

      It’s funny, I look at some of these and think, aw, she looks cute. Then I see the back view and remember.

    • Anonymous

      Whew… those were all really bad.  Thanks.  Sort of.

    • Anonymous

      I am kind of haunted by these pictures of Christina Hendricks. She is such a beautiful woman and, while I think a voluptuous body like hers is hard to dress, she could look fabulous and she often looks ridiculous.  What a waste of a gorgeous face.

    • Ahad Zaki Abdul

      I was going to disagree with Elizabeth Banks, then I scrolled down and I had an “Oooooh, I seeee!” moment.

    • Anonymous

      I actually like Maggies dress. It is the styling that kills it. Better hair..different lipstick color..sheer black interesting clutch..maybe a cuff bracelet or some cool earrings. She really could do better than this one would think. They ALL need 360 degree mirrors so they know what they look like from all sides.

    • CQAussie

      “That will be the title of our autobiography. “Hideously Glittery Schmatta: The T Lo Story.”

      Don’t forget the inevitable Lifetime spin-off – “Not Without Our Bitter Kittens: The Tom & Lorenzo Years” 

    • Anonymous

      These are all so bad, it’s hard to pick the worst, but ultimately . . .  Julianne Moore. Oh wait she’s not even here!
      Maggie Gyllenhaal, then.

    • Anonymous

       How is it possible for Julia Roberts not to realize she has picked the one outfit on this planet that makes her look fat? Am I crazy or is the Emma outfit not near as bad as these others?

       I can’t wait to see the top five (although personally I’m bummed out the country music awards are off the table.) 

    • Anonymous

      Oh, Maggie G. That Dries Van Noten dress was unique and beautiful. It did not deserve the treatment it got from you.

    • Kelley Comfort

      I was going to defend Maggie’s Dries Van Noten dress, but you said it was blameless. I agree the shoes are horrid and that she can’t style herself for sh*t. I don’t know if Maggie cares, though.

      Can’t wait to see the rest of this! 

    • Claudeth Forbin

      Oh Elizabeth, I don’t know you, but someone hates you real good.  That dress is oooooooooh soooooo ugly.  Really hates you good.

    • Anonymous

      That Prada dress is just Ridiculously Ridiculous. U still contend that Maggie’s dress is adorable, she just Maggied the hell out of it and now it haz sadz.

    • Anonymous

      and someone FEED that Roberts child.

    • Anonymous

      Maggie’s is not only bad, it’s not really new. In the late ’70s, there was a plethora of prints featuring photo images of landscapes, flowers, and classic paintings. I had a Qiana blouse with Rousseau’s “Sleeping Gypsy” printed on it in 1978.

    • Mrs. Krause

      “party in the front, invasive medical procedure in the back”–this is why I love you guys!

    • Anonymous

      Julia Roberts looks like just came form pitching Amway at the local Marriott. Maggie G looks like she is between therapists.    

    • nicole seligman

      i will fight for emma in that miu miu dress forever. i think she looks awesome. you rock that glittery burnt orange and peter pan collar, girlfriend.

    • TheVeryLivingEND

      Oh, Elizabeth Banks…that’s just…that’s just. So, did you get to see the back of the dress before you tried it on, dear?

    • Karen

      Maggie Gyllenhaal’s dress looks like it was made to fit her and her conjoined twin.

    • Anonymous

      Hah. Looked at the Elizabeth Banks dress and my train of thought went like this:

      “Why, TLo are on crack. I don’t know what they’re thinking putting this on the list. It’s really rather charmi–


    • Stacey

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    • Ronu Dubla