Pairs Division: Perry and Brand

Posted on December 05, 2011

These two represent one of our rare pop culture 180s. We don’t want to use the word loathe, but when each of them burst onto the scene we had an immediate dislike in each case. Their collision under the spotlights only furthered our irrational dislike.


Katy Perry and Russell Brand attend the 3rd Annual ‘Change Begins Within’ Benefit Celebration in LA.

Versace Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Ros Georgiou

But a funny thing happened. Maybe they bring out the best in each other, maybe we’ve mellowed (or maybe they have), but we find ourselves actually defending them when their names come up. For all the artifice and silliness coming from the both of them, they give off this vibe of not having their heads up their own asses, like so very many people in their positions would. In other words, they seem charmingly self-aware as well as aware of the absurdity of their surroundings without being dicks about it. Does that make sense? The preceding is not meant to be a show of support for the fact that Barbara Walters named her one of the Most Interesting People of 2011.

Anyway, onwards to the scoring.

SHE: Is really going to need to do something with that hair. Something other than what she’s been doing, that is. We completely support and understand the desire to get away from the Bettie Page-esque black shoe polish hair, and we didn’t mind the various pink iterations over the past six months, even though we thought the “blonde and pink with roots showing” look had a very short sell-by date. But THIS. This is not good. We’d never go so far as to call her “edgy,” but one should expect a bit more out of her personal style than “Quinn from Glee,” no? Having said that, the dress is KILLA. Shoes are a bit matchy, but what the hell. It’s December and she’s got shitty pink hair. She’s allowed to get her sparkle on. Score: 8/10. A drop-dead hairstyle could have easily made this a 10/10. Let that be a lesson to you, Katy Perry.

HE: Has to be taken on his own terms. Like Helena Bonham Carter, he doesn’t follow traditional style rules, but he’s so distinct and so consistent with his personal style that it’s hard to really find fault with it. He’s built for the Skinny-Jeans Jesus look; that’s the bottom line. Speaking of which, we’re not close enough watchers of all things Russell Brand so we can’t put our finger on what it is, but whatever the difference, this particular combination of hair length and facial hair suits him better than pretty much any other we’ve ever seen. As for the clothes, it’s best to talk about the things we don’t mind. We don’t mind the shirt, the vest, or the boots. We hate the cummerbund, the Star Trek pants, and that thing around his neck. But we can’t honestly say that he hasn’t put the effort in. It’s a fully realized look and it works for him. Score: 7.5/10. Too many items on the dislike list to score it any higher than that, though.

Combined Score: 7.75/10. Discuss.

[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images,]

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  • Anonymous

    They made me laugh. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Gold studded white dress? Rock on! Jesus look (complete with hair that hasn’t been washed in 2000 years)? Rock on. My only complaint has to do with Katie’s eyebrows. They look far too much like my sister’s mother in law’s eyebrows. She’s 85 and doesn’t see very well, so the overall effect is…sad/bad/completely mad!

  • Skinny-Jeans Jesus: finally a religion I can get behind.

  • Sorry, in these shots he looks like some sleazy rich douchebag, and she looks like his, ahem, paid companion.

    • The beef is that he’s nowhere near as cool in real life as the dude he plays in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and she’s an ex-Jesus freak who acts like some idiotic japanese hooker addicted to Hello Kitty.  We get it — you’re cute but naughty, tee-hee!

      Now, if you’ll kindly both STFU forever (especially you, you caterwauling fat chick waiting to happen), everything will be cool.  

      • Anonymous

        Calm down, Colonel. You are bringing the room down.

  • Is it sad that I recognized that dress as Versace only because of its similarity to their H&M collection?

    Whatever, it’s badass. Sort of again that dress-printed-on-a-dress thing, but this one’s AWESOME so I don’t mind. Nicely done, Katy Perry.

    • I think that’s more of a testament to how well the H&M collection represented the brand than a knock on Versace. I’m still upset about the terrible McQueen for Target collection’s ragtag assortment of 80s looks. Not that I expected couture, but I don’t think it even had any of the interesting signature patterns, which is surely not an expensive thing to reproduce at the low end… :pout: 

      • Heh, I meant more sad as in “I know the cheap versions better than the real thing,” because you’re right, it really is a fantastic representation of the brand.

  • I’m glad someone said it besides me. I’ve thought for a while that the Perry/Brand hatred is a bit much. They seem to really love and like each other, and are in on the joke. I like the gestalt of their togetherness.

    • Anonymous

      I think their “in on it-ness” is why I find them endearing.  In contrast, I can’t stand Gaga, and I think it’s because she secretly believes her own hype, while pretending it’s ironic.

      Or maybe I’m just weird and irrational.

      • That would be the main reason I seem to find my eyes rolling every time someone so much as mentions Gaga.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for capturing exactly why I want to vomit every time Gaga is mentioned. 

        I’ve loved Katy from the start — she just seems nice and normal (pink hair notwithstanding).  Russell Brand is simply absurd to me, but in a good way. 

    • M M

      Nice use of the word gestalt…had to look it up, but dig what I learned about. 

  • Poor Katy, she’s ruined her hair, it literally looks like it’s broken off at that length rather than been cut. I bleached the ends of my hair just twice this summer and it’s knackered it.
    I love Russell. TLo, you must find and listen to his bbc6 music podcasts from before he went to america, he’s a genius and so funny- especially when Noel Gallagher drops into the studio (every week) those two together were comedy gold!

    • Anonymous

      I like Russell too. I really appreciated him even more when I read an editorial he wrote last summer (I think it was for the Guardian online) during the riots in Britain. He talked about youth culture and lack of access to opportunities for many people. I was impressed.

      • Another chime for Russell. He really is quite deep and thoughtful. I’m just glad he’s no longer wearing his hair all teased up and bushy at the crown.

      • michelle abeln

        that was one of the better reactions to the riot that i read. he really does have good head on his shoulders, i think. i fell in love with him after reading his booky wook. which i highly recommend to anyone. he seems to have come out of his addiction problems with some pretty strong self-awareness.

      • Plus, his tribute to Amy Winehouse was extremely lovely too.

  • Anonymous

    …but my goodness they do look unhappy, for whatever reason.

    • He looks like he can’t keep his eyes open. A good nap would cure his “unhappy” look.

      I love Russell Brand. He is smart, funny and is fully committed to his wife.

  • Her hair looks a bit … fried?  Like its been bleached a few too many times.  i think she need to let it grow and get back to healthy.
    And glory be she has the girls undercover for a change!

    He looks a bit more groomed than usually, like his hair is less poofy, the beard is a bit neater and overall he doesn’t look quite so much like he needs a bath.
    Don’t particularly care for either as a performer but don’t mind them as people.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Her hair needs a trim, deep conditioning mask, and a break. Girl, learn from Lil’ Kim and rely on wigs.

    • I would NEVER go to wigs — part of the fun of dying it is the commitment to it and learning to work with and love how it comes out. 

      The deep conditioning mask I agree.  Except it doesn’t need it now, it needed it weekly while she was messing with it.  As a woman of very dark hair, I understand — I can go black without bleach, and that’s about it — but I’m lucky enough to have ridiculously strong hair, I ALWAYS use strengthening products on it, I get it trimmed right after bleaching, and I use a deep conditioner at least once a week.

      And frequently bleaching and dying really should be prepared for in advance — take a couple months and get your hair into the best possible shape you can. Then every couple years (at least) dye it your natural color and cut most of it off, letting it grow back fully (so there’s NO dye on it at all) before resuming the bleach.

      • Sobaika Mirza

        You would be right, but none of that would work for Katy Perry. She drastically changes her hair monthly, sometimes more often.

        • Any idea what her natural color is?

          • Sobaika Mirza

            Supposedly she’s a natural blonde.

          • Then her real problem is going to blond when she still has darker color on her hair. Breaking through all those pigments is a bitch even when you bleach naturally dark(er) hair. Getting through to blond, especially platinum, is a nightmare if your hair’s been previously, and/or recently, colored. I know this from experience. 🙂

            The best thing she could do is cut it as short as possible, or just shave it all off (something I also know about from experience) and start over.

          • She needs to cut it off to the natural blond and then ONLY USE DEMI OR SEMI COLOR!!!  If you’re changing it often then don’t make that commitment.  Eventually you’ll go back to blond and you can dye over it something else:)

          • Anonymous

            Her roots look dark here.

  • Anonymous

    I like her new hair, although admittedly, half of this is relief that her previous lacquered-up hairdo is gone.  Her dress is fabulous.

    I think he looks awful, even adjusting for his general look.  His hair in that close-up shot made me want to take a Kleenex and wipe grease off my monitor. 

  • aimee_parrott

    I love that dress.  My first thought with the hair was Quinn on Glee, so yeah, she needs to step it up.

    He… oy.  I do agree that the facial hair makes him look a little less weird.  To me, his face always looks like it was constructed of parts of other people’s faces.  I know a lot of celebrities have giant faces, but his is extra-giant and the facial hair helps tone it down a bit.  From the neck down I think he looks like a complete douche.

  • BerlinerNYC

    I actually think she looks cute as hell (love the dress), and the hair is fresh and fun. Much more so than that blue wig she was riding until the wheels fell off.

  • Anonymous

    I like Katie the regular woman: the dress looks terrific on her.
    They do make an interesting couple – maybe they bring out the best in each other.

  • Every time I see Katy Perry with the pink hair, I think of (California) Julie Brown. I, too, find her less irritating these days; perhaps it’s her tendency to dress like a Traveller bride. Still hate her music though, and I’ll probably never find her “intriguing.”
    The dress is pretty amazing, even though it resembles a ’50 kitchen dinette chair. Russell? Well, he has his own thing going.

    • Anonymous

      A 50s kitchen dinette chair???  BRILLIANT!  And now I can’t see anything else!

    • I’m totally with you on her music, what little I’ve heard. About a month ago, I heard “California Gurls” for the first time. Geez, what an annoying song. I can’t hate her though. I think she’s kind of adorable.

      “it resembles a ’50 kitchen dinette chair.”

      That’s frigging hilarious. Also, true.

      • A lot of her stuff makes my running playlist because it’s got a good rhythm for my stride and I can sing along to it — I have to sing when I’m running because I’ve never mastered that “slow breath in through the nose, out through the mouth” thing.  Singing under my breath, however, gives me PERFECT breathe control.

  • Anonymous

    I think her hairstyle could be cute… but not for her. J’adore the dress, though.

    I did a 180 with her as well, and can actually find myself bobbing my head to her songs now. I think she’s charmingly silly, and she owns it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she’s so “made under” here, I love it. That first pic, she kind of has a Kate Winslet vibe going. But she’s workin’ that Versace!

  • Anonymous

    I defiantly like them both–for many of the reasons TLo mention, i.e., heads definitely not up their butts, and some serious awareness. I think that Russell Brand’s near-Amy-Winehouse experience left him with a maturity that’s belied by his goofy on-stage personality.

    Agree with everyone else re Katy’s hair:  You gots to go to wigs now, honey, cause your hair is deep-fried.  Love the dress on her. And I like Russell’s look here.  Like HBC and RDJ and Johnny Depp (no middle initial!), he wears what he wears, he puts effort into it, and you will never see him in a banker’s suit and polished oxfords–unless he’s mocking that look.  Love the boots and the skinny jeans.

    Nicely done, you two!

    • Anonymous

      Whether you like Russell or not, he’s a fantastic writer. His tribute to Amy Winehouse was beautifully written and his first biography is well worth a read (his second is less interesting but still pretty good). He’s not just some egotistical fool who’s desperate to be liked (although he is most definitely all of those things), he’s got some real depth and talent.

  • MilaXX

    I was thinking you were going to mark them down. Her for her roots and him for well, being him, but I think the scores are fair. Despite being in between hair colors Katy looks surprisingly good. As for Russel, I’m not expert but I recall seeing him on Graham Norton and a few other UK shows before making it big here. I think he has made subtle changes in his look. His hair used to have this big sort of matted, dirty looking bumpit/poof thing in the back and now it’s just long hair, but it’s looks clean and well maintained. The facial hair is a teeny bit too manscaped (that w beard thing) but still neatly done. Overall Russell just looks a lot more clean and a lot less bedraggled and homeless than when he first burst on the scene.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, he used to style his hair with an I-fell-asleep-on-the-cross-country-flight rat’s nest in the back.  Even though it was clearly deliberate, it looked so gross.  This is at least on the edge of civilized.

  • Anonymous

    Even though she’s wearing a studded dress and pink hair, she looks a little… staid, here.

  • Anonymous

    Katy’s never annoyed me because she never seems to take herself too seriously and appears to be having fun with her shtick. I think Katy is gorgeous with her black hair, she’s really very pretty; but pink is not a color I care for on hair or elsewhere. Russell, well I haven’t quite come around. In the second photo: bless him, but he looks like a crazed serial killer. And he still looks greasy and like that shirt has been worn a dozen times without a wash.

    I am glad they found each other because in a crazed way, they look like they are made for one another.

    • Anonymous

      I agree on all counts.  I actually want to like Russell, but I find his persona too manufactured without enough of a wink, and his comedy annoys me because it’s so one-note.  I watched his tribute to Amy Winehouse at the VMAs, and his delivery was just awful – it obliterated the effect of his really lovely words.

  • I love them.  They seem genuine and unapologetic for their own ridiculousness — “Yes, our lives are totally absurd.  So?”  I appreciate that.  And having read his first book, I found him to be eloquent and intelligent, at least in writing. 

    As for her hair… I think she wants something other than the pin-up styles she normally wears, because even when she went to pink, she kept a lot of the same styles.  I’m looking forward to what she comes up with next.

  • Anonymous

    Her haircut screams “I have done way too much nasty sh*t to my hair and now have to pay for it”. He needs to lay off the product (?) in his.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Russell Brand. Not in my pants, though. *rimshot*

  • Her hair does look like she’s trying the “Quinn from  Glee”! Spot on as usual.

    Also, I covet that dress.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like this haircut/color on her better than anything I’ve seen, but that may be because I was sick to DEATH of her baby bangs. She just needs to use a good conditioner. And maybe match the eyebrows, but baby steps, right? I can’t help it, I love Russell Brand, and WISH that he and Ricky Gervais would make a movie together. I know he can be crazy, but I thought he wrote a very eloquent piece on Amy Winehouse after her death.

  • I tried watching one of Russel Brand’s stand-up specials after liking him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but I couldn’t finish it.  I find him to be insufferable in his solo performances, but hilarious when he’s working with a partner or cast that can tone him down.  I imagine the same effect extends to his personal life.

    • Saoirse Lee

      Absolutely, he really needs a foil, he seems like a very reactive person. The reason his BBC radio show worked was because of his co-presenter, Matt Morgan, who was as quick-witted as Russell, and wasn’t afraid to completely rip the piss out of him and his ridiculous ideas and affectations.

      I don’t enjoy his stand-up too much but can really recommend those radio shows, they’re hilarious:

  • I love this. Russell Brand has gone back to the greasy look. He tried to polish his image somewhat for American audiences, and they rejected him. So, to me this is a big “F. U. I’mma do what I like”. And It does suit him better than whatever it was that he’d been trying.

    • Yeah, I rather love that ridiculous cummerbund. That thing around his neck could serve as a weapon if he really got it going.

  • Now, Katy… I think she is going for Ellen Barkin/JBF hair. I totally appreciate that! But now I just kinda wish I was looking at Ellen Barkin instead. I mean, she would ROCK that dress, and she & Russell would make a hotter couple IMHO.

  • Ben

    that hair is a disaster. 

  • He is one of the creepiest men on the planet.

  • HE is a greasy mess.  I feel like I need to take a shower after looking at that picture of him.  Blach.

  • Anonymous

    Anything that makes my waist look smaller I’m lovin’.  It’s a great dress.

    And yes, those two are growing on me also.  Tho’ I will never get used to his odd eyes, like he is incapable of blinking or something.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, still loathe.

    Also wonder whether anyone believes that this is a real marriage based on love and meant to last.    Phony

    • Yeah, I do.  I think they truly love each other and are in it for good.  Something in the eyes when you hear them speak about one another.

      • Anonymous

        Shannon – can we place money on   this please?  I can use the cash :^0

  • Anonymous

    Based on her list, I thing Barbara Walters has her head up her ass.

  • Anonymous

    I love the Versace dress, though I don’t think it’s her. Not that it’s bad on her; just doesn’t feel right.  And you’re so right about the hair.

  • Anonymous

    I <3 them as a couple, though I am noncommittal on each individually, and it troubles me that they keep showing up places separately/looking glum in each other's presence. I hope all's well.

    I think this hair is an improvement on the last version, at least.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always liked Russell Brand, and never got the hatin’ on him. And I agree – the two of them seem to bring out the best in each other. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say her hair was totally fried, so she decided to get rid of it. I once read an interview with some celebrity hairstylist back in the 80s, when Madonna was changing her haircolor on a weekly basis, and he said, “One of these days, she’s going to come home with her hair in a Baggie.” I think KP was heading in the same way. But I’m not crazy about this look on her.

    • I’ve come pretty close to that once or twice myself — most notably when my stupid 18 year old self decided to bleach my nearly black hair (which had red dye buried under the dark brown that I had forgotten) at home.  When it turned orange (shocking, I know) I decided the bleach just needed to sit longer — so I left it on for 3 hours. 

      That was a bad idea.  My stylist (who happened to be my cousin) threw a fit, and informed me that if I wasn’t lucky enough to have ridiculously thick hair, I would have gotten chemical burns all over my scalp and not only would it have fallen out, but it might never have grown back…  I didn’t do that again.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never understood what exactly people have against Russell Brand. As a long-time fan, it totally baffles me. I wouldn’t mind if someone actually explained it to me. I get that his comedy style (extremely energetic) is an acquired taste, to say the least. But the insults people fling at him have always seemed cruel and unnecessary to me. He’s very intelligent, well-spoken, well-read, and, as TLo said, his head is far from being up his ass. Hence why I always defend him. The only thing I could think of is that people have a tendency to see the shit American films he’s been doing and immediately assume that he, also, is shit. Which, to me, is definitely not the case.
    But anyway! Back on track. 
    She: looks great. I love that dress, but she has got to do SOMETHING with that hair. A few years ago, I bleached (and damn near destroyed) my hair for roughly two years. And it seems as though her hair is looking a bit like mine was. She’s got to start taking care of it better. I do like the pink on her (though I’d like it better if it were a more saturated pink) but at the moment, she’s starting to look a bit like a punk lass I used to know that bleached/dyed her hair a new color almost every week…until it fell out.
    He: is Russell Brand. Dressing like Russell Brand. I have no critiques for that.
    Also, I’d like to add that they are an adorable couple. Normally, I couldn’t give a shit about Hollywood relationships (as most of them fail) but I find myself genuinely hoping they stay together. They’re very cute.

    • Anonymous

      I was going to make a comment, but you said everything I wanted to say. Nicely done!

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t he get in hot water over some terribly offensive on-air phone prank? Don’t remember the details, but it had to do with saying something fairly offensive about someone’s daughter or granddaughter. I think that put people off him. The hear his name and equate it with “offensive.”

      • Anonymous

        He did, yeah. The whole Andrew Sachs thing with Jonathan Ross. I researched it after it happened (as I live in America, didn’t hear it, and am a fan of both Brand and Ross). Basically, he was on Ross’ radio show, and they were supposed to do an interview with Sachs. Sachs didn’t pick up and they left a message. They were joking around and Russell was vaguely referencing the fact that he slept with Sachs’ granddaughter, though the clearly wasn’t going to actually say it, for fear of crossing the line. And Wossy, being Wossy, blurted out “He fucked your granddaughter!” They didn’t delete the message and the editors didn’t take it out of the show. They apologized and recognized that it was stupid and slightly offensive, and Sachs forgave them. But the media blew it out of proportion, and the BBC went totally apeshit, basically blaming Russell for it, despite the fact that Ross said it. They both left the BBC and the BBC have basically censored every comedian ever since (I’m a massive Brit comedy fan, so I followed all of this). I can understand why people may have been left with a bad opinion of them after that. However, I think a lot of it had to do with people reading the Daily Mail and getting so worked up about the media getting so worked up, that they forgot to actually look at what happened. Plus, most of the complaints that were sent in were from people that hadn’t heard the show or the offending message, they were just jumping on the bandwagon.

        Christ, my comments are long.

        • Anonymous

          oh, after all that i see someone beat me to it!

        • Anonymous

          Hey, if you like British comedy here’s a sketch about censorship from Hugh “so much more than House” Laurie and Stephen Fry that you might appreciate:

          And some creative swearing from my personal comedy hero Armando Iannucci:

          • Anonymous

            Hey, thanks! I love Fry and Laurie. Haven’t seen as much of Armando, but what I’ve seen of him has been really funny. That video was brilliant.
            Furry tit-cake!

          • Anonymous

            C*ck-sucking witch!!

        • Anonymous

          Yup, except it was Russell’s radio show 🙂 I used to listen regularly, it was brilliant. Ross was just a guest/co-host for a week as they’re friends. He had a radio show on the same station on a Saturday morning, Brand was late Saturday night. They did the recording on the Saturday afternoon for broadcast that night.
          Russell works best with someone to rein him in. He usually had Matt Morgan with him who was more steady with guest slots from Noel Gallagher. Also Simon Amstell co-hosted once or twice and kept him quite grounded. Noel Fielding too, although Noel just takes him on a different route of whimsy and seems more calming. Ross on the other hand wound him up more and himself until it went too far.

          • Anonymous

            Ah, whoops! I have to listen to everything after it airs, so I’m not surprised I got a bit mixed up. But yeah, Russell tends to need someone to calm him down, or else he goes a bit overboard. And of all people, Ross isn’t one to calm someone else down. Which is why I wasn’t terribly surprised when this happened while he was with Ross. Although, I like Russell best when he’s with Noel (who I’m a huge fan of. Amstell is great, as well). They turn into massive children when they’re together. If you haven’t seen The Big Fat Quiz of The Year 2006 and 2008, I’d highly recommend them. They’re on the same team together and it makes for a fantastic show. Both of the years are on Youtube. Great way to kill a few hours. 

          • Anonymous

            Like two naughty schoolboys left alone – it was bound to go wrong.
            Yup, I like Noel Fielding too, really like the mighty boosh.

            Those big fat quiz episodes are brilliant, the first one especially (saw it at the time) they haven’t been the same since. I don’t know who’s on it this year, it is on, but I haven’t seen the panel list.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, The Boosh is brilliant. Massively underrated/unheard of here in America, unfortunately. But I’m basically a massive loser that watches British comedy all day, so I try to spread the word around when I can.

            I’m so looking forward to this year’s Big Fat Quiz. I don’t think they’ve announced the panel yet. Though, personally, I think it really started to get into the swing of things after its first two years or so (The first one was great, though. Simon Pegg was there, after all). But for the most part, how good that year is seems to depend on who they’ve booked and how they pair the teams. Last year was a good one. Richard Ayoade (Moss from the IT Crowd) and Noel. Perfect pairing. 

          • Anonymous

            I’ve got the Christmas Radio Times here and there’s no names mentioned. I’d lay money on sarah Millican as she’s on everything at the moment. And likewise David Walliams. Jonathan Ross is back in favour, so he’s a possible as is Noel. 

          • Anonymous

            I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep it quiet until it airs, but you’re probably pretty spot on. I’d be shocked if Millican isn’t there considering how well she’s been doing. I’m enjoying her exposure though. Very quick, very good on panel shows. And I’m pretty sure Ross is the executive producer, so you know he’ll definitely be there.

          • Anonymous

            Thought you might like to know in case you hadn’t seen anything yet. The line-up for the Big Fat Quiz of the year is Jonathan Ross, David Walliams,David Mitchell, Miranda Hart, Jamie Oliver, Eddie Izzard.
            Not sure what I think of that. I don’t find Miranda Hart very funny, Jamie Oliver could be ok, but why when it’s always been comedians! Love Eddie Izzard, but not sure how he’ll be on that. Ross depends on who he’s teamed with (probably Hart). Walliams will do his usual sulks and Mitchell will tell everyone off (I really like David Mitchell).

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for that! I hadn’t heard the lineup yet. SO happy David Mitchell will be there. I absolutely adore him. One of my favorites, by far. Not surprised about Walliams considering the career boost he’s gotten from his swim, but he’s usually pretty funny, if occasionally obnoxious. Not so sure about Hart, she tends to be a bit hit or miss for me. And as much as I adore Eddie and his stand up, I’ve noticed he isn’t really as good on panel shows (he was so-so on QI). Hopefully I’m wrong about that, though. No clue why Oliver is there. Didn’t they have Gordon Ramsay on once, as well? What’s the point. Pretty much a wasted seat (unless he’s there so that the actual comedians can take the piss out of him).

      • Oh, that wasn’t nearly as problematic as showing up to work on MTV in NYC dressed as bin Laden shortly after the 9/11 attacks… heroin leads to bad judgment. 

        • Anonymous

          Eeep. Party foul.

          • Yeah, he admits it.  He was still using very heavily then, and he’s apologized for it. 

      • Anonymous

        It wasn’t actually something he said, it was something British talk show king Jonathan Ross said on his radio show to 80-something-year-old Andrew Sachs, aka Manuel the waiter from Fawlty Towers. They were talking to Sach’s answering machine and Ross blurted out that Russell “f*cked your granddaughter!”. But Brand made the decision to keep the segment in the radio show when it could’ve been edited out, and he didn’t seem to show much remorse. There was a whole lot of uproar spurred on by the Daily Mail, a rather reactionary paper which likes to whip up needless public outrage as often as possible.

        It was a bloody rude thing to say of course, but in fairness, Sach’s granddaughter was then a 23 year old dancer in a burlesque troupe known as ‘The Satanic Sluts’. I don’t know how shocked Sachs would’ve been by the revelation that she’s had casual sex. At least Ross kept quiet about it being a six-way.

        • Anonymous

          That really was the biggest mountain out of a molehill! I heard it the night it was broadcast and although I did wish I could email in at the time and say STOP! (obviously couldn’t as it was pre-recorded) it did not deserve the reaction it got. Clearly nobody expected the response or the producers would’ve taken it out before broadcast. Stupid that the show went out live most weeks with no problems then this blew up from a pre-recorded show! I like Jonathan Ross but it was like kids egging each other on and going too far. 

          The fact Russell had recently made a comment on-air about the Daily Mail’s fascist leanings in the 30s couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with the resulting witch hunt…. hmmmm?!

          Also I read that some at the BBC were none too happy as it got Russell out of a contract that had been agreed before his fame had rocketed.

  • Betsy Wasser

    She looks like Jenny McCarthy here.

    • Anonymous

      That is EXACTLY what I was just about to post!

      The dress is amazing, although it seems to play down her curviness (or maybe it’s just her posture).

  • Anonymous

    She needs to brush her hair. okay, I get it, you two fucked in the limo because you’re both so edgy. now brush your damn ugly ass hair.

  • Anonymous

    I, too, have an irrational dislike of Katy Perry. Don’t even know why, but she bugs me to no end. Brand I’m neutral on.

    I think your scoring here is fair, although I’d knock off a point for Perry’s skirt length. I think an inch or so off that dress would look a lot better on her.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  It would be just a bit more flattering on her a bit shorter.

  • paula.pertile

    They both scare me, so I’m afraid to say anything bad. I do like his boots.

  • Sara__B

    Katy’s poor hair is ruined. That’s all I can see.

  • Anonymous

    I have a crush on Russell Brand. There, I said it. He’s smart, witty and makes me laugh. My 16-year-old self would have hopped on the back of his motorcycle/vespa/bicycle. (Russell Brand on a bicycle–now that’s a funny image.)

    • Yep. I’m envisioning him riding a bicycle, and it is hilarious. Maybe he should put that in his act.

    • Yeah, he’s the kind of guy I would have been fuck buddies with — too screwed up for me to actually maintain a relationship with, but screwed up enough to be really hot… 

  • Your talk about your pop culture 180 reminds me of what Bret Easton Ellis described as “post-empire” culture for the Daily Beast. I’m not sure I buy his view, but it was a really interesting read:

    • Now I am The Bee

      Just read it.  Yeah–not sure I agree with all he says, but it is interesting.  And kinda disturbing for an Empire gal like myself.  But I’m not worried–soon all the post-Empire people will be where I am wondering what the hell happened to civility.  And–I get where Kay and Russell fit in.  Perfect post-Empire poster children! 

  • I love the dress and actually don’t mind the hair.  It’s much more “normal” than the crazy stuff she does.

  • Totally agree about Katy. As for Russell… His pants are terrible: too short, too tight (and not in a good way), too bunchy even for skinny jeans.  Vest is too small, shoes too weird for the outfit.  His head suit is what it is– no point criticizing it, as it’s his signature.  I think you scored him too high, mostly because I’ve seen this look done better, and done better by him.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, perfect summation for my thoughts on those two. I too used to loathe both of them, but now I’ve come accept, if not grudgingly admire. It’s because they’re unpretentious about their pretension. They know who they are, and the role they play within the culture, and they’re just working it and not taking it too seriously.

    I applaud this more grown-up look on her. That ’50s Betty Boop thing was getting silly. IMHO, she should go the same route as Gaga, wearing the couture but pushing the envelope on the styling.

  • Anonymous

    “For all the artifice and silliness coming from the both of them, they give off this vibe of not having their heads up their own asses, like so very many people in their positions would. In other words, they seem charmingly self-aware as well as aware of the absurdity of their surroundings without being dicks about it.”  Makes perfect sense to me. I concur. 🙂

    • I think some of it is that they see a lot of the world around them is silly, but rather than being above-it-all snobs about it, they just kinda shrug it off with a “Well, plenty of the things we like are silly too” attitude.

  • Cathy S

    She looks great in that dress. I like his vest and his boots and his beard, but the rest is meh.

  • Anonymous

    Her hair looks awful, the dress is either mashing her down or she needs a support garment (but it’s otherwise great on her), and Russel Brand came dressed as Russel Brand. The cummerbund does funny things to his proportions streeeeeetch torso with stumpy legs. They both look tired and annoyed (with each other?) Hope it’s minor because I’m pulling for these two crazy kids.

  • He is so so so gross. I dont know what it is about him that gives me the willies (no, i do: the facial hair) but echhhh. 
    Can’t forgive Katy for that hair. She looks like a middleschool weeaboo.

  • He _shaved his neck_ people. OMG. A guy who shaved his neck-thank goodness. 

  • Anonymous

    8/10 is fair for her – the dress is fantastic, the hair awful – even if she likes having awful hair, that dress cries out for awful hair in in a higher-contrast shade.  I might be talked into 8.5/10, but I’ll let 8/10 stand because she’s with  HIM.

    Having heard him interviewed a couple of times, I have to admit I think more highly of him when I can’t see him. He’s smart and entertaining and I can see what she sees in him.  BUT THE LOOK! It’s as if Jesus-from-“Jesus Christ Superstar” (NOT the Godspell Jesus!) and Rasputin mated and the baby got all the attractiveness genes going from both sides.  He’s not bad looking but I hate so much about his personal style (#1 with a bullet always and eternally his need to show us way more of his chest than I want to see, and always in a skeevy manner) that I cannot rate him objectively.

    I do think the cummerbund works, here. Better than the boots.

    My bias stated, and attempting to set it aside, I’d give him 7/10.

    Jointly, 7.5/10.  Go forth children and produce nice looking babies before you commence making each other nuts. May they get his brains & her shrewdness.

    • May they inherit her psych profile — he’s an addict with depression problems.  Hey, no crap from me on it, as everyone’s screwed up somehow, but it sucks watching your kids struggle with a mental issue you know they inherited from you.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like her hair, although she looks exhausted and I can’t tell if it’s the color washing her out of if she is indeed exhausted.  

  • I find myself agreeing with you. I find them utterly charmless in their chosen personae and performances, but they seem to be happy together, and that’s a good thing. I do like this dress on her, and I don’t care what he wears. BUT Long hair on dudes: OK. Greasy-looking long hair: NO.

  • I want to hate him, but every time I’m (forced) to listen to him, he makes me laugh dammit. They’re such a weird couple though. She seems too smart to put up with his nonsense. Love her dress here. Not crazy about the hair. She looked better with black hair.

    • He’s incredibly bright himself — he’s just manic, which hides it.

  • Funny that you should bother to score him on this outfit. I think these are his only clothes.  He was at the Larry King Dinner Special or whatever that was the other night and he had this on.  I can’t even remember seeing him not look exactly like this, except for maybe his necklace today.

  • Now I am The Bee

    I don’t know too much about Russell–but he does seem very self-aware after his drug shenanigans, and tha’ts fine.  He’ll just always dress and look the way he wants to–damn the critics.  Yay for him. 

    Katy, OTOH, is on the top of my Celebrity Hate List right now.  She’s very pretty, has an…unusual sense of style, and she may be in-on-it, but to foist her albums on the public in an attampt to convince them that she can sing and making millions in the process–no thank you. 

  • Anonymous

    I think he looks good, but I prefer his hair less slicked down. It seems to have a bit too much product in it though I prefer this to his teased to the skies look of years past. The rest of his look is textbook Brand, so I’m cool with it. She needs to give the hair dye a good long rest, but I think she is rocking the dress.

  • i like the two of them together. i think that their styles tend to compliment one another. she looks fantastic in that dress but i’ve got to agree with the hair. i like the cut but the color is odd. he is just super yummy.

  • These two have also grown on me, for the fact that they don’t seem to take themselves seriously and they don’t apologize for who they are. 

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I love that dress.  

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it makes total sense.  I like them too since they don’t take themselves too seriously.  And they don’t act whiny and put-out about being in the spotlight. 

  • bloodshothalfblind

    best shes looked, possibly ever.  he still makes me want to vomit, though.

  • Anonymous

    Love Katie’s dress.  He’s better like this, a silent Rock Jesus.  They’re cute together, I hope they last.

  • Not lookin’ too happy.  Body language not good either.  Maybe the rumors are true

  • Anonymous

    The rock n roll Jesus look suits him best, that’s for sure. He really does look better with the facial hair. I hate the chest baring shirt but I guess it works with the whole look. 7/10

    I find it humorous that she’s wearing one of most conservative, least tacky dress (for her) and it’s a Versace. As for the hair, I don’t hate it like you guys do. Hate the roots showing but other than that it’s not too bad. 7.5/10

  • Anonymous

    I would be impressed at this point if Katy shaved it off and started over. Russell Brand has won me over with his humor and self-awareness in interviews. I would think him not properly dressed if he showed up looking anything other than how he does right now.

  • Anonymous

    I really really like that dress and generally dislike Versace so I’ll give her a pass on the hair.  If she does something about it really really soon.  The blonde with mousy brown roots and pink is over over over!

  • Anonymous

    We used to call it “Skinny Hippie Jesus Freak” back in the day, but I like “Skinny-Jean Jesus,” too.

  • Well, I’m a Russell Brand fan, so I’m biased.  Because I like him, it raises her in my estimation–you know, she must have some depth if he married her.  And he is straight up charming–and witty.  Check out some of his interviews on Conan.  He did a riff on meeting Prince Charles wih his “chalky” bones that come from having only 9 chromosomes within the Windsor family…I’m laughing now thinking about it…

    • I felt that way about Scarlett Johanson… and I’m so happy she and Ryan Reynolds are divorced now so I can go back to hating her unreservedly:)

  • The dress looks a touch too long on her, but it is HOT.

  • hmmm weird, i actually like the way katy perry looks here, and i also get annoyed with her like tswift. russel on the other hand, i enjoy him but he always looks the same to me so whatevs.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Is there some sort of hairbrush shortage in Hollywood?  Do they need us to hold a telethon or something?  “Friends,  in the thirty seconds it takes you to watch a commercial, you could save a Hollywood starlet from a lollipop shot in which  you can tell that she just got out of bed.  Do it!  Send your spare hairbrushes!  You can save us all from the red carpet epidemic that is sweeping the profession!  And come to think of it, doesn’t it look like they’re doing their hair with brooms?”

  • Anonymous

    I think the dress is dowdy

  • Anonymous

    SHE: Drooling over that dress, and I’m not a big fan of Versace. Tends to look overdone, IMHO, but I’m loving this one. Her hair, sans roots and plus a good brushing, would look pretty cute. As it is, it looks sloppy. Still, points for being pretty AND wacky. 

    HE: Benefits from no longer doing the weird, teased-up, I’ve-been sleeping on my hair and it’s sticking up funny in the back-thing. My hair is pretty much the same consistency as his, so I wake up to that look on a regular basis. Glad he’s figured out it doesn’t always have to be that way.

  • OMG you guys are killing me! I LOVE her hair, and my other celebrity hair crush for the past few months has been “Quinn from Glee.” But, I’m a 40+ suburban mom, they are 20-somethings starlettes 😉

  • Anonymous

    I love Russell Brand. I think he is Fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    I loved the dress at first glance but is it making her look dumpy? Not a word I’d ever use for Perry but she seems…truncated, like part of her body was chopped out.

  • I think you’ve come up with the best description of how Perry and Brand are not as dislikable as many people on the Internet make them out to be. I actually find Brand a decent actor and a surprisingly eloquent writer (read some of his editorials online, example like his article on Amy Winehouse, SO well written!), and Katy is very sweet and writes great songs (her performance of them is a diff story, although I’m prepared to defend her singing ability).

  • I’m sorry, but she just makes everything I see her in look cheap. Instantly. 

  • Anonymous

    They don’t look very happy to be there–or happy to be with each other. 

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  • Anonymous

    She actually doesn’t look well, I mean to me she looks like she is getting over being sick or something.  She just looks off.  I like her music, it is just fun.  I love Russell Brand, love his books, love his comedy…love him.  I hope the rumors are not true, and they are not having trouble.

  • She looks too much like a Bratz doll. 

  • I quite like both of them. I hope all the rumors of an impending divorce aren’t true. Faces aren’t too happy in the photos. I hope she changes back to a hair colour found in nature soon. Something to bring out those amazing blue eyes.

  • Anonymous

    She looks bland, and cheap in a reality tv show winner bought a designer frock way.

    He looks like Russ, nothing wrong with that. He always looks best with the beard.
    He also looks pissed off. That second pic expression I’ve seen a few times in interviews when he’s being polite but just tolerating the questions. I hope the rumours are false, but in all honesty I don’t think it will be a marriage to old age.