Pairs Division: Holmes and Cruise

Posted on December 20, 2011

Well shut our mouths. Apparently Tom Cruise does own a suit.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise attend the premiere of “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” in NYC. Katie Holmes wears a Holmes & Yang dress.

But you know the little manly man was just dying to get back into his gigantic work boots and bomber jackets. Still, attention must be paid to his efforts.

HE: Is wearing a suit and that’s a huge step in the right direction since lately, he’s been treating the press events for this movie as something to fit in between trips to the Home Depot. It’s a very nice suit and it seems to be tailored quite well to fit him. Our only real quibbles are the two puddles of fabric at his feet and the bland tie. Also the Frankenstein shoes. We realize you need all the help you can get to get that extra inch or two of height, Tom, but she’s still towering over you. Might as well switch to shoes that look less… corrective. Score: 7.5/10.

SHE: Looks every inch the dutiful robot wife. That’s a lovely color on her; it’s kind of a shame that it matches his suit so closely, but not enough to detract points from the look. In fact, we’d go so far as to say the look is pretty close to perfect. We might have recommended some color on her feet, but that’s about the only suggestion we could make. The hair and makeup look pretty and the dress suits her to a T. But what thrills us most is the deployment of sheer hosiery. Young ladies are going to have to get over their squeamishness about the topic. Most actresses would have defaulted to black tights here, giving themselves piano legs in the process. Instead, Katie’s legs looks long, slim, and sexy. Don’t count out the sheer hose, ladies. It can be your friend in ways tights can’t. Score: 9/10. She looks good, but not, like, Oscar night good.

Combined Score: 8.25/10. Excellent job, strange little robot stars.


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos]

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  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing she went with the sheer hose to match the sheer on the dress. And that was a good choice. And I’m glad she doesn’t feel the need to wear flats because of her hubby’s vertical impairment.


    • That’s what I was thinking too. Balanced out the other sheer. I love this look. AND wear them heels girl. Maybe they were having a fight and this is her “ha!”

      • Well he always did like tall women, didn’t he.  Katie is tall.  Nicole Kidman probably towers over most men in heels.  If he just married a petite woman like Penelope Cruz, he would never look so short.  But instead he goes after women who are very tall to begin with. 

        • Anonymous

          Well, he did actually date Penelope Cruz for a couple years, so I don’t think he’s averse to petite women….

      • Anonymous

        In all fairness, all of Tom’s wives have been taller than him and they’ve all worn heels. I don’t think he has an issue with being shorter than his wife.  He just doesn’t like being seen as being shorter than other people.

      • Anonymous

        I was about to say the same as you and GT re balancing the sheers.  Bare legs would’ve looked weird, and tights, weirder.

  • Christine Marie

    I like how we attribute her legs looking “long, slim, and sexy” to the hose. Um. . . aren’t her legs long, slim, and sexy to begin with? Isn’t that why they pay her the big bucks? Because it certainly isn’t because she can act

    • Anonymous

      I personally have always thought her legs were on the thicker side, at least around the ankles and calves, but maybe that is just how some of her choices make her legs look.

      • Anonymous

        Her legs are on “the thicker side”? Oh god. I have no hope.

  • Anonymous

    They do look really good.   And I will say to Mr. Tom:  We all know you are short… you aren’t fooling us.  Get rid of the crazy shoes and embrace your height.

  • MilaXX

    They look good. I agree the sheer hose work well here, but I don”t think I would have given her look more than an 8.  It’s a pretty basic look. His look is such an improvement I would have been willing to overlook the pants hem.

  • Anonymous

    Every woman on here will flag me, but I think women look great in hose…..something about a beautiful dress, heels to God and then no hose doesn’t click…looks half dressed..I’m sick of commenting men’s pants length..I think I’ll move to Hollywood and become a tailor…..obviously the tailors that are already there are idiots.

    • Anonymous

      No flags here, I am female and I agree with you 100%.

      • Anonymous

        Power to the Hanes!!…I know they are a pain but……
        “It is better to look good than to feel good”- Enrico Suave

        • Here’s the thing: they don’t have to be a pain.  In fact, I would argue that they are EASIER than tights.  Sheer hose can come in stocking form, allowing one to wear them with a garter belt (to my older friends here who remember garters pre-pantyhose: they are no where even close to those old, irritating things, I swear!), so a run means swapping out a leg quick.  Also, you pull them up while getting dressed and then you’re done with them for the night — no fighting with them at every trip to the ladies’ room

          • Anonymous

            So wait, then do you wear underwear over the garter belt?

          • Call me Bee

            Yes–garter belt then panties.  The last time I did that–8th grade.  Pantyhose came to us in the winter of 1967 and I bless that day! 

          • I LOVE stockings and garter belts!  So much more comfortable than pantyhose.  And…I’m going out on a limb here…there are times when I need a bit more body control and love my girdle. Because it fits me, it is like a hug, not one of those horrid spanx things.  I think the women who complained about girdles weren’t wearing the right size.

    • Anonymous

      Every woman on here will flag me

      No. As far as I can tell it’s an age thing. Most of us who are, what, over 40? don’t get the resistance to hose. I think it’s the young ‘uns who hate hose and insist on going bare legged in winter, and wearing black tights with light fabrics, neither of which makes any sense to me.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely an age thing…same with not shaving, rumpled clothes, and pants that are too long..every generation has its thing I guess, but grooming is grooming..( both men and women…)

        • Hey now!  In defense of women under 30, there are plenty of us who have lobbied for hose to make a return (particularly those with kids — we have bruises for tripping over/running into toys, dammit!)  And my pajamas are the only clothing allowed to be wrinkled, though I will admit to buying wrinkle resistant fabric rather than ironing. 

          • Anonymous

            I was actually talking more about Men in the rumpled unshaved dept!!……Like I said, can’t beat good grooming…

      • Melissa Zade

        It’s because when we were little girls, our mothers stuck us in hose (with all the accompanying nagging/yelling/scolding about not doing *anything* other than sitting still so we didn’t tear our hose) that has caused this undying hatred of tights.  Even though I think they can look very nice, I still shudder at the thought of putting them on!

        • I didn’t object to the tights — but I don’t wear lace to this very day because of the stiff, scratchy stuff my mother used to put on me.

        • This. I remember I was stuck wearing hose underneath shorts when I was a girl. Shorts!

          • Anonymous

            Under shorts? That’s, er, unusual.

        • Anonymous

          See, when I was a kid, we wanted to be old enough to be allowed to wear them. Not tights. STOCKINGS. Grown up lady sheer stockings.

      • Anonymous

         I’m 21 and I wear sheer hose nearly every day. They are incredibly flattering and I actually find them comfortable.

        • Anonymous


      • Rebecca Zmarzly

        This is why I wear fishnets as much as possible. The best of all possible worlds: sexy, stretchy, no runs, and I have covered yet uncovered legs for when I’m feeling claustrophobic yet cold.

      • Anonymous

        That’s definitely a big part of it. I suppose I’m slowly coming around just due to image bombardment, but at least up until very recently, sheer hose just screamed Old Lady to me. I love opaque tights because you can get such a bright hit of color with them.

        I absolutely dread the day I have to give up my opaque tights, because I feel like sheer hose are incredibly unflattering to my legs. Maybe it’s something I just have to get used to? But seriously, I feel like they are something I should just never even touch, like miniskirts. Just meant for someone else.

    • Anonymous

      No flags here.  My husband feels the same way.. he can’t stand that bare leg look.  Personally I feel that some dresses require hose, no matter how uncomfortable they.  So I wear them when I need to.

    • Anonymous

      Totally. I’m 27 and I just can’t dress up without them. It feels like something is missing without them.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I’m with you.  I’m also more comfortable in hose, which probably contributes.   The whole expression of “I hope my thighs aren’t sticking together” isn’t a good one.

    • Yet another woman with a love for hose.  BUT I never wear them.  Perhaps they were just made better back when women wore them more, but I’m sick of paying for a pair of hose that can’t even make it out the door.  In certain parts of the work force (a crotchety judge who’s stuck in the past, a board of directors whose combined age is older than the US, etc.), a skirt suit and hose is still de rigeur, but damn if I don’t hate it.  I go through at least 3 pairs each time I have to put on hose!!  But hey, a good pair of hose, when you can find one, makes a woman look particularly polished in a way that tights just can’t.

      Also, not an age thing.  I’m in my 20s.

    • Anonymous

      I concur.  

  • Damn you TLo for being right about the hose. I HATE HOSE.

    • Yeah, I’ll admit that hose look good.  However, I hate wearing them; I find them incredibly uncomfortable.  I’m sort of dismayed to see them making a comeback.

      • I’ll say this much: the black ones are SO much better than nude. I don’t care what anyone says; I will NEVER wear nude hose again!

      • They’re SO uncomfortable. So are tights, but at least tights keep you warm(er)!

        I have a special hatred for them because, at 5’11”, pretty much every pair of tights ever has a crotch that hits me in the middle of my thighs. The ONLY reason I will wear them is for protection from the worst of the cold.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    As wacky as their public persona is, they are a very beautiful couple and look very put together here. The man does not age.

    • Really?  I thought it looked rather like she was posing with her father.

  • Anonymous

    That suit looks great on him and I don’t have a quibble with the hem on the pants.  The problem with the shorter hems you guys seem obsessed with is when you sit down suddenly 12″ of socks and legs are showing and that looks ridiculous.  These hit the shoe, break but don”t drag in back or really “puddle”
    Wow, I am amazed I was able to type so much about these two, I almost feel asleep scrolling through the pics, they are DULL.

  • Anonymous

    I’m firmly in the “Embrace the Benefits of Hosiery” camp, and always have been.  Your analysis of both outfits is spot on, as usual.  His footwear leapt out at me as sadly discordant.  One note expression on his face.  Unappealing smirk on hers.  Those warrant demerits.

  • Anonymous

    They’re both very well dressed, but I just can’t get over the “uncle and niece” vibe of the first picture.

  • Not to mention that poor Tom is teetering forward. You’d think he would have learned how to stand up straight in those lifts by now. Katie’s doing it, and hers are much taller. 

  • Anonymous

    YAY for sheer hose!

  • Anonymous

    someone should tell him the bunched up hemline makes him look even littler. beside her he looks like he’s channelling hervé villechaize.

    since beside her he looks like he’s channelling HC on the RC, perhaps it might have behoofed her to put on lower heeled hooves? i know, i know, i get it, but still it’s his movie & he looks, at best, like a dressed up & silly little man doll. for just maybe kinda sorta only this once she might have moved in a smaller direction. not always, but maybe here? i mean, nobody put a cannon to her head & insisted she marry him.

    edited to add:
    he really does need the hair, too. sans hair he looks a little like mr rogers. so a mating of FR & HC? oh how very odd. i must be tired.

  • Anonymous

    His suit looks….fine. He also looks like he’s on his way to be an usher at the Baptist Church services on Sunday.

    Katie’s penchant for pigeon-toed posing really gets on my nerves. You are not a toddler, Miss.

    She looks fine too. And they both bore me to tears.

  • Anonymous

    I, too, was happy to see the sheer hose in action. What a great alternative to black tights! She looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I actually think she looks gorgeous, despite the fact she is wearing one of her (usually awful) designs. He does NOTHING for me., suit or no suit.  He is such a manly little man. Ha!

  • Anonymous

    Holmes & Yang looks like 10 season-old Vera Wang.

  • Anonymous

    hair and make-up on her?  YES.  the frock?  NO.  Remember when Katie Holmes used to look flawless on the RC?  Before the pegged jeans and über-ness of her transformation to full-on bot?  

    I miss those heady days.  I thought KH was going to make something of herself.  Besides the made-up dialogue between her, Posh and Kunty Karl alone was great mindless reading after a night shift.

  • Bryce Giddens

    If Tom wants to look taller, he could try hemming his pants and shortening his sleeves to show some cuff.  Slimming his pant legs (if possible) and choosing a pocket square fold that emphasizes verticality might also work.  He’d still look short compared to Katie, but every little bit helps.

  • Anonymous

    She looks great.  He looks quite presentable.  The overlong trousers really kill it for me.  There’s a break but it’s in the wrong place. 

  • His pants are always a touch too long, but it’s deliberate because he needs it to cover the tops of his special shoes (with hidden lifts). Seriously, when’s the last time you ever got a peek at the guy’s socks? If you scrutinize his RC and pap photos you can usually tell where the tops of his shoes really end. They’re always more like booties.

    • Anonymous

      A touch too long is fine with me. It when the pants puddle that they draw attention to the Special shoes rather than camoflauging them. As a short person myself, I encourage him to embrace his height. Say it loud, say it proud, Tom:  I am short!

  • penn collins

    I just wonder if we turn her around will we see the slot for the wind-up key? she looks almost drugged….aka ‘robot wife’.

  • Call me Bee

    They are not my favorite people, but here they look good!  I suspect as Tom gets a bit older, he’ll be more comfortable with his height.  At least he doesn’t make the other actors in his movies stand in holes like Alan Ladd did…He looks nice and relaxed.  Katie’s dress is adorable; the sheer hose is a nice touch. 
    I guess I like the sheer hose trend.  Back in the 80s it looked so sophisticated, so maybe it will class us up a bit…

  • They both look great, and that’s not something I’d normally expect!

  • Anonymous

    Are we supposed to be able to see (what looks like) her bra? Because now that I’ve seen it, I can’t un-see it.

    • Anonymous

      Me too.  I think that dress is just not designed to deal well with flash bulbs.  Even the tiers on the bottom look goofy because the lining is so noticeable.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see a bra, only sleeves.

  • Judy_J

    They both look very nice.  I for one am thrilled that Katie wore sheer hose with her dress.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…sheer hosiery makes your legs look great no matter what you’re wearing.  They cover a multitude of sins, and firm you up in places where you might otherwise jiggle, and not in a good way.

    • I totally agree about sheer hose. I was very surprised to find out that women who are not celebrities were actually going hose-less for the past decade. I thought it was one of those things that only happened on TV, the red carpet, or in the movies. They’re a total pain in the ass to put on, but I’ve never found them to be terribly uncomfortable. Women suffer worse indignities and discomfort for fashion and beauty.

  • So I am a huge fan of sheer black hose, but I wish that the sheerness of her hose didn’t match the sheer panel in her dress so exactly. She could have gone with an ever-so-slightly darker pair of hose and it would look less matchy.

  • Anonymous

    That dress is so close to gorgeous, I wish it was more simplistic. Loving the top half and most of the sleeve but not the skirt.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with the scores. I think she looks really pretty. And that’s the way to do a ponytail, sleek and elegant with no whiff of the gym.

    He’s fine. I can’t ever look at his feet anymore, though, his footwear choices as of late have scared me too much.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the 7.5 for Mr. Cruise.  He looks great.  I would have given him an 8.5 at least, minus a little for the weird bump in his hair.

  • Anonymous

    She looks very pretty here.  I don’t like the sheer panel on the bodice of her dress, but I love the sheer hose.  Heavy black tights belong with casual outfits in my opinion, so I’m glad to see her making a different choice.  And, speaking of different choices, two words:  Tom Cruise.  What was she thinking?

  • Enlighten me, please. Why is he wearing a shirt with a collar that is at least a size too large?

  • Anonymous

    Height difference makes no difference…clothes that fit properly does.  His “puddles” are distracting and draw attention to  his shortness.  Tom is not going to grow into them, like boy in new pants on his first day of school will.  Hem your damn pants Tommy!

    Aside from her visible bra, they look pretty conservative.  I like that her hose match the sheer panel on the dress.  Robot wife, lol, brings to mind “Cherry 2000”..keep her out of the suds Tom! 😉   I do agree with TLo that a more interesting tie and more color, or even sparkle, for her shoe would have been nice. 

    Agree with the scores.

  • Anonymous

    Is no one else bothered by the fact that you can see her bra through her dress? It’s probably the camera flash, but it’s so distracting for me from an otherwise beautiful dress. Also, ponytail? really?

    • foodycat

      I am also bothered by the visible bra. I also think the sheer dotted + sheer plain is just too much sheer.

  • J Dreesen

    am i the only one who sees a beach cover-up as the basic design element of her dress?  looks like a shift pulled up over a [still visible] bikini…

    …with a sheer-sleeved bolero tacked on so it’s not *too* literal an interpretation.

  • . . . Piano legs?

  • Anonymous

    I really like that dress on her.  That neckline might give some a droopy boob effect but not her.    She looks great, especially given some of her recent choices.  He looks a little too businessy to me.  

  • The hose are great. The dress is so ‘meh. Did she get that at H&M? Cause it’s, um, boring. And I know the shoes are basic but they are basically bad with this dress which looks, um, not dressy enough for black, satin platform pumps.

    • Anonymous

      I believe Holmes & Yang is her own line . . .

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree – ‘meh is the perfect description for the dress.  Not feeling it at all.

      ps to weigh in on the leg attire discussion, I am both a tights and opaques kinda gal – I would never go to work with bare legs either, makes me feel half undressed

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, my first impression is that has aged a bit. Maybe it’s the hair or something, but her face has lost some of it’s girlishness and not in a good way. Kind of matronly looking.

  • Anonymous

    I like the color, but I don’t care for the dress. They look more like father and daughter here than husband and wife.

  • His ridiculous unhemmed pants undo it for me. I realize you are trying to encourage him, but ugh. She looks as good as possible, though.

  • I like sheer hose and I’m not that old (28).  I like tights, too, but I don’t think they work for dress events. 

    I always wonder how sensitive he really is about his height.  Because I know he wears lifts, but he also keeps marrying women who are significantly taller.  One of the many mysteries about what the inside of his head looks like…

    Her: 8.5.  Love the dress, love the hair, love the make-up, hate the shoes. 
    Him: 0… Sorry, I just can’t say something nice about him.  I hate the man, and for once, it’s not even my irrational celeb hate — it’s personal hatred.

  • Anonymous

    They hold each other like classmate!  She’s soo over it and it shows. Love the Talbots dress.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Cruise:

    We need to have what is termed a ‘critical conversation’, or, in some circles, a ‘come to Jesus’ talk (although I guess that wouldn’t apply to you).

    You are shorter than the average American male. Everyone knows it. Resistance is futile. There is nothing wrong with being short; many of your fellow show-business flock are similarly situated. Some people are shorter than average; some people are taller.
    In addition, your last two wives have been taller (one of them significantly) than you are. This tends to highlight your situation when you are photographed with them, but one would presume you were aware of their height when you married them.  

    You are only fooling yourself, not any of us, by using lifts. It makes you appear silly and undignified that you are unable to handle your height gracefully, especially at your age. Embrace it! Height is probably the one aspect of your appearance that you cannot change – you need to accept this. You are still a reasonably good-looking man with some semblance of a career and untold millions of dollars. Get over it.

    And….the hems of your pants and your jacket sleeves are too long. Yes, there are visual tricks that will make you appear taller (i.e.  dressing in one color, etc.), but having your hems too long isn’t one of them.

  • Anonymous

    Another Yay for sheer hose! I’m not at all liking her dress. The curve at the top is all wrong where it meets the sheer. The polka dot sleeves are attractive though. Flashbulbs have done her no favors here. And to top it off, it’s boring. And together they are extra BORING.

    Frankly, now that I’ve seen Tom in a banker’s suit, I think I prefer him in the casual looks he normally sports. He appears to be a guy who is more comfortable in his HD clothes, and I think he’s cuter in them too.

  • Anonymous

    But what thrills us most is the deployment of sheer hosiery. Young ladies are going to have to get over their squeamishness about the topic.

    Thank you. Black tights or bare legs would not look right. Katie done good.

  • Wow. I think they both look great.  Marks were made accordingly.  

  • Anonymous

    SO DULL.

  • Cheri Lee

    I love the color of the dress and I love the top but the bottom is too little girl for me and the shoes are a bit off.
    I have always loved black, sheer hose. I think its super sexy…I may have pull them out for New Years!! What what!
    Overall she looks beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the hatred of sheer hose. Sheer black hose have always been sexy.

    • Anonymous

      Especially when they have seams!

  • Anonymous

    Fair scores.  I do think her dress is a little dull, but it is far better than some of the dreck she wears. I love the color and am so glad that teal seems to be making a comeback. It is a subtle color that looks good on a lot of people.

  • Mariah J

    She looks fantastic…and considering some of the things she’s worn in public, and getting Tom to buy a suit, this is a miracle.

  • Anonymous

    I hate her dress, I think it’s hideous.

  • Yay for sheer hose!

  • Anonymous

    Fair scores. But I really can’t stand him.

  • Anonymous

    And once again, she looks put together when he needs her to. Female independence has come a long way, y’all.

  • Anonymous

    I wore black sheer hose on a date last night (they’ve been my wardrobe staple for many years and I’m only 21) and my guy was crazy over them. I called them my chastity belt and he even thought that was sexy.

  • I must disagree here on Mrs. Holmes-Cruise. The dress is better, yes, but i’d like to not be able to see her bra. It distracts from the intentional sheerness everywhere else.  Hate the shoes, love the stockings.  Would have given a 7.

    His score is fair, but a tailor would have made a huge difference.

  • Anonymous

    that dress looks like it came from kmart. 

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Someone must smack that smirk off her face, post-haste. It’s even more annoying when she looks as good as she does here.

  • Anonymous

    I love her shoes.  They feel appropriately winter-y.  If they’d been red, Katie would have taken more of the focus from Tom, and it’s his gig, not hers.  I think she deserves a 9.5 for flawless execution of being the “plus one” at a movie premiere.  Some of these girlfriends (I’m talking about you, Stacy Keibler) could take some notes from this outfit.

  • Anonymous

    They both look blandly attractive. Boring, verging on mundane. In my last job, government CEO, I would dress like him, sans corrective shoes, as standard work wear. It’s a nice suit but this is an event, not real life. Her tights do deserve a thumbs up though, they’re classy and sexy.

  • I don’t love the dress, but Katie looks pretty. Love the sheer hose, the shoes are fab, if not the right pair for this dress, and her hair is great. I like a simple, perfectly done ponytail.

    How can he not know his pants are a foot too long? Better he rolled them up than leave them the way they are. It’s a nice suit, though.

    Are those shoes with lifts or are they boots? They look like boots to me.

    Tom Cruise has always seemed a little nuts to me. And I’ve never forgiven him for Mission: Impossible. I’m just not a fan of T.C., and I can’t imagine that I ever will be.

    • When Cruise had an office for his production company on the Paramount lot, he made the maintenance staff put up a barrier along the sidewalk from his office to the set of M:I so no one could see him when he walked by.

      But they used those kind of divider thingies that stand on little feet, so there was a gap at the bottom near the ground. So whenever he’d walk down that sidewalk, what people could see were his 4″ heeled shoes, and naturally, they’d snicker. He got so pissed off he made them build a solid piece to go along the bottom so nothing at all could be seen.

      Also, the golf cart he rode around the lot in? Draped with opaque plastic all around so no one could see him in there, either.

      • I’m not really sure how the poor guide was supposed to tell Will Smith “no”, even if he’d asked ahead of time:)  The thing that boggles me about Tom Cruise hiding himself away is that it’s so stupid.  Why not just set up an office with a more secluded way out? 

        I was done with him after his Today show appearance.  Haven’t paid to see a movie with him in it since. 

  • Anonymous

    it bugs me that he’ll get dressed up for his movie premiers, but will show up in scuzzy clothes for hers. Does L. Ron Hubbard preach that men should only put in effort when it benefits them?

    … probably.

  • He looks like a wax figure of himself in these photos…

  • Presumptuous Insect

    So creepy. So very, very creepy.

  • Anonymous

    They both look great.
    Now, regarding the subject of hosiery, I’m a big fan, always have been, and I’m thrilled they’ve made a comeback. For me, and many other women, they never left. I attended two weddings recently, one in August and one in November. Different age brackets, different demographics – one was a mostly young hip crowd, the other was a family affair. At both weddings, every woman was wearing hosiery.

  • Anonymous

    But where is Suri?

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’m going to say it if no one else will: nude bra with nearly-sheer fabric, especially under flashing bulbs. Nude bra. Nude. Bra. (Although those are very nice ta-tas, Ms Holmes.)

  • Diana Martinez

    I thought she looked great until I realized you can see her bra.  I’m not a prude or anything, I just think it detracts from the look.  

  • She’s breathtaking but I’m so disappointed that she succumbed to that Scientology twit, that she’s automatically docked a point just for that alone. 8

    He’s a twerp, but at least he finally lets his woman actually be taller than him. He used to make Nicole wear flats. So for that he gets 1/2 a point added back to what would otherwise be subtracted. The shoes suck. The pants and sleeves are too long. The tie is zzzzzzzzzzz. And he’s Tom Cruise. 5.5.

    Combined score: 6.75

  • Anonymous

    So, have sheer hose been a no-no up until now?  I’ve always worn them with cocktail dresses in the winter, because I never thought tights were dressy enough and thought it was too cold to go bare.  Are katie’s blue?  That’s very daring!  I hate the shoes–too bridesmaidy looking for me.  Are they satin?

  • Anonymous

    Neither one of them have looked this good in ages. And looking this good at the same time? You “strange little robot stars” done good.

  • second the ‘visible bra’ comment, and I don’t think that was at all intentional.  It detracts from what is otherwise an polished, elegant dress.  I’d give her an 8.5/10  for that. 

  • Mary McClelland

    He’s surprisingly aging well. Good for him. 

  • katie holmes loooks so good, i didnt even look at him. and i completely agree with your sheer hose comments, i just got done telling my friend to not wear tights and find a pair of sheer black pantyhose.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful dress.

  • Susan Crawford

    Love her dress. As for getting the right length trousers on Tiny Tom, I suggest that he go for Capri’s. That should do the trick very nicely and no alteration needed.

  • Anonymous

    If (non drag queen) men were expected to wear sheer, nylon hose and deal with that scratchy feeling between their thighs, sheer hose would never have been invented.

  • Anonymous

    A 9?  really?  Fess up, how many hits of the pipe have you had?  

    • I don’t think it’s the pipe, I think TLo have been compromised by Scientologists — they’re sneaky like that.

  • Anonymous

    It is sweet of her to still look smug after all these years with him.

    • But don’t they look like a loving couple … ?  😛

  • bloodshothalfblind

    he’s had so much work done on his face.  i always thought he was pretty creepy looking, but now he’s cultivating a wax figure-like quality.  he’ll only going to get creepier with age.  blech.   

  • Anonymous

    I used to wear black sheer hose with an “evening look” all the time.  Glad to see it’s making a comeback.  Too opague at night and it doesn’t look dressy enough.