Robert Downey Jr. Has a Foot Problem

Posted on December 13, 2011

We shan’t be INing or OUTing this one, darlings. Your opinions are not being solicited this time, because we can’t trust you to be objective with him. This time, you SIT, and you LISTEN. That sucks for you, but the good news is we found a way to use “shan’t” in a sentence, and that’s got to be pretty exciting for you, yes?

Now, let’s begin.


Robert Downey Jr. attends “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” Rome Photocall.

We will start this off by saying we adore RDJ as an actor. Truly. Name a movie he’s made – especially in the last ten years – and we’ll respond with “Oh, that was a fun movie. We loved that one,” or at the very least, “We hated that movie, but at least RDJ was fun in it.” The reason we’re saying this is because we’ve never featured him on the blog without expressing our extreme distaste for how he dresses. RDJ the actor? Love him. RDJ’s personal style? Bad bordering on offensive.

We are very pleased to see him in a suit that is neither shiny nor does it look like he rolled it into a little ball the night before and used it as a pillow. We are also happy to see properly hemmed (or as much as can be, considering what’s below them) pants and a tie properly knotted. The jacket’s a little short on him and the color looks geriatric to us, but we won’t make an issue of either. We will, on the other hand, make a serious issue of the footwear.

Look, if he wants to hit the RC or make the photocalls in something cheeky or with a little edge to it; fine. Just don’t do it with a suit. Put on your CBGB t-shirt and a pair of jeans if that’s the way you want to swing. But suits are made for shoes and if you don’t want to wear them – and you’re over the age of, oh…let’s be a little arbitrary and say 25* – THEN DON’T WEAR A SUIT. The sneakers-with-suits thing is both juvenile and overdone at the same time. A younger man might evoke Justin Bieber (who does dress like this and can mostly get away with it) but when you’re closing in on the Big 5-0, on your best day you’re evoking David Letterman, but mostly (and especially if you choose WHITE sneakers) you look like a senior citizen on a bus trip.

In other words, this doesn’t look “cool” to us; it looks dorky as hell. He’s such a charming, talented, good-looking man and every time he dresses like this we don’t think, “cool;” we think, “tool.”

Oh, go ahead and give your opinion. As if we could stop you.

* Age is flexible, but 46 is definitely past the sell-by date.

[Photo Credit: Insidefoto/PR Photos]

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  • It’s really not helping that those are some of the ugliest sneakers I’ve ever seen. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Plain black Chuck Taylors would have been better. Inappropriate and stupid, but better.

    • Anonymous

      Clown shoes.

      • Toon shoes, as in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”  Can’t believe Jessica Rabbit let him out of the house wearing Roger’s shoes.

        • Anonymous

          And it looks like he stepped in the “Dip.”

    • Agreed. Even though I really love him and usually don’t care how he dresses, those shoes are fug.

  • Anonymous

    I shan’t say a thing. You’ve said it all for me.

  • Those shoes are really, really unacceptable. As in I gagged when I saw them. He should have been tackled and had the shoes wrestled off his feet before appearing in public with those on. And the designer and manufacturer should be investigated for fashion crimes. 

  • Anonymous

    From the ankles up I think he looks great.

    • Anonymous

      I know!  It’s so sad that he had to go and ruin it, since I do love the cut of that suit (and I think the color reads more “retro” than “geriatric”). But those shoes are just beyond awful, and there’s no level of hotness from the guy wearing them that would make their pairing with a suit OK.

  • Is it possible that he’s NOT a tool because he knows that he LOOKS like one? I do {heart} RDJ.

  • scottyf

    T&Lo said about Robert Downey Jr….
    “Your opinions are not being solicited this time, because we can’t trust you to be objective with him.”

    Well isn’t THAT the pot calling the kettle beige, gentleman? 

    *cough…Jude Law…cough*

    • Scott Hester-Johnson

      Oh, SNAP. She shut you up!

      • We don’t get it. Jude Law does nothing for either of us. We like his personal style very much, but we’re not exactly fangirls.

        • Anonymous

          You really couldn’t tell from your posts.

          • Really? We’re so confused by this that we clicked on the “Jude Law” tag to read what we wrote that would give anyone the impression that we have a crush on him. There’s nothing. We’re always pretty upfront about how we love his style and how closely it adheres to Lorenzo’s personal style in particular, but that’s it. He wears clothes we like. We had no idea anyone thought more of it than that.

          • michelle abeln

             i might be wrong, but i feel this statement is in regards to the recent couples post with rdj and jude law, where you stated jude law looked movie star swoon worthy, but most of the commentariat thought he was beyond douchey with fancy track pants and hat.

          • What we actually said was “Fabulously stylish movie star.” How did that get translated into some sort of crush?

          • Anonymous

            Methinks the gents doth protesteth too much ;b

          • But we’ve never been shy about declaring our crushes. Look at any Michael Fassbender post. We’re just confused where this one came from and now we’re kind of fascinated because each new comment seems to prove that it literally doesn’t matter what we say; y’all seem convinced we’re harboring a secret crush.

          • I’m with T.Lo. In fact, I’m pretty sure there have been more than a few posts where they open with, “He does nothing for us, but he sure looks good” or a variation thereof. 
            Y’all seem more into beefcakes than the hipster intellectual effete in general. 

          • Anonymous

            Oh dear 🙂 speaking for myself I’m just gently leg-pulling. To crush or not to crush, it’s not like it matters (I seem to have come over all Shakespearian tonight for some reason!). Although Mr Law does seem to get consistantly more leeway than some. Now maybe that’s just because he makes more imaginative choices, which I like him for too even if some (like the last outfit – had to get that in) don’t quite come off. Or maybe there’s a subconscious crush you aren’t even aware of. Like the night I dreamt about Kyle MacLachlan and discovered a liking I previously knew nothing of… but I digress. Anyway, it disnae matter, just a little teasing 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Just stepping in, re: Fassbender. It always seemed to me as if you were just gratifying the fanbase with his posts, as he seemed far too schlumpy for your tastes. That could be just me, though.


          • Anonymous

            Well the truth is WE are all harboring a secret crush, which means that we like to project it onto YOU, and decide that YOU have the crush.  However, I honestly thought that you did just think he was a hottie, no matter what he wore.  And I don’t need you to have the crush, because I’m hogging it all to myself, thank you.  xoxo

          • Anonymous

            I think people are just teasing you.

          • A) Are there people who don’t have crushes on Michael Fassbender?  Who?  Where?  Are they both blind and deaf?


            B) Congratulations, guys, you have reached the level of popularity that makes it fun to speculate on your secret hidden lives.  Next week can we talk about the troubles between the two of you as you both want top billing on the page header? 

          • Anonymous

            i think it’s cos he looked so so very bad & pretty much everyone else saw it.

            then again, i dont think theres a person on this earth who can be purely objective about everything & i’m not sure that pure & constant neutrality is either helpful or necessary. i had a horrible, traumatic day [really really bad] or i would parse this down further. please excuse me if only for today for leaving it as a statement w/ the codicil that it’s likely if everything & everyone were continuously neutral the culture would be stagnating at an even quicker rate.

          • So essentially it all came down to “We didn’t like his clothes so we all assumed you had a crush on him because you did like his clothes.”

            That’s …. kinda weird.

          • Anonymous

            nah– i didnt think you had a crush on him. i was just trying to synopsize as best i could what i figured the prevailing thought was, is all. myself i never really translated it into crush.

            after which i had to say something slightly confusing about the culture, of course, which i wouldve said better had i not just been told out of nowhere by semi-estranged crazyspouse that he had to have the ventricles in his heart replaced. most days i think it’s the whole thing that needs replacing but he caught me out this time.

          • Anonymous

            Not really more weird than accusing Heidi et al of smoking crack based on what they praise.  I think you’re fixating on the “crush” when that’s not really the point.  What the commentariat is saying is that you seem to have a striking lack of objectivity when it comes to Jude, and a crush is just one humorous (or not, if you prefer) way to explain it.  It could just as easily be hitting the old crack pipe, too much eggnog, or that every time you have to do a post on Jude you coincidentally fall and smack your little heads on the pavement.

            Imagine Heidi et al saying, “It’s so bizarre that everybody accuses us of smoking crack.  We’ve never smoked crack in our lives!”  Still doesn’t explain what the hell they were thinking…

            Really, the “crush” thing is just teasing.  But maybe by now you’re identifying with how the PR judges must sometimes feel about all of us!

          • scottyf

            Well said!

            I’m going to start referring to the phenomenon as “T&Lo looking at the world through Tilda, Iman and/or Jude-colored glasses.”

          • “You’re smoking crack” and “You have a crush and can’t be objective” aren’t even remotely comparable. One is clear hyperbole while the other is actually being debated. I think even a cursory glance at the responses here indicate that several people took it quite seriously, your own included.

            It will never not strike us as odd that people consistently ignored what we actually wrote about him – that we like his personal style very much and that it’s very close to our own style preferences – in favor of something that’s not evident anywhere in the writing.

          • Anonymous

            I have to admit, my cursory glance doesn’t really pick up anything as “seriously debated.”  But speaking for myself, I can only say I meant it all as hyperbole and humor, absolutely in the “smoking crack” vein.  I don’t have a “serious” or even a non-serious opinion on whether or not you really have a crush on anyone, honest!

          • ” I have to admit, my cursory glance doesn’t really pick up anything as “seriously debated.”

            Oh, come ON.

          • Anonymous

            LOL, okay, maybe one or two took it a little more seriously than I would have (tho not necessarily on the issue of crush/no-crush), but far more have said WE ARE JUST PULLING YOUR LEG!

          • Anonymous

            Exactly. I certainly saw it as some pretty innocuous, and affectionate teasing, certainly initially. I don’t quite get how it’s turned more serious. I can only think a clash of senses of humours :/ 

          • scottyf


            Gentleman, I’m afraid I need to go back to the pot and kettle comment. I don’t see you stepping back with much objectivity here.

            I can’t, of course, speak for Mefein but I would say the correct correlation would be “You’re smoking crack” to “You have a crush.” It would not include the objectivity information. These phrases would be used to highlight the seeming lack of objectivity or style preference. They are both simply different ways to articulate incredulity.

            If we’re being technical, in the four posts that highlight Mr. Law exclusively, you never actually write that you “like his personal style very much.” You infer it…but you never actually say it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with inference…as long as it works both ways.

            In the “Straight Up Dandy” post, you excuse Mr. Law for several breaks in his pants (something, if I’m not mistaken, you abhor) because of the style being a “Euro-cut skinny pant” which “…actually works better that way…”

            However, you go on to say: “although we think these pants are just a skosh too full to be a true skinny pant.”

            If we are to take you at your written word, then there is a contradiction here: on one hand you say that the breaks are okay because it is a skinny pant, yet on the other you say that it’s not a true skinny pant.

            I understand the nuance here. But I think it’s also fair to say that not every celebrity gets that same deference. I just can’t imagine your letting RDJ off the hook for the same style choice–subtle difference or not.

            You are, imho, two of the fiercest, fabulous, fun, funny (and all of the adjectives you so graciously heap onto Jude Law) people on the web. I have, through your words, shown you why I personally perceive a certain bias in your reporting of Mr. Law. In the scheme of things, I couldn’t give a flying fig about who you like or why. 

            But I do take a slight offense, and tilt my head to the side when it seems as if you take issue, or discount as not evident something someone else may see in your writing.

          • Would someone else like to come along and tell us that everyone’s teasing and we’re taking things too seriously?

            Scotty, you are reading – in fact, seriously OVER-reading – things in our commentary that simply aren’t there. It doesn’t bother us that people think we have a crush on the guy; but it’s fairly bothersome when people keep insisting that we do long after we say we don’t.

            “Bias in your reporting.” Jesus Christ. Way to suck the fun out of things. We have said many times and in many other instances that skinny pants work better when they’re longer than a dress pant.

            There is no “objectivity” here. The site’s tagline is “Fabulous & Opinionated,” after all. But when we joked about our readers’ lack of objectivity when it comes to RDJ, it’s because of how common it is for our readers to say something like, “I don’t care how shitty he looks, I love him! IN!” Try as you might, you’re not going to find us saying anything like that about Jude Law.

            We like Jude Law’s personal style. We’ve been fairly open about that. When people start talking about the “bias in our reporting” and selectively quoting past comments to support a thesis that our feelings are somehow more than that or tainted by other factors, we can’t help but think they’re kind of missing the whole point of this site.

          • scottyf


            I said early on in this post that if you say you’re not crushing on Law, then I believe you.

            The ONLY thing that I’ve been questioning is your seemingly vehement denial that what you write can be construed differently than you intended.

            My father used to call me a “Philadelphia Lawyer.” I love debate–a part of which is to cite sources. I’m sorry if you take issue with that, and I can assure you that I won’t do it again.

            I too consider myself to be fairly Fabulous and Opinionated at times. And on occasion those opinions and the way I express them will be different than yours.

            I still consider you both pretty damn fabulous, and I thought that I understood the point of the site and contributed comments accordingly. But maybe I was wrong.

            Maybe I’ll understand fully by commenting less, and reading more.

            Thank you for your liberal contribution to this thread.

          • Anonymous

            All I can say is, I’ll bet it’s not the first time Jude Law’s caused a fight without even being present. 
            (and I’m positive I’m not alone in saying I look out for and greatly enjoy your comments).

          • Anonymous

            Ah, Scotty, you fought the good fight, but maybe you did go a little on the lawyerly side.  Those guys do have a way of sucking the fun out of things (still, TLo, you know we’re not ALL writing legal briefs).  On the other hand, I can’t diss lawyers right now because two fine upstanding members of the profession are in fact now keeping me from running through the streets screaming (maybe my sense of humor has been affected.  I could have SWORN I wasn’t being at all serious and maybe occasionally even, well, a little funny?  Maybe not!)

            And one of my legal darlings actually has me grinning from ear to ear because he managed to finally wrest from the mortgage company, after an eternity of my own efforts, a loan modification with surprisingly decent terms.  Hell yeah!  (The other one is keeping me from having to deal directly with my soon-to-be-ex, which is a daily cause for celebration.)

            Tomorrow I’ll think about how I’m actually going to pay for them (damn lawyers!), but tonight I have no argument with anyone because I’ll be drinking large amounts of CHAMPAGNE and caressing the walls of my apartment.

            So here’s to lawyers, including, you, ScottyF, Esq.!  Here’s to Jude, hmm, Law!  And here’s to TLo because SERIOUSLY (this time!) you guys make this such a fun place to come to in good times and tough times.  You are the Cheers Bar of the Internet.

            So somebody please open a bottle and let’s make up!

          • Anonymous

            Wow, are you two really so full of yourselves that you can’t consider a differing opinion?
            Just lost my lunch…and my taste for this site.

          • Anonymous

            I’m just very happy that you have a beagle as your avatar, Mefein. I have no opinion on the Jude Law Crush hypothesis.

          • Anonymous

            Ah, that’s Jimi, my beagle, who is snuggling up to me and making googly eyes as we speak.  He’s named Jimi after Mr. Hendrix because my then teenage son, who had a thrice life-size poster of His Greatness on his wall at the time, insisted it was a “a sign” when we picked the puppy up, got in the car, and “Purple Haze” came on the radio.  So Jimi he became, despite his complete lack of musical gifts (though he howls pretty good!).

            Truth be told, he would probably snuggle up to and make googly eyes to Jude Law, TLo, you, or anyone else you can name.  I can’t decide if a beagle is the ultimate hedonist or a saint — loving to all, but attached to none.

            But no matter.  They’re still the most loving and trusting, creatures I’ve ever come across.  That and hysterically funny.  Beagles are freaking awesome!

          • You were clearly never preteen girls.  YES THAT’S IT EXACTLY. 

            And deep down, none of us ever grew out of it:)

          • scottyf

            Oh come ON guys! 

            I didn’t respond directly to your first comment in this thread, because it wasn’t addressed to me. And in my initial post, the operative word for me was “objective”, so I wasn’t focusing on the crush factor. I would posit that you are not as objective about Mr. Law, for whatever reason–be it his overall style or something else. I am not frustrated or upset by your fascination with him–but I DO have to say that I hope you are in FIERCE Cleopatra drag and packed a healthy lunch for your trip down Denial, if you can’t see why some of the commentariat might intimate a crush from your numerous posts on Jude:

            In Jude Law arrives at LAX airport you write:

            “Lo ignored T and sighed. ‘Doesn’t he just look great?'”
            to which T replies:
            “Truth be told, he does look super-cute here.”

            In Jude Law Running Errands in Primrose Hill, you wrote:
            “…but you should take a little comfort in the fact that we think you look cute here.”

            Now, in each case you very well might be referring to his outfit/style. However “cute” is not a phrase that you use often when doing so–unless you’re talking about younger men. And I ain’t heard Lo sighin’ for just any one, or thing. Add to this that Mr. Law sometimes gets away with fashion crimes that you slam other celebrities for (Rasta hat, pant breaks, etc.).

            None of this proves crush. And if you say you don’t have one–I truly believe you.

            I just respectfully take issue with the idea that you can’t see why some of us might have intimated otherwise from your posts on him.

          • Yikes.

            Okay, we’re stepping out of this one. We had no idea this was a thing or that anyone was taking it seriously. But there is no might about it. We were talking about his outfit each time.

          • Anonymous

            I think it started with the “Droopy Drawers” getup.  Now there was a look that only someone with a raging crush or a mother could love.  Perhaps Jude brings out your maternal side?  As far as denial, I guess you’ll know by your reaction if he ever decides to wear sneakers with a suit…

            Anyway, we kid because we love.  At least I HOPE no one’s taking this seriously.

          • Well, I’ll back you up, boys. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention from one post to the next, but I’ve never had the impression that y’all were crushing on Jude Law.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for putting it so elegantly. I was hoping you’d eventually respond back. I don’t have your even an iota of your ability to put thoughts into words. But this is basically what I was referring to. (Corsetmaker’s previous comment also hit on the head what I was referring to.

          • INTERNET IS SRS BSNS!!!

          • Granted, I didn’t go through your posts exhaustively (I’m lazy and believe in Wiki research:) but looking at them, I can see reading it as either a) so adoring of him that you think everything he wears looks good or b) so adoring of his style efforts that you use different rubrics on him, much as you do on Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton. 

            For the most part I agree with you.  Except the last one.  I’m still confused.

        • Oh, NO, my beloved Scotty and TLo at ODDS!  I feel like Mommy and Daddies are fighting! It hurts, make it stop.

        • Anonymous

          My dear gay uncles, I don’t think you have a crush on Jude Law.
          I am sometimes deeply confused by the things you like, though. Like the time Jude Law wore long jones as if they were pants. But more especially, your continued fascination with Queen Duckface herself, Paz de la Huerta.
          It’s like, 90% of the things you say about fashion, I sit there and nod my head and fall for pretty much the same things you do. Then every once in a while you praise something insane and all I can do is scratch my head.
          On the other hand, I love ankle straps and chokers, so I suppose we all have insane things that we like no matter what anyone else says.

    • Anonymous

      LOVE!!! ^_^

      comment of the day, babycakes.

    • seriously correct.  Jude Law’s hat?  9/10?  srsly????

  • Anonymous

    TLO posts like this are why I don’t miss a day reading your blog. You are funny, witty and smart. I want to write like you when I grow up

  • From the waist up, he looks fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    First laugh out loud of the day!  Looks like he put on an especially ugly pair of white sneakers, and then stepped in blue paint.  

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he forgot to change his shoes? I know just the other day I was at my local big box store and lo and behold, I was still wearing my slippers.   I looked down and was so thankful I remembered my pants. It’s hell getting old.

    • MilaXX

      I’m almost embarrassed to say I nearly did the same thing the other day. I was dropping my sister off at work and planned to  head to Target afterwards. My slippers are those isotoners things. As I pulled up to her office, I realized I was fully dressed with slippers on. I went home instead.

      • J Dreesen

        with a getup like that you may have been able to at *least* go to a WalMart.

        (ugh.  that hurt to type.)

        • MilaXX

          Breaks my own personal going out in public rule. The rest is no do rags, NEVER braless, no pajamas bottoms EVER.  Once you start making allowances, it’s a slippery slope to slob-ville.

          • No Uggs/Crocs, pajama bottoms (unless I’m pregnant, in which case they fit during the awkward too fat for real pants, not yet fat enough for maternity phase — I only do solid black though:), no underwear that came in a multi pack, no ugly coats. 

          • MilaXX

            I do UGGS only when there is actual snow on the ground, otherwise I’m with you

          • They are not only ugly but unflattering — I have never seen anyone whose legs don’t instantly look worse for a pair of Ugg boots.  Nope, for trudging through snow, I go with either true snow boots — where it’s clear to anyone seeing me WHY I put the hideous things on my feet — or stiletto knee-high boots. 

            I know, I know, but hear me out here: all too often, the real danger is ice, not snow.  My stilettos, with but a firm tap of the heel, punch through that ice layer and anchor me quite firmly.  I have NEVER gone all the way down in stilettos.

            I do recommend that you take a razor to the ball of the sole to get some extra grip, though.  And buy a half size too big, so that you can fit one pair of athletic socks with a pair of wool socks over them.  I have also been known to create knee-high slippers for wearing inside said boots for warmth.

          • Anonymous

            My inner 12 yr old snorted at this statement with impish perverse delight ;P

          • Anonymous

            I was with you until the Multi Pack Underwear comment.  Of course, I ADORE my Big White Granny Panties and only buy them in a big old pack.   But no Crocs.  No no no.

          • My personal rule is any underwear (as applies to ALL undergarments) that I wouldn’t want to be wearing if I got the chance to sleep with RDJ, should not be worn at all. 

            In part, no doubt, to my slightly delusional and rich inner world, in which I may actually get to sleep with RDJ after his divorce/wife’s death.  (Interestingly, the existence of my own husband causes me not a pause, but Susan Downey does — I told my husband that my vows went out the window in regards to RDJ long before I married him)

          • Anonymous

            And no sweatpants/sweat shirts. I think those say that one has just given up on life. 

            My mother was a very elegant woman and never would have left the house wearing sweats. She picked me up at the airport once wearing them and I thought someone must have died. (Turned out their sump pump had gone out and they’d spent twelve hours bailing out the basement.)

          • MilaXX

            I have to admit that I do wear sweats to and from the gym, but I try to buy nice gym/yoga wear for those days when I’ll be running errands afterwards.

          • It wouldn’t matter what I wore to the gym, I’m still going to be such a mess afterwards that I have to go home before errands. 

          • MilaXX

            my gym has individual showers so I can glam up a bit before leaving & both the supermarket & target are practically right next door. it’s almost a waste of gas to go home.

          • J Dreesen

            Going to WalMart in general breaks my personal going out in public rule.

          • J Dreesen

            Going to WalMart in general breaks my personal going out in public rule.

          • J Dreesen

            Going to WalMart in general breaks my personal going out in public rule.

    • Anonymous

      I did that once, and will never forget it. Ever.

  • Anonymous

    I do love him and can usually overlook some things b/c of personality…but these shoes are hideous.  They wouldn’t look good with jeans, with sweats. 

  • Anonymous

    “Your opinions are not being solicited this time, because we can’t trust you to be objective with him.”

    HEY!!!! I resemble that remark!

  • It’s like they dipped the tips in a vat of liquid Smurf..

    • Anonymous


  • Linde Hoff

    Nope, you’re spot on!

  • See, now I was all prepared to shout “shut your dirty mouths, TLo, because you are wrong” and storm out of the room like a petulant teenager when I saw that you were going to criticize my beloved RDJ but after seeing those shoes, I couldn’t do it. Sigh. 

  • I’m torn between deciding if they’re clown shoes or bowling shoes.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, clown shoes. Bowling shoes would have been infinitely cooler than these horrors.

  • Yes.  This is not “cute’ or “fun” after a certain age – it’s just foolish and silly.  Wear some adult shoes with your big boy suit. 

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, guys.  I love the man and find him hot as hell, but this just looks plain ridiculous.  And they’re ugly sneakers.

  • aimee_parrott

    I shan’t gainsay you.  He looks like a fool.  And FWIW, I love him too!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like spent the last several hours kicking Smurfs in the balls.

  • MilaXX

    Shame because I think the suit is just fine and a decent pair of shoes would be an IN for me. The sneakers are cute on their own and paired with a great fitting pair of jeans would have also been a great look. Combining the 2 at his age or any age for that matter is as you mentioned,  juvenile and silly looking.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. The footwear is always an issue with him. No 46 year old man should wear sneakers with a suit. The suit itself, I have no real issues with. At least he usually goes out in public looking neat and presentable from the ankles up. The sneakers are definitely a distraction.

  • Lori

    I have a really tough time being objective about RDJ because he’s such a good actor and I’m so glad that he’s off the drugs and not dead. I won’t even try to argue with you about his clothing choices though, because they’re generally not good. Even for him these shoes are a new low. They should not exist let alone be worn with a suit in a situation where the wearer knows photos will be taken.

  • Anonymous

    perhaps its just an illusion due to the capped toe, but do his feet look really small here?…i’ve never really imagined RDJr as a guy with small, um..feet.. 😉

  • Anonymous

    The shoes look ridiculous with his suit.    Agree with the entire critique.

  • Scroll-down fug if ever there was such a thing.

  • He almost got it right.  But then again, if he got it right he just wouldn’t be RDJ now would he?  

  • Love him.  Usually love his suits.  Can’t get behind the shoe choices.  He can do better.

  • Can I get some clarification here?  Is it just the shoe thing you guys take issue with when talking about RDJ?  (BTW, totally with you on this particular pair of sneakers — they’re hideous)

    But the other thing that confuses me is why do some celebs, like Helena Bonham Carter and Russell Brand, get to dress in their look which would be atrocious on anyone else, but RDJ has been doing basically this same thing for 20 years and still gets held to the regular menswear rules?  Is it because his style isn’t quite bad enough to be deliberately bad?  Is it because he personally isn’t making it work? 

    This is in no way meant as a criticism of you guys — even if I fervently disagreed, you have the right to find anything awful, you have eyes and opinions.  But I find menswear confusing, and I trust you guys to explain this stuff to us:)

    • I think it’s because RDJ’s signature look doesn’t say “I dress how I want, I don’t care what you think or if you think I’m a loon” (even though HBC and RB do probably care and that’s a cultivated act in-and-of-itself) but rather seems to ask, “Don’t I look young and hip? Eh? Eh?” And it’s not flattering to him when there are other ways for men to look stylish aside from trying to ape the below-30 crowd (see also, Johnny Depp), with Jude Law probably being a good example of style without the vague whiff of desperation. It’s weird, because RDJ looks a little desperate here, but he’s arguably at the peak of his career (lucky men, able to have successful careers long into their 40s and 50s) and there’s no need for this “I still got game!” shenanigans on his feet. 

      • See, I think where I get confused is that he didn’t start doing this as a midlife crisis.  He’s always dressed this way. 

        • Eh. So has Johnny Depp. There’s just a point where it stops being cute and starts looking stupid, and the longer it goes on, the more desperate the guy looks. It’s like if Justin Timberlake still dressed the way he did when he was in N’SYNC. One’s style should evolve somewhat, especially as one grows older and stupid trends like giant sneakers with a suit come back around with someone young enough to be your son. 
          But I’m one to talk. I’m wearing ridiculous printed leggings right now and I hope to wear them until and into my 30s. 

          • You’ll get my silly shoes and purses when I’m dead and buried and not before!  My wardrobe tends to be very functional, so I often go for really outrageous accessories. 

            I’m trying to figure out how to explain the difference between a distinctive style and a rut.  How does it work for some and not for others.  Unfortunately, in addition to being entirely subjective (for instance you will never get me to say an unkind word about an RDJ look beyond those shoes are ugly), it’s also very difficult to point out the exact reasons. 

          • To me, at least, it usually seems like RDJ is actually aiming for stylish-cool and missing, rather than going for slightly-kooky-on-purpose and hitting the mark.  I don’t usually get the feeling he’s in on the joke, I guess, where I always feel like Helena Bonham Carter, Russel Brand, Johnny Depp et al. do get it, and choose their clothes either to continue the joke or because that’s what they want to wear and the joke can get stuffed.  The trying-to-be-cool-and-missing aspect is what feels silly and try-hard and is edging into desperate, at least in my completely subjective and personal perception of his style.

            Also, while I have a deep appreciation for headgear, sometimes Jude Law’s also gives the whiff of trying-too-hard these days (see: stocking cap with his track pants & blazer outfit).

  • Anonymous

    Chuckle, snort, [wipes eyes]. Um. Ahem. What was that you just said? Some kind of tutorial? I’m sorry, I was busy chortling uncontrollably over the Donald Duck feet.

    Really.  We stand tutored, but you may have to repeat the lesson on someone wearing sneakers that are NOT appropriate to a cartoon character if some of the class failed to grasp the subtleties.

    I like the suit on him. I think Johnny Carson rather than geriatric, but some may say that’s a distinction without a difference. And while I’m not all rabid about it, I’ll suggest he either dye the beard, let some salt creep into the hair on his head, or shave.

  • Anonymous

    Since I imagine him sans raiment whenever I see him, your ravings move me not.

  • Anonymous

    I love RJD. To the point where I could tolerate him sporting, say, black Chuck Taylors with a suit.


    White tennies with painted blue toe caps? And a goofy expression that reads “Oh look, it’s daddy having an orgasm!”*

    Well, no. Just no.

    *for all you Robin Williams lovers out there.

  • Zach Ng Zheng Yang

    the shoes are fun and interesting. but agreed that it’s not working here.

  • Anonymous

    Welll….. I’m a bit biased here, but sneakers and a suit can work (mostly David Tennant’s Doctor, but still). I think the real problem here is those aren’t a classic, understated style like a Chuck Taylor, but instead an oddly overdesigned pair of gym shoes that look like the ends have been dipped in rather ugly paint- not to mention how the bright primary blue clashes with the softer (but still bright) blue of the suit.

  • Lexie

    Oh, RDJ. You are so fucking sexy, but those sneakers are hiddy. Whyyy do you do this to us?!

  • Anonymous

    Dorky is the right word here. Those shoes look like they were dipped in cans of paint. There are so many amazing shoes out right now, why wear a pair that came off the clearance rack at Payless? Please walk him over to Nordstrom immediately!

  • Judy_J

    Yes, the shoes are gawd-awful.  I love everything above the ankles.

  • Rebecca Johnson

    I wailed in distress when I saw his feet. He’s so handsome and funny and interesting, and I love that suit (even the color) – why must he ruin it??

    Q for everyone: Which is worse on the red carpet – these sneaks or Thomas Jane’s foot gloves?

    • Joyce VG

      the foot gloves are borderline offensive to me!  I kind like RDJ’s sneaks…

      • Only because you’ve never worn them.  Trust me, if you wore them for a day, you’d never want to take them off either:)

      • I’m with you Joyce.  While i’m sure Shannon’s point is valid, they shoes are hiddy.  Yes, I suffer for fashion.  Those damn five fingers just don’t look so great with Chanel. 

        • I will concede that they don’t go with Chanel, and really shouldn’t be worn at such times. 

    • These.  Because if you must wear something ugly for the sake of comfort, I can personally attest that the FiveFingers are FAR more comfortable than anything else.

      BTW, TLo, I have them, and they’re anti-microbial with specialized breathable fabric so as to mitigate the foot fungus issues.  Your feet aren’t any sweatier in them than any other shoe, and they dry out faster than the inside of traditional sneakers.  I still prefer mine with my toe socks (they’re special running toe socks, because the regular ones throw off the fit) but they’re okay with out.

      And for everyone else: it’s the next best thing to barefoot.  Seriously has eliminated so many problems, including correcting my running stride and easing my back strain when walking.  Buy them:)

  • Those shoes make him look ridiculously short. He’s not particularly tall, no, but it makes me want to smack him for ruining the purpose of the suit, which is to make a man look tall and broad. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Senior citizen on a bus trip. Hah!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the shoes are atrocious, to say the least, but that second picture of him is just… beyond words. He is lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Those are eye-searing sneakers and should never be worn by anyone, anywhere, with anything.

  • Dorky, but in a pleasant way. I think “fun” more than “Fashion Statement”.  This is the least awful he’s looked in a while.

  • Robert, I love you and in an alternate universe I’d love to have your children but enough of the funny shoes!

  • Cathy S

    I did this kind of gaze down thing. At his face, “aw, he’s so cute”; at the jacket, “it’s too short but not bad”; and then, “what the hell are those!” So yeah, not feeling the shoes at all.

  • Heh. What are ya gonna do, turn off comments?? 

    Yes. The shoes are stupid. We agree. 

  • Sara__B

    I vote for “dorky as hell” and “senior citizen on a bus trip”. I get it, RDJ, you’re a fun and quirky guy. Now go home and change your shoes.

  • He’s so CUTE!! But those shoes are A—trocious!

  • Sara__B

    I just realized something sort of scary. I’m actually looking forward to seeing his next stupid suit/shoe combination.

  • Anonymous

    i just don’t get the appeal of this guy.  has he forgotten how to shave?

  • Anonymous

    i never disagreed with the outing (lol)/low scoring of rdj ~ i objected to the insanely high score of his man friend in bad red carpet wear.

    i hate rdj wearing sneakers with everything about as much as i hate jude law’s hackey sack stoner beanie hat. if i were asked, this would be an OUT bc of tue shoes, even grading on the rdj curve.

    i suspect that ultimately, he just chooses comfort over glamour (comfy sneaks, loose/no tie) and his handlers have given up trying to chase him down and set him back to rights.

  • These shoes remind me of that episode of a sit-com in which the main character had a mad crush on someone until he came out wearing a dorky hat. What was that show?

  • Anonymous

    Lessons on how to pair a suit with sneakers: David Tennant’s Doctor.

  • Except if you are David Tennant and you play the Doctor that is.

    • MilaXX

      Does it count when it’s a costume? RDJ isn’t playing The Doctor, or even as Tony Stark he’s appearing as RDJ.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I see Kirk Douglas in this get-up, not RDJ.

  • Anonymous

    i know you are right TLO, but he is so adorable & its hard to for me to judge him even with his bad taste in shoes.

  • Anonymous

    These shoes make him look SMALL. His feet look small for his body and his body looks small for his head. He looks like the bobblehead version of himself. Even setting the Official Rules of Footwear aside, that can’t be desirable. 

  • Anonymous

    I physically twitched when I scrolled down and saw the shoes, even though i was expecting something bad.  Wow.  

  • Anonymous

    I adore the man and usually defend his “fashion” choices with phrases such as “Oh, that’s just how he does his thing. He’s so cute. And hasn’t he had enough to deal with–insane and destructive father, years of addiction? Just leave him alone!”

    But I shan’t do that this time. Because you guys are on the money on everything this time. Old-Florida-dude suit and silly orthopedic-looking sneaks that he wore for shock value alone. But just look at that picture of him smiling. It’s just about impossible not to forgive him.

  • Anonymous

    guy marches to his own drum. so he wants to wear blue clown tip sneakers with a suit. he still looks better than a lot of other guys who wear the conventional. he has a sense of personal style and he shows that he is VERY comfortable with it. gotta love him for that.

  • Anonymous

    forget scroll-down fug. this is scroll-down LOL.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Scrolldown fug’. The shoes are ick. And I have a deep and abiding passion for all shoes.

  • Anonymous

    He conquered a drug addiction without turning into a God-botherer or losing his sense of humor. He deserves to wear the shoes and the ugliness of them is a good reminder that sometimes, being human takes a whole painful amount of effort. They’re a symbol of his irreverance to the rules the rest of us mere mortals live by. All hail the shoes. Sometimes, ugly is beautiful simply by virtue of being around to see it.

  • but but but…it’s RDJr and he’s DIVINE in anything! 

  • oohsparkley!

    I really don’t get those shoes.  They look like a senior center craft project gone wrong.  RDJ still cute – love the boxing pose.

  • Anonymous

    RDJ was such a defiant addict for so many years, I figure he’s got deep seated issues with authority. If he can use stupid and adolescent fashion choices to exercise his need to rebel, I’m OK with that because his previous path nearly took him over the last cliff.

    • Anonymous

      I think that’s the nub of it, and in that case it’s a pretty harmless rebellion that gives us all some entertainment.

      • I don’t know… I really like shoes, but I’m not thinking they’re going to work as a coke replacement.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! Thank god my fellow bitter kittens are far more eloquent that me! And it’s also why the shoes with the suit bother me. It feels more like a *fuck you* than it does playful irreverence or individual style. But like you said, ugly and juvenile shoes win over addiction every single time.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Marginally better dressed than those doofuses that brought us that horrific “Rain Over Me” mess. How one can dress like a man-child and take oneself seriously I can never understand.

  • Mariah J

    Wow those shoes are a crime against nature

  • Anonymous

    I shan’t argue with you on this one. Those shoes are ridiculous.

  • if you wanna do the whole quirky “suit with sneakers” thing and attempt to get away with it, idk, pick shows that arent downright ugly as hell as those.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see the problem until I scrolled down and saw the shoes.  Then I got a little nauseous.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    You shan’t get any argument from me. Except I’d put the upper age limit on sneakers with formal clothes at 18.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but RDJ? Total nutcase. He will continue to dress like this, and you will continue to despair. He has been dressing this way ever since his comeback.

    At least he’s not color-matching with his wife anymore, thank heavens.

  • Anonymous

    The shoes are a heinous crime against fashion.

  • Carolyn Velez

    I think the sneakers are horrible but I choose to ignore them because of the fact that my profound love for RDJ only gives me room to dislike one thing about him at a time. For now it is the fact that he’s a Republican. Why Robert why?

    • NO!  Who says?!?

    • Anonymous

      Wait, what? WHY? WHAT?

    • Anonymous

      I thought you must be wrong, so I did a little research and found out you are right.  And his reasoning makes no sense to me.  I’m trying to get my head around the concept that he has the right to believe whatever he wants and he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, and we live in a democracy, and many good people are Republicans, and pigs can fly, and blah blah blah.  So good for him, I guess.

      • Damn you!  Now I went and Googled it too, and now I’m ridiculously confused.  I don’t hate Republicans — I grew up in a county that hasn’t gone blue since the Civil War — so I can probably overlook it.  But his comments don’t make any sense…

  • Anonymous

    Horrendous sneakers aside, if you look closely his trousers are indeed wrinkled and the hem is not sharply pressed, like they were quickly sewn and no one had an iron. The color of the suit is nauseating. I respect him as an actor and I think he’s a really good-looking guy, but he cannot dress. It’s hopeless. 

  • sweetlilvoice

    Love the review gentlemen, I can picture RDJ on a bus now with a bunch of old ladies touring Las Vegas.

    I’m just excited that the new Sherlock movie is out!

    • Anonymous

      I bet those would be some really happy old ladies!

  • Anonymous

    Why does he do that??!! Horrible shoes. Totally love him but his style is odd at best.

  • Anonymous

    He’s adorable, but those shoes are just silly.

  • Anonymous

    I too shan’t disagree with your thinking  he looks like a “tool.” 


  • Anonymous

    The male version of scrolldown fug.

  • Anonymous

    And  by the way…when I saw the title of this post, I thought there was going to be a legitimate medical reason why he wore silly tennies the other day.  GROAN.

    • See, and that’s my other thing: I’m always reluctant to critique shoes that could be a medical thing.  Because my husband wears suits with Converse to weddings unless he’s IN the wedding, he wears them with dress clothes for work unless he has a major meeting, etc.  He has gout and he has a really hard time with shoes aggravating it (for him, his feet are the main problem area) — Converse and the previously mentioned Vibram FiveFingers are both soft materials that will flex with his foot and they don’t bother him as much.

      I know most people don’t have a reason like that, but I’m always worried that the moment I chime in, it will be someone who does.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love a pair of those shoes, and I can guarantee you they’d never be worn with a suit.

  • MilaXX

    I buy my UGGS directly from where they have some stylish ones, however I am eternally clumsy and manage to get a mild concussion every winter. I can assure you a stiletto would put me in the hospital. When winter hits, I must have a flat, stable surface. My Uggs fit the bill.

    • See, I’m clumsy too!  But my mom broke her ankle on ice once, and so I live in fear of this.  Hence, the stiletto to drive through ice.  Also, turn your feet out like a ballerina — or a penguin — and waddle across.  You look stupid and feel even more so, but it is more stable.

  • Blechhhh as I scrolled down I started twitching.  YUCK.

  • RJD will NEVER look like a senior citizen on a bus trip or David Letterman. But 2.5 for the shoes. 10.0 for the rest! yum!

  • No arguements here.

  • Anonymous

    I think sneakers with a suit could work, if they were something less offensive like simple Chucks (a la the Tenth Doctor). What ARE these things on his feet??

  • Joshua

    Is it just me or do his suit pockets bring your attention to the crotchal region? I don’t like the fit of the trousers either, so that just makes matters worse. And I don’t mind trainers with a suit, but not blue tipped ones. Gross. I love RDJ, but this look is comical to me.

  • Anonymous

    I shan’t argue because when you guys are right, you are so right. 

    They look like old man walking shoes to me.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I’d agree with you on anyone else, but this guy has been thru hell and rehab and public humiliation and back, and has triumphed. I’m pretty sure he thinks, after all that, that worrying about his shoes is kind of silly.

    And I agree with him.  (God, did I really just say shoes are silly? Now I have to lay down with a cool rag on my forehead.)

  • Anonymous

    Yep, you cannot trust me to be objective when it comes to RDJ. You are correct.

  • As for it being a rule of no sneakers with a suit….
    David Tennant’s Doctor Who.
    Exception found; it’s officially a rule!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get what my fellow minions see in RDJ. Oh well, different strokes, as it were.

    I completely agree with you here — tool, not cool. Well said.

    • Well, in my case, I first discovered him at 5 when my brain was still impressionable.  And he reminded me of this absolute gem of a man who was in rehab with my dad that same year, which I did not realize until I was 26, who somewhat resembled RDJ and also had a coke problem. 

  • If he was like 30 years younger, THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN SO CUTE. But alas, he looks rather silly at his age and wearing those shoes.

  • I think it’s cute, but I’m one of those Bitter Kitten who would make excuses for him until the cows come home.  It does look cheeky and fun to me, not offensive. 

    • Well, I’m with you. I mean, they’re ridiculous shoes, but I think they’re really funny, and certainly not something I can get het up about. I don’t see how they could be offensive. They’re just silly shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Butt. Ugly.  and foolish too boot.  Grow up and stop trying so damn hard.  You’re handsome, rich, successful, a survivor, why the desperate need to be “funky guy”?

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes are really, really unfortunate. Otherwise, he looks fabulous. I love his face–he has a great smile. 

  • This calls for an, “Oh, honey – No.” category.

  • I almost gave myself whiplash from the power of that wince.

    Oh, RDJ. What the hell were you thinking?!?

  • I present in opposition to your argument, David Tennant’s Doctor, wearing a suit and Converse. However, not even HE could pull off those ugly clown shoes RDJ is sporting. It looks like he kicked a bucket of paint. Ick.

  • Cover his head and this is 100% Ellen. Rock it, girl.

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree.

    Also, I could imagine potentially digging those shoes, but they need to be on a skinny young DJ in black skinny jeans, they need to be hi-tops that are coming over the jeans (preferably a couple straps?), and it needs to be dark. Also, I may need to have been drinking. Obviously, these stipulations reflect nothing about my personal life or my decision-making in re: young men and sneakers.

  • He looks like a used car dealer from the 1970s.  In clown shoes.  Who needs a shave.  Not a good look.

  • Anonymous

    I hate that he dresses like a fool and that he’s regressed from Beiber shoes to Bieber shoes with blue rubbers on them. It’s awful. Horrible. Ridiculous. Skeevy.

    But… all I have to do is listen to him sing “River” and I can forgive him just about anything. I’m so ashamed.  *sigh*

  • Anonymous

    Homey the clown sneakers

  • Oh, honey. No.

  • Anonymous

    Sheesh… What’s wrong with him? Don’t wear sneakers with a suit. And if you do, at least wear matching Chucks. And don’t do that if you are over the age of 35.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I don’t understand what he’s trying to convey here.  That he’s hip and cool?  Fail.  A lovely pair of comfy men’s dress shoes would have looked so much cooler!  I’m kinda over him, really. 

  • Pennymac

    This was a “scroll down Laugh out loud” for me. True, I am nowhere near objective when it comes to RDJ, but the suit is better than what he’s been wearing lately. The shoes are hideous, but so stupid that I find them hysterical. They made me smile, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I really hate that jacket, but the shoes are absolutely ridiculous. “Dorky as hell” is right.

  • But he’s so yummy. Why does he have to dress like crap? ::pout::

  • Anonymous

    it’s cos i’m very familiar w/ his family background but i would say he is quite aware of how silly those shoes look so is wearing them purposefully & for that reason. another one like noomi rapace who may not take the red carpet as seriously as do most of the other carpetwalkers so fiddles around w/ it when given the chance. even if, of course, his finagling takes the form of toe-chopping clown shoes in not only white but brilliant sizzling pastel. even i cant make a case for the pastel that dare not speak its name but i do think thats what he’s up to & after.

  • Anonymous

    Different sneakers might have worked. It’s not a look I’d do (heck, I won’t even wear sneakers with jeans let alone a suit) but I’m not against the formal/casual mix if done right. I like the sneaks though…just not avec this suit.

  • A pair of cheeky blue and white saddle shoes would have much the same effect without dropping into “tool” category, I think.

  • Looked good until I scrolled down and saw the shoes. Tried to avoid looking at them but that bright a colour is painfully impossible to avoid.

  • Some gals like dorks, you know.

    Honestly, I do see your point, but he always looks like he’s having such a good time that I can’t hold his choices against him. I mean, look at that grin! He looks younger than his years simply because he’s so full of energy. The shoes are goofy, but I’m not really looking at them, so I can’t say I care.

    (DISCLAIMER: If he were an actor I disliked, I’d totally agree with you. But he’s RDJ, you guys!)

  • Anonymous

    I try to be mad at him but I can’t.  I never can look much farther down than his face anyway.   I like his face.  Someone on here said that he may be doing a safe form of rebellion.  I concur.  He could wear a tutu for all I care.  I know, it’s a fashion blog but TLo is right.   I have a big old blindspot when it comes to him.  HOWEVER – what the FUCK are those shoes about?  They look like they belong on a 3 year old.

  • You’re right, there’s no way I can be objective about him. Mostly I just want him to take off EVERYTHING he’s wearing, because that’d be so delicious.

  • Anonymous

    they do deter from one ugly ass suit

  • I have, occasionally, defended RDJ’s quirky personal style.

    This will not be one of those occasions. Those sneakers are irredeemable.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, they’re silly shoes, yes they’re horrible.
    And he is quite obviously taking the piss 🙂

  • Anonymous

    No, you guys are right. He looks great from the ankles up, but those shoes are hideous.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind them. Hell, I wish more women would say f you to the world and wear comfortable shoes on the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    Total scrolldown fug.  And thank you for using shan’t!  Such a wonderful word.

  • Anonymous

    I shan’t argue with you, as you are correct in all RDJ opinions.

  • Anonymous

    What the sh*t are those shoes?!?

  • “Your opinions are not being solicited this time, because we can’t trust
    you to be objective with him. This time, you SIT, and you LISTEN.”

    This made me literally laugh out loud (even though you’re dreadful bitches, the both of you).

  • Those shoes made recoil in my chair when I scrolled down and got my first look at them. That’s not an exaggeration – I was physically repelled by those shoes. So I shan’t look them – I’ll just scroll back up and sigh happily at my adorable movie boyfriend, looking sharp in a nice suit from the knees up. *Sigh of someone not even pretending to be objective.*

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes work if you are under 25 or over 75 (and thus, are wearing sneakers because your new orthotics won’t go in the dress shoes you broght to the event). 

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes look like cheap K-Mart shoes that he fucked up doing housework and thought, “Hell, I’ll just dip them in paint.”
    Ankles up though, that is a delicious hunk of man.

  • Anonymous

    Um, go Tarheels!

  • ian see

    no, no, no, you look like a robot in human suit but forgot to put on the shoes part, mr downey!

  • S. Jenna Lutz

    Ya’ll have me all conflicted because on the one hand – I don’t care how close he is to 50, I think the first universal truth about fashion is folks have the complete right to wear clothes they think of nifty/spiffy as well as strongly believing that the fashion world and red carpets especially are in desperate need of people willing to walk outside the strictly delineated lines of “Approved Fashion Choices”. Clothes should feel good, work as required (keep you warm/dry/cool/out of jail) and be something that makes the person pulling them on feel like they look fierce as hell, screw the rest of the world if they don’t get it. So, on the one hand, I have to say “Hey! He looks like he loves them, he can work them just fine, don’t be such fuddy duddies!” Cool is wearing what you want and being confident enough to ignore people who disagree.

    But on the other hand…

    The shoes are seriously fugly. The kind of fugly you can’t actually even blame the wearer for. They have crossed into the line where it’s no longer a case of RDJ choosing to wear something fugly – and more a case of shame for those that claim to love them. These are the kind of shoes his wife should be blamed for not burning. Or at least throwing herself in front of the door and refusing to allow him to leave until he changed. They are the fashion equivalent of those horrible performances those sad little people put on to try out for American Idol – you know, the singers who all you can think is “Do you have NO ONE in your life that honestly cares enough about you to prevent you from humiliating yourself on an international level? Do your loved ones hate you so much they actively want you to be a source of ridicule for the rest of your existence?

  • Complete agreement, even though I find him extremely yummy.

  • I don’t get him; I thought the first Sherlock Holmes movie was so incredibly DULL.  I guess I just missed the RDJ boat.

  • Anonymous

    The suit is such an improvement from his usual that I am breathing a sigh of relief that the silly shoes aren’t *worse.* 

  • Jess

    Um. Who gives a shit how he dresses? Maybe he likes them or thinks they are comfortable, i dont see anything wrong with that

    • What are you doing on this site? Did you get lost?

      • Jess

        I was googling Robert and this website came up. And the only reason I commented is because anyone who cares about fashion enough to insult someone else because you don’t like the way they dress just means you’re being a dick

        • Go away, fangurl. You’re on the wrong site.

          • Jess

            It’s a free country I can go on whatever website I want…oh and you it’s cute how you defended your website like this

          • Honey, I’m not defending my web site. I’m telling you to leave it. And guess what? It’s not a free country here. This is a privately owned web site and you just got banned.

  • Tinker Boy.

    The sneakers with suits is Robert’s style. It’s his personality. He likes to be crazy and different, and he can do this by wearing sneakers with a suit, because it’s just plain different. I, for one, think it’s cute. The shoes may look a little dumb because of the design, but they still suit him, and it’s what he likes. If he likes them, too bad for everyone else. That’s just Robert for you.