PA: Bagtastic

Posted on December 09, 2011

You know who we miss? Crazy-Eyes. Nicotina. Whatever her name was. This group’s too dull to sustain our interest. We need a little bit of personality disorder up in here.

Anyway, Kenneth Cole, yaddayaddayadda, sold in his stores, proceeds going to The Kenneth Cole Foundation AIDS charity, AWEARNESS. It’s all good. Standard PR format, but it’s a fine challenge for accessories.

Then they screwed it all up in the judging. Again.



Congratulations to Brian. Once again, we think his win is ridiculous. It’s not that we think he’s without talent. Actually, he’s quite talented and creative; probably the most creative person left in the cast. And if this was a challenge based purely on creativity, we’d probably put him near, if not at, the top for these entries. But he was making something to be sold in Kenneth Cole stores and at least part of the directive was to keep in mind the Kenneth Cole brand and aesthetic. These pieces don’t even come close. Kenneth himself, moments before handing the win to Brian, admitted that he’d never sell something like this in his stores. In other words:

“I’d never sell something like this in my stores.

Congratulations Brian. We will be selling this in my stores.”

Uh…okay. If you’re interested, you can buy Brian’s bag here.



Once again, Nina gets robbed. That clutch was genious, especially the way it was designed so that it could be slid up the arm on either side. The ring’s pretty stylish too and even better, it looks like it’s part of the same collection as the bag. We liked, but didn’t love the necklace. It’s not the most original of designs and despite what the lady judges were saying, we didn’t really believe that it could be worn with a variety of outfits. Still, we thought her two best pieces were absolutely perfect for the Kenneth Cole brand.



The earrings were pretty horrifying, but the bag was pretty great. We’re all for mixing metallics, but we couldn’t help thinking those brass accents would pop much better and look more elegant against black leather.



We don’t know what the hell happened with this one. He’s always defaulted to bag designs that were on the classic side, but this bag is totally generic. It looks more like a makeup case than a clutch. And our eyes teared up watching his poor model sporting those lobe-stretchers on the runway. We know Project Runway judging sessions can take hours to shoot. We really hope that poor girl didn’t have to stand there that whole time with her earlobes slowly making their way toward her shoulders. The only thing that kept him in the game was his past work and the fact that someone else’s work sucked worse this time.



We said last week that Nina was probably the most talented jewelry designer in the group, but we keep forgetting about Rich. His jewelry designs are fantastic and they’re the only reason HE’S still in the game despite churning out shitty purses and shoes every week. To his credit, he did an excellent job on the purse. It’s just that it was too simple. The Kenneth Cole aesthetic really tripped a lot of people up this week.



And it’s good-bye to Adrian. We like him, but everything here looked cheap; not just in the tacky sense, but in the poorly made one. His aesthetic was never going to be embraced by a bunch of high fashion bitches and it was painful watching him second-guess himself so much in a failed attempt to please them.


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    • scottyf

      Dear Adrian


      I’m glad you’re gone for two reasons:


      1. You ticked ALL of my boxes in the looks department. I can
      now take off the bib and Depends, since I will no longer be drooling and
      wetting myself every time you hit the screen. It was embarrassing.


      2. You never really brought it, and it was getting harder
      and harder to defend your choices. It was making me sad. But I think I
      understand why: you were never trained in How To Be a Successful Black Boy in
      the World of Reality TV.


      Based on your portfolio, you are obviously very, very
      talented. In your own world I’m sure you are a king (and I would be happy to
      turn you into my queen, you beautiful beeotch). I know there are tons of people
      who eat up your stuff as-is. But, apparently no one told you that you had to
      package it differently in the world in which you decided to venture. Pure
      aesthetics of ANY kind get watered down in that world; those elements ethnic in
      nature are rendered outright benign. Didn’t your mama and grandmama tell you


      First off: When big, broad, bodacious brothers like you walk
      into the room, you gotsta:


      1. Convince all the white (and some of the non-white) people
      that haven’t grown up around black men, that you’re not the exotic savage they
      consciously or unconsciously think you are.


      2. Convince them that you know as much as they do on
      whatever subject in which you will be competing. And if you really want to do
      well, you have to convince them that you know much more. You didn’t do that.


      That Kenneth Cole outfit you had in the last challenge was
      SCREAMING for a cute little fur covered pillbox hat. I don’t know why you never
      called upon your church sensibilities. Maybe a good hat just takes too long to
      make. If you had been able to pull just ONE ELEMENT from your own personal style
      for each challenge instead of twenty–and do it up well—the judges would have
      been fawning all over you. They would have used all of those catchwords that
      really mean, “Black stuff we like and understand”: “urban”,
      “ethnic”, (and, my all time favorite) “tribal.” But you
      couldn’t. You let them white people scare you. You made your statement in how
      you accessorized yourself, but rarely in how you accessorized your models.


      I would be more than happy to discuss this
      further. We could meet at the Hippo the next time I’m in Baltimore, and discuss
      the fine art of your behind…uh…behind the scenes struggles, over drinks.
      Yours in Unbridled Animal Lust,


      • I have to respectfully disagree re: “Black stuff we like and understand”.  Because the fashion world likes that “black stuff” only when it’s done by white people — when it’s done by white people, it’s scary and they’re too “niche market”.  Example: Korto.  Didn’t matter that her stuff was ridiculously wearable while still being interesting and appealing, she had just enough “black stuff” elements to make it a no go.  White person incorporating those same elements would have been praised to high heavens. 

        No, at this point, I don’t know that a black person CAN win with the PR-brand judges — either they go totally white, in which case they “aren’t being true to themselves” or they have some of the black elements and then they’re “one-note” or “too niche”. 

        • Leslie Streeter

           I have always said that about Korto, my all-time favorite PR designer, who had a clear, beautiful and incredibly adaptive aesthetic, but the judges didn’t get it. But Anya…she’s the right amount of ethnic so her take on a “tribal” aesthetic seems not scary. It’s maddening.

          • Anonymous

            Mondo was robbed for being too Latino, IMO.

            Kimberly was way robbed.

            • Leslie Streeter

              To be sure. And I don’t know the solution to it – even if there were more ethnic people among the decision-makers, would they be too indoctrinated in the status quo to make a stink?

            • scottyf

              I think the solution is still a few generations and countless conversations like this away, my friend.

              We are still hopelessly segregated and blissfully unaware of our blatant racism in so many aspects of American society. It starts for most of us somewhere after kindergarten and follows us into the job market. And NOWHERE is it more obvious (at least for those of us who are attuned to such things) than in the Arts and Entertainment world.

              I would give my eye teeth to see the complete footage of the PA confessionals from Adrian, Kelly and Cotrice that wound up on the digital cutting room floor. It would surprise me greatly if at least one of them didn’t at some point bring up the observation that this group of judges just really didn’t understand their aesthetic. Granted their is no color line with judges telling designers that they have ‘”too many elements”, or to “edit.” It’s just that there is never enough ethnic power in the room to bring up the fact that many cultures have an aesthetic of “More Is More”, and that there is a viable market outside of the homogenized viewer base that would eat it up. The House Negroes that come in to Guest Judge have either assimilated to the same level of thinking as everyone else, or have been edited to docilely nod when told by the host that a collective agreement has been reached.

              The frustration and yes, sometimes slightly veiled rage that I express here is to temporarily stave off the deeper neurosis of desperately trying to believe that “THIS season will be DIFFERENT!.”

              I guess it says something for our collective progression on race relations that we can totally disregard the fact that a Woman of Color won PR in favor of our distaste for how we perceived she did it.

            • Anonymous

              When we think in terms of generations instead of in terms of years, I
              think it’s easier to understand why change has been slow and to be
              hopeful that positive change is on the horizon.  (Which Scottyf references, I think.)

              It would be great if it could happen faster, but since we’re talking
              about individual level change, and the individual isn’t likely to change
              as the world does, I have high hopes that in 30 years things will be
              very, very different.

              Given that we’re only a generation or two removed from Jim Crow and that the people who perpetrated/suffered under blatant, codified racism are still alive and some still in the workforce, I have high hopes for the generation to come–my 4-year-old son’s generation.  There is a lot still to happen, but the current crop of toddlers are going to grow up with very different parents.  In my own (white, southern, rural) family, the difference from my grandfather to my son is astounding.  The difference in attitudes, experiences, demographics in friendships and schools, social norms, and exposure to media and arts is remarkable.  Some is intentional on my part, but much is not, simply a reflection of the different world. 

              Easy for me to say, I know.  But for what it’s worth, my white friends and I all hope our kids DO NOT have white privilege the way we did.  It’s not fair and we don’t want it.  And we hope, too, to see change in the world and be part of it.

              I am also open to correction or instruction on being a positive role model for my kid and for being part of the solution. 

              I think it’s awesome that we can have this conversation.  I hope the next generation doesn’t have to.

            • scottyf

              “When we think in terms of generations instead of in terms of years, I
              think it’s easier to understand why change has been slow and to be 
              hopeful that positive change is on the horizon.  (Which you reference, I think.)”

              If I’m being totally candid, my comment to Leslie Streeter came from a place of despair, rather than hope.

              It is the Grace from comments like yours that open up the windows of my self-imposed mental garret, and allow the light of Hope to stream in through the windows again.

              In my humble opinion, the only correction you need is that you don’t need correction. 🙂 You got it goin’ on sistah. And while I am certain that your son is already an incredibly beautiful soul, I’m equally as certain that he will become even more of one as he grows in the presence of such an inspiring Mom.

              Thank you.

            • Anonymous

              Oh, wow, I don’t know how to reply.  What a gracious and well-composed poster you are, Scotty!  I will work to live up to the generous comment you just posted.

            • Anonymous

              Re:  my son–yeah, the sun kind of does rise out of his ass.  😉

            • Anonymous

              When we think in terms of generations instead of in terms of years, I
              think it’s easier to understand why change has been slow and to be
              hopeful that positive change is on the horizon.  (Which Scottyf references, I think.)

              It would be great if it could happen faster, but since we’re talking
              about individual level change, and the individual isn’t likely to change
              as the world does, I have high hopes that in 30 years things will be
              very, very different.

              Given that we’re only a generation or two removed from Jim Crow and that the people who perpetrated/suffered under blatant, codified racism are still alive and some still in the workforce, I have high hopes for the generation to come–my 4-year-old son’s generation.  There is a lot still to happen, but the current crop of toddlers are going to grow up with very different parents.  In my own (white, southern, rural) family, the difference from my grandfather to my son is astounding.  The difference in attitudes, experiences, demographics in friendships and schools, social norms, and exposure to media and arts is remarkable.  Some is intentional on my part, but much is not, simply a reflection of the different world. 

              Easy for me to say, I know.  But for what it’s worth, my white friends and I all hope our kids DO NOT have white privilege the way we did.  It’s not fair and we don’t want it.  And we hope, too, to see change in the world and be part of it.

              I am also open to correction or instruction on being a positive role model for my kid and for being part of the solution. 

              I think it’s awesome that we can have this conversation.  I hope the next generation doesn’t have to.

            • Anonymous

              Your comment rang a bell in my mind, because when I think back to this past season of PR I think that I  paid less attention to Anya’s ethnicity than I did to how I perceived her playing the Reality TV game. 

      • Anonymous


        Nicely put.

        I’m wondering if hats just take too long to make… he could’a rocked several outfits with one hat instead of several jewelry items.

        • Anonymous

          He did learn and implement one important reality TV lesson:  he talked about himself in third person, using his FULL NAME, a lot.  Points to him for that.

      • Anonymous

        I miss the Hippo!  All my gays moved away.  :'(

      • Laura Southwick

        Decorating a hat is no indication of talent.   Nor is race of sexual orientation.  Nor is this show a fair judge of any sort of talent.   It’s entertainment – period.   The best thing to happen to any any designer on this show is to get the exposure and run like hell for the door once their contract runs out.

    • We thought Nina should have taken off the necklace she was wearing and put it on her model.

      • Anonymous

        I thought the same!  On the first day.  I bet she was like, “Damn, if I’d worn a different necklace today, they wouldn’t have known I was copying myself.”

    • Wow, Nina’s really does look like Kenneth Cole. WTF? 

      And the handle on the winning bag looks like petrified dog poop.

    • Kate Pearce

      that bag Brian made looks like something Wilma Flintstone, or maybe the more fashion-forward Betty Rubble would be carrying.

      • MilaXX

        all his stuff looks like that to me.

      • I actually like Brian’s clutch, but Wilma Flintstone is exactly what I was thinking. He did not deserve this win, not no way, not no how.

    • Anonymous

      Loved Nina’s ring and clutch.  Loved.

      That unicorn clutch was ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      My feelings exactly.  Brian’s pieces were very cool but in no way, shape, or form congruent with the Kenneth Cole aesthetic.  In fact I thought he might be in the bottom for that very reason.  I really thought Nina had it in the bag with this one (no pun intended).  Frankly, I felt that Eva’s advice is what screwed up Diego. 

    • The winning bag looks like an etsy clutch with a dildo attached to it.

      • I think you mean it looked like a regretsy clutch, because she’d have been all over that bag laughing at it if it showed up on etsy.

        • Mary McClelland

          hehe… SO TRUE about that clutch! Oh, Regretsy. The things I’ve thought of buying on there that thankfully the No Return policy prevented me from purchasing. 

        • Anonymous

          Amen, sister!

      • Looked more like a petrified turd to me, attached to a dirty beige bag.


    • Mike Winget

      I LOVED the necklace that Nina was wearing. She truly is a very talented designer and deserves to be where she is.   Brian’s looked good, but I can’t imagine how cumbersome it would be to try to use that design with the horn as the closure.   

      Adrian seemed to be talented, just way over his head in this competition 

    • MilaXX

      I knew Adrian was a goner as soon as he started talking about the to edit himself. Once you start designing to please the judges it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll be leaving. I still don’t get the Brian love. I sort of like the lariat or whatever he’s calling that neck piece, but I can’t really co-sign that bag. Everything he makes looks straight out of Bedrock. Nina was my choice for the win. I could easily imagine a of her pieces blending in with the Kenneth Cole brand. I liked Rich’s necklace & Cristina’s bag. Diego’ bag looked like a Lancome gift with purchase & those earrings made my ears hurt in sympathy.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I think Rich is the one that got robbed this week. His clutch may’ve been simple but it was well made and worked with the clothing. His jewelry was by far the best of the bunch.
      Brian’s clutch was very ‘editorial’, but I can’t imagine dragging that big honkin’ horn around with me all night.
      I wonder how many they’ll end up selling — for $300 a pop.

      • Anonymous

        And how the heck do you open that thing? Just no.

    • I loved Rich’s jewelry . . . Diego’s bag looked like something I could pick up at Payless Shoes for $9.99

      • Mary McClelland

        Also, it looked very old lady. I think my grandma has that clutch in white and she carries it to church. It was cop-out. 

        • Anonymous

          Well made doesn’t necessarily mean attractive or stylish.

    • I have only two comments about this.

      1) How the hell does the unicorn bag open?  is it those snaps on the side?  Otherwise…how does it actually function?

      2) Will Nina or Rich win it all?  If left to their own worlds and not having to churn out handbags, I think they’d be even more awesome.  Nina a bit more than Rich because she’s shown she’s more than a one trick pony with the accessories.  Whenever I see a true PR spin off like this, I think “not winning the individual challenges doesn’t mean you won’t win in the end”.  You do need to be near the top or wow them at the very end, but it does happen.

      I lied, I have one more.

      If she had changed up that necklace a bit more, she would have won, I think.  That necklace was too styled to one look.  I cringed when they said “it looks like you could just put it on the clothes!” because it means that you can’t wear it with just anything.  I feel the judges love the going from casual to chic, which was more of Brian than Nina.  Sad, but true.

      • I wonder how they’re going to do the final collections.  On PR, you get to make basically whatever you want, but I don’t see how they can do that here and still judge the collections against each other, because you may end up with a shoe collection vs a jewelry collection.

      • Anonymous

        If you look at the website where it’s for sale, it calls the unicorn horn the “closure” and it looks like you actually have to slide the horn out of the loops to get it to open, which means any time you need to get something out of there you are left holding the horn in your other hand or you have to set it down on the table/bar/whatever (which may make casual onlookers think you just pulled a sex toy out of your bag). So yeah, seems…practical.

        • Gotta say, the idea of making strangers think I just pulled a sex toy out of my bag is the only redeeming feature of this bag for me… think of the opportunity for hilarity. 

        • Anonymous

          So glad you posted this–checked out the website and the horn seems even worse on the Kenneth Cole Version that on Brian’s.  I notice they are taking “pre-orders” now–probably need to know exactly how many to make (5 or 10) prior to getting stuck with tons of excess inventory. Who would buy that for $300????

        • Anonymous

          It could serve as a weapon if you’re walking home at night.

      • Anonymous

        “it looks like you could just put it on the clothes!”
        I cringed too. Because I just hate clothing with attached “jewelry.”

    • Can we please sterilize Eva and superglue her mouth shut?

    • Anonymous

      I am sad that Adrian never made a hat.  He didn’t–did he?  This was the first and only episode of the show I’ve watched.  If the contestants get to choose an accessory to make, why wouldn’t you choose your strong suit?  In Adrian’s case, a fabulous hat–instead of some ho-hum jewelry?  I don’t get it. Once again, the concept behind this show just eludes me.

      I thought that Nina would win easily.  Her aesthetic = Kenneth Cole’s, at least on this episode.  Brian is clearly talented, as you say, but that bag could not have been less KC.  A giant resin unicorn horn and goat leather???  No comprende.

      And as long as we’re talking about Brian, I would appreciate it if the Governing Board of TV Reality Shows instigated a new rule:  The first time a contestant says, “I’m not here to make friends,” while doing something obnoxious, that person is gone.

      • Mary McClelland

        Also, Nina thought about Kenneth Cole’s talking point about funcionality, timelessness, high quality, when making her pieces so I feel she, Christina, and Rich worked really hard to meld their perspective to the perspective of the design house, whereas Brian didn’t care. And I guess there is something to be said for people who do their thing even if they may face stonewalling in response, but this was an unfair win in my opinion.

        Although I love the bag. The necklace though – I don’t get it… 

    • Diego’s earrings look twice (or 3 times) as long on the model as in the close-up.  WFT?

    • Anonymous

      Not only did Nina deserve the win, but I really wanted a chance to buy that clutch, dammit.

      Loved Rich’s jewelry. Loved.

      • Mary McClelland

        I kept waiting for them to do that trick they always do and say “And Nina we’re going to feature your clutch on Kenneth’s website as well”

        • Anonymous

          I thought Brian’s neckpiece was genuinely good, but apparently Cole is only selling the bag. It makes no sense.

    • Diego is a prime example of the problems with this format: the judges can’t touch the pieces.  I love a good, long earring.  But part of designing earrings like that is knowing how to do so while still making them comfortable to wear — it is hard to find a large earring that doesn’t make your ears hurt by the end of the night. 

      • Anonymous

        I think Diego’s earrings lightweight would be great. 

    • I could not get out of my head that the “modern bolo” looked like a noose.  I stupidly thought Brian would be in the bottom.

      • Anonymous

        And even without the noose-like appearance…  he made a “modern bolo”.  Really? 

    • Mary McClelland

      I felt really bad for Adrian. I HATE When they tell designers who unabashedly do over the top to edit, edit, edit. Um… is Christian Lacroix editing? And yes, I know these guys aren’t in teh couture league but there is definitely a place and acceptance for over the top in fashion. And I know a big part of it is mixing the outlandish with the tasteful, but Adrian’s style was big, gregarious, bright and I appreciate that. I think they were unfair to always tell him his things were too loud. I guess I never felt their criticism was constructive.

      Brian… well, I liked the bag, but yes it had no bearing in a Kenneth Cole store while Nina, Christina, and Rich’s garments did. Nina should have won. 

      • I completely agree about Adrian. Maybe I’m biased because I think he’s really cool, but I liked a lot of the items he made. And, in general, I’m not that blingy. If I wear earrings (usually just big hoops), I don’t wear a necklace, and vice versa. I only have a few bracelets, and I don’t wear them that often. My point being that, despite my minimal style, I don’t think Adrian’s style was over-the-top. And I loved his clutch.

        I do wish, however, that he’d taken the time to make a great hat for this challenge instead of making jewelry. I’m highly disappointed that he never took that opportunity.

    • Anonymous

      I loved the unicorn handle purse. The pony skin didn’t look so good on camera, I thought it was canvas or something  and I was surprised that it won. I didn’t love the necklace. 
      i did think Nina would win. I loved the bracelet bag too. The necklace did look good with the outfit. But that s all.
      Did not like Chirstine’s at all. The bag was well made but tacky and the earrings were crafty.
      Diego should have had 3rd place. The bag was more stylish than Christine’s and the belt was professional and the earrings were much better than Christine’s.
      I thought Rich’s was better than Christine’s , mostly the necklace.
      The sent the right person home. The minute Adrien said I’m going to make a “cuff”, like it was something new, I knew he was doomed.

      • Frankly, I think anyone who can design a clutch in a more practical fashion should have an automatic win — I hate having to hold clutches.

    • Anonymous

      Yes I agree Nina got robbed. brian made excellent choices and I like the necklace a lot but that bag so did not go with that outfit. It would have been ideal for a more casual look.

      Brian may be “edgier” but Nina has so much more polish. Plus I felt Brian was so unapologetically inconsiderate in this challenge. He should be blowing those particulates AWAY from the other not towards them.

      • Anonymous

        I thought he did situate the fan to blow away from the other designers.  But if the design studio is equipped with a grinder the producers should have also had it ventilated properly.

        • I was thinking the same thing, he was inconsiderate but that place could not meet OSHA requirements at all. 

      • Anonymous

        They should have that sander/grinder in a seperate room with negative air pressure so the dust all stays put. Putting the contestants and teh crew thru that probably violated a half dozen OSHA regulations.

        • Tee Mmm Zee

          There is a fume buster in the room – the shoe adhesive they are using – Barge – is super toxic.    I say OSHA be damned – let them weld, grind, polish, glue, cut, sew and take away all safety precautions – it will add some sorely needed drama to this dead fish of a show.    

    • Why is it I can never make it to the end of this show without falling asleep? I guess that’s not a good sign. I even tried to catch up with the prior 2 weeks on demand and never made it to the end. This one was interesting, at least in theory, but it really fell kind of flat. I’m shocked to see that Nina lost to Brian. I kind of like Brian’s; it’s fun and funky, which is not exactly the way I see K. Cole, but would really be in my sights if it had an actual horn handle. I HATE that necklace, it’s a bolo on steroids. 

      Nina’s pieces are much more sophisticated. Love the ring, think the bag is really clever and would buy the necklace (except it would be a bitch to store without getting hopelessly tangled). She was robbed. Sigh.

      I’m kind of sorry I fell asleep for the schizo judging. That had to make for a giant WTF moment.

    • Anonymous

      IF (a very big if) this show returns next season, I will not be DVRing it.  Just all over the place, and with a premise that doesn’t work–hatmaker, do a shoe; shoemaker, do a bag.  No, thanks.  The mentor is boring, the judging is a snooze fest, and I’ll be absent.

    • I get the thrill of having your accessories in a fancy store, and sure it’s nice that they’re donating the profits to a worthy cause…but man I would be incredibly irritated if I had to take part in these Indentured Servants challenges.  I wonder if the contestants EVER profits from these types of challenges on Project Runway and its derivatives…

    • Anonymous

      Eva (or “Ava,” as they keep calling her) totally reminds me of a subdued Bobby Fleckmaaaaaaan.
      I’m getting a serious crush on Rich.

    • spooki C

      Rich is the only reason i keep trying to watch this show… totally didn’t pay any attention to it at all last night though. That aside Rich’s necklace is great and even though this show sucks I’m glad he didn’t fuck up the bag again.

    • Anonymous

      I love Nina. 

    • Anonymous

      Some of the pieces look nice, but none of it is interesting enough for me to tune into the show.  The win does seem inexplicable though.  It doesn’t look Kenneth Coleish (a designer whose stuff I have and love), and it doesn’t look better than most of the others, especially Nina’s.  I guess cracktastic judging is required of any B-M production.  Doesn’t bode well for PR All-Stars.  

    • Wait…that man made a high fashion noose and he won the challenge?  You can’t be serious.

    • Where was my fabulous church hat?? I told you, A-man. Just make one! Just for me. Now I is sad.

    • Anonymous

      I’m really bothered by Christina’s bag.  That gaping on either side at the top is just not practical or appealing.  When I’m carrying a bag that size, I need for it to fully close – otherwise you’re just asking to lose a lip gloss when you accidentally tip the bag sideways.  I think it looks like it was done too quickly and like she didn’t put enough thought into the final product.

      And I concur with pretty much everyone else that Nina was 100% robbed of this win.  Her pieces were so very Kenneth Cole, and extremely marketable.  She’s my favorite to win (which means that she won’t, if this is like any other PR season).

    • Anonymous

      My one nagging thought and question on last night’s episode; how on earth does one open and close Brian’s bag? Do you have to take the horn out and then unfasten the loops on top? To me that’s what it seems, as taking the horn out will still leave the loops on top. Or is there some secret compartment I’m not seeing? To me it just doesn’t seem too functional. Plus the other designers showed the functionality of their bags and Brian did not. For me Nina was the clear winner, her ring and clutch would fly off the shelves.

    • Anonymous

      I think the winning bag is darn ugly.  It looks like something Wilma Flintstone would carry.  

      It could be used as a weapon which I guess gives it some value.

    • Anonymous

      I just paused the online show to post:  If you don’t know what a word means, don’t use it.  I’m talking to you, Kenneth Cole.  “Caveat” does not mean “prize.”

      • Thank you. That made no sense to me, and I was worried I’d forgotten what “caveat” meant.

      • Now I am The Bee

        Yes!  When he said that, The Hubs said, in his best Indigo Montoya voice, “I do not think [that word] means what you think it means…”  Made me laugh.

    • Yeah, so I don’t want to look like I killed a calf AND a unicorn to get a purse. That’s just me, though.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      Not into Brian’s stuff, that’s for sure.  I read this post before watching the episode on, and I thought Adrian must have lost for all that tacky monkey fur on the shoes.  Er… guess not.  And if he had to work with that, then yes, Scotty’s right–he should have gone with a monkey fur pillbox hat.

      Nina should have won.  I agree with that.  But I just can’t get into this show enough to actually care.

    • I kindasorta like Brian’s stuff except for the scale. Too effin’ big. Elephantitus of the accessories.
      Bleh. I hated most of the accessories this week. I’M BORED.

    • Anonymous

      Absurd. While I generally appreciate Brian’s creativity his win was completely preposterous. I checked out the clutch on the K.Cole site and it looks ridiculous. Really Kenneth Cole? Faux unicorn….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So relieved Brian took the mystery out of it for us. I think Rick’s metal working skills are pretty good but he’s an example of someone who’s good at his craft but doesn’t understand how to design something for a particular look. He just knows what he likes to create. Though I’ll admit his clutch was miles better than his first awful attempt. Not saying much, though.

      I regret that we never got to see Adrian concoct a fabulous hat because I was so looking forward to that. Nice guy and I wish him the best.

    • Anonymous

      That ‘horn’ totally looks like some type of S&M dildo. I hated Brian’s stuff, in fact everyone but Nina made some fugly stuff. Totally agree that Nina was robbed, three ace pieces that suited the brief and girl can’t win?

      Oh Adrian, j’adore you, especially the purple jacket, shirt and tie combo you had on this week. This wasn’t your show. WASPs aren’t your market, handsome! You can bling me till morning comes!

    • I don’t understand how you are supposed to actually OPEN the Unicorn bag. It doesn’t seem as if it would function in any kind of useful way. I actually thought Diego’s stuff was worse than Adrian’s, but I agree that he was struggling in that environment, and Diego is clearly not, so he had to go, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      A horn?  Really?  A FREAKING UNICORN HORN?  Where I am going to wear this clutch, a Renaissance Faire?   Ugh.

    • Wow! Some of that stuff is pretty damn ugly. Brian’s necklace? It’s laughable! Did he grab cords from an existing bag? Like they did for the handbag challenge? Brian’s my favorite designer, and I’d like to see him win this whole thing, but that necklace is ridiculous. In fact, it’s not a necklace at all. It’s just some rope with some other stuff wrapped around it. I’m quite surprised, actually. His jewelry is very much informed by a sculptural background– Isn’t he a sculptor, too?– and generally demonstrates inventive techniques, but this necklace is lacking in everything– there’s no imaginative surprise, there’s no design, there’s no technique, really. The purse is interesting, though. Not so much the purse as a whole but its one integral element: that unicorn– or whatever he called it– horn-inspired piece. It’s beautifully crafted.

      Nina’s necklace is pretty bad. No, it’s REALLY bad. It looks extremely cheap and flimsy. There’s nothing exciting or substantial about the design. I own about 10-15 necklaces like it– all of which I’ve buried in the bottom depths of my oversize jewelry boxes and drawers and once in a while a fragmented chain-string resurfaces. Oh, and that thing is a little too similar to the necklace she did for the first challenge– for the one she won. Only that necklace had more design interest to it– even though it was far from polished. Poor model. She’s got cheap-ass crap dangling on her front and cheap-ass crap dangling on her back. Seriously.
      Purse looks good. That slide-on-arm handle is quite nice. Didn’t Adrian do something similar– though nowhere near as well– for the bodysuit challenge? The ring’s OK– a version of her coil-wire-around-a-base ring– but not as expensive-looking as she may have wanted it to be.

      Christina: Earrings are terrible! In fact, her jewelry in general is terrible. It’s tasteless and clunky. The shape of these earrings is utterly unflattering. Those embellishments? Yuck. Her jewelry’s dull. Her jewelry’s kind of dumb. The minimalistic tasteful bags and shoes she presents each challenge are keeping her in the game.

      Rich should have won this. Oh, yes. Look at those earrings. That’s some fabulous metal-work. Necklace looks good, and it complements the outfit. The outfit’s great, by the way. The most inspirational, actually. The severely tailored jacket with all its edge and austerity and the lushly draped high-slit dress? Awesome. And the jewelry captures the solidity of the jacket. The ring, the necklace, the earrings– they all feel substantial. They’re very contained. But there’s a certain fluidity, too, as seen in the ringlet-like shape of the earrings. The little clutch is OK– he really did work hard on that– but they said it was too small or something. Whatever. He’s easily the best jeweler.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but Nina’s clutch was awful.  But I do love her ring.  Loved’ Rich’s necklace and earrings.  No idea what happened to Diego, he totally missed the mark this week.  Everything about that clutch was wrong.  What was he thinking?  I too like Adrian but, after blowing the chance to wow the judges on the headpiece challenge, he was on borrowed time.  

    • Tee Mmm Zee

      The bags – while they have some major style issues – are suspiciously well made.   Really, really suspicious.   And the rest is shit.  As is the judging and the show.   Remarkable how it gets worse each week.   

    • I love the necklaces Christina is wearing. Did she design those? Tried to find out. Please help…

    • Amy

      I agree..I would take up a career in robbery to get my hands on the jewelry that Christina AND Nina wear each week.

      And yeah, the horn was kinda cool but who cares when I can have a fabulous clutch that I can hold 4 ways when my hand starts cramping.  Nina…I hope the next win is yours!

      • Amy – just take up looking into craft fairs.  The high end ones are where I get my jewelry, and designers that haven’t made it big (aka making shitty roses for Aerosmith) can be found there.  Many of them are the interesting metal and enamel work you see Christina and Nia wear.  The pheonix enamel ring that Shea was wearing and the judges said she should have put that on her model?  I own jewelry like that and have seen a ton of similar work (in terms of metal/enamel) at fairs.

    • Now I am The Bee

      I am sad to see Adrian go.  He did the same thing that Santino did with his last collection–he let the judges beat him down so that rather than designing to his own aesthetic, he was making what he thought the judges wanted to see.  Such a shame, as I really wanted to see him make an ass-kicking hat. 
      Brian should never have won this.  His clutch, though it was unusual and certainly his own style, was nothing like anything in Kenneth Cole’s line.  It does, however, really go with the Wilma bracelets he made last time.  Big and ugly. 

      I though Nina had it this time.  I love her delicate style and I hope the judges finally see her talent. 

      Rich’s stuff was excellent as well.  I liked his clutch, but if he’d have added some sort of metal trim to the flap, he would have been the winner, I’ll bet.  His earrings and necklace were gorgeous.   

      All the other stuff was…um…forgettable, as I can’t remember it right now….

    • Anonymous

      Wow.  I… I… I LIKED Rich’s stuff.  Would even buy it.  First time anything on this show has caught my eye.  Huh!

    • Nina’s purse was SO GREAT! I still can’t believe they didn’t give it the win. It’s a genius idea —  I hate clutches for exactly the reason she fixed with her design — you have to CLUTCH THEM ALL THE TIME.

    • Amy Weidner-LaSala

      I would actually have made an effort to buy Nina’s bag. It actually seemed useful…

    • I would actually have bought Nina’s bag. It was adorable, and I love clutches, but hate holding them. The model put it on her arm, and I swear I gasped. 

    • Tee Mmm Zee

      Strange.   603 West 50 is Kenneth Cole Productions.   And the “workroom” is at the same address.   And they go for a little walk to see Kenneth.   Around the block?   Down the fire escape?  Up and down in the elevator a few times to pretend they’re going somewhere?  What’s with the weird editing?   Is Kenneth embarrassed to be associated with this turd?   Some odd conflict of interest?   Whatever.

    • Anonymous

      I really can’t believe Brian won…he’s creative but Nina’s stuff is gorgeous and wearable. I liked the idea for his bag, but how does that even open? Do you pull the horn out and then open it?

    • Laura Southwick

      Interesting article on a talented designer that worked for Kenneth Cole – the humanitarian.