Pairs Division: Rimes and Cibrian

Posted on December 06, 2011

Let’s try a little experiment. Let’s see if T Lo can get through this post without letting their extreme distaste for these two show.


LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian at The Trevor Project’s 2011 Trevor Live! in LA. Leann Rimes wears a Nini dress paired with Alexander McQueen shoes.

NINI emerald green circle dress

Nope. He still looks like the biggest douche on the planet and she still looks totally (and somewhat nauseatingly) in thrall to him.

Hunh. How about that? Turns out, we’re totally incapable of leaving an opinion unexpressed.


HE: Is so smarmy-looking that we’re having trouble focusing on his suit. Of course that could be due to the fact that it’s such a bland suit. Still, everything fits and is both correctly hemmed and pressed. We can’t deduct points just because he inspires negative feelings in us. Score: 2/10. Oh, wait. Yes we can.

SHE: Gets a lot of credit for trying something so unusual for the red carpet. But in the end, she just kinda looks like a turtle in high heels. And such unattractive high heels too! Hair’s kind of limp and that almost nude makeup doesn’t suit her that well. Score: 6/10, mostly for the effort.

Combined Sco–


Oh, fine. We can pre-hear you screaming at us for being unfair. His actual score is 8/10, which makes the Combined Score 7/10. It’s kind of a shame because we respect her choices here way more than his, but in the end, he looks better than she does.

[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos,]

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  • this is the douchiest couple in hollywood. they make spencer and heidi look grounded.

    • Nooo! If you utter the names of they who shall not be spoken of, they will re-appear…all smirky and super blonde…

      • Anonymous

        I think we’re safe. You probably have to say it three times, like Beetlejuice.

      • Anonymous

        I regret that I have but one “Like” to give to this comment.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll give you one of mine!!

      • But they’re hot. And he’s aging well, with all the salt and pepper. All the yoga gives you so much time to think about how best to betray old partners!

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, turtle in heels! I was thinking green omelet, but I like yours just as well. Her hair looks oily on top in this hairstyle. But like you said, she gets props for trying out the omelet dress anyway. The armholes of his suit are puckering; that just looks odd to me.

  • Wow, they are both incredibly squinty.

  • Terminally squinty. Also, Leanne, wear some goddamn color on your lips. 

    I’m reminded of the line from the previews to whatever that atrocious-looking Dana Carvey vehicle was a few years back: “Am I not turtley enough for the Turtle Club?”

    • Oh wait. “Master of Disguise” or somesuch thing. 

    • Anonymous

      My boyfriend and I have only seen the previews, but that line has become a bit of a saying in our house

  • Anonymous

    He: I agree. 2/10 for douchieness. 5/10 for his actual appearance.

    Her: 5/10 “Turtle in heels” indeed.

  • He’s so cute! WHY must he be a douche?!  It’s so angering. How dare he make me hate him! He was on Sunset Beach.

    • Anonymous

      I blame her. I JUST DO! lol

  • Valerie Little

    Total disaster. Nothing is working with her look. Her hair is flat and washed-out looking, and the color of that dress is wearing her, rather than the other way around. And WTF is she wearing on her feet, a couple of dead bats?

  • Joyce VG

    Ugh these two…

  • brandi glanville is wayyy hotter.

  • I’d love that green outfit on someone — virtually ANYONE — else.  The hair and shoes are just tragic.

    And LeAnn… don’t go with a nude lip and a light eye and really bright blush.  It’s really not a good look on anyone…. ever.  Just don’t.  Nude lip OR pastel eye.  Pick one, but only one. ‘

    But I liked the original score better.  I find them so disturbing… I mean, no one should be THAT into their spouse in public, because he’s your husband, not your cult leader.  And I find him equally upsetting because how do you not find that creepy?  Didn’t he see Fatal Attraction?!?

  • Anonymous

    Hate her dress and her shoes but if she would have done something with her hair and accessorized better (shoes, clutch, jewelry) this probably would look good, but that dress is screaming for accessories, a necklace would have been great.

    The earrings are probably alright.

  • Anonymous

    “Oh, wait. Yes we can.” YES you can! I agree with all the comments about this couple. Horrid, simply horrid. And yeah, she does look like a turtle.

  • Anonymous

    Her makeup is so bizarre I was thinking “bad plastic surgery,” but I think it’s the color (lack of) AND the application.

  • Anonymous

    The feed is working again! Thank you!

  • they both look incredibly stoned, which might explain her outfit.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    Why would you ever not want your extreme distaste for a couple of douchebags to show???

  • I really hate those shoes, but I kinda almost love that dress.

  • Anonymous

    I thought for sure everyone would be screaming “Pregnancy!!”

  • Anonymous

    Maybe China Chow could wear that dress. 

    • MilaXX

      It would take someone like China or Zoe or Tilda to pull off a dress like that. Leanne doesn’t have the fashion chops.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ok, so here’s a perspective from someone who hasn’t followed these two at all and doesn’t know their relative douchiness… That is a really cool dress. Completely non-douchey. And really cool shoes. I don’t know what’s wrong with her makeup, and the guy looks a little too cutesy. But she gets major props for wearing such an interesting dress, and looking like she thinks it’s fun, and not succumbing to the need to wear something tight and revealing.

    But I also think you two should always express your opinons, and score however the heck you want to score. And I’ll love reading it.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree… TLO I can’t stand them as well but she looks FAB.  What a cool, different dress…. imagine hair any more voluminous than that, it would look ridiculous!  What a chic, throwback look.  Though I would have chosen a different shoe she’s 9/10 for me… this look takes balls!  

  • Anonymous

    No, he can get a 2/10. He’s that much of a douche. He and Ashton Kutcher.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like he’s high. She looks like she found her clothes dumpster diving. That dress just makes me think of trash bags and the shoes something that stuck to your foot. Eww.

  • Anonymous

    Something about her just reminds me of a chihuahua.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but he totally deserved that 2/10.  Being a smarmy douche totally deducts point from the score

  • Anonymous

    i actually like the dress, but NOT with those heels…  agreed about the makeup ~ she’s a woman who should stay away from nude makeup as often as possible.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t follow this gal much (if I can) but this sure strikes me as eating disorder attire. Either she’s in the news wearing bikinis and defending her body as not that skinny (it is), or she covers it up with a tent, or in this case turtle, dress. And bad shoes. She seems to be dressing for other people’s opinions of her body, and not in a typically Hollywood starlet/female celebrity kind of way (read: 80% of the women that TLo feature. The remaining 20% include the ridiculous/outrageous like Gaga or Paz and the sublime like Tilda ).

    And I think it’s OK to knock points off for douchiness.

  • I actually quite like that dress, but it is about a thousand times too edgy for her to pull off. Also, I might have actually preferred silly putty pumps to those McQueens with this look. And trust me, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d have to form. Hair and makeup are both awful.

  • take. off. the. McQueen.

    she is not worthy of being within 10 feet of anything with his name on it, even if those shoes are ugly.

    and he’s a douchenozzle of the first water.  double asshat.

    • *Snort* Douchenozzle of the First Water is going to have me snickering for awhile.


    • Anonymous

      hear hear.

  • Sara__B

    Now that I’ve done a little online reading about these two, I finally understand — it’s not that they LOOK like douches, it’s that they ARE douches. They probably deserve each other.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I had to check up on it, too.  I still have no idea who these people are since LeAnn was  child country singer, except in the “I can recite Wikipedia” way.

  • MilaXX

    I’m not a fan of either of them either. He needs to shave so I would
    score him 7/10. She is not the one to try that dress and the shoes don’t
    work. I don’t mind the simple hair but she needs some color on the lip.

    total 6.5/10

    Can they go away now?

  • Anonymous

    When did LeAnn Rimes get mummified?  And say what you will about Eddie Cibrian …  but I’d still hit it.

  • Anonymous

     So. Much. Squinting.

  • Anonymous

    You didn’t hear any screaming from me! I couldn’t give her anything approaching a 7/10 with those shoes on her feet.

    Rimes looks very strange to me, like her makeup artist did some extreme priming to blank out her features and forgot to do the rest of the makeup. And I’m thinking heavy liner on the top and bottom lashlines isn’t really a good look for her.

    The dress look cool on the model.

    They are the biggest Mehs that ever.

  • Why is she wearing a M&M costume?

  • Anonymous

    They both look high.

  • Anonymous

    i’m giving them a combined score of 10….for squintability….

  • Can their eyes actually be more narrow than this? 

  • If we’re subtracting points for douchiness then he gets a -573,830/10 and she gets a -49,572,947,859,287/10.  I am awesome at math.

  • Anonymous

    she is under thirty years old? & no the Big Green Poncho doesnt work. it wouldnt work on anyone -aka- it’s not easy being green. the shoes would be great on someone else. him, otoh, i dont know who he is.

  • Anonymous

    Based on that first picture alone, I’d have been fine with your giving him a 0/10. 

  • Anonymous

    So… She has bats on her feet and she’s wearing a Boy Scout tent? Nice combo there, LeAnn. Although I would love to see her against a green screen where all you’d see is a head and bat shoes. But you could read the weather off her, which might be amusing.

  • Anonymous

    wait a minute. His suit looks like a wrinkled mess and you give him an EIGHT????  the two was closer!
    Score:  Him:  2/10
               Her:  3/10 (she just looks bloody awful)
    Combined:   2.5/10

    They should go home and hire a couple gays to whap them into line!

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha snort ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…wait…..Halloween is in October, right?

  • Anonymous

    I am so ambivalent about this dress!  If only you guys hadn’t said “turtle,” I could have rolled with it.  Well, not on her, and in a more flowy fabric, and…oh never mind.  Turtle it is.

  • Anonymous

    BRB. Gonna go barf now.

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with their faces???? They look like they are pulled back and held with duct tape behind their ears!!

  • He looks stoned….

  • Anonymous

    If they reproduce, that child will have the squintiest eyes known to man.

  • Anonymous

    If they reproduce, that child will have the squintiest eyes known to man.

  • Anonymous

    She’s wearing a Snuggie…a designer Snuggie…lol!  In public!

    I use to like him, but it rapidly declined once he hooked up with her. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the original scores were more accurate. These two clowns are gross.

    The nude makeup makes her look like Sissy Spacek. Which, she wishes.

  • Anonymous

    I love her dress . She looks less than comfortable in it, though. I bet he said something mean when she came out wearing it. ‘Cause you just know he wants her in short tight and shiny.

    • I totally believe that. Either that, or she originally wore something tight and he said she looked fat so she put this on. Either scenario.

      Yeah, I know. It’s fun to judge.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like if they both squint enough, people will forget they’re smarmy adulterers.  Sorry you two, not working.

    And she looks like Pistachio in “Master of Disguise.”

  • he’s a douchebag and she’s an asshole, so I give them a -17.

  • Anonymous

    This dress looks much better on the model as others have noted.  It seems like you have to glue your arms to your sides to get a little shape out of that dress.  It may not work in real life.

  • Anonymous

    I must’ve missed something.  Why does everyone hate these two so?

    • Anonymous

      Because they are a very, very, very poor man’s Tori & Dean.

  • Anonymous

    They both look stoned out of their gourd…neither have eyes! Still…I kind’a like the turtle dress. But the shoes? *shudder*

  • Anonymous

    Too high. They both get points off for overall douchiness. 

    And she needs an antihistamine because it looks like she is having a major allergy attack; either that or she’s trying to keep her eyeballs from falling out.

  • Anonymous

    I had to google her to find out how old she is.  I hope it’s bad styling, but she does NOT look 29 to me.  I know country fans like their stars with a little mileage on ’em, but still . . . 

    • she’s 29???

      • I can promise that 29 is accurate because when she released her first album she was only like 6 or 9 months older than me.

  • ewwwwww these two bother me.. I’m soo glad that dumb playboy club show is cancelled

  • Wha? We’re not allowed to score based on our preferences? Since when?
    2/10 for him.
    8/10 for her because though her make-up and shoes are hiddy, the dress could have been very interesting and Tilda’esque. But she like the douche-bag so that counts against her.

  • I’ve been trying to put my finger on it for a while now and the first photo finally made me realize who he looks like!

    He looks like a young Festus from Gunsmoke!  (the character, not Ken Curtis who was rather good looking when he was out of character)

    No offense meant to Festus, I might add.

  • And they look so proud of themselves and each other.

    His sleeves are funky. Deduct 5 points.

  • Linde Hoff

    Okay, I’m not opposed to them and am not sure what the big opposition is about.  He’s got dimples that are adorable, and she’s got a killer voice and fantastic career (that started when she was 13 for actual singing talent and not because she was related to someone who was famous).  I really like the dress, too.

    • Well, it’s generally considered tacky to cheat on your respective spouses publicly.  And there have been a lot of rumors about LeAnn’s behavior toward his ex.

  • Anonymous

    I love the dress. I think it would have suited someone with bigger boobs, it needs filling out to give it shape.

  • Anonymous

    SHE: Dress and makeup are doing her no favors, and I actually like the dress on the model. It just looks shapeless on Leanne. Those are some fugly shoes. I may be putting myself out there, but the silly putty shoe/peep toe/matchy shoe/t-strap trends don’t bother me NEARLY as much as the hang-all-kinds-of-bits-and-bobs-and-baubles-on-the-shoe trend.

    HE: Who let the turtle onto the red carpet? Everything else is pretty much invisible. 

  • Anonymous

    Ninja turtle drag!
    LOL OMG TLo – good call.
    As for him, douche tho he may be…I bet he is a refreshing one.

  • spooki C

    Saw Leann’s earlier…. my first thought?
    “This is the worst outfit I have seen in my life”

    Her dress looks like a snuggie with a cape and her shoes are just a ruffled, heavy mess. Her hair and makeup are terrible. Is it really bright there or did she have “work done” to make her eyes unable to open all the way?

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I hate them.

  • Anonymous

    don’t know anything about either of them but I wouldn’t walk three feet to get their autograph. that green dress isn’t bad though. 

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I’d deduct two points from him for his expression, making it a 6/10 combined.

  • Anonymous

    Slutty and Smug. Hate.

  • Anonymous

    I liked your first scores better.

  • Isn’t there some sort of law that obligates celebrities to wear sunglasses when they leave the house that high?  No? Can we get on that?

  • Terence Ng

    Fashion-wise, i think they both look great (his suit is a bit big, though). I love the dress, the hair, the earrings, and the shoes are interesting. Love it.

    It’s too bad that I think both of them suck.

    • Anonymous

      I think that dress is amazing . I love it. It’s one of the most original looking , yet still wearable , dresses I’ve seen in a long time. The designer NINI Nguyen is the model in the photo that T and Lo provided. She is more stylish than any of the  current fashion stars I can think of .  Her blog is awesome.

      • I think for most women it should probably be toned down a bit from the designer version here — it’s a bit much for the average woman to pull off.  If you scale down the volume just a tad, though, I think it’d be perfect!  I love the dress… it’s like a cape but in dress form:)  And I LOVE a cape.

  • What does she ACTUALLY do? I know she released like a song that was popular about a decade ago.. but now, all she does is tweet about how healthy she is and how much she’s eating. If you have to say it out loud, you know it may not be too true. 

  • foodycat

    I hate her dress, I hate her shoes and I hate her hair. And that is coming from a place of no particular ill-will towards her. Mind you, if I’d had horrible photos all over the tabloids talking about how skinny I was, I’d wear a formal poncho too.

    • I wouldn’t — in fact, I’d show up in the most “skinny baring” clothing possible.  But I’m contrary like that.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I think it’s the eyes… “Skinny Eyes” on both of them. Ugly!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t new love wonderful!?!?! Look how these two are staring at each other, totally thrilled to be in the glowing presence of the other. All love that starts out with lies and deception looks like this in the beginning. Wonder what they will look like in about 5 years!! 

  • Let the record show the original score!

  • That dress is horrid and the shoes ‘match’ only in that they are just as horrid as the dress.  The dress even looks strange on the model.  

  • Diana Martinez

    I want to know why she’s all pinchy looking. I couldn’t even look at her clothes due to the insane look on her face, like she’s either had way too much plastic surgery, or one of the camera man reeked.  *sigh* 

  • Anonymous

    He:  Snidely Whiplash

    She:  Rode hard and put away wet.  Seriously, she looks like she just left the trailer park and had to stop at the convenience store because her Bic lighter went dead on her.  She looks old and hard.

    Oh–and what they’re wearing!  That dress is just stupid, and the shoes are completley ridiculous.
    He:  Snidely Whiplash

  • Jessica Goldstein

    No screaming from this end. Go ahead, give ’em that 4!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I’m sorry, points for taking a risk and everything, but that “dress” just looks like a heavy misshapen poncho to me. And you’re right, the shoes are hideous. I would’ve given her the 2 and I don’t even dislike her, just indifferent to her.

  • Anonymous

    In the sixth photo he looks like he just smelled something terrible. A combined score of 2 seems perfectly acceptable to me.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of these two either, but he does look ok.
    I don’t usually like shapeless dresses, but I’m kind of digging this one. It might have worked better had she not chosen the ugliest shoes available and had she put a little color on her face.
    Is this the squintiest couple in Hollywood? Are they incapable of opening their eyes all the way?

  • Like the dress and see what she was going for with the shoes, but her make-up is so turning me off I can’t see the total look.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Lee Ann Rimes? She looks old.

  • Judy_J

    Why are the sleeves of his jacket so wrinkly?  It almost suggests fit issues under the arms.  And I really, really hate that green tent LeAnn is wearing.

  • Anonymous

    I think you managed to be objective, but perhaps in your effort to be objective you were too kind.  Those shoes are AWFUL.  The dress is unusual, and I’d support it on Blanchett or SWINTON, but it’s a no on her.  I’d have gone with a purple heel, but that’s only because I can’t wear green without compulsively pairing it with purple, and maybe I need to knock that shit off.

    I can’t be objective about them, so maybe I’ve been too harsh.

    Go eat some sandwiches, LeAnn.  Your face looks better when it isn’t so gaunt.  Trust me.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if I can make that dress in black for when I’m around 6-7 months along.  I love it, and it would be perfect.

    Anything looks like shit on a couple that flaunts their infidelity.

  • “Turns out, we’re totally incapable of leaving an opinion unexpressed.” Hurray! T and Lo FOREVER!

    And I fully agree: dude’s a douche.

  • Mary McClelland

    That’s a beautiful color on her but everything else is a hot stinking only works on a runway or China Chow mess. Also for a dress like that to even REMOTELY work you need impeccable tailoring and that is most definitely not happening here. Sorry LeAnn but no.

    He doesn’t bother me mostly because I forget he exists. 

  • Anonymous

    I would like to place a $10 bet she is pregnant.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    UUGH. Neither of these two is as interesting or sexy as they apparently think they are. And her dress is hideous. Besides the dreadful color, it looks like an up-marketed beach cover up.

  • Anonymous

    In the first photo she looks to be levitating and velcro-ed to his chest. 

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes are seriously FUG and both of them need to go away!

  • Anonymous

    “we respect her choices here way more than his, but in the end, he looks better than she does”

    A sentiment transferable to so many circumstances beyond red carpet dress.  Life. So Unfair!

  • Anonymous

    P.S. cannot respect those shoes. Just can’t.

  • Anonymous

    My world is shaken now because based on these pictures alone, I thought she was in her mid-40s. But she’s a few days younger than me.


  • paula.pertile

    Doesn’t matter what they’re wearing – I can’t even get past their squinchy eyes.

  • She was so beautiful when she was a little bit heavier. Now she just looks like some sort of mutant.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t follow either of these people, but I know there was a matter of them getting together while he was still married. Is that why we hate them? Don’t these things happen sometimes? Or is there more to the story i don’t know?

  • There was a time when they were both very attractive. Now they both just look so…squinty. And she’s wearing a Christmas tree skirt so she doesn’t have to listen to the cries of “Anorexia!” 

  • Anonymous

    He does look good but he always looks better in less.  A lot less, like… naked.  Just ask Leann….  And WTF is wrong with her face?  She looks so much older than she actually is.

  • Kara Keenan

    Fugly ass shoes she’s wearing, they should have been a -5.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it. They are the most unlikely couple ever. It’s just wrong.

  • Hates…hates them, I do!!! But then, that’s because they forever tainted one of my favorite novels ever. Ignoring who is actually wearing the clothes, I do love that shade of green, and think it’s unfortunate that the back of the dress turns it into a shapeless mess. Those shoes are just scrolldown fug. Can I just chop off his head and imagine Ewan MacGregor in that suit?

  • Hates…hates them, I do!!! But then, that’s because they forever tainted one of my favorite novels ever. Ignoring who is actually wearing the clothes, I do love that shade of green, and think it’s unfortunate that the back of the dress turns it into a shapeless mess. Those shoes are just scrolldown fug. Can I just chop off his head and imagine Ewan MacGregor in that suit?

  • Anonymous

    His sleeves are all wrinkled-y.  Does he like to push them up to his elbows or something.  She looks horrid.  I HATE THAT KELLYGREEN ON ANYONE BUT A CHEERLEADER and then I still hate it.  OUT OUT OUT.

  • i wish she would have left that dress for someone who can work it, like SJP 

  • Anonymous

    How did she get a 6?? Those shoes alone should have taken her into negative ratings. Shame, because it’s a fun little dress and someone could have rocked it. 

  • Anonymous

    Boy, are they unlikeable. 

  • Huh, why feature them in a post if such a severe distaste for them?  

    To get your bitchery on?

    Ok, well then, I approve.

  • It’s six days since this article was posted, but I’m just catching up with TLo after a very busy week. I’m sure no one is going to read this, but I have to go on record about the squinty eye comments. Those are her eyes, folks. She was born that way. I’m all for criticizing what can be changed or what has been changed. But it really is not fair to pick apart a feature that cannot be altered.

    As for his squinting, I don’t know if his eyes are always that way. I had never heard of him until their nasty goings-on.