Paz de la Huerta for S Moda Magazine

Posted on December 12, 2011

Someone used a pressure washer to get the makeup off Paz’s face! Exciting development!


Paz de la Huerta featured in the December 2011 issue of S Moda magazine.

Say what you will about her acting style or personal style, this little chickie has LOADS of on-camera presence. It’s not just that you can’t take your eyes off her; it’s that you can’t stop trying to figure her out. She really should reconsider her normal way of wearing makeup, because underneath the paint she’s got an earthy, stripped-down sensuality she shouldn’t be trying to hide.




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    • AbbottRabbit

      Boys! Do they list a manufacturer on those polka dot stockings? Because I NEED them!  

      And I think I’ve said this before, but there are very few times when I “get” the Paz appeal. This is totally one of them, though. 

      • Anonymous
        • AbbottRabbit

          You are my new best friend. 

          • Anonymous

            I might not be after you figure out how much they cost…..but Wolford’s last FOREVER. 

            • AbbottRabbit

              That’s why I let myself invest in legwear — ultimately it’s cheaper to buy a few $50 pairs that last for years than it is to keep buying a bunch of 2-pairs-for-$20s that I get two wearings out of. 

            • Anonymous

              Recent convert to this way of thinking about tights. As with shoes and panties, sometimes it is so worth spending the money! Foundation garments like this so key.

            • MilaXX

              This! hand wash them and they will last for years

            • Alloy Jane

              I HATE spending money on clothes, it’s usually depressing and rarely gratifying.  But I will shit $50+/pair without batting an eye on Wolford legwear. 

              Another thing that will save your fancy tights?  Hoisery gloves.  They’re really helpful if you have nails.

            • Anonymous

              Really? I had one pair of Wolfords that were so super-delicate, I ripped them within 10 minutes of putting them on. Throughout the day, I proceeded to add 3 or 4 extra tears and runs. By evening I had to intentionally demolish them to go for the “artfully ripped” look. My boss at the time said that was par for the course with expensive hosiery. Meanwhile, I’ve had numerous pairs of cheap nylons last for years without a problem. NEVER AGAIN am I spending that kind of money on tights. (I confess I bought them at the Wolford sample sale, and even then it was three times what I would spend on a pair from VS)

            • Anonymous

              $50   for thigh hi’s???    I have trouble believing that these would last.  There have been times that I went through 3 pairs of hoses before getting out of the door (prior to apparently developing some sort of allergy).      It wasn’t my nails and if my hands are dry I have used lotion.  But I’ve had my fingers or toes just go right through them.   

              Tights with more cotton have lasted longer – but these are mostly sheer.  I cannot imagine $50 for them  (and they were over $70).

      • Anonymous

        Wolford ‘Bonny Dots” stay ups

      • Anonymous

        Madewell makes them in thighs. 

    • RBinTexas

      The cover images is genuinely intriguing. Deliciously lit, the colors are perfect, the textures are palpable. And her expression, semi-duck lipped as it is, hints at humor and mischief. It’s one of those photos that seems almost to move, as if had the camera clicked a second later, it would have captured a rascally grin.

      The other photos look like they were shot in a battered women’s shelter.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly my first thought!

    • Terence Ng

      Why does she always look like she just emerged from a coal mine?

      • Anonymous

        Or a bender…

    • Anonymous

      In total agreement, what a nice surprise to see her look real and interesting at the same time, plus looking her real age as well.

      • Anonymous

        I get a serious 70s vibe off her in the first picture in the window, which I think works really well for her. Every picture after that sort of diminishes for me, though…

    • Karen Evans

      Wow, she’s absolutely stunning without make-up! Her typical trowel-applied get-up makes her look like a freak.  But this? This is simply gorgeous!

    • Annabelle Archer

      same face same face same face

      even scrubbed clean, its the same expression….blank and more than a little drunk

      • CQAussie

        What Ms. Archer said.

    • Gaby Ripoll

      They may have pressure washed the makeup off, but you’ll have to pry the ducklips from her cold dead face. 

    • Anonymous

      her face does look young and beautiful here- less makeup flatters her.  and i like her hair darker, as it is here, but still looking natural.  so often darker hair just looks fake.  the shot sitting on the bed with polka dot stockings is our favorite (me and my 3 year old granddaughter, maleena.  she says i should tell you her full name is maleena belle salinas villasenor.

      too bad paz is wearing that dead animal on the cover.  in the second photo she looks like a bird.  we hope she doesn’t think she can fly.

      • Lori

        When I saw the feather dress I was less concerned that Paz would think she could fly than that she had killed the feathers’ original owner with her bare hands. She does look much better with a lot less make-up, but she still scares me a little.

    • Anonymous

      She does nothing for me here…. or anywhere else.

    • R LM

      I *finally* get her appeal.  she looks really great here.

    • Wendy Kaufman

      I agree she has “it” in spades, but what is with her and the duck lips?

    • Leslie Streeter

      She’s beautiful! Why would she do that other stuff to herself?

    • Anonymous

      Still no. Eeew.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I think she’s really gorgeous without all that weirdo makeup. Who knew?

      Also, I don’t actually think she’s doing duck lips. Some folks have naturally full lips, and she’s one of them.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think so — compare the windowsill photo to the others.  It looks to me like she’s intentionally pursing her lips in the closed-mouth shots.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly it.  I cannot figure this girl out, cannot get a bead on what she is.

      • Anonymous

        Which, I’m convinced, is entirely intentional.

    • Anonymous

      Love the shot of her sitting on the bed looking like an innocent little vixen.

    • skadi1

      Yeahhh….I still don’t get it.  Maybe guys find that look sexy, but to me, she just looks sloppy.

    • Anonymous

      She looks so cold in most of these.  Like, literally cold.  Brrrr.

    • Anonymous

      Why do her makeup artists insist in putting dark red-based eyeshadow on her lower lid? Makes her look ill, high, whatev. 

      The earrings on the cover are superfug! 

    • spooki C

      Eyeliner, get some please. I think if she would just line the inside of her eyes they would actually stand out instead of looking oddly beady. Thank the higher powers that she is not wearing dark brown lipstick!

    • Judy_J

      I dunno…she just looks damaged to me.  She does look better without all the paint, but she still looks like someone who is unhappy all the time.

    • Buffy

      She is MUCH better looking without all that makeup!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I’ve never seen her w/o brown lipstick.  Such an improvement!  The first few pictures, she reminds me of a cross between Leah Michele and Alanis Morissette.  The last one is totally Octomom.

    • Esme Cuckoo

      She looka-like-a man…

    • Rand Ortega

      Less makeup = 10 years younger & 10x’s prettier.
      Stop covering your pain & insecurity w/ insufficient paint, Paz. Like any good actress, use them in your performances onscreen!

      (We’ll tackle the alcohol issue later. Much much much…)

    • MilaXX

      Even though I’ve seen her cleaned up on Broadwalk Empire, I was surprised at how pretty I find her here. Shame she so cray.

    • Anonymous

      She does clean up rather nicely and she definitely DOES have that “it” factor. Too bad she doesn’t seem to want to put away the cray-cray. Or the duck face. That said, these are pretty cool photos. 

    • Anonymous

      Crazy like a fox, that one…that was just enough vulnerable to keep us all wanting to see what’s next after next.

      I love her, but then, I have always had a weakness for the broken girls who fix themselves with steel pins and a quick shellack. Smile, I’m ready for my closeup.

    • Anonymous

      OK I am about to run outside to see if a another planet is about to hit earth because I am about to type words I thought I would never type ….

      Paz looks sort innocent in this photo essay. Sexy innocent but still sort of innocent.

      I hope those word don’t summon mega-meteoroids. If they do … sorry.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, when a 20 year old guy asys “hang out”, he means “bang”.  Sorry to spoil that for you….. :)

        • Rand Ortega

          Aren’t parents cute?

      • Anonymous

        I agree with Tomstl1  – unless it means – watch out and test your son for drugs  because either sex or drugs would seem like the only reason

    • Anonymous

      Hmmmm…. I’m not seeing it. She looks pretty amateurish to me (though I agree she looks a lot better w/o all the makeup).

    • Brianna

      Not seeing it…at all.

    • foodycat

      She wouldn’t have to huddle up like that if she put some more clothes on. 

    • Heron

      OMG she is so boring. 

    • Anonymous

      Someone needs to take that pressure washer and use it on Miley’s face in your previous post!

    • Anonymous

      she can’t not pout. fuh.

    • Mary Pekowski

      Really, kittens?  She’s giving duckface in every picture! EVERY. PICTURE. Sometimes I don’t understand you bitches at all.

    • Emily

      Not a fan.  I’m totally over her 1 look and pout.

    • Anonymous

      She actually has a pretty face under all that stuff.
      What I don’t like is her hair.

    • Jen Freeman

      I don’t think she’s pretty.  Even toned down I get a “skank” vibe off her, too.

    • Anonymous

      In these pictures I get the feeling of someone very damaged.  Either out on probation or waiting to get picked up and taken in (to jail)

    • Annie

      Every time you have published anything about Paz de la Huerta, I get scared.  Not this time, though.  Can someone please tell her how much better she looks this way?  I’m sure I’ll be screaming in terror at her next red carpet, but this was  a welcome departure for her — she looks human.

    • Judy S

      I liked her a lot in Boardwalk Empire the first season–second season she became too sad. It’s like you say–you can’t take your eyes off her (and you keep waiting for her to do something crazy, which in BE she usually does). These pictures are nice because she doesn’t look stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Now I’m itching to see her in a less voluminous hairstyle that will make the most of her bone structure instead of that would-be-sultry  mop.

      ETA: I don’t think they manage it on Broadway Empire. If her hair will do it, I’m thinking the kind of framing one does with the cut, not various kinds of curls and poofs.

    • Mary McClelland

      I hate her hair. 

    • Anonymous

      She’s a beautiful and sexy woman, no doubt. I find her intriguing.

    • Vera

      I find her extremely interesting.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m not feeling it. She seems so obnoxious, she makes Lea Michele look demure.

    • Toto Maya

      Say, without that nasty makeup, she’s actually really beautiful. Unfortunately this won’t last, will it?

    • Anonymous

      If you’re cold, Paz, put on a shirt… or some pants.. or cut two arm holes in that wig.

    • Anonymous

      I find it mildly ironic that on the cover the quote says: “I don’t agree with actresses who need to show off their bodies” and then we’re thisclose to getting full-on nip in the 4th shot.

    • blue

      Her expression is exactly the same in every single picture.

    • Anonymous

      I guess…in all the photos where she’s hunched over, she looks like she’s suffering from cramps

    • Anonymous

      Hate it that her bangs are a) so heavy and b) so long.   I am sorry but the haircut looks like it was done by someone who also cuts the residents of the State Home for the Incurably Bewildered or something.

      • Anonymous

        The bangs remind me of Moe from the Three Stooges.

        • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Luv. Her.

    • Anonymous

      Oh sure, she’s better without all the makeup. Unfortunately she still has that face.

    • Anonymous

      She’s not pretty at all, but she’s attractive. (Isn’t that the description of Scarlett O’Hara in the first paragraph of GWTW?) She’s so much more appealing when you go right to her eyes instead of her skin and lips.

      • Anonymous

        She could be stunningly jolie-laide, but she doesn’t have the presence/force of personality. If she’s alive (physically & in the sense of being open to life’s events) long enough, she probably will get there. I would bet that she will be stunningly more compelling at 40 than she is now. If she gets that far relatively unscathed, or, at least, recovered-from.

        Or, maybe she has it in person, but it doesn’t come across in photos? I don’t know.

    • Anonymous

      she’s so much better looking when she stops trying to prove something that has long been proven & overthrown & given up & thrown away & exchanged for something emptier & cheaper which has become the thing that she’s trying to prove that can no longer be proven cos its essence has dissolved so it’s no longer there to worry about. if i make sense which i do if you know.

      • Anonymous

        I hope dissolution is just a costume she is trying on. 

    • Anonymous

      She is beautiful. Wow, in the fur and panties she looks gorgeous. Why does she do what she does to herself normally?

    • Anonymous

      The bangs are still a tad scary, but she looks SOOOOO much better! Killer bod, too.

    • Anonymous

      Agree. She’s gorgeous!

    • Heather

      Wow. These are the first photos I’ve seen of her where she looks (1) her actual age, not 20 years older and (2) not drunk. Not surprisingly, they’re also the best photos I’ve seen of her. Keep it up, girl!!

    • amanda lynn

      i love her hair.  that is all.

    • Brittany

      PLEASE tell me you’re going to talk about the latter half of Boardwalk Empire S2 at some point this week!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe some of these tips will rub off on her and she’ll have a “Eureka!” moment and start dressing and applying make-up more appropriately.  One can only hope.

    • Cathy S

      So that’s what she looks like! She’s pretty!

    • Anonymous

      She was so adorable in Cider House Rules.

    • Daniel Wheeler

      her face is too masculine for me

    • Anonymous

      HATE the resurgence of fur. Thought we moved beyond this stupidity.