PA: All Over But the Shouting

Posted on December 27, 2011

Hey, remember this show? Just barely? That’s okay. We write about it more than pretty much anyone else on the planet and we have a hard time remembering the particulars ourselves. It’s not the show’s fault that we took so long to get around to recapping the finale, but ask yourselves this: could you even imagine a world where we’d wait almost a week to discuss the Project Runway finale? Even more telling, could you imagine such a thing happening and virtually no one asking “Say, T Lo, when are you getting around to recapping the finale?”

Let’s face it, kittens: this show was a dud from the word go. As we’ve said many times in recapping this show, we think you can have an accessories design reality show, but this isn’t the format and these aren’t the people who are going to make it work.



So congratulations to Brian. No offense, dude, but your win encapsulates not only everything that was wrong with this show, but everything that’s wrong with the Project Runway franchise: awarding prizes to colorful characters who make items that will never sell to the public or wind up in magazines or on red carpets.

His work isn’t totally without merit, but he either made things you can find in any department store (the bag, boots, clutch, and pumps), or he’s making crap that looks like something you’d win out of a cereal box, like the Flintstone’s jewelry that the judges loved so much.

Sure, you could argue that he never bored the judges, but that just goes back to what we said earlier about the failure of the PR franchise: It’s time to start saying out loud that “not boring the judges” is a TERRIBLE way to pick the next successful designer.

His most interesting pieces (and there weren’t many) tend to look crafty and sloppy to us. Those square bangles are horrible. Not a bad design; but it looks like they were made by a kid in gay summer camp.


It was a tossup between Rich and Nina, as far as we’re concerned. Of the two, we probably would have chosen Rich, simply because he stayed true to his impulses, but managed to produce really polished, salable, chic pieces.

Yes, he has bitchy Diego to thank for the bags, but the one with the hammered copper was by far the best and that design is pure Rich. LOVE his jewelry. The belts are okay, but let’s face it: he’s a master jewelry designer who was forced to make things he didn’t want to. When he did what he’s best at, the results are amazing.


But Nina was definitely a close second. Both she and Rich are talented designers with innate sense of style and ideas of what’s chic. But Rich favors edgier pieces and Nina favors very feminine, very pretty pieces. Essentially, it comes down to (in a broad, general sense) the difference between a female and male designer. It’s perhaps not surprising that we would respond more enthusiastically to Rich’s work, but we’re no less impressed with Nina’s. All throughout the competition, she was our pick for the best.

We think if she failed anywhere, it was that her pieces are sometimes too complicated for their own good. That first necklace is very big and heavy and the second, chain necklace looks like it would be a pain in the ass. The final necklace with the geometric shapes was fabulous, but again, looks difficult to wear.  Love the sandal and the cuffs. The last clutch is a but much, but that duffel bag is fabulous.

So what do the minions think? Agree with the win? Will there be a Season 2? Should there be? We wanted to like this one, but it never really came together and in the end, blogging about it was quite the chore.

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    • When I saw that first look I actually laughed. I think that should answer your question.

    • Anonymous

      Please, Lifetime. Promise us that you will not attempt to mount a second season of this travesty.

    • Anonymous

      I did like Brian’s mismatched earrings and that leather strappy necklace, but the rest of it? Pure Flintstone’s crap. Cannot BELIEVE he won with that sh!t. Rich’s stuff was gorgeous and totally true to him but WHAT was up Diego’s ass? Sour grapes, I believe. Nina’s stuff? Guh. I would wear every single piece. Love love LOVED it. She should have won, hands down. Would I watch the show again? Meh, if there was NOTHING else on.

    • Right now, Daughter and I say ‘no, we won’t watch a second season’. Maybe if they talk to TLO and show us they’ve changed it up we’ll reconsider.

    • Anonymous


      Way too much arts & craftsyness all season. You can find more interesting, more fashionable, more polished accessories at just about any mid-range craft show around the country. And some of these pieces wouldn’t even be accepted to a good craft show: Clunky designs, poorly made. I cannot imagine these pieces being worn by anyone but an aging hippie woman (the kind who favors big smock dresses and lets her hair go wild and grey). And that’s not a good thing.

      And btw, Rich had Diego to help him and all he could design for him to make was a basic tote bag? Come. On.


      • Anonymous

        Gotham, did you write this book?

        • Anonymous

          If you’re talking about the E20 Chronicles book the link goes to, yes I did.


      • Pam Winters

        I’m the aging hippie woman you describe, and I wouldn’t wear most of these pieces if they were smudged by a shaman and blessed by the Dalai Lama AND Wavy Gravy.

        • Anonymous

          I believe that’s called progress:)


    • Yabba Dabba Doo . . . I can’t believe Brian won.  I thought so much of his work during the season was crude and clunky.  I was intrigued by his pink python shoes and bag . . . but, shown together on the same model they were a little to matchy-matchy . . . and I doubt he could have done them without help.

      If Project Runway has shown us anything, the runner(s) up tend to fair better in the long run.  Eric and Nina will be fine without the win . . .

    • I’d wear and/or buy Rich or Nina’s items in a heartbeat – for totally different reasons.  Brian’s stuff – especially the bubble gum and jolly rancher necklace – looks cheap!  Ugh.  I’d watch again, but mostly for the train wreck and the cool stuff that sometimes gets shown.

      • Anonymous

        Same here – I love what Rich & Nina made, and both have very marketable designs.  My only guess is that they looked at the three, thought “who here never has a chance to sell anything, ever?” and gave the win to him.

        This is just another in a long line of Project Whatever winners that are complete BS.  I can’t understand why they (obviously being the producers, not necessarily the judges) continue to choose winners who are less talented than the other contestants.  I feel like any season from here out will be an exercise in frustration, rather than the entertainment it should be.

        • Anonymous

          I think the judges were trying waaaaay too hard to be ‘editorial’. Both Nina and Rich — especially Nina — make highly marketable, commercial accessories. The judges decided they needed to be edgier so they gave the win to the one truly non-marketable designer left.

          That leather bracelet thing looks likes something from a pre-teen summer camp.

    • I didn’t understand Brian’s win at all. The whole lot of it looks cheap and ugly. His jewelry looks like something a child would fish out of a claw grabber machine or a gumball machine.

    • My 11-year old watched the finale. She turned to me and said, “I can buy any of those pieces at Forever 21, and probably have”.

      • Out of the mouths of babes! 

    • I think where Rich “failed” was in not looking nearly as sophisticated as his designs.  They, and specfically Kenneth Cole, saw “diesel mechanic” and that didn’t jibe with his sleeker aesthetic.  There was definitely something edgy and “rock & roll” to his work because the man could work the hell out of metal, but his overall aesthetic always veered more toward upscale and sophisticated and the judges wanted it to be rougher.  But I could easily see his designs having a customer almost anywhere in the world.

      Nina was my pick, though, because her daytime look, including the big necklace, was just a perfect look to me.  I hate to use the old cliche of “I know who her girl is,” but I totally know who Nina’s customer is, and she’s not just Nina or young women like Nina.  She had a developed and casual sophistication to her work.

      Brian was just a buffoon. He made Flintstone’s jewelry and was a PT Barnum character who convinced people on first blush that he was good, but his stuff was almost always ridiculous. And even when he had a good idea, like making the resin heels with the Swarovski crystals, they still looked cheap or off.  But his stuff was big, and easier to see from afar so he impressed the judges.  If the judging was done up close, as it should have been with accessories, he’d have been gone not long after James for making cheap, plastic baubles that used to be sold at Woolworth’s.

      • MilaXX

        I thought in one of the blogs it was said that the judges do look at the pieces up close.

        • If that’s true then they’re really more clapping magpies than I thought.  Now I understand why Esquire used to run that “Esquire regrets…” column every month to remind us of how terribly, terribly wrong their fashion editorials could be.

        • Some of the “bonus” footage on the Lifetime website does show the judges standing by the runway looking and touching the accessories for judging.

          • Call me Bee

            That, plus they get pictures of each piece–much like the screen caps that TLo get.  So they can see detail and scale. 

      • That’s specifically why I really liked Rich’s stuff — I like a bit of an edge in my stuff, but I prefer it done in a subtle way.  You know, for adults:) 

        I left 15 behind a long time ago and I don’t have the urge to revisit it in my accessories.  Sure, I liked my streaked hair and metal festooned clothing, but I’m too old for that now.  As I explain to my stylist when I go in for a haircut, I want to look like the person that girl grew up to be, not like her now.

    • Ashley DeHaye

      This finale was so bad and the winner so poorly chosen it hurt my feelings. I really thought it was Nina all the way, but you fellas made quite a good argument for Rich and I could see him taking it home based on your points. But Brian, pure Flintstones all the way. It is sort of unfortunate because there were several times throughout the season when I thought he had the germ of a good idea that would have been fantastic in more capable (and tasteful) hands. The resin heels on the wedge shoes come to mind. I LOVED the idea, but the execution was lacking and not just because he could not make shoes.

      Good ideas should not be enough to win, you should also be able to make them in a way that the good idea still seems like a good idea in the end. Like PR I agree that in reality, most of the designers will not be executing everything themselves so it does not have to be a sewing/production competition, but his final looks strayed so much from the original good ideas that they were no longer good at all.

    • Anonymous

      I want EVERYTHING that Rich sent down the runway.  Especially that first bag.  

    • Anonymous

      Upon reflection, I can’t entirely disagree with giving Brian the win without making myself a hypocrite.  I did not like many of his pieces; I think the rock necklace is flat out ugly.  However, the judges are correct that his work makes you stop and think.  While I personally like Nina’s work much more, it’s a little bit more standard (i.e., I would expect to see that kind of work at  most upscale jewelry stores).  In this post, you guys implicitly criticize the judges for choosing the more conceptual work that would never be commercial in any meaningful sense of the word.  However, is this situation not a mirror of Gretchen vs. Mondo in many ways?  Except then, Mondo = Brian and Gretchen = Nina.  Most of us were shrieking at the judges that Mondo was clearly the more talented designer, and in a design competition, you want DESIGN more so than salable pieces.  If we felt that way about PR, why are we reversing our expectations for PA?

      • MilaXX

        I’d agree with that if Brian’s stuff had any design. However not only is it not salable to average consumer, it’s so etsy, 4H crafty looking that it’s not even editorial. It’s just ugly and cheap looking.

      • But in a Rich/Brian face off, does Brian’s work still make you think anything other than “How much crack did that woman smoke before she bought that ridiculous necklace?”  Rich’s pendulum necklace, copper plate for the clutch, crystal ring and snake’s head belt buckle were unique pieces as well, but they didn’t make his models look like jackasses.

      • No.  Because neither commercial or art should be the ONLY criteria.  I think most of us would much rather see someone who did commercial really well win than someone who has ideas that can’t be executed.  For instance, Santino had ideas, but since he sent a piece down the runway with AN ARM FALLING OFF, it wasn’t enough. 

        It also implies that Gretchen’s work WAS, indeed, the more commercial — if you read a lot of the comments here about it, one of the things that set us all to shrieking was that we didn’t agree with that part either.  A common refrain was that we knew tons of people that would buy some of Mondo’s pieces and no one who wanted Gretchen’s.

      • Anonymous

        Brian does not equal Mondo in any way, shape or form. Yes they both made the more outré pieces, compared to their competitors, but Mondo’s work was out-there but still attractive and wearable.

        Brian’s work is out-there, cheap and butt ugly.

        It says a lot about this show that even though almost every one who bothered to post disagrees with the winner, there’s absolutely no passion involved. Compare the response to Gretchen’s win.

    • I’d be interested in seeing a second season of this show if they changed the format. I love the concept, and if they were willing to make it more focused on jewelry or shoes or bags, as opposed to trying to do all of those, I’d definitely give it another go round.

      • Anonymous

        Or give them the idea or inspiration, and let them design 2 or 3 pieces of their choice. Having handbag designers make shoes or having jewelry designers make handbags was cracktastic. Take them to the Swaroski store or Evolution, sure, but let them do whatever accessories they want. I think forcing them to make shoes (ugh) when they don’t do shoes was just nuts.

    • MilaXX

      For me it was a toss up between Rich and Nina, so of course they gave it to Bamm Bamm and his fugly jewelry with the gaudy shoes.  That one necklace looks like it would cut your neck with all those shards sticking out. I LOVED Rich’s bag and was really hoping he got the win. I really don’t care if they do a second season but if they do they shoe either leave out the shoemakers and the hat makers or have challenges they can actually do/win. Make the outfits like the bathing suits and the leotards the same. Throwing in 1 pieces vs bikinis or neon leotards vs basic black is unfair.

      And because it cannot be said enough, Diego is a beyotch.

      • I didn’t think Diego was a beyotch until the finale. It’s bad enough he stopped helping Rich, and literally waved him off, but then he started helping Nina’s assistant (I can’t remember her name). WTF? What a frigging prima donna.

        • He had a snotty attitude from the beginning- the accent made it sound sophisticated.

    • Anonymous

      I did my usual shout of disbelief when Brian was declared the winner.  I thought the show was moderately entertaining but I don’t care one way or the other if there’s a season 2.  I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the three finalists.  I too would have placed them Rich, Nina, and Brian (actually, I thought it a travesty that Brian even made it to the finale).

    • Anonymous

      Off with its head.

    • not a single f*ck was given about this show…

    • Anonymous

      It’s a dull show and I won’t watch it again.

      I agree it came down to Rich and Nina, but I think Nina was by FAR the better entrant. Rich’s clutch was fabulous, his “pendulum” necklace looks like a lesbian after a breakup, the one pair of earrings was chic, and the rest of his looks were a miss.

      Nina, OTOH, produced 9 wearable pieces that would draw compliments. Yes, complicated necklaces, but that’s her thing, and I think every group of female friends has at least one or two women in it who wear lots of them (as well as 1 or 2 women who wear no jewelry at all, and the rest will fall in the middle).

      • Anonymous

        Haha I’m definitely the friend who wears complicated and different jewelery

        • Anonymous

          I used to be, AllisonRae. I have a herniated disc in my neck, so big heavy necklaces are no longer possible for me. I have been playing with big bracelets and rings instead!

          • I generally go for one really large piece unless I’m doing the corporate wife/PTA mom bit (in which case I go safe and boring, much to my own displeasure).  A few small pieces to accent, but as long as that one big piece stays on, I feel still presentable — a big deal for me, since a lot of jewelry tends to bug me by the end of the night.

    • Wait, the first collection was the winner? I don’t get this show. Glad I stuck to my no-more-PR guns. 

    • You guys said it, Brian’s stuff is pure Flinstones, but the proportions are more suited for Fred than Wilma. Not that I don’t dig some playing with scale, but when I look at jewelry, I do picture it used in “real life” as opposed to much of the stuff designed on Project Runway. I realize that not all of us have model proportions, but most women are equal opportunity in regards to jewelry (at least for going out). What’s-his-name, Kenneth Cole, raved about those gold bangles and on the model they were so big they practically hit the knuckles. And they looked heavy and annoying. Who wants to wear that? What a PITA. I loathe the turd rock necklace. I am not fashion forward enough to appreciate the slouchy sandal boots. Hate the car wash brush bracelet. Ugh. Really, I disliked everything he put out there.

      Nina’s jewelry is often too “fine” for me, but I often appreciate them. Most make me think I’d spend more time untangling them from themselves/other jewelry or untangling them from my hair or sweaters or catching on silk garments. I do like the last graphic necklace and the matching cuffs. The details were really nice. I would have been fine with her winning.

      I always respond to Rich’s stuff best. His proportions are great for making a statement from a distance (and up close), but are definitely wearable. I hope folks flock to his jewelry. I think it’s just great.

      • Anonymous

        the car wash bracelet. OMG that was the most hiddy thing ever. So etsy, so Girl Scout Camp Crafts hour…shredded fake leather held in place by a baby car seat buckle, and they raved and raved about it. Blech.

    • Why, oh for the love of god why, was there so much camel toe on this show?? There are easy ways to avoid it. And yes that was  what made the biggest impression on me the whole season…

    • Anonymous

      Jesus Christ. Brian’s boots are the fucking ugliest shoes I have ever seen.

    • Anonymous

      And, they gave them 2 days to make 3 times the pieces of a regular challenge!  Sure they had help, but still…I always loved PR when the designers had weeks and even months to make something inspired and polished and they gave them less time?  What morons.

    • Anonymous

      I may not do clothing fashion well or much, but I covet jewelry. I would buy and wear most of what Rich and Nina put out on this show. I wouldn’t touch Brian’s crap with a 10 foot poll.

    • That first look won? Hilarious. At least they will avoid the kind of anger that surged up re. Project Runway the past season and especially the previous season: so long as it is clear this is all a joke, nobody will care who wins or doesn’t win.

    • Judy_J

      I only watched one episode of this show, so I admit I’m not really qualified to comment….but my god!  There is not one item shown on this post that I’d wear, much less pay for.  I’ve seen better jewelry at Big Lots! for crying out loud. That first pair of boots is beyond ugly, and the slouchy way they’re being worn takes that ugly to a new level.  I’m glad I only wasted one hour watching this show.

    • Anonymous

      I gave up actually watching this show several weeks ago, and have just been following by reading your recaps.  And now, knowing Brian won, there’s no way I’m going to actually watch what’s sitting on my DVR — what a travesty!  This show had the potential to be fascinating, but they totally blew it.  If they had a show of just jewelry, or just bags or shoes or hats, then the competition would be more of a level playing field.  But, of course, there’s no accounting for bad taste, which obviously the judges had in spades to award the winner to Fred Flintstone. 

      If there’s a second season, I won’t be back unless they change the format.  And I might not even then; frankly, it was just plain boring most of the time.

    • Susana Reyes

      Didn’t watch the show, but from these pics, I would say Rich is the best.

    • Charmaine Cropper

      Lifetime…please make this show go away! I DVR’d every episode so I could fast forward through most of it.

    • I didn’t beg for your recap because of the holidays, but in my mind I was screaming for it.  I really liked  the show, I think that there were a lot of talented people – and LOVED Nina’s work. I think that the show needs a lot of revamping, Molly Sims, bless her heart is no Heidi,  and I can’t remember the “mentor’s” name. However I did love some of the challenges  and enjoyed a lot of the work, it was relatively drama free – and that was kinda nice too

    • Slouchy boots? Really? But I’ll predict that they will be all over the place in a year or two. It always seems to be the way with Project Runway… Kors calls something vulgar on the show, like a see-through skirt paired with granny panties, and then a couple of years later that very look will be all over the runways. 

      That little sack purse is so cute! Brilliant!

      • Hey now, I love a good slouchy boot (though not nearly THAT slouchy!) because they work with my sweaters and leggings.

    • Anonymous

      We all knew Brian would win as it appeared he had ‘it’ as far as the judges were concerned. I thought ‘it’ was utterly horrible. His final looks were also not very ‘Brian’. Those boots and bags, for example, how were they his style? And that woolly looking bracelet thing was just stupid.

      Rich lost his way a little though battling Diego no doubt did his head in. Also, Diego was a douche. Truly, a complete dickwad. You don’t make black leather bags? So what, it wasn’t ‘your’ bag? You dont like Rich’s vision? Too bad, he’s in the final and you were not. Honestly, so unimpressed with Diego after all this.

      “but it looks like they were made by a kid in gay summer camp”. So true. Also, hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      Get rid of it…..ugh.

    • Anonymous

      I wasn’t impressed with Rich’s final collection seeing it on TV, but the still photos have made me like it more. I still think Nina should have won. And that necklace/shoulder thing she was wearing on the finale runway? LOVE.

      I can’t believe Brain won. His stuff was either nothing new or soooo tacky. Ugh. Glad I wasn’t as invested in this as I usually am in PR.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe anyone would want to wear Brian’s boots. They’re just SO HIDEOUSLY UGLY!
      I like almost everything Rich and Nina made and I can’t believe, that they awarded the win to Brian.

      I would watch the second season if they make some profound changes in the concept of the show.

      And also – Nina’s second model is seriously scary.

    • My jaw dropped when Barney Rubble won. NOTHING was appealing to me, whereas with Rich and Nina there were several pieces that I would love to own and had outfits immediately pop into my head to go with them.

      The format had issues, but I actually really liked the show and wouldn’t mind a revamped version coming back.

    • I’d watch a second season simply because I’ve become programmed to automatically watch anything titled “Project. . . .” and, after the last few PR seasons, have become desensitized to the lack of taste and creativity.  And why is the girl in the black blazer/miniskirt wearing Nina’s work even on the runway?  Her poor little twig legs would snap if she steps wrong in those heels.  She is sickly skinny.

    • Rich should have won, but the judges said his signature did not carry through or something like that. In a way, I can sort of see their point. That tote-bag– that’s Diego. The hammered copper clutch? That’s Rich. I don’t know why he felt the need to make three bags. The copper clutch was more than sufficient to convey his point-of-view. That’s what Rich would design when asked to make a clutch. Or if he wanted to assign a bag to each of the three looks, then he should have put more thought to the designs. Yeah, Diego was a dick, but Rich should have utilized Diego’s technical skills only. The designs should have been his and only his– discernibly his. Keep the copper clutch. Ditch the two very Diego bags. Do more with the belts– oh, I don’t know, more metal-work? Some fabulous belt-buckles? Make more jewelry!! That pendulum-inspired necklace? That’s damn covetable. As are the slivered earrings. Think you’ll win with Diego bags? Do you WANT to win with Diego bags? Hell, no. Showcase what YOU excel at. That’s two bags and at least one belt that could have been replaced with edgy/wicked/dangerous jewelry– and isn’t that what he wanted?

      I loved Nina’s geometric necklace and matching cuffs. That cuff for the first look– isn’t that almost identical to a copper cuff Rich made for the beach challenge? (But then again, Rich’s architectural cuff for this challenge isn’t exactly new or designer-particular, either.) At any rate, Nina was the only one who managed to present what she does best through her accessory choices. She showed what she can do with coiling wire and inserting stones. I hated the fringed bag, but the other two bags were pretty sweet, particularly the black bag with all its artful stitching. Sure, Kelly made them, but I feel that Nina was able to impart clear design directions to Kelly.

      So, Brian. It’s funny– throughout the competition, I was rooting for him. I wanted him to win, and he won. But this wasn’t what I was envisioning. All that Mardi Gras crap. I wanted to see more resin-work, more carving, more molding, more sculpture. I very much like the resin necklace, but he had to put those crystal spikes. Yeah, Ariel was dead-on. There’s quite a bit of hatching going on.

    • Kwei-lin Lum

      I liked the winners’ items the best.  There was something different about them.  I liked the lava balls with spikes although I would have put more balls on the necklace, or put the ones that he had closer together.  I also liked the tribal bracelet and the crazy pink and off-white snakeskin items.  I hate all accessories in regular stores, so when I see something unusual my long gray hair starts to get a little wilder.  I liked Rich’s items, too, although they were not quite my style.    I liked Nina’s chain-fringed handbag which was far less boring than her other finale stuff (and she’s come up with interesting pieces in prior episodes). 

      What’s with the two-day deadline?  It was a good way to undermine the finalists’ credibility.  These three finalists were among the most deserving and it would have been wonderful to see what they came up with when allowed to more fully think out their lines.  

    • Anonymous

      The necklace on the swimsuit model near the top – what a horror.   It looks like little sheep, turned to stone, hung on a chain.  Ugh.

    • Anonymous

      Nina was the only one throughout the competion who created pieces that I would wear. Very feminine, a little intricate, lovely workmanship. LOVE that final bag, the tote bag and the gold diamond shapes necklace. I like Rich’s hammered work a lot. I was suspicious that Brian would win as he won the Drooling Judges Award every week no matter what.

      I think throughout the competition everyone defaulted to too many cuffs, wide criss-cross belts (which I personally would never wear, not an attractive middle-aged look) and boring earrings. Most of the time, the earrings Molly and whatever guest female judge were wearing caught my eye more.

      Thanks guys for this:
      It’s time to start saying out loud that “not boring the judges” is a TERRIBLE way to pick the next successful designer.
      Oh, and the copycat format, well, it SUCKED

    • i agree – rich and nina should have been first and second place (i’d have been happy with either one winning).  while the “i would wear that” argument is not great to ALWAYS hear the judges say – it’s certainly not good to have a lot of things that the winner makes have the ‘WHO THE HELL WILL WEAR THAT’ reaction.

    • Kwei-lin Lum

      Many thanks to Tom and Lorenzo for providing this thoughtful design forum.  I’m a recently retired career civil servant who managed through sheer luck to land some paying creative/design jobs.  I have little training.  Guess where a lot of my info on how to design comes from?  I’m talking about how to think things through, how to determine what are the design issues, how to sense audience preferences, how to judge where is the line between commercialism and art.  This blog is indispensible.

    • “The most hiddy thing ever”

      Ugh! You said it. How could anyone think that thing was rave-worthy? I thought it was a joke when I first saw it, like maybe he had some extra time and threw it together for the hell of it. Because who would wear that?
      OK. I’m sure someone would wear it, and maybe even pull it off. But that’s a rare woman.

    • I was very sad to see Rich’s collection.  That beige bag was Diego, not him, but it’s so ponderous and heavy that it overshadowed the other work.  I think Rich even worried too much about making pieces that didn’t match.  I knew he was a goner from the moment we saw that bag.

      I like Nina’s and Brian’s.  They stayed true to themselves and made pieces that are clearly theirs.

      Rich screwed upo when he chose Diego.  His logic was right, but who knew Diego would fall back into the childish, “But that’s not what I do” argument.

    • Anonymous

      How about combining Project Accessory with Project Runway.  The challenge each week would simply be to design accessories to compliment a designer’s work.  The clothing designers would choose an accessory designer each week (like they choose models now).  Make the show a half-hour after Project Runway.

    • Not only was Brian’s necklace made of the crappy lava rocks that most of us only use around trees to hide the grass won’t grow, but he managed to make them look like little animated sheep — kind of like Phil the Sheep from How to Train Your Dragon.

      • Brian really has an aversion to matching earrings…he definitely designs jewelry he’d wear himself.

        • A designer really has to go far to hit on a pair of long earrings I WON’T wear — I have a big head with big ears and big earrings help it seem more in proportion — but he managed.

    • Anonymous

      I only watched one episode of this show. I wasn’t able to get into it at all. Of the pieces here, the one I like best is the geode necklace. It reminds me of a mabé pearl necklace that Nina wore in an early PR season.

    • Anonymous

      i think rich should have won.  nina 2nd.  i couldnt get the flintstones out of my head, i was shocked that brian won.  they do need to change it up if they do a 2nd season. 

      ps. thanks for blogging it boys 🙂

    • “when I see something unusual my long gray hair starts to get a little

      Heh. My one-day-to-be-long-gray-hair does the same thing. I’m actually not much of an accessories person. Scarves baffle me, and I seldom wear more than one jewelry piece at a time. But I like funky stuff, and Rich’s really appeals to me.

    • Anonymous

      I have never watched this show, etc. etc., but my god, that MODEL. (Nina’s second look.) She looks like her legs are literally about to snap.

    • Pam Winters

      The necklace everyone describes as “Flintstone” looks to me like dirty broken snow-sheep.

      One of the first things I’d do if I revamped this show is get rid of the Swarovski crystals or at least bring in an additional (earthier, less potentially tacky) option for embellishment. I’ll give Brian (who I always called “gay Russell Hantz,” or at least until we saw his wife and kid) credit for one thing: he made pieces that didn’t look anything like anyone else’s, mostly by using that resin technique.

    • Anonymous

      I just couldn’t work up the energy to watch, let alone care about this show. If it dies a quiet death, I don’t think it will be missed, except by Frau Klum, as it’s part of her empire.

    • Anonymous

      Before we start saying we don’t want a season 2 remember that many shows do a lot of tweaking after the first season. Remember the Fashion Show – the one with Mizrahi – in season 2 they brought in Iman and Bam! it was a different show.

      i personally liked this show. I was fascinated by all the different techniques and tools they used  – far more than just a sewing machine and glue gun. And as always I like watching the creative process. This season was worth getting through just to see the  stuff Rich made in the insect challenge. Those beetle pieces are unforgettable.

      So, I for one would like to see what they come up with for a new and improved season 2.

    • I really favored Nina for the win. Rich’s “collection” looked like only half of it was true to his style and had too many under-designed pieces. Brian made items that were a joke and won for it. I want Nina’s necklace with the squares. Her pieces look like something I haven’t seen before. Rich made that one standout piece in the pendulum necklace, but he was compromising his design aesthetic.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t finish this season and only vaguely remember the names of the people who were in the finale. If I had not been told the first collection won, I would have thought it was the loser. Terrible. The judges have questionable taste.

    • Anonymous

      Are giant Wonder Woman cuffs a thing now? Or are they just something easy to throw together for a challenge? They were showing up every week.

      • They’ve always been a big thing for me, but I’m not sure how many others like them.

    • Anonymous

      When I watched the finale, I totally understood why Brian won. 

      Looking at these in the light of day and seeing the individual pics of the pieces in succession, it’s clear Nina or Rich should have taken it.

    • I liked the show overall, but was really disappointed by Brian winning. I knew he was going to, but I held out hope for Nina or Rich to take it instead.

      The slouchy boots would be great is they were slouchless. I wore slouchy boots 25 years ago, and I don’t need to wear them again. These look even worse pushed down to the ankle. Yikes!

      I agree with TLo that Brian’s work isn’t without merit, but if the judges were making decisions based only on each challenge’s output, Brian should not have won. Actually he should have been eliminated for that disastrous bug pin last week.

      Anyway, the show needs a major revamping. This was something of an experiment, and I hope TPTB realized the experiment failed and changes have to be made. If there’s a second season, I’ll check it out. But if it’s just more of the same, I can’t say I’ll stick with it.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I completely forgot to watch the finale.  Thank you for saving me the trouble.

    • Anonymous

      WTF with Brian winning this competition?  His models look ridiculous…not “boring” the judges seems to be a euphemism for creating the most hideous, unwearable, unmarketable items possible, so as not to compete with the judges own corner on the commercial market.  Brian’s accessories seriously look like clearance items at Filene’s, if Filene’s would even take them.  What is up with the play dough, Flintstones necklace?  WHO ON EARTH is gonna wear that…Molly Sims?  She oughta put her money where her mouth is, and tromp around NYC in that first getup.  I think I made a similar fringe bracelet when I was nine.

      I really loved Nina’s collection, and Rich was second for me.  Both are good, but I tend toward the feminine aesthetics of Nina’s designs.   Liked her last look with the double cuff and off centered necklace.  The necklace makes a statement without overpowering and moving into superhero, breast plate territory.

    • Anonymous

      And the winner is… GEORGE COSTANZA!! 

      Also, in order to alleviate any anticipated internet Mondo-like freak out over us choosing a sub-par winner, for the first time we’re going to give out a SECOND PRIZE! Yeah, we’re sending her to Paris, the “jewelry capitol of the World”! HA, just kidding, we just think bitches love Paris. Before we turn for a milli-second to the winner, let’s talk for 10 minutes about your trip. You’ll stay in a hotel that probably has, uh, free wi-fi? Whatever, PARIS! 

      See you next year on PR: Accessories All-Stars! 

    • Anonymous

      And the winner is… GEORGE COSTANZA!! 

      Also, in order to alleviate any anticipated internet Mondo-like freak out over us choosing a sub-par winner, for the first time we’re going to give out a SECOND PRIZE! Yeah, we’re sending her to Paris, the “jewelry capitol of the World”! HA, just kidding, we just think bitches love Paris. Before we turn for a milli-second to the winner, let’s talk for 10 minutes about your trip. You’ll stay in a hotel that probably has, uh, free wi-fi? Whatever, PARIS! 

      See you next year on PR: Accessories All-Stars! 

    • I stopped watching several episodes back, I never really picked a favorite to win. If the show comes back I hope they’ll consider making it more specialized… like have a jewelry designer competition, or just bags, or just shoes. I hated the way, in the beginning, when they’d have a bag challenge, then the person who made bags for a living won. The same with the shoe challenge. The judges seemed to place too much emphasis on construction, when they should have been paying more attention to design. You can’t really expect someone who’s never made shoes before to make something wearable. It’s not the same as Project Runway where everyone should have the same skill set to varying degrees.

      • Or bring in technicians to help them craft their designs — that way each designer would have help on items that aren’t their specialty.

    • I thought Nina should have won and was very confused when she didn’t.

    • Call me Bee

      Loved Nina’s stuff and wanted her to win. 
      Rich’s, too, was very interesting and sophisticated, but I think he fell into the Santino syndrome, meaning that he edited his finale pieces so much that he lost his own POV. 
      Brian’s pieces are really just a joke.  The only thing I thought was interesting was the snakeskin clutch.  But it was pink.  How many pink snakes does one see in the natural world?   And–since so many posters here have mentioned his lava rock necklace (clearly one of the ugliest pieces of jewelry since the Empress Carlotta…) looks like sheep on a string–I can’t un-see that!  Perfect!  Tee hee. 
      What a bunch of hooey.  I hope they learned their lesson and never do this again.

    • Anonymous

      I finally watched the show online over the weekend…so your post is right on time for me! 😉

      Brian’s win surprised me.  I really disliked all of it except for the yellow bag. The boots were a sloppy mess.  His gold bangle bracelets look like spray painted macaroni.  Most look crafty, heavy, and clunky.  I really thought he should have been eliminated in the semi final round. 

      Watching the show, I liked Nina’s the most, but now looking at the pics here, I like more of Rich’s pieces.  Her pieces do look unfinished and a bit sloppier, upon closer examination, where his look more polished/refined. His hammered copper clutch, snake belt and the earrings were my favorites of his.  The brown duffel bag was my fav of Nina.

    • Mariah J

      All of this stuff is hideous, glad I didn’t waste any time watching the show.

    • Anonymous

      i found brian annoying as a personality but i thought his work was some of the best during the whole season. but not this. this is some of the very worst work he did. the flintstones comment is bang on target, so are the rest of yr remarks but the flintstones from cereal boxes hits it on the everlovin nailhead. a few of his things, above, are okay. the boots are not bad. absolutely none of it is better than B-grade. surprising, cos he can do, not to mention has done better work. even on the show.

      i woulda picked rich for the win. he’s much brighter than nina & his work is more interesting, more elegant, more unusual, more idiosyncratic, more inventive, more polished, more gritty, more & more, on & on. i think in the end he was the best designer by far.

      is it possible they gave the win to brian cos they wanted to stand out from project runway, be their own project, maybe? cos PR has been consistently giving the win to what they have consistently erroneously considered the most salable designer available. as per, of course, this & last year. is it possible PA wanted to do a 180° from PR & give it to the person they considered not the most salable designer but the most creative?

      not that i even agree w/ that point, mind. though he started out a lot better than he ended up.

    • foodycat

      At first glance I thought the pumice necklace was made of little mice. Being pumice doesn’t help it, but it’s practical for bath time.

      • Anonymous

        It was pumice?  I thought it was more of that poured resin… me it looked like a certain kind of benign tumor my sister had that had all sorts of weird different stuff in it….Brian’s necklace looked like it was growing teeth.

    • Michelle Cruz

      there should be a second season, but the format should be revamped. 

    • Hey, hey — HEY! Sir!, just wait a goddamn minute … where’s the Dowton Abbey recaps?  

      So I just finished S1, OMG-omg-omg the series/seasons are too short! I NEEDZ MOAR!!!

    • Anonymous

      I think I got through the first three episodes and I’ve made it through the good, bad and the ugly of PR and all the Bravo PR-wannabes.  

      But this one just bored me–and I *make* jewelry.  The stuff in the early episodes wasn’t exciting and the works in the finale aren’t exciting.  I suppose I like Nina’s pix the best, but I’m not excited about anything I see here.  Don’t want to buy it, don’t want to co-opt a piece and make a version of it.  It’s not fresh, it’s not inspiring and the designers seemed to range from no clear point-of-view to a cartoonish one.  One of the things that strikes me about all the finale collections is how poor the use of color is.  Two of them seem terrified of color circles and the winner somehow manages to make his color choices drab.

      Stupid to have shoemakers make jewelry and jewelers make purses.  Different skills, different frame of references.  It’s a total waste–because if you’re making your first shoe then odds are, you’re not going to make a great shoe.  Bor-ing.  

      I think they should kill the show.  Lifetime and Bunim-Murray seem to be in the business of murdering style.  I’ll probably watch PR: All Stars, but if the rumors are true that the fix was pretty much in, I’ll probably start throwing things.

      At least there’s Work of Art with China Chow showing more fashion sense than all of the PR:accessories contestants and judges combined.  

    • spooki C

      Didn’t even bother to watch the last episode because I knew Rich wasn’t gonna win and I was gonna get pissed off. I hate clutches so much but that one with the copper is really nice looking.

    • Alloy Jane

      I could never get it up for this show.  Those Lifetime/BM idiots can plug whatever garbage they want, doesn’t change the fact that I will NOT be watching.

    • Anonymous

      I woke up briefly to complain that Nina and/or Rich were robbed and went back to sleep. Wake me up when PR All Stars begins and have a Happy New Year.

    • Anonymous

      Despite the show handing the win to Brian’s utter and total ridiculousness, I haven’t given up yet.  I think there is potential but I agree it need a major overhaul.  1) Relieve KC of duty.  He doesn’t seem to want to be there and his comments won’t be missed.  2) Light a fire under the mentor’s behind or give her the boot as well.  She should be ashamed at herself for not calling the designers out on some of the more egregious offerings. 3)  Form teams of three designers with different specialties.  Encourage the designers to do what they do best but force a little growth and collaboration by requiring a 4th accessory in each challenge.  4)  Make Molly wear accessories.  I can’t think of one shoe, necklace or bracelet that was memorable.  How can you host a show about accessories and never wear anything worth commenting on?  5) Give Ariel a worthy partner to spar with.  The judges need to debate and discuss not nod and smile.   My list could go on but this would be a good start.  Curious to know how what the ratings were and if it will be back for a second season.  

    • most of the winning looks by brian have free instructions on craftster. 

    • Anonymous

      Every single week of this show was confusing to me because of the judges/the/designers/the zombie woman who was supposed to be their mentor & mostly their love of Brian’s completely crappy work. None of the pieces were must haves for me except that copper clutch.Beautiful. NOTHING was work I haven’t seen before except Brian’s Flinstone looks & they just sucked.I don’t think they can fix this show. Too bad because it’s an intriuging(spelling?) idea. 

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t watch the show. But based on those photos I’m going to go ahead and say Rich was robbed.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, that first look is the winner? T Lo, truly you have gone above and beyond blogging this. It’s truly sad to see Lifetime, et al shit all over this franchise. I wonder if I want to even try to watch the All Star season. My reality competition calendar is all about the Dragulation at this point.

    • Anonymous

      I would have offed Rich when he made that awful unfinished bag.  When I saw his finale collection, I could see why they kept him and I thought he should have won. The pieces individually are all consistently good and his models looked great on the runway. Chic as you said. Nina too but she belonged in second place.

    • I would like to see Season 2, if they change the host, the judges, the mentor, and the formate. Well I guess that means a whole different show…..I like the idea of accessories competition, but I totally agree with you guys–the current formate is not working.

    • Anonymous

      Toss up between Nina and Rich, I slightly favored Rich.

      I take back what I said in a previous post about Nina’s technical ability.  She takes simple techniques to a whole ‘nother level of perfection.  And apparently has a patent pending on a chain:
      (And how pretty is the necklace at that link???)

      • Anonymous

        Nina’s chain design is genius.  Just stared at it for a few minutes.  Genius in its simplicity and ingenuity.  Wow.

        • The chain is quite pretty, but the design isn’t all that new (it could get a patent because it changed some very slight things in the clasp/adjustment mechanism).  I have a couple necklaces that work on basically the same principle for a whole lot less. 

          That said, her work is quite lovely and I don’t think “new” is always necessary — sometimes just doing old techniques perfectly is better than creating a new one.  For instance, I love my sewing machine and am deeply grateful for the assistance, but hems still need to be finished by hand.

          • Anonymous

            It was the clasp/adjustment thing that impressed me. It would be very easy to adjust, very easy to make, very simple and I never thought of that particular mechanism.

            The necklace is very pretty, but pretty simple to execute. Great design and of a retail value that I question, since it’s easy for even a novice to replicate.

    • Anonymous

      Imagine if the designers had been given a decent amount of time and freedom to do their own thing:


      (Actually very pretty but not super exciting.)



      (Better than I’d have thought; still not anything for me.)

      • Anonymous

        You bring up an excellent point regarding time. Reality TV places unrealistic expectations on what can be created in a couple hours. Imagination, ingenuity, and creativity take time, and that is why the product and projects we see are derivative and mediocre. I realize producers don’t really want to find the next best anything, they just want a show that sells commercial time and creates buzz, but it would be refreshing if the audience could be given a show that actually inspires.

        • BINGO!

          And now I think Tom and Lorenzo need to host/executive produce a reality competition where the minions pitch network executives better choices for higher-quality competitive reality shows.  But instead of actually producing the winner’s show, the grand prize might be something like waterboarding Jon Murray until he agrees to pull back his workload to his crappy MTV shows.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the links all in one place! My god, Brian’s actual stuff is worse than he made in the show. He kept wearing those clunky necklaces on camera and I kept saying to the screen ‘no amount of you shilling that fugly crap will make me buy it’. If he’s the next big thing in design then design is screwed. But I want loads of Rich’s rings. Great stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Where were the Muppets?  Weren’t there supposed to be muppets?  Very disappointed.

      • That’s in PR: All-Stars starting next month.

        • But Muppets would have helped with the accessories, you have to admit…

    • I quit watching a while ago.  It’s kinda sad that when I saw who won I said “who?”

    • As was said, I think there’s room for Project Accessory somewhere, but only if they completely change the format as well as the either the cast selection or the challenge wording.  When you have someone who can make beautiful jewelry out of metal, they aren’t going to have any of the same abilities to sew leather, make handbags, craft shoes or hats, or anything else.  This isn’t like Project Runway, where being unable to sew silk chiffon is seen as a defect in one’s skill set; these are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT skill sets.  Handbag making or shoe-making is completely different from metalwork and jewelry making, and it made so many challenges this season so utterly unwatchable.

      Either they need to find people who are mult-talented, hope their Season Two casting pool runs out to acquire the necessary skills, or, as was suggested by an earlier poster, open up challenges so that people can craft with the skill sets they have.  Making jewelry crafters create shoes from scratch isn’t challenging, it’s embarrassing for everyone, from the designers to the judges to the models to the audience.  I’d also like to see a change in mentor.  I really don’t recall Eva saying anything that could be construed as helpful, other than some vague comments like, “Take it up a notch,” “see the whole picture,” or “step outside/stay inside your comfort zone.”  Maybe she was saying more specific things that were edited out, but I’d like to see more substantial criticism:  “This looks terrible.”  “You’re going to damage your model’s ears with those things.”  “Really, I like the other style better.”

      The finale…  I was underwhelmed.  They gave these guys two days (instead of over a month), in the same studio as they had been the entire time, with “help” that was as much hinderance to some as aid.  I would have loved to see what these designers could have come up with if they’d been given the time to do more intricate or time-consuming work, find unique materials, or just had the space and freedom to find other inspiration.  Instead it was essentially just another, slightly longer, regular challenge with high stakes.

      Lifetime – Change it.  You did this first season as an experiment.  Learn from it, please! 

      • You’re exactly right, and so are the others who have made similar appeals for division-of-skill-sets within the competitions.  Seriously, personal branding aside, does Kate Spade actually design anything but handbags?  I think all-purpose accessory designers have to go through art school for the sculpture/jewelry program, and then through two or three other programs to learn traditional and non-traditional textiles and materials for construction.  Then to become seriously proficient in all the techniques needed to work in jewelry, shoes, hats and handbags to the level that PA seems to expect them to be would take many people a couple of decades, plus a couple of years to develop shit-stirring skills equal to Jon Murray’s liking.

        Too much to ask.

    • Anonymous

      Nina’s pieces were the only ones I would actually consider buying. Is being commercial the kiss of death? Anyway, even though this show had all sorts of problems, I hope it gets reworked and returns for another season. I still think it could work. Maybe.

    • That necklace Brian made, with the Flintstones blobs and the crystals and the chain, looks like sheep. 

    • Logo Girl

      I never even remembered anyone’s name. I think I vaguely remembered that there was a “Nina” because Nina Garcia wasn’t there and it would have been odd if she was. That guy who always had a welder’s mask on seemed a little more interesting, but that ain’t saying much. I watched this with the same enthusiasm as plodding through old issues of Family Circle while waiting at the allergy doctor’s office. I really hope they don’t renew.

    • Anonymous

      It all looks like metallic spray painted cardboard. And the spray paint is on discount. And the cardboard is the free gift that comes along with the discounted spray paint. And they pick up a few rocks and crap on the pavement on the way back.

    • Anonymous

      Wait the Flintstone jewelry designer won? MAN am I glad I passed on this one.

    • Let’s have a jewelry design show OR a handbag design show, OR a shoe design show, but not one that pits a jewelry designer who has never designed a shoe or has ever had the desire to design a shoe against someone who designs nothing but shoes, or vice versa, etc.   The concept was silly from the beginning.   As you state, Rich is a fantastic jewelry designer, but we never got to really see what he can do because he was always saddled with designing a purse or shoes instead of being able to do what he does best.    In 8 hours. 

      I’m about over the whole reality show thing anyway, doubt if I’ll watch Runway All-Stars either.   Bringing back past contestants got old when Survivor started doing it, so I won’t watch this upcoming show either.  These networks are becoming nothing but reality competition shows and I for one do not like it at all. Prime example is Food Network. In prime time, 7 nights a week, it is nothing but Chopped and Iron Chef permutations. When did I miss the memo that everything on TV must be a competition show???

    • Anonymous

      Even more baffling than Brian’s win is the fact that he’s married to a woman. I mean really? No way he’s straight.

      But anyway, yea I thought that either Nina or Rich should’ve won. They design for everyday women, and put a lot of thought into their pieces. And if the judges are picking winners whose pieces “don’t bore them”, that’s bs because none of the looks was boring. Rich and Nina make detailed and intricate accessories that make you want to get a closer look, whereas Brian just throws it all out there and makes things big, bulky and odd-looking. That bracelet he made…did he get inspiration from a Koosh ball?! And if I saw anyone wearing that necklace with the stone-looking things, I’d think their kid made it for them. And I really thought the shoes James made were awful. The bootie ones were bad just becasue of the design, but the other ones look horribly made. It’s completely open where the ball of your foot starts, it looks like they’d be extremely difficult to walk in. How is he a “master shoemaker”?

      • My daughter got a jewelry making kit for Christmas that allows her to make her own beads.  They’re prettier than Brian’s work.

      • Your assessment of the work is fair enough.

        I would, however, like to remind the audience that opposite-married with kids does not automatically equal straight.  Remember Malcolm Forbes?  He was one of Elizabeth Taylor’s best friends.  His prominently Republican son is, ironically, very anti-same sex marriage, or perhaps we could say that he’s okay with gay marriage as long as the gay man is marrying a woman.

        I think a better way of thinking of Brian’s work is “neo-primitivism.”  Very Wilma Flinstone.  I could see some of the stuff on Liz Taylor in the first Flinstones movie, in fact.  But that’s about the only place…

        • Anonymous

          Calvin Klein is a better example.   Or Oscar de la Renta.  
           On another but related note – the gay fashion designer is a bit of a myth – there are many – extremely important – straight male designers just as there are in cosmetics, interiors, photography and hairstyling.   Of note: 

          • I was making no assertions about Brian’s sexuality whatsoever, and you will note that I did not make any remark specifically as to what I think about Brian’s sexuality one way or the other.  I was responding to AllisonRae’s “bafflement” about Brian’s sexuality, and the truth of my statement still stands: Married With Children does not necessarily equal “not gay.”  Frankly, I don’t care much about Brian at all, and that’s mostly in an I-wish-Jon-Murray-would-go-live-in-a-hermit’s-cave-in-Tibet-with-the-yaks way.  Brian wasn’t even obnoxious enough on his own to give anyone cause to root for or against him, no matter how slanted any of the portayals of the “characters” on the show.

            • Anonymous

              I was actually responding more to AllisonRae but your point is well made.    Although, living in NYC, I have yet to see, but have heard of, the situation you describe.     We, my Wife and I,  know many married men who fathered children, divorced, and came out.    But all are happy now.
              No judgement on Brian, your observations are always interesting.  

      • Anonymous

        Praise Jebus that someone agrees with me. Brian is gay. Maybe he doesn’t realize it yet and if do I will happily volunteer to show him the ropes. But only if he stops shaving his chest. And doesn’t wear any of his horrible necklaces.

    • See…I have this feeling that Rich pulled a Santiano.  If he had kept up the edgy rocker vibe the entire way through all three pieces, he probably would have won.  Instead, it went to someone who made things that I wrinkle my nose at.  I know people who can (and have) make better crap than what Brian was selling.

      I won’t be watching a second season.  I can only hope that All Stars helps to clean up the mess that PR and PA made.

    • I picked Brian for the win from the beginning because he had a clear point of view and wasn’t afraid to take risks, but Rich grew on me and by the end I really wanted him to win.  His jewelry is killer!

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, Nina was robbed.  But at least she got a trip to France or something.  I just can’t get behind the love for Brian’s designs.  Remember that oversized plaster bug necklace he did for the red carpet challenge that the judges inexplicably wet themselves over?  Yes it came down to Rich and Nina in the final but it just seemed that Nina was a stronger voice in everything she showed and Rich’s belts were all pretty weak.

      I thought the show was relatively interesting for what it was but I really need the recaps after the fact to truly appreciate the accessories sometimes.  A runway doesn’t really showcase a ring but hey maybe I’m old fashioned.  It was a nice experiment.  But there’s no hope that the lifetime people will put together something better.   

    • Anonymous

      Then they announced Brian as the winner, I responded so loudly and negatively that my roommate came in from the other room to see what what going on.  Everything he’s made all season has been so freaking hideous and I’ve never understood the praise he got from the judges.  If there’s a second season, I’ll probably watch it anyway, but the format definitely needs to be rethought.

    • Anonymous

      Nina should have won. I could have tolerated Rich as the winner (the off-white bag from Diego killed his collection), but Brian as the winner is incomprehensible. In the future, if they do future seasons, they need to have each person stick to their specialty. Don’t force shoe makers to make jewelry and vice versa. That’s just ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      This is student work.   Bad student work.  And the producers are lazy and stupid.   This could have been a good and entertaining show but isn’t and never will be if they don’t retool dramatically.

    • Melvis Velour

      When I saw this stuff all I could think of was “…looks like it’ll do well at Ross or TJ Maxx at deep discounts”.  There’s nothing here that hasn’t been done a hundred times before…

    • Anonymous

      ninas second model is scary thin

    • The only piece that’s a showstopper to me is the battle axe necklace. Killah! 

    • And I like everything from the last look. 

    • Ricardo Manavello

      If you guys want to help Nina she is looking for help for her new line of shoulder pieces. Check out the link: 

    • sweetlilvoice

      I hope there is a season two but I hope the format is completely revised and there is no more runway concept. 

    • Dwight Lake

      The show was a bit of a snore as far as reality shows go but as an artist I really enjoyed seeing these people work and that’s far more interesting to me than shouting matches and catty sound bites. I was actually surprised how invested I felt in the finale show even though the season wasn’t particularly electrifying. I would love to see more of it as long as they keep it a little on the serious side.

      Totally disagree with the win (partly coz he seems like a dick and partly coz his collection seemed sloppy to me) and agree with your assessment of it. Ugly meteor necklace is ugly. I was rooting for Rich for the win but expecting Nina to get it. Most of what Nina did was just nice except for the cuffs and necklace on the evening look, which I really love. I think if the 2 Diego bags had the “Rich” stamp on them and he traded in that blah belt for a dangerous/elegant show stopper he would have been the clear winner. He shot himself in the foot like Viktor.

    • I would wear almost every one of Nina’s and Rich’s pieces. I wouldn’t wear any of Brian’s. If this show is lucky enough to be renewed, I don’t think I’ll be watching. Blech.

    • I would kill for Rich’s hammered copper clutch. Gorgeous. 

    • Anonymous

      When they announced Brian, I shut the TV off and went played the Sims for 3 hours as I figured if that was winning, might as well live in an fantasy universe for awhile.  Ridiculous.  It took me this long to come back to the show to find out what you said about it.  Just a ridiculous ending.  Nina did not show her best work here…disappointed, but still better then Brian’s.  Rich did a fantastic job and was completely robbed.  How many times can I use the word ridiculous to describe this?